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Episode 98: The Milhouse of Pinheads


The inviting all of my friends who were there in the last two of big men drinking site in mummy it was a dark tonight Orla all I am your teacher host Stacey and joining me now Paula literally in the flesh listen it's m-u-l-l-a-l-y husband waste skips along today and not great so it's not the answer is always fine now why did we do it to ourselves because I don't know how rise literal hell and this is how do the thing to contact and whatever so I don't feel what we needed a film that exploit exploit different bits of area Sorry for I'm falling good times I Thomas Twitter today area's Radio Quito more it's been a die rich flatly very weakly because I didn't want to slap you hard money to Michalis Jubilee on us at the Word Capture Loyd these film was a film why somebody had some really gross ideas that one actually that good or shocking his life I were but wanted to put them on schedule L. Low exhibits where people get judged for being all souls professional even how well you know what I make prehensile a pretty heaven isola guest 'cause like offense might be missing the point or whatever throw fillmore the original health wise of wasn't song which sign the walk goes on Literal Hell Senate boy it's literally from the Thomas Exhibits Joel ally Roth all Brian Jigsaw puzzle ain't now don great I feel like hell rise could might when if somebody did it properly but often there there's too many sequels that are like other no detail just still alive reminding film seven I am we did we didn't know what joy into your talk about the hellraiser franchise wait get horizon Got Those routes entirely wrong there's a bit of pain feel like Donna whether they sees actives detective Ingham three maybe four films that were existing scrapes that they added Pinhead to fall to the OPN hidden or the center with stop you've got the wrong end state it's not it's not good like it's one of those who are just don't understand boy go all the way up to in most of our as a warm but the rest of them used to shoe owning too and then tain which seems like someone I WanNa lose the rights Michael What down if it losing money and struggling put it matter that you've got the Roy system might money anymore anywhere cold I WANNA cyber affiliations they die down Concoction with you Gabrielle. He's on the painted dull I think you could poindexter like nothing without the voice but are we all kinetic sniffing opinionated not to franchise care for anyway the insane and he didn't drag like last night we was to Horizon Film Warwick Twelve minutes and he felt like phone off that was a bad the only marginally by have ls poindexter pinhead and it has a slow the works within the confines of the film. The first one Asian bother debate well-built Box if you open it will give you all the places you want but it will side but over already familiar of extreme bed because of daylight savings time while you have an extra hour to do stuffing the that's what I do when milady pints go white could he says log onto that's easy yeah he keeps sneaky scheme scratch medium Sniffen it's funny he falls over weirdly looks and yes I don't know that he is I don the definition is it's so stupid and so bad that it's an entertainer walkout rise along I've seen televised to which was falling should we walk through the night why the ten of them are the the hour we saw that just Moineau meekly boring yeah we knew McCain got Magsi now the fanatic he's better than most hell rises seven I know Nintendo tends not tens definitely better than aval nonsense And Soluble Kelly Pie that was pretty terrible it was terrible but at least the tide moments where you go the she mike and Dining room for the room all Mike McCann fallaway but as associate that it's footer not the sequels have the problem shocking it's bad number nine is the guy that half star and I'm not sure it's eight zero style box doesn't let you give zero thirty classes could that is annoying I'll have given a film zero stalls just Whitney Novi Zero Jerry but when you get an average or poor we still it says he's not been and then and this is a point in the first one and maybe second way like sume one body leaves the the mattress I think it's the maturation now take yes with fanatic I feel like the beach the could potentially be entertaining just too uncomfortable for me to allow that he saw l'auberge that like the police station is a single run with alternatives on the doors off after all moon the whole bill who who's the killer that they're trying to find thought when it's definitely one of these three detectives because that the only three people in this ten read somewhere that is going to be a reboot but I might not supposed to be really easy that while the million we could reach the weekend the CDC these facts was I was the worst the worst one and then I had any henry the massive dislike penrico getting to realize about what he's Eh lucky having that was the fanatic anyway not expect than the fanatic you'd better than the most fanatic ease into tiny because you know what I want from New York who was he yesterday. You couldn't believe what didn't resign Fred Willard yet I mean the worst thing I knew they filmed it was thinking where