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S1E57: Shawn Harvey Morning Show 12/17/2019


Adult it two Tau and the IT uh-huh uh-huh it Taylor uh-huh the more money. Almost one it is a turned. The Tuesday Tuesday December the seventeenth two thousand nineteen thirteen minutes after the owl. Welcome to Shawn Harvey Morning. Show it features Cindy J.. Along with co host Bobby Cologne. Where'd you get your morning? Starting right the only place on earth where you get you want to start right certified certified to get you want to start right right here. We're broadcasting on iheartradio platform also comedy radio and the facebook live platform chat rooms wide open. Please Coleman if you give seven zero nine eight two six nine five zero zero zero little echo but clone on Tuesday. Good morning and how you get more Sean. I am a wonderful. How are you this morning? Awesome hair in Bethlehem whether it's thirty four degrees right now. Thirty six for the high a rain snow mix you guys. Be careful on the roads this morning in Strasbourg is thirty degrees. Thirty four for the High A.. Snow and rain mixed but they rose are very icy. So you guys there be careful and North New Jersey. Thirty two degrees thirty six for the high snow and rain again makes a New York City thirty. I would agree thirty six four hundred. Hi It's raining but it is going to be very windy so they have a gale. Watch for you guys up in the New York area sixty sixty one degrees in Atlanta sixty three four. The high. It's raining it's GonNa rain till about eleven and it's not raining after that but it's GonNa be cloudy We all day in Atlanta seventy seven right now in Miami Eighty one for the high in there is a riptide warning and at the beaches in Miami. So you guys be careful. Forty five in Los Angeles sixty six for the high end fair Chicago Twenty three right now. Thirty four for the high and it's going to be sunny in very that is whether I have for you all today. What is like where you are coming to? You live from the show every morning shelf. Richard and Cindy J.. We WanNa start right where you get your start right. Thank you so so much Bobby Cologne we have the front page. Knows what Sanjay since he's not here but we're going to do the front page. Anyway where we gave you the news locally Salihi and nationally and check this out we also have the morning buzz. You already know your mind your body your physical will be buzzing before nine. AM with us. You have to have a little harvey have sports. You guys stay too and we also want on a little gossip somewhere in between these next two and a half hours so check this out and that Donald Trump is by city says feel free to call in if you want to give you gossip if you want but yes at this up what we of do right now Barbara Cologne no. We're not going to do that yet. I don't you guys go nowhere because we we go do become. That was shout your name now. Where's the heart set in the chat room? Eliza what's that chat vote. Hey Go ahead on that but I know that I do back to the job with Dj. Not here waiting year we keep saying. Yeah Hey go show what it does tell us show. Hey stay worse. I store this camp type. Oh actually hang in fact. Iraq was surprised. That's right it's up as they go right yeah yes the hardest. What is that all the way back in the history showed action right there? Uh Bob talking every you think take in Michael Grant he said remember those needs. Remember those knees because of and you got to take tail spin and take on that And manageable loved in the Party. You can't they. Yeah the estimate news with the Home Louie Vega. What's up everyone? God bless your good morning Tuesday. It is Tuesday December. Seventeen two thousand nineteen twenty minutes after the walk back to the Shaw Harvey Show Features City Gentlemen for Calls Barbie Cologne. Where you get your morning started started right? I truly believe that chattels wide over. Please call in five seven zero nine eight two six nine five zero rebroadcasting on the iheartradio. Uh of platform also comedy World Radio and Facebook live this point of bought Cologne a good morning to you. Combine showing good to see you bobby to be seen. And how will you. I wonder for you right right. Awesome here in Bethlehem when we broadcast live you guys from. It's thirty four degrees right now. Thirty six for the high. It is a rain snow. Mix going on out there and you guys will be careful thirty. Four thirty thirty degrees right now in Strasbourg. Thirty four high hi. It's rainstorm makes but the roads are icy. This guy's really be careful. I see rose up there in the POCONOS bomb clone. That's why city Jay's night here I awesome that Pocono life could go. A little back was once in a while. Snow will rain drops below twenty degree weather down here we to get two point. Eight A.. Point B. that's proven with Barbie Cologne and myself right. Who has the commute now from the poconos low? Thirty five minute drive. That's real light. Bobby lobby not did it every day. But is this that the whole thing is when it snows up Lupin rain is so I would you wanna run up to the POCONOS. Does it live up there and live your best life. No one thing. It's a beautiful place to live but when the weather goes left is left. It's real of ice and you don't even see and that's in your kitchen so everybody reach out to our beloved city. Yeah text is more than two. Lush is city guide. You that kitchen and listen to the show and Torture Yourself Colin. Would you fall Gilead and Jelly. Thirty two degrees right now for the High A.. Snoring makes as well in New Jersey going to kick out the right lane knowing isis stopping. Nobody in New Jersey. Now they give they keep pushing say you somebody goes gets shot in the somebody. Batteries gets stolen by the whole car. It's like Oh this bowl you divorce your car. Your car's GonNa Become Do they don't care about this type of work to the thirty four New York City thirty six for the high a rate New York and then he was snowing out there now. It's raining raining out there. Everybody in the train. A sustainable. The New York like this nothing. They keep pushing car accidents on highway. Everybody getting on the train they tell you. y'All don't drive your car. Get on the train. Goes right and there's plenty tries coming in. Now that's right. So New York then have the steam wad clone coming from underneath the ground. Not like the subways hiding heats up street long shallow to all communities in New York still pushing it. The fashion capital of the world in New York. You guys are under a gale watch is going to be very windy so you guys be careful. I haven't had a gal watching mid and now. I'm looking for Gail Gail. Fine Sean. Gail Finds Shaw Nice. Little Gal. That's scary to me. The most worst doors has the most beautiful name and the they are beautiful disasters. Sixty one. Yes you did sixty one in Atlanta sixty high rain until about eleven. Am and then it will be cloudy for the rest of the evening. Seventy seven in Miami eighty one for the high but there is a riptide warning at the beach so you guys be careful if you go into the beach today in Los Angeles forty dishes that can no right seventy something degrees eighty one little riptide current lip flop. Well Gal some Snell the low touch of what. We're getting. Ed You please call it. She's down. They always brag about the weather guy. Audrey is fine you welcome Los Angeles forty-five right now sixty six for the high end fair Chicago. Twenty three degrees thirty four for the high is sonny when it's going to be very very windy so if you oh you are attempting to drive a small aircraft you be careful why because you live from the show having wanted shell features Jay. We'll get you started right. Gives you more than started right up. Please support show. Have you WANNA show featuring a wakeup team. Please visit our website to show on. Show a dot com also Please as you like keep the doors open. Please donate to this show OUR CASH APP is the S. A.. Harvey Morning Show. That saw cash at please. When you donate to this show it keeps us up and running in which elite truly appreciate that? You said something about craft advisory several in in Chicago. It's a small craft. Air Small Craft Advisory Aircraft. I wouldn't get on a plane I want to get on small little two seaters now. This is not doing it. They're going to deny what does it next to the pilot now. I don't even want to be. I don't know I don't WanNa see Kapalik apart and one of them in that door that cabinet myself with a whole big monitored dash right back. Tutors bells whistles. All that's what I want my pilot y the way we talk about that so bobby buffet. We shot out wrong. Love turned out on Tuesday I'm very concerned about The plaque on a plant based menu of out here in the world when over the Dunkin donuts they got the plant. Play stuff got a sandwich. Yeah yeah this this is beyond me. I don't think it's just a bunch of processes vegetables smashed together and made into case in look like a burger or a sausage or something but in all actuality it's is more chemicals in that than the actual burglars today beef that you know I totally because I don't understand what's going on with this plant based menu. I don't like it. I don't no no. It is folks chat room if you had the plant based they had the plant based Sandwich actually purchase one this one bring it in to see what's is going on with this thing but now everything is now plant base. Yeah and let me tell you something everybody. Everybody's GonNa be replaced first. Assefa the Almighty man. They can't replace me and men. I don't care what your say your need men have. We need each other women. Bobby I'm afraid for you. Fly apply because women are going to be replaced. Well wait guided place. Then you got to be placed Barbie Cologne a man. We'll get the story the minute a man married his sex dawn so like this is a story for me before. Barring this is serious the men start marrying sex dolls or dolls. This is going to be a serious problem with plant based Menu. They might have plant based leaves all type. Hi but they could be a lot going on. Listen I'm his For the women on this planet you guys need to step up men. We're not going anyway. Women is a problem because men are starting to marry dolls NAP Hayes. He has some kind of psychological out problem I.. Psychological Robinson now he's really mental extremely is a trend ladies or go shopping role. Please please I love you all the death. I don't want you all the only. I'm just saying between his plant based Diet. I don't know with that is the breaking has the impossible burgo and then and then Dunkin donuts have all this Of the plant base of sources sandwich. And then you got men Marion dolls that are made out of what chemicals they are. There is something going on. This is trending in that crazy lease because I'm concerned for you and others and it's our eye let's females made you think about the competition with another woman you're dealing with another dog. Yeah animals too because Pos. Hi Ben Dogs in the show hockey on the show a body shop around Oliver. Bless assuming that you guys can be placed right now get l.. Phone replaced women. Finally I didn't think about that. She's the good that she's she's talking about the sexy she's alone she's so the section part ought not but maybe for companionship as well no no for his percents of colonialism. uh-huh I live by myself at