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Download that his own up in the app or Android app. Stores Senate by creating count start watching cross nearly any of your devices. That is d a z n were also brought to you by Calloway, which makes the epoch flash driver that has changed my life. But more importantly, I've heard I've heard you talk. Really great. Yeah. I hit the crap out of more importantly, they sponsor fairway Roland. And I went on there to talk a little bit about tiger with Joe house 'cause Joe has been my friend since the late eighties were in college together. And we love tiger. As so many people do, and we kind of thought this day would never happen. But then it happened wherein talked about it in a second. Check out the fairway worl- and podcast houses going to another one this week. Actually, I think Wednesday where he's going to catch up with a couple more. Just as we sift through the opposite would say at what what where does the opposite of wreckage, the beauty the byu whatever it is. Yeah. The anti wreckage of just an unbelievable unbelievable night with Tiger Woods. Hey, the ringer dot com. Where breaking down game of thrones NBA playoffs NFL draft. This is heading toward one of the big weeks. We've ever had the last week April where the the draft thrones and the NBA playoffs. Not to mention a lot of good movies coming out all the stuff we care about. It's really it's really crazy. Check out the ringers talked to throw in show hashtag talked to thrones unbelievable night last night. I almost couldn't believe the numbers that seemed like forty five fifty thousand people are watching concurrently at all times people love game of thrones. That's what I learned less than I had no idea. Apparently, it's a popular show. Yeah. We were sitting there watching together and then watch the ringer show. We watch. We're I just it was like it was like a stock just going up and up enough. You're losing your mind. I was going to that. So I was like, wow. This is great. Plus the show the great Mallory Jason do binge bowed. And you could check that podcast out as well that should be up mid week at some point where they will break down in detail, everything that's going on. If you wanna watch the replay of talked to thrones just go to ringer put in hashtag talk to thrones. It'd be the first thing that comes up, and you can watch the replay on that or on our YouTube channel eventually it'll be up there too. So coming up we're selling Agra talk about tiger weird talk with the NBA playoffs. We might even talk a little game of thrones. I feel like we have some hot takes we try to get everybody mad on social media. I did we we had a big dinner tonight. We were nice and fresh. We have water ready to go. I are France reproach. All right Sunday nephew. Kyle's film. Good. He's sitting here. He's just been fed. We watch thrones. All I did all week was not moving watch television. I've been up since four forty five this morning I woke up I check my phone to see six clock yet. The phone got blinded by the bright iphone screen knowing that happens when it's like, it's it's like car headlights coming at you. And then I couldn't fall back asleep and one thing led to another, and I was just up and I made coffee, and they got ready for manned tiger. And then he came through. And now by the time, you're listening to this. It's really late Sunday night or obey Monday morning. You're driving to work or working out. Whatever we're selling our talking earlier about. Who has brought the most sports talk radio slash talking head hours to the table of any athletes. We're talking all time all the time bed modern era, but it's not fair to older guys all time would really be the last twenty years because that's really when this machine blossomed where every big city has twenty four seven station said like Wade Boggs. I thought I knew this guy, right? Like when in in New England twenty five years ago is like Eddie Engelman. Yeah. Right. And then W E I became used to do positive shows. I was just thinking about that the other day. That's so weird. He brought him up at intimate. Yeah. Just all day. They had to be a positive vibe. Yeah. No complaints. Don't bring your negativity in here. Now it's flipped, but I would say I would have LeBron and tiger in the finals. I think Jordan by the time he retired the mechanism wasn't in place yet like easily as Rian they didn't really have the afternoon program. They have now. So I have I have tiger. And lebron. In the final half. Lebron is definitely in the finals. But he's the winner too. Because you could also remember we're not talking golf year round the way we're talking about LeBron or somebody who's arguably the the biggest of the most famous athlete in any sport in the United States at least. So just as somebody who did it for that long yet. You're getting ten ten and a half months at liberty every year. The tiger thing was when it happened. Whether it's you know, look that scandals almost ten years ago that was too. I was looking at all up to that. Amazing. It's almost well. It's the end it's November. Thanks that. Right. Right. So that was massive. And that was around the clock. You're doing radio back then right at that point. Yeah. We just we just started. And that was a weird spot for Scott. Because Scott was so close to him and Steinberg, and you know, who's one of the guys that that tiger hugs at the end when he puts his arms out, and that's his guy. And you know, I I'd even heard the tiger. Listen, the show all the time and sometimes tire would texts van pelt during during the show, and that was after everything news app. Get rid of the Vermont guy. He's like this guy sucks. But doing the job there. I don't think there's any way I'm not knocking the call here. There's no way that in the finals. I'm going to tell you right now, people are gonna roll their eyes bonds up there see think bonds sneaks into the finals, we were talking about the home run pursuit. But also, they he the the whole time. I remember doing late night shows that he is pinning. Never never forget one guy called in goes, I'll give you ten thousand dollars. If you can come up with any evidence. Now's like well. Look at his Ninety-one tops card. I win. So so I don't know what other ones you would you. There was there was also the whole the bond saying Boyd into the whole who's the baseball hall of Famer not which is one of the oggi's sports radio absolute segments. You can have this guy blogs. No, he's absolutely not all Famer just people getting mad. They have had a late push for it. But he was more of then of years. No. It's not enough years. But it was it was a real real incredible. Ron I was wondering like I am. I I don't say this is a Homer pick even though it's my team. But like Abella check pats kinda combo the break has. Yeah. Just Brady and that the. Structure, but that's not one person. You know, what though that's if you just made it this to headed thing with bell check and Brady combined in the patriots angst or the patriots would side of you on. And all that stuff. The initial underdog thing one seed may Brady versus manning. If you're if you're able to include all that stuff Brady versus mayonnaise. I I think when people are listening to us right now, they're gonna what about this huge story, and you go. Okay. Well, that's fine. Like individual stories themselves could have been really big this isn't about the biggest stories it's about kind of in the last fifteen years or so which guy dominated all of the debate shows as much Tibo t Boz kind of in that cabinet category where it was red hot for a couple years is like four years. Maybe benign didn't have the legs. No. So what it means to you today? Well, so did you cry? I got choked up when he was hugging the fam-. I really did. I was surprised because I'm kind of a cyborg. I the reason I brought up the SP. Talk radio that whole thing is cause this tiger story said so many ebbs and flows arcs and ups and downs. And is he the goat? Can you? Give me list. Jimi your time. Like, you were what all in tiger fan or just always loved the factor because there's there's different levels to this. Right. Like were you always rooting for tiger all the time? And you always wanted to win on top. Every I was always one of those who's the next guy. I want to be in on that guy early guys. So I I remember watching the amateur ones. So you were all so you are you're a tier one then with out here. One hundred percent. So my easily my favorite God forever is not even close and I'd put him like McEnroe's. My favorite tennis player is not close tires, my favorite golfer von Lendl to Navratilova Lendl kind of one or two aid to be tiger to me is like I've I feel like he's a Boston team that that's how a roof for that. Yeah. Tweet this because I didn't wanna be mocked on the frigging Twitter. But I was thinking like Red Sox title, Pat Super Bowl tiger masters. I won like the last three titles. I've cared about. While you claiming you okay is good. I never quit on them. All right. So two thousand nine. Yeah. It goes down. How did you feel? So if you go back, I wrote a two part mailbag about the tiger thing. And you got shit on pretty heavy for the no, no. That was later on. It was later bringing this up because I think it's important to everybody's out with tiger. I'm just saying I wrote like a ninety five hundred word column for this longest they'd they split it over two pages because we would have taken to London download I had just so many thoughts. And I really felt like look the word tragedy gets thrown around and sports way too much. I don't think this is tragedy. We know what the real tragedies are. But this was like a sports tragedy. This guy. By that, you know, Ali Jordan tiger. Those are the big three of the last going back to the sixties and he needed his in a way that it doesn't get dominated. I mean during his peak years. It's just you go back and look at it. And you're like that actually happened. What was going? They were talking about changing. The course and chat. Do we have to change Augusta forum all that stuff? And I'm sure there are some people being like, hey, ever heard of Ben Hogan, and you just go. Okay. Yeah. But fine for like for the modern era for what he did. And just expect like every week. It was tiger the field, and you feel like an idiot. If you took the field. Okay. So the two thousand nine hundred happens in its I think it speaks the society. I think what happened today excuse me with him winning this weekend, speak society too. But it's it turns into this things. Like, man, I thought you were so amazing. But look you're fucked up just like everybody else. And there's some weird joy that the public takes in that. Yeah. And I knew I was asking you that because that's not exactly what happened people have they like. When somebody has it on screws it up. Yeah. They light to go. That was me. I wouldn't have done that I would have handled that better or the person screwed up themselves. They're like good. I'm glad he's screwed up too. Syria. I think so I think that thing that the thing that's amazing to be out of all this house. I talked about a little bit. But not not totally. You know, the ship had kind of sailed. This. This were this. This was done this like if you go back to Ali Ali just wanted to fighting and nobody like gave up on the on the thought of Ali ever being good again. It was like can we get this guy back in the ring? Yeah. I mean, honestly, it wasn't even leave wanting to fight. It was they wouldn't let him he was like trying to fight in Canada. No. But it was people trying to get a checkout of people around him more than it was him. If there was ever there's never a doubt in the talent. And with the tiger thing his back issues his knee his body. It just felt like it hit the point where his body broke down. And you look you think back to even like less than three years ago. There was a real sadness to the story that this guy was done. It was over. And it was never happening. And oh man, but wasn't a great when he was good. Like, nobody thought this was going to happen. Again. I was happy with him contending again. So you never thought see the reason I'm bringing this up. And I think some people probably wondering why are you going back ten years when you really should be going back to the injuries. But this the scandal never derail them nearly as. Much as everybody thinks it did from from a competitive standpoint, he just didn't win any majors. So the public was like, he's he's toast, and you go Williams doesn't make any sense to it did derail him though. He was player of the year in two thousand thirteen and had five wins. Right. But he didn't win a Magar anymore. Okay. But it and he was he had a couple of good runs in two thousand eleven to. But he wasn't. He wasn't tiger. Yeah. He wasn't peak tiger. But I've always kind of resisted as he'd wasn't winning any majors after the first the the family incident. It was this thing where I was like, well he's been derailed by that. I'm like he's actually still playing really competitive golf like I was going through a he he finished fourth and sixth in in two majors in two thousand thirteen and then two thousand fifteen is when it starts kinda fallen apart. Even though he he played in all four majors that year and he sucked in the masters in two thousand fifteen and then two thousand sixteen is when he's hurt. And then I remember doing the show all the time because every week in two thousand seventeen is well, it was this thing where they. On he's going to be he's going to be awesome. I mean, he played one event in two years. But it was always this idea that oh the practice squad. You have. No I'd like going back a couple of years, but he's hitting the ball. So well, and then as soon as it started falling apart. It was an injury again. And I was always like, well, wait a minute. What's the injury? Then if everything seems to be going great like I would wondering like how much of it was in his head while he lost his legs. Because his you know, the knee that he pushed off I don't remember. How many times it got operated on that? He started having the back issues. But you know, you're right. There is a misconception that he was just not a relevant golfer after oh nine because like even the two thousand eleven masters, Emma, Baroda calm about it that day. He was in the hunt that day, and then he kind of self destructing the back nine, but he was in the hunt. And there was that familiar like the sounds the on the course and kind of was harmful happened today. His first event back was the masters in two thousand ten and he came in fourth. And he wasn't even playing that. Well, yeah. And I remember talking to Scott about it. And I go why would he come back? Why don't you just get a tune-up somewhere else for come back to Augusta? And this was you know, van pelt knowledge about golf, which is credible. He just goes, actually, it's the best place for him to come back in as the course. Well, he knows the deal because you don't just get into Augusta. So it's going to be a different level of people in the goes and Augusta is going to put their arms around tiger. And try to protect him from all the nonsense as much as they possibly can. So as I remember doing, you know, the stuff with with hit where you go is this guy really this hurt or is he that damaged upstairs because he's losses confidence. And you go man, I can't even compete anymore. And then it's two years words one event. But last year he was really good. He was he was really good again last year. It hasn't. I talked about it on his pod how he was at least in the mix again. But there was always this feeling that he was eighty percent what he was eighty five percent where he was which means which meant shirt, right? He was super. Edited. What I'm saying, really good. I'm not saying anything about Pete. But I mean, he would in