The Circle (ft. Carey O'Donnell & Chris Sapphire)


Welcome to I'm obsessed with this. Then epaulets podcast about the shows and films viewers cannot get enough of today. We're going to be talking about the extremely ridiculous. Listen extremely addictive Netflix. Original Competition series this circle and we also chat with one of its stars Chris Sapphire later in the episode. Today I am joined via satellite or whatever the says I never know how to say that I guess everything's via satellite. TV writer including the cartoon network series. Summer Camp Island Island Co host of everyone's favorite vander pumpers slash reality. TV podcasts sexy. Unique podcast Kerry O'Donnell high. I wanted you on the podcast for so long and here you are. I know I'm I'm such a fan of as a as a podcast and a human so I feel very blessed such a such a huge Ditto will. I'm glad you're here. I've known you for a while I was I was thinking came about that. We've been like I feel like we've all been like Internet friends for like five years. It's crazy oh at least at least in how. How did you enjoy the Oscars? I kinda mislead opening of your of your Oscar Banter. Oh yeah a good night. Yeah it was fine because night in Hollywood Hollywood was alive last night. The the roads blocked off. It felt kind of like some kind of corn team is happening I loved it. I thought parasite when was really great and kind of the most. That's exciting thing for me. At least watching I thought Rene speech was hilarious and and she when she mentioned firefighters. I was like in another room and I heard her like I left midway through her speech because it was so long ago like put moisturizer on my face and in the other room. I heard her say something about firefighters and I was like I I gotta get back so I went back and watched finish the tail end of it but that was pretty grit. It was a narrative that it wasn't in any order like you could that that whole speech all all of the sentences could have been jumbled input an different order and it would have had the exact same effect like the first word of her speech could have been firefighters and it would have been an identity speech a sensibly Lincoln. Yeah it was kind of reporters neighbors. The whole speech was like a some kind of epoch almost like home yes. Every speech was like extremely extremely unique. I mean I know that always happens with the actor speeches but like they all felt extremely different. This year chaotic energy. I think I think it's very reflective of the timer. Living in so I was I. It just felt right okay. We are not here to. We are here to talk about the circle. which is a deranged? netflix competition. Job For we get into the ranger net flicks competition show carry. What what have you been watching on your netflix account? That is not the circle. Okay I didn't really make this public but I did watch That show right. After new years. I watched Messiah Ziya with Michelle mcgann. I've sort of been on the fence there. I know it's why it's a wild show. I just you know would like a nears day when you're just like give me anything because they're just so like fragile so I I went with Messiah because I do love a good end the world show. Oh yeah but it was a it was a wild journey for me and I stayed with the the whole thing and I I tried to like. I was very careful about who I told I was watching because it does. It's a very no one was like no one's talking about it and you're almost like afraid to be. I'm watching this. I just love watching Michelle mcgann like one of her eyelids always like flutter and like it's she's very like her chest she does a lot of I acting which I'm I'm into I also watch this show. I serve watching it again because I like watched it sort of not really thinking about it as I was watching it but I returned to the show black summer with Jamie King. I have no idea what the show is. I know I'm I guess I'm going. For all like the gritty apocalyptic shows so. I'm probably boring but black summer. No this is good because as I've never heard of it. It's a gritty Zombie. Who isn't a Jamie King? Jaime King is a Dombi show. I've never heard of this. She anchors the show. She's a center of Stephen. Even King tweeted about it so I got into. You really gave me the range that I was looking for here and I was not expecting it. I know opposite of the circle like the mask the mass entertainment that everyone is watching watching and talking about like literally told me about a show that I've never heard of okay. We're GONNA talk about this article social media. You can be anyone. They've games begin and say anything. Okay okay let me think. Who would you one hundred thousand dollars on the line? Welcome to the circle. Go for a new social experiment. We're players don't meet face to face. The only communicate through this circle circles are called. Take me some profile. Man Says better than Christmas. I'm interested in not just because everyone is watching the circle before we get into the meat and potatoes circle germ. How did you discover the circle? Is this something that was just served to you is did you watch this because of social media pressure did you watch us because you love you like reality. TV shows but reality L. D. competition shows are sort of an entirely different genre. How did you get there? Yeah I saw a lot of gays tweeting about it. I saw someone do sort of like me as one of the characters in the circle like a