Episode 101: Conor vs Khabib RECAP & UFC 229 Chaos


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We'll go with a baby Fu-kang over the place. With. Starting. Survive on this makeup on race against. Well, Hello. There my find people. How are you guys doing? Welcome to below the belt. It is a juicy ass Monday morning almost nine AM on October eight. It is the Monday after the whole UFC two twenty nine chaos. And here we are here we are. I just noticed I'm I was Lisa my shoes and I missed the friggin all that's going to drive me nuts for the rest of the show because I have problems OCD certain things. And if something's off like think about what will you do this. What's up guys, God, where do we start. Thought long hard about this. One got is anyone else almost an trance like in a days after the two twenty nine chaos. I. Found myself. Down a found myself down, like I was like, I was frigging. Like as that burning men doing tons of ecstasy and after the fun, I feel like all my endorphins are just down. I am down man. And I couldn't figure out why you know I, it's a number of things I want to get right into this. I, it's a number of things that go with this and and a lot of times, you know, I've never been shy or I've never been kind of. I've never taken a back seat when someone goes, oh, you're contradict writer, your Connor Fant, correct. I'm a Connor phantom huge Conor McGregor fan. I'm also could be fan as do I do I follow Khabib or do I breakdown could be as much as I do Connor? No. And there there's certain reasons for that from entertainment aspect from a personal aspect, I don't know, could be like an O'Connor, but I respect both men and when it comes to con God, why? Why do I feel most like? Why did I feel this way? It's a number of things. Number one, why do I root so hard for Connor? Why do people cheer and and frigging support Connor through thick and thin when he's. Done all these crazy things. And I think one of the reasons why is because Connor for a while represented something bigger than just a fighter who put on four ounce gloves and would enter that outgun like thousands and thousands of other fighters have Connor represents something almost bigger than the sport itself. Connor represented a Irish unicorn that was almost an out of body experience, and we were going on this journey with him from his build up from the very start. He had all this hype coming in to the USC and we watch them progress in Merck guys. And for Connor we, we always want to think of a higher being right every wants to think, oh, he has something special. He's made up with something different, and that's why a lot of people off see the entire nation of Ireland awfully the entire Irish American fan base and everyone in general. That's right. Crossover and pop culture to be the biggest star newsy history. 'cause there was almost a magic about. Calmer. Gregor comic Gregor would call his shots and it came to fruition, Babe, Ruth. You never point in hit a home run to win the game that never happened. That's local. George, Washington never cut down the apple tree. That's not real Matt Barnes. Never through that basketball and Kobe's face. If you look at the camera and go, that never happened. So all these mythical things at Bill, these legends, that's all that's not real. What color did was real. He predicted his shot. He called his shot. He did all that stuff and we witnessed it and it was. It was almost like there was a higher being in place, and we went on this journey and and we would and we would root for that. And we thought there's something special about that, and there was this magic around it and we all just went on this journey was it was bigger than the bigger than two guys find each other. And we loved that a lot of people love that people hate it, more people love that because it was something bigger. We're witnessing history. We're witnessing something that was bigger than just mankind. And I, I really, truly believe that and. For a long time we would, you know that being said in, we're on this journey, everyone's on this journey. When I think about why I'm sad. And while this kind of you have see two, twenty nine all the chaos afterwards, why there's so much negative towards it and why this all happen. I'm getting there because. When when Connor did all this stuff, we kind of forgave it. But also if you look at the Irish media today, the Ireland media outlets and the way they're shitting on comic Gregory, you should be ashamed of yourself. You should be completely ashamed of yourself. If you look at those headlines, think may fighting posted it. Some the, the headlines in the Irish, biggest media outlets the news outlets and just the way they're portraying Connor. And here he goes, this shit had again, and you know the the has been hit back like the the, the way that you guys are just shitting on a guy when he's down right now is on believable, you're the fucking worst, man. You're the worst because you weren't saying that when he is winning and bringing notoriety to the to Ireland and putting the flag on his back and stuff like that. Yeah, some his antics guys upset about it, but you look at the stuff that they're doing. It's just it's ridiculous, man. It's ridiculous. But back to the fight. So you know, when when I looked at all this stuff going down. In there's there's definitely a double standard in all of us. All of us should take some sort of. Responsibility for this happening every single one of you because. I don't agree with everything Connor does. I definitely don't him phone the Dalai through the window. I don't agree with that shit. I don't. I don't get down like that. I don't get down like that. All him hurting those innocent fighters from Ray board to chess awfully rose. Nominee Anez was terrified and all that stuff. And it kinda distracted from what was going on with Kabaeva. Tony Ferguson fight, though Tony was out all that whole. I don't get down with that. Him pushing the ref Mark Goddard I don't get down with that him jumping over the octagon. Gin Josie. Alice face, there's no, you know, there's no really altercation there besides him. Guinness phase, there's no punches thrown Hughes, never intended. Only punches that built the fight. That's fine. The trash talk before the fights. That's fine. And I don't really think you can't cross the line when there's a fight because the one thing we can't say about commerce, gutters win or lose. He's always a good sport after he's never been nasty. Even with the Nate Diaz fight that horrible, bad blood, all the shit. He's talked to Josie Aldo. After he knocked him out whatever thirteen seconds. He said nothing but good things about them. So the one thing comrade is not is a sore loser. There's always respect there and that's why I think he can get away with most of the antics that he's doing, not the Dalai stuff but most the antics. But at some point along the way we let the prisoners run the asylum. We let the prisoners takeover and started run this thing. The warden which was Dana white here who also I don't think is all to blame for this. And I know most of you think I'm just going to sit on Dan. I'm not you're wrong. Fearlessness to hear me should on the Dana, you're, you should probably listen another show. However, when you let the prisoners run the. Silom batches can happen man, but we're all to blame his all this eight. This up from calmer Gregor stone, the Dalai from calmer Gregor jumping in with Mark daughter'd from him jumping the cage with Josie Aldo from him, the throne, the the water bottles when they eight days doing that when there's no repercussions. And when those that's getting eyeballs and that's getting promoted. And the rest of the roster sees those antics and go. Well, apparently it's what we gotta do to sell tickets. Man. Apparently this, what we gotta do to sell fight kits, apparently, this will we gotta do to get bonuses because when you reward that behavior and there's no one to hold you accountable, including your boss in the UC brass and the network and FOX and ESPN everybody, everybody involved everyone all his main sponsors, his coaches for John, not to go, you gotta, chill. We can't have this. When there's no discipline, you're gonna push it like your toddler. My son will push me as far as Qingdao until I go what the fuck you doing. I'll tell them, but I'll, I will definitely let them know he's gonna push it to the Brinks until he goes, okay, I can't do that. That's that's where the lines at. Got it. Good to know. They don't go pass, but when there's no line and there's nothing you're telling me, yeah, in a cage fighters going to go crazy cage fighters. Gonna just keep on, and it was there was a boiling point us deaf. Boiling point here. And so all this is happening. All of a sudden he's getting rewarding. He's getting rewarded and no-one's really home accountable. And that's just kinda being Connor. We all let it slide include myself. Well, alright, it's not that bad. This Connor shown the fight, which he is which everything he's ever done, sold the fight, all this sold the fight. So what do you do put yourself in Dana white shoes. If he's doing all these antics doing stuff and they're the biggest pay per views ever like, I, I mean, we've never seen anything like this. We don't know this was going to go, Dana can and projected. This was going to happen the biggest night of the of see you had no idea. This was going to happen. No one thought he got could head he did get and competes that it just show it just showed afterwards. We have no idea when that was going to show most people didn't think that in his head, but he actually did. And that's we're going to get to that. What could be antics where so. At the end of the day, it's like we've rewarded this horrible behavior. Some of it was horrible. Some when it comes to trash talking, he's talking about Josie Aldo in the fa Velez, and people say, no, he's racist this race that, but all that sold man, all that Seoul at the end of the day after they fought whatever you said about Josie Otto, Chad, Mendez, Diego, Brandao, max Holloway, all all the stuff could be a den the day that sold the pay per view. Those sold all those fights. And that's the culture we live in this negativities for whatever reason. And I don't know when we got to this point shooting go back and look, but there's there's a tilt of where it came from the best fighters competing in the world, the very best, the best that mixed martial arts has often the best Orgainzation in the world at the highest level at some point that teetered over into entertainment, very WWE ish where the best weren't find the best anymore. It was the most famous fighting the most famous is the best fighting the most famous. It was the most famous in a huge contract. It was guy who's never been the UFC before because it's WWE Fong. We gave them a same shot in the same marketing, the same. Treatment even better than most world class fighters somewhere along the lines. This teeter sure. There's the Brock Leser stuff and we, we, we let him come over and fight. Even though he didn't take the drug test and beat the shit out of a journeyman in a in a pioneer in marquan we, we, we put up with that. We bought that pay per view. We put up with that and then he goes back in does his thing is entertainment. Dune is steroids then come back and we'll watch them fight dander Cormet and we'll pay for that gets all entertainment, right? It's all entertainment. It's all fun and games. But then in the day, this is mixed martial arts that the best martial arts in the world at the highest level, how in the world. Does could be fighting comic Gregor need any sort of bad blood to for to get your minded by pay per view. Why did we go down this route? Why? Why isn't good enough? The greatest striker. The most dynamic strike and you'll see history outside maybe answering silhouette, especially at one fifty, five and karma Gregor and at one forty, five and Conor McGregor fighting Khabib who's the best grappler of all time undefeated from Dagestan. How's that? Not enough. Why does the UC choose to replay the Dalai video? Is it the US's fault, our phone? It's the media's fault the public's fault. She guys eat that shit up the negativity up. No one's being held accountable. And then when when negative things happen when finally there's a threshold everyone's, oh my God. How could this happen. Would you think was going to happen. And I'm, I'm bummed about it. I'm bummed about it. And I think. What happened with Khabib and wants to throw it could be under the bus. I think you're, you're totally. There's a double standard here. You're totally looking still standard. 