the open. He was six the PG who was second. So I almost feel like what happened this weekend. It's an awesome awesome story. But I feel like the recovery had already started to happen for through. There was some other level that he went to the ball strike in this weekend. And I have I don't know what the stats are. But it just felt like he was absolutely cranking. It you know, there was a couple where he was like neck and neck with FINA. Who's like one of the best drivers untorn? Now. See I saw female live Riviera won't seeing him hit a ball live. You just go. There's something different with a freak. And tiger was at least like in the vicinity of him and hand-me-downs, which is cool. The thing. The the drives that he was sitting down the stretch. The what was so great was. You know? And this happened with nNcholas Neetu sakes, where just everybody wants one guy to win. And it has his domino effect psychologically with the rest of the field. And I I didn't feel like the announcers fully tapped into it when it was happening because like the two guys he played with were the only two guys in the top twelve who do not you part of the or better, and it was playing with tiger. I it was it's intense in you're in the situation where everyone's rooting against you, and you could feel like if we were doing a podcast right now. And there are two hundred people in this room. And all of them were rooting for me in anytime. You said something they were just glaring at you like, you would feel it. And it's like some earliest repea- show remote. My wife was watching. I was like when Molinari hit it into the drink in twelve. I like I jumped out of my couch. I was like, yes. And she's like I've never seen you root against somebody like this. And I was like, these are all my enemies. I want them out to have contributed poke is like if but I feel like they could feel that on the course. And if you've you know unite both by new Augusta that place is is it's like a church. It's it's not gonna biggest golf guy. And I can't tell you. How awesome it is? But everyone's pulling for everybody, and it was not the case today in the other thing, and the part that I was so glad I went last year for a variety of reasons like being able to see how hearts where to put on some of the holes, but you can't overstate how little you know, what's going on. And you're you're stuck in a hole. And the only thing you have to go by the scoreboard when they change it. So when they show on TV, and it's like watch the roar when they realize Tigers up to mind. His thirteen is in the lead. Here's a replay. Then everybody goes nuts. And it seems like it's kind of out they they're they're overreacting loaded that they had to have a phone that he knows no one has a phone. They're all like holy shit. Tigers winning like, that's the reaction. But that's just what it's like. It's an amazing place. Getting in. There is is great because it's almost like this reward when you walk through the ropes to Augusta where they go. All right. However, you got here knowing somebody Bela lottery, scalp Anum. Yes echo. Like, however, you got here. Now, you're in in your one of us and grab your cheap beers and Austin bat, which and here's your badge and the greatest thing ever when you realize wait, we can just sit in anybody seat. And then it's just understood if they come back, you get up and get out of their seats. That means there's tons of empty seats. I'm sure not Saturday and Sunday, maybe not even the entire week. But at least it was for me when I went two years ago, but then to see eighteen to stand up in that t- box and look at that fairway and how tight it feels coming out of there. And it just feels like this blind shot, you know, on TV. I don't think it does it Justice. How and nothing's the most intimidating whole just feels nasty new go, man. This looks way harder in person than it does on TV. And I can't even imagine. How exciting it would've been to be there for this? Because like. I was there last year on Thursday in tiger birdied sixteen when we were there and everybody went nuts, and this is day one on Thursday like who cares? And we act play. He wasn't in it. When I was there, we reacted like this magical thing happen, if you're there today when he hits at drive down fifteen and we're we're right in like, this is like tiger karaoke right now these holes these are like this is the stretch that he he owned when he was at Augusta thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen late these are his holes. And he is said Dr fifteen is just sitting there on the standing there in the fairway for twenty minutes waiting for Brooks Kapka in that old group to just finish. And it's like man if she puts us on the green, he's probably gonna win the masters, and boom ran in the green to putt goes to sixteen and almost gets a hole in one which if he had gotten a home one has to be in the conversation for greater sports moment of all time. I think we give to give it a week. Or two. It's for USA beats the Russia and eighty tiger hone went through with the masters. It was okay. Dave Roberts stale question. How? Indeed Roberts question. Bogeying eighteen Connor put a damper on it now. No net. Stop. No. No. No, no. I'm trying to we were doing this early really hitting. I'm kidding. But that that was dangerous though, because he got he almost got to cute. He did. But the reason I bring it up is that we were trying to figure out throughout the next twenty four to forty eight hours ACL of who would zig when everybody's zagging because zigzagged. No, I was doing Tiger Woods was good the whole time. Where were you guys? No, no, no, no. He was eve is really good. I was trying to wasn't three out. He was fine. I guess I feel like no, no. That's not what I did. I wanna find a guy that is because we were asking like is this the unsinkable if you're on a talk show, if you're a radio in this whole thing that basically would everybody's zagging when everybody else zagging, and this Fellay can all time zag moment where it's everybody. Even if you didn't really root for tiger. What you sitting there rooting for Molinari? You know, I could see rooting for Tony female, but it's a Sea Tiger everything's gone through. And I understand he's ever. He'll never have to worry about paying a Bill rest of his life. So we don't have to get into that debate. But to see him there with his family. I think even the most cold hearted person would go so many people never thought those happen again. And there's plenty of evidence that it wasn't going to happen again. And he's playing better. And like man what a what a weird ten years. This has been the odyssey that he's gone through lab gas dock, and then, you know, mugshots with detetion on and, you know, all the stuff like you have to go through it all on your this this laughing stock, even though you're still kind of the man. And then it's like, I just won the masters. I just won the masters at forty three who would go on a talk show and be like, well, I think it's better for golf if KEPCO wins because and so this felt like the zigal type zag zig would be you'd have to come to explain the one more level. There are people at their that. They look at the terrain. Yeah. Right. They studied. It and they go nobody's going this way. I'm going to make the strongest case, I possibly can the other way. At least I'm gonna make you stop and think which is like as a political science major which weirdly ties into what we all do for a living where it's like, you take history, and you make an argument, and you just try to sell the shit out of the argument, which is basically the league, I think zig is, you know, people are celebrating tiger talk about how great this is. I look the other way I think of what we lost. We should add more of this. And the only person who costs more these titles was Tiger Woods. We'll be back after this. Why tiger winning the masters is actually bad for golf or Tiger Woods is like uconn women's basketball next? Are. Oh, yeah. If if Tigers back as dominant golfer, this is actually bad for golf. Yeah. You know? Yeah. Dustin Johnson, KEPCO female ever heard of them you want to know why you have because tiger was average Zubaydah that we needed tiger sabbatical. Yeah. Yeah. I think the open championships cancelled. I do think there's I think somebody will make a case of we shouldn't be celebrating this guy too much because he was handed the golden gifts, and he kind of blew it. I could see that case be made. I do not agree with that. Yeah. I just feel like somebody will say it the whole reason I brought up all that stuff is just I remember going. Why's it? Everybody's saying this guy stinks when he's playing well after the incident, and then it became this injury thing and well icon, I'd kind of given up on like not him as much as I was saying, hey, let me know when he's healthy and he's actually gonna finish around like finish four rounds. And then we'll take it from there. And because every time he wasn't making cutters was withdrawing it would be right after three or four days of hearing. How amazing his practice round was. And so I was like, I don't really know. What's going on? Smile injury thing though. That's what I mean. And then eventually like, oh, his back is actually that. But yes, so like he had like an arrest and a mug shot, and it seemed like was he dicta painkillers? Like, there seemed like all this other stuff that might be going on, and we had no idea to nine with the spinal fusion. Yeah. And I can't over overstate the spinal fusion part of this like I as a member of the bad bad club. You know, I never had the back surgery. But. You just not supposed to ever really be the same. And that's why I was felt like tiger like house said today. He was always eighty percent. I just felt like that's where we were. You know, it's like like you watch Blake Griffin on the pistons. And it's like I remember Blake Griffin and lob city he doesn't jump that way toward but he's figured out a different way to be really good. I just thought that's where were tiger. But the tiger today was fucking crushing the ball hitting darts carried himself differently. Not the overdramatic fist palms. Just the robot going to the next hole like totally lacked, Dan, but his elation afterwards is right. All right. Yeah. I've never seen him like that before I wouldn't expect it to look like it did ten years ago. You know act has the what you really want to do is impress your kids when you have kids. Trying to impress your kids earlier, you try you. They weren't even your kids. You're trying to press him. But that I was trying people always wonder why Adam Sandler makes has spent like ten years making kids movies. It's like because he had kids he wanted to impress his kids people. That's why these celebrities eventually they start making movies that are geared toward people who coincidentally are the same age as their kid Walberg. Yeah. Ted with upper. I'll be interested to see where we go next few weeks with this tiger story in terms of is he really back. Well, he's back in the sense of what we were talking about it. But what if what if he goes to the US open, and he's like leading after day to like could he really like actually be back? Does he not back until the Tiger Slam? Is that what you're saying? He had could the Tiger Slam via thing again. But like, you know, Jack's he's three away from Jag. Now. He wanna may he won a major and a master's in every decade. Now is chance to be the first guy. I think to do it in four decades. I don't think anyone did that he's got all these things now that we can start talking about we go back to the sports radio talking head thing. They're all these kind of legacy things that people can start talking about again that were gone that were the ship had sailed. We it was like oh my God. Remember when we thought he catch, Jack, that's like shit. He might might actually catch him. He is forty three. Struck early today. Forty three old guy wins the masters forty one year old guy wins the Super Bowl. Oh, never has ever been this. Good to be in your forties. Forty nine year old guy hosting a great podcasts with Ryan russillo. That's a big one. You fifty this year. I have what are you for that? I just just hope Tiger Woods woods were majors should probably would try to get tiger involved. Be great. I'm so happy. He's back. I really miss them. And one of the things that struck me was that I'll just never like another golfer. This much. I just won't. Especially now, like, you know, there's no way you'll be kind of weird if in your mid fifties. You're like God. I love the Zach whatever kid, but I feel like part of the reason I love tiger is because he hit rock bottom. Like I loved him anyway. But now, it's like. You know, he he made real mistakes that I think are important for people to learn from. And we have these heroes in heroes aren't immortal heroes aren't perfect. Here's fuck up. Here's do dumb shit. They wish they could take back. Like, I like that. He has the words I think it makes them more human. I always feel like almost everybody has them. And there's just some people to get caught in a ton of people that don't. So that's just how I look. So I never build anybody up my head anyway before anything happened unless I actually really feel like I know the person good or bad. But I have we'd how old are you? I'm forty three. I have a little bit of a problem in. I think I had a really good seat for this. You know, when you're doing something where you feel like you're getting the nation's perspective fed back to you. And to see the shit fest on this guy, and I had heard rumblings were tiger was like, look, I get it. I screwed up and. My crime was women. I didn't buck and kill anybody. Yeah. All right. And like I kind of thought about that was like, yeah. You know, you did something that you're not supposed to do that. You know, we can talk about what family values aren't all these different things. I didn't like how the public took a total dump on this guy. And then we are so predictable that when he wins. It's like man fucking love this story. Let me give you a hug. Let me give you hug now. I go. I can't go individually and keep track of who said what? And all this different stuff. I just think that's what we do in this country. A lot were incredibly just mean and harsh nasty, but then we're also forgiving, but then if you win again, and you provide us something will embrace the hell out of you like nothing ever happened. So this is what happened in Ben Affleck, basically to compare them to Tiger Woods as like him as an act of audible, I'm gonna turn my mic. Get ready. Get ready for this one. The the classic story. The celebrity is you hit it big. Everybody loves you something happens where it's meteoric. And then at some point everybody has wait a second. Hold on. Who who the fuck is this guy, then there's the fall, then we kicked we kicked the person beat the shit out of them. Then they crawl back, and they had the comeback and we're like half fucking love this guy. It's nasty me done debt that is the arc. Now. Tigers obviously, more talented. The Ben Affleck. It's the town was pretty good. But like if you go back, and you y you read like the gone baby gone stories and the town of Aflac when he was reestablishing himself as a director, and he was really trying to win the credibility back as much as anything with people that, you know, please take me seriously. I'm not just the guy who just was grabbing paychecks dune Armageddon like actually really care about the craft of what I'm doing was wrong with Armageddon. I don't think you know, he had Pearl Harbor, although I mean, oh, no. You mean, everything that goes news, not going to be good will hunting, no way. Right. You know, it goes all the way and Dayton's slabs, and he's has a drug and alcohol problem all that stuff? But then it goes all the way to Argo, and it's