front facing comedy thing And then my sister was talking about on a lot and she she she loves like the Bachelor and all that so I was hearing her. Oh she was kind of seal the deal for all right so I started watching it and I was immediately disoriented and you know it felt it kind of like Black Mirror and also disoriented of where they actually filmed it which so lots of external things right off. The Bat drew me in my first instinct. When I saw the exterior shots as like they film this like Manchester or something or like deep England and then I confirm that so I was like okay so this is very felt very dystopia being Black Mirror e to me which I was which I love so that kind of kept me going? We've established Yemen. Yup you've you've gotten that I just love how loud out. Everyone was like their volume like when they were just sitting like. I just love the idea of people sitting in their apartments shouting at the wall. You know so that lots lots of that so that was like initially those might. I like. Okay I this is something I can get behind and I thought they were like very just kind of seemed very kind off the bat and like very earnest people even the catfish ones were deceiving. Everyone so we're like my ground floor. That's what hooked me in. Yeah and it's also one of their shows because there are also isolated like you can't really participate in truly nasty devious behavior from you know from your living room couch like you can be deceitful and you can be a little conniving and like you can be a little you can scheme You can't be discussed. You can't be despicable. You can't be for dinner now. Yes I also wanted to know like what the apartments smelled like because I know they definitely have like a cleaning service coming because some of their apartments were like super need and it looked like they just got an a fresh rush vacuum like on the rugs but I just felt like almost like people being like a space station. And you're wondering just that staleness because they they can't. They have their balconies blocked off by that bamboo fence things so they're sealed in there and they can go up on the roof once in a while but I was just wondering just the error in the vibe of those rooms probably is probably pretty gross Pretty Stale yeah felt like call it like a college dorm or something. But you're right like the whole nothing felt disorienting and they and they've said an interview sense like being in there truly was as disorienting as you think it was but even to the viewer. It's like what's going on here. It took me a wild even figure out what when everyone was telling me to watch the circle and they were obsessed with the circle again gay people they were like you got to watch it. Here's what happens and they'd be like well. This happens in this happens. And they talked to the thing and then it makes them then they have to set the profile and they have to decide who's a catfish and then they vote and I was like. I don't know what you're talking about. So there's like an extreme learning curve to the show. No because I've never seen anything like it and you kind of have to have your hand held by that first episode to figure out what in God's name is going on yeah you can't just jump into it you have to. It's like a very important for some rally tells you can just Kinda like do the recaps but you have to really be in that first one to like indoctrinate you in this weird the reality they have you in. I've never seen anything like genuinely so I was. I was actually very impressed by the disorientation. And you you felt super claustrophobic and then you kind of like accepted it. And we're sort of in there with them which I was into yet they were at. They all seemed like I just liked. Just how a happy they seemed about social media. You know Like they were just really like they're really enthusiastic about it and like approaching it in a way that I haven't really had adult. Maybe ever in ten years just this like it was like it almost felt you're watching people who've never been on the Internet before be like yes like we didn't do this. This is so fun I love it. I love interacting and chatting. You know new group message. Yeah new group yes I ll. It's like they went to two thousand four and pulled people in till I now and seeing how they would respond to it. They're like well. You know what I mean. It shows how quickly we adapt to like really ridiculous insane situations and I mean they're countless parallels you can make Tillich anything about contemporary life like how quickly we just sort of like in deal with crazy stuff but when they're thrust into this weird apartment and it's like Oh from now on for x days because it's extremely really unclear how long they've been in that place and they all get used to it so quickly. I mean it's just human nature. We accept our like scenario kind of fast. Because it's we have to like make sense of everything. Yeah however cursed it maybe it was truly curse and they were so into their. I love in the foot when they're they're so into the show like they love their apartment. So yes this is Ed you know what did you think of this of the strategy and Michelle like when you when you finished it you like what did you take from it like. What would your strategy be because as they keep changing stuff up so ultimately? Do you think the way to win was to be yourself because that's sort of what the show tells you like be yourself