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Serial killers and their victims


Hey before we begin. I wanna let you know about a new show from curious cast that I think you might be into it's called Russia rising Putin's Russia has been accused of using internet. Trolls hackers and even assassins to influence the west this new investigative podcast hopes to unravel. The giant mystery that is Russia with the help of those who know her best Russian trolls. Hackers Putin supporters and even a former KGB spy, join global news Europe bureau chief Jeff simple on a journey to find out how Russia has gone from tenuous ally to a potential global threat. Listen to Russia rising for free at curious cast dot CA or wherever you're enjoying. This is why. I was in a position bound and ready to be killed. I was just a lucky what Canadian serial killer. Bruce MacArthur has pleaded guilty to killing eight men. Now Canadians will have to figure out how to remember those victims without breathing life into the memory of his heinous crimes. I'm Nikki right Meyer. And this is why. starting in two thousand ten men started to go missing in Toronto. In the years that followed a pattern started to emerge. All of these men were going missing from Toronto's gay village. There was rumors of a serial killer. Rumors that police played down. But eighteen years later, they would arrest Bruce MacArthur and now sixty seven year old landscaper. He would eventually be charged with eight counts of murder, as you know, on January. The eighteenth MacArthur was arrested. He has been charged with seven counts of first degree murder in relation to the deaths of Salim Essen, Andrew kinsman, Seru schmo. Moody, dean, Lissa wick Majid's, Cayenne scannon Ratnam and do about Sierra face new charges against Bruce MacArthur, an eighth murder this time victim who was the man in the photo that police had released sergeant Hank. It's Inga gave some details on who. The man was. I can our report that the remains have been identified as Karusa Kumar categorized. Go. How did he do as lure men kill them dispose of the bodies? Well, one man who knows more about MacArthur's process than anyone else is Sean crib? This ban has been in the shell of a person that used to be an my confidence. And and they mourn for the loss of what it used to be. Sean was close to being one of MacArthur's victims and narrowly escaped with his life. He gave an exclusive interview to global news about what happened that day. It was a beautiful sunny day clear. Clear clear sky, Sean I met Bruce on a dating app. They chatted back and forth. But they didn't meet in person until the summer of two thousand seventeen. It was daytime meeting we supposed to be there about to meet him about twelve noon. I believe I went designating meeting place, and that's when I got in his truck when I got in the truck I had a conversation with Mr. MacArthur about a serial killer being large when I said, there was a serial killer. He didn't respond. Bond. It was just like the conversation kind of went into what he does for living. And they made small talk about how Bruce had a roommate but not to worry. The roommate was at work when they got to MacArthur's house went to put on the things that he. Sweet Braun, and he makes me. A drink. This. Drink contained GHB butts. Sean new the drink had GHB NS GHB is a drug that causes euphoria. Put you at ease and makes you comfortable and a little bit of heightens the sexual encounter. There's a fine line with GHB distant date rate drug if you go over if you know what you're doing. You can certainly. Doc, someone unconscious very easily. That day. It was agreed that I would submit to his experience that had been indicated on his profiles his his big things as I know them were. He liked to bind submissive find their buttons that he could push find what their edge was. And then push them over the fear that I started to feel uncomfortable. Dave for the first time was I couldn't breathe. That's I have memories of of not being able to catch my breath throat the beginning. Early on. And that. Made me uncomfortable and put the rest, I win flying up that I that it wants to go home because he wasn't. I felt respecting my limits. He was. Basically. Raping throat. At this point. I started to sweat quite a bit. Which for me would be indicated that had in larger dose than what would normally when I started to feel uncomfortable. I think at that point that may have been the point where it was too late for me to know, what was happening to degree because I think I add may have gone unconscious. I know there has been evidence that has been suggested by the police that I was unconscious and evidence there is. Definite signs that I was in a position bound and ready to be killed. Who is in pretty much for lack of a better term kill position for him. And. I why stopped. I don't have all the information. The police have all I can go on what I think and it's the rebate coming home. Interrupting hit whatever his processes or his ritual and. God for me. I don't know how long I was unconscious. But at that point, I could hear the roommate was home, and I did say to Bruce. I said, oh, your roommate's home? Starting to use this as my way to like and this and. Gathered by stuff, a don't remember getting home that day. I don't remember how I left hadn't dawned on me how what's danger? I was in that day. And how close I was. To not coming back. And that is also something that haunts me gives me guide mayors this occurred in the summer. Halfway through the summer. And the police contacted me the day after his arrest. I was with my partner, and I had brought an article out without a picture of Bruce and said, oh, the the serial killer and then a few minutes. Maybe fifteen twenty minutes later, he comes down to the bedroom with tablet with full pitcher saying this is the man that did it and I. Oh my God. Do you have an open relationship and it works quite well for us. The only thing that particular day the rule that I broke was I didn't tell had where we going. Dot something. That's very hard for me today because I would've. Heidi gone through. I would have just disappeared. The police said found photos that MacArthur had taken of Sean while he was unconscious before the roommate came home. That's how they knew to contact Sean after they arrested MacArthur, and that's how they knew how close Sean had come to becoming yet. Another one of Bruce MacArthur's victims. Don't go into these things thinking it's going to be you you hear about them having to other people. But it's just still blows me away today that this happened to me, I was just a lucky one. That's all the cabin. Anyone? Coming up later in this episode. I wanna talk about one of the victims rather than talk about this dirt bag that everybody else's talked about enough. How can we remember a victim of crime without breathing life into the memory of their killer? You're listening to this is why and national radio show and podcast from global news. Download and subscribe for free on apple podcast, Google podcast or wherever you download your