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He everyone Samantha Leigh right here. Just wanted to pop on this week and let you all know that we are not going to be releasing a new episode this week. I'm gonna take a little bit of time off this holiday season to just be with my family, but I did want to pop on and take this opportunity instead of releasing a new episode. I thought I'd pop on here and simply say merry Christmas. Happy holidays and answer. A few frequently asked listener questions, I have five questions here that are most frequently asked to me via Email or on our Facebook page. So if you have any of these questions now, you'll know the answer the first question is this is sort of a young living question. What is the difference between young living vitality oils and young living non vitality oils or just regular oils? So if you are a young living member, you know, what I'm talking about. If you're not you might be a little confused but young living essential oils. They label a central. Oils, either as us internally like you can consume this oil as a, you know, supplement like lavender vitality, for example, or as a cosmetic as in. You can use this oil topically as in regular, lavender. Now this came about a couple years ago because the FDA had a huge sort of crackdown as they call it on young living central oils, and the FDA basically said, hey, young living youth been labeling this one product as a consumable and as a cosmetic. So essentially, you're calling something a food or supplement and a topical cosmetic thing. And hey, we don't really have anything like that in our category. Check box thing. So you can't do that. We need you to choose whether your product is either consumable or topical or cosmetic. So young living was like well darn I mean, so many of our oils can be used internally AMT topically. What do we do? Well, how about we create a vitality line? So this lets people know that if something is labeled as a vitality oil is totally cool to use it as a consumable use it internally. But then if that same oil can also be used topically, let's just put that in another bottle in don't put the word vitality on it. So if you look at Limon vitality, for example, on the back, it'll sate us internally, you know, put in a capsule or put it in your TV when I talk on the show here because I am a young living distributor. I'm supposed to follow those same FDA guidelines. So if I talk about using peppermint in my brownies, I am supposed to say, peppermint vitality. Because if I talk about just regular peppermint. I'm only supposed to talk about how you can use that topically. So they are identical oils in the bottle so back to the limit as an example, limit vitality. Essential oil. You can use it internally. You can put it in your cookies, you can put it in your tea. You can put it in your water, lemon not vitality or just regular lemon oil. You can put it over your liver for liver support just mix it with some coconut oil slap it on your belly. Whatever you wanna do topically both are identical oils. So you are happy to use them. However, you want young living's only allowed to tell you to use them in one of those ways. So all the vitality oils, it's kind of cool. Because now if you wanna see if an oil is safe to use internally just go on the young will be website. See if it has a vitality version, if it has a vitality version than absolutely totally safe to take internally in small quantities. Of course, he's common sense. If there's not a tally option that doesn't necessarily mean it's not safe to take internally. It just might probably mean that it's not very commonly taken internally or that it is unsafe. But you can do some further research from there if you wanna. Kind of understand the safety of using oils internally if they're not labeled by Taliban. So I hope that answers that question. I hope that makes sense next question. Okay. I get this one a lot. And I I love you guys so much for asking this question. But it's it kind of puts me in a tricky spot. So the question is basically, I have a lot of you listeners writing in saying, basically, hey Sam I signed up with young living through a friend of mine who introduced me to young Levin. So I bought my starter kit. But my friend is not really into the business side. She's not a business builder. She's not a business coach, I have no resources to help me start my young living business. Can I switch to your team? Can I switch and make you my sponsor? So the short answer here is no when you sign up for young living when you create your account you are asked for a sponsor number. That is whoever introduced to you too young living. You put that sponsor number in. And that is who your sponsor is for life. If you don't put a sponsor number in young, your what's called, a an orphan and young living will assign you a sponsor usually based on your location. So if you're in young living, you use, you know, a friend's member number to sign up you just need to stay where you're at n less your account has been inactive for over a year. If you have been inactive, you haven't ordered anything for over a year. Then you're welcome to switch to you know, wherever you want to be if you haven't ordered anything for six months or more like between that six and twelve month. Mark, I believe there is a way that you can change your sponsor, but you have to like pay processing fee or something like that. So and then other than that you have to get like this up line approval document sign and. Pay thirty five dollars to switch. And it's just kind of it's it's not very easy. And it's also frowned upon. You know, whoever introduced you to young living young living wants you to stay there. And they want you to reach reach out to your up line who, you know, there's probably someone above your friend, whoever they signed up with that is doing the business. So you can call young living and say, hey, can you just tell me who my closest silver is or my closest diamond is and because I want to get some extra support there. So I hope that