'cause has Connor done worse things? Absolutely. Throwing the Dalai through his way worse hurting fighters had nothing to do with the game, thrown a dollar broken glass, some of the missing their fights, not kidding. Fucking terrible. Jumping in when these corner fighter and Bela Tor with Mark daughter, that's terrible is nothing to do with the fight. Chalked up to sell in the fight debts, Connor. That's Connor. But the shit talk that he's doing before there's nothing Br, I don't. I don't think in cross the line, the family and friends, but it's that bad blood is selling fighters time after time have done this. What could be did jumping out of that ring and this, you know you when I pose, I went sad. I'm sad, feel bad for Dana. Connor. Do you have see most of all could be, you know, why feel bad for Khabib 'cause that is not could be that's not. That is not who could be biz could be worked his entire life for this one opportunity. He's asked for this fight for how long he's worked since he was four years old, come from Dagestan made a life for himself fighting in the trenches, having an arsenal of wrestling techniques to beat the very best in the world since he was a child, he doesn't care about your fame. He doesn't care about your money. He just wants to be the best of all time and represent Dagestan and for whatever reason. Dylan danas. Starts talking shit outside the ring and could be just one, the biggest fines life just beat the biggest star of in UFC history ended it pretty convincingly and the entire world was watching. And most people weren't familiar with Kabaeva unless you're hardcore and could be jumped over. And he looked like dasell and that's not could beat character that is not who could be biz and all that. We see that. And he flies off the top. And we wanna crucify could be. They were saying, no, they should strip them of his title. He shouldn't get his purse. He should be suspended for two years. Terrible moment. The reason why so down because the I'm I'm just as guilty. Everyone else celebrating this bullshit. Khabib literally one of the good guys men. One of the great guys of the sport lives with his parents, his wife and his kids. But after all of Conner's antics. If I'd skied from Dagestan I won't get too into this. They're both fighting something more than just. USC fame talking about Dagestan the Chechen. President who supports could be his manager. Ali, you look at the billionaire who's supporting to be from since day one you'll get who supports Connor. This is so much bigger. This is so much bigger than just these two fighting. You're talking about politics, Chechen politics. You're talking about dark dark, Shipman, dark dark shit that I don't want to get involved in. And I think also there's two separate things going on here when when you look inside that octagon, what happened after that Dylan Dana's talkin shit. So just so everyone's aware. Remember when meta world peace runner tests at the time, a fan threw a bear atom and he jumped in the stands and beat the shit on. They'd like not guys out. That's not what's going on here in the media, including ESPN FOX. Everyone is portraying that. That is not what's happening here could be jumped out of that art gun and went after a multi time world champion ju jitsu artists, and he was professional fighter and Bela Tor he's kinda mcgregor's jitsu coach. He's not jumping in from rent some random fan who's heckling him. That's not the case here who he went after was not an innocent bystander who he went after condemn. We carry himself to the fullest. And we've seen that tape Dylan, Dana's pilot more shots. Income McGregor did not show throwing shade Dylan. Dallas went on. Off. It's not some innocent bystander if you like that. But I, I look at this as two separate things if there's actually a chain-reaction because you seek a Bieb and Dylan Dana's right? Could beat those the mouthpiece, very, unlike him. Jumps over attacks him will then that sparks discharging reaction. Then you get a gets beats, brother, cousin jumps on the ring. Connor goes after him, right? We see Connor hit him. Then we see another gentleman in black, jumped cross cage and they see guy in red, jumped cross gates. The guy in black goes to Connor and people's shown that going go, Connor hit him. I, I don't think so. I think that guy hit Connor con reacted slack, Tim, then that douchebag in the red cold talk tonner. But there's a chain-reaction here that the initial fire started with Khabib jumping over which made it. Okay. So you get this weird chain-reaction of horrible events, mentor world's watching. But what could be did at the end of the day, not that terrible bad for the sport. Absolutely. Have we seen worse? Absolutely. Everyone crying should be stripped of tiled. You're out, you're God damn mind. What the fuck you talking about. No one's innocent Khabib star, this Connors through punches my even hit the gentleman first jumping on the cage. I think those can be cousins socked in that intern. Again, it's just as butterfly effect that in turn have could be seem jump in homeboy and black pushes. Connor Connor socks him the tool in fuck in Red Sox in. One of those g again, none of these guys are innocent bystanders. These are not random, average Joes nine to five. Just got off work jumping into the cage. These are part of Kabibi team. One guy was a UFC fighter. Another guy was his all for Sombo experts. There's a lot of tough guys, Jim in this ring. These are innocent people. Now you'll see fighter who did sock him. He's fucked immune. You're never ever fighting. UC again, I'm sure he's cut three of the gentlemen, got arrested. Something else you got taken sedation depend on what Nevada commission does, and that's a whole nother can of worms will get into, but. Depend on what Nevada commission does your talk about? You're talking about visas. These guys aren't remarking citizens. So let's get even bigger. If comma Gregor did all this, if he won and did all this, I would not be worried about MacGregor's visa since its Khabib and we have a double standard little word. I think it'd be all right though. That gentleman who's that guy. His name's Zubeir right by our to go Goff. He's supposed to fight Conor teammate. Yeah. At the end of the month Artem Lobov. And then this is the Bara brags that he slapped Connor. Yeah. He said he was going to do it, and then he bragging posted later that he did it. Oh, so this is preplanned preplanned. So he's in serious trouble, I'm sure. So no matter what that was preplanned I think most of so I don't think it'd be was preplanned all those conspiracy theories go. The UFC wants Connor could be to do this. They want. That's I'm telling you, you guys are show off on this that is not in, could be character in any form or fashion to partake in this. And you can see in the post interview. He goes, my dad's gonna fucking kill me, man. He doesn't say, fuck, and that's, that's the way I would talk if I was saying what you're saying. But he goes on my dad's gonna crush me. Now you home. My father is gonna crush me 'cause they represent respect, honor, hard work. Yes. So obviously a lot of preplanned. I just. Ooh. So now what. So now what do we do now? What do we do? Aftermath of the chaos. Absolutely aftermath to the cast. What do you do? Well, there's gonna be a short suspension. I'll think could be it's going to be in that much trouble. I think he'll get a short suspension jumping in that fight hoping not too long. Give him his purse. They're going to get paid a huge pay per view for both the both making Bank of this. So now now what happens now? What do you do. I'll see Josh Thompson. The AK team captains thinks could be would win this one in retire. So there's that floating around. There's that. Then there's the rematch. But the rematch can only happen. If Connor does a fight, anyone else Connor can't lose again. So if you if you le- Khanna's career in the biggest fights that he's been in that suit biggest right. They d- is to well, his biggest would be Floyd Mayweather he lost. Ninety s to he lost an out, could be lost. So. His his body of work, although outstanding, you can't. You only get a certain amount of losses before people start tuning out. Right? And I don't think we're there yet with him, and I'm going to get critiquing the actual fight between him and Khabib after all the shenanigans, she I get this off my chest. I've been bottled up for fucking two days. I'm going crazy, man. I apologize from all over the place. So let's say they give could be a suspension. The rematch would only make sense with the bad blood, even though the fight, the fight was that close. But I also didn't think it was a landslide I think could be back to absolutely dominated him. So you could juice that Dagestan Irish. Potato for more juice after the biggest pay per view is the rematch bigger? Yup. Why is it bigger because of this? Because the chaos. So now it's even bigger. Why is it because the general public gravitates towards this drama, just the same real. The reason why people watch real housewives, Orange County. The same reason why you your show interested in Tom Brady and Bill check hating each other. The same reason why. You're into Antonio Brown and rothlisburger not be on the same page. You want the drama when everything's good and well, well, machine, everyone's like each other. We don't like that for whatever reason that doesn't sell what well cell is Kip flying over like a God damn Russian eagle. Tonight, late Connors teammate counter having bad blood with entire team. Now, this doesn't stop here. So. What do you do if you're Dana? The one thing I was impressed with his Dana. I think he has. A really good radar at reading the room as comics that say his really good way of reading, dig the temperature of the room, and he knew not that he didn't want to, but he knew by putting the belt on Khabib that that would ensue a complete riot inside that arena. So listen, dude, he can hear him on the paper. He goes, I can't put the belt on these people are gonna go crazy and could be goes, well, I'm ready for that. Let's do it. And Dana goes, I'm sure you are. You're from Dagestan. And since you were four, you've dealt with pretty harsh conditions. The rest of the people in here aren't ready for that. Those these are people paid for their tickets, paid a lot of money for the biggest event ever and we're not expecting this so we can't jeopardize them. I'm sure you're good. We'll give you the belt in the back to be to be that aware in that conscious of what exactly is going on in surroundings, that's a gift. Most guys just like, yeah, of course, give the belt in there, but then there's gonna, sue chaos, complete cath. That does the right call at the time, complete right call. So what do you do next again, I think you you, you probably do the Connor Khabib rematch kit. Do anything else after this hype after this after this melee after you've see two twenty nine, you can't risk Connor fighting. Nate Diaz in the trilogy in case you would lose. And it's fresh. It's just there. It's fresh depend on the suspension depend on it could be suspension. So I think you do the rematch. You do Connor Nate Diaz at once. Sixty five for the belt for the trilogy. That could be a good move decks. Outside that I don't. I don't see much Elsie can do. I don't see what else can do because if you do Connor Nate for the trilogy and eight beats him, you don't get Connor, could be the rematch ever which should be the biggest fight of all time. So there's that risk. View Connor Nate at once. If you five for the world title you do beavers, Tony Ferguson. But, but I think people painting Khabib as this villain or in a negative light is you're just off man, you're just off. He doesn't deserve. That doesn't deserve that at all needed this. Connor at the end of the day time out to world class mixed martial artists to good guys. What would you do if you're thirty years old. Hundred million dollars in the Bank and no one telling you not to do things. I probably have a fucking girl on my chest with a crowd on it to go all the way up my neck. Atif would be full of diamonds. What would you guys do. No one telling you? Nope, don't do that note doing. Don't do this. Matter of fact, they're going, hey, can do more world tours force. Can you do more crazy stuff to sell this fight for us than this is the tipping point? And I know some people go daynuss pay saying like, he's the sad dad, or, you know, he's, he's depressed about this or he wishes never happen. I believe that I think in the in the moment when it happens the Dalai when he goes this, the worst thing that happened UCS dri at when at the time the Dalai he was right, and I truly believe that's really, I don't think he's acting there when he says, you know, this is this is bad. This isn't good. You know both guys and get fine. The commission do this. This isn't good at all, and he he sat about, I truly think he sat about it. Will they use this to market the rematch? Yes. What would you do though? Put yourself this? I tried to put myself in the shoes. What would I do? Shit, man. This is what selling. This, what zone? Now, the other thing to think about is some people could view this depending how this future unfold. Some people could view this as a good thing for the USC that Conor McGregor lost this fight, meaning the era of the entertainment and the flashing the shit talking that that model of business is going to leave when Tom McGregor spotlight leave. So there's there's room be said that. As good as it is as big as the sport up his greatest mcgregor's for the sport of mixed martial arts and the new fans eyeballs that he's brought that that type. Of entertainment is not what the UFC can support in the long run. What he can't support is the best of the best. And that would be could be. Like you said, it was out of character from jump out of the cage. Do the flying, you'll think against Dylan downs. All right. I got that. But moving forward now the UFC there's no one else like Conor McGregor. There's no one else. So if your business models all folks on just the antics of comic Gregor and the wildness of this brilliant mad Irish madman, the rest of the guys are you can see guys like out of character, trying to come up with things to get the spotlight and get interviews and get sponsors, and they're trying, but it's not in their nature, but you're putting all your eggs in this basket. But more guys are going to be like Khabib softspoken, train their ass off respect mis mixed martial artists to the full extent. They just wanna fight. They wanna deal with any entertainment aspect. They don't, but the the as of recent, they forced UC fighters. You kind of come out of character and play these weird kind of personalities and force themselves and and get out there and try try to compete what Connor is doing. But. It's not working. It's not working. So people who say, well, hopefully they learned from this. They start moving towards the martial artist acts, but aspect of start folks more on that. But again, what would you do if you were Dana white in the US breath. You're gonna milk it for what it's worth men right or wrong. You're gonna. That's what selling. Trust me if quiet Dagestani of fighters sold millions of paper views. There would be way more of that. There'd be way more of that. You're gonna. It's a business, then the dates, the bottom line, what affects the bottom line. So what are you guys are gonna get? It's probably a rematch depending on the suspension. And there Welby be highly, highly touted. Replays edits of the melee that happened at UC to twenty nine and that is what you have created. I have created and the rest of the world has created because that's what you've asked for. Don't you be upset? No one's to blame. This is what happens. This is what happens. Definitely a double standard though. He has. No, I'm I'm literally the the biggest congregate fan. I root for that guy. I think one of the reasons bummed out the way he performed. I thought it was a good fight. The first round could could be took them down. I thought com McGregor showed especially in the open in the middle that octagon showed great takedown defense, especially if a guy could beats caliber with his low single, his hips were good. The