and then you'll win or do you think there is a way for someone to slide in and be devious person at any given moment like I will continue watching the circle and now I'm just intrigued. Like how will the strategies evolve as it moves forward just like I told what are they even GonNa do in season two. Like it's GonNa be like I can't even. I truly can't even imagine like how you even go about out planning this so I I definitely think it was like improvised based on what was happening and like they probably had like a hundred different scenarios. What would happen and all these people like in the holding? Dan like waiting waiting to come in so like just an feeling it out like that just seems so stressful and like also like nefarious. And but that's just reality. TV But Yeah I think I don't know I think you have to. I think it's a balance you have to be. You have to play the game. I think Chris Played The game pretty well because I think he was deceptively very cunning and he hid behind his leg kind of veneer of You know just hey. I'm just everyone's Fred. He played neutral. Really Hugh is like fun. Gay I was it was like no. You're not you're you're cutting bitch and I love it but like like I love that moment. He was like I'm not here to like when he was kind of like he when they all were speculating. That Miranda went to Joey always because they had some connection. He's like damn. I just WANNA get like a window for my mom in our living room so I was like I was into that but I also I don't know if I could fully commit it to being catfish I think I would like have like a stress seizure from that. I think like that just seems very like weighing on your soul after a while but but I guess if you're in a game like it doesn't like talked it out with your partner and like they were supportive of it. I guess maybe it would be. But I don't think you can be yourself self Kaz. Bill came in and he was like I was. Actually I like bill And he was like trying to be like the fun brother and like they were like no no no no no yeah. He was out pretty fast so he really tried to not play the game and it. It swallowed him whole. Yeah I guess from to take a step back from a broader perspective since if you're a connoisseur of what is arguably the most fascinating reality show on television vanderbilt rules as well as just like drama messy reality. TV In general as has of you're how do you ingest this sort of television like this reality non narrative television and does it differ from the way you watch a messiah or any other serious serious drama or a Sitcom like. Do you give your full attention to these shows. You'd like half attention to these shows like. How long did it take you to watch circle? And do you approach these types of competition petition just differently than you approach other stuff. Yeah I think I feel way more fish out of water when I watch a competition. Show then I do with like housewives or vendor because that's like I mean there's like there's plots and like narrow there's like a driving. Some housewife seasons are like inventor. PUMPER less Active than others but it's fairly stagnant and you can kind of just like maneuver around in the see. How like you know? They're quiet. Interactions are loud and like you know what they mean. So I'm I'm that is easy easier for me to get into because I can put myself in their shoes but competition stuff. I'm like because so many people are so into the bachelor which I've I've dipped my tone about-turn paradise for like one or two seasons and like watch one season of the bachelor but I'm not like I'm not really a competition. Shut like reality. The person I feel him as naive watching these shows so I felt very naive watching the circle but it sounds like it was still exciting typically. Watch this yeah. It was so exciting because it was so so not kind of my wheelhouse and like I had it was like me leaving my comfort zone with son sad but it's true and I was intrigued by that and it was kind of fun to like. Do something different than just. Watch like Sheena Marina del Rey so it was like even watch going back to America's America's next top model like that stuff was I get more stressed when there's a competition so I'm I'm already uncomfortable because of that and I get stressed watching people play each other and like throw each other away and stuff like just it stresses me out and like a human level but I love it That may like I love being like I love it so you will be watching season two. Yes of course I love being afraid you know I love being like what's GonNa Happen to Karen you know And with housewives. You don't have what's GonNa Happen to Alana. Oh my God Alana when they do the slow mo walks of them walking down the hallway and it looks like they're in like a Marriott or something and they're just just like walking and and then Alana just comes barreling in and she's like I've got a bone to pick with you and then Sammy's it's like you know because she thought she was like a man like it was that was stressful when Alana came in because I thought they were going to have a full fight and they're expecting that and they actually have like a calm rational conversation everyone on this show x much more maturity than they had any right to. You know like they're all taking this way much better than they shut he. That was also something I notice has to like even Miranda who I was like. Oh my God. She's going to go like you're