like Ben Affleck has won his staged a full comeback. And I remember right in this at a time for grantland. That's when he did the Batman movie that was his patriots. Fuck you. I'm going for nineteen no moment where he'd already won he'd already the comeback. And then he was like, you know, you don't be really great. If I pulled up Batman. And my question is what now does that become for Tiger Woods would is his version of Ben Affleck being like, this was all great. I'm back. But now, I'm going to be Batman. So you'd think probably him. I mean, if you put me on the spot to think of something that's comparable. So that's throwback back on the cast is I think I'm ready tiger tiger just keeps playing way longer than everybody wants him to that would be his bat like age. Sixty f and anybody addresses where he's like, I feel like I haven't really even played my peak golf yet. He's doing like Tigers Devon, everybody's roaring laughing. But by the way, house an eye on the pod like three weeks ago, 'cause we're we did he came on the pot, and we tried to figure out should we bet on tiger to win the masters how realistic exists, and we looked it up. And it had been like ten guys in golf history won a major Tigers Asia row there the I think he's like the seventh. Oh, I don't even see this that today, but he's got to be like the seventh or eighth oldest guy to win a major just at the ages in now. So history says it should be this might be his last major, which is fine. I'm just glad he's playing off again is in our lives. I've never been anti him. Like a lot of people I go. Hey, just want them around want them around. There's nothing more played out than when somebody thinks. It's an original thought like, you know, what I like is when he's in the mix sort of like it when he's in the mix, and you go. Oh, no shit. I've never heard anybody years. But. Anywhere, the red outfit. Do you like how you brought it back old school? Tiger outfit. I have some questions about his nipples. I just I can't can't figure out what about the monitor neck. I don't really like those mocks at all. I thought cousin Sal had a great tweet on Saturday where he was like, I hope everybody in the spinal grouping can again, we're all lilac golf shirts. That was a really good tweet. But when he put his arms out, and it was, you know, I don't have kids. So I understand like people think I'm incapable of understanding what it would be like to hug your kid after everything in comparing it to the Earl hug, but I was just in that moment. Happy for him. Just really really happy for that. Dude. I my whole dad DNA kicked in the hug and the kids I could watch anyone hug their kids. Like, I you know, sportscenter and ESPN all do those videos of watch his dad came back from Iraq. And he's going to surprise his kid at a basketball game. I get choked up every time cyborg. Yeah. I it always gets me. I just saw one recently of somebody's brother came home and sat next to him in the cafeteria and the kid didn't realize it for a minute and he saw him and his whole body sank. And he just hugged them on my this is always gonna work on me. I saw one of the minor league baseball game. And they were like he's been at tennis camp for two weeks. And he and he came out. It was like, okay. This kim. Coming up. I'm going to tell you why Tiger Woods is come back. Actually, wasn't that meaningful. But first, let's take a break. Let's talk about Robin Hood, it is investing app that you buy and sell stocks ETF's options and cryptos all commission free. Well, the brokerages charge up to ten dollars for every trade, Robin Hood doesn't charge any commission fees. See can trade stocks and keep all of your profits. Plus no account minimum deposit needed to get started. You can start investing in any level. 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Which we'll talk about later, we're gonna eat food. And there were a tape this podcast. I think the number one story coming out of the weekend. And I think you agree with me is w Tf Philadelphia. No doubt. I don't even who would be in the finals with them for San Antonio, probably winning as a seven Denver. You know, Denver's losing home. We'll get in all the stuff. I know a little bit later. This is we sign even close. There's so many layers to this Philly story. Well, that's the thing is like Lou I would start. Here you go. Why play bead why play him in game one? Why let it drag. Why make it like a almost a game time decision? Messed up the team the uncertainty as opposed to just Hayes not playing or also this is this is your guy. This is the guy you're paying thirty five million dollars a year to he is the key to whatever your teams could be the next five years, and he was running around. You know, it looked a little Greg Oden initially gotta say like he he just looked Wade creek area like attache p- if he's out of shape. Why do I want him run around and playoff game? 'cause that's that's a great way to get hurt. Worse drama fans, by the way, we can't even get mentioned is a big story when we live. We'll get we'll get to you Toronto. I know just he took more threes the JJ Rettig. It took worth three is Tobias Harris. Aegis look slow and Atta shape at definitely get hurt the team, but more importantly risky, and I just don't get it. So explain it to me the size numbers are so overwhelming what he done against your Alan any of other their big lineups. I don't think he was a guy that he missed a lot of threes because he misses threes now, and it's a bad shot for him. And it's frustrating to see him do that especially when you have a team where the other four starters average over seventeen a game. You don't need to take those. And I also never understand. Why anybody goes for that along aided pump fake, but people still do it? So the nets are trying not to. Yeah. Yeah. The try I think they've done a better job than some of the other teams I've seen do it. So I thought the first four minutes of that game told you the reason why the Sixers wanted to play 'em because it looked overwhelming. And you're looking at how big Philly is when they're right. You know, like this is so much size for Brooklyn even deal with. But then I. I think when you give the team the tastes that you're gonna have him. And you know, there's all these different things we can point to. But when Brooklyn went small and Atkinson, really, I think that a number on Brett Brown in this game. Yeah. And you could see that Philly. It wasn't that. They didn't have Joel in. But they still sort of expected him to fix all of their defensive mistakes. And then they're going small. They're getting switched into Rettig. Right. Feel like Brown even left Redican hoping he would foul out. Yeah. And it was it was really messy. It was really messy at home for Philly team that I still think I still think needs to prove to the rest of us. And maybe even Philly fans that just like who are you really like are you guys actually mentally tough or you to huge, shiny toys with two other nice scores and a guy hits threes. And I don't know if I can really buy into you. And that's Simmons game to me is the pit ame- of why we all worry about Ben Simmons, and who he's really going to be because he was invisible in that game. And if Embiid is going to be out, that's when Simmons is supposed to be unlocked. And you know, and then afterwards like none of these guys handle it. So that's all of this stuff combined. Like all the Philly problems sort of happened at once against yes. A competitive fund spunky well coach Brooklyn team that should be beating the Sixers at their place game on even if embeds arou- he only played four and a half minutes at star the first quarter, they took them out. And that's when my eyebrows were raised as this is weird. If you're gonna play in plam is getting fouls against everybody. If he can only play four and a half minutes and you got arrest them. You know, you worried about his foul trouble situation. Whatever like, I just didn't. None of it felt right? The game plan didn't fill rate didn't get JJ involved at all. Like if you're not gonna run plays for j j just don't play it just play TJ. Yeah. Just don't play 'em. Like, you can't have out there. Just standing around because he's gonna they're gonna go after him on the other side. It confirmed to me two things that I was worried about with them really since before the trade deadline. I'm not sure. But Brown's good coach. I just don't know if he knows how to pull the strings I thought he got his ass kicked in game one and more importantly their best five. I'm not sure are good together. And I saw this that while they've only played ten games. And this is what we problem like when you've only played ten games. It doesn't mean. Oh, just give us the benefit of the doubt. Yeah. I don't know what to look for what also he staggers those two guys. Like, he he would try to keep us out there and get the other two away from them. I get it. But they still have a real whole being unable to like they couldn't contain Spencer did Winnie Ma on Saturday. And it's like this is what I was saying February who who's guarding kyri who who's guarding Damian Lillard who's guarding like any shifty guard who can put somebody in a screen and either for three ago to the basket, they'll have the purse, they don't have none of those five guys can handle a guy like that. I just think the the lineups were doned in in. It's like if Harris's getting his that means somebody else isn't getting his. Ben Simmons the last five minutes of the game. I don't know what the hell he's doing. And he just disappears for stretches. Now, it's just a lack going on. I don't like any of it. I don't know what Simmons and I liked their players. It's both like their players, right. I love him, and I don't like their banks. I don't think they're benches very benches fine. I actually do I go below average on the bench. But the bench shouldn't matter in the playoffs of all this time off in between. And your team is young. And you have these flicked a whole point. Is you have these four guys are all huge and Jimmy Butler went off, and it was kind of a funny Jimmy Butler game in the sense is like so I'm going to be the only one here. Like, I'm going to be the only one that understands this game one. So like, well, he he's strapped it on the second quarter. But in a way that we all knew was that sustainable because I don't think he can put four quarters together. He comes and goes. Yeah. But at least they got something like at least it looked like a tough guy in the Ben Simmons stuff. I just look at it and go, you know, there's a reason why he gets knocked more than others because last year when you watch him Ugo, this dude is enormous. And to end his vision he can board. He should be able to swallow up other guys in a certain times defensively where it looks really really good. And then you see in today's game. Like, you haven't changed at all. So now, I'm like re calibrating what I think of you in your ceiling. But since it was thought that maybe this guy is going to be a top ten player. He doesn't understand spacing. They keep brings guys in when other guys like he'll bring his guy into the paint when somebody else's working in the paint. Because it's almost like, well, I know I can't stand outside 'cause the sag off of me. So I don't I don't know if that's another coach part of its on Ben and realizing like there's going to have to be possessions where you have to stay in a certain spots. But that was that was a horrible game. And then his whole attitude afterwards. Like, oh, if you're Boone us than stay on that side. And you're like, hey, dude, you're in Philly figure it out like this is what's going to happen? I was embarrassed by that I actually thought that felt like a little bit of a generational thing. Which yeah, we've talked about the players all season about their attitudes toward fans and behavior and sometimes is just fine. And other times, it's like guess what? We're always going gonna have cheering and booing in sports. And if you suck at home to a nets team that you're supposed to beat in five games and only two guys on your team shows up, and you're in Philadelphia where they're they're always going to call it like it is which is one of the reasons I think Boston and Philly fans, even if they hate each other they kind of a little more similar than maybe one. Admit absolutely like that was a no show there on national TV. They deserved to be booed. They lost to a nets team. They're down twelve fourteen. The first half Russell was dog shit in the first half. Yet. He owns you. He was terribly means great in the third quarter of the free press. But the if you told me DeAngelis can play like dog shit in the first half. What's the score gonna be I-? Nets in double figures would have been inconceivable. So they gave up sixty two points to the nets with James Russell plainly shit in first-half, and he'll be really good in one the next two games. But the city is a problem. Now didn't what he's good. He's he's he's good and. Verts back and all these different guys. Well, that's the Vernet signs what the last three weeks starting to look like learning because there was a couple of moments a few weeks ago, whereas it felt a little Hayward ash. Whereas I might he might need eight nine months before he looks like himself again because that was somebody in November December member they were gonna they somebody wanted Jimmy Butler Minnesota on Jimmy Butler for him. Let's we're like no way. I made fun of that on this podcast. Oh, you don't want to give up care subvert that. Actually like that. They were right. I was wrong. They shouldn't have wanted to give him up because. We were talking about this earlier today. But historically, there's always these things you've mentioned Ryan gome. She got like I want G, but we have grown now. But he goes, no, I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Curious lever was actually always really good. He just said and she contract. Yeah. No. Absolutely. So I get that point of it. But if you're Philly go, hey, guess what we're gonna figure out the NBA thing? But we got to be more than anything. We're going to be ready when they go small, and we gotta figure out a way to make them pay. When they go small instead of us chasing everybody around like if we're actually a decent defensive team, which was supposed to be. But yeah, it's this carryover as a carry over last year and not really going. Oh, wait a minute. You're gonna get bounced by this hurt Celtics team when you have him be say the figure at the NBA thing would have. What if this is just who is for the rest of the playoffs, then it's needs. Don't get less sore now in Plath grand were playing like every two every three days now for the next two and a half months, when's he gonna rest the rest is better now than it is in the regular season. No. But I'm saying it seems like he needs always three weeks off. He's not going to sit out any games. I'm holding out. Hope I'm holding out hope that. Maybe that's stupid. But you think all right? So let me put it this way. You think this is who the who this is the MVP Phillies getting for the rest of however long their run is. I don't see why we wouldn't think that. There's something wrong with his knee. He's having issues. Why is it going to be better? Today's from now. I don't think he's as bad. This isn't like an ankle sprain. It just this is if take three seasons. I don't think he was as bad in game one as as you do. Well, you know, you know, one of my specialties is I like to study the running styles of very tall, man. They all look bad running when they're that big. He is looked. I've always watched him and one of the things I liked about him is when he ran it didn't seem like the Odin type thing. Whereas just like, oh man that looks like that hurts lewdly hurt to watch. In that game. One at hurt to watch him run. I felt like he