AEW Double or Nothing 2021 PPV Recap Post Show | The RCWR Show 5/31/21


Warning the wr show with lease andrews is intended for her audience early. The following is an infiniti one productions presentation keeping it honest insightful interactive covering the latest in wrestling and beyond since two thousand eleven. You're listening to the rc. W our show now. Your host live from the nation's capital in washington. dc birds. What is going on good of people. You're checking out all new. The are cwr. Show come into you this early monday morning of may thirty first twenty twenty one. Happy memorial day to you guys for those of you that are currently in the military service or you served at one point in the military service. Definitely my hats off to you. Thank you for your contributions fighting the good fight Pretty much keeping us here. You know when these land safe you all go out there and do what you gotta do and everything and however you all are spinning this memorial day holiday definitely from the sanders household to yours. I hope that everybody has a fantastic memorial day. I'm definitely going to be kicking back. And i'm going to be spending some time with loved ones as a this is pretty much it. This is not essentially the final show with. This is pretty much the show before our season finale edition of the cw archer. That's going to be dropping after monday. Night raw goes off the air later on tonight. So hopefully those who vida. It's going to be making rounds checking this up so thou you'll definitely becoming no i'm back hopefully represent and you know come on represent particularly live When we get ready to do that last show for you guys You know we'll be back in a couple weeks like i said but you know that's going to be a season finale. That's coming up by yes. There's going to be nice. i'm gonna be enjoying. It actually did some grocery shopping earlier today. I got some nice vegan food that. I'm looking forward to getting into. Follow your man on social media. You're going to see how i'm looking it up in everything but taking the especially since this is pretty much the week i'm going to be going into my wedding honeymoon vacation and all that so i'm trying not to eat too heavy going into it and everything so we had the ad wwe nothing pay per view event. That went off a few minutes ago. At the time. We're live right now. Is twelve ten. A m on the east coast. The pay per view went off at officially eleven. Fifty eight pm eastern olympia pay per view. As you want to get technical you can say well. It didn't start until eight within you. Think about the by in pre show which was at seven thirty pm eastern and you can kinda understand about the whole length to the point. I've got a poll up right now on twitter and on youtube at the rc. W our show when you look up. Youtube dot com slash. Drc dvr show. Click on the tab and you can actually click right there on that bad boy and you'll see the poll both of our live right now. Pick your platform pick whichever one comes to your mind. I and just vote over there. I wanna know what you guys thought about. The pay per view overall kept it very nice and simple for you guys. up thumbs-down dude. The length wolf. Right now looking at twitter. I see some nice early votes. That's coming in. And i will get to those results in hot minute. Let's see how things are looking right now over on youtube because i did give folks prior to officially go and live is actually came on for a couple minutes chatting with everybody Let's see were at right now and we got some early votes. That's coming in right now when the communities tap so we'll circle back to both of those and a hot minute but overall with regards to tonight's aew double or nothing event. I i would actually have to give to pay per view. Honestly i would give it a b minus be minuses. the best. i can do no need to go any lower definitely. Definitely i'm not gonna go any higher. Be minus is pretty firm so when you think about that as far as the one a ten point scale one and ten being awesome sauce. Your i'm kind of like at about a eight out of ten. So that kind of reflects the b. minus rating if he asked me wolves my overall biggest gripe about the pay per view just a lent just the length. I mean when you really think about that length of time pretty much from seven thirty until pretty much midnight. I mean that's a nice big block of time. And i do not blame. North american fans north american wrestling fans in particular that have been looking experiencing what they've been getting from the wwe product as of late and all man. Will you know when it's come to the summer slams when it's come to these takeovers when it's come to these wrestlemanias we been getting tonight events and you know that's pretty good. Were able to get in there kind of an and now you know it's good fun. Experience time goes by so quick and everything is not so condensed for the broader wrestling fans. You don't only see what. Wwe's been doing but you also see when new japan has been doing as they have shown over the great tendency to break their paver views up all over the course of a couple of days. It could be just that same. You know wrestle kingdom for example they could be stretching that out for two or three days or what have you so you know for wrestling fans. That's a little bit more condition to. I'm used to get knees in installments. Tonight definitely was probably one of those nights that have pushed. Your patients tremendously because think about it especially. If you're big into the sports. I saw a lot of people that were a little bit upset at a w. because they say a man this is pulling me from the drag racing That's one earlier in a. You had some of us. It was pulling us away from the nba playoffs because we wanted to see all the action that was coming off for some of us. We were hoping that maybe we could watch the last game that aired for deny right before i went to the whole pre show or postal rider covering all the nba fallout in everything. But definitely a lot of time. you know. this was kind of one of those. I felt a little bad watching this quite honestly. Because i felt bad from the standpoint of you know my family was trying to chat with me and everything you asked me more about wedding. Preparations go over some last minute stuff and everything and i really couldn't interact with them like i normally would like to because my mind is just. I'm right there in that zone. You know how we wrestling fans get when we're in that zone trying to talk about our wrestling and everything. But yeah i mean. Aside from the length overall review The pre show match up that we got. Let's go. let's go there. And i promise you guys for as long as that paper view was i have a counter. That is going right now as we speak my goal for you guys that did not see double or nothing. We are going to do our very best to not repeat not matched at length of how long pay per view was we are going to try to do our best to be outta here and out and i really wanna kinda do particularly As a not so those. That's tuning in live. And i mean look you want to tell me what you thought about pay per view and you actually saw the paper you. This is definitely the platform for you. You can definitely voice your likes dislikes about what you saw tonight with pay per view so we tune in live sound off. You're gonna be checking this out on demand maybe on downloads. You could definitely feel sound off. I definitely want to hear from you. Guys wanna know. We thought about the pay per view Yeah we're gonna try to have his bs condenses possible especially says we're getting ready to turn right back around and everything. Hey i off. Awesome seeing the crowd back in full effect. I mean don't get me wrong. We were just here. Friday night going into saturday when we were talking about a w dynamite coat case of those of you have missed it. We did come on friday night late friday night going into saturday morning and we cover dynamite fallou when over double or nothing preview picks spend a little bit of wrestling headline so check that out. When you guys get a chance at uppsala zazie available on demand downloads. So he saw the fans that were in attendance at dynamite. And if felt really good eight gave you a really good philly. I don't know if it was for you guys but he definitely gave me a really good feeling that now you know what was going to be some type of magic in the air. Thanks to these fans that are coming from all over the world to double or nothing event on sunday. I just kind of had that by that the fans were really gonna just will me and everybody else in to this event and they did. I mean it was essentially two. Maybe three times more to fans is seen that we saw on this. Friday's dynamite here at the pay per view tonight and their energy all route was just infectious their energy all throughout they brought it. And i i really gotta give it up to those fans I can't tell you just as a for a fan perspective. I can't tell you how revere rated a may me feel how it made me feel so happy that i went out there among my entire family. I was among the first to say okay. I'm going to get this cova. The vaccine there might be some side effects their capacities consequences. But my mentality was. How is the cdc and everybody involved in in making these vaccinations possible. He's cove in nineteen vaccinations possible. How were they going to know what's working and what's not working on. Let's they have those volunteer. Sure it entered its whole trial thing and everything but still there could possibly be that little room for error or whatever you know. How are we going to get back to that. That normalcy that we had before the pandemic. If we don't jump out there and take that shot so i jumped out there. I took that shot because or those shots. Because i wanted to get back to that sense of normalcy and i mean you guys have no idea in twenty twenty alone. There were so many plans wrestling related. Non wrestling related events that i had lined up for twenty twenty and all of it. Just pretty much went. Ca- bluey because it is damn pandemic so now that we're pretty much on that that that end of okay. Here's the finish line. you can see it. you're almost about the headed it's just. Cno's fast tonight is is just those little things like that. I'm sure you guys definitely would agree with me. That went out there. And you've got your shots and everything. I'm sure you would agree with me. That yeah man tonight. Seeing those fans feeding off their energy you know how they were so into all the matches they guide. Yes you know. You wanna be part of that you know you wanna be route that crowd. You wanna be feeding into that same energy you know. You wanna be vibe in them and a man and just not to mention when you go to these events just the fact that you're able to make new friends in the process whether it's as simple as just bumping in somebody and you strike up a conversation because you guys got the same similar shirts you feel. I'm coming from so. I love what i saw tonight. Gray tastes of things to come knock on wood that no more lives are lost says such an extreme level as you know it seems that for the most part the numbers are going more down down down in everything which is great which is great the pre show match up neal listless hidden and go there. We got our Pre show match up. That went down the card here and la- sexually talked about that We pull up a card here real quick for you guys here. Oh there we go shida. No no real real. Real real taken off serena deeb forty. Nwa women's championship match girls win. Addie for about fourteen minutes serena. Deeb picking up the dub via submission oud man for a pre show match up in. This was our only pre show match up our one and only pre show match. Oh by the way. Do me a favor. Vitas tune in lavery. Now if you need me to turn my mic down mike volume down just a little bit. Let me know especially if it's coming in Little bit staticky or whatever. Let me know what's going on. And i can definitely try to adjust it on a fly by it actually should be pretty good but You know. I love this great back and forth between these two girls. I know i was very. I didn't shit on this match when we talked about it on friday and saturday. But if you guys recall. I did say man this. Just feel so weird this feel so that we have this match with rio. What exactly did she do. A e w storyline wise to get in a position where she won. The right to face serena deep for the nwa women's championship it was a head-scratching move. Because remember we did the. Show monday this past monday. There was no announcement of the nwa. Women's title being represented double or nothing. And if i'm not mistaken because we didn't do a show wednesday because there was no dynamite. Kazaa moved to friday. So if i'm not mistaken. I believe it was not have to rely on you guys for for transparency and accuracy. But i believe it was thursday that we found out the rio serena d match was going to be happening at double or nothing. You know you just kind of scratching your head in like. I kinda sat on on friday. If you know disney really home. Dan what i was saying there. I never did take a crap on real. My whole thing was. Why are we getting this match. This just feel so random especially since we're so close to the nwa when our shadow falls pay per view event where you know we still have up in the air exactly. What's going on there with the nwa title picture because base off of the season. Finale fallout from wwl power. This past week. Camille taken on thunder rosa. They fought to a time limit draw. You're wondering okay. Well what does this mean for when shadows fall on fight. Tv does this mean. We're going to have to see camille thunder rosa. Go at it again. And in the winter of that goes on