thinking she's going to because she was so bombed like she was so upset and she was like really good about out and like even Alana like they were all very like to be the first one to go on a reality show. You know I think most times like Oh fuck Lakewood. What's happen but she took it in such good stride? It's almost like a sensory deprivation. Tankers thing like I'm sure that these people because they're isolated for as long as they are even if in the grand scheme of things things it's not like they're like prisoners of war and they're like stuck in this a cell for you know amount but it's long enough to feel very weird especially given how intricate intricate like the the show sort of does have something to say air quotes but it's probably just enough to make you sort of examine the way you use social media and just the way that you live your life and so these people were probably when the cameras weren't like when we didn't see this footage because the cameras are on them all the time in those boring moments they were probably really stuck in like deep deep introspection and like you know knee deep existential crises. Oh throughout this show I would have been like. What am I doing in this room talking to a television vision but imagine not having any TV any phone access and just thinking about social media for all hours of the day and all like I would be not sleeping? I would be so worried that I was going to get you know what I mean like. It's because I'm already so stressed by instagram twitter. And it's a hell scape and to have it. Just be your sole focus every day and you're constantly questioning whether or not Alana is real I would. I would really lose it. I would lose. I mean there was like very quietly deep. I think very quietly deep. Were you happy with the winner. Were you happy the joey one I mean he was he was sweet. I I was surprised. At how much white Tim. Yeah I was waiting for Sammy you want. Yeah I think Sammy Sammy Shibam. I would've been happy with. I forgot to mention that. I'm obsessed with the show instant hotel net flicks. Alex that is like my two and that is a reality. That's also competition show. I can get fully behind that I wanNA whole spinoff. Show his babe and Bond Bayden Bond I. Oh my God I follow on Instagram and my boyfriend bought her her sexy food book. The one with all the hawks like holding cupcakes and stuff. Yeah Sir Lime. Green Syrupy Margaritas aren't Margaritas. When they look like a chemical reaction from wasn't one of the slots I feel like I watched insane hotel eight years ago even though it was definitely like last spring but wasn't there a subplot in not where she got mad at someone for not accepting whenever Margaritas? She took points off everyone because no one wanted to drinker Margaritas. She took like two points off. Because she's like when you. Hey you have to have the Margarita experience and the gay couple. Sorry this is like this is a horrendous gay. Couple the Fussy couples fussy couple and he would and and Lee road. Always go with the devil's on the details. The Devil's in the details would always say that. And you got his place that it was our I feel like it was like the senior science and lambs where you think that the FBI FBI is at Buffalo Bills House but really. It's jodie foster as at Buffalo Bill House when he opens the door and it's her the most shocked I've ever been a piece of media is like that and then then when they go to the fuzzy couple's house and you see the interior. I was like this. Is Their House. that's exactly the reaction. I had when Juliet walks in and she goes. Oh no she doesn't she's even. She didn't like the foyer like she just no. No she's like. I'm very disappointed. The first thing she says Oh my God it was so bad. Oh God I feel like we've really just like phone fall off. A cliff is the lorries. No it's my fault. What would you say if anything we can close by asking? This and I found myself wondering this a lot by the league in the final episodes of the show. Because as I was like I like this. I'm watching this. I'm completely fascinated by this but I'm sort of like. Why does this exist? What is show trying to teach me? What do you think if if there is is one what is the lesson the circle has for its audience? Or what is the lesson. It's trying to give its audience if any like. What can we learn from this show? I think I think there's two lessons I think there's like a warning maybe or like it's it's sort of I I don't think there were like I guess I'm just taking it this way but it almost felt like this is. Netflix was sort of teach. Mike Not Punishment but almost like a like this is is what we've become in a way like we're in this. We're all like it was a total metaphor for like we are just confined in these rooms and like looking. You know what I mean and worrying about like Yeah Mine Usha so I think there is that going on but I also all. Yeah but I do think at the end like they actually seemed like attached to each other other. And you do you can form real relationships like on social media which sounds like Corneas Hal. But like I know you guys from it like you know what I mean like you do. Yeah you can actually like make friends and like cut through the bullshit and find like a real connection with someone the Group chats is or you know what I mean or the what they were doing the and they seemed especially the original Kerr they they did seem really attached to each