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Today on not Sam wrestling the man. Becky Lynch is here social distancing. Be DAMNED OF COURSE. She is on the phone. We're going over everything that's happening this weekend. At wrestlemainia the era of empty arenas continues and a whole lot more. This is not sam wrestling introducing your host from New York. Here is rubber boy. Oh boy it's official even if these days starting to blend together it's a Monday. It's time to start this week. At least in the context of wrestling in what is going to be no doubt one of the most interesting weeks in the history of wwe. Let's get things started. Welcome to not Sam Wrestling. Five days away not six days. Five days away from Wrestlemainia five days away from the first ever to day WRESTLEMAINIA. Who would have thought I mean? You just never know the context of things coming that old Be careful what you wish for scenario this two day wrestlemainia thing was in a lot of people's heads Months ago starting in January right after wrestle kingdom for some reason this year and maybe it was. Because you know I feel like the last two wrestlemanias. Maybe three have been crazy long. But last year's Wrestlemainia was the one that was in New York and not only went so long but everybody in New York was stuck waiting for like two or three hours outside the meadowlands for hoover's and trains and stuff and it went too late and then the train shut down and it was. It was a nightmare not. Wwe's fault that one oblate that one on the Great State of New Jersey but maybe they were just mad because WWe would never say New Jersey but still a hassle for a lot of people for some reason. This year was the year that People started talking about how after wrestle kingdom between two nights over in the Tokyo. Dome why not do Wrestlemainia that way you know is there was a conversation that was happening in in numbers this year and I didn't loved the idea because I mean you still have to sell two stadiums worth of tickets. You know what I mean like I. I don't I don't know why you would I doing to in one weekend. Seems like an awful lot. Even though you're like well they're already doing a seven hour. Show why don't you break it up? I guess you can do to three hour shows with one one hour pre show before I don't know but it seems like really complicated especially since they already have the Ray Wrestlemainia was already set up. Was it already is not only is already two nights. It's already five nights. It's already smackdown or I'll hall of fame into smackdown into takeover into wrestlemainia into raw. You know you've already got your five nights who knows where this will lead next year. We can only assume and when I say assume I mean. I really hope that next year by the time this all rolls around That things are back to normal and wherein stadium in Los Angeles where we're supposed to be but when that happens you know what will have changed. How will this one go over? And and will the possibility of of wrestlemainia being two nights. Continue like there's all this history that is being written as we speak you know and and we are going to take as things normalize. I'm sure that the positives of whatever this experience is will be taken with us and some of the negatives worked out against you know things are going to be different coming out of it for the better for the worse. I don't even think we can speculate on next year's Wrestlemainia the same way. We can't we can't speculate on the night. After wrestlemainia let alone the year after Wrestlemainia all we can do is sit there and look forward and know that there is going to be a wrestlemainia this year and it is going down Saturday and Sunday. It is a two night wrestlemainia. There are what is it. Something like fourteen matches announced for Wrestlemainia. And we'll go over them and then we'll see what happens next. I would imagine the on the podcast. I mean I'll still be doing new podcast every week but I would imagine that more and more will be doing podcasts. Like we did on Thursday the Patriots on Thursday. Not Sam Thursday podcast. I went over my top ten wrestlemainia matches of all time. I'm assuming once Wrestlemainia is done. There may end up being a lot more history and lists and just you know talking about content that may be available on the wwe network because who knows who knows who's going to be able to run any semblance of a new live wrestling show After wrestlemainia but all we all we can speculate after Wrestlemainia or we can talk about. What's going on this week I know that a lot of there are people. That are are bummed out about Wrestlemainia but that I think you have to be bummed out about the state of the world that we're in right now. I mean that you just had to be bummed out about the fact that we're in the middle of a global pandemic every aspect of life has changed as far as how history looks at Wrestlemainia. This year you know. I've heard people say well. This is clearly going to be the worst wrestlemainia ever and Bob and it's like I don't. I don't think that's how we're going to look at this year's Wrestlemainia first of all. It may not be all that you know. I came on with the blazing hot take on last Monday. Show that edge versus Randy Orton in an empty arena. Match would be a better match than had been in the stadium at Wrestlemainia and I completely stand by that. Maybe now more than ever. Especially after Randy's Promo Randy had another promo of his life on raw by the way Kevin Owens and Seth rollins being in an empty building leading up to the match anyway so much better than had been in front of an audience. Seth rollins delivered the Promo the best promo that he's had since he turned heel on Monday in that empty building. And I don't know I think we'll talk about it with Becky Lynch there is. There is a different way of telling stories when you're in an empty building and there's a different way of cutting promos and there's just A. There's something that feels more real and feels more raw and some stuff is going to be a lot worse but some stuff ends up. Actually being better. Seth rollins has shined. Randy Orton has shined. Edge has shined these guys that? Can you know that that that have not only been every possible scenario conceivable but just the these are the guys that are the legends of the business? These are the guys that regardless of what you're GONNA do. I should say the people because it's not gender specific. These are the people that are just going to make it work and when you look at Wrestlemainia there are people on this show. They're just going to make it work now. I came out last week and made my list of matches and Peter Rosenberg. Whose with me last week was right. Maybe I should have gotten that podcast out quicker because I said on the podcast you could do. Aj styles versus the undertaker in a graveyard. But I don't think so you know I don't really WanNa do it that way. I could see them doing it that way but I think it would feel more real and more personal if you just did it on the street. That wasn't listened to. They went with the with the bone yard idea. I'm