way he was transitioning. You know, it wasn't easy for me, but he did land the takedown when he did Conrad good control in that first round control them didn't eat any shots really didn't take any damage dilutes around. Absolutely. But when you're find Khabib, you're expect you're going to expect to lose a few rounds. If you if you go back to Chad Mendes fight, he expected to get takedown hopefully where him out of the fight went on. So they would start in the feet and you start to have his way with them second round. Same thing, you know, he gets them down when he does that leg lock and candidate Vance. I think we need to give more credit to Connor because we've seen could be when it gets that leg lock when he when he triangles your legs. When he when he does that to the gentleman's legs and he's, he's, he's almost like a low. Oh, low, really low on the legs. Most guys are completely fucked and panic, and that's when he goes to work in the transitions and all that that first round, there's none of that the sacred and especially when you really know that even when he dropped Connor, I don't put too much weight into that. I thought it was a matter of more of the element of surprise counter was so worried about that take down and could be was ever take advantage of that. It was solid shot. I don't think you can clown tonner for for having a glass jaw. I don't think inclined Kabibi move from class job. All those questions were answered. I thought it was a Connor by surprise. There's a slip and a knockback. There's there's both they're happening. Could be striking is better than I think most people thought his body work was. Great. Is it still a world class level striking? No, but but his wrestling is in grappling is such a concern of everyone. They fights. It opens up other aspects for him, and that's what happened here. So when he dropped them off, so you on the first second round third round, I think it's too easy when people go could be just took the round off give to Connor. No could be was had to work. CONNER didn't give him anything for free. So when he is grappling him when he was when he would take him down, none of that came easy to him. None of it ever came easy that requires a lot of work and we know that could be wor's emotional. He came into this very emotional, so that takes the toll on your cardio system. So in that third round be we'll, we'll be just took the round up. No, he was tired. You could actually see he was I the drilling dump or his the lactic acid his muscles, and he didn't feel like he could do the same game plan that third round. So we see Connor start to have some success land. He definitely one that third round than the fourth round could be fines, whatever he was looking for as far as resting cardio between the rounds and goes out there and. And gets it done, but you know, you had a bit of a fight on your hands. I wish it would've went longer that fourth round to to really see how this thing panned out, but you know, it could be did a did a great job then. Absolutely great job hats off to could be. Am I am. I crazy here. Gin and you guys know this man. I support Connor to the fullest. I love to be by absolutely support Conard to the fullest when he's done for the sport, what he's done for just everyone in general. And as far as businessmen. And I think it's remarkable you guys know. I always support him. It didn't look like the same Conor McGregor. I, I didn't see the possess. I didn't see the, the lightness the, I thought he was very flat-footed, just kind of walking forward. I, I don't know. I know it's corner goes, hey, man, I did you notice the corner goes, you gotta be in and out. Just don't walk them down. This isn't. You can't just bully him and walk them down. I didn't see him. Listen to this corner. I didn't. Yeah, was definitely different the before I remember he would just be like magical. Yeah, like it didn't seem that magical this time. Why do you think though, but. For a two year layoff. He looked. He looked good for two year layoff. Yeah, but I didn't see the. You know, my my prediction before the fight. I thought. Connors movement was going to make this more challenging for Khabib if he was in and out and switching, and he has a wide stance, but he, you know, but he's he's very flat foot in just walked forward. A lot of the time he was winning when he could get could be on his back foot. But he only did that in kind of spurts in and out. When could be boot. Finally, start to walk forward can be bait, some great shots. Maybe we can talk to your layoff. If you're Connor Haider. You can say, he's just not very good, which isn't true, but you'd say, oh, here's one hundred million dollars in the Bank. It's tough to get a bed and train like you did when you're on the come up. If you go back and watch the fights against Matt's hallway, if you watch the fight of Chad men as even Josie Aldo. There's a, there's a difference in Connor's demeanor there. Maybe I'm off. It looked different man with glow different before it was confident calculated. Now's like sort of confident, but not as calculated. Yeah. I didn't feel like that the I thought he was successful with this front kick. I thought that was landing almost as a jab, especially when he kept going to the body with it. I thought that was good. He lent some good body shots, but it was just loading up on the left. It was just like it was just the low and just kind of just waiting waiting very telegraphed and you know, could be could see it and I think could be it. The game plan was to take him down worm out in those first two rounds. He's so dangerous. And then it's going to help you kind of see the shots better, but you even even from then, you know, he was just very loaded up very heavy on the left just that left. There's no variation besides the front kick. I thought he was flat footed. It's hard to watch. Man. It's hard to watch if you're if you're a Connor may. Maybe that's why I was down. Not that wasn't happy for by was just disappointed what happened for could be. But yeah, I thought could be fantastic. Fantastic, absolutely. Fantastic. Quick question for you then? Yes, you were a fighter and you're very, very competitive. Say you did come into a lot of money. I'm guessing you would quit if you had a hundred million dollars, but say you're competitive spirit was still there. You're you're super competitive. Would you be as hardcore on your disciplined training lot seriously. It's tough. Well that like if you were really millionaire. Yeah, I know. Well. Well, Shipman out a little bit of success on a podcast and I dipped down, but I. You think you're training would be different? Honestly. That's a good question, Jen because here's the problem. Here's his the difference, though. There's guys who. There's guys who do it for legacy in greatness and they're chasing something more than that Bank account. Yeah, that's when you get the greats the greats of the greats the Mohammed. ALI'S the Floyd Mayweather z- the GS peas that that's when you get those guys who if when they had two hundred dollars in the Bank, they're running fifty miles a week roadwork when that fifty million dollars in the Bank, they're still run those fifty miles a week waking up at five in the morning where nothing ever changes. And that's that's where the greatness comes in. So I don't know Conor camp that question. I have no idea. I'm sure he trained his ass off. He looked different in this fight. He looked different in this fight. I know John is head. Coach is on Cogan today. Cavanaugh is on Rogan today. I mean, interesting what he says. That's cool. It's always tough when you have this coaches on, because how, how real and honest are they. He seems pretty honest though even said Connor was slipping before for a while, like wasn't as into it as before. And then he got mad. It's tough. It's. It'd be up, what would you guys do like we we wanna criticize guy and stuff like that, and I've had a little bit of taste of of success in the seat, but nowhere nowhere remotely close to anyone on this main card in, you know, knives close to combat Gregor and that that there's no tougher job on this planet than when you're a contender in the ultimate fighting championship, and you have to train. And you're trying to climb the ranks, come a world champion. There's not a more rigorous schedule in professional sports. There's not a tougher scheduling professional sports. There's not tougher job for as little pay. So imagine that you're training three or four times a day you're driving around and go into these different. These different gyms. You gotta make wait. So you're not eating, you know, all the nutrients you need. He punched in the face in wrestle to the ground. Your body hurts. And then all of a sudden you get a hundred million dollars. Would you do some people go if it's your passion, you love it, do it? I don't. You know, obviously it's difference not physical, but there's people who. Own computer businesses in their worse. You know, five hundred million dollars like do just sell retire. Why would I love doing this? Why would I do that? I don't do it for money, or there's guys in the NFL at a close friend who's done a fell fucking hated plane. Professional football hated it. There's well documented guys who actually hate the fucking sport. There's a lot of money in it soon as if you went, hey, we'll give you ten million dollars stop. They would take that check quicker than you can imagine. I know one thing for sure out of looking all the names on this UC to join unite guard can be is a guy we're nothing would change. Definitely a family. So gave him that's five billion dollars or five hundred dollars. Nothing is going to change with beads preparation. I guess around New York, United seeming Lambert genie's. But again, there's nothing wrong with that for Connor do that. There's different personalities what you like. I might not like what I do with my money. You might do with your money. If I had your money, I might be doing things different. If you had my money, you might be buying all these fucking shoes, purple, Porsche, chin, that's not your style. Doesn't mean doesn't mean any of its wrong. Yeah. I get a though, that's for sure. I bet car. Yeah, I just thought a third, CONNER looked a little different. I thought could be look good. Where do you go from here though? Let me p real good. Go for this week's below. 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Are these guys amateurs or the these two are amateurs are to the pros coming next kept on, are they amateurs God? No, that's the number two heavyweight in the world for it's the number three or four guy in the world. He was a former world champion, dick loose with hardest punches in the world in the fight was awful before that, that knockout knock go straight vicious. Yeah, my heart goes out the Volkov because all you have to do is get on new bike, man, your ten minutes for ten seconds. All you had to do was get on your bike. If I'm as coaches, know, kicks, nothing matter of fact jumped to guard. You know what? Grun I, I would just fuck in run and you're gonna title shot. Do anything else in the world then fucking. Like kick with ten seconds left against the hardest puncher of all time in Derek Lewis, though, one chance he has to win and you thought inside like kick with ten seconds left. You had to fight one easily. You've been on this great win streak. You're most likely Tyler shot mix and then you don't with ten seconds left. You have thirty, fuck and fight. What the fuck are you doing Volkov what are you doing? But with ten seconds left that seal that deal. That was exciting that he ate that whole lush so good. So powerful. Oh God in the ground and pound vicious. Up to. I just jumping in the air. Oh my, oh my God. I can't believe. Jesus Christ bulk of. Post-fight speech was hilarious as ING, hilarious. I like going does it and you don't get a tall shops too that he made for that bullshit with this cardio line either. He's so honest, I love it. I, I love it too. That's why you'll love Derek Lewis. I, I love that, but again, that's Derek Lewis. That's not him thinking backstage in his coach k. if you win Macree do this. No, that's like that's dear. That's in his personality. That's not Selma fight. That's not trash talk. That's on entertainment that is Derek Lewis, the fighter, which we everyone that card will agree. That's the greatest speech after all the fights, right? The most entertaining love it. More of that more real news. That's great. Dominic is verse over in Saint Pru good fight. Donald gray is you got one light heavyweight. There's some young blood in there. He looked great. Maybe he looked a little tired at the NFC OSB's a late starter, but overall donc ratio to great variation of striking techniques and just overall movement. He he looked good. He looked damn good. Oh, speed started catch on late, but he looked good. He looked really good. Shout the mills, Michelle, Watson, fleece, haring, just proud of Michelle Waterson. I thought she represented sport. Great. A is a great kickoff main card. She looked good. I definitely had a winning that fight her front kicks look. Good. So shot to Michelle Waterson and the the combing event until you Tony Ferguson, Anthony, Pettus I've heard Tony. I looked a little different. I don't know if he's lost a ton of weight, but his face looked suck. He'll crazy. He looks like a crazy like a Linke kind of like like, monster character. He looks scariest. Fuck like this face was like sucked in in between the rows like what the finest haircut, he's just a different bird. He just hold here for it. Dude thirty. There's no one else like him. He's just a odd character. He just a different type of dude, amazing fighter, great cardio. You know, I thought Anthony Pettus. It was a fun fight anti Pettus rock them, those kind of interests. Tony, I get rocked bounce right back. I think they're still questions about Tony's knee. I think if Tony were to fight could be March Ford like that. The that knee could be an issue. I think it's a good thing if they were to do could be Tony nex could be were to get a suspension. So Tony gets more rest on that knee. It's coming back after six months, even Donald crew set on the broadcast that nine would be the least and he didn't have his own physical therapist. He did himself. So there's a lot of questions there. I, I'm not as highly. I'm not as high on Tony Frias performances. Everyone else. I like the mazing. I thought he did exactly the job you're supposed to do, but him taking those shots. His movement didn't look as good. Now. It looks good from comeback after six, fuck and months. He's a complete freak. But did did it look like the twenty first of old with his movement? No, but that's expected after six months. So I did enough to get the job done. He looked damn good, super ner, -taining fight anti Peres. I think it's a good thing is a blessing in disguise that is coach to go back out there. I thought Tony is just getting warmed up and was going to really start on leash. So it's good. He didn't answer the bell and had a broken hand. I thought that would've ended bed bad for Anthony, Pettus empty, pedestal meter. The play, the kind of jumping around that's anthropoid has that we love, but I, I don't think he was going to be Tony, Tony, like damn good, damn good. But there are some questions there with his niece still, even though he took kick stuff like that. There's still some questions there with his knee and not moving forward type of style. The wrestling I tell you what, though the one time when you know when could did lose at third round against Connor it most of the times because he was on his heel as owns backfoot, who could compete with Khabib cardio wise and give them to move backwards Tony Ferguson. So I always said there's a, there's a three kind of horse race, and it's all about matchups who who's a better matchup for everyone who's going to determine the best lightweight on the planet where still it's still not clear, could be beat Conor. Okay. So there's two guys left now. He's the best one. Fifty. Five in the world is Tony Khabib and stylistically Tony is a nightmare for Khabib. Kebbi was a nightmare for Connor. So those two would need to fight. So we could have a clear answer on who was the absolute best one fifty five around the planet. 