other so I think it was like In in a way I felt like there is some hope for us like that. We can at the end of the day. All we do want is like a real friendship and that was my my lesson but also I think there was a lot of kind of a scary glimpse into what we are like. We're living in that dystopia kind So if the circle surprise me and said like just kidding this is all been scripted. This was a very long episode of Black Mirror. I'd be like Oh damn good one. Yeah Well Carrie thank you so much for talking to me about the circle. Thank you so much for having me. This was a joy everyone can listen to your podcast. Wherever you get podcast sexiness podcast? Now it's time to hear from someone someone who is inside the circle for I don't know how long was inside the circle because he wouldn't tell me so. Let's move over to my interview with Chris Sapphire from the circle. And what better way to start an interview with flattery. You're my number one. I mean I wanted you to win. I'm so sad that you didn't how are you feeling. Oh honey thank you so much. Thank you to you and everybody out there Bowie. I am feeling like I just lost the pageant. It is big I like bell here. We go I got the boot in the uh-huh now I gotta go to Wendy's get an application honey. How how long have you been back? When did win in was filming over in the fall you know not to give away a lot of the TV magic than yes? The filming wrapped up late last year. And then it with our massive biggest secret couldn't tell anybody so you must know that I was bursting. Honey bursting at the seems to lead a world l. but I couldn't and I've I've been home for a good while now. Okay I found it hard to explain what the show is even about to people because it. So it's kind of complicated. And and so since you've been on it and you were an actual contestant top-five how do you explain the show to people who haven't heard of it like. How do you do it quickly in a way that makes sense? Oh honey this is a great question. I call out my fault and I pull up that wikipedia article on the way I said hold on the second and then I read the wake of Israel because it is a little difficult to explain out birth. Now that it's out of the world everybody gets it. They're like everybody wants to be on season a two. They're already asking me way way. Way Damn when you first heard about it and you were cast passed on it was your strategy always to be yourself or was being someone else ever an idea for you. I always tell I I always tell the girls this. I have a really bad memory so acid other how there is no way. I'll rolling when you're all the way from Dallas. It's gotta be some other Queen. I'm going to be me. Asking do amazes ninety three even though I was born in eighty eight Dante. Aw I said I'm going to do me. And I explained to the people why I said you'd know what ever since I was a child. I have always been very very blessed to to have the ability to connect with people and I say that with humility and kindness. It's true since I was in elementary. I remember Dude Real Cochran. Elementary School is surface grade. I want France of the Prom. Strength of the promise is elementary school. Now get this when I got to to middle school things became even weirder. I will never forget one day when I walked my middle school. I was ambushed by a bunch of girls and they wanted to take photos is with me and I said what is going on. After I left Middle School when I went into hiding wall. I remember the very first day these girls were like your. Name's Chris Ryan Right now that it's nice to meet you that I heard of you. I don't know what God is up to up in the Heavens but I'm very appreciative. I just naturally have this love for people to me. I'M GONNA use that gift. God gave me unless see how far I guess and you got close. I think that is sort interesting. Because all of the top four were the people who were themselves and it sort of seems like the winning strategy or at least part of the winning strategy is to be yourself is that is that sort of what you took away from it. I would tell anybody who wants to do season shoes. Like maybe just be yourself already live in a world where everybody's putting on shows raids. Bye Baby give yourself a chance you know. Let the Lord Shine through. Let's see what I can do for you. You know you win so hard to be a catfish happiest because I just can't keep up you see on the show. I had a big old notebook. I saw your notebook. I wanted to ask about that. You were always you. Occasionally other people would be writing a notebooks notebooks. But if you were doing it the most what kinds of notes were you taking throughout the show like what was your strategy when it came to recording things and keeping things straight keeping track everything was taken down details like age where the Whether they like to do you know little tidbits on their on their personalities. Just in case I was GONNA start clocking ricky character. That's an announced to the public. A lot of the other parts of the notebook were survival. The Bible verses and I would spend a lot of time meditating. Meditating and meditating and that's how we keep me keep my spirit grounded eat my spirit. Zen xenon focused because it was very long long hours long days and A lot of personalities you know and so there's cameras on you twenty four seven all all all that kind of leads me to my next question. which is that it seems like it must have been? I