assuming that's very similar to a graveyard. All I could think about was maybe it would be where the hyenas hang out. In the Lion King you know the elephant graveyard slash boneyard. Maybe that's where it'll be. I don't know if you remember last guy said that the John Cena fiend match it could happen in the firefly on house. That's an idea but for me I prefer to just to happen in the ring I feel like putting in the firefly funhouse. We start to get away from this Idea that Bray Wyatt is a human was wronged by John. Cena as human and that story that started to be told in that Promo that the two of them had a couple of weeks ago in the empty building. They decided to go against me. They said No. Sam We liked the idea. We'RE GONNA go with firefight house. I said okay guys okay you earn to firefly funhouse. I'm sure it'll still be good. We'll do firefly funhouse The ladder match is now going to the tag teams for the Tag Team Championship. So that's not going to be between Charlotte and Rear Ripley but still for as much stuff as came up on the show last week. I would say that you know I was pretty pretty spot spot on enough that there were many asking all right enough of this Sam. Who's the source and I said the sources my brain. It's just understanding logic basic wrestling logic when you can apply logic to a place where there is none. You're a big winner. And that's what I'm able to do I suppose Let's talk about Wrestlemainia and I'm sure there will be more to preview on on the Thursday Patriarch podcast but based on what we know. Now there are. It's interesting there are few spoilers out there. I haven't heard any haven't seen any reliable spoilers from in terms of results of matches. I've only seen spoilers in terms of people who were supposed to be on the show that are not going to be on Wrestlemainia And who replaced them? I would imagine that those spoilers the fact that those spoilers are getting out that I think is being done on purpose by. Wwe The fact that we're getting spoilers of who is not on the show and who's replacing them but not who's winning matches and not giving away big surprises. I think that that's that's being done intentionally. There's some intentional leakage. Happening and I won't talk about all of them because I know some people are avoiding spoilers altogether but I think it's pretty well known that you know I mean Ryan Sat and put out the rumor or put out the news breaking bulletin which I would imagine again came from. Wwe To some extent I would think That Roman reigns is going to be part of Wrestlemainia just because He's a compromised immune system because of The cancer and everything that he's gone through the leukemia and so he just doesn't want to be part of it right now and you got to respect that But I was very interested on smackdown to see that there was no reference to it that watching smackdown. It was business as usual. Roman versus Goldberg at Wrestlemainia. I would think that the reason that that was left is because there will be something this week on smackdown the clarifies what is happening going into Wrestlemainia. I think that People are just left really confused with so much news coming off of. Wwe Is apparently wwe spam a ton of time at the performance center last week. Basically taping everything so these little droplets of news that are sneaking out of the performance center. That stuff that really in front of our eyes is GONNA play itself out over the course of two to three weeks so I'm still kind of waiting for it to play out but I think it'll be interesting when it does a couple of notes by the way I was very impressed with an x t on Wednesday and it was the first time. Wwe Did a wrestling heavy show in an empty building. And I thought annex t show is really really good so you know hats off to everybody that performed on annex t on Wednesday but I thought that that was. That was one of the best. Empty buildings shows the. Wwe is done you know. I think that They're definitely been shining moments on both raw and smackdown for the most part in the PROMOS. I think some of the guest commentator spots have been good some not all but some of the best comedy guest commentator spots on Ron smackdown of in very good. I think I think for Ron smackdown. Really the shining moments have been those promos annex t it was just really cool to see these people able to pull off two hours for the most part worth of wrestling so. I thought it was awesome. Let's get into what is scheduled for Wrestlemainia. So you've got and also how about you know every year for Wrestlemanias? Wwe has their wrestlemanias store and they put out four five six t shirts of the top matches on the show so all the top wrestlemainia matches have their own t shirt as well as the I was there. T. Shirt and just you know. One Hundred Fifty Wrestlemainia hoodies and just tons and tons of specialized merchandise. That really. I mean I know that some people buy it online but I would think for the most part. It's people who were there. I mean. Look I've worked the last three wrestlemanias Anna last three wrestlemanias. I've gone to the store and bought a whole bunch of stuff. This is actually the first wrestlemainia that I will be home for Since twenty I went to resume twenty nine. Obviously that was in New York. I went to thirty in New Orleans. Thirty one in Palo Alto thirty two in Dallas. Thirty three was the first Wrestlemania that I worked on the KICKOFF SHOW FOR AN ORLANDO. Thirty four was back to New Orleans. Thirty five was back to New York. All three of those I was on the kickoff show for now thirty six. I'm with the rest of us at home watching but it's an experience we're all going through. I think that I think that's the way history will look at this as as just a moment like oh do you remember how crazy it was when this had to happen you know. I think that this will be wrestlemainia with an asterix next to it as apoe like you wouldn't rank this the same way you wouldn't rank. Hey how good was the two thousand twenty. Nba season? Well you know. We'll put an asterisk next to it because it stopped halfway through. I don't know I don't know what would have happened but we'll talk about it historically but we can't really run. Its rank that on what's better. What's worse and who knows who knows how good some of this stuff will be so. They haven't announced at all what matches are happening. Which night they've announced fourteen matches. So you would think you're getting seven matches per show more or less right. Some might be longer than others but more or less. They're not doing Any battle royals which make sense. In a world of social distancing it becomes a little bit hard to control everybody. That's in Everybody that's in these matches you know. When is a battle royal? Hey guys if I can interrupt for just a moment you've heard me bring up a couple times throughout this episode already but the best way to help support not Sam. 