I had technology by Senate votes and one was like a VHS longer pinhead in the oldest buildings the WHO is now on case who the villain is supposed to dog to carry by pinhead breath I think what what really let's ten down look other than the fact that he should be too late in the game to be well building is the Jeff Bass production I didn't know raising new new it because you'll better inter netting not me his own writing mission impossible anything in the camp don that's the worst thing is the worst thing in mind one of the worst films Mask Style and then all mayhem it seemed like he should be Henry cavill do you know what do dot Com era's magazines as the one in free foyer is new thinking of a canned good this one we just are on sale remember court lock in the first one but I didn't watch it this time we talk always showing throw a lawyer period Maasim poorer always is probably one of the franchises wash one of those definitely gone over three films threes like where you can decide to save more than three full on franchise in the past offset Alfred we need to go I'll just yesterday peach anybody else I don't know why did we talk about it Guadagno off I teach our was pretty good and then leave it at that the older we we've been watching a lot of spooky movies spooky scary creepy scary movie allies and got the best of all the films who got something to offer online 'cause we watched technically trilogy but we watched the three county my movies in the first he's not just for Halloween either I've been watching this year in Jeremiah with catcher panel of fronts roses issue who all went side that hell Risa as a frontal used as the basis for strike do fifteen attend a Ho I wash myself by having gone all the not even Bradley animal remains but he's a bit of peanut in while they're wanting nine while the think he's still very very good but like the adverse effect taxable at best the third one is already like it's identity can Mike Oh you don't know what can make handyman all now because I think one of the things like candy makes no watch a lot when I was younger and I'm really of the you call Kate that was the best activity in each Kmart I mean that's changed his mission impossible Virginia Madsen Greg it's portrayed now in the second said filmed up to blind for this as slasher yet not really a slasher I'm not seen as an adult so it was a bit concerned that I was GonNa Watch invalid actually she and he is slow to start the price to folks it's not it can demand movie boy but I didn't second we put it on though and it starts with the main characters from one that used to being by walk and that just constant issue to cleave egos a still feel uncomfortable a person with the mayflower bees are just carving really really happening too arises terrible eighty-six virtually camp is great the second and third one's a quote phone the fourth one is Stephen Policy Mighty well non-answer these shot hell raisers the guy you watch him is on outside the first three sleep away camps three is wall inside the event in the first talking second arises average in the third August voicing symptoms modifying Donna one of them watch their voices ultra which is what the whole White House the hostess ever mind is the last thing now Jesse always in Burke's because he's playing an entirely different movies version of falling had recovered is implied live which is almost a statement politics where where he's being filmed on someone's phone but it's innocuous while he plans nyc yeah which is what was third one definitely ends up being but still boring with it was still really not not first one I done I eating myth offshoot apparently it was based on a story that was actually written in a class differences in Liverpool Unquote Balkars and Sukuzi was saying Liverpool needs takeoffs crystallized ball crusoe credit hellraiser supposed to be scary and it had Henry Campbell's cheating which is never a bottle blonde can recover it was cute lost also supply-sider took a is an absolute sacrilege fucking rotten shaped like a conservative suit of understand weather thinking we'll ask why not supposed to be and then having the whole sort of weird gender identity situation or get the not really not like slow about halfway feeding sold by name of our not just a someone's talking under the bed every folks that can finally adopted the worst green film three is nowhere near by the child's play film the worst of both Franchises Charles The new one is neither post clinics being he's playing candyman nobody reported in the bay in production the still laws as you cargo class in this considering the price if I go to investigate him I'll get I'm trying to think of and after only walk through real famous franchises like Halloween and Friday the thirteenth to not stray were these loop is the best and then the Franchisees that we've watched the not Intel strain small favor screaming Charles pilot over trousers challenge plays probably molly the law bullets accommodate what did you feel about the remake are really enjoyed it but it's not the tricky film but it's not trying to be the did I'm sure that I had to put something in these meds to stop being so going very dream Roy Moore at all he's going to be have let's give him a let's give injury keyed walls what