the moment and Bobby. I'm I'm a dog away from like I'll give you a little scruffy scruffy. I'm straight can you replace. She's talking to the sections and I'm talking straight up your might be gone. Won't last long. Sean wounded wanted no throughout the show on a turned up. Tuesday what's the what's the ratio here. Trending of men Substituting replacing the oil or just being with even women of the dolls dogs or whatever passion ladies ladies A Bible so purchase of bodybuilding poses. Sex Doll the bodybuilding building. Propose to the sex doll hanker after getting plastic surgery. This is what you you was this guy. That's article. I saw a couple of days ago. So so the pitcher. Everybody's GonNa tell you something just real Barbie. Cologne people are crazy. I find the white the the right doll if I find the right Dole. I'm I'm out of here. It's it's been nice knowing you guys though crazy doll this Daca just whole. We'll talk a little bit it might. They don't talk. Those particular dolls noted they just have. I'm a hole in the mouth. A hole in the vagina area in a hole in the area. That's all they offer Shukri. We made the research. You no actually make one. That gets warm and good she. You don't see idea aca becoming too much. I'm giving my you might still clearing out there. I'm just saying saying is ladies watching the men that are proposing imposing to dolls. And I don't care what the sexual I mean with the mental problem with demand. Just the mere fact that he's doing this yes he's an out his mind clearly clearly is my. But he's sending a message to the others to join his crazy bolt. DOC might be bored Ladies Watch it. I sympathize with you. I really do. This is crazy you you might have to compete with dolls. And now we're about that Trishul empires an in bars. You might be measures now for you women to step up because this is a fight that you'll have to get together in fights. This is a war right now. Think a man. Dan barbeque along people. One time before we shut the door away dog away I had the dog the Nikki dog I league. Even though she took the dog in Brava data get another dog. Like ahead Golden. Do what be okay with that so ladies be careful. I hear the streets. You might be replaced. Look at uh his facts factory like the guy said Actors Luke warm to look at is going to be and now closer look this people showing clear more. Love the show you and send you. This is one of your say Claire. Say Hey Claire Claire Wearing Eber Christie. That's my homegirl. That will get you mean. She is as a bombing. I don't know if you it can't compete with carrier Class League of her own. I tell you what before we sell out the room. We will come back with that in a minute. I just WanNa say I WANNA jump around here with this plant based foods making me nervous and also men proposing to dogs. We get into that story in a minute. We'll be right back with a shock trauma gallow note and in minutes. The story last year old rolling up for the talking dolls shooting due to they have some that total twenty-five grade see. I'm just saying be kept. They bring that doll down the two thousand dollars and can talk to bring them to the hood and we can design our own dolls. I don't know I don't know I don't know I would. I would purchase one one natalie. Turner say clan. Get my main outlet. Air Her ass spending has been blessed to be in a relationship and have have a man young ladies. You better hold tight. Because I'm telling you Michael Just said bring that down a twenty five thousand dollar. Twenty five with financing. Were we'll financing. layaway put five hundred hundred dollars a month. How you could rent with the option to buy the? Hey I'm just saying take what test drive and no arguments no arguments. Are they gonNA make argumentative. But then we're done like we're gonNA make Dave Hey Roland knowledge auto. I don't think that's the whole point. He kind of make it was tyler said Ah they don't have no brains though dashes point they will have a say or anything. I missed around. Walk in school vending in that. You can get a big as small as flat as a big one customized you could customize it listen and you get an image of a mega doll and a dog. Bobby why would we need you. L. Trust me Borey Hannity. We do things cannot even get. I'm not talking so once again. I'm not talking I may either out talking like companion spray. There is being given you know does a cold at night. Take Michael Grassi's twenty. Five thousand dollars. warm-up Halo our darling how are you honey. Laura B be aware you might be replaced by adult downed uh-huh tillis touted can't no baby. No baby followed drama. None of that anger but not the human factor is eliminated out of it. Wouldn't last long. It'll be And last night into Lowest Ebb. I hear that Org again lowest say the dog can do. How do we know that for that what she's telling you The attitude is eliminated. Now they'll make them all out. Guaranteed for twenty five ranking entire female experience from the motion to the happy motion to charity. They might even make it where you could inflate the belly to make it like a fake Zito. His just add your own emotions. What the happy all the time? A little man over there you can. You can select that Newsday demise adult of tall in the in goal all the Dole. WORRIED IS GONNA be more it. It makes sense to me the proposed to more and more I think about you Looking at me okay. We are back is turned up. Tuesday Tuesday December the seventeenth two thousand nineteen forty two minutes. After the hour. We Backfire Barbara Togas. What Russia might go show Chattan love get into new story? We we stay in the knocked over. The other. Weather's bad right. Sin Is not here because of that fact and was sitting text. We texted back of Barbie Cologne. I said safety I may to. USA Nassar for veterans in. It said any be back tomorrow. She stuck up the Pocono. So we'll stay the nine thirty. I believe we have a gas right bobby guests so We're we're going to get into the news. We'll get into the sports. We'll have a good time on the border. Clone is important to trenches. Are you here because it gets weird. If he's not yes he's here. Hey we want to show the channel in love with the heart set. We I need to see him. I need to see him in spirit because I can't see it because I'm not in the chat room at. Aw but I could feel it. Yeah I can feel the spirit of the channel we feel you guys feel you guys right now. Good morning each day I love you understand what I'm saying. Only place on Earth where you get your morning started again. We started with you guys. Yes I want Allen. Show to chat with some love ownership everybody's some love for the holidays. Almost in the holiday spirit holidays hit me to like twenty four. Like I'm one of those because each one of those guys at Christmas tomorrow. Okay listen. Let's say the channels and love is the Hartson building. Yeah Mark Chat Room a chat rotate. Tom Hanks has that for. Let's go down but what. Hey wait. CAPELA gap take that set of clubs. Yeah Yeah that chat room. His twitter heart set to chat chat chat Hey check won't Ludar wait. A minute WOAH. Yes for what. Hey Hey we have Deborah de la Mathis and the bill was going on which girfriend Michael Michael Grasp. The mcnasty is. Hey Mike go take Michael Street just three Aziz yet show brown out of a hey best the best defense in the bill. Thank you for calling NATO. Joe's is he added something. You could live rush. She couldn't Marin in Diane Hall. We said Diane Hall and heads. I answer me a Jackson Friday or Saturday. Okay Stacey FAC- Jackson without say January twenty three and now in a building and we finish this Christmas. We're going full blast. I'm not doing my comedy. Connie showed that we want to support us. They see Jackson in her event on January. Twenty fifth at the art question Bethlehem. Everybody in this right everybody. Everybody I'M GONNA be mad if you'RE GONNA poconos on everybody and build everybody. Everybody in the building continue. Yeah let's net net. Nassarawa was up in half the net. Hey Del Andrews Good Morning in India clapping Yes yes Alba avalon. Bay is hair. She lives down here. God bless God. Bless bless you girlfriend. Tracy big kimber without trace. Say Yes cute narrow Williams Q.. Hey our friend. Juliet get fagin his head. Good Morning. Juliet Krista Caserta bears. Kamaruddin and Natalie turned up. Hey Natalie a Harris in inbox little details just a building. Linnet Roy hailing Broadway real yeah. He's he's facebook tale limit. Let's listen we miss you let it. I'm issue limited you MS Leonard. Yes he's been in jail and facebook that's torture and he no-one him he probably deserve every day. He had his sentence and I agree with you unload. He's on a jail. I guess we back here with the most support. Gas Jacqueline guests need to smack good. That's why that's why God let is that. The Quality Jackson is in the building modern. Avowal Sean Hey let me Oh fat. What you mean? Colella was hog more Natanya. Now she's being a couple times. A mess actually came yesterday. BELIEVE THAT'S DALLAS friend or cousin is that the euro did come sell. I'm not sure Shimane Adams Williams Good Martin Right Maria neum gay ask Hey Dana Jal. What's going on data? Hey talion net. It's in the building when original. Twelve right markets Mr One more Johnson. Van Halla Hey Laura. Turner is and the bill that the dog could do better you can you do tash goes curses. This is Funny Gloria Records and the glory. Yeah the Neta George Henry Without Veneta my favorite Natalie turned up anyway. Hold on a second wanders. Santa Shepherd is here. Oh my cousin has signed garage just popped in hey has hold on Newark. Yes okay. Hassan set Hasaan. You hire me Hasaan right Newark. Right your point you watch it showing signs in Newark Boys. Who did genuine selling your hair? It was good Morning Song. Yeah Joe Joe be next will be next to be younger. Nurse is up in here. Hey the deer Jackson Dan you just pop in the bill week. Yes presses Cox is yeah yes. Good Morning Mr Robinson Bliss. Yes that is all we have for right now. You guys miss you guys guys get your name in for the next shot out show harvey morning show a cine Bobby. Hello Apple one this. This young man is former chat room number two week and and barbecue when he won. Travel Midweek the week. This is what I love about him. He didn't care about it. He kept on his ransom so she made it. Welcome back to Social Media Sir. Linda boy everyone but it always happens along. You kicked out Sir. Hand was it thirty. Would what are you doing to get kicked off a social media. Well from bodies that was uh that those around for ten to my team mark let me talking. Well we know you're still now. I WanNa talk a few things. He real quick before we take a break known that out of Orbit Cologne. That linen is a voted for Donald Trump. And he's a Republican How do you feel about the president being impeached real quick? I'm only the vote with team. So you know just because the Florida back these knocked out the game. They could put a dog on second string quarterback in an expensive right so this is not going to deter you. Stop You from a the twenty twenty Alexis to voting for Donald Trump. Because Sir I mean this is what I'm okay Chicago fault five hundred murders. You know. That's normal exercise that a democratic Ronan Chicago. The last hundred years on my you know do often put it off on City Hall change this Whole