later on in the night on that same pay-per-view car to face serena deed for the nwa title. What does this mean exactly. Furthermore furthermore we have yet this season really home in on this because this is something that we didn't even talk about apologize of some of what i've said so far has found a little bit recycled. But here's a new elements that throw into the mix those of you. That's been pretty current on your. Nwa we've yet to see serena deeb show up in nwa. We got thunder rosa committed to going back and forth about this whole. Nwa women's title and everything. And we've yet to see serena deeb were accounts the most make her presence felt on. Nwa powerrr and all that so all those interesting little dynamics that we got going on. And i went into this match. Just kinda of scratching my head. Why the hell is rio in here. No storyline no built up whatsoever. And i found it interesting to hear to color commentators. Say real pretty much have flew all the way from her home country to florida. Basically to do this match against rena deep in everything now look whether or not that's true or not a whatever for all we know they could have said that just to make it sound really good all that it is what it is. I went into this match. Pre what i said on the last show. Hey be kinda bad as if we maybe saw thunder rosa and or camille in the house paying very close attention to this matchup because hey you'll year. Nwa shows fall. It's a week later. Surely they are gonna be here at ringside watching this and we got some nice little that connection there but we didn't get that we didn't get that and i made sure i had confirmed. Would shout out to my buddy's house interacting with in the disco or we were cutting it up like a mojo in the discord. I actually had bust out my meltzer league. Gimmick actually had did the debut tonight of my meltzer league gimmick and for those of you that like a little comedy shot out to Heim fly he saying that the audio is good so far during the livestream. All some greasy. Thank you my friend I was playing around. And i was just doing these. One liner dave meltzer. Things and i was just commenting about a w you know. Sometimes meltzer comes off a little bit. Very extremely extremely by is when he comes to. Hey w sizes was cutting up some funny jokes all throughout the night in the half people laughing up a storm and everything but I even asked the people in the district i said was there in appearance thunder rosa and camille right now knows miss anything like no yang. Miss nothing because i probably may be missed. The first three maybe four minutes of the match up but pretty much ninety percent of that match. I was there but both of those girls. I gotta say far exceeded my expectations. Far as what. What i thought was going to be happening in this match. I mean first of all. I've felt that with the winter shovels fall event coming up. There was no way the title was going to change hands. I just didn't feel that in my bones particularly we would've been following of nwa season but they really really told a great story. in that. Rang and particularly serena dave. I don't know if you guys have been paying attention to her work. These recent weeks since she's come back from her injury and awed apple she's been showing a lot more of a mean streak and it was on full display in her match against real tonight right down to the point. Yeah you couldn't help say to yourself. Oh okay what's what's going on. Here is serena deeb gone somewhat of a. He'll route here. She's almost wrestling as if she's got this nasty little chip on her shoulders here. But you know. I i like the tone because it was basically look. This is who you need to be cheering for and this is who you need to be rooting for speaking of routing. I loved the great ovation that real head. God i gotta say contrary to how some people may feel about real. There are some very salty comments. That's out there when it comes to rio but despite that the as we saw tonight rio is very very well loved. She is very well received amongst the majority of the a e w fans. I i gotta say it took me back. I definitely wasn't expecting real to get any booze. I just was expecting for there to be not much of a reaction for her and i honestly was expecting to a degree. To same thing for serena deeb but both girls. I i mean this was pretty much the type of crowd. It felt like we were dealing with tonight when he came to these wrestling fans. These were educated wrestling fan stat. Go out over their way. Kind of like you even me. They're checking out his many different wrestling promotions as they can because overall they just love the sport of pro wrestling. And it's like gimme. Gimme gimme gimme. They're like a big old sponge. Ford and everything. So i was quite taken back by these ladies are performance they complimented each other styles. Extremely well. There was a little bit of sloppiness. Here and there I remember there was a roll up pin attempt at one point. I forgot who's trying to get. Who in the penny. I i wanna say was maybe rio. That was trying to get serena deeb and a roll up cannon. That was a little bit sloppy there. Because you know you hear about a roll up pin and you say to yourself how the hell can you mess up a roll up pin as the most simplest thing that anybody can do. It doesn't matter your size. It doesn't matter your height. Anybody can do it hell. Even if you're missing a limb anybody can do a roll up pin but somehow that was executed rather poorly but despite a couple little rusty areas here and their overall fantastic match the girls. They told a really good story. And i dare say they made me walk away saying damn. This was so good. Why wasn't this actually on the official pay per view car. We should had this on your official paper bucar but really set the tunnel so definitely my hats off to both of those growth. Did a great job did a phenomenal job. But again that matched. Those girls went about almost fifteen minutes opening match up of the double or nothing card official card. Hey man adam. Page taking on brian cage. Hey man adam page feeding brian cage twelve minutes this match per what. I had leitao in offering. Yeah you know before we move on a little bit further yen willie. I definitely agree. Heartily thunder rosa is a awesome lady. Russell yes she is indeed. She is a phenomenal wrestler. I just. I just can't help. But wonder and i got to touch upon is because this is a w related so please indulge me folks because i know you guys want me to boom with the pay per view but this is a very important and i can't remember the name of the person that was on our sh- rame Less than twenty four hours ago or forty eight hours ago but he pretty much had helped me break in the news about what was going on with the spanish commentating and i pretty much had reacted to it. Real time case those of you don't know because there actually was a couple of people in our discord. that didn't even know what was going on. There is a color commentator. By the name of william bonna and apparently he said some discriminating it was just straight up racist bullshit with regards to shida. And basically the way it was set up in a nutshell. His mail spanish Spanish commentator collaborators said to him hey translate would cheetah just said there translate cheetah for the fans so next thing you know willie jumped out there and he just went you know. We all dot dot dot com for not. I'm he was literally mocking shida. And you can just hear thunder. Rosa dacia Dez they had this guy kinda comfortable laughter that was going on. You can hear rosa trying to tell him to stop in all that. But i really wish that thunder rosa would have had more of a serious tone. Look i love thunder rosa. A loved on the rosa. Ima big fan big supporter of thunder. Rosa is so funny. Because i remember when. I was checking now thunder. Roses were one of the first times actually came across. Her work was when she was in. Wow women of wrestling. She actually was under a different couple of different gimmicks For that promotion. But that's how. I came across her work and then i learned about thunder rosa and i pretty much and i just remember trying to tell people about her and like don't sleep on this girl. My tally this is somebody that you gotta watch. So i've been a big supporter of hers. I was a little bit. No i won't say a little bit. I was disappointed in how thunder rosa had handled that. Because you know with her name the recognition auto promotions that want to work with her and everything i would have expected for her to really put her foot down and really hammer into willie. Hey you know. Why are you making fun of that emigrant. You know we are immigrants as well. You know this whole country of no here in america who are all. We're all immigrants in some form. Why are you making fun of her. sounds a little disappointed that she didn't step up to the plate. Dacia i mean look dacia. We know she got released from the wwe. You know a while back in everything. So i'm sure many of you guys kind of know how it is. Sometimes you know you you lead one job. You go to another so she view. Don't really have anything lined up in concrete just yet you know you kinda wanna try to mind your ps and qs. And you don't wanna fuck that paycheck up right so Yeah just He got released by the company. I thought with awa. Did you know pretty swift. And all that now you guys may be saying. How does this tie back exactly to the match. You were just talking about lee. With regards to serena deep and Rea- will remember. I said hey you know what's going on with camille e can't help a wonder if there were any plans even for maybe thunder rosa cameo. She's in the stands watching that match. Play out you know. You just can't help but wonder if something had went down and it's like Yell let's just kinda scrap that right now when you know. So i you know i hope that e w doesn't go extreme extreme On thunder rosa You know if you ask me. What's the worst case scenario and everything. Because i know some people may want to try to real quick. They may try to have this. Be a similar case to what went down with. What's girl's name was wilson grows named tussle blanchard. They may try to link this to tesla. blanchard h- i can see it but we're talking to psi. It might be. It might be of the same coin but these are two completely different different stories here. In howell dave connor reach their respective conclusions in everything. We got to remember that in this particular case thunder. Rosa was not the instigator If anything she definite way you can make the argument. She should have been more aggressive. She should've you could go that route And then you can go the other route. Which is you know. It's not really her responsibility as far as disciplinary action. Or trying to tell you know. He's the professional he should know. Better yell he. She's just feeding off of him. You know so. It's interesting to know there has been far as i know and you guys can correct me before we stream. If there's some up to up to date information but on the rose has not put out any type of statement with regards to that crap that went down so i hope that because w-we went down this weekend it hasn't messed up the The future relationship in regards to Future relationship in regards to nwa. And a e. W i mean it doesn't appear as though because if it was really that extreme than we definitely wouldn't have gotten rio taking on serena deep tonight you fill me as you'll pay view card. Hey man page defeating brian cage. This went exactly how i had laid it out when we got ready to talk about predictions for double or nothing remember. Go back to the friday saturday show. I just fell. In my heart of hearts. Adam page was definitely going to pick up the dub but i felt that it was going to come at the hands of tasr trying to basically do brian cage. A- solid in pretty much represent team task. You know hey we got your bag you know where your family your blood blah blah and. I figured that hook ricky stars. I figure that those guys were gonna come out. They're gonna play some type of role and trying to help out. Brian cage and cage. When it was all said and done he wasn't gonna have anything to do with any played out exactly How i thought it was going to play out Quite honestly I mean literally it literally to shit went down frame for frayne. Just go back and listen to what i had laid out just a couple of nights ago. It laid out exactly how i thought it was going to play out I'm trying to figure out who came in with the championship. John pitcher who Who came in with somebody who came in with a championship A did they come in with a championship belt thing. Nah i don't know. I'm getting another match mixed up but there definitely. So a lot of distractions that was going on at ringside and brian cage. Pretty muslims like you know. What the hell are you doing. I don't need you guys help. You know what the hell's wrong with you guys like. Leave me alone. You know i got this. And now he he did not get that Pretty much closing moments of this one. there was a german onto the neck caged in a flip page power bomb. Danny looked for another buckle. Page comes in with a jack knife cover near fall spinning clothesline. Then did the Spinning sit out power bomb Thousand near fall as well and then Hook hook was actually the one to lead off. Be whole distraction and then ricky. Yeah yeah there was a title. I almost rows like was there was a title. The fucking f. t. w. title. That's what i was thinking about guys. I got to trust my memory a little bit more. Ricky then tried to slide in there with the f. t. w. championship and You know he basically slid title win there. He made on cal tech way. Brian cage and he. The title in their brank age is looking at the title. Like what