The BTSC Steelers Post Game Show, Part 1: Steelers shut out the noise and shut down the Browns


Pittsburgh steeler fans what's going on this Jeff Hartmann Cutter of behind the Steel Curtain Dot com, with you for A. It's been tremendous this year I'm GONNA be honest. Every single time we've done one of these post game show Postgame, show the steelers win thirty, eight to seventy beat the doors off of the Cleveland browns dominating fashion. We're GONNA talk about it. We're GONNA break it down. You know how we do it joining me as always Brian Anthony Davis days scofield join US shortly, but Brian knee-jerk reactions man what's up? Jeff. This somberly this one was for miles. For Miles we did it for you man yeah. Yes. The most complete game Zina's dealers playing a while. I loved it all my Gosh five zero first time since nineteen, seventy eight I was a fan nineteen, seventy eight but not good not old enough to know what it meant. Yeah I mean people forget the I've earth this article last week about starting for no, and they had done X. number of times and I think that two of the three times eight done it I wanna to say was seventy, nine, seventy, three they lost the next game until they dropped a form one, seventy, eight, team I think that's the record for seven straight wins I think they went to no yes. So. They're already putting themselves up there in some Pretty League company Some of the people in the live chat still. My knee-jerk reaction was not I pretty today thirty, seventeen win I thought the steelers would handle the Browns a lot of people that do are tse tax we run that article every game day now it's a pretty good article for us A lot of people predicted you yourself. You said a close game. If I was going to be close game, this boils down to one thing for me. Baker Mayfield sucks I'm sorry I'm GonNa. Say it again because I don't think he is an NFL caliber quarterback I really don't I think that he is a guy that benefits from a ridiculous ground game in Chubb and Kareem Hunt will chubs not there. He's going against the best rushing defense. They prove that they're the best in this game, and if he doesn't get turnover meaning, not him at the defense doesn't get him turnovers get him extra possession short fields. He's not good enough I will say that until I'm blue in the face I, know he beat the steelers last year in in Thursday night football week ten we all know all about that game. When Ben Rothlisberger is under center Baker is not good enough period. He's not good enough to win. That's what it boils down to you. That's my major reaction Brian. Yeah absolutely you hit it right on the head. He needs that running game the survive and there was no way that running game was going to help him against the steelers defense today it just wasn't as good as Mr. Hunt is Kareem could not Korean gut careened I mean he could not get it going. So I just feel man it feels fantastic because all the talk everything coming from the browns about how they are for real that Ford one start. You know what they were exposed. They were exposed against Baltimore in. Against Pittsburgh. The steelers did beat a team with foreign record. So that actually makes the steelers strength. Look a little better. On that, all you haters out there that is still played. Anyone shut up. All Right Kyle Smith puts five dollars tip jars had that Mayfield? Sucks Jan. going on August my living room I love that I say it all the time in my house just randomly bigger. Mayfield Sucks Sean Manahan judo's dollars in the tip jar thirty, eight, seven, show. Some respect. Let's go steelers. That's right. Sean. Thanks for the tip. We appreciate it. All live chat is buzzing today. Let's bring in Dave Scofield. Dave. What's going on? What's your knee jerk reaction before we dive into the bottom. Oh, I didn't get to hear how you got started. Well, gotTa say the streak is over. It is over We don't have to worry about it anymore. We can go on forward I can attend whether in person or at his house I can watch a game with one Brian Anthony. Davis. and. The steelers can win. We are finally off the whole thing of the steelers had won a game when I watched with Brian so I'm really excited that Brian got to enjoy this game together and the steelers victorious. Not only that bending, get hurt what I was gonna say the only thing is Ben Roethlisberger did not play the entire game which has happened every time we've watched, but it was for the right reasons this time. All right. Let's let's take a quick sidebar here. We are all going to talk about a lot of the highlights. Let's talk about the bad news and that was Devin Bush Devin Bush left the game with a knee injury. If you follow Mike Tomlin and what he says in post game press conferences in his Tuesday press conference, this man does not like to talk about injuries. He never likes to label an injury as bad or say they're being evaluated tests are being done. We'll see. He said this one is quote unquote serious. That's not good in other words as someone that was a a Hack I. Varsity coach for fourteen years of my life, you have to go through a lot of different trainings. There's test you can do on the need Dell right away if it's something that could be pretty bad just needs to be verified for a scan. Av says it seriously than they have a pretty good hunch that it's bad. Now, the maybe fingers crossed it's not something is bad as an ACL. Maybe it's something that he can come back from, for instance. Something like job on the opposite team today he hasn't I think it's an MC l.. He's GonNa Miss Probably four to six weeks in Italy back. Maybe they get lucky and it's something like that the other injuries. Of Note, were Mike