Trend You know just folks that need taste me so with so Republicans. Can they not a lot of policy change. You'll be more like you know. Throw good first step program thing that he did you know that but you know eliminate a lot of people from using the what he can't do excuse. You know what I'm saying pretty much making stand on your own. No you gotta go get the bag thank you want it. And that's what it is as long as people can get back to playing somebody for sale. You know reason. Try to proceed on the. Oh now out now If y x the next question of the president trump a why because he's definitely putting military veterans. There's no cutting any of the budgets with veterans of with the trump administration but he's trying to eliminate the food stamps and all the other things awesome so that he can as he did. Cut The military. Remember I told you we. Should we talk about this guy right right right right absolutely right now. Can you. Desert Storm veteran. I appreciate your service to this country. Barbecue is well known that this man takes twenty five different medications. He can't go to a beach and he could never wear boots again. I Two thousand twenty percents visit. He's heavy medication. Limit your boy. Trump is cut a lot of veteran services. How do you feel about that? Well that's all for the media but that's not true because everybody's been getting big raises the press breeze he off Bro so New Year's Eve when I look at my bank account it's going to be a hundred dollars more money than it was rash. You Twenty one hundred dollars every year we we get extra hundred dollars put on our doubt now not now Mugabe linen few months back in Atlanta when I was doing comedy shows like I said he got that big red car that he bought for his ex wife that he was gonna give two but broke up and kept beautiful. Car took pitcher. I didn't WANNA put an associate 'cause they had license plates. Now play play to the lit up. We were just talking about how The plant based Food and women women have been a Definitely challenged by this report. That a young man had Married his sex doll We're here to do the show. UCSB the challenges in that black women down here. I mean you know you Berbie three black women damn near every black man I said listen. How do we actually Louis a Barbie Cologne is not concerned of Chattel of women in the Chabrol Avenue? Amena going to Marion dolls and in dogs. Yeah that's that's crazy. No so not only class. Mary does what else wife to get my dog on Blah. I'm here beginning. Lucky if I get yeah now I believe I'm Barbara Cologne. I'M A. I'm a hopeless romantic. I believe in love love in relationships and I believe in marriage and all that I'm one of those guys Linda Out Let it. Are you still one of those guys. Even though you took the Mercedes Benz back from together the ex wife. Are you still. Are you still currently single dating again or do you still believe in this whole the romance. The mckean right go she was. She wasn't at the show so he's dating again because I am cady. Oh wait a minute. So little. How long after you separated from the ex wife Hello dating. WHO's that window? Oh well The hottest drawn in be honest this with distilled bad delilah the accusing me of cheating right. I loved tonight okay. She did a whole lot accused that I was cheating. Choose me so much. Actually a while ago petroleum presented show closely by backout right. Okay Kennedy is Presented each so. So it's going to be here in a couple of days. Congratulations to your daughter. God bless linhares. I oh Kanye they plan when I maybe you should the dog names of my have things relations nations. Well listen. I know you got a twenty seven year old. I wanted as long before he leaves a and God bless glad he's Outta facebook. I want to ask him as a man and not actually has wanted then. It was the proper window time time after the break up and I actually a bobby as well with the proper window time after you relationship is dissolved when you can go out there and start dating again smashing up blowing backs out. Is it a a month. Two months six months a year. The as I as a man I been running the world right now. Was the proper time to start dating again the proper tabs immediately that you found the Talian Todd Tile when the woman which you she lady winging it he said he said will absolve you supposed to start dating Margo. We're just bogged I what to do. And she's like being all she could be through and he appreciated appreciate none of that eventually. She don't get tired of not being appreciated to smell of our read. Beat as soon as he won do different Tron Holler all the CIA but could be going on. I'm trying to keep you know. Keep it real faithful move on. Oh man so bobby is that true. I wish what's the proper whether or not he said immediately. Yeah soon as you break up immediately you should start dating now. I think you should assessment sometime. Gorby woods like the normal ninety days released about three months before I decided to go into something else in the fast depend on how how long and how indepth the delage like me. I waited like two years before I even thought about now. Now now now linnet bobby. Cologne waited two years masters. Two Masters West Different boggle August waited two years to start dating again. Do you think that's normal for young lady. But I don't ask one year three nothing a sixty two days too long for me all vom the smash 'cause you know you've heard that term you. Will you move. Oh Jesse had it. Wasn't that for me. You won't Dayton no no. He didn't do nothing office for two years. Avenue had a lot. I was angry when in philosophy and I didn't want anytime. No I visited avenue is but she was angry at nine. Because of what you went through Papa Wabe on nobody bobby. I sympathize for you for going through all of that. You shouldn't have to go through that for two years. You should have I would I would let it took to now. I understand you to win. It was aw the very and they will to rob bell after the gene from another may be different. You know. 'cause she for warm really she really Jamie. She'd been on the deal. You it could be little Roy. Roy added I even advocate. In a break-up of a relationship Barbie Cologne that my ex immediately goes out there. Daily do whatever I would put a woman to advantages and and I know that that works for you. Hopefully that's a law bobby. That's a long time it was and I know you have to go through your Roldan process. I get it next. I don't want that to ever happen to again bobby if it does. I'm not waiting to go out there and they again linen. Limit is absolutely right. I believe elite that cats are out there Holland that young ladies. That are in a relationship. And the moment the break-up it's done the young lady go back or the dude route when they start talking to each other. I believe that it didn't commence the smashing. I don't think that even listen still live. God forbid and fire in relationship I get married or whatever Barbie Cologne and that that woman God forbid dropped dead. I'm back out on the cycle in another thirty days. I'm back the streets so roy to you you go back out. Did they. Immediately Bobby Cologne love of for me as you all right now. How much every four woman? This woman is nine listening. At least my I was talking about three or four months four months before they decide you know they got listening my limit. You say immediately. Yeah I did so you have a situation right there my whereas I saw the again for two now that was Michelle you know. We was really home. You know we was going forward to do things now. A daughter take that murder enthralled by shooter Chicago Nationwide News Michelle L.. died like a little broken heart. Thanks you know after she died. I wasn't no good for nobody on that. The thing I dj. How crime within the bottle? And I don't know if I'll climb out of well. I have to go in to get professional help. That's the reason I understand. Then let a woman gets hurt man. 'cause all those feelings employees should have shut down like because I feel aren't the plane with Michelle and I you know wasn't no what. Maybe she didn't get faster without that. was that was that was all. I mean you know you all. I spill You know Kaelin prior probably model title in Chicago then that he made nationwide do this. It's you know it's my man. The Bra man. I can look back now at what was then and I can't even believe when I look at us. Well well now I just went. I went I watch now we now we sympathize with he just went through and that is an extreme extreme situation that very difficult and we understand the time it takes to come back from that but in the on the noise please women women experience the same thing with men regardless if the man that they loved died or not because they they are more time for motions things we are. You know if I suppose to be you know that stand up emotions. Don't matter you know what thanks to understand. I mean well bobby situation was extremists. This right there's woman the daughter died and then she died a year later. This was just a breakup with Louis. Li- going on the break up a whole lot of Iraq. So Bobby. So you're saying that a woman should wait three or four. Give yourself some time really heal you from. Especially if she was deeply in love with the person you need to deeply logo the person who needs just three months at least. That's like the minimum minimum. Now you you need go away find yourself. You need to learn who you argue. Expressive yellows in the very long term relationships. Like I needed to learn who Barbie at thirty nine forty league was and it took two years and to me. Okay I let it. We still are. Who are you are you? Are you pissed stupid. I am good. You pissed off with women the okay with that and I want you know this off of women over you know what happened was Michelle. I mean women and Underdo we pay the mother. She loves the youngest child and that would walk in and she was going to be the next. What would they were writing up on this bureau onto the trashy magazines if yes she was not to be the next not tyra banks? The one that was beaten up our health. Leeann Cam. Yeah they will ride. This was going to be the next. Thanks Naomi Campbell out attitude. No she was you know. And she got into the competition dater a friend of hers. A friend Ross. She won the whole thing. It wasn't even playing shoes in college. Choose to be a lawyer. The first attorney passion you know but Yeah math things in life do they will they will. They will push you know though. I mean still even even with my dad but You know that Steph stuff Lanes at home. You know that's why I can understand. And you know Ole fashioned. Most you know I mean I'll I'll write the women already. My problem is you know I've been so much that you know Simpson's get comfortable if like when you go away you 'cause I know you're right you know. Give it a new debate because she just because I love you disappear. Stop Point Tuesday. Listen God bless you try not to get banned from facebook Morgan asset possible. I'll get myself SIS leaks and I'd be veteran paceman Jim Hi We're at facebook. Let's let's take you. I'm glad that you're out there dating in God. Bless you got so bobby you say so for a woman was in shifts like ten years. She wait swayze every months. Now she's a year so she's in a relationship. A Marriage Puckett relationship the ten years he needs to at least the way