the fuck you want me to do it. No i'm not gonna win like this any actually throws it right. Back as starks page ended up setting up. Brian cage for alabama slam cage in sending him to the outside within page county right-back with a buck shot. Lariat got the three count. That pretty much was it. Page was celebrating dragging a couple of beers a cage. Meanwhile he's just shocked as i don't know why and the last burning image that you see with brian cage you see hook and starks. They're pretty much chewing into brian. Cage wondering do what the hell is going on with you you know what. Why didn't you want our help. You know what what the hell's wrong with you and he pretty much cursed them out Push them to side and he made his exit. The beautiful part of all of this task was on commentating. And just the fact that we had tasks kind of feeding into the whole thing. And i loved it. I frigging loved it I'm trying to think if there was anything else The had happened right there but now that that pretty much was it hell of an opener. It was a beautiful as opener. It was so believable. By the way for those of you. That might be a little bit curious because you know brian cage has that that hide he. He's got that weight difference. The muscle mass. And all that. And you're going. Brian cage e they actually the styles. Just the way because you know. That's the thing about brian cage. Been watching him long enough. You know brian cage can frigging adapt to any frigging sow. He's got one of the most unorthodox move sets that i've seen of agai his build and all that just some of the stuff that this guy is able to do in the ring. He should not be able to do it if you need this guy to go in there and pretty much be a brock lesin or powerhouse and do some fricken powerhouse lose. He's your guy if you need him to go in there and do some mutual lebron shit. He's your guy he can do that as well you know. You need him to go technical. He can do that as well. I mean the guy is just a draft. A jack of all trades East one hell of a frigging Specimen of a human being in wrestler. I gotta you straight up. I've never quite seen anything like him in quite some time for big muscle guy you know just the agility. The great flexibility That the young man has everything. I'm i'm very very impressed by him. So obviously as we progress in two weeks of future awa dynamite program in we're going to be seeing fallout from this. I would imagine tasr is gonna try to just follow up. Wanna say the other night i would imagine tasr probably gonna try to chew into brian cage. A little bit and again you know. How could you do that to your brothers. Your hi how are you gonna do that to my side. They were there to help you. You know after everything that we've done for you if everything that team tasr has done for you know in you. Pretty much throwback gratuity. You pretty much spit on it and you pretty much throw it in our face. You know. I can just see all of that. Plan abou- and eventually i can see hangman. Adam page continuing have problems with team tabs and eventually brian cage. He's gonna he's gonna get the exit from frick when we've seen this. I mean because the seats have been planning for some weeks now so we know it's coming we we've seen that it's coming and pretty much. What we got tonight was the not really the icing on the cake. But you know how when you turn that pot on That's got the water in it and you're putting your you're white. You're white rice in there. You china balsam rice. And you know if you're not paying attention is just gonna overflow will that's now what's going on with brian cage in this whole storyline it's now overflowing and now we got to see how to clean up is going to go down but i can definitely see a scenario where Maybe not so much hook not so much hook. I wouldn't be surprised of really ricky starks and hobb's if they were the ones that really made life living hell for. Hey man page. Brian cage and then all of a sudden we've got this union. Here is partnership between brian cage. Ham page cajun page or do you wanna go page in cage. I like cage page. That's kind of flows off the tongue. Better agassi them. Having a putting their differences to the side there to team up in pretty much stick it to team tasr and then somewhere down the road after they resolve that conflict okay we need to definitively have are one match here. You know no shenanigans. No all persons at ringside. Now we're gonna finally. I can do this. I can see something like that. Like i see something like that coming about because when you really kind of take a step back and think about it they are one one right now so somewhere down. The road is going to have to be there. Ram match without a doubt. Hey you guys doing good. You guys been enjoying the show so far. If you have been pleased please make sure if you haven't done so already you go out of your way. You hit that like button. Subscribe click on that bill. So you don't miss out on all future content. that comes your way on a regular basis. Hey one also give shout out to our patriots. Familia remember patriot dot com for slash. Rc byard show checkout bonus audio and video content. you won't be able to find anywhere else. Shot to our patriot familiar. Y'all know who you are. Let's keep and roll was getting more matches here our necks match on the card. That went twenty one minutes yum bucks. Nick and matt jackson. Taking on jon moxley eddie kingston four the awa world tag team titles young bucks defeating moxley in kingston gotta say was a bit surprise with this match as far as turnout goes. I was very very surprised by this. I thought for sure. I thought for sure that We were going to get new. Tag team champions. I i just felt that was the way to go. I felt that moxley and kingston have just been cranking it up. These has several weeks. I have for me as far as viewer to say to me. Straight up lee. What is one of your favorite highlights. What's been one of your favorite highlights. When it comes to aid of you programming. I would say off the break at the very top. I would say kingston moxley. All shit that they've been doing has been pure go. I mean they just flow so they complement each other extremely well. You know it's it's. It's almost like god if i were to just think about some some duos You know it. It's almost kind of like you're watching. And i'm sure eddie. Kingston will actually appreciate this analogy. I'm i'm about to us. Because i know i know. He's big into You know hip hop rb and all that you know. He's into rap in all that. Eeo watching kingston and moxley reminds me a lot of pete. Rock in seal smooth. No bullshit it almost reminds me of that to certain degree You know it's almost like we are watching of the of the smashing pumpkins with with james You know it. It's almost like you know it's kind of like one of those types of deals you know I'm damn sure. Not gonna say jimmy page. Or i'm not gonna go in that direction but you guys get the point. I don't think i need to put anymore Analogies out there but yeah they complement each other so damn welder styles just just everything and I've been enjoying them in a. I thought tonight we were going to be getting new tag champions. And i can't help with scratch my head and say to myself my god if there was ever a time where you could have really put over a a new tag team and really build up your tag division even more and everything. This was pretty much your opportunity to do so. But i can't help but wonder okay so now what i mean the way india you kinda felt as though this is in over just yet moxley and kingston. They're going to continue to come after the yamba. Cts you you're kind of left with that impression and hopefully this does continue. Hopefully this was just at one. And when it's all said and done you know no no. No you know there's going to get a gonna get to a point in this feud where as far as finish line moxley and kingston will become the new awa world tag champions because if they don't become the new awa world tag champs then i can't help but go okay. So if not kingston in moxley then who because varsity blondes. You pretty much essentially made that be a a flash in the pan which you know. We gotta talk a lot more with regards. 'cause we got that casino royale we gotta talk about pretty soon but you know that's pretty much okay. We forget about that. But then you've guides. But then you've got went down with christopher daniels frankie zarian by the way quick sidebar. I believe in consistency in storytelling. If we have frankie kazarian cut a promo about two weeks ago. Talking about his best friend his brother and arms you know his his his his his his war buddy and christopher daniels if we got him making a declaration of how he is going to make every single day that the yum books don callous. Kenny omega good brothers. Anybody anybody that is associated with them with that elite squad. How he's gonna make them all pay for what they did to him and his brother as he has a new focus in in all of this other shit. Don't you think it would have made all the sense in the world to when they lease expected it even if it were backfire tonight. That's okay but at least we're telling that story line we're keeping up with it and it's all about the consistency would have made artisanal frank to be there to try to figure out some type of way to screw them. I gotta tell you i. I was intense thousand -ticipant tonight. I was in dissipating christopher daniels. At some point that was going to be reclosed. I was going to hop over a railing and was gonna come right after The bucks or whatever while referee had all of that distraction. That was going on there. I was expecting for him to come in there. Do some stuff. We find out who it is tony. Shabani jr create. Sell the hell out of that moment and everything but come up. Short match keeps going. I was expecting that. But you know we didn't get that. I'm hoping that we can revisit that. Because right now we just kind of comes off. His if people are scratching their heads And you know remember remember. Who was it in a recent interview that talked about dig. It was coochy marshall maybe to had talked about the whole writing process on how dynamite is put together like right now. These guys aren't even in a room. Hammering at all how these guys pretty much just have all these ideas that they're texting back and forth with each other or whatever and somehow gets lost in communication and then day of the show is even more rewriting. The has to go down because not everybody is on the same page about what needs to go down. You feel i'm coming from so hopefully we can see what's going on with that in the next coming weeks but If it's not diversity blondes. The i've it's not gonna be lucia sorace. Who who is it. If it's not gonna be kingston and moxley. who who. who who who you know. You can't help but wonder so. Hopefully they'll we're we're we're going in that direction. Damn good tag team match up Between these respective teams. Though i i i got to say you know me when it comes to the young butts. I've told you guys about this repeatedly over years about the books. What type of yom buds are you gonna get. Are you gonna get the yum bucks that wanna go in there and they wanna tell a riveting Or are you gonna get yum bugs. Dad you know dalit up. It's all about those you know. Those favorite hits in other the greatest hits which which type of bucks are you to get and the bucks that we got tonight now. They came in their lunch pail. And all that I loved it is definitely definitely one of my favorite matches. Shout out to Joshua who says he's He's at the hospital so he sadly had missed the a w w nothing pay per view. Event sorry to hear about that. Hopefully everything is good. Hopefully you're just use passing through the hospital and you'll be out of there You'll be out of there. rather soon-. I don't know if it was joshua or if it was another listener of the show From meter last week or week before but somebody was having some personal issues. Somebody who's having some personal issues that was That was going on. And i remember. They had said something. All of very appreciative that shows like Like mind was was floating around to really help them out and everything so Not sure who that person was and if that was joshua day. Sorry i forgot about bailey. I kinda remembered there Let's keep rocking and rolling. Gus more action. We could talk about here. we're on our fourth match. Now are krissy no battle royale for future. Aew world championship match As far as your participants go in this one. Let me try to seek. I actually did not take the names down of the people that were In this one But let me let me see if i can let me see if i can actually get you guys. The names for this one christian matt sidell will hobbs. Max caster dustin rhodes. They all are pretty much out there. I see and then later on it gets fouled up by trying to see who else comes out here The diamonds matt hardy. Al came cassidy. Cease nickel nikko. Marado subroutine luther. Nick and ten c hearts our next cassidy hang on. Hearts are out next. Brian kilmeade junior garrison. They come out. Cochabamba cochabamba actually came out with a brody lease jacket about. That was a nice little touch. Right there Anthony bowen sr came out necks. Penta l zero pencils zero gets not of the night because we'll man came out. Joker inspired attire. Must be on cloud nine as i was. I don't know how many of you guys had actually heard about this. But if y'all remember Phoenix in joker. From just couple of years ago the green light has been given there is going to be a joker to and if i'm not mistaken the director the writer i think it was tied phillips. He's actually pending it as we speak east coming back in all that so I think that was just so fucking cool. The