really looking down. No, I'm talking about like rebound running down the floor when they let you. See Embiid when he's tired, even when he's not hurt when he's tired. He looks terrible when he's tired, but I'm talking to first half. It looked that way. The argument is on your side. He had to leave the game. Here crow Embiid. Yeah. I haven't given up on the idea that like, maybe we can figure this thing out, and he'll be okay. At some point. I think like seventy seventy five percent rest of the plas. If he's not though if you can't go so he's done game to he's not playing again, you think the nets then when this series. Will you laugh demand Thursday? I tried to get you there on Thursday with this. Are you a little bit of a victory lap on? No, no because I didn't fully commit all. I said was this Irish had recipe. This had all the makings. It had the coaching the chemistry the injuries the unfamiliarity. A nets team that I thought people were sleeping on. It had all the makings. They were five to one favorites or five to one hundred dollars on Friday, which I thought was crazy. I thought you presented all those things. And then you still kinda didn't pick him. I just said I thought it was a seven gamer. I guess I I still feel that way you still looking at the Sixers team going, are you really gonna lose this nets team. And I always think it's important remind ourselves sometimes weird shit happens in game on and then you you. It's the only sample that you have for that match up and you go. Oh my God. I can't believe this and they should win game two. They'll get all the calls. This is what we know this works. But this is a weird. It was a very weird Saturday Sunday where you had this many teams like, wait a minute. They lost like these guys are gonna lose. These guys are gonna lose. So I'm not saying this is. But the Toronto thing I look that. And I'm like Larry was complete dog shit. I can explain that series of one-sentence are explained that game and went sentence. Larry got outscored thirty five to zero by DJ Augustine and Michael Carter Williams. I don't think that's going to happen. Again. Now about that Lowery in the playoffs. Thirty five to nothing. I I don't know what Lowery does before these playoff series. But just do something different for he's hurt. I mean. Yeah. Okay. But the problem is man. I mean, he was terrible. He was terrible. When Michael Carter Williams is single Hanley rejuvenating his already kind of juvenile career. I like when Lowry broke his face open Lowry also flop and tried to get a call. I'll say one thing that I noticed over and over again in I'm with you. I never liked to overreact to game one. And despite money's always to Ziege in game two if things were zag in one way, go the other ring into but I did notice with the clippers with Indiana with. Who's he oh, clippers Indiana. Who is the third theme? Oh, Detroit, which is like the charts a loss cost. But I wish we could vote to not have to have that on anymore. That would have been nice just cancel it. Yeah. Hey, you guys moved on to the second round. We we don't wanna take the chance Jaanus is gonna get hurt your walking advances. That's by the way, another thing. When I watched like Durant go down at one point the Golden State game. I think it went down a couple of times watching him be because Embiid was on the floor a bunch early. Maybe that's another pro Simmons. Embiid is really banged up. We'd went down like six times. He was brought it was I thought that was grit. I watch a lot of Sixers this year. I felt like I felt like he was way off. But when it was like, I'm just saying there's going to be one injury. That's going to change. The course of one of these playoffs stories. No question. One thing. I noticed though is in the regular season versus the playoffs. You need your two guys, right? Who can create a shot and in the regular season gallon air in the first quarter? Lou Williams in the second quarter and fish. Figure out who's gonna get hot. It makes sense over the course eighty two games. But then when it gets to the playoffs and everybody is going full speed and try and really really hard. And you're on the road. It just it's like a giant magnifying glass, and how ridiculous it is that this is your team in this is where you're relying on in that you don't have James hearted in your own. I've kyri in your yawn s you don't have that guy. And like even today with Indiana Boston turned the defense up in the third quarter. Really good defense crab got into it. And it's like, we'll see what Bogdanovich has up a, sleet. It's like this is crazy this is. And then if it's like when he then it's tyreek Evans if it's not him. And those are the two creators it's like you can't win a playoff game on the road against a better team. That's playing well. Those are your two guys. It was it took me today to realize that was Matthews came out just pissed off like he had the full samurai headband on yet. And I'm like, wait a minute is is Wesley. Matthews gonna in Pacers were crisp and they were mad as like everybody's doubting us. The Celtics were slow on a bunch of stuff. And then all the Pacers stars couldn't score in the second half. And the Celtics like, hey, why don't we just like Celtics mailed it in that? I won miss Indiana. Missed the bunch of open shots in the third quarter. Where could have been like the lead could have gone higher. Things could happen. It was like forty five to forty four awhile. And India was like a basic shot. Yeah. It was a fake comeback in there. I've always looked at every team. And that's why I worry about the jazz that whole to score thing. It look at Golden State Golden State against the clippers which is a little bit of what Houston did Houston guard three guys with five, but it never really mattered. Like, they stayed with those rules, the clippers are doing something like that where they're guarding Durant. Clay and Steph with five and they're keeping everyone below the baseline, and they're leaving dream on wide open. Exactly what they should do right now. And it didn't work, and that's fine. It doesn't mean. You should deviate from it and Draymond on hits those first two threes. But think how clogged up sometimes Golden State can look trying to figure out. Okay. How are we going to tax them of things? These guys are doing when they're guarding us with five and ignoring completely selling out with the philosophy that we're during those two guys. Can you imagine being the Pacers and trying to find buckets when Golden State struggles at times, right? Well, and that's what I was thinking last night. I'm watching the democrat Denver is gonna win the series that they have better team. And then you see the play offs. It slows down a little and San Antonio has two guys who can get a shot. Right. Oxygen derozen can at least get decent shots. Denver's two guys were Yokich who doesn't really take a lot of shots and awesome. They're really relying on Jamal Murray. And you know, they took nine shots, by the way. I know, but he's he had fourteen assists is creating he's creating it's creating plays. But Yomiuri was there. Other guy engine bomber. He didn't have it. The whole game. He ends up taking twenty four shots. He screws up on the last two plays. And the thing that was alarming to me, you know, and you don't think of it. I'm watching them in a regular season context. But in the playoffs when you really need like whoever I don't really even know what their other options were. And I don't think Mike Bologne did either is I have all right Shimaa. Maybe maybe Jamal will get small wide open seventeen footer to win the game. Basically this maybe this'll get him going. Then even really have anybody else they could run that play for so now now I'm like I thought other Denver is gonna kill San Antonio. And now I'm looking at it cone Faulk are a really San Antonio in the western finals is that has to play out. You know, we could still be right about both teams being underwhelmed. And they're just playing each other right now to you know, so when I looked at San Antonio going in like, you know, this doesn't really doesn't feel like it's that dangerous team to score guy. I'm with you. But at the end of the day, I can't believe it just said that hate that phrase the Denver shots. Six twenty eight from three. Okay. They're not going to do that. Again. Gesture mammary is actually still a question Mark at this point in his career. And this is what he does. He he is a little if you see him if you see him on the right lane on code, right? You're like, oh my God. This guy's better than them Booker. But he missed a big three the air balled Malone in an zero ran a really it wasn't even a complicated was a high screen where he ended up his Spurs sag too far off it was a beautiful open. Look he misses that one. And then he gets stripped by Derek Whyte, who's a classic example of a spur that I go the Spurs drafted him. So I guess he's going to be good and he just fits in. He was terrific a game one, and he was all pumped up, and you're like joe-marie just had three major major screw ups at the end of this game. But is Malone supposed to do something else? Because loans a good coach the other thing that was noticeable because the playoffs the the just just hotter. The lights are brighter. Teams scouted. You. It's just making fun of my end of the day. We on that. Just could feel it. They don't really have like a point guard. And it's I was fine with it the whole year because I think the whole point guard things overrated, but at the same time like the nets have two guys Dinwiddie and Russell that can at least calm situation down and make sure the boggles to the right place. Denver really relies on Yokich to make sure the boggles the replace which is just abnormal. I'm not saying it can't work. It's just weird to me. And by the way, we're talking about the two score in the other reason about that up. If Paul George is really hurt which it seems like he might be okay. See is down to the one score which is a real problem because at one score is feast or famine Westbrook, and that was another one my fear with. Okay. See I thought they were gonna win the series. I thought Georgia's healthier had just watched him in that Houston game the other night. And it seemed like is the shoulder was manageable today did not see manageable today and. I think they were bummed out after I think we're gonna find that after the year that he has like a torn rotator Cup. You think everybody's just really hurt though. Like is there any part of nice? He's really hurt. I think might have like a torn rotator might be. That was the word on the street a little bit too. No, I get it. But you know, I look at the end of that Portland game. Where it feels it gets Portland put up this big lead. Everybody comes back. It's weird when somebody is up twenty and they maintain the whole thing is just the way this game works and okay. So he's defense really cranked up there too. They're staying with the guards more which also led to canner having a field day with the rebounds. I know you want to get to canner here. But it's my guy George is struggling all day. He can't hit anything. The only thing keeping a minute. Scoring wise is his free throws because he's still ended up with. Twenty six points, which is so fake, but he had a three that was like a non pressure three that he kind of walked into. And then there was a three that they ran for him. Then he missed and it just reminded me of all the Paul George stuff that we've been kinda let down about with him in the past. Right. And so if we got rid of the and if he's hurt in look he's obviously a hurt to some degree. But that makes them very different. 'cause I think Westbrook like this wasn't a bad Westbrook game at all it was. I was tracking last six minutes. He was deferring. He was making the right reggae. He the only time he really forces when he grabbed that defensive rebound. He just try to go and and even make it passes on free throw line. And it was just a collision in Portland and up with the ball back. I liked how he was using atoms down the stretch to he wasn't like China. No, I it was it was definitely a higher level thing. But let look I'm just talking pure I test I think sometimes you can tell when. Somebody doesn't look right, especially if you watch them awhile and the two guys that stuck out to me this weekend. Like that guy doesn't look right were Georgia and Embiid. I just don't think they look right Embiid. They gave us evidence that he's not right by leaving. I've just also about how about his quote about it only hurts when I jumped or cut. Let's say, okay. Well, so there's that I just run the help. Stand named Paul George isn't hurt. What I'm saying is I've also seen Paul George looked like this when he was supposedly healthy. That's my this is one of my favorite russillo. Things the way when you don't play. Well, do we have to make an excuse to say you're injured? This is your Steph curry thing back when but I actually stuff was her. Yeah. And I I think I think Paul George is. I think we're gonna find out that he's way more hurt than we realize now unin his Kanner. Yes. The floors yours. You know hose you down tiger Nina's in the same day. I have I've been on a couple of islands Dion waiters island. Obviously. Good smart island. Of there might be. I might owned a small house on JABA Sally island. I'm really talked about it that much. It's one bedroom condo. But it was big Sergei, Monja condo guy. I've always liked canape believe you didn't work out go I like guys who can do things. Really? Well in basketball, I like one tour. That's why I've always like freed and now freed could only probably be successful on fourteen. But now he's one of the four teams is okay canner can post up crashes the offense of boards competitive. Great teammate. As Ben in big games was in a lot of big games in. Okay. See where they bench in. Now. He played he played in that that year into that sixteen like he played in that playoffs. He played. He hurts San Antonio. He had moments. There's also some series where he didn't get in you. But I I had a problem when that happened. I never understood why they didn't play him enough golden stay and everyone's like, well, the advanced metrics, he's terrible. It's like oh are you going to anti nerd right now? I'm going anti nerd because everybody was pointing out the stuff he couldn't do. And the reasons why I was bad to have been in the lineup. And meanwhile, they barely had enough guys that year. And if you watch that live, we did a rewatch Ables on that last game and Golden State the game six and he had like ten points in that game in eight minutes or something. I just I've always thought there was a place for guys like him. And you know, ho- her you on one end, but he'll help and the other. And if he's if he's bringing stuff to the table and taking stuff off the table. I'm okay with that. 