with shoulder as well as markey's pounds you with a foot I did not see pounds leave I guess towards the waning minutes of that game they took him out and put it in JC Hassen our Stephan was could be coming back help in the depth that they do need it with mark eastbound but. Brian Anthony Davis I WANNA. Ask You your thoughts on Bush is injury but also his backup Roberts Blaine who came in what are your thoughts Ryan? Well, I gotTa tell you that that just hurts. But this team is proving to be a whole lot deeper when Bush went out. I. Mean I. could see him right away and I know we had some things going on our slack channel where Jeffrey reported that he might have been heard a couple of plays earlier I didn't see that but I can tell as soon as he went down on the sidelines that there is a problem and sure enough it was I mean that kills you because this guy is up and coming he is very valuable in that team you know I thought he. was really turning the corner as far as being an upper ashland defender if he's out, I mean it hurts more for Devin Bush I mean it hurts the steelers as well but I really I just really WanNa see this kid you know finish the season and do what he can do. Hopefully it's not a season ender like you just mentioned as far as Spelane the legacy goes spelane came in and announced his authority with a presence. Now let Dave take this but the reason SPLAINE's in is because he's been playing well when our eyes aren't on them. Hold on Dave Real quick I WANNA get to mark Davis who puts his what are we calling Australian dollars? The Canadian dollars we have the cannot bucks. What are we calling the Australian please don't do an accident. Brian. Please save with all the pain and agony of your Australian accent We'll think about that but he said he's The dollar. Dollar. That's the reason why go Dulles Medina del. He gives us five Bingo. Dulles is that's the reason why Ozzy fans league other four am what our performances dealers need to five. No Baker got cooked that indeed. Thank you mark for that tip. We appreciate it. All right, Dave go and talk about your thoughts on Bush. Oh, well. Bush? Yes. Let's. Picks clear that up. I'm glad. that. Supposed to answer this. All right. So. Lane. The whole reason he's in there is because he earned it you know. A, lot of lot of steeler fans a lot of people come into season. They're like, oh, I feel really confident with you g three. Some people didn't spill lane got the job but by great play, that's why he's there and then we saw what today with the steelers have been seeing since August seventeenth so good for him I really liked what he did there. It was I mean it was in the second I mean he was in for a little I mean, what was it less than two minutes in the first half and then in the second half? So it's not like the game was really in question or that team was game planning for him. But he he got called into action did a great job. They're concerned about that with Devon Bush because Zach what you said coach Tomlin does not usually say stuff like that and e said a significant knee injury after the at in his press conference so. I guess we'll find out. This is one of those that as much as we think, we might find out on. Tuesday there might be reports coming out beforehand there might be report as early as tonight that they they do a scan and you know how Adam schefters and Thom Tillis rose get these notes from team saying that he's done So we might we'll probably find out sooner or later we might already know by the time you're listening to this but at the time that this is being recorded. Devin Bush were to take a wait and see I will say this Blaine he's old school thumper man that guy he's a downhill player. He's more athletic than Vince, Williams Vince Williams in my my opinion is the epitome of a thumper. He just wants to go downhill inflict pain like that's Vince Williams's game. We know this. Is just as good in terms of Vince. Williams not much different Bush but there have to worry about things like he's going to have the green dot now by Tommy was asked in his post game press conference about who's GonNa help the links it's going to be like a community approach. He's dogged about spelane. He said he was he's over thirty even brought up Marcus Allen as potentially flexing down to the linebacker spot so they do have. Some players of warm bodies just remember people freaked out. Brian Davis when she. For was going to have to fill in at right tackle in has anyone complained about him since Now would me now exactly so I'm not saying it's bylanes GonNa jump in and no one's going to remember Devon Bush. No, that's not the case but let's let's trust the depth for a little bit. Let's see what it's made of. They're gonNA have a tough task ahead of them in week seven, Derrick Henry is a freaking monster but regardless. The steelers had a lot to celebrate guys the turning point in the game I, WanNa I wanNA bring this up because I was the one that's been attacking this guy verbally for a few weeks. To me, this game was over with the browns first possession. Third, play picks I seriously Saturn's like a game I. don't think they can come from this. The steelers were running the football when the steelers can run the football well, you it's tough to beat them. It really is because you just can't. You can't pick your poison I. Say all the time you just cannot guard everyone. I thought megabits, Badger played a great game. I've secondary played a great game but guys your thoughts when Banca got the pick six, Brian will start with you. Absolutely what you said I could not say it out loud. But at that point I know how how Baker Mayfield is I'm thinking to my head. Yeah this game's