pencil actually came out with his attire joker in spotted. Look fucking wicked. I loved it. Fricken loved it. Yo to the people at awa games you're thinking about future downloadable content and everything. You should definitely try to make that costume be available. You would definitely give many people would appreciate that no doubt about it. No doubt about it. final shuffle happens jungle. Boy comes out Let's see who else come out and erin solo see. I think i think that's i. Don't think missing the odor any odor names. I'm just kind of quickly. Just skimming my notes. Forgive me if i did miss a couple of names there. As far as who was the joker card joker card was none. Other than leo rush. It was leo rush. Leo rush got a nice ovation from the crowd. It was awesome again. This was one of those type of wrestling fans. I know some of the terminology that you know that that's out there. You know you hear mark here. Smark i try to do my best not to use that That type of time and -nology 'cause i just don't believe in and label people although for full transparency. I gotta say what tony. Kahn had put out there this week about. Wwe's possibly trying to do in new japan pro wrestling idea kind of feel as though Tony was being a little bit too much of a of a mark for form seven. It was interesting. Because i had a couple of nights. interactions so nice back and forth to people About that tony kahn. Peace and one guy said well who is in a mark for themselves. Everybody is a mark for themselves. And i just couldn't help would say gee outta that one hundred percent. I must be that one percent. That's not for a a mark of themselves. Because i'm always very hard on myself right down to the point every single show that i put out there and everything. I'm always hardware myself. I'm always going man. What could i have done to make that show even better all man just kind of seemed like my energy was a little bit too low. Right here I wish i could brought more energy all man. I forgot to bring up this point. Oh you know really would have been good additional thoughts. If i would've saw always mali's beating myself up being myself even more okay next show next show next show why even when i finally feel as though no i did the best complete shows so i'm still never satisfied. It's okay well. That's in the books. Now let's go on and let's see we can hit another home run in everything so i just thought it was interesting that the one of the people had said you know who isn't a mark for themselves and i was like. Nah well not me. I'm not really a mark for myself So you know you got those terminologies. That's floating around in everything But in this particular case when you see when lille rush came out great ovation. This was a wrestling. Crou- dad knew there guys and they're gals. This was a wrestling crowd. You know they. They came prepared and i was loving it. I was loving. Lille rush. I i just i just couldn't help it. Just take a step back and just go bam. i'm. I'm actually happy for his. Do i actually loved the work that he was doing for bobby lashley. I loved what he was doing there. I mean don't don't get me wrong you know. Sometimes you can't help but wonder would last. We have gotten to where he is right now. Would he have gotten there. If leo rush had continued to be by his side the us. That's kind of up for debate. You know we'll we'll never really know does. Mvp compliment lashley a lot. More than leo rush. I think even the most hardcore leo rush fan would say yeah the census yet an mvp actually complements complements. Lashley more than i mean. Can you just really take a step back. Could you imagine leo rush being one that pretty much in storyline orchestrates. The whole hurt business. Gnawed that i'm having a hard time really seeing that you feel me so you know but it was great seeing him. Get the reaction that That he had got tonight he was only in there for a hot cup of coffee though. Man i mean the guys in there. He's not even involved in this match for not even not even five minutes and he got eliminated so quickly and it's funny too because for those of us that kinda. Follow the career of leo rush and it was like. Oh hey you know cool. We all rush. I guess for a lot of people they were kind of expecting a cold perk. They were expecting a little rock last nerve. They were expecting a siham punk. They were expecting a a a huge big name. They're expecting a huge big name to come out. A you know what it reminded me of just seeing everybody's reactions to it informs Chat rooms not a you know what it kind of reminded me of a reminded me of that wrestlemainia from a couple of years ago. Where number thirty hits and you're like all right who's going to be. The last person and poor little ramos stereo comes out and he got booed out the goddamn arena. Remember that you know it was almost kind of like but see. Here's the thing the fans that were in attendance tonight. They re cheering the hell out of leo rush by some of the. Let's were out was tonight. It was really really leo. Rush man. come on. You couldn't get anybody else who's who's one of those type of deals so i i understand. We were some people are coming from and everything. But i personally didn't have a problem with leo rush Drawing the joker card and everything. I didn't have a problem with that whatsoever So you're winner of this casino royale match eh ended up being one jungle boy as the final two participants. It was jungle boy christian cage. You know at this point. You're looking at You're kind of saying to yourself. Well not for nothing. But the way that they've been building up christian cage. I don't blame folks. That may be looked at this and said okay. It's going to be christian cage. Christian cage is going to be the one that is going to essentially know. Maybe dethrone kenny omega. You know it. It's going to be him but the fact that they actually went with jungle boy. I just was like okay. This is awesome. pleasant surprise. Did not see this. When come in whatsoever i tell you what jungle boy. Got such a great ovation. Yeah you know when you take a step back and again for those of you. That didn't see the pay per view tonight. When you wanna talk about who had the best reaction in this casino royale match jungle boy hands down at number one. He had the best fricken reaction I would also say that penta. I i would probably put him at number two. Maybe i'll definitely give him number two. Just go on back one more time and looking at all the names of the participants that was then this one against his feed off of the crowd reaction and all that actually no. I would put penta at number three. My number one would be jungle. Boy my number two would be leo. Rush number. three would be pence. I don't think anybody that saw to pay per view would have any issue with that order. whatsoever but yeah. Those were the three that really stood out to me most jungle. Boy i mean roof just pretty much. Blew off de joy and Jungle boy advances so he gets a future shot against the awa world champion. That's going to be going down on dynamite. I believe they said in about two weeks. There was so much information. They tried to cram into this paper view in setting up this coming weeks dynamite on a lot of it i honestly have missed and everything but the fact that they went with jungle boy. I was cool with that. You know there was a part of me. That was a little bit. Kind of heartbroken that they did not go in the direction of brian pullman junior and to quote jr to a certain degree. I love the fact that jr touched on the fact that bryant junior has been receiving so much admiration so much love new fanfare for the dark side of the ring documentary on his dad. That came out a couple of weeks ago. I love the fact that jr headset that because to my knowledge it yet it if it was said on dynamite you guys got it. Forgive me that. I missed it. Obviously but for me. What i heard tonight that was for me the very first time. That okay on a much grander scale. You can say to me all no lead. They mentioned on the youtube shows have like i. I don't acidly watch youtube shows. They're mainly watching the tnt stuff or the pay per views saw it. It definitely perked my years with the light to hear jr. Give that little nod in everything. And then i gotta say i I was who i was rooting for. I thought that it was going to be brian. Perelman i did. That's despite what. I had said. When i was offering picks because remember what i said when i was offering picks i felt that whoever was the to be announced a opponent for his casino royale. I felt that maybe they were gonna be the ones to win it. And then remember what i also said. I went with dark horse. I said as far as a dark horse that could win the whole thing. I went with film in junior. So the fact that it didn't even go in that direction it was kind of like you know but but i'm happy for jungle boy. I can't wait to see what happens on a couple of weeks when he really lock it up with the w champion i. Let's keep rocking and rolling. Let's go with the next match up on the card You know what one thing i got to say. You know i. I like the fact that ed wood were awa tonight. We jungle boy winning. You know they really tried to go. That extra effort. And i definitely want to make sure i showed a lot of love for this. Went that mile to okay. We got to try to establish new stars. We gotta try to you know. We can't keep looking at the older guys. That's coming in here you know. No disrespect to the moxley's the christians in certain certain. Sir you know we gotta to do our best to build up these fresh new faces in everything and all in the name of you know helping the overall product you know move forward but also connecting and capitalizing on knows age demographics. That's checking out your product and everything so it was who was a smart move. What they did. They're putting jungle boy In that position and that casino royale match that one abou- twenty three minutes next up cody. Rhodes cody rhodes defeating anthony. Ago-go ten minutes fifty five seconds yo. Y'all man cody rhodes came out and his whole entire all house thinking about when i was looking at his attire. I just wanted to go downstairs. I wanted to go in my pantry. And i just wanted to have a nice big ass fat bowl a captain crunch cereal nobleman. You gotta look at that cost and man. I mean that costume was no bull. No bull you guys got it. I didn't see the paper. You gotta pull up the image of his attire tonight and the only thing that was missing was the damn cap'n crunch frickin hat man. That was the only thing that was missing but yet brussels making me hungry with that attire man. Seriously you guys. What about blueberry cap'n crunch it has its moments i got. I got to actually be seen in four. But i'm a gimme the original man almost like the original. Gimme the frigging original owl teradata. Tear it up I really ain't supposed to be having that though because of my diabetes but assures was tempted. I was ready to go down there. And the house ready to i stick to honey nut cheerios. And and the special k and and was supposed to the other one i do Rice krispies the original rice krispies. I drew story. I tried cocoa rice krispies. For very first time. Since two days ago i was eating breakfast with my girl and You know we're we're eating. Hey what you doing she's i'm doing cocoa rice krispies. I'm like oh. I've always wanted to try that. I've got to try that. She's like really of yet to try to. She's like oh we'll have some nasty nasty. Yo rigging nasty never again never again sounds good at i. Don't it sounds good efforts. But then you're like About now i next match up here. We got on the car for you guys But what you guys good. Y'all y'all doing okay. Shot out shot out. Let me know you guys doing all right of course already know what to do if you enjoying the show. So far as keep rocking and in cody rhodes anthony gogo. Ten minutes fifty. Five minutes cody defeating antonia. Gogo the fact that i've been silent this law issue. Let you know that dues bullshit. A love cody. I respect the hell. Out of cody. What have i always been consistent about for you guys that you check me out you know. I try to do my best to be very fair to all wrestling promotions. That i talk about on here definitely to aid. W what's the number one thing about cody. I've always said if you've been listening long enough. I've always said a to cody rhodes and his matches man. You know cody is going to bring it when it comes to cody. And he's involved in his respective story arcs. He's always bringing knit. His is the most complete. It's the most. Well-thought-out is the most well executed this just fell so flat saw flat. Where do you begin do you maybe go with the fact of something that i brought up the other ninety. You bring up the fact that there was no type of Gimmick stipulation thing that was going on with this match you know the fact that it wasn't a maybe a. I quit match. You know loser. That says i quit has to fricken leave a america for ninety days served or or some shit like that Just weird that. There was no type of stipulation that was added to this. You felt that maybe they were trying to go for a you felt that maybe they were trying to go for a rocky four five but the execution just overall flat on so many levels you know and when you go to this match itself look. I'll give praise where praise definitely needs to be given the goco in here. Look like a fucking base me. You're looking at him. You're saying how he's able to hang. We cody and all your yet. This young brother. He got mad potential. He got mad potential to move up the card and everything. You could definitely see him being a future. Tnt champion you could definitely under the right circumstances. See him being a future world heavyweight champion and