'cause most. Subs. Just take stuff off the table actually think he brings some things that table. So that's my case for Kanter. Yeah. Towards the end of that run. And it was because it was Golden State, but he didn't really play as much he didn't play at all. They wrote. Also, he's going against this is one of the greats shooting teams of all time. Yeah. And that was kind of the beginning of some of the small ball stuff. But yeah, they were there were inconsistent with him in his Dallas stuff. I just remember the Golden State series because he wouldn't shut up, and it's like now you're not playing I think he and dream on. It'd be shocking if he was really good. He was really good because Portland needed another level of they just needed another outlet. And he's always look the year is supposed to play Kentucky. If you go back and look at all his stuff, you could tell like man, this guy's really really skilled. But as good as he was in game one and as much as you like him. Maybe this is this is kind of a couple of different things at once. I think there'll be a game in this series. Where it looks like you can't keep him out on the floor. Okay. That's fine. He was variable for free. Yeah. Dan, right. Which is crazy. We have like think of what Philly gave up for Tobias Harris, which I hated when they did it. And if they get knocked out in round one or they get knocked out in round two that's going to look like a disaster. Like just the full full. They keep him and that's their insurance against letting Jimmy go. That's not why they did the trade. The did the trade 'cause they wanted to win the title this year. That was not a trade. Like, oh, I hope if we do this. It'll be easier. Keep Tobias Harris they did the trade because look the trick. Because I like to buy Harris enough thinking, we're going to keep one of those two guys with the the number one reason they did that trade they're trying to win the title this year my nose they said, but no. But I'm saying they looked at it. And I think they looked at it pretty smartly that you never know when you have young superstars, and it might blow up at any time. And you think your window is ten years. And it turns out it's too. We gotta go for it. And we went for it, this that was a trade they made to win the title this year that was not a future trade. I mean, if they keep him great. But I think they really want to win this year. How do we make this about in his canter because they gave up all that shit for Tobias Harris MIR teach goes for a second rounder in his canter goes for free now Tobias Harris as much better than those guys. But my point is you can find people who complain a playoff series. I don't necessarily have to trade. To every asset. I have. And if I am I better get somebody who is a slam dunk. And I don't think Tobias Harris land up if you look at the history of those kinds of deals when a guy is under contract, and you can tell where it's gonna resign things change all the time. When it happened. We both were like, wow, it's actually kind of a lot in comparison to other things craze Spiring free agent. So we're in agreement there. The cantor thing though, maybe the positive is is not just a rebounding in the scoring and knowing that there's going to be stretches where he gets eaten up and as much as like one game one, we can think. Oh, wow. This is how the series is going to look it's not it doesn't like I went back and looked at some of the stuff this the Pacers beat the Cavs last year in game one by teen is ridiculous. The Celtics that year with Isaiah Thomas. They lost to the bulls. They may have lost. The bulls of Rondo doesn't get hurt their the Houston San Antonio series with a year round. Or you're in Rondo doesn't get hurt truth or from two thousand seventeen you think the sell you don't think the Celtics are in some trouble there? I choose not to think about team wasn't that good, man. And then you know, it they weren't that good. But you know, Houston smoke San Antonio remember that series a couple of years ago and that was game. One think they won by twenty something I had it all written down. Here is off the top of my head. And then guess what happened? We're like, man. San Antonio to slow too old, Houston so much more athletic look, at the way, they're cutting. And then guess what San Antonio and six in hard and had an awful awful elimination game to go with some of his other stuff in his bad playoff resume. So all the stuff we've seen drive-by. Yeah. Tartan? So he's turn off the headlights dot James. I try not to freak out too much is bad. As it looked for the thunder the side the thing that I haven't gotten too young Kanner, and I'll make it quick on. This is I wonder sometimes if a team it looks so much what okay see does the high pick and roll with Adams diving and then somebody coming off of that. But if you are saying, hey, let's kill canter this whole game every minute. He's in there. Let's kill canter. Let's kill Kanner. Does it screw everybody up? I think that's great. I like laying, but that's you're so focused on exploiting one thing that off your whole Casey out of their offense. I totally agree 'cause everyone's cantors, and we gotta do it. All I know is the guy had like twenty points and eighteen rebounds. And he was able was available for free. Unlike February twenty seven it's crazy is this really a Celtic segment that we just any scanner is this about your dad did it for my dad. Can you just by the way? Can you? Can you share what happened here that? I can. Oh, no. I can't can. Okay. So my dad he goes he likes to go away to this one place where I won't say where they are every with my stepmother does the trip this year and does it for the middle weekend in April not realizing that it's masters weekend. The only two people that like tiger more than I do in my life. Well, maybe how scenario tied my dad and my agent James baby doll Dixon, who is like who actually has like a tiger statue in his basement loves tiger. It's his favorite life size. But he I think it is life size, actually. But so he loves tiger. He's been waiting for this forever. He left to go to his vacation last night. So watches round three now realizing that this tiger event is going to have any say like, hey, worst-case ahead of time like kidding around. Yeah. Where's K yet? He he's like oh worst case tag ruby in the hunt. But it will still be a win. He said something like that. But will still be win. Because that'll mean Tigers doing well like he'd tried to be magnanimous about it is in a place where there's no not latte television. He's basically reading Twitter and text for me. That's how miserable. Could he is joy for Tigers? Accomplishment. Can that be enough to offset the fact that he's not able to watch any of it? I think he's happy and absolutely devastated. 'cause this was like he said this on the hot cast last year. He said it was his number one sports wish for tiger to win the masters. That's not any Boston title over Celtics season tickets, and this is number one sports for show over that. And somehow he didn't get to the fourth round because the other the other ten years have gone pretty well for all the other thing. He look at another way and be like demand has no wishes let I kinda wish thirteen title. Revolution. I really wish the revolution. They have good owners. I really wish you had tweeted out some absolutely douchebag Boston tweet. And we're like I'm Azure claiming this one because I was there since his amateur rounds so duck boat. I don't me softly. I don't have a boxer anymore. I used to sugar as to be my guy. And then I heard that in the Aaron pod, and then Hagler, and then they fought and that was weird when who'd you root for Leonard Hagler I rooted for Leonard. But I, but it was a lot of soul-searching asshole. I know Leonard was my guy from seventy six Olympic. So I had a longer longer tail with them. But macaroni guy day, you have guys. I do. I mean, I have never really had a golfer though. I don't there's guys I've met I like I wouldn't claim to say, I know any of them all that. Well, I didn't ever root for tiger. When tire lost tournament was upset now. So you're a different level with that. Actually, it's not even the same stratosphere trying to think like what individual guys I've liked. Oh, I like federal lot. I've always really enjoyed what I do too. He's he's like kind of tiered two or tier three for me. I wouldn't I wouldn't say Sean way bigs AM X games guy, mostly winner. So yeah, that's been a good run to Cogan. You know, who I liked much, man. Randy savage. I loved as a big junkier dog guy. But he never really, you know, is is g Y fans. We knew we were never gonna chance of the title. We'll may golf guy was nNcholas just because growing up. I was a kid in the seventies and the icons you just for the icons you kind of like the Cowboys then to none of nNcholas tiger. No, Ali nNcholas. Yeah. But nick. Nicolas is like he's Ali Jesus man front runner. Everyone liked Aaliyah's nine hundred seventy five he was the most popular who've being on the planet. What were you though? We've wait a minute. If you're I was five and six. Yes. So we'd wide wrote a sports back then. Okay. Right. Allie was on every week. And it was like him and evil knievel. Those were the two guys. It was like these are my guys did you ever read montville Zebo can even book. Yeah. It's that is an incredible. He was like I felt like they were equally famous like the first seven years by knievel was miserable. Every stunt. Yeah. He was geared to death. He didn't wanna do anything in all kinds of drugs shouldn't really bad guy. Yeah. And that's guy in montville that book. I I would put that up. There was one of the greatest sports books. I've ever read by the way, just I'm I know you likely, right? I didn't want to be pumping up guys idea. But that bird was my guy. Yeah. But that one makes sense. You're a Boston guy who also happen to like sugar. Ray ali. I haven't had a lot of guys seems like I've had more guys than you for the guys. Individuals stuff. Yeah. I don't I don't have a ton of individuals as a big Greg LeMond guy. Let's take a break. We'll talk about Bud Light. But let his keeping it real by putting in ingredients label on their packaging. Brewed with hops. Barley, water and rice, no corn syrup, no preservatives. No artificial flavors. You know who else is keeping a real right now. You watch him billions Kyle. No, are you you billions what happened my internet's out your internet's out. You say your internet keeping a real knock even a real Jesus. Well, you've five billions episodes billions has been keeping a real this year game of thrones get a lot of attention right now. And rightly so, but I like to look at Sunday night as an extravaganza of television that I enjoy that including the basketball playoffs maneuvers berry of people watch veep. Come I'm going to binge veep at some point in my life. I'm like about six seasons behind on veep. But speaking of keeping a real cheers to Bud Light. Nobody keeps them more real than them Ramani to enjoy responsibly and keep a real. Winners and losers of the weekend just quickly because I'm with you. We always overreact to that first weekend. I do think I do think the nets are kind of a bad match of proficiency. I don't know if that will translate to an actual win. But that that is not not a typically easy first-round series. That's a look it was bad for a bunch of reasons. But I think the biggest thing is who is this Philly team. Who are they really are they bunch of individuals? Here's affiliating themselves versus it just has also the wrong things after the fact, and then like any of it in the Amir Johnson phone thing was we already even talk about talk about it because it's like, okay. ESPN catches it. We see it everybody. Immediately freaks out me included. You're looking to be kidding me. And then all of a sudden day mcmenamin is been reporters like well. Wait a minute. Amir's daughter's really sick. So then everybody feels guilty about the tweets and all this different stuff. But Brett Brown came out and didn't sell that message at all which means will wait a minute. Did did he not by mere story was that not the real story? What's going on? He was fine mere apologize to the team. So if that so something's wrong. On there. And I don't want to sit here and debate whether or not because they're still a part of us like look of his daughter was really that sick. I don't wanna do that or be that guy. But that Philly team is this really all it's been now is hope there's nothing in whenever they went fifty games. They're fifty and thirty two right? And let's face it. It was a success based on everything. But it was a bunch of wins against teams that were tanking at the end of the season. And I got to excited about it too. They've done nothing for me to go. Hey, I'm gonna give them in for that a little bit other than just the names, and I'm still sort of doing that a little so that what you think about where we were year ago. This is a round before they lost to the Celtics and five and we were thinking this is the next great young team. They had all these assets. They had two of the best ten young assets. In the league, maybe the ten best assets period for like, the train value com or something Simmons was on a real run where it seemed like he was starting to look a little Magic Johnson and bead was dominant and really is going to be good while they hadn't given up. It was like eventually faults will come here, and this is all going to go. And now they they lose to Boston and five they had the confetti game is the big legacy that series breath. Brag it's totally coach they know they might have a problem with Brett Brown. They don't do anything about it. It's almost like they feel bad about all the hinky feel bad. Yeah. They let's give him one more chance so net suck the fire. The guy when they actually started getting good. He got pretty badly at work. Then that Sears goes to the Kalandul thing that started by the ringer. Unfortunately. So, you know, full disclosure, but we wrote a piece that ended up getting the job. AM fired. They trade they do that trade where they get the the future Miami pick. They trade down from ten to sixteen right for no dire. Smith who Atlay ends up has huge sickness thing. Mrs almost the whole season. Then they do that they go all in Jimmy Butler. Then they go all in on Tobias Harris. Now, they have no assets left. I don't think anybody thinks Harris and Butler come back in beads hurt again. Like if you just ranking the holy shit like you can get another coach if Butler leaves her hair. Sleaze whatever you you figure it out you use your cap space for something else. The Embiid being hurt again. If that's a serious thing. That's red flag. Number one. The biggest one what is Simmons? Why don't we feel any different about him than we did twelve months ago that worries me and then they don't have the assets anymore? Like the process is over. There is no process is their team. So how do you have nothing? I have nothing to add to it. I just don't. 