I don't understand these the whole Mike Anymore win sort of caught me toy what was he mike so Lucky to get one die from Glen and Glenda an adapter why bother it doesn't really add anything to the Phil and it just makes it elise neither gender because he wasn't originally human lot you're the two is what thank decides to be blender the debate weird back to proper horror we cultivate took which properties the best horror Charles pilot from the original see donor for cool the first one horror because I think he's three Hara got broncos possibly the best I'll think screen gets really bad right really enjoyed which ones full because I get confused with enrollment already aw robotic voice as well how to me just saying a lot own less doing that the diner he goes listened to some rustling type of Jim Genocide yet armored transport assume just because he was it back again and I'm pretty sure one of them's Texas chainsaw which no one's called the Texas chainsaw massacre one just called Texas chainsaw how that would be while you're making but she's all Jordan pills remaking you got all that will make sense that will steve with no films at Rice as comes from the humans raining not necessarily the doll which was a surprise I think twice and Mark Hamill down the most of having that kind of voice actor in this film speaks about Drexler yet a carnival opinion on I don't quite know the goals actually survived and the goal is doing really in Texas chainsaw massacre wise level and gets hit by a truck or something it comes across as a sort of pathetic bidders and don't like it because John Lewis now offense Fabbri some prominent but for no reason and then not many people actually helped me is this two girls and two boys in the goes almost immediately and then the rights to showcase still around by an icon of the guy's name he might cry it all of them and he can still Mike what he wants we took a he Hello everyone welcome to episode ninety eight of Stacy's pop culture I'll give up it's going to be a film about indulgence killing people but he's not trying to be tricky film the Human The human the Ray Mike against that where was in leather phase hall film till become less effective up that will not Away by do you Lennon Lofty Medicaid and then in the second will mapping toll 'cause I'm sorry brought from another minute chainsaw because yeah talk more and start with the average right in head is more impressive he's tried in this hour of the remake horror film letters call it the site original so you have to refer and then Halloween Oh so you have to keep signing oh you've come zombies Holloway or two thousand eighteen nineteen Halloween reboot it's not then you get Texas China show where they rebooted it and then on a particularly dark warranty metron aside we should be sympathetic because he's childhood was hard like you know because for cough with it's not the French getting moss luxury mercury body parts flying everywhere franchisees jumbled is the weather's an installment of that type it'll be if I wanNA take China's whole massacre some trying so members of never any mafikeng any of these phones than table is a good point it literally call now so all your films the grow to folks and put on locker fails muscle they do a prequel to the original where you learn about indicate that towel I don't WanNa think of talked about this before in the room east Texas chainsaw or franchise for the first one is good too on to two degrees at Amazing Shaw Down while you get Sundays and they'll show Jennifer tilly on twitter baronet complaining about the ring luckily she she threw up he's still going to make it's GonNa build hooliganism geometric and he could make more films as well he's a new the film confused Charles Play again into the world also trial to make these phone and said listen to Charles ply ripped off child and they've tried to do something different with we are suppose all of that was it was falling under non agenda we forwarded more haven't been masquerading as a on and I have in the film now the Big Fat Guy is media and you think all you have to exit the end result is a good looking one now it combines the articulate good looking chiefs massive cutlass muck garden but I do think that the reboot the rebound gets seek coughing and then indeed is worth a darn understand day the hell you would see to get any boy accountable and think almost trust commend one you want to Nassau alums and Stephanie Throw Hannibal became accountable now well the film Mike assure they mostly bad the first one's great now it's not the first one has a twisted Italian that surprised you that was a wasn't a goodfellow like t. v. wrong and you smell shit thanks says Hannibal's did pardon me I mean aside from ten installments of Howard is a good God what do we do that to ourselves Parana to notify ice got Novi also was rookies arena January what choices what was that terrible Spanish one that U K fell asleep or rule watching terrified not wasn't the franchise either now just airbag tricky because at least now are there any particularly good spooky movies you would recommend it was the one with Marion Winston and there's a beat weather like in a calm in a drive in Q. and trump is about to hit another car halloween these are you watch those three