'cause Tony's style. If he can get could be to fight off his back foot and not March forward. And he does have the Russ and credentials where it's not gonna be as easy to take Tony down is the other fighters that could be spot and is striking is very good, and he's very good off his back and his cardio's better than Khabib. 'cause because if let's say could be has was first two rounds where he has to Zude energy and stuff like that. And then it goes, no third rounding, Tony Ferguson, Tony's a tidal wave. Tony is a guy he gets better and better. That's why I think it's good anti pests. Didn't come out for that second round because that would have kept or through the third round that would kept going and going. And it gets worse unless you can match them cardio wise, it's going to get way worse for you an arsenal of tools from his legs to his elbows to his hands to his knees that he uses as the fight goes on. So it's a blessing in disguise for anti pedestal. Got stop. But you look at Tony Ferguson and what he brings to a fight. It is a stylistically tougher matchup. For Khabib anyone ever. He's his career. So that's that's where it's still up in there who's the best one fifty, five. I've told you guys this, it's a three man race Connors out. He lost in this tournament story meant. So now you have Tony or could be some should be said Connor. Tony is a better matchup Connor than could be, is that makes sense. So it's just it just depends on styles, but Tony Kabibi got one. There's a reason why we all want that now does that here we go back to their table aspect. What are you going to do next Khabib Tony are the two best one fifty five on the planet, the best to lightweights the division seen there's ever. Okay, that's fine. Is that the fight you make maintenance make next? It's not. It's not going to be the biggest pay per view. It's not getting the most eyeballs probably won't make you spins top ten. There's going to be the same hype around it, but are they the two most qualified and the the best complete best that you can make? Yes, that would be the fight you would do. But if you're if they're the bottom line, you're Dana white and you've see brass the next move would be could be Connor. That's because the again, you're, you're affecting the bottom line. Yank in Tony had this whole kind of. Lack of respect. He felt kind of shafted. I think that's the right mentality going to the fight, but also when you're injured, you're out, you know you are gonna feel like that we can't really market a guy he's hurt or anything like that. So firm feel shaft and take that into this fight. You know, I think it's helped them and they kind of moved them forward, but he was. He was raring to go for this fight. Man. I. I think it could be good for Tony could beat to fight, but I would love if they say that's the next fight and you give it another six, seven months and Tony's knee. He is one hundred percent so we get the absolute best of the best there. Did you see the John Malkovich trailer? See did yeah. Jesus Christ. You know great about that. There's no dollies. There's no jump into the crowds. There's no shit talking as far as the from the PR standpoint, it was simply stated the best, the best best promo they've ever done by far the best pro. Well, I'm still fan of the John Jones one that was amazing. I think the John John. I don't know. Maybe it's the magnitude, this fight. That promo got me though voice, here's voice automatically know. Like I've heard this so many times of movies. That's how I felt. Great promo. I'll still say the John's better. I get excited, but that was a fucking damn good promo. And the reason why loved it had nothing to do with the background or the negativity or the chaos. It was just the best for the best when that door closes. I thought that was frigging excellent move. My miss anything in this Connor, beep stuff, chin. There's some stuff in the current events, but touching on the could be even Tony thing I saw someone sent me a video could be doing an interview before the fight. Yeah, he says that he wants Ferguson next if he beats Connor. But he says he also thinks that pet is going to be Ferguson because there's a lot of people thought Pettus was gonna beat Ferguson. A lot of the experts lot of the OSCE, not on the odds makers thought I was gonna clear-cut win. I also thought Tony was was a clear cut winner. But then when you look at it and I think they're worried about the layoff also the coming back up six months. Yeah. Yeah. Almost right anti clock them, but. To determine the best fifty five on the planet and get Khabib style of Khabib has any say, I don't think he will even being champion. Tony Ferguson should be the next fight. Let me ask you this Jen. Let's say you, you've see brass. What do you do with Tony? If your game plan is the bottom dollar again, don't throw hate at me. I'm not the only crates this shit, but if you're playing the bottom dollar, you wanna make the most money possible you're gonna do could be Connor rematch biggest fight in UC his. And then after that, no matter what happens win or lose into Connor verse. Nate Diaz trilogy. We still do both right. Could do. Ferguson could be even the Connor Nate you, but you can only do that after could be Connor to, you can't do could be Tony. And if you do do Connor, Nate trilogy, if CONNER loses. They get some shit. They gotta figure out man. They really do. Yeah, that'd be a sweetheart of land. The same guard can't do did it. I'll be good Elliott. It'd be sick. Trying to think we're missing anything Birla. Oh, let me just show you this real quick. So you talked about him being stripped, right? Can rumor that he could be stripped. So Dana white saying that it's not necessarily UC though, do it, but he's saying that if they give them a really long suspension because apparently this is really bad and he's not Conor McGregor, so he might get a lengthy suspension. And if that's the case, then in that case, you would probably be stripped like if it's like a year, what are you? Gonna do? Yeah. So that's one way he could possibly do you think they'll actually do that because they're going to be losing on a shitload of money if they take way could be right. You're saying if the u does that an essay see. So the Nevada commissions outside is separate from the granted cahoots. I'm sure because all some strings, but it's not Conor McGregor not affecting the bottom dollar, which I keep talking about would that would Nevada. So. He is a much much bigger star. Now I'll see nowhere near Connor, even though he beat them. That's not the way the world works. But again, I try to not criticize trying to get better. I'm trying not to criticize. I don't know the ins out the daily checks in everything that goes on with being Dana white run the so. If next week or whenever do you have see the Nevada commission compete? Suspend for twelve months, fourteen months video, see this. This circus must carry on. As much as they embraced the culture of shit talking and mayhem to sell fights. Date on expect you to jump in the crowd and and do that after when the big fight you're live. That's that no one's thinking that. So you can't reward that even though they have been, but you also can't stop the show and just go, well, that's our champ. If you were stripped could be. But I mean that's in Nevada, that's in Vegas. So you already said that could be Connor to would be the biggest event ever so I doubt they would strip them doubt there was suspend them that long. 'cause they'd be losing on the money for next year. You're Suming. It's in well, be right if you can't go to Russia, it's so dangerous for them. Connor and Russia on Mike actually has Russian fans. But after this this be crazy securities can be tough. Yeah. I doubt they would go to Russia. It's too scary. That would be the biggest five time it could do a goddamn. Can you? Can you do a two million arena? I mean, you put as many Russians came to that arena and who sell out and they can't do Ireland either because. Especially with attentions right now. Well, let me say this too. So. You know, the clip of me predicting this genetic twin happen on Rogan when apologize to to the Irish, the the people in Dublin, Ireland, Russians for that matter when I said, there's something's going to happen afterwards between the Irish and the Russians. And I posted video of the the prefight shenanigans. The Wayne's people you knock out, stuff like that. Let me be very clear. I should've said Irish fans in not meaning from doubling or from Ireland. It could be a guy of white boy from Oklahoma who just happens to be a convert Gregor fan. It could be a dude from Florida who happens to be a Russian fan or compete fan. That's what I meant. That's what I, you know, when as far as shenanigans before and after it's not that Ireland are bad, people can't handle their liquor and things like that are Russians can't. But I said, this was bigger than that is I met there. There's there's leaders to this. There's a video I wanna recommend he gets, but it's so dark and I want nothing to do with it. Scares me when you get into the stuff and it's it's on the board of conspiracies. I don't live in a conspiracy world, but when you watch this just like, oh my God, it's it's so dark and now I'm gonna have to definitely can do it now. Like what the fuck shop. Yummy Senate teaching, I think is talking about, is it about could be in Ali and all that stuff that can. Yeah, I've seen that a little bit of it. I think fans sense it in like crazy. You wanted to play something on there. We. It's so dark. I I, I don't. I don't want any problems. That's that's the one boy. It's eleven minutes long, the do you want to just go through some of it. I don't really want. I really wanna mess with. I don't either. I don't really wanna mess with this. Definitely just so for you again before we put this out there. So from unbeliev on believer. Yeah, media. And. You can find it. It's called how exposed the Khabib conspiracy dangerous ideas. This German does a great job and they go into kind of the background Khabib elite stuff and what Connor was saying at the press conference. Why saying stuff you're saying? And they go in the Chechen leader and just what kind of who's behind could be stuff like that. I, there's a caveat to this. I do not know if any of this is true. I could spare as you, but I will say this it is some scary shit, and I want nothing to do with it. I want. I'm the guy who talks about what happens side yacht gun. The the kind of fun dropped behind. I want nothing to do with this, but you watch it has one point, five million views. Some interesting shit. I have no idea what's real. What's not. I've no idea where this guy is facts from or how he came to these conclusions, but either way watch it and you'll be like, oh, that's why shops at this is bigger than just Connor could be fighting. Oh. Yes. Again, when it comes Ali, I've never had any issues with him. He's always been nice to me. I do not know that man's background. I don't know him personally like that. I cannot vouch or anything like this. There's some dark shown here. I will say that. You guys will find it go to you to it's unbeliever media, how congregate exposed the Khabib no-go Madoff conspiracy dangerous ideas. Eight is so dark. Again, I want nothing to do with it. How did we get started on this? The tensions if you were to do it in Ireland, Russia, the fight is so. Brahms zero. What else. Okay. So this goes to could be as well. And then you also mentioned like the double standard, right? Yes. So the NSA see is whole withholding could be purse for the moment. And the weird thing about this is that they apparently looked at the tapes and they found that CONNER didn't do as much wrong. So they gave they paid him fully there, but they're hold onto beat Spurs. And you know, everyone's already like writing and saying Connor threw that first punch. Yeah, on the guy with on what cage if they're gonna hold kebabs they have to hold Connor. What do you think kind of that first bunch? Definitely did but wasn't a chain reaction? No reaction because what do I do? I blame it. Honestly, if I was in that situation, I'm sure you've been in a situation where you're fighting a bunch of different people like random thing that happens and they mob it. It's a mob mentality. When you see someone jump up next mom is each someone next to you. You don't know who he is. You see him with the, you know, he's from the other side thinks attack you. So mealy you're gonna try apart shirt to defend yourself. I feel I feel is a reaction. Yeah, initial spark that create