one whole year it up to hi if she if she really her and she decides she here that you know in thirty days so be it but she will not heal. She needs to your friends would marry for ten years and they dated in two months. Do you go to judgmental zone. Or you're doing I'm like are you ready for this. You No but if she said you know I support you'll have to present. I want what you want you have you have you for you. All right. We'll be right back. Food off the play over their and bright clear. been where the optic for minute and Julie. Yeah at the uh-huh one waited I Sunday. Oh we have shown everyone show says Barbie to be in Sean. I'M GONNA show it's as important. Take for okay okay Everything down. Let's man is the one and only Ken Black. HBO Deputy Bts Teased Comic View. Can can you hear me okay. HBO DEF Jam. Bt's comic view of Ken Black Wabi Cologne before he's flip I I just WANNA say As a new Jack Media media coming into the Game Kim was dead. Keep the doors open for Comedians. Like me and others also can was there for me. I always share the story you can was there for me win I hit my bottom with alcohol. It can there while I was in my journey of drinking. Chris can do that. I was clean before I was relapsing. And all that so skinny a Kim black saw my badness while it was going and when I hit my bottom with drinking drinking I ran right over the Ken. One day MOCHA lounge on Monday. Night of this done with drinking and can help me even to this. Today's someone appreciate you for that Kim. Good morning brother in your numbers Sean. And the crew call yesterday No word this. It's this kid. The holidays are here. Are you into nowadays. Actual you into the holidays had not have a grandson. So you have to kind of keep up with it read this Joko basically basically our twenty twenty five years ago. I haven't really been in a holiday for like twenty twenty five years out after the ingle I can I can celebrate I and what can we get into. Let's get back to the comedy career. You can get twenty four years in week until probably this week. Just won't federal income as a A bit a a friend of mine comedy Pretty flat out couldn't do come back and do standup Set it up at State of New York. The New York was a club where you'd have to bring bring people in order to think for three people in His nephew you a friend of mine And I got on stage and I got Like fifteen hundred nothing Censor absolutely. I don't know how many remember take twenty barbecue. Oh twenty four years of doing standup comedy That's can you you made a television appearance Yes I be teen in two thousand Bucks That's a timeout winning Williams now now now barbeque alone arrived in the game as a new Jack Comedian. I looked at which I still do that. I looked at Kim as a god. God the game because I would open up for Wendy Williams is used to do this. Monthly weekly show I down in Manhattan and and as a new Jack Comedian. You will walk into theater until Comedy Club. The places PAT is studied and I would see Ken. Black onstage stage kid. How is your relationship with Wendy Williams? Cool cool Renting things we're continuing to do talk show that you talked on stage so she can get familiar token in front of the radio person. I would bring onstage so she can get used to talking to humping. We are ten years. She's got them on TV. And how many years did you open up a country where we went on One of the best could now. That's exciting heading for a young comedian to a a loan to open up for a Wendy Williams throughout the country. Yeah while she's shoes is palpable on radio right then and there. When Ken was open enough can this is stick with the comedy real quick? Who else have you opened up looking for capone chugging Mexican? Charlie gone governor for so I love the convenience the ground on opening up. Okay now now now. Now Talk Komo Ken is opening up for these big major acts here on the East Coast try. It is other comedians now now the the headline or the Star has a special relationship with the opening at this comedians. In the gain. Hey who wants to take spot absolutely. That's almost make it obvious to the point that they want that stat doggy dog world. What's I think is really horrible questions can have you ever done? Are you talking about the politics. Have you ever dealt with you know that you had a great relationship relationship with Wendy. Do you know you rocked with capone and and you open it up and every place is sold out. Have you ever felt that way with comedians. Wanted to like. I think we got to do better than him on his ranch. Anything like that. I'll definitely I did secure about it because I talk. I'm sure I had already been through. Comey brought eight or nine years I I was. I was like you know what I did. You win the Big One when I was doing How do you know do Atari when a comedian which in front of his his union and developing a union word the after those those big names out to capone and aggressively these you're paying them enough blackballed me from doing wrong wrong? Because they didn't they didn't make any sense to ah capone any so the Conway Cabal. Dr Connor game started his position. They figured hang up to the weekend but opinion because the game from got the Upper East Down Kapito committee this union and still a family for me because he he worked with these superstar when Williams in the component on he got banned from other rooms. This is this is this Horrible and it goes on still Ivette does yeah. I brought the two zero one. For what am I deal any Siemian handy any French now with what I Probably because the father you leave running the country but he wants a problem of tonight a leader so I do a lot of brothers Wrapping the act and that's unfortunate. Now we are no. Can I see this kind. sobering cleaned for years. How many years again clean a can now twenty it? It's twenty eight years of being clean and sober. I want to share this opinion. I Want I want you to bobby at the I stop drinking and Kim had helped me with this five years ago. I've been a alcohol-free equal five years with the help of Ken when I became sober Bobby Cologne for the first four months of my sobriety of not drinking I was bombing bombing going stage. The kid doesn't could it adn alcohol and it was sort of like that Crowley's is needed to go into this so for a more like six months I couldn't figure this out and then it became it then I got into the rhythm of working sober kid. Rock was used. Is this your twenty eight years clean. God listen how do you find that funny like that how you stay sober Soba and be around this environment keep you funny and deal all the crap that goes on in the comedy McCain cling not like out drinking raw. Probably Doing I I was doing in comedy Clean when I when I started this guy The second time what should we watch clean you got that spot with with. Are we connected with you you you. You started drinking so I gotta been through ups and downs and the Hawks came in the game so so soon I didn't like Oh you know which was the job I mean I always ready was underneath Part of my life what. I did Do you believe can that Alcohol and drugs and in the entertainment business and as a whole do you think the comedian or entertainer singer Weber. Do they do you think they could do. They get deeper into the addiction because they're performing Kim performance of really take king all drugs Rapport perform JIG POLKA media. Saw Right it is a one man game if you Michael Foale right and then comedians. Yes so good critical of a comedian. Because it's not like doing songs Arnold Tuna saw or we could league needs. Assume I'm I'm GonNa give you a whole twentieth jokes if I want to be. petted ozzy all of these things can do that. They can come in on. The song takes us away. The song for convenience can broaches can't slow regret critical on each other's to the point if if the Mitchell into situations in any arena performance. It's it's wall because because because there is your face on the club owners will give you three kicking before before thirteen apple before they see you know dangerous situation in terms of Being there because it's it's It's all around you For my thing is that's not my thing is is is struggling. Offered brothers that recovery. Those are reviews in his smoking. Smoking is really what do I don't. I'm really focused. And that's what you do that. Do Marcus I back with you this time around. Because you wanted to get it right you want to do something I'm not gonNA walk upon somebody that that smoking we if they go to stop booking wing looking for people that already cleaned so can if a comedian okay so I reached out and I I actually helped and I am grateful that you helped me in this deposit so if another comedian anyone came to you an extra help you would help them. Definitely definitely I. This is not mentioned in the fact that I think has been my day job I've been working okay. Nineteen now. Here's a rescue as a kid the lace just like second nature nineteen already and then Previous into that. I did like four five years in the community. So this second nature to me but I'm not one not one that could go round on a preach right. I mean wasted because you were. The goal is to go in Boston USA the stuff. That's that's how they do better. That's how they live. Their lives is that that's not as call other than anybody could now. You can win. When I got a soap I was in At that time Bobby Cologne was in a relationship and the person that I was in the relation relationship with was a drinker but but knew knew how to drink drink. I just I opened up the bottle I get drunk and I get in a car to drive head. So are you in a relationship as your partner if you have to park. Are you any relationship and do your partner drink. I don't remember Gosh the Notes regard close to water to why how I dealt with people that I felt I think. I don't think she's clean. I'm not if there was one person. GADGETRY right right see. No you know one person that I I'm I'm divorced wife because the only one that is not ex ex-wife I live with with people for women that That drink get back to the comedy real quick. We got killed black tonight kid now this this kid because after the accident not instead of this one kid. When I started doing comedy you saw you saw the whole process would be with bombing through the whole years barbeque alone? I was a horrible comedian. US awesome good kid in your beginning. Did you go through that. Same process of the bombing feeling inadequate with the hell am I doing wing it. Could you give us one of your bombs stories. If you don't mind because Bobby I did a show and I invited my whole family talking about. Bb King's kings. I might add the neighborhood. My baby mother the wife every odd bomb four hundred people as a new Jack made else when he's sixty sixty days in the game well mother was. It was horrible all the people that my job would have to job. They was there they snapped on before a year it was. I quit comedy for year. Bombed on it was horrible. Can definitely father wasn't legend around. A lot of people balked out a town. That's going to Bob Bob. My Way from a lot of people didn't know anything. It has to do the workout with security. How in a commune White Rooks name? It was really easy. My two sold was really really cheesy Delack the not gotten to my show my comedy show okay ever to drop them back with. At the time was ago by the Queen's I would have to pay was glad she was at a lot of regulars in the spot. So how proper by Rudy rush rush about meet palm up from Texas about me had had chicken one out the Jewish so I went on out in digital. You know. I don't know people don't know Kevin Hart is comedian out of Out of New Jersey hosted the power one time OJ You might have been to Okapi fifty years man. He was on the show and And I'm wrong so bad the Bronx Bagatelle. Theologists went up behind the was it kind of lifted to me. You know man every it was he's at all. It was twenty years ago. I was in my thirty. He's skinny sixty literally pocket club. Pardon my language and the clippers Small ones boss as command proper. I'm not sure I could do a bathroom after doing a room to John Catching up. I got somebody from Your Brooklyn. Oh Wow they did what would they be. When which we ran laugh can dockers is is offensive? Even about he was about to beat me. They're getting his money better the game. It's not so bad around invoice right but wait to another. He was slow one out the crew. He's blacked out. Boy has his doctrine from down and out. Now clean your whole several pat. Good well kid you as rations of me and others van WanNa let you know that had that I love you to death and you mean so much to me in my life and then this joining a standup. Can't we're going to take a break but wit you can find you can and folks listen can can black plays a big part of my life today. Bobby how long you ought to talk. Can't kids one of those. Kidnapped is a great listener. Like you could sit there. You Talk. And then he has stopped under the assay of view calming words to you that brings things in put everything in perspective guys gave him that gift. 