that you could definitely see all of those things. It was a fantastic showing for anthony ago. But of all the you know. I won't say cody went above and beyond to really because we've seen cody really go above and beyond for somebody you know cutie. Marshall comes to mind Who's another one. That comes to mind that he really really while he was a tnt. Chevy if you throw a name out me like i'll definitely be able to say yeah that guy But we've seen helmets like. Why is he really playing up. This guy 'cause sometimes you would look at his matches and you would go. Do do dial it back. This should be a squash match. You should be done with this guy in like fricken three minutes you know. Why are we turned into what should be a three minute match into a damn near twenty minute max like know. What the hell But with this one he killed. Woody that is he definitely went there and and when he went there and trying to help out a gogo by this was this was not one of the best. Cody rhodes matches That i've seen just the way that the match was laid out the fact that she didn't have any type of a a gimmick behind it whatsoever the shortness of this match. Do all of this this build in everything and it pretty much just ends with a cody pretty much doing a frigging version breaker to get three count all right so he also beats anthony gogo cleanly in the middle of the ring. We don't even get post-match we don't even get anthony ago jump in the hell outta cody afterwards being a sore loser and at least okay. We're continuing on here. It just feels as though look the way this just felt. Okay we're gonna take this up to the pay per view and after that we're pretty much done. That's just pretty much felt like okay. Cody's in he's out. That's how i felt so yoga. Forgive me a young i know. Fort lauderdale guys code your boy everything but for me. I i really. I expect a lot more of this matchup. And honestly if they were going to operate like this then. I'll tell you what this match should have been depre- show and the real taking all serena de should've taken they should've swap and it was on the actual pay view card Instead miro taken on lance archer tnt championship Both men coming out of this looking fantastic role looking like a absolute base. Miro looking like a absolute freak in freak Miro look and like a fricking psychopath. I loved it. I i- fricken loved this There was a spot where And i love her. Pita call pita animal abuse There was a Throwing of a a snake in awed at Archer looked pretty good. I've never seen lance archer for as long as he's been involved in a w maybe not sense what i'm trying to think maybe not sense would cody. But i've not seen lance archer get thrown awhile thrown around the way was being thrown around In this one a little bit of sloppiness here and there When this matchup. But i'll tell you this. I'll tell you this could have followed the crowd. Reaction for a gogo and cody rhodes. And you could tell. The crowd was a bit lost. Their they the cry. You're losing the crowd when it came to that matchup and pretty much anthony I'm pretty much miro archer. Okay we gotta go out and we gotta try to follow. That i felt that with these guys did was definitely redeeming of what we saw in the previous match and everything They definitely kind of help. Pick the energy up a little bit In this when mir roll coming out on top steel t champion. No surprise right there. I'm continuing to enjoy the good booking that they're doing Of miro and you guys are as well gustaf. Can't wait to see what's next for miro personally You asked me with future matchups. I would like to see for miro. I would love to personally see. I would personally love to see christian. I definitely would love to see will hops. They're not really dream. Match is just really cool matches. I'd like to see off the break Trying to think who else. I definitely wouldn't mussina frankie kazarian against me a row. I think that would be a very interesting story line Who else who else they got in there. They got in there Trying to think you know. I wonder if they could do something there with joey. Jim nella something there. Look all these names mentioned and so far. I'm not talking about dethroning miro for tnt championship. All i'm talking about his jobs okay. Future opponents that you could. Oh you know. Who's the one guy who's the one guy that looks like the frigging throwback The fricken throwback The barbarian the got some guy. That's down there. And he was actually in the casino royale. He bear with me a quick second. I can actually tell you the name of the guy. Let me just go back. Let me go to my notes. Real quick let me actually look at that That one guy. I'm talking about are actually in the w roster. We'll see if. I can actually pull up that guys That guy's face here almost see the guy if anybody wants to try to help me out in the chat and you may his name you know. He's he's he's almost built like the frigging barbarian Elias you know but more bulkier mean that guy. Looks like a million fucking dollars. Manuals like a fricking savage. I'll have the name for you guys in a couple of seconds here. Because i'm actually looking at the roster right now the most updated roster and right now. I hope this very updated because sonny kiss. I ain't talking about sonny kiss in. No i'm not talking about nine arose eater by the way i miss the rolls. Senile rose In a minute man had these images man. They're like loading up. I'm seeing the The people that's on the roster by i would rather see a list rather than Hang on i'm gonna travel more thing here. 'cause as soon as i mentioned this guy's name you all are going to be like. Oh yeah that fucking do so. Hang on here Here we go. No no no no no no no no no Is it this guy. Hang on. I think i. I think i found him hanging up thinking this guy hang on. I can tell you guys Yeah nick colorado nick arado. I could see him doing so. I think him in mirror. I think that would be fucking epic. That ba fuck an epic. Look his Look up his image for those does not really familiar with him Just yet that. Do fucking screams insanity money as well That guy right there. I'm looking at going. You know what you can definitely do something with that dude. Thirty years of age to you still a young dude. I'm very impressed with what i've seen of him. You know thus far thus far so reason why had a brain fart. Because i haven't seen him enough so his name isn't ingrained in my mind. Just yet there are. Let's see what else we got see. What else happened on the card here. dr brit baker d m d taking on shida a w. women's championship. Seventeen minutes twenty seconds. We are new. Awa women's champion as the d. m. d. era has officially begun So fucking happy All my god dude. First of all first of all great match gray thicker match. I love this. This was this was awesome. I say this was. This was one of my matches. Remember what i told you guys. The other night. I said of all matches looking most forward to this was definitely wind where yeah man. I'm heavily invested in this one. These girls should definitely live up to the hype. They definitely should be tearing the house down and everything. This did not disappoint whatsoever. I was very happy with this one. man this was good. This was wholly balls Holy balls fucking good man What else can i say about this matchup particular. I even love the spot there where they had put a rebel as she was shoes. Trying to distract the referee in every day and the referee heated time. It just right because rebel came in there with crutcher. Whatever from what. I remember and referee somehow got distracted or whatever brit takes that crutch and the referee actually sees when britain is using the crutch but then he tried to act like he didn't see it in almost try to he almost did his body language like he was going to try to look away but then decided off fuck. You can't really play this off. And so he just went in for the and i just thought. Look me personally stickler for detail. I just thought that was. That was poor sloppy. I just thought that was poor sloppy biz. That was going on I felt if anything the match should have been called sheet of. Should've you know that that's it. The match the matches called off for baker has been disqualified with still your awa women's champion shida but then it really would have been cool if would have had you know. Maybe tony kahn. Come out or something like that and say you know. This is a pay per view. You know we're not gonna do it like this. This match is gonna match is going to continue or something along those lines Within you could definitely bring up a con argument for why that actually is not a good idea because so but yeah i just i felt kinda bad for that referee because obviously his timing was off and he really wasn't sure what to do there so he just kept rocking and rolling and everything but Couple o- hiccups. Definitely there was a couple of little hiccups in this matchup but when it was all senate denver baker Walking wait look. You can't help but be very happy for bread. Baker in me personally no bullshit. You know very very seldom as far as my my female wrestlers you know. Who's on my list. That i can watch any and everything that they do for whatever promotions you know. I'm definitely invested in their work. My list of female talents is very very short. off to break and i've taken quite a strong liking to her. The future is very bright for her. Jade cargill You've listened to show enough of song. Nothing but really good praises of her Another one that stands out to my mind right now. is keyword hogan tasha steals. I i love what they have been doing for that. Knockouts division over at impact I love me. Some red velvet red velvet is coming along. She still has a lot a lot more work to do. But i see the potential. That's and everything she she's definitely winning me over Of course i Definitely love me. Some thunder rosa always always have appreciated. The work of Serena deep bread baker. I pretty much was in her corner almost from day. One almost from day one. And i don't say it to suck my own In any type of way or or anything. I say what. I say right now with regards to baker because i want to really make sure is trans. Lated to you guys. Transparency consistency while other shows were throwing bid re baker under the bus and they pretty much just is the roasting our of rick baker. I was among the select few that said no. You know what. I see potential for her. I remember with the promos. I remember being on his show in saying look. I don't know who you know. Who's helping her with her promos. We know she's got her man. Adam cole and everything but practice in the mirror fire up a webcam record some stuff just gotta get more and more comfortable with it and is gonna come in due time especially if she's serious about mastering in everything. Dan ring work. I felt that way. Pretty impressed with what i'm saying could be better but enables one of those. Okay let's see how serious just keep just keep adages. Just keep at it. Just just keep at it. Keep batting when you keep doing something long enough you get really good at it. That's that's how it is. I look at it no different than video game. Yeah sure when you start off. Plan that video game you suck you die multiple times. You're trying to figure out the gaming controllers all of that good stuff and eventually you become a pro at it. And i remember the turning point had really came and i was all. I was already singing praises for britain talking about you know. Hey you know improve audit up but i think really that turning point in her career came when she was on that cruise remember that she was on that cruise. She cut that promo. You got the infamous tony show. What the Here you got that. That's when things really started to turn the corner for her and it was. Okay finally piecing it all together. you know. she's she's gotten it now. It's like the lightbulb off. Really gotten it i. Let's see how she has she strings it all together and it's been amazing. This past year in august. Full three sixty five spin also saying this incredible journey that she's been on and it getting to the point of where it is right now and do i dare say that and i think this is a very good argument that i could make show me otherwise in regards to the a w realm i think since the inception of aew if you were to point out one particular star in aew and say hey for home grown talent look at the way. This particular talent has been built up and built up and built up and built up. Sure we had our moxley's but let's really be honest the moxley's those were transplants. We look at the We look at the who's another one. Jericho look jericho. Fits the w cloth perfectly because without jericho. Yeah probably would not have been in aew and all that would without a shadow of doubt but when you get right down to the heart of the matter. Jerko is still a transplant. You've got to look at it like that. You guys get the gist of what i'm talking about. When you really just strip all that away he just look at it. Straight up homegrown. Aew talent dare. I say unless you're able to find me somebody else on that roster. Bread baker has been the one star. You talk about being built up properly and what a payoff at the very end. Seeing this incredible journey i mean. It's probably when you just kinda go back in. I wouldn't be surprised if maybe three years from now if we're probably still talking abou who The rise of breaker her career in everything. I would not be surprised if in three years time that still holds up that number one spot Will so very very proud very proud to see the big payoff and that was a nice little spot. Seeing tony shivani Literally hall last two. N you news legit. You knew he reg- it was congratulating her and and all of that so definitely definitely