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4: Four lambs and a Fox


From stories about animals and birds in your details of kings and Queens. Let your child listen to them on while gutter the podcast that not only entertains but also educates you chime four lambs and Fox four lambs. Living in the House with their mother mother was on her way to the market. You Open the door only win on the door. Might children wounded Lamps why folks was nearby and hold the muddle. He went to the House and sit by one of the lambs. Said no that is not. My voice on my voice is solved. The Fox Zangari. The folks wanted to make his voice like the lambs mother. You decided to eat butter. Event to a shopkeeper Utah or I will kill you threaten the Fox the shockey gave him buttle the Fox winch to the labs and sit my. My children blended to the key off the door and saw lacked leg off the Fox. This legs allred sheltered. The Land Fox was not successful now. Fox start if another way. This time he plans to being his legs with metal powder you went. Will Mill do me PEP APOLDA e the Fox set? Millo gave him about folks pain in his legs with the ball. He went to the lambs house and set and all open. The door. Fox swallowed few of them was hiding. Mother came back from the market. She said my children. I have come up in the door. Fourth land was terrified. Couldn't open the door for him. Model opened the door. The mother sheep kicked it open. Call her lambs. Forty lamp came out of hiding mother. With all those moving the land replied off spoiled so honored. The HOMOLKA said the Fox might eat us to move to another place. The set off to another place while the traveling. This all the folks. The mother approached the Fox. She hoped the voices of her lambs. Inside the Fox's premium diesel bleed trait had a needle set the mother her mother cut the Fox's belly with a reasonably. She found the three lamps inside his been. She filled his belly with students and stitch together. She took all her lands back to the house when the Fox woke up. He founded fatty difficult to get up. Tried to drink water available. What he lost his balance fell into the water and drown. Today's episode. If so we would love to hear your feedback. You could leave a review on your favorite podcasting. At oversight all visit bond got dot com slash review. They you could leave us a message. In or do video optics.

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