'cause I wear the Heli can learn how to do this if you don't mind some muscle muscle to reach out to you from time to time in terms of talking to me. Yeah stand up anything. Russia Faithful you're not gonNA really over a two to facebook. facebook invites you tale facebook. I'm not Before I really appreciate your breakfast while the take Chat Room Memphis because I was on that week our just requests from childhood so you have to really pick thing People really correct accepted so many requests it from chapel nothing it was amazing faithful and Brat. Jt and and to to to visit several candle ns breath on my CV. Actually on on something like that. Message me I mean if you rooting for most important is agreed out to your local. The WHO resources wherever you had. If you've gone through something reach up your resources you know. There's there's only three sources in wherever ever you just always numb you record on one for justice if it's a disease yes yes you know. It's like having having the right. You know I haven't had it so when you will you Have Been Pretty. Well one nine okay. I'm sure that's a good question. I didn't know if they wanted to informational evolution. Talk to us today. Can Catch me at one. We check me out rebel. The yes it does. I gotta I gotTa Booker. I'll tell you one thing. Why are we going? Yeah and and this this and this is facts can black as a hilarious comedian. He hosts the show. He can open up the show features show and you can close the show but one thing and I know for a fact or the young kids factory. I'm going through something. I'm not calling two one three one one good work I'll call. It can't headland. Yeah you could call me show thank you. Let's platforming other Jabber number. Thank you for Sir Michael Do Right now. Every Saudi laid on what we'll do right now. Let's take a quick to put a UH we'll take a quick break my mother roadway. We'll take a quick break. We'll be right back it's awesome. That was awesome every by God. Bless bless you folks in chat room. I was strongly suggest that you saying Ken. Black friend requests just a good dude man helpful man. God bless a man that's announced refinish. We're both to the music we go. So far yeah yeah. She's selling James Sharon. She probably is knocked out pick venture so we'll be right back There yes blue. They did totally blended Sir The doctor uh-huh The uh-huh Accountable taste still collect Shahabi. Shots are saved body DOC They form a chat room member. Week might have been one of the original twelve. God bless you yes I just call because I was listening and that was a great industry can be. It's really nice and I want to congratulate. You deprive unions. Just keep moving forward. That's what I started doing comedy because I it was shy and in order to stave because he To get rich you know because I didn't want to you know a stage in front of people you know Shock people now believe shine because that was only talking and being but that was because of my shyness I missed you know what I mean so And I did. I started back in. Nineteen ninety. Eight for Recovery and then redraft us to twelve years back in two thousand and four started again but then attached to the couldn't get ninety eight years To Open MIC and start doing open mic. But thing is because I don't drive in money all be I don't get around like you. All do you know still living in Brooklyn out of been all all over the place. I enjoy the putting a smile of the face. I bombed in front of my family. My sisters my autre and all them and it was like crazy but it doesn't stop me like you know what I have. My opportunity do good on. Stage is something I like doing. Is that because I'm older now and I'm like federal. It's like I'm not chasing it like I would. If a younger you know what I mean and then I don't have to pay kids. I go to therapy. I don't have the patience for other comedians when he the judge 'cause she's still you know all the jealousy. I don't have time for that. You know what I mean so so I don't you know whenever I get opera chain you did I do and I enjoy other than that and I'm not doing it for fun I'd do it because that's a gift God gave me and and I just let them know. I don't drink you know a with over and I'll drink water soda and Ramon you give me a drink. I'm GonNa tell you you place 'cause I think his mind. Let them know like that. So when I say bad I mean a drain will send me to Illusion yeah so. I've really enjoyed that. And that's what we're doing recovery. Someone comes as asked us to help you help the best we. Can you know other than that. Let them do what they gonNA do from Hell. You know what I mean. Anybody anybody says a Barbie Cologne Johnson Kim black myself thirty years ago thirty years ago was some cracks pot-smoking we never met each mm-hmm we might have had a leading recognize and then a full circle. I mean later Connected you know what I mean like the When I came back Manafort Safety in years ago. Thank God bless me and so we are people and we have something up on and the best because we understand both sides we both sides of the world you know the lifestyle so we understand and and and so I enjoy your show you know when I get to watch it and I just enjoy which doing invest your mission. God has your the health and people to the video. Well out in the neuronal. You another one Day One I've known her before for this all is I appreciate she was willing to turn up Tuesday on. I'm just so grateful that a person like you is in my life as well and I appreciate your service and everything you do for this show. And it's just the honor and just a pleasure to know you a young in person by suppose in hopes for the full twenty twenty acting backup and more. I'm GONNA get Paraffin. Bring me up because I really like to be around. You are looking spirit. I love Armie you cool but I enjoy you too. Thank you darling relationship but if you go arrayed light green light main go right now. Hold on Hold on hold on a second. Oh or am I rushing Linda. Linda Roy said after relationship with one in immediately jumping to the next relationship. I kind of agree with them. Why did two years but she says six three months? How long should it be John? Shaw Festival divorce. If you really in a series relationship this Gillard Ivanoff breaks off. You must deal with those failures. Don't Oh happening over thirty days man you not a robot sergiy involved so you can get those fillers is out because you taking that love. His relationships absolutely will jump from relationship to relationship reality. The only only reason why people right back into it because they don't WanNA chill they don't WanNa deal with dealers of the past ask Johnny covered up Alabama on hold on hold on and I will let it Roy Nizwa jumped right back into that thing. Barbecue said three three months even as she said if you ten year relationship maybe a year what how much time. How much time should the person the body said a three months? The minimum minimum three months or a year our dream create. We're great because what else. How's Mary after five years I had to go into therapy worked before I didn't WanNa Harm aches aches right close. That's what I'm saying very. Hr and why are you got y you gotta harm the eggs. Why can't hunt for Nubian? This option angry. I'm telling you your our biggest wanted to smack you on next angry and hurry. I didn't know whether we looked at truth. People there you know cheesy and got the dancers and the megyn Cheetah taxes. So I told friends I get home. A trade vange Anita therapy okay. Crush rationale see that see. That's the time that's the common denominator. Is You hurt. She was into relationship with someone in in innate on narcotics and and they started messing with another member that you went that that's rough average person eighty now relationships the relationship. You're right. They net net the robot. The EX girlfriend Indian pick enough. They claim chips the ceremonial chip. Swipe at all in the relationship with each other. I commend you. I commend you. Young lady for being the type of atmosphere and clean Lavar the great not acting out so yeah. You need that much time off hawks. After years after gave the wait a minute wait a minute so you forgave the girl from the NA meeting. Wow Wow wow. Aw She's still. She's still cleaned today because she moved. What will happen is a senior in? NCAA came off a relapse and you know. She agrees out in advocate for and I tried to help but Hopefully today she chandra crayons. You know what about what about the husband. Is he still alive. He's still cleaning he. What didn't grow? Aw will listen. God bless you would've story a UH WE GOTTA go a to show hobby morning. Show Cindy Bobby Bobby. Yes eight thirty. The boy you coming down here Saturday already. I really enjoyed which one exactly which one no not in the room. I can just say something. Thank you have a question Everybody was in. ESPN candles like Oh call three one. Don't call me Lisbon. He has has that for a living he said. Don't nobody go around giving free advice when she saw getting paid for it. That's like neat. I'm passing out food I'm not committing catering catering chef I paid the clerk note that anyway ask the question now you it might be alright every morning breaking right now Burke Linnet Roy who's out of out of the facebook jail said After the relationship is over he immediately started immediately. Started dating you know he bought the Mercedes Benz for the for the wife and then they broke up he kept the bins and he just started started. Did Bobby with dramatic such a traumatic situation with her ex. Not hold thing. She's always talked about that. Took two years to us to get involved in the back in the dating game. Johnson went through a traumatic situation. As well and me. I say a good mad at me. I don't even care. I say this is just jump right back into that thing going to check back into that that thing regardless of how I gotta deal find myself on a Bright Ama- tell you to what was your. What is your linked of times? A Yongli I'd jump back here but listen I listen to is like is we were both sides of it jumps jumps back in looked at. It's you know they say to get over. You got to get on the one thing. I will say an agree with Harvey. I didn't get back into a committed relationship. You had to give my old from time. The fading flaw one guy like three and a half years who. Yeah so I kind of agree with you. RV and at the same time they don't get into a committed relationship no especially with women. Women Manages Woman Mush and all so it was the same is true. I can't wait them into left on dating on January anguish fifteen. Clean up the language please. If you don't want to talk talk you know my ex husband and I split on December third and I started online dating. You know much furry and Windows General King Day let me ask you this question because we gotta take a break. We'll Max Scherzer. You started dating a short period of time at the U And I want you to be honest with because you always honest with Roy Moore. Become the person that you started talking to just a few days at the yield. The husband was that person talking to you prior to your break. How I'm I'm not one of those? 