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Elon Musk reopens Tesla plant in California, disregarding order


Governor Gavin newsom believes the dispute between Tesla and the county can be resolved and that the company will stay put he appeared unfazed by Tesla. Ceo Elon Musk's threat to move his company's Assembly line out of California Musk's doing Alameda county over the stay at home order. That idled Tesla's Fremont manufacturing plant. He opened his plant today against county orders. I have more confidence moving forward in our ability to support a company that this state has substantively support it For now many many years and in return we have been beneficiaries of their incredible growth Ingenuity and innovative spirit We look forward to many many decades of that relationship again. Governor Gavin newsom saying the situation will likely be resolved. Musk tweeted today that he would be on the front line with his workers and if arrests were going to be made he asked only that it be him.

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