this mob mentality him. I think it was a preconceived plan to jump in there. No matter what happened and kind of sucker punch con McGregor, which is true. Refined is true. So there's a sense of there's chaos. There's a mob mentality. Com Conor McGregor. I'm not. I'm not giving a free pass here, but when there's all this cast going around and you see that German jumping the cage in their attacking your teammate, Dylan Dana's. You're gonna. You're gonna react to that. Yeah, it was just it was a mess. You can't tell what's going on. You think they're gonna attack you this. That doesn't mean you withhold Kabaeva and not con. That's what I'm saying. Very stretchy. They said they looked at the tapes. They like the different angles and they felt that Connor was kind of more innocent. I'd like to see. I again, even though he sucked that guy, I is based off the initial spark of Khabib. So maybe they're obviously they're saying this would. What happened could be one hundred percent, not Connors. It was definitely there. Let's be very clear as much of the car McGregor fan. I am. There's a very clear double standard here. Very, very clear. Yeah. So this is Dana. Why talking? Yep. So I spoke to Bob bene- the Mattis State Athletic Commission told me they looked at some stuff already. They have made the Susan that they're not going to withhold comma Gregor's checked. McGregor has been paid. So real quick, they got paid from the commission which is three million two million. So the withholding to be two million dollar check, don't feel too bad for him. If if they take out of that because they have nothing to do with the paper of at the, you have c. pays. Connor could be. That's where the big paydays coming through the three million two millions chump change compared what they're about to get depend off the paper numbers. Have we seen any rumors what is coming out store? Leah too. Early early. All right. That's okay. They told me I didn't want. I just don't want to leave here tonight. Thinking they were home both jacks when it's not true, he went, you had CONNER and they looked some tapes made to Connor his check double standard. But again could say that we wouldn't be in the situation. Yeah, if be didn't do that. So because he was the the initial kind of one who kicked this Amish shaded? Yes, he initiated this first, but then you say, well, Connor initiate this because he did before the fight, but that's not the world we live don't before and after is very, very different one selling the fight, the others ruining the fight, although it did this prefight before the rematch. So it's a nightmare. What else yet. That's kind of it for Connor could be necessarily pops heads. Do you want to cover some older event? I don't think he talked about the shit that Valentina shift shaneco ANSA jar Eubanks headlining MSG to thirty and there was no other announcements right on. I think what happened here and you know when when ever you criticize shift chanko Saraga Eubanks scissor you've got to be a little careful because it's not their fault. They're the main event met Square Garden. I think what happened here was the UC was trying to make John Jones fill in for this fight, and they're waiting on that and that income to fruition for whatever reason. So they have to do something. And these women just filled in why you don't announce Nate Diaz versed us is the main event and just put these girls combing event because now that the whole, there's such a darkness over this card. Now, there's like this, this weird feeling. It's a good fight card at the amazing Fichardt better to twenty nine for sure. This is one of the best fight cards the year, but now there's. When you taffy is the main event and when everyone expecting John Jones and your whole off for this big announcement doesn't come, why not create a safety net for yourself and have the main event? Nate Diaz does import a for, let's say, the ones that you five title, which would be amazing or just in general. That's a fantastic fight. Yeah, he is one of the most famous fighters on the planet does employs one the best fires on the planet. Why not do that? And then if John does come crate announced that, but if not just toss these girls on, they're not going to get criticized and take all the blame. That's not their fault, and the rest of card is fucking stacked, but all the negativity is around this made event of UC thirty, which girls had nothing to do with. Yeah, there's so many you coulda done. Nate Diaz disappoint once five pound title, coalmine event, Luke Rockall, Chris Wyman and then toss these girls on there. No one, bats, fuck. And I. You gotta amazing fights on this card. So what they talk about when you were talking about if you were Dana white in this position, right? Yeah. So if you're an issues. And you also talk about how if you let the fighters get too much stuff and there, then you lose control of everything you don't talking about like with Connor. You're saying for president. Yeah. So you know how Nate and dust and we're both going on social media saying like, this is a one sixty five title, blah blah this and that. So they were trying to make themselves the main event. People are saying like media saying that it's more like a thing where Dana doesn't want them to have control. Terresa has to do this. Would you do that if you were in this position? I imagine everyone would love you if you put frigging Nate and doesn't on especially for the one sixty five title. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think this is again, you know, you don't want the prisoners running the silent, but. But in this case it's like, but this case win win for both. Right. And also it's a special circumstance like Luke Rocco Chris wineman you know, three months or and say, hey, we wanna fight for hundred ninety five pound title. That's just not realistic. Thanks no sense did. So yeah, I think you'd be more. You definitely want more few more fans. If you did that. There's a reason he didn't do it. Yeah, it has to be. He doesn't want them. You know. Yeah, running everything worried about what's gonna happen in the future. I don't know, man, this is this is probably a lot of. A lot of New York's always they always pack New York, man. Yeah, I thought it was joke. I really thought it was joke. I. I saw live when you guys are talking about bad for that Sarai. Eubanks. I haven't heard of very either man, but there's nothing wrong with that. You know, the women's fly with championship ship chanko were familiar with, but for Seraya know with with even rogue do I, I'm comtained at five, never heard of her. Yeah, I feel bad for I was like, damn man. You headline mask regards great event. It's the biggest fire life. They're going to be a bigger platform for you, and then this just get shit on. There center up for failure. We know who she is now. What else you got. Let's move over to. Okay, so this is John Jones saying that he doesn't feel like he even has to fight for the two five belt that it should just be handed to him because and this is reasoning. If you came to the conclusion that all the science points to this being a complete accident and unintentional. Part of me feels like the belt should be handed back to me. Part of me feels like I shouldn't even have to fight for the belt against Alexander Guston because I was proven innocent in a way that was never his in the first place. He was given the ball. He's talking about Danny Cormie point. But I mean, it's not. Proven innocent. Yeah, they didn't find anything. I mean, I'm not listen Xs and os black and white here chin. Yeah, they said that it was untenable all the sides points being complete accident unintentional. But here's the thing, even if it was a complete accident unintentional that was still in your body. So you're still responsible for goes into your body, therefore they should have been stripped of the belt whether you took it accident did if you small trace amounts. Yet there has to be some consequence can show he didn't take it, but it was in the system. He's still tested hot for it. Yeah. And it's the second time. Yeah. Yeah, I thought that was interesting. Let's shift to this one. So this is John Jones talking about the whole snitching thing. All right. And this is the same interviews, see what he's doing this with ESPN. So here he goes, who sought asked me to do a lot of things throughout this case. But one thing I didn't do a snitch on anybody in MMA. I definitely didn't have any information on anyone in the sport, nor do I know anyone who's doing these things in the sport. I think the whole snitching thing is pretty silly. It's interesting to watch people jump to conclusions about things. They don't know what they are talking about, and that's all I want to say about that topic. And you read that like the sense, he's still snitching, but just not in MMA. Right. What would it be? I? Well, the one thing you could snitch on, you know, would be the suppliers. Which is I don't have a problem with that too. You know what I'm saying? He's he's saying he's not snitching on anyone. I say, I'm not stitch on anyone in 'em. That's what I'm saying. He's doing that there, but he's also saying that he's not fishing on anyone. He's trying to imply Ciccio anyone, but then he's, he's using clever kind of clever wording is you're saying, I'm not snitch on. They wanna give up any information and when in the sport. Nor do I know of anybody who's doing these things end thus sport. I think the whole snitching thing is pretty silly in this. Who really knows what's going on. But yeah, I, I don't think he's like, oh, this fighter a fighter be. I've seen do it. It doesn't work like that. You saw like what we test and then test positive. So it's his word against theirs. It it's not gonna work. If anything, snitching. How'd you get it? Where'd you get it? What site did you go to? How did they get it to you? I think there's there's more of the networking would be snitching but fast him how he get it. Then they would know he. He got some shit which she got a short sentence, which when I think of snitching I don't think you snitch on other fighters out of your mind, you know, but then he would be guilty if you said that. Got it. From this, that means you're taking Sarah unless he's saying he just has them in his possession. Like I was able to get steroids in my possession. I dunno shadiest, fuck either way though. I don't think he's such on specific fighters. I think he's snitching on the bigger. You know. You know, if let's say you're a cop, you don't wanna get the drug dealer. Fuck the drug dealer. You wanna get where it's coming from, where it's coming from the drug of small fry. We can get him whenever we want. We can get a fighter. When you saw Tesla's boys whenever the fuck they want. You want to go after the who supply. Now, of course, that's what's happening here. So I looked into it a little more like Sada website to see all the different sports that you could snitch on if you wanted to. There's a bunch here link as a bunch of stuff. Some of them aren't Asada. A lot of them are. There's a whole bunch. He again, John's not snitching on anyone, any particular sport particular athlete. He stitching on the supplier. If there is one or some that he's heard of guys are getting it if you snitching, if that is that all true in any facet, we don't know. It'd be nice if you saw it was like, yeah, he told us about this, but they can't. Because right now it's it's not helping. John goes, I didn't snitch snitch in the sport. Yeah, people like, well, it says in the contract you, that's the reason shorter sentence. I think you'd go so far if you thought it was like, listen by him, helping out. He's given us the supplier Iran. Oh, that's cool. I think we'd all forgive him for that because you actually helping. True. Last one on this is February over doom commented that when he got suspended like that was the last thing they had told them if you do this, if you tell on us or if you help us get someone by telling by AK, snitching will reduce your thanks to and he's like, I can't do that. That's part of who I am. So he was offered that to. Fucking Verdun the best to talk about this and he took that two years k what did they ask you the snitch on, like what exactly was the plea bargain? He's the best guy to talk to. He's very open, well-spoken, good, dude. He's the best journalists m. e. journals. Go talk to him, say, hey, what exactly did that to John? And if he goes, they wanted names fighters where I saw them or if he's like, they just wanted to know how someone would get it where they got it, those connections that's gonna clear all this up. Yeah, I guess so he goes, what surprised me most was at the end of the interview. It was something that I found third, they said for doom, here's the thing. If you tell on someone, it was what you could call plea, bargain doom. If you tell on someone using the slang, if your snitch will shorten your suspension because you're going to have to pay something, even if we find the substance in any of the products test, find it, you have to pay something for the gotta, make me an offer like that to snitch on. So in that goes against my principles, I can't tell you if I knew I wouldn't do it, how am I going to stitch own to make it better for me to lower my Spencer or whatever. Just asking a bunch of fighters, you know, you gotta tell on someone. I mean, listen, this happens with criminals. They do all the time. He bargains, it happens all the fucking time. But let's let's just play devil's advocate. Let's say for Dumas's like. Oh, let's let's say goes, I know John Jones taking chip for sure. He's taking shit or let's let's say this is all. Hi, this is all fake. I'm sure some bullshit YouTube pick something like, oh, Brennan said, DC stay shit. So let's be very clear. This is all fake hypothetical. Let's savor doom went. Oh, DC's take it. How do you know? Let's say you just made up like I seen him inject us astronauts straight into his deck and guys like really? Yep. And I well, we tested DC more than anybody. He's clear what happens did the they have to do you have to the name, they follow up and then find out the guy was doing it and then you get sure suspension. How's it work? Yeah. If can John Verdun just make shit up and get a short suspension. So it has to be someone just bullshit your weight, like, how do they know? Yeah, that's a good question. If you say that a party and I saw fighter aid doing cocaine that