'cause I'm like shape he'll sexual whether or not like I gotTa Finish One. Then start another. I was GONNA talk in the nobody audie online dating. Why would I do that? It's not met him online. Okay okay reality you gotta go you gotTa go back to the freshman pregnant and you gotta take a break watch from how uh-huh present all of us central job is with those people over there so do of man this. Is this the the guard of the bill. Then hey you these different guys got other call. Everyone is difficulty with the owner. Out Over Sinbad well it will with anybody. We say if you need somebody to go on and Inbox Kim Black. I don't care how many get around a little Roy Voice said immediately. You know story the Goblin he's always on. You bought savings bids for the wife I saw I was in Atlanta few months ago. He kept he kept he. He kept the band and immediately started dating immediately. Cologne Bogdanovic withdrew years. Because the situation was an assay. Go out there and they immediately. I'll give you gotta find yourself by next. What's the correct windows time? They do. Put it through like this and if I if I if I can something I'll pop back out there tomorrow. Sobre long-term relationship. y'All been going on for ten years. You get back out there tomorrow out out there tomorrow this is. This is what I feel. People don't think about an after occur like people don't understand. Is that when you hope you're not out there or like trying to experience. It's something new for me out people. You're giving too much power. No they went and you giving them too much power because they have the power over you that you can't let go a move round around that round back thinking of crazy and nobody admits to it. Nobody ever ZAC. Everybody Says No. That's not true. Yes you're giving that person too much our as you get older you disagree with you because you were. She's probably disagree. What what you're GonNa do ways if you any relation for period cabin? You're not healed. You'RE GONNA take that same bag and that anger at am I going. We're going to bring a relationship. Yes no it has nothing to way with that its relationship. He's got it over. Your muscle weighs map for this is for you. I'm not saying you gotta go get another relationship. I'm saying you've got to go out there because you know why because because you might come across the person that makes you forget about that person you're not going to know into you step up and if you come across the person that will make Putin that were totally make you forget about that. You'RE WE'RE NOT GONNA go out you sit around you. Add the lesson for two years would were just three of them we got we got that we got. We got easier easier to advocate. Well hold on a second but I don't go nowhere. We gotta get some appropriate introduce on the next slow by tiffany sounder under guy but CSPAN event planning okay. We're GONNA get tiffany of rally myself in a little Roy restaurants crazy right. We are right at the relationship is over. The next came back out there. I Love Linnet. Roy's expose taking out waste no time to four and while vehicle onset three months about three to four months minimum minimum. If it's a long term relationship is a year take a break out this And then we shut up the woman that we interview well the way I feel as if a a relationship usually. It's all ready for why before you get to that point where you wait. So at that point so they viewed ablation for ten years. Is it happened that say your girlfriend's relationship MHM She come out there. The next day to to start dating again is is that appropriate time. Should she wait. What did you were? You ever happened to me because I am very loving committed relationship topless you town shutting down so this back to you from yes so if your friend or any woman just as how much. It's time you think immunize if that's individualized if this but this is what I'm saying. If in a couple of days later she's dating dating someone else has already been dating that someone else who loves it. And if she wasn't dating anyone else we'll take a minute and what's the minute unless needed you'll be definitely less than a year. But I would I would agree with Barbie then in that case. I think it will be about two to three months in Bob. WBZ Bobby went to the strange. She went two years after her the brickell but she says because again it was awesome relation right home marriage and Rebecca. We will together for twenty years. So what in what he has. I knew it was from high school with his long better. That shows you just said it just now. That relationship was probably going on and her marriage. Judge with the other person's yet route smart he. You're not you're not giving out the president's powers had it to win it for better brands. You Avenue to the different story for her. It's nothing to do with the person at all when you back to where you need to heal with Ed. Before you decided to take yourself and you get into a relationship with someone. That's okay even just WanNa smash you can't be you know. God forbid that happened with junior and a husband and I would never. I wish that ever to happen to you. Would you take that. That means we'll be right back with what in your I. It got great kids out. uh-huh Blackley remember everyone December twenty first. We add a rebel social. You'll come one out you have to away is is for. The person is not spring you visually map for it took us nearby. Yeah it off out for you do Washington Eh. Sir Doc they head twenty one girl. Oh you need you know Leonard Okay Okay stood the corporate. You waited thrash the right hand just for you back. I guess. Gervais the baby Okay it is a turns out Tuesday. It is Tuesday December. Seventeen thousand nine hundred fourteen minutes out the walk back to shower every morning show featuring Sydney jail calls where it gets more gone right Chapman Waddell. Please call seven zero ninety six door broadcasting live right here on the iheartradio com net and facebook barbeque long in the morning. I'm great how are you good to see you. It's great to be seen to. It's thirty four degrees right now as rainy Mignon all over the place too slippery wet. The high is going to be only thirty four today. In fact thirty six eastern in Strasbourg thirty degrees Wet Rainy is slippery outside. Be careful the either. The rolls are ice over up there they should have melted by now but who knows in Newark New Jersey. Thirty thirty two degrees thirty six for the high snow and rain also thirty four New York City thirty six for the high rain. There's a go watch. That means it's going to be really. We Really Windy today. Guys you guys be careful over in New York sixty one in Atlanta sixty three four high rain until eleven. Am and it's going to be cloudy. Seventy seven in Miami Eh. One four behind there is a riptide warning at the beaches in Miami. So if you're GONNA swimming today be careful forty five in Los Angeles sixty six for the high end fair. twenty-three Chicago thirty four high. It's going to be sunny today. But it is going to be very windy in the very a small aircraft advisory so be careful there. Yeah that is what I have for you. All what is like what you are. Why are we coming to you? Live from the show. One show free throw Jay will get you started right where you I wanNA start right cusack for you after the show about a clone where we're going to do right now special guest but we must show the chat rooms and love on the second ship. If there's any folks in that Chat Room Park on the building is Princess Koch no pause sitting. I need to see that black hog. We don't show a navy on shore chat rooms. We now without the we wouldn't be here so we appreciate. You'll remember double socials Saturday show honeymoon the morning show city body. Hey Math holidays. You'll Murph God bless you man love you to death brother go in there. What holiday for eh birth go into building building sounded? y'All this is special. Yes three months there you go. Yeah all right now going to make them away. You know what you're going to let the folks know what you about the do Murph and you do what he the ticket. The other show to chat with some love chat. Ah Chat broken hearts hearts. Our wasn't chat. Yeah I remember. We got close ring on this show with Jack. Hey Chapel and chapel talk list art. I sat back. It's quite a heraldic here. y'All say hello to hurt again. Nissan Zondi just pop in the building. What's our Saturday play? I've been Brito without Areso route. 