read an interview with Joey where he was talking about. How the lights were bright? And that's why he wore sunglasses so often indoors and it was kind of hard to keep track of what what time it was and what day it was but you never seem to show that sort of stress. Do you think it was that that meditating and your your your relationship ship God that helped you stay focused and stay so seemingly clear throughout the whole thing. I absolutely absolutely league. I'll a hundred percent and you know a lot of people a lot of people Get stressed under pressure or they feel that it is Dan Damn that has to do everything in the world and with my spiritual practices I've learned and I'm learning to release the eye to release the me. F Ed to focus more on on he you when you read the Bible when you really start to digested. It's really telling you it's not what Chris is GonNa do. It's what God is GonNa do blue. You realize that we're just a bunch of people being used by God if you let them. That's what they say. Surrender your life to God. So that's how I remained calm because ours. You know in that zone. It's not me. It's God indisputable Bible Worth says. The battle is not yours but it's the more and so it really helps to take the pressure off yourself and look. The Lord kept me calm collected. Gather in it. I mean it's a true testament to the power or how good God is and it could just let you focus on playing the game and having fun in that house. Yeah Okay the office fun fact grow was there. If I've got the dyson fans it everybody wrong. It will do. They have air conditioning. Or was it just fans chance because it every once in a while you could see leaves were blowing and hair was blowing and it looked like fans were on all the time it was blowing it it was it was a little warm. You know. There's a lot of lights in in so that can get a little warm but be the girl that I am I am. I think you know what I ain't complaining. I'm just going to keep it moving so I am a little man with me. What if you had to if you could do the game all over again and same cast? Would you do anything differently or would you have done everything the same I think I probably would have. I would just be me. You might think strategy but I would speak a little bit faster and I noticed in the game when I'm watching it over. I'm like circle. Can you please in. It's like Chris if you don't stop Baptist start talking now. What I didn't know how to play? That's another thing I wanted to tell the honest way. I wanted to the circle completely blind when I arrive and even know how to turn the TV on. I don't know if it was such or you got a poke it somewhere so I know how to do any of this. Did they sort of do that to everyone. Everyone everyone just was sent in there without really any you learn as you go sent him with no rules. Learn as you go just see what happens. I don't know I I don't know about that because some of the other players. I'm not sure if they had tuned in to watch the UK version or Nile. I'm back kind of I'm back. Honda Queen I WANNA just go in there and let the Lord blow Through and let's have fun in. Let's keep it real you know if I would have watched the UK version. I probably would have already been. I know what's coming up. I kind of enjoy not knowing because because everything's more it seems a little more fun to go in there and have it all be surprising. Yeah I mean you know you don't want to know what's going on in Willy Wonka land. Yeah exactly what is your favorite memory from from the whole circle experience. ooh My favorite memory I would have to say is when I first got to meet some of the players face to face at the dinner all honey. I was so excited to meet them. You know we had been in our apartments they were reclaim the game. You're playing the game and alert on say you get to meet the players face to face asset all mocked. God means just so so real. You Know Me Opera Dallas than we do things real big. I've been hearing me less than now purple glittering blazer any. I'm GONNA pull Alyssa Edwards makeup on sossio Beverly Hills and I'm going to beat this space to for all capacity what they call me. Your Dallas bid you are casket asking. How long was the dinner because on the show? It's it's you can't get a sense of how long you actually in there. But how long was that experience with them. It was a it was a nice good. I would say we're in there for maybe a good hour. Wow it it felt like a good hour and a Oh my goodness. The conversation station was so good. I wish they could have kept it all in there. A We talked about everything we talked about life in in in our experience in the game. I mean when I walked in I remember I saw standings shoe bomb and all the all the redial was just so happy that these house were real. You'll see that clip. I turn over and throw my hands up and I'm looking at seabird. I'm like who's this on the on the owls Rebecca producer or somebody are the production there just Kiki with the girl and then there's a win. It's revealed its Rebecca beccause like. Is there anyone you thought was a catfish. You wasn't is there eighty-one thought with a catfish. Who was not? Yeah I think in the the beginning As the game starts I was more in the in the head space of like they all could be catfish is don't trust anybody or or if they're real just have fun with it. That's why when I met Mercedes I went with the energy with that was more like I don't care if