league congrats to to baker straight from the heart. And look while. I'm on vacation. I'm definitely going to represent you guys know. I love to get all types of different wrestling shirts. And all i gotta. Nwa powerrr scher. That's when the way as we speak I finally got a see 'em peng besson the world shirt. Don't ask me what the hell i i. Just i'll be clear. Blue eyed just. Hey i never did. I think what it was. When i saw sam punk couple of years back in chicago i think what it was. I got to see on punk exclusive shirts from the meet and greet i refuse to wear them. I refuse to wear them and it was like okay. I need a shirt that i can. So i decided okay well. I think that's probably what was going on in my head. So i gotta see him pump best in the world shirt that i'll be wearing really really soon but i'm definitely going to be pushing a brick baker shirt no doubt about pushing a baker shirt and i agree with anthony. Anthony talking about the Marrero match he says the miro match was great He's really good. He'll that should have debuted. Like hands down yes. It really felt like to go on and on about miro. Let's just talk a little bit of rock music for a little bit. You know what murals run when he first came into. Aws reminded me of what sing reminded me out the most reminding me a lot of rubber plant if you will because anybody. That's followed the career of led zeppelin of robert plant. There was that period there where robert plant had refused to play the led zeppelin music. He just refused it. Paint him too much and falling out that he kinda had with jimmy page and all that he just you know he really wanted to be his own man and so he wanted to go out. There play his own original music in every day. And if alienated fans for a good number of years but then as time grew on plant certainly had became quite fond of that history that he had built with led zeppelin and it was. There is it in the past. That really had helped shaped him into the alternate singer and showman as a solo. Act that we've come to know love and appreciate today and with miro. It really felt as though miro was trying so hard to get away from the past. Felt like he was trying to get away from everything that made him successful in the other company and maybe to a certain degree. Maybe miro and i wouldn't blame the guy. Maybe in his own way he felt as though will what was going on over there and how the company let me down. And all of this. I i was just a failure over there for them so it felt like he was going through a identity crisis. Does anybody remember. When chris cornell did the fucking rap album with timberland as his producer. A lot of people. Just what the fuck it. But you know cornell. Khanna had his coming to jesus and he stuck to the stuff that made him most popular. I actually thought that album was pretty good by the way. But that's just me so you guys get so yeah to answer these point hell. Yeah with regards to mirrow helio with regards to miro everything that's been going on with him as of late. This is how miro should've always been whatever shadow of doubt this. How mural should've always been Let's see keep rocking roll in here. How many more matches we got here. Aren't you doing pretty good. We ain't got that many more matches To cover here staying darby allin defeating scorpio sky and eat them page tag match twelve minutes thirty seconds. How was the sixty two year old staying on a look in this match up with staying gonna. Maybe go into this match with without his shirt. We're gonna we're gonna see his chest where we're gonna see his arms. What was going to go on here. and as i was jokingly telling folks staying taken that shirt off for nothing you gotta give him ten grand and you gotta give him some hot pockets. That's the only way he's going to be taken. That shirt off. Well staying got his hot pockets and he got his ten grand 'cause he did take that shirt off and we got to see y'all trademark traditional staying young know because i don't know about you guys saying staying wrestling alone sleeve shirt t shirt i come on man. Get up off of that already. That was about you all but that pretty much was me. It's like dude sixty two years old. You're you know you may not have the body like he used to. But that's got a good bill on there. Go ahead and show that bad boy off. Come on already and look. I was really concerned about staying. I gotta tell you die hard. Staying fan die hard. Stink fan My amigo Don tony hit it. he'll tell you he'll. He'll vouch for me. I'm a big sting fan. And for me i just i i looked at this first of all i continue to have trepidation for staying doing anything. That's physical i. Continue to have trepidation. Because i just think about what happened in. Wwe so that's where my mindset is my mindset continues to be on good. I don't need to continue to see staying in new matches really good. I'm good brother. I'm good but we keep getting them and it's like oh okay and it's just for me. I'm biting my nails. Just please be okay. please be okay. One thing that i thought was pretty interesting. There was a interview that staying head right before double or nothing and he talked about how even though the cinematic match happened in february he still is feeling the effects of that power bomb. He took 'em. When i heard that i just couldn't help would go wait. Wait a minute. you're still feeling the effects of that power. Bob are are you serious. In his his exact quote. I'm still feeling. The effects of the powerbombed took from brian cage. There are a few kinks. I still have from that one while power bomb from three months ago still hurts to this very day. You gotta forgive me. If i if i definitely went into this match saying god. I hope this guy is going to be okay seriously Come on man is my idol. My childhood idol. One seen anything bad happened to the singer here but he pulled it off. He pulled it off And you know nothing also in that interview. He did say that the way he goes about training you know as much different particularly. He's gotta make sure that he does aunt or train and he looked really good. Young couple of people were asking. That wasn't able to watch pay per view tonight. They were asking how is thing. How does he look and you know we had a couple of jokes but you know when we really just we'll look for real for real. The way i kind of felt in watching staying maybe you call it selfishly. But the way i looked at staying tonight it was a you. Know how y- have your parents do something in econo say to your parents. You know dad. You know ma. You really shouldn't be doing that. That's probably not a good idea. And that's kind of the vibe. I had the few others had in watching sting tonight but he rose to the occasion. This was not a case where staying was just all he. He's just gonna come in and grand total he's going to do about three minutes of some no staying got in a nice amount of equal time just as darby allin. I thought the way the match was initially gonna play out. I thought maybe darby allin was going to go in here and it was gonna be pretty much an ass kicking contest with him mostly getting his ass kicked and pretty much. You know maybe halfway through to match. Maybe that's when staying finally gets the hot tag. I thought maybe that's how the match was going to be built up and you got. Jr golf ford tagged him. The man wants to get in. He wants to get in tag them. Reach out there. He's just waiting the icons wait. You know and i'm just waiting to hear tony. Shabani words. stirring. I'm waiting for him to say that as the singer gets the hot tag and all but no like about probably it felt maybe five minutes into the match darby tag stinging crou- popped on you know all that good stuff and everything and i mean they were they were there in the palm stings hands and and i mean he just source you when he took his shirt off stings barely doing some stuff and he was getting You still got a chance and all that good stuff. I think he got. That chant may be twice During the tag team match tonight. So i thought maybe how to match was going to play out but it it didn't play out Like that staying after you got that tag Was definitely in their offense for quite a bit had to eventually tag back in darby darby going at it in an equal amount of time all said and done equal amount of time More than i had anticipated. I mean staying really went out. There are no bullshit saying this staying really went out there tonight. And try to give the fans their money's worth. He really tried to go out there and give them a entertaining match. You saw you felt that the man cared sixty two years of age. Nobody would have blamed him whatsoever to just basically going there. You know just as phone and the greatest hits the l. role the fuck out. Nobody would have blamed him for doing it. Okay hey whatever you gotta do to make the ends meet. Keep the bills pay. It's all good brother. Know he went out there. And you know i think that is a testament. I think the way fans really be looking at this. They should really look at this as a testament to how he has been enjoying his run so far in. Aws because we sadly did not get a chance to really experience all of this in wwe universe and was not even touch that frick subject because just poor utilization all around whether it's in the rain outside the rangers poor utilization round of the stinger and you know You know honestly it's interesting too because who knows maybe maybe we can get him on the show. I mean we've we've done some pretty big name interviews before Over the years being a one lingering. Burning question that i have in my mind right now is okay staying you. You know you say you were holding now for that undertaker match for even entertaining the idea of getting fusion surgery and all that now. Obviously when the match didn't happen you know you're pretty much. Okay good. I just can't help but wonder if he truly felt that okay. You know what. I'm just gonna retire under the wwe umbrella. I'm just wondering if he was really that content on not doing anything for wwe or if he did that as a way to protect himself physically because he didn't like what he was putting out there all his effort but getting back so little. You feel what i'm saying. It really wasn't that fully reciprocal for him at his in. I just can't really help but wonder you understand. Hopefully you're of thinking the same way as i am. I think that's actually a pretty good question To bring up or if it was a case. Because even when even when i had some words with him at awesome kong a couple of years back in we did his qna Audio available on demand downloads and also on the youtube channel. You know he. He seemed pretty adamant about you know. Hey look you know. i'm done wrestling. But if undertaker's china do something there you know. He really seemed as though he was trying to hang on for that one match and then brought off into the sunset but now it just would what you're seeing of him now it just feels like he has reverberated Spirit audat that. Let me know what you what you guys think. If you've been kind of having those same takeaways and all that good tag match good good tag match. Great epic match During staying darby allin so staying keeping track to ano to anno- and awa right now to enough kenny omega defeating orange cassidy impact three way awa world championship match. Twenty seven minutes way too long way too long. My pretty big good match good match. Don't get me wrong gray match way too long. We we should have trimmed the hell out of that honestly should have been trimmed to about maybe nineteen twenty minutes and i think we would have been good. You know by this point of the show. We are definitely getting restless as fans all through social media definitely getting a little bit russell like damn. This is pretty good. No ships good. It's popping his banging getting a little tired. Oh hey by the way New folks joining us right now. We got a poll up on twitter and on youtube twitter at the rc. Wer show Youtube youtube dot com forward slash w. Show click on the communities tab and cashier volt for those of you to actually had saw the double or nothing pay per view tonight. Sound all let us know what you had thought about the pay per view and While you're at it and you know you still tuned in live. You haven't commented about what you thought of the pay per view definitely sound off. We definitely been showing love to everybody. That's been leaving comments so far about their Dislikes about the pay per view and everything But yet a really should have trimmed that triple threat match that that just i mean at this point. Everybody's kind of getting a little bit restless gone okay. We kind of need this to wrap up already. And then it's all man and we still got the stadium stampede or like okay so we would appear to stadium. Stampede is what's gonna close this out possibly okay. Yeah we'd kinda need to wrap this up like let's go but a good match but it was definitely a good triple threat match and everything. I don't really think anybody was surprised. Whatsoever by the fact that Kenny omega retain they w championship. I don't think anybody is is really surprised by that It would have been nice. It would have been. That would have been an interesting little. Shocker in everything but now you know it didn't go down the you guys got it. Forgive me because at As good of a match as it was in. I definitely had enjoyed orange cassidy of more than ever before in this match up. I tell you what i looked. I felt that maybe just maybe cassidy was gonna come out of here. I felt maybe the ending not really not really good I felt Not not really that. Climactic of a finnish I wish it could have went down another way. as far as the finish to the match everything What it was it was worth it was. It was a good