'cause you check out the week. Hey check on the week. jemele yeah fabulous. Five Day maybe churches Chevy Lawson de la up in here Hades E low. Mike Mike Grassy Street Justice mcnasty is here what I did assure out of the building up the shore. They could live rush. She Diane Hall Diane Hall with the Jack Said What upstate J.. CERVI mad as hell. It's right stacy. Lyn that net net Serano was going on brain della Andrews. Hey Della he's addicted. Tracy Tracy big read. Kim embarrassed he act. Lyme Bay would up album Kununurra Williams Q. Q.. Juliet Ganz Christopher Serra's is Natalie. Turner Shaw Neuroma Johnson. His head limit Roy with up there Tonya. Lewis Hall hades asked Adams will say chamade known years. Hey Maria Age Jones without aid tihic net. Hey markets missed one Johnson. It's in the building rare. Jala low TIRONA. Hey laurey Gloria Breckenridge in the building without Gloria Valerie. I'm sorry Blah Veneta George Henry yes shelby lost in the bill. Danjus I want to Santiago Shepherd Julius Guilsher. Osho's y'all Julia. Gillard shot a Busi show. You a mess. Wilson Wilson is up in the building. Prentice cats are no pause. Hey Mr Robinson go. We're tired. Tan nells is here. You're gonNA build that Natalie rhianna alley. Yeah Tanya Washington just pop in the bill that went up to an yeah cajole Buddah jokes to Russia McCoy. Hey Song Harris Hey can kit. Just kidding yeah I signed Garland what up Cuz you better chill deare Jackson in the building. Dera shame I'm a bar. Hey cousin she knows. They're not allowed to tie. She misses one Tahseen. Well you know what you shut up rocky is he had water rocky. Harrison's the building with after these dwayne gained ain't what data for the Nikki pay. Is He eh. Janette mobry was up on the page. Hey onto eighty eighty years old. Will God bless watching the from new. Now she's from the south. Okay gablers yet. Nina Glassy Whitfield twenty nine Cadillac kids in the building. Dj Can make what's going on. Paul Patterson Hey Paul Petersen what's going on Paul as thank you for popping. How are you and I knew how you heard about the show out of you? It's one of my friends. He watched each. Dj Star Buggy. I it now no. He's just a friend friend desolate elect you know to go. You know we could calm. Nationalism uh-huh Tuffy us in women now own it's everyday I'm just saying at avidly Johnson Hay only black sawyer. Dj Start Looking at the moment of the whole time we have in my business. We try one out. Get all the juice outta means if niche of the plumbing flow so you are seeing hugh somebody or not. I had a friend. Oh well last week I know but you have to. We would have arrived. Borge the break. And now they're wagner. He added was that. Melvin Prince to Melvin. That many live long brother does not a lot of Melvin. There's probably twelve year. Chop Thunder. Survey is Rene will say Good Morning Beautiful Cow Stewart. It's in the building one a cow Zip Barbara Leslie thank you for calling. You'll show Diane Stay Elo to the event that was boaty is here. Yes Asks Charles Lindsay Child Robbie Paul. Hey and MERV was in our half of right now you guys make sure you get your heart's in the last shot off Shawn Crazy as l.. But Borgo appreciate you please. If you keep the doors you could donate to the all-cash the Sean Sean Hannity Show I. I catch that. This dollar sign as a dollar sign a as harvey morning show in also please visit our Website to show have them on. Show DOT com. We're back for. We have a guest. Yes we do guys this young lady Beautiful young the Nissan and And what the theme of Your accompanied wicked today on the show. We kind of like to get you know one the Nogi personal how long have you. What's your migrate? which migration from the U. Born literally? How so so my question? It Will Whiz your migration from Gary Indiana long and and Gary Indiana. So so how did. How did they again? Had It for you from Gary Indiana to the hotel. So we went Gary Indiana Chattanooga Tennessee nece- New Jersey impacts that you might Gary the poconos vogue nose to New York City to the valley. What he's been traveling? Yeah I used to live in a more creep. Okay terrible experience a flea market remember right right how. How long have you been in the area? Let me say my oldest is fourteen so sixteen years little sue. You you've been here four-minute like five thousand years I have that was the first black thank goodness. OC A C that founder. 'cause then she do my hair because I was the second one Mary single was marry. God blessed pleasure since three certainly is is that I got married. You did in the the baby ball now not look how dare you especially coin. Is that question doesn't a ripping here. No but this thing here with the real question because the average black man had two point seven baby. Muslims raises the point. Seven the navy mothers. Yeah my oldest baby sixty one. I have five kids. I had two kids born in the same week. Bagging in one thousand. Nine hundred was rough year for me so I always axe story right there. Yes this show. It gets very. I gave a lot of a lot of community. Peters back home we call that these I would. I would go on like throughout my life wind blown out every woman. I'm in a big. I'm David after the fact children. Air Baby All. I don't think I've ever met another woman bobby colonialism uh-huh that didn't have any kids and the big our shirt that's always accident is a lot like. Do you have a child so she would be a physician. The EX wife. That's right you don't do that I don't do I'm I'm an ex wife ex wife I don't do the mothers. I'm above that I'm above that terminology I've above that of course that's the ghetto against again. I'm sorry I hate to break this reality ex ex husband husband. Mike identify you as baby mother. Now his ex wife where you have to say you. You're not disputing that. You as a man like men and we said like either that. That's one of my baby mothers. I most of the time I use x y okay but there's sometimes I'd say baby mother when you went I know. Is that what you do. I don't know no we call now but at the same like sometimes she is my ex wife and then over time most of that yet I stand most of them. She still falls in that baby mother category because I have three baby mothers. And that's my excuse me so I don't say I don't say I'm I don't say I have ex-wife into baby models I say three. Maybe it's very rare that I say I got an ex wife and two baby mothers but I do. You're right I do use in speaking about my ex wife respectively. I do say X. Y. But there's times I say baby so that's why the question because women Outta married because Abu Number Baby for where they are twenty years. Of course I don't even that's not even in your stratospheric uh-huh okay. That's right Kim blacks and I had one co parent. That's just can the kid we don't do the baby mothers and Zolt of your ex wife your ex husband cord you You my baby among joke around his head stupid me and you were offended by shares series. I really term of endearment now means that maze like different. I can remarriage Mary us the whole thing into that. She'll very long all term relationship. If women's in a mall term relationship tiffany like ten years and they had a they have the fan but they never got got married and broke up his ex wife and they never got land. That would be. I won't can't black on that one because nope that's my copayment. So baby mother give me a cute name. Don't give me that. Get Wind behavior. Nonsense Judy injure if he jokes about it. But you don't like it now. He no excuse me. I'm just blame are all right so you don't ever who want to fill the weather while we just got serious. I'm Oh back nothing visit correct. The this is not your ordinary radio. Show this we are cousins and family. Now let's see and again it's a Barbie. Cologne is always good to see. African American woman's always having a business right nancy accessible with more than men not in the no show up to the minute in business what type of business relations event planning PR so brand name. Social social media prospects events weddings. Birthday Party is fiftieth anniversary. Social you me map products so if I came to you and I wanted a wanted to celebrate I'll be fifty five uh-huh yeah just a lot of great to be here. Yes the fifty fifth birthday and I came to you. Yes would be that conversation if I WANNA have a fifty fifth birthday party I I will talk about your guest list so are we talking Saturday. Night Blowout Bash. You know with musicians or comedians. That type of they would be up here. Are there older gas. Are we talking about a brunch on Sunday right now. I'm just saying everybody's everybody's saying we're talking about a week again away all right so these would be your question. You know that that I find the ball because it sort of makes the process easier if he actually van Whitney been as someone who's in the entertainment business. I wouldn't even know anything about that so in these questions so that would be the next thing but like as far as because a abi everything is about the money. That's going to say that you knew the next thing. Yeah what's right and nor was like what's the out assisted cephalopod. What's the what's the average budget budget of like? Say Twenty folks a branch of Brunch. Like you said you know listless party a little bit. Let's have I wanNA have a brunch. The late Afternoon Day Party will will depart. Okay now is there an entertainment. Are we have appetizers main meal and a dessert are we having carving stations with a shaft that's GonNa Carve Prime Reds for you. That is a lot of factors. Go into have just champagne is wine or are we gonNA go full. Tell the afternoon again crazy. Will we have in our so a mock bar for the Church votes folks Com gene. That's why go to her and me. We can do as low as twenty dollars a person that we could get rail within two hundred fifty person. There's no I'm only bringing it to go all right so this different different feeling in between it's about working average working folks love let's say is that I could twenty dollar plate but I see see. This is the thing I let people now by the time you're done with your gratuity new taxes. Everything where you're going to end up an average fifty to fifty five right fifty to fifty five dollars talkers. Yes right taxes continuing to check out you know all about see but that's good now. How long have you been in this business again? Like in this twenty years Susan this woman stalked distortion of staff. And you know what you're doing l.. She does she's plan to my major event for me already. Those are staffed awesome. Actually you're my bio widely in you do the event solely Lugo. I've been responsible for launching a barbies clothing lines. The red shoe fashion show these sorts of valley major events. Eight Rifles Latinos. You can you name it. I mean I can even do a whole wedding of spangled banner vendors. I have my health So that they can do ceremonies in Spanish and then The DJ does everything in Spanish. And then English your name. You sound like you. Oh Aw you love what you do you can. You can feel the energy and to do it in back to payment payment plans of comfortable payment plans half the money all the money. The one four fifty. How does that work because it depends on what of it is that we're doing you know doing the fifty five dollars a plate with seven people to just do it a pass and then we can finish up the day out or have you run into situations where the money will never never anyone is going to be into me? So the situation with an adult Financial Challenges and if they did all all the city gave you the deposit right and this all before they want what rescuers say about five hundred dollars shorter. If you I mean this is I'm just use the human factor that's right. Hypothetically speaking things happen as as been around Rohner see. That doesn't happen because they are comfortable with me enough to let me know ahead of time and we've already worked that out. It will never come down to the day of in short. It just doesn't happen like that right because you you communicate while the whole way so the average invent was like I said in the beginning of May be a twenty dollar plate. But I'm going to let you know tax cuts and everything else. It's really fifty fifty five dollars person. We already now. You stay up front from back right so you know exactly what you're getting into you going. I'm paying twenty and you get the built like picking pilots. You know doesn't happen with me so we know that we could take things office. We go all right. These are switching down. Random upgrade away. Breath is I'm GonNa let you know that tat deposit. Maybe a thousand but you do realize that attack for a day in June is six thousand dollars right evidence of it in a Barbie Barbie colognes events that you've had whatever eventually worked on locally around So I sat them