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That I record here in the studio and so much more I access to the videos I access to everything and of course everybody gets access to our discord room where we are building a community of people but listen to not sam wrestling on the rag and twenty four hours a day seven days a week are talking about everything wrestling related that you can possibly imagine and I'm in there as well join today. Become a not Sam. She'll at Patriotair dot com slash. Not Sam wrestling. We've got a lot. We've got Ria Ripley versus Charlotte for the next two women's championship. I so this is going to be an interesting one for me because you know logic would have you believe that. This is really a match to put a spotlight on. How good annexed by the way speaking of annexed? Ti on Wednesday. How creative and we talked about this a little bit on the Patriot show on Thursday. How creative was it to have triple h teas? We're GONNA put this at Wrestlemainia and have Johnny Gargano. Tell them no when he said this has got to be on the biggest stage voice that we don't need it on a big stage that to me. I mean you hear commentators say. This match is a wrestlemainia caliber match. This match could happen wrestlemainia. This is but that to me is the most creative way of leading an audience. Know that something is wrestlemainia worthy without actually having to say it you know. I just thought that was a cool. Little thing that they did for Gargano and Champa so re-really versus Charlotte logic would. Have you believe that this match is about putting a spotlight on the new and putting spotlight on an xt? Right this match the logic of it would have you believe that. It's all about making rea- Ripley. Look like a million bucks and she gets her moment but that said I think Charlotte flares in a little bit of danger. Charlotte flair is in this dangerous spot of believe. She's the best women's wrestler on the planet when you combine everything best women's sports entertainer on the planet when you combine athleticism when you combine in ring when you combine promo when you combine personality when you combine a star factor it factor. I think Charlotte is the one that has it all. I think that Charlotte is as a female equivalent of John Cena. I've said that from the beginning. I believe it now more than ever but I think that something happens when you're as good as Charlotte that You run the risk of people taking that for granted and the fact that you can lose matches and not lose any of your star power you know. I think that's that's John. Cena story is all about the bray. You thought that about him but bray lost enough matches that he lost his star power. I don't think that that's a risk with Charlotte but I do hate to see that type of talent be taken for granted you know. I I personally would be much happier seeing Charlotte win the NFC championship. I Want Charlotte to win the annex t women's Championship and I want Charlotte to go to annex t and basically hold the place hostage by the way she doesn't have to leave raw charlotte can show up on raw with the NFC championship and everytime she's on TV. It's just a commercial for what's happening Wednesday nights on USA. But I think Charlotte's should be the next women's champion coming off of Wrestlemainia. You know that that that now I mean. Look at what you've got after that you know we're we're sitting here right. And we're getting ready for this Annex t women's ladder match. That's happening in two weeks on Wednesday. There's a gauntlet Second Chance Gauntlet match Zay Dakota kyw a Lia. Everybody that's lost matches gets a second chance right. We're assuming that somebody of those six is going onto the ladder match six way ladder match and let's be honest. We're assuming that the winner of that is GonNa Face Rear Ripley at the next takeover or whenever that matches allowed to happen. But how interesting would it be if if Bianca Belair one that ladder match and Charlotte one at Wrestlemainia? Everybody's been asking. What do you think this is gonNA lead to Bianca Bel Air in Charlotte Unique Bianca? Bel Air you know up until three weeks ago people were wondering if Bianca Bel Air would find her way into the match was Charlotte Rea- Ripley. I went on the bump. I it doesn't make any sense. She lost both people. She has no business in that match. But I think it's a hell of a lot more interesting to have charlotte walk out of Wrestlemainia with the women's championship and have either e or Bianca. Belair or Dakota Kyw if she wins the gauntlet match or whoever wins the ladder match going on to go like okay now my next challenge Charlotte and by the way now. You've got Ria Ripley. Who wants another shot at Charlotte? And you've got the winner of the women's ladder match that wants a shot at Charlotte. Keep in mind. You've got entire annexed to women's roster that's not too keen on Charlotte coming in here and taking the division back you. This is our time not your time so I think that there's there's much more potential for storytelling. I know you guys want that moment. Where Ripley stands tall at Wrestlemainia? But I wouldn't mind seeing reassembly after work a little bit more for something. I wouldn't mind seeing Ripley. Have some setbacks and have to come back from them. Shane obeys ler is the has the longest combined reign of any annex t women's champion. You know why it's a combined rain because at one point she lost a kite. Saying we don't really talk about that but she had to struggle. She had to fight back and then she went on Ria Ripley. Basically has this reputation of being you know the future and being the most bad ass person ever because she beat the person that's beat the entire women's roster okay to be the man you gotTa beat the man but it's not the same as being the person who beat the whole roster. She doesn't have the same energy. Shayna baseler Katrina. Baiser went through systematically destroyed the entire roster. You know I mean it's it's to me it's a shortcut if rea- Ripley just goes in she beat. Shane obeys lower than she beats. Charlotte she goes. Okay now. I'm the I'm the just the Queen of everything will you haven't beaten all just because you beat the people the beat everybody else doesn't mean you beat everybody else so. I would like to see that setback happen. I would like to see Ripley. Have to go all the way to the back of the line but take a few steps back at least realized that now not only has she lost the annex t women's championship a Wrestlemainia. Not only issue blown her opportunity to really shine but she doesn't even get the next opportunity because there's a ladder match that she's not involved in. That's the way I want to match to go. I Want Charlotte to win yet. Brock listener versus drew McIntyre. You know I think when I talked to Peter Rosenberg. I'm with him. I think that I think that this I think brock wins this. I think brock should win it. I think that drew should come back at Summer Slam and get his moment. You know and I get it. It's not the same as getting a moment wrestlemainia but this is not the same as getting a moment. Wrestlemainia you know. I think that I think that there should be some chicanery you know. I think that we can get there without making drew. Look worse and again we can spend some time