devils rejects Yvonne's Auden only I should we should that actually backfired if the nation Kotal with what seen a few of them there was weirdly that was one of those where are remembered everything except one death Holloway Charles ply we did not man last year on metronews go Halloween Oh okay awesome shit I'm not having the SEC someone chair on your own see Sutton got a wonderful combed what human flesh tastes softly just taller film of what's this year is the Superior Raymond that once I think mocked me one of the best horror film of all time still mopping 'cause the thing is the thing legally have the scientology in the US new food she got a better gosh was cooler than good that they're definitely better Parana Piranha three day was fine promissory doubleday was pretty bad it was a full proprietor three day was fine there are just keep up I was thinking yesterday morning in the middle of watching Alliens I'm I thought to myself enough now the beginning she's watched oldest council we did jeff the situation so got easy for the inside Noel Yes we've watched look a million rises stop sign one of the dead right and now it's getting recommended everywhere they talk show that may bring it was brilliant I think I'd like if you want to hoping to be crookedness but they will put you on airplane mode I accident goes absorbed during our you know Jesus Christ now Haiti also revoked sign many wars Washed a lull yeah trying to think of achieve whatever you do on God even Adam Scott couldn't save Parana I would the that was the good ones that the recent one where the good ones I wouldn't go else what she she is going to be more than not busting renfro voters St Martin Fox could be sorely disappointed way thanks the go-to Myths among others I felt was great make walls phenomenally good film and felt this was a horror film but on the spot I turned a corner and that thing was there just wouldn't even try I'll just throw it well this is what did not live yeah maybe I think my just prefer TV show with a different thing every week rather than trying to connect everything together although that being said Adid quiet ace where there's literally nowhere else could go except to potentially take these home with me seems risky business also right but just biofilms from bad effects no story one of them was a remake both our sequel all of these horrible I Hayward Authority I did talk very episode Ice Bar in the morning over gates indicate full I don't WanNa spoil either so sandwich all I call it like the NEU- eats he's not three-set Manatt though not that I all within split into the no the no Intel of a narrative that you will correctness suffered it was fine and the creepy singing identify Kasparov Limb. Yeah now I'm not the world's biggest fan of Kampala G it's spooky according to wish elected bit more to the imagination locker really likes the Pool White House story because that's all like usually has long story that you go only stories at a very seamless town law connected to sign town where we live on television watch these creek show whether full set stories the reason these stories at many's because the same blogs interview in the mall from the last thing any designs out in the middle of what you're in the middle of watching like I feel like if I was ever in a situation where like is that like some of the stories or sort of standard you know spooky girl standard spooky situation talk appliance Bucher sorry all I can't I think that's another Zombie movie but he's not quite as Zombie to fill my house don't visited there is not really a bad John Yeah it's it's it's dealing with opponent Olsen Hassle of to his Kaelin any dot was originally up until the way is Reba as well ORLA entry call trade we've very recently watched all along because I'm a big fan of month homerun policy stuff but I like to cite cool go stories the one with Martin Freeman yes that came to dominate the eastern so lastingly accents by held a sign face like sad ecstatic blanking he has the same fucking dome expression on his own loneliness posts Zombie oops which if inning deficient fringe traveling I feel like if there was Zombie apocalypse the UN asked Been Door a lot the primary nothing gets a decent phone but influx of three stone I like asking for already deficient look like but yet as soon as you say the creepy girl like all close anyway I always feel like getting into a story when sure say August because sometimes you go often film at least two long boring the plan whatever you letterbox came to review every seed trawler franchisees we described cumberbatch and Freeman together Aragon Tusa over members really liking not the first time we watched it and I feel like sheets you on the toilet for three I was twittering I don't think communique for that for at least I I think I'm what we've done with employers if it just hasn't monkey always focus I'm glad as not involved in doctor WHO Weekly Dracula shouts coming out with guy issues going to be just as bad I'm spoilers they will have these comber the also it all I don't think he's takes London C. which may apply as well that was oh got you married may cause I'm so great John Talk About Jovica now we we just luck here's what a story and then disappears quickly padlock whatever starry what about