over and I thought it right away. It's a ten point lead just like that they're going to relax Baker go going to press more they're going to go away from the running game which they didn't go away away from that much but I just felt like it's done. What date. I didn't know what to think because at Brian's house. To start off the game, he was a little bit behind. He was read a little bit behind. He had the game caused and I actually saw that mic pick six on twitter before I actually saw it on the field. So I was just like, Oh, and then but I didn't want I tried not to say anything to anybody. But once I saw that on like if this is really true this this is going to be this might just be one of those days for the steelers I was. My biggest concern coming in was, is this going to be one of those days for the steelers were nothing goes right or is it going to be one of those days where they come out and do everything right and that right there just kinda got the tone and that you just knew the kind of day it was going to be as much as anything. It set the tone for sure it at the tone for sure. But you could tell rurally in this game in the browns look the same way we won against the Ravens that they there came a point where they didn't want any part of the game. It's literally look like they were like. This is a different breed of team. This is a different type of opponent. These guys when Baker Mayfield took that shot at the end of the first half where I wanNA sage debris had him by the legs and Cam came from behind him. Kevlar vest or not dad is gonNA hurt in Kevin's fancy. Did him no favours but before we get ahead of ourselves and just go off and all these rants which is fun but still you want to. Try to stay focused here let's go to the box score. Let's do some grades always do start off with Ben Rothlisberger. He finished the day fourteen of twenty, two, only one, hundred, sixty, two yards. That's a little deceiving already played a good game started off rusty a little slow seven point four average one touchdown no interceptions was sacked twice for twenty yards a rating of one. Oh, one guys you're grading Ben Rothlisberger Woody Rating Brian will start with you. A minus. That game I thought he was professional I thought it was good. Day Scofield I like the minus grade not perfect. Especially, you know early with some of those plays. I'm. Not. GonNa Complain about it because. He did everything he had to and luckily. So much of the rest of the team was doing so much that he just did what he All that was necessary and did a great job with it. Going to give them an A. Those are to start the game. We're just dreadful. I mean a company. That was him no I'm not saying it was a couple of. Years technically reading that play whether he's giving it to the running back or he's keeping it during those throws were a little rough started the game but that's what he checked a lot of boxes for me in this game. Nice. Deep Pass the James Washington for touchdown another nice deep pass to chase Klay pool on the sideline. He's slowly he keeps checking off a box you never air yards as I mentioned on my let's ride this week. Everyone's. Yards all these areas he had plenty of air yards today folks. It might have only been a hundred and sixty two, but they didn't need him to why James Connor carries the ball twenty times for one. Oh one he averaged five point one per carry with a touchdown in a long run of forty one guys will grading. Let let's go to the bench. Snell six carries seventeen yards. Two point eight average did score a touchdown. Nice. Run the middle in the the inside the five. Yard line. Chase Klay Pool to carries for seven yards. He had pay dirt again on the ground. Brothels Burger at three carriers as a team they rushed for one hundred, twenty, nine yards. So let's grade the running game. You can include Connor there Brian What do you think? Let me see the other day was my ex factor for this game, and he really helped control the game on the ground. Bend have to do what Ben Needed. Need to go over two hundred yards, they need to just control this game after the start they got James Connor was fantastic. So I'm giving their running game in A. Day, Scofield? Yeah. I'd even possibly go a plus they had some some other good runs call back on on penalties. and. I don't think that they were the penalties that caused to be such a good run. Like. Cleveland was the number four rushing defense coming into this game and Pittsburgh owned it, and I think it wasn't not just about the running backs i. think it had everything to do with the big guys up front. They did a fantastic job. So that's that's an I I mean area plus I'm kind of torn between the two. Yeah I'M GONNA. Go with at a this. The group is a whole. Did a good job I I liked how they got to get Anthony McFarland some touches there in garbage time I know it wasn't didn't amount to much but just getting him the football, the James Connor. He that might have been one of his best performances running back ever remember in a long time not saying ever because he just thought he read his blockers well, he took what was given to him. He didn't try to do too much and that's when sometimes the ball can get a little loose. They protected the football. Absolutely I'll give them an A. is again you'll arrogance is five dollars in the tip jars is cream hunt. This game is forget it. That's right. Yeah. We can walk that as much as we want and that thank you is it for the tip the tip drill we appreciated. Let's talk about before we go over to the, let's go. Let's go to receiving because that's important to talk about Chase Klay Pool leads receiving for the second week in a row. This week four