now. Rebuilding DREW MCINTYRE AND REALLY MAKING. The people want it. But I think I think drew once once we're back in in buildings that's drew in Arenas and stadiums that to me is win. Drew should win that title. I WANNA hear Boston. React AT SUMMER. Slam FOR DREW MCINTYRE. Finally winning the championship. I also WANNA hear Paul. Heyman show up on raw on Monday. Go see I told you. Drew McIntyre would never be brock listener and by the way drew McIntyre will never have an opportunity to face brock listener again. And then drew's gotTa figure it out between now and August how he's going to get that opportunity But that's that's I want brock listener to win that match because of the situation because of of of the circumstances I think it would be better for all parties involved. Goldberg versus Roman reigns of course It would appear that that's not happening And I have heard rumors about who? Goldberg's opponent is actually going to be Either way whoever Goldberg defends his title against at Wrestlemainia Goldberg should not leave wrestlemainia universal champion. No matter what the scenario is no matter? What's going on in the rest of the world where there's eighty thousand people in building or zero people in building? Goldberg should not leave. Wrestlemainia with the championship at all Universal Championship should be back on smackdown. Even if we can't do live smack downs for a little for a few weeks for a month forever long. It's going to be. We should at least know that the champion will be on the show wants. The show is back I don't think Goldberg should leave. The performance center Orlando as universal champion at all not one iota and I would talk about like Oh who do you think should should face? Goldberg one scenario somebody because I think I already know who's going to face Goldberg but one scenario that I saw somebody put out. There was how interesting would it be if they made it? So that the winner of the fiend versus Johnson gets the shot at Goldberg. Which would be interesting. It would be interesting but you know I don't know if it's necessary. We got into this mess. Because the fiend was the champion. You know what I mean. I don't know how quickly we want to get back there. A six pack challenge has become a fatal five-way becky. Bailey is defending the smackdown women's championship against Lacey Evans. Naomi SASHA BANKS INTO MEENA. I don't yeah I don't I? Don't here's there's there's a few scenarios for this. That worked fine for me. I don't think this is the moment for lacy or Naomi. I think Naomi should get another crack at the women's championship at some point. But I don't think this is the moment for it. I think it would be really interesting to put the title onto Meena but I think really what you have to do here is have Sasha Tournai Bailey and get that title you know. Sasha banks is the biggest women's star on smackdown right now and she's not the champion and that's Bass ackward if you ask me. I think Sasha banks should turn on Bailey. I think Sasha banks should leave with the title I think going forward. Bailey is a good guy again but not hug Hug Bailey. It's it's you know we're we're finding that comfortable middle ground where Bailey is just a human being. You know But that's the way I would do that undertaker versus AJ styles. I mean this seems pretty. Cut and dry to me. Aj was very disrespectful. Aj brought up pictures of undertaker with a tiger. Aj brought up the man's wife. I think the good guy beats the bad guy here bad guy. Aj styles will be fine. You know I think Gals and Anderson get involved. I think cain maybe gets involved but at the end of the day. I think the undertaker tombstones AJ styles on a pile of bones in the middle of a bone yard and And undertaker undertaker wins this one like I said before Kevin Owens versus Seth Rollins. I to tell you the truth. I wasn't psyched on this match until Monday. One week ago was when I started to get excited about this match. And that was because of Seth rollins Promo Seth Rollins. Promo set things up. Perfectly to say that Kevin Owens is owed a wrestlemainia moment. I think when Seth Rollins is a bad guy and when he's on his game there is nothing better we got. We got a reminder of why we all thought Seth Rollins was the guy and not Roman reigns when he was a bad guy the first time we got a reminder of why I mean. Here's what I want you to do. If you're not sure about seth rollins. Here's what I want you to go back to. When he was injured. Okay go back. Twenty was injured years ago. His return was messed up. He returned as a bad guy. Even though his his injury it was like triple h levels of disappointment for the fans meaning when triple h got injured and he came back even though when he left he was a bad guy when triple h returned it was like he was the biggest guy in the company. Seth could've been that way to go to the wwe network and watch the documentary. That was filmed on seth. While he was recuperating I challenge you I challenge you to tell me. He's not your favorite wrestler after that documentary. That is the Seth rollins. We need to get back to and I feel like that's happening here. I think Kevin owns sh- probably will and should win this match. I don't think you know you spend your time on. Tv pointing out that a guys failure and fails at Wrestlemainia and then he goes to Wrestlemainia and fails. It's tough for him to come back on Monday and say I'm still good though right because I would say no clearly. You're not very good Kevin. But if you win you go well. I guess the curse is broken. Isn't it and that's what you WANNA see. So Kevin Owens in that one. I've heard a lot about the MS and John Morrison versus the new day versus Usoz I I would probably let Miz and Morrison retain you know although they haven't done that much as champions to tell you the truth and I know wow. They defended against every tag team in the Elimination Chamber. Yeah yeah streep profits versus and dry Angel Garza. That's another match that I've heard stuff about but Yeah I would think that the prophets win in that match. Just a classic. Let's put some bad guys together and have them lose to the good guy. Tag team champions Alastair black versus Bobby Lashley with Lana ouster black. Elias versus King Corbin. Some point BANCORP has got to start winning matches right guy who loses every match and then is still like. Oh he's gotta face Baron Corbin I think Barron Corbin's gotTa make mincemeat out of allies here. He should especially every threw him off that podium. I really hope I really hope this is all Baron Corbin Intercontinental Championship. Sammy's aim versus Daniel. Bryan again this mess should be on on grappling. Matt's this should be in a grappling. Jim this should be a traditional Greco Roman style wrestling match withdrew. Gulick as a coach and says. Ro in Nakimora coaches. I think Sammy's ancient win. This match actually I. I think I yeah I think there should be a there should be a same Zane specialty I mean. I think that Sammy's Zane as an annoying bad guy. It's it's like you have this guy who can be a great manager and also it's imaginative. Bobby