something else so collected a lot at all a and we struggled to keep up with when he was on we'll watch at some point yet it's constantly so yes three episodes and we still invites sadar big hours falsely usually if he's not sookie fair level work is beyond me I haven't seen him in a lot of stuff other than like Sherlock and Black Panther walking a bit different but then he would just the same it's just like all the greatest people you're not a great plan and it's got loads of threads and then truly shouldn't pay Polo and I'm probably worked at apply because he doesn't have to have the plot to keep you they're literally scared shitless watching apply always thought he did pretty well in the got beyond boy did I ever think show was good though with the Cleveland Society it was always the site the first episode you any doing the Dracula's lawing all of your Weiqi law and you know nothing because I'm usually tying a game which is like just a couple of things reach off line one on three episodes to good one was one of the worst things on TV but we all share is and then he went to sheet immediate and didn't immediately want to say that Heidi because all thought at me something because it feels like a film that very definitely wants you to think it's in poor the buffet caravan policies lost boys ever seen US boys we watched it like wall open weekend honestly not one hundred percent sure winding because our fucking high matter when you see a film gene so good Ooh this message and not feel like a fool for not Ganey but we've gone escalated to leave the city road a new like that was fucking shifts Arthur home there is no difference in the joker in his personality or any of his own tics and quirks whatever pre meds and posted has to delusions like all that stuff yet e comes off his meds and he does all of those things still and the only differences that he actually killed way decided that type filtering off childcare looks good looks good Chikan only came about Phil like the army the gone joker we're GONNA hide it we'd be way to help me wakened trey got plans we met up with a friend each got a lot to say about mental health now has it says if you're off you made your political poeple see Roy so this is one of the many things are disliked debate this uh literally said the word Tote as well when people serious and then they'll bruce went down to fucking fireman's Powell cool mom this is the whole planet or call a planet the planet this is four bays even get funded by Gung Ho spun throws off Income Washer less hopeful inspired the first goal he kills in self defense because they are actually attacking him on the train like kicking the shooter or on Mandolin Oh when he's on his meds he still ticket he still laughs inappropriately overtime apparently that's neurological thing doncaster gone when film joke is a psychopath maybe sociopaths as well but he's just a psychopath based doesn't want to diagnose him but implication to me people with normal mental illness really wished I haven't had that laugh until after his came off his mates Woj but the idea of him having not uncomfortable hoy peach so totally L. Kelly if you mean boycott call people horrible things evac dog don't understand debate this film because a lot of people have been saying that no you didn't know a high eighty show kept going and at one point with count you fucking day which was when we spoke in this phone yes when she talking Thomas Mawson Bruce Child Bruce Reid leftist Zoro like laugh juvenile could situations was totally pointless to me any owed the only time it might sense was when he was trying to tighten like one of this is a film where you're online going you need to really watch it to understand the film messages toiletries especially when he wrote down in his notebook something like it was something along the lines of the worst part about having a mental health disorder agent has an important message and because I didn't get a message for me also of some Thenia and I'm GonNa turn around reaching k. going to be like God is one of the best rooms is the everybody expects you to act like you don't because that is a very reliable for people who have mental health issues will like yet all of the rest of his could mentioned in the rest of the family not longer meant yeah it's just it it really bothered me because I started to give the dangerous view of Life Inc account achievement and I think I've seen him as well Intel law funding's being cut was shot several weeks months and shoehorning Raymond people to laugh and then he'd go and also no he wants to be left alone but he keeps drenching up as the people with mental health issues the world just mergers white into a stampede in the books in any vim like everyone worked with a decayed Thomas Wayne was decayed. Everyone is dictating except the Robert Deniro character uh-huh what's his five are Martin for you all quite people in fucking Freeman wasn't putting on an important so it was very clearly making it whenever he was stalking anyone whenever he was being dictated when he was you know shooting people he was in the wrong but similarly everyone else not movie was couldn't look a full blown for gnarliest going a homicide rampage just and the other thing didn't get was like it was obviously trying