'cause all I can tell you. There's no other move. There's other players. There's other groups guys look around the league. And that's what's so weird about the east is quite proven will go is proven with different organization. And the thing is nice and the ball that Orlando game could have gone either way. I'm not yet worried about like, I'm not doing the same old Toronto thing again here yet, it was j Augustine. Hey check and a terrible era game in Orlando. Stomas loss, and by the way, vucevic and the way they went and double them twice. You had an Aaron Gordon. Follow by Jonathan Isaac threes in the opposite corner. Those two guys hit two huge threes in that game. Kawai makes the great read kicks out his soul that one goes in and out that to me is a coin toss game. I'll wait until Toronto loses game two at home before. I start freaking out about them again. But collectively, it's not proven Milwaukee's. New Jaanus scares the shit out of everybody else needs. Should it seems like he's that guy that I don't know what anybody's going to do with this, dude. Now, boston. I have no refill. Do you feel like Boston? If if it gets. The bus Milwaukee round two. That that that series in Golden State Houston are gonna be the conference finals, basically just trying to process it all out because when you said Boston and really think we had anything to say, although I know Gordon Hayward, I don't know what the final numbers were Gordon Hayward. He looked not as good as how he looked. He looked really good today species. This has been a three week thing. Trying to help people. He's super aggressive again and he didn't finish shots today. But I like the way I stand by him getting the ball in transition just going in that he was going to make the decision. I was like, whoa. Wait a minute. Did you see when he cherry picked on and play in the fourth quarter for Horford Horford hit him on a little lefty reverse, but he's taken off now meet again. You know? So I mean is it running through all this stuff? And I don't want to do too much more in Philly here because there's really no disagreement. Good one for you in a second. I'm just saying if I'm gonna kinda hold out hope for you. I usually like a little evidence that you know, you've that you've done something before. And they haven't when I know outs. No judges being Philly in general Celtics the same thing. I mean, the Celtics at times, I'm like, are you guys the most delusional like they released that video? But like we still don't see anybody's being seven. And you're like, you're the four seat guys. The like, you're you're not the four seat after back to to the best things for them. As Horford looked better today, just moving better and seemed healthier and the way Hayward's by I have a good one. For your Kyle, Mark the spark this is this is a potential breakout on Twitter. This is a great what if that? I don't think we realize was a whatever. But now, I look back, and it would have been really fun. If it had put out this way. What if LeBron got into Philly last summer? Instead of the Lakers. Simmons comes off the bench. Maybe he makes him as better. But maybe then they don't have to do the Butler trade. Betrayed Simmons for Trevor Aretha. The Broncos up James Jones if LeBron goes to Philly last summer, it's just more fun for every Phillies more fun in the Lakers were fun. The Lakers are more fun. Yeah. Because the Lakers are just an unequivocal train wreck. But at least they have cap space and they're built around young guys. Maybe magic still there. We don't have to read. I love to them. True, true, sermon. Lebron and be like, hey, are you really happy about this? Should you stayed in Cleveland one more year or or Ghana Philly? I guess he didn't want to chase titles. But why not you're the Philly thing was weird. I was looking fake fake seed, they planted to everybody. Yeah. Maybe you didn't it would've been a good? What if though right now, you're not with me? I wasn't expecting what I'd expect him. My mind blown this late Philly. Will you know, the thing is I still don't know. I don't know how that would look basketball wise better better than it looked for either team at they for what was a less couple of weeks. Yeah. Yeah. I would agree with that. I do think LeBron. Could have brought some good stuff outta Simmons. 'cause I do think Simmons has a high basketball, I q in some ways. Right. Like, he. He's a great passer. He had he does the defensive rebound the way he takes off and goes, and then as you said there's other times where it's like he's never played pickup basketball before he's running into geyser about to make a move or is doing pick handoffs. And he's in somebody's way. And. He just seems really inexperienced to me. Sometimes do we do that thing on the air. Was that you and texting about Simmons wrote a bar how he would be as a customer. I think we did that texting. Yeah. That whole bit though, if Simmons went to like a bar, it was busy, and he he would go over there. Hey, I found a spot and he like, hey, can I get to Madari sours and the guy black? That's a fucking service station with those brass rails or for your surplus. You're you're not supposed to go over there. Please move to the left Simmons. We get drinks. And he'd be like all right. Hold on. He's like I think I've found a spot over there. And he there'd be like this little area in the hallway. This is pretty good guys. Right. And it'd be the hallway to the bathroom and everybody was like why are you guys fucking standing here? Like, no one's standing here. The reason the space was open because no one actually stands near the toilets the whole fucking time. And I was saying he'd be in Vegas. You're playing blackjack. He's the guy standing between third base on one table. And I based on the other who's just crowding both guys the one guy trying to smoke a cigarette and keeps accidentally brushing it and get some it's every now, and then it'll tell you to hit and he's right. He's got his hand on your share, your can you just give me some room. Like how much the drinks be like actually got them for free because he thought I was waiting tables. Yeah. The only other over action for B from from. He's still winners and losers because I think we I think we turned it over actions. Is that the the the Paul George shoulder thing? I can't wait to find out. What's actually wrong with it? 'cause my Spidey senses are just shooting fireworks? They keep alluding to it. They're said like rounded up as soon as the first sub out. It was like, let's make sure we get an igloo on this some quote about how he hadn't lifted it over his head since the Houston game or something and lifted his arm over his head and five days, and it's like what's going on. So anyway, Portland shadow to them really quickly. They lose they lose their center was playing really well Dame. Head of just the ballsy is twenty nine footer. I thought that was great of them. But that last one like he had to has been guardian, but Jane time like he was twenty nine feet away even thinking about it. Yeah. That's pretty great. That was great out of them. Oh, another loser. Have another lose. Okay. Now. You'll like this one. No, no, ready. I'm not telling you I want. I want your your jetpack com for this one. Kevin durant? What are you doing? You're like the fourteenth best player of all time Europe twenty against the clippers. Why why are you in like a blood feud with patch? Like, a double technical objection thing with Patrick Beverley would he doing what's wrong with you? You're thirty years old that didn't bother me. It didn't. Now, if he could anybody what he's at shoot. Tex who's got five left for the rest of the playoffs. I've less what are you doing do? This. Don't get five more tax and lose a game in the postseason. Okay. I think that's that's don't get any texts. That's doable. Let you along with grade Patrick Beverley setting the tone. You know, what I thought was funny is that people on Twitter with that game was on man. The clippers are getting screwed here. Just screwed. I looked it up this same the clippers are taken one more free throw at that point when Beverly and all those guys started going nuts. Beverly was going nuts. Lou Williams going nuts. And then in Beverly got that technical. He didn't get the technical just because he clapped at the ref. He got the technical because he Lou Williams wouldn't let it go while Steph, and then Katie were taken free throws. They just. Wouldn't stop. And then back Beverly claps. So most people are going to agree with you on the Durant. And being he's not a loser on that one beverly's annoying as hell I get. That's how he's in the league. So I respect that part of it. But I don't I think the rain has enough self control. Even though he's been kind of Pissy all year. Remember that remember that playoff game when Larry Bird got thrown out because he started barking with Sedale three to Dell three. Then ever happened because Larry Bird would have just told the guy to get the fuck away and not even the deal three not out though in a regular dancing. He's e he's slap them. It was the greatest slap in the history. No, there was a little us knows open hand. It was an open hand. Tony soprano slap. Philip casual staggered on that one did it was a slap. It was not a punch. I don't like the when your stature is at a certain point. I don't like that. Don't get caught up in that stuff. I in general the way the warriors have acted the last three months. I think is a problem. I don't know why that like acting like it'd be equivalent give me the equivalent babies all the time. Like would you get into a fight with? Don't beef down that there's ever beef down. Don't beat down a Patrick Beverley. But I think that's ridiculous. Also, like, you know, what else bother me is. That was a classic Doc Rivers in daggers great season kudos to him for the coaching. But that was a classic Lukasz mart. AM I'm gonna put Patrick Beverley and Kevin Durant. Watch this guys. It's like, you know, what you should put patch wherever Lance Steph curry have him hounding Steph curry touching them stepping on his feet. That's the guy you need to take out. Kevin Durant can gives points. Anyway. I just watch ages. Staggered the slap. Yeah. Yeah. It was. It was kind of like an open hand. It was a little it hit us wasn't ready for it. It wasn't like a sign YouTube. It's more of a punch than you think it is. But it's open hand. But it's is eight. Whipple out last summer. Debut. Your best line today. Today has let me let me throw win on there yet Houston not just because they won game on they had ninety nine points with seven minutes left against Utah. Ninety nine points. Seven minutes to go in that game. And everybody seems to love in basketball nerd world, this overplay hardened shit where you just sit on his arts. Yeah. A little bit cutting bit because the nerds really embraced it when it happened and. I really think you need to make sure everybody knows the plan. When one guy's giving him a straight line drive. Yeah. And he's left handed which always takes an extra second. So sitting on it doesn't allow him to kind of step back three and get into that left handed shooting position. So I understand that benefit it also cuts down on some of the angles of his passing. But two things there's way too many easy. Just drives to the bucket and hardened got going by the way, and he didn't get any foul. Calls was get any foul calls tonight. And the other problem is is I think consecutive games going. You can put Royston the Ellen just shade them on my right side. Like a guy lighting ours to it. Yes. He's so good anybody. Who's that? Good is going to know. Okay. Look. Hey, everybody just know. This is what I'm gonna do here. This one on a just so I I should have made it so personal. It's just that. I liked it. I like when you get personal. I don't know, man. I don't I don't understand. Why people thought they somehow solved hardened with this overplay, and then that solving and he's one of the best offensive players of all time. You know, what bothered me watching house today? Play actual minutes and a playoff games and you'll house. Yeah. So the rackets had him they screwed up member. They had journalism here. The rackets. Here's Daryl Morey friend of the program, whoever the last twelve years over and over again has found people that end up becoming worthwhile and be a players, right. Like, I don't think anybody has found more people who like wow didn't realize that guy was a role player. This that and they screw up with this guy. And he's just out there for two months. You have all these other teams. And I saw a lot of them. I'm pretty sure not all of them had ten good players. And this guy just floats in freaking out or space for two months. How does nobody signed him be like, oh, Darryl liked him? Which is sign him. He must be good. I was there on that reached that point yet, the Farid one blew me away more. And I don't know you already brought that up how he'd be good only on a few teams. Doesn't it feel like that's the Houston system thing though? Remember, everybody would always want. Everybody on Phoenix when it was Nash. And he doesn't think Philly. You don't think Philly kit us. Halves. In that. All those shots going to be as open. Everything's open. Everything's open in this system. It's awesome. Five as a GM who didn't make the playoffs and I watched the play offs. I'll be watching all these random dudes who just ended up on these teams trying to figure out how I missed sake with cancer kanter's sitting there for four months, eighteen rebounds, twenty points is like did. I miss on that one what's going on here. I be just be studying that, but it's funny how the same teams are getting these guys over and over again credit to old Shane those guys. Because clearly they really like Canada offering them for five years at one point. I just thought like we want to have the weirdest team just. Huge white guys. So that those four teams we mentioned in the last pack as Portland, Oklahoma City San Antonio Denver. And I said to you one of these teams will be in the western finals by rural? And I think we picked o'casey who'd you picked now. His I am at a loss. I don't know who I'd pick. I feel like I'm always the non Denver guy. And I still I don't wanna just give up on them against San. Antonio Denver stock is low. But I think you're right now, you're buying low. But Jamal Mary manages had a bag if this isn't a stubborn. I'm thinking Denver's awesome all season long. Yeah. Like, I think I had it. Pretty good read on Denver. Yeah. And their problems became exposed Jamal Murray had the badger mammary game. And I think you gotta worry. Okay. Where's your head going to be at now after your your playoff experience here? But I still went to you. If you're Malone, you know, I didn't decide to go to Monte Morris instead of you. It's funny. They might actually need it as a Thomas if he had been but bring it back together. Like they used him in that game or somebody like him somebody who has the skills that he is sensibly as quick break. And then we'll do a couple of. What state quick break to talk about couple podcasts on the ringer, the rewatch Ables? We did major league. If you missed it. We put that up late last week me. And remember round broke it down coming up this week field of dreams were putting that one up. I think on Friday. So be ready for that me Malley Ruben, I'm gonna make her cry at least seven times, I think Chris Ryan is going to be on that one as well. Speaking of those two n Jason Concepcion. They hosted talk the thrones on Twitter massive success. Did really well. Thanks for all the support. Thanks for spreading the word for us. If you missed it. You can go back and watch the replay on Twitter or you can listen to binge mode for the podcast that they're gonna be putting up at some point there in the middle of the week where they're going gonna watch that episode. I don't know ten to twenty times. And then breakdown everything you saw speaking of breakdowns a lot later, we're still and I are going to be breaking down game of thrones. Where we'll be doing our breakdown. It's kind of like binge mode after headed dri. So look. Forward to that. And and check out bench mode checkout fairway Rolin where I was on talking about tiger with Joe house earlier today, and he house is going to have another podcast this week as well. So not to mention all the other great podcasts. We have on the ringer dot com. Was the website itself where you can find some of the best writing on the internet the ringer dot com. The ringer podcast network, binge bone talked fronts. I hope you're watching and listening and reading all of it. All right back to the podcast. Just some serious prices really quick. Seventy Sixers minus two fifteen nets. Plus one eighty right now raptors minus three hundred magic plus two fifty. Actually, like, the raptors beat the raptors. I don't think. So. Yeah. Spurs minus one fifteen. Now. Plus my nuggets minus one of five Celtics minus eight hundred thunder plus one twenty blazers minus one forty five. Any of those Joe body not the Pacers. The Denver the Denver number feel like you're getting them down a game. Homecourt still basically, even do you think a road team can win a series if they don't win game one? This is one of my weird. There's what's the math on dude? I almost like you have to win game one. If you're if you don't have the game seven road game. There's all these playoff things. I don't like though when somebody says oh season has series hasn't started until somebody beats adding that one there's always everybody repeats. It. All the time. I've never really agreed with them. Like what if everybody was home did the series never