Heenan didn't represent the intercontinental champion. Imagine if Bobby Heenan was the intercontinental champion and then like Rick Rubin Hukou made shore that he retained that title all the time it would be so obnoxious but in the best possible way. I love this this twist on an old classic for Sammy's aim so I want him to keep the title here. And then of course the peace deras e stalls edge versus. Randy Orton last man. Standing empty arena. They're gonNA tear the house down. I have no doubt about it. This this one hundred percent for me is going to be the match that steals the show. Now look something that you have to keep in mind is. We've now got a two night by the way this hosted by Rob Gronkowski keep in mind. Now we've got fourteen matches that are going to play out over two days at an empty performance center. Everything that we've seen from. Wwe On television so far save for x t has been a lot of magic dust. Right every show has had at least one if not to pre-tape matches from all shows Every show has been promo promo heavy and every show has had maybe two matches total and those two matches are usually like four minutes long so I think the wwe is going to have a lot up their sleeves for wrestlemainia. I I would imagine. We're still going to have lots of surprises. Did I talk about Becky? I don't think I think I skipped Becky Lynch. I skipped two matches Becky Lynn versus Shane. Obeys Ler it's one of those things. It depends on what you WANNA do here. If you WANNA keep becky lynch like I see. I see Charlotte John. Cena I see becky lynch like Hulk Hogan some people say like Stoeckel. I'd say like Hulk Hogan I see becky lynch like Hulk Hogan and yeah you have that moment you know you have your survivor series. Ninety one moment where you really WanNa get the undertaker over and he beats Hulk Hogan you could do that. You could have this moment. Where all my God? Shane obeys largest tapped out. Becky Lynch there really is no stopping her. Or You could have Becky Lynn. I my instinct is to have becky win. I think it would be a lot. I think it would do. A million thousand hundred things for. Shane obeys to beat Becky Lynch it would make her. It would put her on top immediately but I mean it almost goes back to Ripley. I would almost rather see her. Continue to prove herself. We haven't seen her that much since she's come to raw. I mean. She took out everybody in the Elimination Chamber. But I'd rather see her. Take out everybody in individual matches. You know I'm not ready to see. Shayna baiser do that although I mean you have Shayna. Baiser beat Becky Lynch. And now she's got to have the big comeback possible. You know I'm I'm not I I'm kind of I feel like Wrestlemainia Becky. Lynn should have the moment to stand Haiku. Right now. I've got Charlotte winning bad guy. I've got brock winning bad guy. I got Gobert losing which is good. I got a lot of bad guy. Entertainment Kevin owns but in terms of main events edge. Beating Randy Orton. A lot of bad guys winning at Wrestlemainia though for me so I feel like you need to give this one to Becky but I am going to sit here and acknowledge that if you add shine a win. It really does make Shayna for Monday night raw and then by the way in the interview that we do this week with Becky Lynch She does hint to. Maybe something that could be added. I think for Wrestlemainia this year and then John Cena versus the fiend has got to be the feed. It's definitely got to be the So what I was saying. Before was that. They haven't done a ton of wrestling heavy main roster wrestling heavy matches at the performance center in front of no audience. I have to believe that there's GonNa be a ton of pomp and circumstance. I have to believe that there will be a ton of surprises. I have to believe that there will be a ton of tricks. I think this is going to be a very very creative wrestlemainia. I don't think that this is going to be two nights to three. To four hour shows of wrestling matches would know audience. I think you're GONNA see all these matches or some interruption of them. But you're going to see I think you're gonNA see a lot of tricks you know and we still got an episode of raw and we still got an episode of smackdown to add stipulations to these things. I still think Daniel Bryan versus Sammy. Zane must happen on a grappling. I still think Elias versus King. Corbin must happen in a concert hall. You know I still think Kevin owns versus seth. Rollins should be in a cage. But that's me that's me I'm optimistic. I think it's going to be really interesting. Memorable show So yeah that's what I'm thinking I'm looking in the discord room and soak it. Says I'd like to see Becky win. But not what the disarm her maybe multiple. Beck splutters you know. I think it's one of those things where he's got a win on a roll up. You know what I mean I. I don't think that Becky should win. I think she should win. In a very similar white you know you know how she should win with the exact same pin that she beat Ronda. Rousey with that's how becky should now Chenab as ler shoulder should actually be on the mat but I think she should win with the exact same pin just because it would make everybody talk. It would be poetic. It would lead to this moment and Shane obeys our could sit there glaring at her from the outside. You know I and then you could have a great return match with. Shane obeys ler wanting to avenge her only defeat. You know what I mean. I think it could be more interesting to have becky being the only one that can beat Shayna than have Shayna being the only one that could be becky But I think she should pin her the same way she pinned Ronda Rousey with that kind of back. Row thing But yeah like I said. I'm optimistic for this thing. I think it's GonNa be interesting. I think he's GonNa be different then. Think it's going to be memorable and those are the only things that you can ask for in wrestling. I also I would love to make I. I could be doing something cool this week. I want you guys to make sure that you're following me on social media because I don't want to jinx anything and announce anything too early but within a couple days I should be able to say something So make sure that you're following me. Not Sam on twitter instagram facebook. Wherever because once it's one hundred fifty percent confirmed. I'll confirm it with you guys but I don't. I never like announcing anything when I think there's even a seed of doubt. I never like announcing. I just don't like doing it and I don't like jinxing anything by announcing it early so follow me across all forms of social media. 