she's real or not I in love with whoever I was speaking to and so I was in that space like A. They could all be campus rail. You know whatever it is okay. Keep going Chris doing it. And so when Mercedes Watson Oh my gosh honey the crack up all time. Everybody's face just got cracks honey. I think that's my favorite part of the whole of the whole season when Karen with her real name is Karen Right. That was her name. Karen shows back. Yeah when Karen shows up. I think that was my favorite moment. Can you talk more about what happened. Then and what you were feeling okay. So when when someone gets living on the circle they could go to anybody's apartment though we're all waiting there with anticipation is going to be. I don't know honey the door not girl. I've got so big. I said out or telling me Chris get the hell out of here. It's so She walks in and I was just. I was so Assad I was so shocked because I thought it was going to be more sadie out like who is this lady in. I raced her. Because says that's GonNa be okay you were catfish mislaying you were just tap is booth. It gave her the biggest hod. I was so happy we went and sat on that couch. I swear out ahead of big ASS bottle Busted that outfit sat there on iphone are at all the way back. Have you stayed in touch with her. Oh Yes we talk. Every day that queen she wants to come down to Dallas to kick in hang out I data lot of a lot of her fans will be here when a meet her and so God willing. She'll come down and we'll just have a good old catch up good. Oh southern cats a bit. We talked so many things we actually bonded over a really famous Internet personality needs. He has Madison. I don't know who. TSA says she's huge on the Internet and I said I cannot believe you know Madison as I said that is a homegirl. Minor this world and so I said look how small the world is your eye with Al.. We know somebody a mutual person. I thought man look at God. That's great where does she live. Now I believe she lives in New York Org. Okay Oh yeah that's right. She's yes right. That's that's that's what her intro was about. Is there anyone else is she. The person you've remained closest with since the show. Oh I talked to everybody. That's great yes. We have a private group chat on instagram. And we chat every day. Joey called me the other day. I keep in touch a lot with Sammy girls airbag. That's good to know it's like I think shows are more. I think reality shows like this competition shows are are like this or more or fun to watch when people aren't being mean all the time when you know that everyone is truly friends at the end of it because we all like when people fight like we like watching fights on television vision but I think at the end of the day. It's a little more satisfying when people our friends at the end. Almost definitely and I think that's a really drawing people to the circle right now. Is that a- In these times we're living in. There's just so much injustice in evil running rampant everywhere. People need a little dose of kindness and so when I went into the circle. I didn't know that that's how this was going to play out. I was ready for anything. I was ready for a bottle to be thrown at my head. You know when it came down to this now we we see the radiated so much love and using love. I can't help but just thank God that me putting my foot in the door with the circle like this it. It was a door full of love and I was like this is so amazing. I'm glad that the world is loving that love because we need some of that right now. We need a lot of that right now that the show is very popular and everyone who watches knows who you are. How has your life changed since you've been a figure that people are obsessed with now people? Oh Love Chris. People love everyone on the circle. But how has your life changed from people being obsessed with you. Well I I would say to all the listeners. Thank you so much. Thank the offer believing in me or were supporting my journey. I read all your messages. I try to get back to as much as many of you as I can't It has has been very while very surreal. And I don't think anybody can prepare you for something like this. You know when I when I got home from the circle only had like or thousand maybe six hundred followers four thousand seven hundred and right now I look at my phone in whereabouts. Hit seventy thousand from all parts of the world is just absolutely insanity. I I'd never knew what this felt like. I never knew what posting a photo and then and you see thirty thousand twenty thousand likes six hundred comments whatever bill. It's insane insane. What do you want to do with your newfound instagram fame? Oh my God I always think everything's about you know the Kingdom of God on Earth so I definitely want to start my own brand of hot sauce. Aw Baby I'm going to conquer the world you know I might alternate dream in life is to be able to provide for my family to you. Make sure that they have everything they need including hell bit. A huge dream is to have my own hot sauce brand my own makeup line because I started as a makeup order. And you were talking about your parents. It seemed like I noticed that you had a a photo of your parents on your dresser during the show and it was so nice when you got to talk to your mom at the end when she sent that message. What did your parents think of the of the show were they? Did they like it. Okay stopping my mom. My mom offer is