help. Where do we stop at. Yeah. So it does point my any proof points more to you, like a supplier or someone that's already popped where they got that stuff. I guess yet shady what else you get this. So conham Gregor was on aerials anime show. Carrie, okay. And then I guess aero brought up like would you want GSP next and Connor, sorta like just brush it off a side and said, like, you know, who'd be interesting Anderson. Silva of all people Anderson Silva gives it with regard as the greatest striker new see history. I don't want to know. Well, no, no, Nope. Schnee stop somewhere. That's where I stopped. And of course answer wants to pay wants to fight. So he's like, bring it on is being on an tastic want super fights. I'm sure fans from all over the world wants. See this fight. No, they don't professionally. I believe it would be incredible test my March Billy with fighter, like Conor McGregor, you know, much bigger than Connor. I can't imagine the me so much taller, bigger folks find Khabib. Now after the fight, I'm ready for this challenge when and where he wants. So it was forty three years old. He's got that. You're seeing that not gonna do this. There's no way, right? There's no way pan eight months from now on breaking down to 'em silicon McGregor. It's just weird that CONNER would want this very strange, very, very strange. It's forty three. So please don't do this. I love him since ovum love. I don't see him or fit, please know what else you got, okay. Another one with John John's DSP so GSP was interviewed by channel. Shoddy may fighting, and then he kind of went on this thing about the goat status, right? So if you failed for PD's he feels like you shouldn't be, you know, considering that talk anymore. And then he also pointed out certain baseball does Sammy Sosa Mark McGwire, Karen. So if you remember John Jones posted about like some things about, like if you're taking PD's doesn't mean you can do these, do these kind of kicks or these kind of whatever Johnson this? Yeah. So he posted a picture on Instagram or video, and it's a girl is kicking another girl in the face. I said, did steroids DC? Yeah, repos. Those. Did the PD's helper take this on the face? Yeah, yeah. So then anyways, just peace says this particular thing goes, look. I remember there was a fight between two points were, and one guy said, oh, it's not the performance enhancing drugs that through the kick. It's me actually. It's not true. That's the performance enhancing drugs through the kick because you wouldn't have thrown that kick like that. If you had not taken them, he goes on and on, say like it affects your confidential, mental, your physical, everything. It makes you a better athlete total in total. I disagree with him. So I agree where the PD's help you throw that kick. It doesn't make you more creative, more hungry, I guess, changing physique. Yes, more creative will no, but more hungry physique. Yes. The heritage out helps you that kick where John's wrong Mundus because let's say I'm trying to throw a spinning back kick for for my training camp. If I'm not on steroids after all my training, I'm folks on technique. Let's say I thought a thousand times in ten week camp. If I'm on PD's I can tell that kick three thousand time. So it's increase doubt, put of repetitions of me perfecting that technique. And that's where it comes into play. That's how it helps. So you don't think it could possibly help creatively? No. God like. That's fucking, here's here's why wait hold on. So here's I would imagine like it could possibly if you have something taken us up since and you feel more confident, right? You feel more like confident about what you're doing. It gives you that extra boost to do something different. So like if I was going to be, so let's see. I'm trying to write a song guitar, right? Take steroids better if alcohol, I feel more confident, right? You feel more laid back low more little more a little more creative. I think it's possible you you could say, I see. I don't know if to makes you more creative, maybe makes you more fit it, but I think that confidence can can turn. I think it would create more confidence, meaning you. Have the ability throw that kick now. I, I guess I could drip over into being creative, but I think it's more of giving you the confidence to actually pull that stuff off. Give me this false sense of reality because you have the. Running through the course of your veins. So you know before again where he could only train that kickathon time to train at three thousand times now. And it's actually in your repertoire. Either way it does help you with the kick hundred percent hundred percent helps you. So I mean, yeah, so he goes chains person entirely. It makes them a better athlete. And yes, I think they should be removed from the goat discussion. Yes. So he didn't name John. John's being pretty much tell he's talking about John John's John Anderson right? Creative kick from Anderson boy Aniston. Got busted. Yeah. And even frigging veto Heathrow those awesome spinning back. And you got busted, he sees back kicks off the size, not the same. But as far as the goat conversation you so who is that? It's mighty house, just pee, Denecker army, DC Anderson Connors, John, Connor. Not collared right? Connor law. So he's out answers, invested. He's out Johnson, busted, he's out. The guys who are clean, it'd be DC TJ Maxx, GSP Woodley DJ. Yeah. So John Jones responded. And then he, that's another thing he said, which is messed up, I guess, brain damage, I guess brain damage is real. So this is John's. Rebuttal. But did he call out John? He didn't say. So that was also off thing to John Jones immediately thought you talking about me and then he posts a picture with GOP on his Instagram, semi. Listen, they redid specifically, say John, you didn't say John Jones. So John Jones is just timeout actions. You could be. So John posts a picture of him in just being says, it sucks. When you have to hear someone, you've always shown respect to sit and talk foolishness. But that's the nature of the game these days, saying, steroids changes more than physical performance makes you more creative hungry. Do you know how crazy that sounds God? Dammit, John. This is not a good look. I guess. Brain damage is real out there. Saint PD metabolites through a kick come on man. It's called training. Doubtfire weakness. The PD's help you in your training significantly. There's nothing better he can do for your body and take Pete PD's. If you're fighter, there's nothing more influential. For the positive effects on your body recovery than PD's. There's nothing on this planet that is better for fighter than steroids hate to be shitty about it. It helps you if single facet. And we've seen this side as we've seen, I'm not name fighters, their bodies change their performances change. There's nothing better for your body when you're fighting them steroids. So for John say so. So come on man. It's called training indentifying weakness so much fact, I told to face it was coming and then it landed, which is true. That's called execution. How about rather than campaigning for goats as she get in there and dominate your next fight? I've had nothing but respect for you all over these years. Don't change that. Now you're better in this. Yeah, that is a weird look for John. Why? So defensive bro? Yeah. He can talk about air soon. Right. Been talking about. It's either answer John, but. To say that steroids help you with your technique in the kicks stuff. Is insane what else yet? All right. I'm sure you've seen the sorority, but hell. Yeah, Bronco Teigen tweeted that it was official him in max hallway for UC to thirty one in Toronto via base still have to sign the contract, but it's happened announcing got one Toronto to great fight. I st- Taiwa I still like depend if could be retired, how many fights he wants to do. I'm still not mad at Bryner. Tak- fifty five and Khabib. Yeah, that's an interesting one. I've. Oh, that makes me feel that to the right says sham Irish newspapers criticized Conor McGregor yet you fucking clowns road, his coat tails. And as soon as the man's down, if I can turn on him. Can media man. Have you been in that net crank before? Isn't it like a jaw, like they're so jar. Oh, you're talking about the submission that gotta tap to? Yeah, it's it's legit shipment. I mean, you're, you're getting you'd. You'd rather have it under your neck of trust me because you like your. Which is fine. Rip off in crack terrifying. There's nothing worse. There's a do that. God is job broken from that for jet. I it it attack. It's a tough. I can go if that Dylan Danna stuff on her to which one throughout till, right. They're dealing with those honors. Yeah, here. Let's click on this. This is hot, failed designers tweeting to not tagging him, but to tweeting about Dylan, Dennis. And he says this guy, Dylan Dana's Dennis, Dennis, he says, Dylan, Dennis is down. Yeah, Dylan Dana's. He's a nobody. He just sucks Connors, bald and hides behind him. That's his job. He's never going to make it beyond counters. Kohner is, is career highlights. Career highlight down says, let's fight then. Fuck commissions. Let's meet up and fight. You pussy little bitch. You give every fight, you know, heartbreak, give up trying to give up, give up every fight you have. You have, you know, heart rat. Crazy. Yeah, you know, again, I think a lot of this happens here with with Dylan Danis is one of the best practices in the world. You know, he's kicked out of Marceau's Garcia's gyms with somebody said about that. Any action I've ever had Dylan Dana's. He's a nice guy. This is kind of that that SPG crew there swagger, this kind of outlaw vibe that they're that they're doing. You know, lot of people the wrong way. I don't think they're bad guys. I think we've let them get away with a ton of shit. And what did you think was going to happen? What else yet? All right. So if Holloway doesn't make the c. to thirty one, five Bryner ticket says that I guess UFC or he realizes that they will strip him get chance. Yeah, but my maximum make that fight. He's fine. I'm still like I still feel weird about Maxine fighting because no one said anything about what the hell he went there. You said you might be what entity train? Did he change his dietitian nutritionist? I don't know. It was the same guys. That'd be something I'd be worried about men. So you think it is the white cut right hundred percent. It would make sense if it was hundred. Yet. This while we kind of knew the sorority, pretty sure we stripped the light heavyweight title. Dan Cormie depend what happens with John, right? Yeah. But if he's going to be fighting in January sometime January with Brock Leser does a lot of time pass by and they think that they would have to strip them for just a move on. Yeah, so John and Gus, could do they do these belts on guys jump around and they take their belt from and they create new belts. People love the belts million fans will buy the fight. If there's a belts, that's why there's so many got them belts, DC pressure. I, you know, what's interesting too is I think it's inching that DC. I think he's a little upset because the you have c. wanted to do DC. Verse John right away. You don't Agim towards is like what the fuck man. So I think there's a little bit of bad but happening there. You know what else I was, and this is not a knocked on dominant crews. He's one of the best computers in the. World, I would have loved if DC granted, you can be a little biased there, but he's done it before I, I would have much preferred that night. Any other? I don't. I don't care who's doing the booth with Rogan, but outta love if it was Amec DC and Rogan because no one knows could be better than DC out of that panel. So I like see his insights and what exactly the game plan was going in, and here's critique of could be and stuff like that. I think there's any time to book DC do compensating. It'd be for that could be fight, but you do see why close. Yeah, because there's just too much bias there. That's his boy, then it's gonna be tough to do before. Right. How's he know like with like rock hold, maybe? Yeah. You just too close to the situation, especially now this, this was a huge one you'd like you said before. It's bigger than just freaking a fight. It was so much tension. There's so much stuff going on. So I think it would be it would be hard for him to do it. I think what else is interesting going back to Khabib Connor. Stuff is it's, I got bunch of tax from people you guys would know in the fight game that go. This consequence for shit, talk man to be in a different game where he comes from dagga STAN, you know, when you say stuff, you know there's consequences for it. I get that, but that's also you don't give. I don't care where you're from at kebabs age and him living states during the states. You realize that it's different now your non standing more. I know you have to answer to that and he had to go back to the same time as a grown man. I can't give you a free pass on where he's from, though, bro, because we're Joe's Josie. Aldo's from where where a lot of these Brazilians come from where the comes from some of these guys come from straight for Velez, where he talked shit, you get killed as well. You don't see them acting like this where we're where woodley's from Tyron woodley's from from the gang infested environment. He's from, you don't see him acting like this. So why would we. Give Kabeba free pass because dagga STAN. And because the conditions there you, you can get shot for saying bad things. Well, we're from woodley's from in Missouri. Ferguson, you get shot there. We don't see him. We're not giving him a free pass. If he jumping the crowd in against Darren till or in the crowd against Kobe, come in, are we just going to go dude where he's from in Ferguson Gammon? He talked shit, you get dealt with. That doesn't work for me. These are grown men. You're not gonna free pass from your upbringing because in Dagestan it's life or death depend what you say. A lot of people here on the streets depend what you say right up right up the street from here in Los Angeles in Compton. There's some bad areas, man. There's some guys from those bad is where Brian are Tegas from. He comes from gang history gained background, where you say to him is life and death. Do you see Brian or tater acting ridiculous given him? Well, where he's from dude can only talk so much shit. That doesn't work