'cause there could be something Super cool happening this week For anybody that supports yours truly last professional broadcaster Speaking of cool people. The man Becky Lynch is my guest on the show this week Which is wild. She's still doing media. Even though you know what's going on in the world is going on in the world it really does tell you How how how? A hundred percent a champion is in the wwe. Becky Lynch of course days before her match was Shayna Baiser. Wrestlemainia talks to me about everything that she's been going through about whether or not she slowing down about Doing promos in front of empty buildings about prepping for a match in front of no audience and and everything else including the truck. Ladies and gentlemen my guest this week on not Sam. Wrestling is not other then. The man herself by the way. I can't believe that nobody has the wwe hasn't done a montage to becky lynch stuff and play Johnny cash as the man comes around. That's why this podcast called a man comes around this week and the man comes around right now ladies and Gentlemen Becky Lynch. Hey before we get to the interview. I know you guys are stuck at home. Quarantined up in your houses. But you're probably there with your partner if you have a partner if you don't have a partner it's probably because at one point you did have a partner and that partner of your's was saying. I need to be physically gratified right now. Please and you said I don't know if I could do that. I don't know if I can fulfill your every last desire and that partner was like okay. 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I can't even believe you're doing this phone call right now and I've looked at like what you're doing as the world is turned upside down. Do you feel like you have slowed down one iota or Yeah a little bit but in In the best possible way they think. Sometimes you're so busy going and on The don't really get a chance to to think about everything that's going on Gives you sit back and get a little bit more creative and think of when when things like this are happening. What can you do to us? How can you? How can you make story go for it and then it gets front way? How can how can you push the envelope in in ways? That people aren't Aren't doing so I think that's what That's what I can complain and I think when you don't have those obstacles you you don't think about them. Yeah that makes a lot of science especially I was thinking like when you've got somebody that you had a triple threat with but you really don't have a ton of experience with in the ring you know you've had a couple of confrontations yet the Triple Threat November. But beyond that. You really haven't had time together to figure out who you guys are in a match. Is that something that weighs on you. You're like okay. We've got to figure out not only what this chemistry is. But now what stories can we tell when? There's no audience in the building absolutely and the thing that Shane as well as she's she's such a technician and she clearly skilled she's she was a top cage. H Wider for ten years straight Pioneer for women's MMA she's Held the NFC women's sham being shipped. For God I don't know that the combined longest rain an and she has a huge skill set. But we haven't really seen much of it on well. I haven't witnessed coach of it first time because always high is yes. That's triple threats. We didn't put a bunch and Took me and a little bit of a wall and then I smile during the back of the head with a with a chair and she'll apart from that there's been no feeling out process this is going to be Is this GonNa be interested in the ring? Wrestlemania others well. It took him up to cool I think for me the fact that there is no find somebody who flies from that energy you feed off. The energy to the people are are what got me to wear a out for them. I don't know that I'd be doing what to do it So that's going to be interesting but I didn't so something that I've talked to sit back. We evaluate home. I rejoice GONNA use like five As opposed to like just launch. Yeah what was it like when you first stepped in the ring on raw for an empty arena? Promo because you're right. I mean I think that that you and your whole style has been kind of reacting to and giving the fans something to react to like. There's that kind of course. And that's why I feel like you've been able to maintain for the last year since last year's Wrestlemainia on this level where the fans haven't turned on you like they're still riding with you pretty much on the same level that they were when you were the underdog who just needed this opportunity when you get in there and it's like okay. I'm going to deliver this Promo. This is what I do. This is what I'm good at but now there's not an audience so like I can't draw the line and have the audience either laugh or go. Ooh Or cheer or whatever it is like these catchphrases that you've kind of mastered you can only assume that they're working at home right. Yeah that's the hope and I think that's what you've got to be a little bit more folks and really think what your message is what you want to get across the nuances that you want people to pick up on and you have to read anything that you have to be hero in. Remember that even though there's nobody there there's millions of people watching at home. I'm a needle breaking that needing escape As if you give them out of it it does require a whole different A whole different set of concentration Because we are used to riffing off the crash okay. That didn't work out. All right. All right there with me on this okay. They didn't know about okay. Maybe we're just here so So now we're really just going on instincts. Would we feel it's right? Yeah and it's kind of I feel like where you figure out who the really great performers are because there have been moments where you go not only did that work that might have worked better in an empty arena than it would have in a full arena just because people are adapting and people are now working directly off their instincts. Did you kind of have in your head okay? This is this is going to feel like this is how I need to change things up or was it when you got into the ring and you let that first sentence out and it was quiet behind you. Is that where it clicks in and you go. Oh this is what this feels like. This is where we're going from here so I think I've had a bit of an advantage because I personal like a came from the independent work you use to performing in front of nobody in of step in and I it's been as quiet as if there is no nobody in the crowd at maybe some time so people wish you can hear everything that they aren't saying maybe they're not so good still Yeah I think that helped as well I also think You know I got my degree and I think we would have to do those things or ghetto helping makes any noise and And you have to perform this Say things but it's also just it's talking and it's it's what I feel and it's It's my mindset. The amplitude school at their vocalizing. What you just have to make sure you do it in an engaging way. It doesn't third to become monotonous. Yeah Yeah and yeah you have confidence that your point has been made even though there's nobody there letting you know we get what you're saying right. Yes hopefully I hope two points. That I'm making are intelligent and articulate enough. People get so whether there is a credit for now. Yeah I mean it's interesting because I feel like it makes it so that storytelling becomes even more important than ever before right that the that you're watching. I'm watching at home and I'm going okay now. I'm getting now I'm really. It's not just