match. I will say that was good match. Little disappointed. I actually brought this point up little disappointed that we didn't get moose of impact wrestling just to kind of help. You guys be a little bit connected case. You don't know what's been going on and everything. We got moose. That's the number one contender that's supposed to be facing moose for that impact title you know moose on social media. We talked about this one show earlier in the week moves putting all this stuff out there. I might show up on awa program. And and i might go. Get me some kenny omega. And all this okay. So now we got fans at pretty much they look you put that thought in their head that they can expect to see you on awa program and it doesn't happen you know when it's all said and done I it just really leaves that a bitter taste in your mouth but what up and talking about these past couple of weeks of this whole impact a relationship in everything in you like what the hell right. What the hell impact wrestling he gives gives gives gives to a w. and when it's time for them to receive they. They aren't getting that that same energy that they put now back in slyke. Yeah so good match though good good match between the three men column each other pretty well. Tony's your body is in the ring. After the match he talks about how a new show rampage is going to be coming soon to tnt and he talks about how there is a special analysts that's been signed for that show that's been signed for rampage. He's also a e w coach he introduces the one. The only this part we saved for you guys but it's going to change The titles gonna change after we off the air mark henry mark. Henry is all elite. I wish i was trolling. You guys but that is not the case in if you're keeping track at home. Randy orton has struck yet again. I mean you can't make this shiv up at me. He think powder you pick a body. It's hilarious as fuck so you think about when randy orton was talking all that hot trashing just some of the legends. That he's taken out in everything you're going What the fuck you're going. Yup yup randy orton. Pretty much took our big show. Yup yup eight getty took out christian. Oh yeah yep yep and then who can remember. Let's not forget. Wasn't that long ago. It was not that law go. What if the last appearances we saw of mark henry mar kan. Was given dads to people. When he was in his little brown blazer jacket no tie you know button up little collar and he was just getting around on this little scooter while his leg was propped up on resting and everything. And he's just i can go. Go go in my hover row. Well fuck us pushing and you got ready ord right there. That's just talking mad mattress to the world's strongest man and poor mark. Henry wasn't able to do a goddamn thing and storyline. We're remember not. We had randy orton all throughout the night all throughout the night poking poking fun at all these legends. Remember when it counted the most and you thought that all of these legends. We're going to gang up and they were gonna beat but levin randy orton. It didn't happen. It didn't happen whatsoever. And i remember doing that. Plo show after all. And i remember really breaking down in home because i think they had all came out for for for particular segment what they couldn't come out. Where randy orton was doing. Something remember remember so now. We got mark henry in a e. W i gotta tell you. This was a surprising move. I i saw. And i was interacting with most folks and Just collectively we all were pretty stunned by this relate. How why. I got a home in all martha martha set. I hate mark. henry. I gotta find out why i martha net. You got my attention now. You've got everybody else's tension. Now we got to put you on the spot and now we gotta find out why you hate mark henry so you gotta tell us in detail and i say you got to write an essay you write as long as you want to write types which now you gotta tell us why you hate mar henry so much so. I'll buy you some time while we talk about this a little bit more but like the main question that we had collectively was how why we were just pretty surprised Bide his move. Of course mark. Henry had been making noise in recent months saying. Hey i'm losing all this way you're going to be seeing me in the ring again. Definitely you know for sure. And i just remember when he was saying that see. That's why that's why. I couldn't be one to interview some of these guys because when i'm seeing mark henry put the south. They're the one burning question i had was. Okay i hear you saying you're gonna be wrestling but is it gonna be. Wwe that was my question. And each time. I saw him do an interview after he put that out there. No body brought that up. Nobody to my knowledge brought that up. And i just couldn't help it. Something's up. I felt back then. Something was up. And you know what i gotta beat myself up a little bit. I should have been more vocal about it to you guys and really hammered at thought in the back of you. All's mind but Wow long term. Deal with wwe. I mean that guy was with a wwe. Jesus why are we doing strongman competition and all that stuff but it kind of feels like ninety six. Maybe ninety seven is when he signed that long-term mega year deal we. Wwe and everything. That's a long time this longtime to be with the company a long time to be with the company. I'm just so curious what happened. What didn't happen. I'm very very curious. Because the last thing i remember about mark henry as far as is relationship with wwe he was supposed to be an ambassador for wwe and he was somewhat of a talent recruiter for wwe. Somebody correct me if i'm wrong My mind is a little fuzzy right now and you know it's almost two in the morning so yeah but somebody correct me. If i'm wrong isn't mark henry somewhat responsible for putting guys like braun strowman on the wwe radar. I coulda sworn something about braun. Strowman that you know mark henry some years back it was him. That was kind of like e- essentially you know we're responsible for For for pointing. Wwe in in that direction. It's like a couple of other guys The counter escaping me right now sadly but yeah you know he was supposed to be an ambassador and all this other stuff just got his hall of fame. Ring two thousand eighteen remember that teary eyed not making fun of him but he was teary eyed. Who should be here be here. Remember that so that is Yeah his last appearance was the first. Wwe raw of twenty twenty one remember. That was the the raw. It was either arowar union or a raw legends episode. I know my mind is pretty fuzzy. But that that's the best i can do for you guys saw. I don't know what's going on there. I don't know what's going on there. But i i tell you what it gets more interesting. We're going to be hearing a lot more of mark henry this coming friday on. Aew dynamite because remember dynamite is going to be airing yet again or friday so make sure you home for that great acquisition though when it's all said and done that's a great acquisition for a w and i'd like how some people jumped out there a. w. starting to become tna light because of all of these as they like to double sloppy seconds and all that look at the end of the day. These guys are independent contractors when their contracts are essentially up for some of these promotions that are working for exclusively and all that they can pretty much go wherever they want to go you dig. They can pretty much do whatever they wanna do. stadium stampede match inner circle pinnacle thirty one minutes thirty seconds away so much for this. Be an hour show. But i i don't mind it because we pretty much We have a. We had a nice little back and forth that That we had going on here. You know between myself and you guys not. I'm i'm kinda glad that you know where to keep rocking and rolling here because he would sucked to just try to cram so much all that but thirty one minutes thirty so in case people weren't able to figure this out a lot of what you had saw tonight with this stadium stampede match was pretaped mixed in with life and you could just easily tell ya especially if you know a thing or two about video editing film editing and all that egypt. No when you're looking at pre-tape of especially the main did give away. Is the multiple camera angles. That's going on and everything In just a smooth transitions dawn. And all that the smooth video transitions so a lot of it was was pre taped It really didn't start becoming live until pretty much. The last maybe ten minutes skies maybe ten minutes over the matches is when okay now. It's live in alright. They're beaten people all around the arena here and all that It was funny. It was funny seeing how the guys were pretty much all fighting in in in different atmospheres or whatever like jack swagger and was award low. If i remember correctly those guys repeated much fighting in a meat locker they were making me hungry as hell. It was like okay. They they got ribs. I mean he glued on frigging rack. Saw ribs you know you see chicken legs and all kinds of shit back there. You like okay. That's what's up. That's that's good. Ian there and so. They're pretty much fight in a meat locker. Whatever M j f is fighting jericho around of fricken limo mini eventually. Take it back stage to i think. The jaguars locker room where they run into the coach for the jags and One of his assistant coaches basically Those those nice little brawl and that was going on there for me will really had me tickled was same. Ammann's santino ortiz. And it seemed like they were at a gay club. Because you know you hear a little you hear the little. And saudi said disco music playing and everything I'm saying to myself Tony not that kind of disco though brother at all lump picturing. I don't ask me why. But the only thing i could picture at this moment when i'm seeing santana or ts in this club atmosphere is big vito sopranos. And those of you. That i'm a big sopranos fan but For you soprano fans out there. Shout out to you. remember the scene. Where big. Vito was in the club. And he's got the little you know he's got the he's got a little letter vests with the spikes. He's got the letter hat on. He's got that raw helfer. Judas priest little leather hat on. he's just dancing and everything he's got that guy you know. He's having himself with nice. Good time he gets made. He gets made by one of his One of his acquaintances. Or whatever. All i couldn't do to slow just like what's what's going on here like what i was thinking about that scene and i was thinking about al pacino in one of my favorite. Probably one of the most underrated darkest movies. I've seen him in. It was very very underground. cruising look that up. I won't go long winded into it right now but will look that up. If you are looking for a psychological serial killer thriller type of joint looked at up some time. You'll thank me later. You'll thank me later I had all that going on with watching. Santino ortiz like okay. Let's see what's going on with them. And then the nice cameo from conan conan fuck in got the dj off the frigging turntable and he start playing fucking rap. I was like oh. I was like now. We got us a real party. Okay koo koo koo And they were fighting. f- tr. And all that by the way by the way. I like how santino. Nrt's i'm a stickler for detail. Sorry guys but i like how. Santino in our tease. They don't have neck braces on. And the only reason why i'm bringing that up or or the fact that there are at least rubbing their next on at remember it was less than thirty something hours ago or forty eight hours ago. Basically that these guys have got both put through wooden tables body tr and it was in the form of Powell drivers remember that. Fucking powell drivers so these guys just show up just fucking no cell in the how oddities powell drivers. I'm going who does that. Who friggin does the outer. No which was more worse that spot or the fact that jon moxley no sold the hell out of the buck superkick. How about that. Remember that one guys' remember that spot can let's not forget about that spot moxley frickin. They super kicked him and they went for the cover and moxley kicked out after one. I mean he was having like a fucking hawker mania. Moment right there dude seriously. So i just. I laughed my ass off at allowed to know spots. I thought the brawling and odd ad was was. Okay i felt that there was too much. I felt there was too much camera. Cutting y- y'all know what i mean like What's that movie. That won all those awards. That queen movie was a call. Bohemian rhapsody with With do for mister robot when you look at how that movie in that one category for film editing. And you wait a minute. It won an award for film editing for you look at how it was edited. You know you got a person that's talking and then you know all of a sudden like three seconds in profile right three seconds in profile left profile and three seconds overhead three seconds and for me. I didn't really like the camera cutting that they were doing all the fighting. That was going on and everything Sammy guevara fighting shawn spears. I like how that that one definitely Told you guys okay pre-tape because sammy guevara is looking for her shawn spears and he here's some type of metal clanging and he finds shawn spears in. This room is pitch. Black of is big bright spotlight. Just luminaries him as he's sitting on a chair and he's got a steel chair in his hands as he's just ramming it down on the ground and all of a sudden these guys. Just go after each other in this epic chair battle. Yeah i felt. I was watching dragon. Ball z type of shit. I mean it was cool. But i felt like i was wanted to type with dragon. Ball z shit. That was going on between these two guys so it was very creative very creative energy creative of what they had