where Nate Deism Nick de is or from. In Stockton, California. Those consequences up there. Men do. We give them well, bro stocked in the streets hardcore man. You talked shit, you get dealt with. Yeah. A lot of fighters come from rough places, man, life and death places. A lot of them do. We're not giving those guys free pass for the way they act. Why do it 'cause could be from Dagestan well, the dictator kill you, bro. Cool man where woodley's from the gains will kill you. You do not get a free pass because your government or because of congress. Gonna talk that shit. You gotta know being from dagga, STAN. What are you talking about. Kabaeva zone man could be trains in San Jose, California. Sure where he comes from his war torn, horrible place in there's there's consequences of the way you act, stuff like that. I can say that for most fighters, both fighters come from the fuck in ruts of this earth and there they become diamonds from the pressure to get out of those ghettos that does not work here that does not work. What else yet? What do you, what do you think about their point when they're saying like, we'll Connor should expect some sort of retaliation because of what he's done. I mean, obviously it doesn't make it right because they're here in America. Dagga STAN, not the Dagestan for it. Just like be careful. I talked to fucking don't talk the Franson. Got like that Brown Congo guys get murdered. Yeah, no shit. See him acting amok. A rougher in place. Super rough. It does look a lot cooler that time released from that place. He's just like a gentleman it makes you know, ten times colour yielding Woodley could chalk up in act all crazy, dude, rob Crump from what you know the, how about the shit, Kobe comington talk stone. You don't think Willie could fire off and do something crazy dude where I'm from guys, get shot for less. Are we all that's true? Grow Bergson, man. They're wild out there, but you gotta be careful. The fucker talking about. I know it's a rough place like that Colorado, his own man. He's a grown man at that. He's never ever done this before. Connor man. There has to be some repercussions talking all that shit. What else get he got beat. He got beat beat up. That's the repercussions. All right. So this is gust of sin. Putting John Jones in a chicken. Drawn chicken with John head saying missing on a milk carton, and this is because apparently John Jones was off John Jaz admitted this to that. He was offered the fight MSG. So you're right about that. It didn't want to. He said he didn't have enough time to train for it. That's what I heard he'd been out for. Second, what are you doing? Maybe didn't come back so soon you'd like OSHA really maybe special be longer even he surprised at this gym. So he was offered the fight, which is why you get this weird fight. Now. Shit talking on guests. It's. Yeah, some Swedish diaper shit. I don't in in the states like what. Ninety two milk cartons. John yet forty thousand likes. We can do John Jones. Put your pissing me off. I signed migrant. Where are you? Are you chicken out against up being a coward. Ages wants to fight man. All right. All right. These aren't as huge but some fight announcement. So Mark hunt will fight Justin Willis in Adelaide, and that'll be marks last five trying to get through this stuff, which is great because it's in Adelaide. Yeah, it's great. Through that contact me has something to do with the. Lawsuit. And his boy your boy that was here. He's fighting Tyson patriots fighting show them who car eight fight and Greg name Tyson. Shutout Tyson? Pedro, should we buddy our shoes? Did he do? He did. He didn't do it. This, bam, bam, tied did it. Yeah, shot at the time. Pedro miss you guys, but I tell you what Tyson in. It's good luck when come on below the belt man, Tyson's getting j. d. s. Tyson nj ties get JD Tyson's show gun up. What's up. That's an amazing fight. What does she get go? And maybe this'll be the last one. Just a Dan hardy. He says he's medically cleared to fight again, Dan, hold on. Let me say this, Dan, I and I when it comes to research and breaking down fights. If you see what he does, they will post his breakdowns before the major fights. There is nobody better than Dan hardy I'm talking. This is what he's born to do brother. You have such a brilliant mind and you're so goddamn good at fight. Commentating you are so good. You're one of the best there is the best they have to offer and what you see what you're doing that no one else is doing on the panel as when you break it down as well as you break it down articulated in the passion you have for it and the depth and DAT detail that you go in when you break down these fights for the put on the YouTube videos, there is no one. Betterman do not fight. There's nothing for you out there. Your show get at this man. Maybe chase that dragon and he's thirty six, but fuck men. Yeah, he was taken off like kind of a weird way. That's probably why he wants to get one, maybe one or two back in he so good as an Alison. He's awesome, but that's inside of him. So he's gonna do is, do I'll support him, but fuck man, check out his breakdowns of Connor Habib. He did prior. I forget the. He does with other English. Do they does the counting with he so good shut out the Dan hardy? What else you got? That's pretty much all the big ones. Then. All right, man. There's some, there's some fights. This weekend's going little unnoticed. Yeah, a little bit, right. Because all the shenanigans going on with UCD Twenty-nine kind of. Post-partum. You'll see twenty nine but boxing yet Crawford bene- Vitas. That's this Saturday in Crawford's hometown Omaha, Nebraska. Terence Crawford by g benefit is, and that is for the welter weight title of the world. I expect Crawford who I think's the best bound found fight on the planet, not named Lomo cement Loma chango Sealy, Loma chango expect to get it done. That's on ESPN. I'm pretty sure, but the the big in our world MMA the big one is Mitchell in Ryan Bater fighting the. You also have fade or verse chill. Yeah. This next Friday, Saturday day after cry, break zone tickets. Go for. Yeah. So this Saturday this on the sun paramount. So it's not on design. I tell you a little birdie told me on design, especially in America. I think all over, I've seen the UK and stuff like that. Anthony, Josh was the first big fight on design. I heard they only got something like seventeen thousand views own thing for that. Oh Joshua, okay. What did you think of the belt or the belt. The on the which watch. Better. Okay. But for anti Joshua's FARs here, like in the states, I heard it did not go well, but again, that's just give for Miller with it anti Josh. Not the biggest name here. So I think there's a couple of factors that doesn't mean they're not going to do well, but I was surprised by that. So this weekend, though this is on paramount network networks on your shit up TV paramount for me known a spike. This is Friday night yet Mitchell on Ryan Bater. It's a semifinals of the heavyweight grand prix that bell tower has been doing. I love what they're doing. It's taking a little longer than I think most people would like. But here we are. You got the the, the final four, Matt Mitchell, inverse Ryan Bater takes place on Friday night Saturday night fate or shale, which I predict is the biggest fight in belt or history. I think it's a little bit of a head just because of the the, the post fight depression with you see to twenty nine. That's kind of taking the. World by storm. Everyone's folks on that, but you should focus your attention. Now on this amazing heavyweight tournament that belt doors doing. I'm paramount network fade over shell Sonnen which is Saturday night, but to Friday night yet. Matt Mitcham, verse Ryan, Bater. In your main event, then you're combing of you have ROY Nelson for Sergei care Tana. You remember him from strikeforce days pride days, absolute fucking assassin. Have my boy Lawrence Larkin fighting. You have Kimba size, son, Kevin, furred, junior, fighting chapter Kevin, Ferguson, junior. Baby slice baby size cards are great, especially for free. Some of the best guards we've seen for free for a long time whether it's you have see or Bela Tor the Mitchell Ryan Bater fight is a that. The scrap man Mira Ryan Bater. He's the champ at light heavyweight for Bela Tor. Now he's in the heavyweight tournament. His first fight at heavyweight. He beat Mola wall by TKO in fifteen seconds. He is my dark horse to win this whole thing. Ryan Bater Ryan bears had a amazing kind of career so far in Bella Tori. I came over after winning two fights. Previously in the he beat little dog and Kayode Latifi then went over to Bela Tor signed belt. Remember at the time, it's kind of a big deal come, though there fights, mass Square Garden. Phil Davis beats Phil Davis via swit- decision. Then beats the cell has no punk. Dan gums into the grand prix, I fight. Against Mola wall knocked him out. So we see this progression of Ryan Bater which is fun to see. Amazing, see, striking's game better. He's a big to five or stocky to fiber. His wrestling will determine kind of what happens with Mitchell in this fight. It's in that first round. Ken Ryan Bater get Matt down in void. The big knockout punch because we know Matt up has issues when it comes to grappling, especially when it comes to wrestling ROY Nelson was able to take him down and. You know, he, he beat ROY Nelson. There's a little bit of kind of. Some people thought ruinous at ten, eight round. I should've been a draw. I think there was a clear-cut winter that last round was at ten eight, so it should be a draw, but Matt metro dig it. The decision majority decision. So Matt moved on before that Matt Kayode starts fade or before that he'd beat Ali Thompson before that he'd beat this other dude. So they're both doing great in Bella door. Long story short, both men made a Smart Choice by going to rebel tour and now comes head to head because you have Ryan Bater who's naturally light heavyweight fighting, Matt Metron, rhyme baiters the much more technical grappler college wrestling pedigree for mayors on a state. He's beat bigger names. They got Matt Mitchell, who's a heavy-handed, freak athlete knocked out fade or. But the big caveat here is Cam baiter, avoid the big punch early in the round and get mitchum down. If beta can get Mitchell down and hold him down. Most like. Baiter in that finals. But if not, you know, Mitchell his movements like betas never fought. He hits hard and anyone baiters ever compete against. So I don't know what the odds are. Have you seen the shit just for those out of soon? Baiters. The favorite. Yes, you're right. Minus three hundred. Yes. I think that's due to the grappling. And then you know the winner of that will fight in the finals against the winner of Chelsea fate or which is such a big fight. I will be glued to my TV for this one Gelson fade or I don't see how chills gonna win this. I don't see a world with chair wins this. I don't see him out, grappling fate or I don't see him not getting socked in the face by fate or gels buddy of mine. Just a really good firm out of jail. I think about him and Ariel doing on ESPN is amazing. I, yes, PIN when I. When I turn on my and I love my my favorite show every morning I watch at six AM or five thirty AM is get up on ESPN with green with greenie Greenberg. He's green. Green is my favorite span personality. When I turn on that and I see a breakdown, you're covering your c to twenty nine. I don't want Stephen a Smith. Give me the fuck in details. You hired area who wanna for a reason put Ariel, God damn chair to give the common folk the breakdown of what's happening to Twenty-nine. You hired that man. For reason, Mel Gibson was there too. I don't see fucking mill Giffen. Give me a break down on Khabib. Connor put God damn chair. Get up. I love. I love fricking who's it? It's rose greeny and then the the blonde check the whoever the background, the, she's amazing. So it's Jalen rose, Mike, Greenberg, but there's, there's there's a black or. Who does the college football who's amazing. She's very good too. Either way's my favorite goddamn show and I don't. It was Michelle Beato, Michelle Beedle who was great on there too. But she left California shout out to Michelle Beedle, but owes Maria Taylor. She was amazing. Amazing, amazing on their our shoes on their full time. Anyways. I don't want to in hair Steven Naismith breaking on the fights for me. Don't do that is fan. You have air Honi there you Sam Bredahl KOMO their use 'em don't. I won't see stabilized going well could be Rousell slur man where you out what the fuck is happening right now. Why is that happening? I get if no one else is around nothing will break your heart more. If you see skip Bayless and Hsien sharp breaking on, it will. It's funny. It's like me talking politics. It's like it's so channel. It's just like both. These guys are good and they're gonna get in that steel cage had ring it funds or ring, and they're gonna sock each other. And I, you know what? You don't have prediction best man gonna win. You're right. Shannon. Like it's like what the fuck is happening right now. You have here honing Akimoto sitting fucking Kate side, use them. That's why you hired him. I don't know how I get started on this. But jail fade or again, I don't see a scenario, chill wins. This fight PM dragged fate or down, get tired, early on buffet doors. Wrestling's really good. He's explosive. He has much more knockout power. It's a tough one for Joe for child. Although, you know, federal hasn't really blown your socks off till he came over to Bella tour. Frank. Marijuana was up a wild wild west. Shootout ended up on top, but I don't see jail plan that wild west, shoot, shootout. I don't know how much jail wants it anymore. He's great on ESPN. He's of the best ounce in the game. He has air overs. The bag is doing that. You know, I'll see. Does it from from he was in Vegas, wasn't he? This weekend? Was he? Yeah, work with Ariel. Who's there. Who's a fatal now I training so yeah, I think more likely, the favorites. You're gonna get fade or Ryan bathe on the finale Ryan Bater it's I've called it since day one hundred, my dark horse to win this all. Good fights, though. She'd have some fan questions. Sounds good. All righty. Shitload of questions. A lot of it we covered are ready, but some of it made great points at not only do you guys make great point some of your hilarious as well. This my