to mike either everything the judge could did was bad like when he was following a case talking play on honestly walk off Clayton Kershaw the claim prints across Earth Fulcher Hall like because everybody needs to say that happen or like any mention of anything look to me as well it didn't even feel like setting Gotham it was so bright New York if that are done this movie suffers from Tony itself to the Batman Universe as well every time something crop with Thomas Wayne or the Wayne's getting murdered again we decided to film Manfred seen the instant hey gets on stage and starts laughing himself and can't stop you block out turn the cameras off the of guaranteed you that's not one of the way these things oh Balkin found or walnut did it through phone so that peace may off die they'd also do the whole fucking all this guy be sheet at standup heavy east out only partially also they sent me in Iowa supposedly he can't afford to feed him and these MOMS now I wanna size OSCE Bates but that's not how you Bega and when he was GonNa have the music was like straying host the whole music the ass no concept of what's actually funny if that's what reminiscent of Dexter but like you only knew he struggled to do the narration wasn't just sign because of these people that were paid for just steed initiating kicking the share them there were people singing sondheim songs he's facing a trying then bay in the hey we the one person with a mask on mergers some guys on a train in this all of a sudden a whole can movement of clowns marching on AH person always in the film one of the ourselves admitted drought could better personally let all but he's also the film's The the thing is as well if you were on Youtube stuff takes a wink together for if if you're somebody who ran over Mark Noy and you had siree then he was like I couldn't even link like oh it was stupid I kind of really heightened the joke about the low person Richard Pryor he act that they've gone talk if we got a camera not not running Colton on fucking open boy and then the die after on NBC or wherever Donna putting no longer showed was filming filming anyone at the start of the anniversary of the dropping from cocaine you're just none of the movie might seem to be a cloud the hospital for kids and he takes the gun now known as a job yes who thought this would be funny aw that would be the last thing for mind after seeing vowel get revenge by getting them fed to something let's say Vive la any of the claims that work at the clamp lacy was working from and then also what she can find for your hospital or would you train with oxygen there was laughing I don't see why the messages because it seems like what the joke was doing was wrong but what everybody else was doing was wrong and like put you on his chat show and he's like look at this and it was like laughing is just laughing it looks like he's a nervous blokhin forgets all these jokes it's an adult adult understand any stangroom slot was when he was trying with Mike he knows stand up he couldn't even laughing because everyone else was laughing while he it in a way the old sky for the film like he's just a bad klay on your team that had gone sorry my uniform Atas Way lawn and then average out that these loughry's them dolphins on mobile but afterwards trickle Comey's Edna when I'm on an open mic night to bothering to today's not all not I told the God from their word but went to oh he's even though it's GonNa pay outlawed at that intentional wacky no one taught you fucking life but I've got a fucking VHS planet on this remission don't ninety two we had a very not what you wan- that was now I've learned so no one dot know anyone that everyone an answering machine and tell us now she's actually rubbish in be more along with comedy with not it's not a good serious time dog was not a good actor the times or let's have him do somewhere dancing in a public toilet coups are just don't I didn't I love this movie to that felt like it was trying to cy give us awards everything about walking Phoenix's performance to me was like oh I'm acting darling give me an award Cavalli and I'll see you next month wow like knowing that he's been a bit of Belen recently about work culture ruining comedy or whatever and that's why he decided to make the joke instead of my as well one of my least favorite things abilities joke could constant insistence that he's not doing anything political everything he was doing was how important is for people to say water different one person can make and you know even though the joker was wrongly knees you know whatever blahdy Blah you don't know if he might be Thomas wind illegitimate kid with his mom luckily whatever but then you find out that his mom's like been section three times and she actually adopted him and actually she's bananas and things Thomas Winds The kid's dad there was a person who's been sectioned three times Pedroia but do not try and ever go this man is changing society yes the story is very stories about that one person just remind the and everything that happened to him had like aw it's just it was to me that was like is it told Phillips the door right that was like him saying I'm not trying to and say look so cross it's a fucking pathetic bag of dog shit yeah it's it's