that makes sense. Now, if you are not a young living member yet, and you do want to join my team, whether you want to build a business with young living or you just want like some really great support using your oils. Of course, love to have you on our team. We have so much fun. I often have people write me later that. And they say, oh, I've been listening to your podcast, and I signed up with, you know, young living. But I didn't even know you could be my sponsor or they'll say and this one breaks my. Art. They're like I thought you were too busy to be sponsor, which is so sweet. But no, I'm not too busy. This is what I do. This is my job. This is what I do full time. I have a team a huge team that I work with and I often will buddy up new members with one of my established leaders. So that you have even more support on your journey. So if you want to join our team go for it, you can find out how to sign up with me through the podcast website revolution oils, podcast dot com. You just need my member number which is one nine nine three two three. Oh, so if you're not a young living member yet wanting to get started. Absolutely, join the tribe. We have so much fun. If you're not on my team, and you're trying to build your business, and you need extra resources for that. That's why I've created the revolution oils business boot camp. It's a free thirty day boot camp out there for anyone. You can also purchase my classroom in a box file folder. If you're on my team, you get this for free. But if you're not and you wanna see what scripts I use on what tips I give to my new builders. It's all in that digital file folder. You can find that at your classroom in a box dot com. And I know I've said this recently, but I promise you guys I am going to start making the revolution oils. Business coaching podcasts and more on my priority list. I want to start putting more episodes out there on the coaching podcast. So that's sort of an ongoing coaching podcast. Sophie, don't have great up line support. Tune in there hoping to get more episodes out there soon after the new year, especially when things settle back down. All right. The third frequently asked question, I get from people is hey Sam where do I find the old show notes? So starting around episode of would I think seventy six or eighty something like that? We changed our website to revolution oils, podcast dot com. And that's where you can find the show notes, which are like. The episode notes. It has the little media player on there where you can actually listen to the episode through the website, look at all the links and the resources that were talked about in that episode. You can find that days. DIY dugout recipe all that jazz. So that new website is revolution oils, podcast dot com. The old website was revolution oils dot com slash podcast. So a little difference there. So if you're looking for the older show notes, I believe about episodes zero through like seventy are on the old website revolution, oils dot com slash podcast, looking for anything further than that. Find it at revolution oils, podcasts dot com. I do have an intern working with us in the office now, and that's one of her jobs right now is to actually transfer some of those old episodes over to the new website. So hopefully one day all of the show notes will live just under the new website. But for now, you can find them on the old site there. The fourth question is a super easy one in. That's just people asking. Hey, how do I support your show? And how do I find a list of all your old sponsor like if you heard a commercial on I show, and you're like, oh, yeah. That broadcom buzney that SAM's always talking about what are they called? Well, you can find all of our sponsors listed out on our website. And that's just at revolution oils, podcasts dot com slash sponsors. So find it there. If you can't remember that just go to the podcast a homepage in there's a tab that says sponsors or support something like that. So you can find it all there. And then the last question, I get is usually just personal questions. Like, hey Sam where are you from how long have you been doing oils that kind of thing? So there's not too much to know about me that I haven't already shared on the show, but I do live in Boone North Carolina. It's a very small mountain town in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina. If anyone's a big college football. Fan. I live near Appalachian state university where we were the three time. State champion. No, not state, the big one, national champions. I'm not a football person. Sorry, guys. And that's where I live. I've lived here for almost ten years. But it grew up on the beach of Wilmington, North Carolina. And I went to college in Chicago at the school of the Art Institute of Chicago for a while where I went to college for about three months dropped out. How to midlife me mid teen crisis met my future husband, moved to New York moved back to Chicago went out west drug my now husband back to or to Boone North Carolina. Where our truck broke down. And we've lived here ten years since. So that's basically my story in a nutshell. We have two amazing beautiful kids August and Layla August is six Leila's four. And what else I've been doing essential oils for about four years? Now, the podcast is actually this is art. Three year anniversary right around right around today. You guys it's pretty exciting. We've been doing the podcast for three years. We release a new episode every week and it's a blast. I just love it. I love doing this. I love being here every week and sharing information with you guys being on this health journey you all inspire me to be a better person every day. So I love you guys. Thank you so much for tuning in. I hope that this helped answer some of your frequently asked questions if you have any other questions, I didn't answer on today's show. Just Email us at info at revolution oils, podcasts dot com. All right, guys. Merry christmas. We will see you in the new year.

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