boy, Mike shout to Mike hope. You're still shredded my men. He put not a question but topic. I would love to hear your thoughts on and that's could be about striking Connor according to the stats and the most effective strike with bad intention to land was from could be fair to say that in addition, it could be smashing, Connor. He also struck him sends like a little bit of favoritism. Mike, I hear you brother, but the the only reason why you know those types strike numbers and all that stuff, which show could be blanding more. Connor had to worry about the grappling aspect so much. I don't think he thought there's a chance in hell could be, could out strike him and he caught him by the element of surprise. So I. I think that's why could be had so much success on the feet. I think so much excess is even being generous. I think he did catch them by surprise. Rock Tim slipped. There's, you know, there's both ways there, but in general, when you know in that third round, we saw who the better striker was. Gears, four, five, four, five, cut it look like himself movement seem slow, striking seemed off. Why did you think that was? I agree. I don't. It didn't seem like vintage Conor McGregor in there. Didn't seem like that Irish magic was with him on Saturday night. I'm not sure what's going on there. Maybe John Cavanaugh on Rogan's will explain it. Maybe thought he looked great. I didn't. You know, he looked very flat flat footage, use flat-footed, sluggish. Very, very confident that was going on even when he was down. I don't know. I don't know. Question though, at yo Dane, illegal knee, repetitive, glove, hook in repetitive shots, holding repetitive toes in the cage for momentum's, zero consequences. Herbs on the best rest in the game yet to seen this, where does the line get drawn for favouritism as entertaining as entertainers sport is we can't forget it's a sport, correct? Correct. I think he warned him. He did do a bunch, but I guess forget, man is Connor such a big star. Again, I, I'm with you. There's favoritism. There's bias. There's it's double sided here though. If this little went to citizen those judges, I would imagine what if gave it to Connor herb dean, the judges the entire UFC most the fan base that was there are Conor McGregor fans. Never forget that. So the favoritism, you'd be bad. The dot labral dot cadaver will Dirk loose fixes cardio and ball overheating, prom, his balls. I'm not sure he's gonna have to figure that out the cardio ni- just I think that's that's what comes being Derek Lewis. I think. Cardio's just not his thing. It's it's whatever it is. Whatever training camp he's prepared for. He just he knows that all yesterday land that right hand to win outside that these concern with the other things it's working. It's working now, fights guy like steep bay or someone else, and they were to take him down and where mount more it gets a little dicey there. But, but that being said that right hand can land at any given time even when he's exhausted and he's still finished his guy. So somebody said there. Peter score Lee thirteen? What happens? It Connors legacy after this will will he end up like Ronda Rousey. This is interesting. Everyone wants to kick a guy when he's down. This is the fight business. This is in boxing in our in our fight in the UFC you can lose fights and still be the goat or still be one of the best. This is not Floyd Mayweather not canal this. It's very different than box because you're fighting the best day and date out day out every time. And it's just that's our sport. There's more ways to lose. There's higher stakes. There's one on the line than boxing. That's what that's why it's different, can lose him, bounce back the difference. You guys should not be making these comparising the difference Rincon McGregor around arouse. -i Ronda. Rousey lost and never came back, Ronda Rousey loss. And we never saw her become a fighters when when Rhonda Rousey was the bully and it was all going her way and everything's high and mighty was fun. This this game was fun for as soon as so why I'm not having this and kicked her in the face. We saw completely different. We, we didn't see the fighter that we saw. We that we thought she was. We saw taker ball and go home. We saw shut down and get convinced to come back and fight Amana Nunez and get starch, but not do any media show on a face their fears. Connor Sudas. He last night, here's the better man tonight. He's the bigger fighter. I'm gonna fight him again and came back in one. That's a fighter to me. Fighter to me is someone who can lose at the highest level gathered their shit, go back in the camp and then come back out on top to me. That's the example of world champion of world class fighter. The doing stream Raanan Connor very, very different here, do not make those can bear since they're not even remotely close. CONNER has beat some the best that the UC's ever had to offer. He's lost some of the best, but he's always come back and he's always been respectful. He's always giving you the best interviews. He's been the most entertaining run as exact opposite. Once she couldn't be the bullies you took her ball, never came back, big difference. This guy's just funny at flow sick flow sickie. Oh, nine. I see a lot of people calling for the rematch because all the money it will make as fans. Why do we fuck about how much money the your see makes you don't? But you see makes what makes the fight, which is the most popular, which in turn makes the most money, the fight, which is the most poppers, what the fans demand, which is you. So don't be mad at them. Also. How did that flying? Dagestani Spartan kicked Dylan down his face, not get the metro PCS move of the fight. That's all there is. I agree to flow sickie. Oh, nine, two layers. At James. Siri, how come no one's talking about Volkov's Moana tattoo. If you go back and listen a bunch of bunch up. So it's maybe on find the kid or below the bad, forget where maybe it was on a fight campaign. I've always said he has that mwana tattoo. I'm no. Why is it Stingray Moana tattoo, but it's awesome. The grandma Moana has it. If you remember. Austin and Perry, how come on rose pockets city? Do all the ads on your pockets at the beginning when he asks you that ain't true. For the most part, we do it at the beginning. She does genders. All is. So from I understand we do the almost all the bulk of the advertising to begin the podcasts. And if we have too many, you put some middle. We have too many, we have to spread out a little bit, but then we also have minerals that we have to put Monroe all really how we, but typically is it always in the beginning we try to put more in the beginning than anywhere else, but usually is it's in the beginning or now, are there always minerals, not always, middles. Sometimes there's no medals, but when there's no medals, put everything in the beginning, but it it gets it's mixed around. So we try to do the the most in the beginning though, so we can we'll do that. They go. They often pay hope that helps you, man. I was thought we did all the beginning unless there's a video on a new. We do that mid roll brother in that we always tried to find the kids always beginning unless we have to do middle's, but. But, but help me out here for so team here. So in general, unless someone specifically middle, nine times ten, it's always in the beginning. Correct. Thank you so say that role. I know. But whenever I say, well, I know I get that. But in general, the common find kid of below the belt more likely than not all the podcasts ads in the beginning. Or slightly more slightly more in the beginning or am I just often slightly more on the beginning? It's almost like with every episode will have like at least one mineral. Oh, so there are days, but there as we have no minerals but more likely than not, there's minerals. I would say there's, I would say there would be like forty percent, mineral six percent, no mineral. Okay. It's a tough one. I it's mixed around. I always thought we were in the beginning. It's free contact. Yeah, free con Content's suck on these balls. How about that? Whatever the fuck you name was just kidding. Man. I dunno, I always thought was the beginning we until for the long did the beginning, but there's been roles as minerals can fast. What can you do? I was that we did the beginning. What do you got. All right washes URI, our boys picked went out the dot or dot cartel is twenty three years old too late to start in may. No. I mean, I started late in that, yeah, so I don't think so. I don't think I think you know fucking depends what your background is, but there's there's guys you have done it, not at all given shot. What else? You got Koci Colo, kitchen. How about the Drake effect as soon as it's not Drake reader for Connor? It was good as that all she wrote l. o. l. I guess when he was for villa shit doesn't work. What else? A lot of people ask that too. I know it's so silly. All right. This is a football one Mason, WC Brown. I watch the documentary on Tony Romo and me being from Australia. I don't really know anything about football, but he seems like a really inspirational athlete with what he was able to achieve. I'd love to hear Brennan's thoughts and opinion on him. Tony Romo you know, you got he got knocked down for not being Mr. clutch. Never winning in the big game plan for the Cowboys. I haven't seen the doc. I'm Tony Romo fan. He's a great as a analyst. He's he's great at predict and people get mad cause called plays before the bout to happen because he knows the offense and defense so well. But he's great analyst. I'd have see that. Dr. Do whatever fan recommended so and goes, oh, scary movies, either this fighting the kid and frickin sewing goes, oh dude, you wanna scare movie. 'cause I, I was given like delivers from evil techs. Chainsaw, we're going over scare move. Someone goes dude. Watch hold the dark on net flicks. The. I appreciate whoever recommend I preach recommendations. I will never get those two hours of my life back, sir. That was the slowest most meaningless sh- movie I've ever seen in my life. There was no point. There was no ending. It was not scary. That was the worst movie. I've ever seen buck bro. I just listed off all his cool Howie movies, and you recommend some shit like that and the trailer get you like, oh, these walls eat their kid, and then he's hunting walls and there. There's some demonic thing. There's nothing it was bullshit. Buck that movie south semi recommendations, not shitty ones though. What does she Jenner. Trying to boost on man, frigging watch it. Your brother said it was amazing to Diddy? Yeah. All right. So dress forty. Seven. What's next for Anthony? Pettus. Good question. I don't eat that along. Great career. She definitely showed some. Great aspects in that fighting. It's Tony furred, you know, Tony, I might be the best one fifty five around the plant that a great fight. He was able to land and knock him down till you broke his hand. There's some fun fights for out there. There's a couple of guys hanging around. We have no idea what they're gonna do Kevin Lee, Eddie Alvarez, right? You got get some guy's hanging around there. So their stuff form out the, he's definitely fan favourite. Those a fun fight. What else you got are. This is the last one. Still underscore scratching, what's who's the worst matchup for could be Woodley or Ortega. Tony Ferguson, it's far stylus could be the toughest matchup stylized guy who brings pressure, has a wrestling background as better cardio and better striking there. Something be said for that as far as if he if he's the type guy can apply pressure counter wrestle could be and keep it on the feet or ply pressures could beat, starts shooting, lazy shots. Tell me I, it's the worst. Stylistically matchup for for could be. Biotech is an interesting one, but he has had the wrestling or striking Tony does. Woodley is an interesting one because he's bigger. But you know, I think Tony Ferguson's kinda guy which should look forward to defeating could be if that's going to happen, who's twenty seven now. So tough task easier said than done. But looking at tape, if it's a healthy, Tony, I in that need does hold up, which I hope they give more time if they do make that fight. Tony Ferguson. Stylistically. Is it could could cause some issues for be. That it, that's it. Boom. There you have it people. I wish we get it on this one yesterday I I was ready rigging to go and. It's kinda good that we do Monday because I can look at all the tape like in, I can see kind of, you know what exactly happened that outcomes, you know, Conners pose pose what his teammates say, collars teammates saying they gather all your thoughts, you don't wanna get to emotional, so it's almost better. We give it a day or so before we throw this thing on. Thank yes, we're listening for watching. Appreciate you guys. This was a fun one man. It's a good time to be a fight fend. There's a lot going on and a lot on full. There's lot coming not only the end of the year, but next year as well. So all good man. I will be around LA stand up a couple of dates guys, Tuesday night tomorrow night Tuesday at the comedy store. Brian coun-, THEO. Von Sam, Tripoli myself will be at the comedy store that has tomorrow night Tuesday night. That's local in LA and the next week I'm in Utah, Utah, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, wise, Salt Lake City, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, the eighteenth the twentieth about Tober that I'm in Phoenix the end of the month. Tober twenty-seventh there are not many tickets that only the late show for the all things county festival with DO, Brian, big j, Aisha fair. And then after that, I'm at cobb's cobs San Francisco, November second through the third, Sacramento, November sixteenth to the seventeenth. And then just added New York City. And comedy club that is November thirtieth through December first. And that is Gotham comedy club in New York City and New Mexico. Just one on sale, December seventh, through the eighth. Those are almost sold out both shows New Mexico. The seventh day, get your tickets now t. fat k. dot com, Utah. I will see you next week Europe. Those shows almost sold out, get them now, Cade dot com thing, yes, for listening for subscribing. You see me around town, say what's up. Let's talk. I will see guys next week till next time. I'm Brennan job. I'm out.

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