a shot well as a decent ten fifteen minute cameo from rubber zero even it's it's I think what bothers me more than anything I wouldn't mowing not liking if it weren't for the fact that people are acting like it was important I think maybe didn't hide it quite as much as you because all African seen a lot of the films that it was very clearly referencing references opponent of as you didn't think up some great message you know Jordan Markham over at this massive facebook post and I only not adopt following a friend of Mine Shady or whatever that was walking the Oscar and author was abused as a child victims abuse don't become abuses some like occasionally that will have citing either being allowed to adopt any point during that process or they're not immediately have to keep taking away from them if I adopted before I got action a healthy applause girlfriend and also he can't get a very good job and also nobody thinks he's funny even though he won't Seduce Thunder Dolphin and also he's almost mad take a big statement to whatever talked for the biggest dump station and I filmed jd our like it didn't help me I thought this now because he's been abused that's thing though I don't know if they still be saying that because it's also like he was abused as a kid but he's also been abused as an adult and also he can't route troop announced go but then hungover films are people who do horrible horrible things normally he's he's point of view he just wants to be able to say she teasing her she t- things without coupons and he's very clear to me from this film he wanted to make up 'cause that's why there's no real the message because he's too busy making everybody she teeny log keys all it just it it really allows food I just do not understand we were supposed to carry by in this move many song the reference claims had to be in this every song sending atmospheric school this school is obvious colonel got different types the school is bad this is the hello or tacitly did fought so if is a horrible idea here that doesn't make any real sense on the future movies recently Oscars definitely it doesn't deserve it doesn't deserve 'em when people have been telling me beforehand the baby bay he doesn't even work is autistic which is such a bad song such like generic guitar he entered the wreckage move on you talk about Kobe each chapter too much did you care about each chapter to procure Bob you could put any seen any of the song there and it would be fine I just don't know I just don't and I really hope it doesn't get any but nothing is filled with him trying to do something to be rejected at all I just eat just hold me up he can't spell for some reason the Maccabi data everything spelt very score he's just like should we attack some strings and call it music I'm sorry but I just really didn't it's a documentary. Jj and there was a racist without Gabi Sergeant Stage Count if literally sheet millions who when he died he's focused notebook he puts run bits of pornography and shuttle has in public come on now against him he added destroy pennywise the book it might be in the book but he awfully boats and already very long films FA- sections that don't we coach didn't really didn't really law didn't really like so taken as a sort of part to it was it was all roy the add anything to the story and then lighter those tokens don't even walk so it became entirely pointless appointments effects that leaks coming after the film and said Look Gary is not making any money off of I one of the most notorious paedophiles of all time sorry anyway this joker will well having signing popular I don't understand it let's see talk about it stop getting me to talk I it's a coin thing to do as a house I was utilizing I'm GonNa you're not a house so I had three big problems with the first one was the middle section where I will go off on their video game fetch quests for their token that's going to help the Eh so I thought that was really good I was really looking forward to this because a lot bill hydra law all of the first one soon it's going to be great these not all that actually this is halo the fall Roydon with Blah Blah this is a whole these films about is not only for the firearm the house a house never actually talks about anything they just ask the people to so we stop burping I could all of this take yeah if the paid for just like to open a lot fine or can totally accept that what trash into now on and blow to and it wasn't anything that exhausting like pennywise becoming a joy on Paul Bunyan statue or like it was falling voices having on the Polish film has apart to it's really concur with the original story which is why it should be given thing and e aw yeah but you dot that then if it's not spelled out in the fell it doesn't fucking count is not WanNa talk about this all your passenger how old is he mentally law oil she can the Truth and Thomas Wind glowing but then the film spells as view by ten minutes lie about Shelly records is there's some balance on Mcclain's all of the planes claims all over the place got decline came to light for large apparently told me who that's all standing calls and each chapter two so all he loved the first one I went to see it with my mom on

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