energy that I'm watching. I'm getting sucked into what's being said. I'm getting I'm listening to the stories being told and now I really start to figure out motivation and I really start to figure out the wise in all this Jackie and I'm that's the most interesting part eventually it's all about the nuances and yet people tune into any show for its the nuances and I The nuances of stories coming back. So the more we keep telling that and Keep doing that that that I was thinking about the ability. That all of you really especially now but it's just part of the way. Wwe works the ability to kind of go with the flow and change on the drop of a dime and just figure out what today's set of circumstances. And how are we going to work with? Those made me think about like a year and a half ago before last year's Wrestlemainia when everything changed a week before survivor series. When you had this match that was at the time going to be the biggest match your career with Rhonda Rousey it was. I think one of the first times that people were going into a pay per view going. That's it's a women's match and that's the match that I want to see the most and it got cancelled last minute because of injury But it ended up obviously working out for the better because of what it ended up leading to at Wrestlemainia. Do you think when you think back on that now like a year and a half later. Do you think if you had had that match at survivor series with Rhonda in twenty eighteen. I guess Do you think wrestlemainia would've been the same last year? Well that's a good question It's so hard to tell I think would have Everything that I quote to get into that much I I really. I think that was what they want it. That was what I think. I just found way If there's one thing I feel like I was thinking about it and it's For finding the way to adopt to get into positions that have wanted to give. It's not always work that for the majority of the time to to Baker one really has and it's like you see a path try clear that leaves to get there but it so crazy just the entire year and a half from from dodge from launch for the two thousand Eighteen Wrestlemainia two thousand twenty today for instance the but a lot of things that have happened so interesting but it's all a pet adoption and survival and that's what humans are so great at the I'm that's what you've gotta do a performer. Actually yes that's something that that played into your head after you won the title last year that okay. I'm not the underdog anymore. I'm not the People's choice that can just never get ahead. I've gotten literally everything that I've wanted. I got the main event Wrestlemainia. I beat the biggest star in the company. I literally want both titles. There is no more opportunity that I could sit there and say I deserve. I'm not getting now. I'm getting it and now I've got to live up to that That that that level. And that's a moment where a lot of people if they're not ready for it if they don't change and they don't adapt as we're talking about fan start to turn on him. That's when it's like. That's almost like that that moment when your favorite band goes from this independent band to the band that everybody likes and then you go. Why don't like him anymore because now everybody likes him did you. Did you think to yourself over the last year? I have to keep changing. I have to keep people on their toes because otherwise I'm GONNA lose them. Oh Oh yeah. Yeah all all all the time I stocked with everything like okay. How do you tell this story or you know? It's it's you've seen in the ring with. Flies is different you like for example. Wrestling Sasha. I'd already rash look at different but is it different. This time How can I get people to care about this you on themselves? Why should they care about this? Moore? The same with off got global about the one like it never beach that is all of this falls. Visit Hopping the Oscars one person. I can never be an what do I have to do to change to a dot learned in this journey. And how can I show the people that Okay Kalin this? I've changed I've got I've moved on a throne of course it's with all of their support all their health and and I think a lot of that is is listening knowing your audience but also not want people are are entitled to change their opinion then there They might they might turn our view and they might You might not be for them anymore. They might want somebody fresh in my want. Somebody I that. That's okay that that the your reasoning for for adjusting. What you doing it has to feel right and feel okay. This is where I'm going. Is this the purpose that I want to to follow? Is this a story that I want to tell and you have to think okay? They people love me and they're gonNA look whatever I do and let me serve them. What is the best way that I can entertain instead of the people that are going to hate me how can I entertain them? How can I make them to me? That's just not Jimmy. You're not you're not ever that's like that's like chasing after the boy. You just like you. You know it's like how can I change me? It's just not gonNA happen to you. Know I think you have to keep thinking okay looking like my son for what did they want to see? I how can I serve that? I I think that's yeah and there are some times. We have to go to wrestlers and you have to look at them and I know you want the fans. But they're just not that into you right now. They're just they're just not that into you. Not that yeah it's damn somebody else. There's nothing you can do about it. Do you have a favorite match moment story anything in the last year that you feel like since winning the title like that is that is something that I'll put up on the metaphorical mantle. You know. I think it'd been Being like three or four I. I think I really proud of much at houses sell. Sasha beat the hell out of each other Creative pose a different story and then when it came to Oh I Summer slam wrestling heard a home country and not really having a lot of time and both of us being the inside saved rich How'd do you had you? Had you make people care about this without getting bored and submission which is always hard because you know what False finishes in dot regard the one to take. Oh No So it That was tricky and that was a child was and I was really. I'd much too. And then and then Oscar just finally getting to be her and then We had a match on raw. Do much before. Shannon from Camden did a big chunk of them. A Walk about that was three segments. And I think we had Because we haven't worked together a lot right and I think you just saw Rebellious adopted on. Learn each other's bodies better and We're able to put on a better a better Much Have a hell of a fight by the end of it when you go into this match with. Shane Obeys Ller for Wrestlemainia. Are You thinking to yourself? Not only do we have to make this a great match. But how do we remind people that this is Wrestlemainia? Like you know what I mean. We're we're so used to Wrestlemainia being in this these stadiums full of people where everybody's around all weekend and just the world looks different. It's it's it's it's