happen? So Kyle like that one Dave from Brooklyn wants to know on our on our pod before there. She wondered why Ben Simmons didn't take the leap you expected this year. Oh, no, more Ben Simmons. He's dating at Kardashian. Exclamation point. The list is endless of careers ethics. Is Chris take a detour when the relationship starts. Lamar Blake Reggie Chandler Parsons etcetera. James Ben dating in this somebody in this families easily the single biggest contributor to his lack of progress. This season come on. Now. I don't think it's the car dashing Jenner thing as much as dating another celebrity. So I think they got a slightly unfair rapid this. But I I just think it's when you're dating another celebrity near in that world and the combo of you becomes bigger, and instead of just dealing with somebody who has a normal life, you're dealing with somebody whose life is abnormal as yours. I don't think that's necessarily a good thing. Does it say something about the dude more than means anything about the female that it's like you want to sign up for that? You're into that you enjoy this thing. Like, you think this is good for you. I mean, granted you could also be like, hey, I think she's really hot and she's famous so and I'm twenty one right? Yeah. What do I know twenty two whatever it's? Yeah. So it's probably not that complicated. Craig from Ottawa sevi- interesting, though, the P E R of NBA players that pursue famous girlfriends heart, and has been pretty honest about the worst year, my life was when I dated a celebrity, and I wish I had done that like the word like who's with Meg Ryan is with. Chloe was the khloe khloe Carnegie Ryan Craig from Ottawa says, the Nixon ads Patrick patroon will be representing them at the draft lottery. How can the Ewing theory apply to the draft? With the Knicks potential to win the ladder be improved. If you ain't got hurt the week of the lottery, and they had to replace him with somebody else. I think they should try that their place it with Marcus Camby. That's actually a great move Ivo for that today. It's too smart. The Knicks will never do it James. I can't wait for your actions on Josh from Utah. I have get out of jail free card for LeBron and the Lakers higher. Becky hammon. Become the first goat to play under a female coach hang up hang it up. Wait for the thirty thirty two made everybody wins that is one of those things that if they hired her every it would narrative would completely flipped people would be selling to it. So we always at ringer. We always talk about beyond the scenes where it was joke about great hire Twitter, you know, certain coaches or. Yeah. Grams that everybody loves like some personal get hired that nobody knows. And they're just Bs pack read has bent great higher. And it's clear that there's somebody that they've been texting that actually happened with Beck. Lighthouse. Here's what's San Antonio. He would be the great hire all the hammer because everybody loves her. Well, this is a theory that I had on this was actually incredible. That is even brought up because when was a Catherine Smith was the special teams coordinator for the Buffalo Bills soon when it was before McDermott's crews in there, and I looked it up again 'cause she wasn't retained at least in that role. And my point was I have this radio show, and everybody's talking about this is if it's like this real NFL coach, who's female K, and sometimes some of these stories, I'll go, wait a minute. What's really happening? What's actually happening versus what does everybody applauding? And so I thought, hey, I'm gonna have this swing at this topic seven hours after everybody else's redone done it. I thought it was interesting to bring it up and say, this is crazy, and I go it's a sign of the times. And I'm not complaining about it. I'm not complaining about it. But I find it fascinating that no one wants to say, well, this is stupid because three years ago. Plenty of guys would have said, well, this is stupid. What's your background? Why she special teams coach? Ch and it would have been fine. It wouldn't have been challenged. But the climate in the way, we talk about gender roles in occupational stuff and on air like all these different things if anybody ever questions it then that person's the asshole, and I wasn't even in a role on the radio where I wanted to question. I was simply pointing out a new angle on a topic that everybody had taken their swing at going. That is interesting more than the higher itself. Reaction is good higher Twitter, and I still got killed for it. Wow. Interesting fascinating to watch it all unfold, and I go you realize by getting me getting killed. I'm only proving the point that I just made on the air. It's a self fulfilling prophecy like I'm a fucking wizard over here. So if Becky got it, no one would dare go. Well, what's your qualification San Antonio deserves so much credit? You only hear really good things about our. So maybe it should be applauded that she needs at least one more year in the benches from whatever. But people do think she's going to be head coach. Yes. Somebody's going to do. I would. The LeBron thing would be weird because like you can't treat her like, David Blatt. Then it would it would start. It was coming back on you. So why is that a win for LeBron? That would that's an unwinnable situation from abroad. It's that's don't think LeBron wants to be coached to be honest with you just described. Why maverick Carter is gonna be there next catch? Nick 'field wants to know did Magic Johnson created the player empower Manera think about it came into the league is an established are got his head coach fired after signing ridiculous contract. I create a brand for himself and his team the Showtime Lakers, I to become a businessman after his career series of short sighted decisions that he quickly bailed on and approve a rate in that always bounces back. No matter what refuses to get off Twitter. He say magic created the pointer Palmer, I it's all points in it, still LeBron two thousand ten okay. I vote for magic. Yeah. But then why didn't it happen? Like, we're where was this in the nineties where everybody was pulling this stuff since LeBron James just stoned in the nineties. Andy from Kingston wants to though Jamaica main match Anisi. This is great starts when the Cavaliers shocked the world win the NBA draft lottery. How long do you think it will take LeBron start pushing for trade back to Cleveland? So he can play Ziad. Does the Brian have a minimum number of number one picks? The Cavs who needs to get before you were trying to force a trade back to Cleveland. You know, what I always like about the Cleveland thing? It would be like, wow. He wouldn't do that. He hates Dan Gilbert. Well, we already knew he hated him back four years and one of fucking title. So yeah, he doesn't hate him so much. He wouldn't go back. I do love the regretful. Did I leave Cleveland a year too early starting leaving the messages on the answering machine? Hey has it. God. Did you call me? Hey by phone rang. I thought that that wasn't new you didn't FaceTime. I sorry about that. It's been a while rob hardy from North Carolina. Unfortunately, I says after the place that started. But who do you think of breakout series playoff run a lot Chris Middleton last year? Anyone? Anyone anyone in the sixteen teams? In his canter. Yeah. Kanter eighty billion dollars got all these playoffs AP first place votes. That'd be great like tracking NS kanter's future contract right now. It's like pin? Right. Under a married after like three years thirty eight billion easy just for that one game. And then they sign him and they go. Yeah. Three three thirty eight forty five movable. It's movable to your first year. You know, you're paying anyhow. Third years expiring contract Gordon Hayward. No who Seok him. I happened as gonna say Spencer Dinwiddie, I love Spencer. Did we used to have this? Oh, I guess what about one of the Orlando guys? Didn't what he has his moustache are used to that. He wasn't like I want to impress you. I'm just fucking girl on this thing. Yeah. This is for me. Not you. Yeah. How about Derek wait? How about his dunk about the fact that he completely outplayed every nuggets guard and that game? I don't know it has to go back to watch Derek Whyte. Casa make a pick. I think it's fair then nobody's materialize yet. So we could make pick. I'm going to make one wanna make one I'm actually going to I'm going to say the Angelo wrestle because what I liked about his game one. And he's already an all star, obviously. But I think he's a max guy and what I liked about his game. One. Is he sucked in the first half and came out after halftime? It was really good which in a playoff game on the road counts for something. I also found maker, okay? This is I sent you this question earlier. So you'd be prepared VP from Menlo Park says. I looked at the number one picks overall from the past twenty five years Iverson, dunk, LeBron etc. Clearly exceeded expected by number one pick. He said Wiggins in bogut, all under the expected value. He wants to know what is the Mendoza line for number one picks. So. The Keith he thought it was like Dwight or Blake Griffin, which I disagree with those are probably says, basically, what is the cutoff landed determine if you're a successful number on overall pick or not. So Mendoza lands the wrong term. I think Mendoza line is to what he I think he wants like median value Ray like for here. So what is it in voor p- is value above replace some pro vote? Yeah. Value over so VAR is less popular. I thought I listed the twenty five guys. And I thought we'd pick a player, and it'd be like value over John wall or something like that. So I separated by tears like these are the last thirty years tier one is LeBron Duncan and shack tier twos. Iverson Howard Griffin see web, Anthony Davis kyri yet. Because I didn't have Eiriksson is a tier one so virus in. Yeah. Iverson's a whole nother confidentially the last thirty years or LeBron Dunkin and. Check Iverson Howard Griffin Weber. Davis kyri the third tier is a bigger one Elton brand. Yeah. Eljay Derrick Coleman Carl towns. Rose wall Glen Robinson who is completely. Underrated. Ben Simmons Kenyon. Martin Andrew bogut starts going downhill a little bit Deandra eight and Joe Smith who played forever and had a couple of good seasons. And was better than thought next here bogged Johnny Wiggins Perv cells in Kwami Brown. Michael candy last here. Greg Oden Markelle faults, Anthony Bennett, so. If you just do the halfway point of that. The fifteenth guy would be six nine. It would be Staerk rose. John wall Glen Robinson rage. I had Glen Robinson is my, you know, if you're if you do that, it's kind of what you wanna look above and below that. Right. Like, if you go let's go with Glen Robinson. Yeah. I Glenn Robbins when it called Vogler value above vaguer value over. Yeah. Yeah. Over Vogler Vogler value over Glen Robinson. So so they had Vogler right in Anthony, Ben it would be like minus five point zero voters. Oh, he'd be like minus seven point Vogler. But the Andrea eight right now is like minus one point two Vogler bumping up. It's early. It's I n c on that one. How much money? Do you think? Barn Yanni made in his career because I was looking at barn. Yati stats today. Oh, it was like forty million right? Double it. Eighty seventy five. He had a couple of twenty points season. So I know I liked barg Batty. I think I remember talking to from Oliver like a my nuts to think in the right situation. Got that sounds like that NBA support group now, but I maybe he should be the next guy for MBA worker Wiggins, I was the language barrier. I mean, Jesus is not easy for these guys. Have you know, they're making fun of them. Yeah. You're over here smoking darts on a moped whistling at all these traffic ops. I was surprised Wiggins was my seventh least favourite number one overall pick of the last thirty does. He goes Kyle quarter. You got Bennett you got Odin. You got barn. Yanni? No. I hadn't had Baghdad ahead of Wiggins. No. But I'm just I have Ellison crime all of Akande head of Wiggins. I'm not saying you're wrong. But like think about that sentence by Donnie had a couple of twenty point. Yeah. But he also kind of us to who. Would you rather have? With you. I'd still hold out hope for Wiggins a little bit more than just saying Wiggins would hurt my feelings more at least with Bard ninety. I'd had low weakens would have been really good for that support group. Like, hey, we know Canadians are polite Jesus. So I go Vogler, I think science can have a very high Vogler. Pens on the squad avid gym corner. Question for you. Okay. This is great Kyle is gonna be giggling the whole time. Question for Ryan for Jim corner from Jordan. Male or female. I know I was doing box jumps besides the squat rack the other day. Another guy was doing squats beside with two and a half points on each side two and a half plates between my sets this guy. Proceeds the unranked one side of the bar. I o leaving. The other side the bar comes crashing down along with the weights onto the box. I was about to jump onto the guy shrugged it off like it was nothing. I was stunned in severely. No it Ryan have you ever endured a near death experience at the gym like that. I've had some very happen. Yeah. All right. So two and a half plates. He must mean to forty fives and the twenty five in each side. And basically if you're gonna take off the most you can really leave is to forty fives on one side. And even then I I'm almost neurotic about it. Anyway, because I've just envisioned a bar coming swinging across and taking me out. So what happened here is the guy knows he fucked up, and yeah, it looks like an idiot. And maybe you know, he was posts squat and he's gone to seventy five. So he may have had little weird head hangover thing where you're dizzy after the fact because maybe it's heavy for him. And he just started unloading because he wasn't thinking maybe he was pumped. He gets seven reps. So he sort of in this euphoric posts squat deal. And because he did all those things, and he totally fucked it up he's not going to own it. He can't he's I mean, I would hope you'd go. Hey, man. I'm really sorry. I just lost. But it dude in the gym with another stranger. He's not going to own it. He's going to do a peewee. Herman. I meant to do that type thing to you. And that's just that's just what goes on. I've had a couple scenarios where not with me. Like, I'll ask somebody to spot me. I'm try try not to be a hero. Even though if you don't ask for a spot, you probably better off for the gains because you kinda know you're screwed. If you don't get off your chest. But you don't really want to start doing that kids if you're listening, but I had a guy have. What would we at three fifteen so three sixty five and I was spotting them in his peck, tore off, and it what happens. When a pet store is terriers away from the the either the guys screaming now, he was like up dorm, APAC term pack. He didn't like fully blown rip it to shreds. But he tore it. And then I had a like sorta dead lifted off of his chest. And then I was like I felt badger. He's a really nice guy. And I was like oh, man. He's like something's wrong something's wrong. So that sucks that sucks. He's like, oh my God. And I was like man, I didn't know if I was going to be able to help pull that off you 'cause he was also pushing still, and he was just like ask you what we would have just flipped it on one side or the other and figured it out. I was like that would have been fun. So I see kids every now and then maye load up too much, and then I've I've gone by. And and pulled something off a kid every now, and then but economics is not a lot of kids to hair, so I'll run into anymore. She is it. Okay. If I tell people to stop sending their stories about nude guys at the gym were maxed out on it. People