favorite shows. Now. Hi, I'm Mike Brown. I am the host of the dark Poteen God cast. So you're a guy that knows a lot about Canada's darker history while I don't know if. Yes. I am not guy. Mike's podcast dark Putin. It's like a cousin to this podcast. Maybe even more like a sibling to this podcast were both in the curious cast family, anyways, I've been interested in ever since I was a little kid. So I actually was the victim of a couple of violent crimes when I was a younger person. So while one of the things that happened to me when I was younger is a man attempted to abduct me when I was eleven years old. So. You know? And this was all during the time that Clifford Olson was doing his thing is when I had my experience so emotionally by I'm all tied up with that whole situation. But that's why I became really interested in crime and its affect that it has on society and people the victims and their families. So that's why we approach our podcast the way we do and on your show, you do talk about the murders. And the and the case is that have happened in Canada. But you also I think quite a bit of respect to the to the victims of these is that's what our that's sort of our mandate is to do. No harm. You know pe-? These people have been through enough. We do bring up cases that some people are starting to forget about for example. And I don't know how this has happened. But some people didn't know who Clifford Olson was and Clifford Olson was always horrible monster who lived. In Surrey c and did his nastiness in the lower mainland here killing eleven children. We found that some people didn't even know who this guy was so as a result his name is not only forgotten, but these eleven victims are also forgotten. So when we did our when we did our episodes on that we approached it from let's talk about these victims I and not even name him until later on when the police are kind of onto the sky. So we talked about him as the monster. And we talked about are victims as a young boy who's nine years old. Didn't really do anything other than wanna go for a bike ride and see his buddies and disappears. So I think that's what gets forgotten a lot of times. We've heard a lot lately about the Ted Bundy tapes on on net flicks. And how people are upset that the victims did to get more attention. I I totally agree. I think there should be an hour long show on each one of these people who get who could take away rather than talk about this dirt bag that everybody else's talked about enough. And you know, it's I'm I'm a little emotional when it comes to that stuff. But but the way you approach it. I think is is very honest to the way that these cases unfold, you know, I it first happens with one victim and the next victim. And then the next victim. And when we talk about a monster. Like Bruce MacArthur starting in the early two thousands. It was right. One victim went missing a next victim. Yes. Went missing. Yes. And it wasn't until you know, my Jenky later. Centrally exactly the actually found out the monster was yes, exactly. Let's talk about. The Bruce MacArthur case who is Bruce MacArthur. Well, Bruce MacArthur is now a convicted serial killer of eight persons from the LG btcu community in Toronto. He was also a landscaper. He was also a dad he was always eas-. Also, a grandfather he was a family man, who somehow, you know snapped. I have other opinions on on where he started. Because if you look back there are there's quite a lot of unsolved murders that they believe were happening in the nineteen seventies in Toronto in that community. And and then they all of a sudden stopped typically when it's. Believed or it has been believed when a serial killer stops, it's because they're in jail or they've died, however, BT K and the green river killer have proven that those two things are may not be the reason maybe these guys are trying to stop on their own. And they have you know, tried to have a normal. Life and MacArthur may be one of those guys who he got married, right? He had kids, and then he had a focus that kept him away from that life, but over time that obsession that he had with with murder and deviant sexual behavior. Drove him back into doing the things that he was doing. He ended up being divorced after his kids were grown. And and I think that's that's probably part of where it's just like. Okay. Now, I can go back and do my. Thing. I don't know. We've talked about his job a lot when discussing this case. And that is for well, what has become a very obvious reason was a landscaper and that ties into how he hit some of these bodies. So essentially, what he did was he had access to this property that he wasn't just there landscaper, apparently he took care of this property for people when they were traveling as well. So he would look into making sure that everything was okay. So he had access to a place where he could be all by himself. It was quite isolated be all by himself and not have. People breathing down his neck, it wasn't his own home. So he didn't he wasn't afraid of giving himself up there. So essentially what he did is he buried. Seven of these men. He dismembered them in buried them in various pots around like flowerpots, and and in different places around the yard, and they found after he started talking. Down in the ravine from the home, they found another body which brought his total to eight so. Do you think that one day Bruce mcarthur's name will fade away in the memories of Canadians? Probably hopefully. I don't know. But at the same time, those victims of his something, I don't know. It's it's really tough like you want that guy never to be erased from history kind of thing. But if you do that, then there's those other eight people of the who also disappear. Well, that's the fine line. Isn't that you don't want his name glorified or his name to be remembered? But if it's forgotten are his victims as well. So what's the best thing? Then that we can do to make sure that we keep our focus on the victims. And not forget their names. We'll talk about who they are talking about where they came from talk about the things they like to do when when I read a true crime book. That's kind of my age is how much attention to this author pay to trying to figure out. Who this young lady was who make picked up by a trucker and murdered. You know, did she prefer apples to oranges kind of thing? I I wanna know those things so I can I can connect with that person as as a real human being and not just as you know, a murder victim. This is why is produced by John O'Dowd n me. Nikki right Meyer. It's a national radio show and podcast. Download and subscribe on apple podcast, Google podcasts or wherever you download your favorite podcast from a big special. Thanks this week to the guys from dark Putin. That is also a curious cast podcast. It's all about true crime. And like you heard they really focus on the victims story, you should give it a listen, and you can find it wherever you're finding this show online. Thanks for listening. And I'll talk to you next week.

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