going on here. I mean should even right down to how the inner circle had made their grand entrance into the stadium stampede. They pretty much wore on little. Zip liners Coming from the fucking titan tron of the jaguars stadium there. They pretty much. We're doing the sting joint. You're like oh this is. This is pretty cool in. Meanwhile you got 'em gif that's just standing right there watching these guys all come down. You know if that would have been me. I would have been trying to figure out a way to cut the fucking strings offals. Oh i probably shouldn't say that right yet. That's probably a little. Yeah yeah muscle. But you know you're going to stand near the entire time and you're just gonna watch those guys you feel where i'm coming from. No you're you're going to fricken okay. I got five guys. And it's just me. I just got done talking this hot. Ask promo in. Put down the inner circle and meanwhile guy five guys. I'm just gonna stand there. You know the entire time watching them just casually come on down disconnect themselves come out to their music and all that they got this epic pose as all you know four or five of them is just you know walking niches proceeding like bomb as soon as i see them. I'm hauling ass popping. Ned limo hauling as. They had to come fi me. I'm plan heightened siegel naess A little bit of silliness. There's definitely some silliness Here and there but overall good stadium. Stampede goose stadium stampede Trying to figure out where others other stuff in there that was kinda that was kind of hilarious Nothing is really coming to none of those. Really coming into my mind I love the fact that they gave the nod to sammy guerrara You know they pretty much in those final minutes. They had sammy and Spears beat two guys to ultimately find their way into the ring and they're just preceding the you know beat the hell out of each other and everything good finish to that one good finish as inner circle comes out on top. I was a little bit surprise that the way the match was booked. It pretty much was on the shoulders of sammy In order to solidify the inner circles victory and continuing to go on and Beady inner circle and everything Sammy is is the one guy you know what i think is kind of fitting when you really kinda stop and think about it because if you follow the story line if you follow the story line you could almost make the argument that of all the people that truly believes inner circle as far as individuals that through through you'll never wavered. You know any bullshit that was going on you know you can make the argument that sammy always you know he was. He was the one guy that was very consistent In regards to group and all that you almost kinda make the argument for the footy other guys to to to a certain degree but sammy has has definitely been. you know. he's kinda like All say the heartbeat. But i definitely would say a the oxygen for the group jerk the heartbeat. But sammy. sammy is the oxygen. You feel. i'm coming from so sure. Sure inner circle and we did see for that little brief period of time inner circle was able to operate fine without samovar. But you could tell that there was something kinda missing there in his absence so you know it turns out the group pretty good so it was actually nice that they had sammy. They gave him this. Nice cool you know nice little special moment in everything and going into the future you you can't help but say to yourself Looking at that nice that they did for sammy and he definitely has a really big bright career ahead of him and everything i mean. He's still just beginning to scratch service of his young career but remember we were talking about earlier as far as tnt Future challengers and all that he's definitely one Tag team division for sure All that good stuff all the stuff whole inner circle they come out they celebrate fancier singing along to their music all that good stuff nice. Good feel moment as a pair of eagles off the year. One thing the one thing though. I'm happy that we had this real cool moment with inner circle and everything but now going forward with regards to a w this needs to officially seal the deal for at least six maybe seven months. I don't wanna hear no more about inner circle are at odds with each other. Are they going to break up. Inner circle is having a therapy meeting. They're trying to hammer out their differences as they don't see eye to eye. They haven't seen aieda on many things as of late. Inner circle ultimatum. Like we need to be done with all of that. You know inner circle if if they lose their no more okay. We've pretty much thought of like every single angle here with regards to is going to happen. Is it not is it is not is not is okay now. We need to be done with this. We need to be done with this. This okay if they continue to feud with the pinnacle. But we need to be done with this whole teasing of a break-up and all of that other stuff we need to be done with it needs to be done with it. Pretty good pair view Overall pretty good. Pay per view Overall so not enough kind of really gone through the whole process and everything. I definitely would say overall pay per view scale of one to ten. I'm still at eight. I cannot go any higher. I definitely i'm not gonna go any lower So a b minus overall definitely be minus sound limited. What you guys have thought about the pay per view. I'm looking in the community sexual youtube right now looking at the latest polling results. We gotta tie right now. We got a right now. So fourteen percent of you said dude. The length of the pay per view. Good god i tuned out fourteen percent of you with that option and right now we got a tie at forty three percent for thumbs up and thumbs down. Meanwhile looking at twitter. Let me refresh the twitter poll here. And this is at the rc. Wer show twitter. Poll i am showing fifteen point. Eight percent of you said dude. The length off meanwhile eighty four point. Two percent of you said that the pay per view thumbs up and your book. So i think we're definitely on the same Brain wavelength On this bad boy without a shadow of doubt by the way not only to myself Shout out to all of my colleagues out there In the podcasting world dat is still doing a podcast as we speak covering a w dynamite fallout. I know there's a decent amount of you guys that's that's still doing it Or planned on doing it. I'll i gotta tell you guys real quick. I'll lot podcasters checking out some of the feeds and all that was talking to some folks in my My inner circle and all that and there was a lot of people that you know. Originally they want to do a pay per view recap the later that it kept going later that it kept going. They just said okay. You know what. Fuck this fucked. Got to go. Rutta got work. But i got to go so i totally. I totally respect. It's kind of like what i was saying. Discord earlier. I said i say mash shot out to those that you know got work in the morning or school and you know. They're checking out as long as pay per view but then they go ahead and they tune in and check out a poll show to see the hostess reactions give their feedback and everything Matt respect math fucking respect but Yeah yeah i gotta tell you going forward. If i could give one piece of advice to a w i know they wanna try to have these pay per views especially because you know they pretty much do like what really one a quarter to a certain degree because they don't believe in that whole monthly pay per view model. They don't believe in that. But if i were to give just one big piece of advice to a w it would be this. Less is okay. I appreciate you wanting to give fans their money's worth when it comes to these pay per view events which you don't need to do a three four hour plus event you know fans are honestly gonna be okay with a Fancier honestly gonna be okay with a two hour to our thirty minute card hell even if maybe once in a blue moon. You pushed three hours you know i. I think that's okay but you know your average fan is is going to want to try to. Bnl under three hours. Three hours tops. So try to try to tighten up on time length Right down to the point. I can honestly just start pulling a new japan. Start pulling the wwe and joss okay. Let's just make it a two day. Event was split. This car will do these matches that make you really stop and think about it for that whole length of of just and i can't help with think about the people that were in attendance watching that pay per view event. I really can't help but think about that. Because all those people that had to sit there for that whole at the time and add on top of that when they're day began right anybody that has been to a wrestling event. You know especially if you're driving. Yeah you definitely got put yourself in a good position where okay we got to give ourselves. At least you know to our heads star. Maybe a three hour he starts. We can get an idea where everything is parking while hit the Hit the booth so we can get some good merge are go see what food that guy you know all that good stuff so i i mean i would imagine that for those people in attendance saw. I would imagine just the day of the paper you alone. i would imagine. That was probably almost eight hour. Join for them so they probably almost felt like they were. They were on their job and then they've got that commute going back home. That's the other thing they got that you going back home. So now you gotta think about public transportation it for those that you know or lift uber. you got a whole lot that you got to be thinking about so i just hope that Going forward eighty w tries to be a little bit more mindful a little bit more conscious of Things like that and then even right down to the point. Look you know a li start doing your intermissions. Yo at least are doing some intermissions. Start introducing musical guests. Shit you know. I think that Tell me this. Tell me just before we roll out. How cool would that have been. If you know at one point during the show you got yourself a nice little intermission and you know maybe you got you know. I mean. They got that good. Tnt money right that good tnt money you telling me you can't pay redman method man come on out and do a set real quick or you fill in the blank over your favorite artists. Are you know what i'm saying. That would definitely compliment. The you know complement the vibe. The pay per view vibe all that good shit. The crowd all of that. You got to think about little stuff like that. I i think you definitely need. If you're gonna continue on this course and to say nah fuck it. We're just gonna be one whole show and we're going to go this length or whatever okay world lease thing you can do is heavy be the same length but put a international show in there that pretty much gives people the opportunity to go take their piss breaks to go. You know. Reload on food Some people have kids right. So some of those kids day in obviously. Not everybody's bladder is going to. It's not synchronized right. We we get that. But you guys you guys definitely you know. Look we see how it is in basketball. We'll see how it is in football. We see how it is in hockey. We got these little halftime joint intermissions. We can do what we need to do. You feel i'm coming from so as definitely something that she should strongly consider In a future where without a shadow of doubt without a shot but one showdown one more to go sadly monday night after all goes off the air. We got the season finale of the rc. Wer show. I do hope that you guys will definitely tune in and represent as that's our final show season finale. We're gonna get into the very latest. All things wrestling annotate lines po culture beyond you know how we do it on air so definitely tuna represent That's going to be the last show. I will not be back with you. guys After that monday show. I will not be back with you guys again until the week of Until the week of june the fifteenth is when. I will be back with you guys. I'm already working on a new show intro already working on some new layouts all that good stuff so looking forward to To come back in a couple of weeks man looking forward to it. But yeah uh-huh or monday night show make sure you tune in for that at least by de everybody will have gotten their eat on all that good stuff. She'll with the family all that you know so we'll be some good stuff right there. May while you guys are getting ready to make your exit you guys had a good time. Please go out of your way. Hit that like subscribe. Click the bell. Pretty much led youtube. Know that you. Hey you know this was actually pretty good and helps you to push it out. Recommended to other people even Even the dislikes. You know somebody who saw me today. They said yo even if you get dislikes. That's that's still engagement. Youtube is still looking at that as pluses. That's actually not even a bad thing. They were looking at that as pluses. That's they're still going to push content also You know share. That love really helps out and it's free once again. Shout out to our Patriot familia you guys know who you are much. Love is always mash. Shout out to those That have been supporting show. Continue to support. The show are friends of the show. You guys all know who you are out there mad love to each and every single one of you all The kylie checking out this addition. Get at me on twitter. Facebook instagram used keywords the rc. Wer show and until next. Go round i'm wishing all of you ought to be safe. Most importantly be kind to one another. Thank you for staying up with me and check out this aid. Wwe nothing ho show. Be one of my friends. I'll check you all out later. Ticker thanks for listening and infinity one productions presentation on his insightful in interactive.

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