people actually like this segment better than anything else. We do so sorry for better worse. The reread Ables really quickly. I won't even tell you. What year I wrote this? You just have to guess. Okay. Think of all the twenty five guys we watched over the past two decades, get thrust into a your little too young for this. But your franchise prayer. So how 'bout you be our leader? And then flounder MS miserably, we're talking about dozens of guys a few whom had more talent than blank, but only five rose to the challenge of the veteran. Hope G Chris Paul LeBron Wade and blank, that's the complete list unless ever got some own absurd that to blanks credit some believe blank is the playoffs sleeper this year. And it's mainly because he's turned into such a killer, closer, stay tuned. I'll I'll give you one question. If you need more information. You want me to guess what year you wrote that I can give you the year if you need help. No, you want me to guess the player. So I'll give you the year to help you two thousand ten two thousand nine two thousand nine st- white note. Hey, Turkoglu, Brandon, ROY. Oh, yeah. The reread Ables thousand nine when you were really good. I listed five guys who I was really good. As one of my career years at three thousand nine Simmons. It's like tiger tiger two thousand four the how about I just listed five playoff closers. What of which was branded ROY ROY had a stretch there where it was unbelievable, man. I mean, look that's not that's not on him. And thank God. He got his money. But. John ram saying, I love rain, or you know, what's funny is that Celtics trade that led to that whole thing. I hated that trade because I like Brandon ROY so much I did too. And then you talk to people, I think you, and I both probably did have a couple of sources that point. And everybody's like, yeah. He's going to be out of the league in six years. Yeah. Guy ligaments in his name is like, yeah. But maybe he's still worryingly. Yes. Wasn't a short term. But wasn't it still worth having that Brandon ROY for five years? Okay. So the same thing with John Blair remember that? Yeah. No. SEO's? It's like all right. But this is the fortieth pack just played five years of Gabes. We'll just take him. Game of thrones really quickly. Yeah. Definitely you were at you were down on this season. Well, wait a minute. Now, the whole season diving I episode try your data season seven over a look. As a writer. I get it. The guys who just shared Abobo bets. Yeah. Right. Like what you normally have to do Bill in this spot. Yeah. You know? I know everybody wants all the bells and whistles and all the confetti, but is a writer you get a set the tone. You can you get choices? You're right years old and A west bit, right? But I think they kind of went dragon porn on you there lend it we know this is going to be a little boring, and then you, and I are sitting there and you completely unprompted on the couch. Just say to Kyle you go, you know, I can't get enough of these dragons. Drag. It's. The dragon was such a great line because everybody's been quiet for like five minutes. The other thing is it's just the three of us were waiting for food. Thrones is on and all of a sudden that dudes in the brothel just getting annihilated by three women. Right. And it's like, hey, so has work. It's like one of those. I I don't know. I don't know what the response was. But then I was we were trying to dare each other. And in clearly it's one of those things where I was like I want to sit in the tweet, it's the anti everything, but it's not anti throwing. So I love the show and the whole deal, but it was zinc sick. Yeah. I wanted. This is not the premier was not unsinkable. And that's how I was like, what would be the funniest thing. We could come up with. And we came up some really funny stuff that we wouldn't tweet. And then I just said, hey, when's veep on? Which we that was funny. And then nobody got no one got it because they thought I was doing the, you know, hockey finals, and then I give you a may baseball final highlight. And they thought it was just me goofing on everybody being in the game of thrones. But where I was really doing this because we were like forty five minutes in and you're like this is slow slow. But I look I get what they were doing. I don't know if it reveals and now you're looking at the structured and how they're setting up the next four. I don't want non linear storylines with be story. A tell you what I love dragons. I mean, those things watching those babies fly, and it was like a date. You don't see a lot of that. Where you're like, wait. You guys are on a dragon flying day. It seems way more dangerous. If you just how does the dragon know that you're on there? It's a fucking dragon. Well, that's what he asked her Johnston who asked her what are you? Hold onto. And she's like just figured out. And it's like can I have a little more info, we're going to be flying really high in these dragons like any tricks, and you think you're the Queen of the seven kingdoms we can't get fucking saddle for one of these things. And then we try to ruin it for your wife a little bit. Yeah. We didn't really try to tell her one of the dragons died. She did sit. I thought it'd be funny for us to recap game since we have binge abode, which is the best recap podcast than the internet. I thought it'd be funny. If we ended each podcast recapping that night's game of thrones from the eyes of two guys who barely know all the characters names, but have seen every episode seen every episode. Yeah. But we need Kyle. He was a life raft. So here's what I thought happened today. Jon snow found out that he's actually half target Aaron. And that his that Kalisa is on I guess, although he didn't know that part at some point. We thought it was sister. But that's not true. I think it's on felt a little Princess Leia. Luke Skywalker, which means he's actually the real iron throne guy. Yeah. Heir to the throne. He's the rightful. He's ready for air. But now Iran side, whether he got him he has to decide whether he wants to take the thrown away from his girlfriend, right? Who's is on? Yeah. And by the way, this is his aunt. He's been sleeping with this isn't one of the top for incest atrocities on game of thrones. This this whole aunt nephew thing. Yup. And as Kyle pointed out like my wife is Khazanah. So this is gross. This is grocer than we're giving a credit for. So that happened the I don't see Kyle being a king the way walkers knocked down that giant wall. And then they went to go check out what happened. And there was a little boy that was attached to the wall around all these limbs. And then it turned out. I think he was a white Walker in a set him on fire. Yeah. He hasn't been possessed. Was they didn't know that was the real scare you. Hey, we gotta give these guys something. Yeah. Because we're just we're bringing everybody back. It's almost like a big family reunion. We get a set the template has been set here. Right. But we gotta give you a little spice to it's what they were doing. There was a little Sansa not trusting dean heiress little little side side. I action that Jon snow sensed and then called her on it. And then it just seems like they're setting up some sort attention. You don't have felt like to me protective sister, the college football playoff committee, the sitting there, and they're going, you know, the unsullied like come on. And then they're like the death Raqi like they're not very good at home. They're going on the road. And then you're sitting around and be like, hey, you know, these fucking zombies are like right around the corner. Yeah. And you want to bitch about clans and whatnot random whatnot like come on. And that's what Johnstone so made the case. And that's when I compared to the bell check for one of the three times during the episode bell. Check three. Yes. Easily three bell gives up the crown he immediately trades whatever he needs to trade to get just more draft picks, basically to fight the white walkers. That's how he's thinking. He's not worried about crowns. What is now? All he's thinking about is the big game way down the road the way walkers. That's it. Rhonda white walkers. Another thing that happened. See, by the way, for the people who think bill's kidding right now, he's not unprompted once again, he would just go Bella check. When do that? I really did. I think don't check would win the win the iron throne breads people that think it's an actor. It's kind of his Twitter thing. He just sits around at home eating goes up to his kid. His son was like going at the mozzarella sticks. He's like Bill wouldn't do that way out ballot? Check would not have mitral stick right now. No longer has who has been missing his generals for while. A lot of guys on the show. He yeah, he's a top G your favorite unit. Kurdia you like the bald guy. I like the ball guy because I think he's a real nice. I feel like he's despite it always a real operator. And he's you know, start at the bottom. Now, we here can take a joke. So theon freed his sister Yara good job right now. And she headbutted onto thank him that cool, and then they made up and then she kinda let him go. And I don't know if we see her again, you know, what blew my mind was the Viking robots. I was like are you guys fucking? So like right at the end. Yeah. When the Viking robot clan showed up I'm like, okay? These guys stepped it up. And I think the robots are going to be the key to defeating the white walkers. The Viking robots. Yeah. I didn't see that coming. And then and then the stars people are going to start drug testing this podcast the ringer Vicks. It'd be like can you can you come down. I tried to quiet sell it. And then the Starks kinda reunited is the first time we saw them together, we left that, sir. C. She gave it up to. What was that guy's name? Kyle. You're on your on your on who I liked. He's kind of a rational confident, you might be the only guy that likes him. No. I liked his strategy was thirsty. We went a rational confidence I wanna boat one day. So I'm threes out. I like that part of it. But. Because he's always got boats. Right. But I I think actually the biggest thing the biggest thing I'm glad you went there. Because of all the stuff that's happened. Because she said you wanna whore by one you wanna Queen earn her in every single woman that I follow on social media posted that like now the rule the game just changed like, hey, no offense. You know, she's still slept with the grimy pirate guy. Right. You know? She's still have with them. So she pregnant. Yeah. Like, it's a real good line. But but he didn't he didn't turn around and leave with his boats. Now did he and he was like the cat eat and the canary afterwards to. Yeah, he was a real. That guy's not a Cutler. I could privacy this that guy's dying dying for who's the big one of the first one. I don't think he's tier one enough. So then creepy post breasts and brand. No one likes that guy his approval rating, so low right now Simmons a game of thrones. I like that. He took his shot, though is, sir. See it just easily could have been murdered by the any of the people in suit of armor at any time. And then brand. Yeah. Brands united. Typically, weird performance from brand. Like, it's never traded. I have one person I know one person who's like I like the raven story line. There. No dragons. The guy who said this people have an mail them in like a year, by the way brand has been but walk at six years the kit throw them out of dragon, let them fly around low bit Gilo feel for them being in the air with drogue on one of those guys though stroke on the dead dragon. Who's he her the living drag cow man come on dog? Still Doug the other two. Steve dragon. Come here. Doug. So then you don't Doug, John. I'll last one at the end was brand seeing Jamie, Lancaster. Yeah. There you go. That was good last time they'd really locked eyes. He was seeing Jamie having sex with the sister. And then he got pushed off a high tower. So there's some mending fences that needs to happen. That's talk that went out. Maybe maybe at MBA TV, but are the all star break up. So, you know, they get shack Gopi. Gets Lancaster Brad are gonna talk. He's like, I don't really know. You actually don't know. Why you did it? I thought you peeping Thome. I just I I was fine with you. And your sister just don't push me off the tower next time. So what you can see shit. How's this work? So and then the the coming attractions, which they don't give away anything anymore because they know people like Mauer Jason are just going to pick the freeze frames and figure out what the show's going. So now, it's just like a whole lot of. It's like mad Ben us through this Stu coming up on madman OB like Don Draper, having a coke somebody in a car. And then like like Peggy saying something, and then it was like what was that? Is that? So anyway, they don't give it anyway. So that was our game of thrones recap, which think Kyle their segment or should through the only time. We did. It was your first dead guy. Oh, I think, sir. Sees lovers dead within. Yeah. I would say two thirds of an episode of over a hundred firm is forty minutes. Gap, so too. Yeah. They gotta they gotta take out somebody big in in the second ups. I also think the bearded guy is going to have a really really great death. The guy the bug is. That guy I'm talking about the the torment. Yeah. Yeah. Fire sword. Yeah. He's going to have a death. But it'd be a cool death, and he'll he'll have a couple of sentences before soldiers death the other thing. I really they haven't had a lot of scenes besides Cy and John snow and how they disguise the height difference is phenomenal because kid Harrington's like five six five seven in real life. You're pretty good friends with him right now. Stood next to over the party woods. But how I don't know. That's what he said. He thinks you're closer assess. That's is like five foot eleven so they have to use these weird height things where you never actually see the wide shot. Yeah. Yeah. And they're still she's still towers. She's still Tara. It's like VIN diesel in the rack in any fast fierce. All right. We're still low dual threat this week dual threat. Josh mccown part four of the backup qb stories. Think about this quarterback room his two thousand seven raiders team lane. Kiffin was thirty three the head coach. Al Davis was telling him to bench all the quarterbacks. Every week. Dante Culpepper was thirty still thought he was awesome. The adjust sign hold out jamarcus Russell whose idol was Dante Culpepper mccown, and then Andrew Walter who had already asked for trade that was the QB room. And he tells me stories for about fifteen minutes about that. And the rest of his journey in the way, it's ended in it's it's it's a fun star. There's a lot of ups and downs throws careers and distribute. But the raiders stuff alone is worth listening to can't wait. All right. Ron we'll type the next thing say. All right. Thanks to the zone. Remember setting up is easy downloaded his own app on the apple or Android app. Store. Senate by creating account start watching across nearly any of your devices, and you can get a whole bunch of awesome fights baseball. You name it. It's all on their check that out. Don't forget about talk. The thrones our Twitter show, you should be watching it every week right after game of thrones ends. But if you miss this week, you can go right on there and watched the episode on the Twitter account that we have which is at ringer or you can do hashtag talk the thrones. Or check out our YouTube channel where we have allowed of this stuff, including all the game of thrones content that we did over the course of the last five weeks that is YouTube dot com slash ringer for all that stuff as well. Back with a couple more podcast this week until then.

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