just on cloud nine. She watched the circle over and over and over every day. She loves watching the interview. Par djilas watching Toxins she starts crying and crying on the cast every. Hi It's because she knows she knows why Over there I was over. There really hoping to win really hoping comeback because with a hundred thousand. I know that's not a lot of money in today's world but it for us people who live live your life. Yeah Yeah we change our lives you know. I was really hoping to win but I didn't so now just you know living on a prayer. Ah Well it's good to know that your parents seem so supportive of you and your time on the show. I think that that's a really nice thing to see on a on a show like this other very very supportive of my dad. My Dad's very old school. He's from a SAMBA. Medical Gonzaga Mitzi mango. And he's also he because from a little town. Population may thousand people with donkeys pigs chickens. Adobe houses straight up Mexico Mexican people out there Yano went outside of so. My Dad watches the show at. He's just like see me whole philanthropy and all that it so but he doesn't really understand understand the enormity of or or what is. He's just happy that are on there but it's funny. It's funny watching him. Watch it because he's just like nodding his head like this crazy ass kid 'cause all my life I've always told him of the things I wanted to do. And and what I've done and now he sees a Netflix. This crazy ass kid up on this. TV with all that makeup while he loves it. He thinks it's so funny. That's great talking to the TV. How long long did it take to get used to speaking your message out loud girl? I can talk to myself now as I sit in front of a mirror do monologues and all kinds of weird the crap. Do you still find yourself speaking out. Whenever you want to send a text back to normality? I guess I we can move on to the other things so what. This is a Netflix. PODCAST gotTA talk about Netflix. What else have you been watching that? You've been obsessed with lately. Oh I watched the two popes the other day you know me as it was such a great movie you know we we. We have to know that people evolve things are changing the The Times change. And it's introducing God to this new time ran and God will fit in every time period but you know it's about introducing introducing a in a way in. Has that that magic. He has that ability to speak about God to the twenty first century. And I love this new in the two. Popes it's good. It's good also having recommended dancing queen for All the audience out there dancing queen. It's never is original starring the iconic be one and only she is world based Michael Jewelry from another booty. Miss a list Edwards have not lied. Dancing Queen leave. Go in especially if you're a massive fan of the drag race elicit Elizabeth Edwards is my neighbor. We've been friends for more than ten years. She is the GRONDAHL diva of Dallas. The head of the House of Edwards it might vary drag mother. The I've never done drag people right now. What are they gonNA drag weight on my head? You can call me dragway a woman a man you can call call. And it follows Eliza Edwards awards is life as a dance school teacher. A mentor in a world A If you love all that you're in for the riot of your life. She is hilarious. I thank thank you know on the eighth day. The Lord made Eliza Edward Great Up. It feels like a sappy way to end our conversation but I mean at what will you take from your time in the circle. Now that people all over the world are obsessed with you like on a personal level. Do you think it's changed your life in any way or you the same Chrissy. I see where when you walked in. I think what my time on the circle has done for me. It has affirmed that I am on the right track. I WanNa tell the the listeners that in my journey through life there was a time where I was bullied really horribly nice school grown adults in people. They didn't understand me on the world. They would say really mean things about me on my back that I'll fake it in just horrible things about me and I think me being me on the show as really affirm to me that God truly working through me really threw me around me at his present present in a time of need. I don't want to get emotional but it feels really really good that the people around the world see me for me see. See the real me the me that I've always been ever since I bow God when I was fourteen. I've been walking him in. I've learned not to take those mean comments personally because in the Bible says it's not that they don't like they don't like me and I might amen to that God is so good. I'm so thankful for everything he's doing for me. I pray that I'm GONNA be able to help my family and I wanNA say thank you to all the beautiful fans out there who support the circle support all cast in supporting majority. And I'm very the very thankful to you. All thank you to you and you know what we're on the subject of Netflix. I just WANNA say quick. Shot out in a big. Thank you to Jonathan up in band. NAST from Queer Eye I just WanNa say thank you for being so fearless or being so you it gives people like me strengh link to continue on in a world like this show is going to give other people strength to do but thank you so much for talking to me. I'll thank you so much for having me. I remember everybody has tax. Spread love like butter by by uh-huh.

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