catches seventy, four yards and eighteen and a half average four targets caught all of them. Thirty six yards was his long James Washington for receptions sixty, eight yards seventeen was. An average one touchdown in his long was twenty eight, hundred seven targets Eric Iran to nine McFarland one for six Juju only two for six yikes. I was wrong with my ex factor this week and the couple others they ended up one, hundred, sixty, eight yards, guys how do you grade the receiving in this game? They didn't ask them to do a ton but Brian. What's your grade? I'm giving them in as well. The there were not. Agreed Drops I thought you know Ben came out I don't Wanna say rusty at the beginning but. Most of those balls, the they just weren't hitting, but he came on right after that first drive and look pretty darn good. So I have no problem with the receivers as well. I gotta give them An. Dave I mean everyone should get a day. It was thirty eight to seven. But yeah, I'm going to give the receivers I'm really tempted to give them an incomplete because they were really caught on this game. I didn't need to be and that's and honestly I know it's not great for their numbers but that's really nice. When you're like you don't have to worry about getting the ball to the receivers. Jeff did screw me over because I figured he was wise with Klay poll last week. So I went with Juju this week. That's like this. It's your. I think you're Jeff. Jeff was. Inside guy there. So I play roles well. Once, you got the right league. Okay I think. I'm going to give him a because like you said I mean when you're quarterbacks only throwing for one hundred and sixty two yards, you're not asking receivers go out there and win the game and those are some of the best games. We have some maxwell come dot vs related to Kelly Baiter look like a lost puppy. Thank you maximum. Nice. Felt hokum differently. Didn't they Brian I think Kelly Hokum from the former browns quarterback at doesn't have any of the entity you know it was with Danny. Okay. Good. That'd be weird but. Kelly holds relatives are steelers. With though he's let's go as my birthday. Happy Birthday building. Area ages seven win. That's pretty awesome. Man I? Mean you think about it they're giving you a beautiful when like that best gift ever. In graduate puts four, ninety nine, and he says that the browns a little brother. That's right. They are the little brothers. They are the little brother. This deal is made a statement in this game, but let's finish up our offense of grades with some offense line talk. Okay. Because we always I always forget the offensive line, I always move right burden onto the defense, but let's talk about the offensive line here a little bit. In regards to the fact that he'll give two sacks. One of them miles year was well blocked. Bend just held on the ball walked into obviously ran the ball. Well, one twenty nine had enough passing yards to win guys grading the offensive line will grade you giving them go ahead Brian. I'm like Oprah, you get an a, you get an A. everybody gets an a I mean really the they held up. They I mean they're beaten down. You've got Dotson Again Week David I were commenting look at what datsuns doing. I mean he was he was moving guys around szucs. Look good. We we heard nothing about Villanueva and that's a good thing. You know you're not hearing anything about filer as well. So there weren't really anything that. The took away from this game. So the only attitude and they've got to get an A.. Dave you're the office of Vine Guru. What do you think? Yes. There was two sacks at least one of them that I remember because Ben probably the ball for too long but I, mean, I'm giving it a plus to that offensive line I. Felt that they. I mean they dominated the line of scrimmage. When when guys when runners are getting three or four yards downfield before any kind of contact that something you want to see I mean. On, the on the Ben Rothlisberger quarterback snake when they showed the aerial view, it showed something a thing of Beauty Dotson was able to quickly get to the second level because Oh core for me. Fantastic. Reach brought block over there to get the guy that was sitting in a gap and Dotson didn't have to worry about it was fantastic a lot of the stuff that I saw I if I could probably go back and pick it up and not. Give it as high but knee jerk I'm GONNA plus. I'm GONNA give a as well because again I don't think those sacks were really on the offensive line. There was one play where I think they just they brought to many they brought to you many players to block and the steelers didn't have the play properly diagnosed we talked about Ben Holding the ball guys let's talk about Dodson for a second. I think that. His game in for some reason, he plays really well with the to as next to that would be marquees pouncey an before. I think we can all say that. The steelers are in a good spot in terms of depth. They don't need David Cat. I'm not saying that he should start over an all pro not saying that at all because don't you think the steelers now should be able to think about, okay. We don't need to rush to cash. We don't need to rush David Cash back. If WE WE WANNA to get him healthy because the one thing that's dealers don't want to have in my opinion is we don't want to have. Dave decastro back for a game hurt again back for a game hurt again, how do you think the steelers should handle Kevin Dodson moving four Bryant services. Right now it's chase klay pool and Kevin Dots in for me as Co rookies of the year on this team because Kevin Dotson has done so many important things. He's played most of these games. Now. Here's the thing Kevin Dotson