not the greatest timing in the world for for what's going on globally to be happening at the same time as Wrestlemainia but the show goes on as best it can and it almost becomes completely reliant on you the performers to remind US watching at home this is wrestlemainia. We need to give you that feeling that you're used to have you thought about how does how do. I translate that feeling in the energy in this circumstance. I think the word that you just use the energy. It's not energy that you feel that That tentative and why it's so important to you why is this so that you hold onto this championship especially now especially in a time where people people need something to be traded about Something to look forward to and the fact that we're able to still get the mess ameinias very psychotic On the fact that okay. They can't be here with their watching at home because they can't be here. I think. Keep that in the dot of knowing but they're all tune in then I you have to bring it more like this is. This is your time as a performer. Where you really have to give them what they need. And what date is there especially this crazy? I think you find that realizing like this is so important. Why do you want to win this this championship? So bad? Why do I need to retain this Kathy? Chips about Think overnight and fighting with your whole heart. Yeah Yeah I mean I think I think that's it. Whose idea was it to put the becky low key graphic on a t shirt with you in the crown and the sunlight's isn't for coat and the title. Whose idea was that to make that. A T shirt. Oh that was So they sent they. They sent me right right. The next day they had they had low key on the low key. Becky written taken off at that age. Just the image by itself. It's just it's so cool. Yeah I haven't gotten yes. I like it a lot. I think it's a good idea and it's the second time in your mugshot was a t-shirt too. I feel like that's that's now the second photo from the TV show that they've just been like okay. Now this is a t shirt it is actually pretty good What happened to face on the I? Guess that's what it is that great little face. What happened to the Becky Lynch truck so on a couple of weeks ago looked awesome? Felt like you know if somebody was like. Hey here's a not Sam truck that we want you to drive in you know this week. I'd be like this is great but I'm GONNA need to keep this truck and drive it everywhere because you know there's no better clout in the world do you. Did you make any effort whatsoever to keep the Becky Lynch truck? Oh you'll see it again. Not It again. Good you will see it again. I also I hope so but still necessary. It's an unnecessary monstrosity. Right exactly every every championship should have their face on a truck. Every every chance I think so. I think absolutely what happens to you when you when you slow down. Because I'm sure a lot of a lot of people have said the thing that you don't understand once you become a champion in the WWe. A world champion. It's a totally different ballgame. You know. The the schedule's not only the matches being on every show the media that level of matches. Just it's non-stop non-stop non-stop and you've been doing that for a year. What happens to you when you start to slow down when you travel less when you when you end up in a situation like you said where you you have begun to slow down and go back into your brain a little bit. Yeah we'll we have to write in but it's probably one of those things where it's it's it's it's painful at the beginning but it so what need is so good because you get so So busy doing But you never get to to sit and be with yourself and okay. How how are you feeling how? How has the whole year? Thank you And so I I. You know 'cause you're so used to being on the go on the go go have a good time and and I think sometimes you get exhausted and go God. I'd love a minute and then as soon as you get a minute. You're like no. I'm not working or whatever you know so it's constantly having to have it to buy those two sides. I mean the first First Week was a bit of an adjustment. Not Leasing on the Friday. And they'll go and work back onto do have shows and we're not gonNA do appearances and all of them getting counseled And and then you go okay all right well let me let me sit back. Let me study some more arrests than let me. Let me watch matches. And and Let me let me ride by what they want for the future and Let me We'll catch up with with with most points that I haven't talked to you. Let me say from people and all of those things that are also. Sometimes you know you can feel like you neglect what it's all cocoa and so it really is. It's been cooled that to be able to be at home and Cook Coke. Hey a cook every meal and And we don't get to do you know also it's it's little things like that. I think he appreciated you know that you can't. There's nothing you can do right like because they feel like you can. You can often get that on-scene when like you think. Oh what should I be doing once? You're GONNA be doing work harder when the answer is look at the moment really you can do this. You can start eating. Whatever you're upset drink potato you know. Yeah Yeah and remember like the thing about being a superstar is that you forget your human being sometimes every now and then you gotta start being a human being again and then you can pull it the superstar card after that. Yeah which is not for too long right right right back on. What before I let you go. I need to know what did you say to Byron? Saxton in the ring. You're the first person that got to speak to him. I feel like after. He took a swift swift. Nut shot from stone. Cold Steve Austin and then a stunner and I watched that and I saw you right before you took the beer. You look down and I'm assuming you said something did you say something to Byron. I said sorry about you. Sorry Sir what's going to happen then Bed Who knows what I what I senator to access. So many periods. Yeah that's right that's right. Well Look Wrestlemainia is going down Saturday and Sunday two nights. The bigger. It's the first WRESTLEMANIA. That's two nights. Do you have a preference. I mean after main eventing Wrestlemainia. Do you still have in your head. I want to go on last now. That it's two nights doesn't matter which night you're on. Do you have a preference where Becky Lynch and Shane Obeys Ler Lands on the card? Or is it just a scenario where you WANNA steal the show just scenario or want to feel the show and have a good flaking? That's all I WANNA do I just WANNA go there. And our people forget about what's going on in the world with five and And Walk Out of there. That's that's what I want. Shane Obeys Ler. Becky Lynch Saturday Sunday. Wwe Network Free for new subscribers wrestlemainia man. It's whether whether you feel it or not you will by the weekend because it's Wrestlemainia. Nothing can take that away from us. Thank you so much becky lynch thanks. Thanks for listening. Follow at not Sam on Twitter. Instagram facebook and you to rate review subscribe. This has been not sam wrestling.

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