soon, everything right. Do not rush to Casper. You're absolutely correct. This is my original thought. I'm piggy backing off of both of you guys look don't rush this sky. You've got your future there. Now he's going to be great deputies hopefully you went to Castro back but you know that you've got a future on that line and it's Kevin Dotson. Dave agree disagree. Yeah I think we'll sooner than later I was curious I don't know how bad the decastro injury was. I thought there was a possibility that they might have put him on shirt short term I are if they were bringing. Back. This bike on Saturday I thought that was a possibility that didn't happen which tells me that they think the is going to be available sooner than later because, if not with just three games would have been smart to put him on for this week. So you don't need to Russia. You'll see him sooner than later. Yeah and again, I'm not saying that Kevin Dawson should be starting over David. Decastro Kevin. Dotson has played well. He had a couple of good. He did with on one pool. Go ahead there Dave. This is from Jason La Canfora Harvey Lock Them for it. He's a ravens fan entrusting. But yes but he said the initial prognosis on Devon Bush's injury is an ACL TEAR We'll determine the full extent after an MRI. Tonight. So. That's the national media guide for Yes but he's gotten a lot of stuff ron last year was to chat of it in the live chat. So I thought, I'd try to go find it I'm expecting him to be done for the year if Mike Tomlin Zuma come out in the post game presser and say this is a significant injury. That's bad. It's bad period and I don't know if even said that after Roth, asperger's injury we to of last year I don't remember him saying it was. Significant injuries. So we'll see let's year. By Melanie needed scope. Down the tip jar if Texas could have the titans that was a good game. The Texans were up by a touchdown. They give up for two to go nine rather than the extra point to go up eight they go up the yeah. They do that and the titans drive back down He. Hits Brown Senate overtime Derek candidate has arrested in overtime game over. Here we go. I. Think Miss One here this alive. More dozo dollars. No doubt that tell you. Dollars Cobra Kai. DINGO dollars Mattie several puts five, ninety nine says allawas again but debris DuPrey plus tearaway TJ that's. It's a lot of nicknames we're going to talk about the defense here in a second in part two of this podcast. I WANNA. Talk a little bit more about the offense before we move over there Chase capable. My Gosh guys I mean I did not think that he would have a significant outing this week. For a couple of reasons one, I didn't think the steelers were going to feature him heavily which I don't think they did by the way I. Don't think they feature to heavily I just think that he got himself open. To I just thought that the BROWNS WE'RE GONNA come into this game and say we're not GonNa let this young guy beat us. Not that. Chase will beat them, but he was the leading receiver for the steelers Zach. Megan. Brian. If you're trying to think ceiling and you're trying to think of a player, that's a cop a comparison. Who is that rookie comparison free for you when you think as capable after what we've seen in for five games? Are we talking about the entire league? Yeah. Let's go holy doesn't have to be the steelers. You know it's it's so easy to say a guy like Like matrons from not going to do it. So I'm going to go a little higher with a guy that is in the hall of fame and it's Michael. Urban. Really. Okay that I'm not gonNA blame him I was a heck of overs even I'm not in the. Back, March. That's good. That's not reminds me of them. Really good. Dave. What about you? I don't know that I have a good answer for this just because well, great great. I would I would look more at a statistical comparison than I would actual physical attributes you know and and I mean already this is this is more than what we saw from Juju as a rookie when he exploded onto the scene. So it's just it's. It's very how was it? It's very Calvin Ridley esque in as a rookie to come out with these kind of numbers so. He hits me somewhere. There's a lot of people in the live chat that are saying this Larry Fitzgerald Julio Jones Martavis, Bryant was the one that he compares to. Kind of stylistically as well as stature but. I don't see them as the same. I mean, they don't look the same Arteta's Bryant was real long and lean crepe looks like a flipping tight end that can run like a receiver I mean when he hits the ball on his hands. Love for a defensive back bringing him down by by himself. Yeah. He's he's he is chased Klay Pool is he is someone who can Compare you cant even compare them to somebody else he is own entity. He is in a in a category of himself. He is undaunted. A Dante Harris says he's hybrid as a really good way of putting it he. He's so unique and I could say that we probably haven't seen this type of athleticism and speed combined probably since Calvin Johnson since since megatrend actually did play and I know that's That's tough because he was so dynamic and someone else said decay metcalf. I feel like he's a little bit more fluid than Medcalf is metcalf is seems very rigid in tight but clay pool my gosh. There's no buyer's remorse year. I'll tell you that JK. Dobbins have fun over there and being a Baltimore on In the meantime, we're berated dive into the defensive side of the football. If you're listening on audio platforms makes you switch over to part to if you're on youtube, don't go anywhere because we're not going anywhere. We'll be talking about the defense right after this.

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