rant shale. I've been on the Heller Town Chamber Board for over about a year. So a lot of things in in Heller town with Europe springs right now a a lot of things. They are like their wine tastings in their whiskey tastings and things that were conceived in auto with that. He's the wine merchant to have a relationship. It should will allow the white folks here locally. They pay the bill right. I work with me now man. I was like card worked with black. Lives lead see now Mexican. Can you name it. I get my deposits. We get our payments. The bill is paid. I've never had an exciting because this is a professional later like an reputations nations secedes itself obviously because you're doing what you do here locally so I mean when I started I started in New York Learning Book Publicity Danny. CEO is on show now. Now is the first book that I did publicity for radio morning. Show track morning shells right so this one does so you said you was in public relations. Well so that part of what you do over then The event planning of. You have been doing been doing that. So that was that ED translated into event planning because what I did. Mostly was product launches so for bath and body works for reeboks relaunch reebok classics back in the day. Fashion we can New York fashion week in. La For about the body works. I had launched their cosmetics line with carmody who's now makeup Famous makeup artist this story. I launched a lot of the claiborne. Fragrances including Camby is in the commune. Electra issue I guess say predicament. Translate like new product launches always had a I watch party do you full service when it comes down to public role and event planning this. This is great hallway. We'll take a break. What I love Venice back? We'll finish what you listen. Quick break I want to stay on time. 'CAUSE EH stop yeah. This is my goal to all my major events. Nothing is a headache. She's coming in their workout first. Birthday is December. Awed thirty one day and I asked him how we're going to have some It the nicest way too in two. Yeah Okay we're back. That was crystal with the people I would. You say what you said. The the mentioned globally speaking of fashion we worked with and actually Barbie was a judge. Will Lebron events. Ms Karen Lebron Lebron for her global fashion. Pa Miss Fascist closed fashion global fashion meeting pageant. Sir where's this so last year. We had it at at a place in Hallertau go this year. I'm working with her. An Oscar Oscar Mac models for a whole paget week. Yes out April right near end by region right so this is going. Oh and this is happening in April. This happened in that they already do not cook. I will not let you now doing Bob. You were Khanate with Grandpa yes right this gray and Piazza pageant pageant week. I'm I'm gotten up to be. You want to be sure maybe the gents so the young ladies at involved in the Tajik how old they have to be. Well actually. There's a teen. There's a teen category. Yeah so the youngest girl was well. Fifteen hundred fifteen sixty s go from not. Not when I did I and the passion that I was there was little with age teens and teens there's There's the fitness right there. There's Bob cat was plus this plus miss fitness routine Beauty evidence for this is exciting. So if you don't mind boggling to do the news and you sit down and hang out with okay if you don't mind once where can these folks I love love debuted chat room and our listeners. We can find you use social media so so we can all support everything that you're doing because these folks about bless them they will reach out to you even if this does show you love they will do. Godless imposes a thousands of folks listening. Okay and watching C.. You can find me on his before you give that Kim black wants to know how we have you ever any artists that needed public relations for any any bad situations of course damage control. Always we call it crisis management crisis management. Yes them's control so so you go down to go so something happened. Would be 'cause Lord knows I would leave some public relations out there. I try to live a quiet life. but again stop that from happening such as if someone writes a bad review when this has happened for some of my clients instead that of lashing back and writing something. I always say that deserves a phone call. Because you don't want someone to be able to screen shots the you've written in anger in haste said reposted all over the emblem of the even rarer. So I had I try to take it off your damage control sometimes uh-huh before you do the damage so am I actually might need your help. Thank you probably would expire popout fat. The joke around here none of fun at the same. Because you know I'm I'm sorta in some level underneath Michael Michael. Aw of for me for me like I cus say certain things that people get upset. They're gonNA come back at me. It's a lot so I tried my best to refrain from a lot of that. But there's a lot of times I WANNA lash out. I Yeah I can't I the the subliminal messages and all I do E- Way so folks have that luxury of of doing it right. I can't even live example yesterday. I'm working the big organization doing stand up and they contract me for years and the Guy who who was the organization out give me. I want to just social media page and thank God. I don't have all this negative stuff awful monumental India bet but there are times that I do WanNa go onstage thing. Go now you can. You can help me with that. How if anything? It's just remind you don't do it. I can tell you what to say correct so you can response. I too because usually you take. Because in every bad review people'll realize that they actually will say something positive review in the Riviera. They really well. They don't realize that response. You pick out. The positives just reiterate them. Wow God blushes. Yeah I'm here. We can find self websites to one event related or books will and and PR related ESPN event. Planning a social media interested Nissan Garden. That's S. O.. N. T. E. R.. Cheese AA Mandalay are D- Sepah fashionable boy stigler zero hang out with us up front page news with Cindy Jason is not here to the cold. Yeah I spout I say it sounds like chuck doctoral You'll reach out the city. Police stuggled their home. Yeah she's good. Bobby Bobby let's do some front page news cities as to the double in mind cat. Nine pages are we're going to give you a little local news loose here in okay. What happened to my story? Okay Keep Changqing Chang. The absolute fascinated about the negative the positive and the negative damn people realize that they will. They'll say snobbish in writing the day since say it's a video and they may see something along the lines of you know the the cake was dry but they'll start off with it was a beautiful day email The the venue was decorated gorgeous Lee. They'll start art something positive before they get into whatever it has arrived the negative part and see you just kind of reiterate that like so glad you chose us you know so glad that you know you you were able to highlight the fact that yes. We spent you now many hours decorating just the way that you wanted and just reiterate the positive things that they didn't realized that that's like a lot of comfortable discipline flint and in the sounds like you're great added. Yeah Barbie we would you have real quick a little low. TMZ important guys actor. Brian Tar tiny died from heroin and cocaine. Okay overdose he famously played the emcee the comedy show the MC the marbles and he was amazingly leap he died from overdose and of multiple drugs in his system including what has become the most dangerous of offense. And all you know yeah In the story like this on the wash it God bless hey it was. I was your news story I got popped up. Would canoes reason. A loss got lost in the sauce. All on hard on hold on you got. We got lots of people listening too much going on. Yeah now let me accident now. She just shared this story right with the negative even with this. That's that's kind of next door right now would you. You knew you talk about how he was mainly of the mark. What the start with that? He was you know introduced as as Lee from the marvel comics. Back in one of the first Active you will just talk about that and how his role was in three and four and this will be touted. That's how you would spit on him. Talk about that Brown see everybody. You didn't see you. Tiffany at work in real time. This bit that I would've never blood will chaplain. I read necessary to next door. You WanNa get what. How Milo weather weather desk weather has been crazy? Eleven debt as the worst storm bread. He is mark. Hey I'm going to read it. I will Eleven people have died on T. wrote in Kansas Nebraska Missouri as a wave of deadly storms. Hit the Midwest and the northeast the wintry mix is as a part of a storm system. That had it hits the mid West and is expected to extend into the northeast which we have gotten a little bit this morning according to the National Weather Service. I know I don't know about you. I'm terrified of driving in any kind of web and I right up. The blogging scared to drive here is over the situation in the wet weather icy roads. Are you the ones that. Put the hazard lights driving on the highway. Well see my carnell. Add to Mike. I'm good would he be good. I have I I have no I understand when I could we talking. She can drive in it. She's fine are you saying that you have a car and drive in Barbie Cologne. I totally disagree with his only. There's no car that can drive in any kind of conditions because you've got to always taking the fact of people on road so in car sliding into you got the best car herb. The HICKEL MELVA cost it. You'll see those costs. Low most slog writing to your. Yes so does the unit active some back tomorrow. If the weather is bad eh you put the lights on pull over to the side or do you just white knuckle it and trying to get to your next destination with these do because for me. How bad is it is? I can get into all over the place in the X.. He's talking about in the ice storm I pulled over. I'm not I'm done. We probably are encouraging people not to drive on the roads at that anyway. Let's say you're driving on how well oh yesterday and it was started to rain or whatever like these things happen on right so you kind of get yourself. I bought what else. Listen one more time we can. They wish shallow. Take quick right. Barbie will shut off the roll but we have one more time. Turn tiffany or such a professional. Yeah that's definitely we can we find. Cspan Event Planning Ed to social media platforms and sound a Goddess S. O. N. D. E. R. G. AA Artie. We'll be right back. Bobby shot off the room and we'd get out of here. Let's talk a in the meantime this control you guys got a lot of yeah. That's what they were saying. More ice ice fear instead of snow to at least The attack Bobby. What we do is? Let's shot unfulfilled channel. Yeah they have it. Everybody your reach out to Sydney J and also reach out to Kim Black. Kim Like we billeted reach out. You'll send a kid black offering car nine one one. Don't call. We appreciate each and everyone you guys for calling in and thank you so much for making this the number one ranked show here in the area online and we appreciate suburban suburban. I guess you know we'll do so chatwin awaited hindsight in Chat Room Mate. The Arts Chat Room Tack Fat Chat Room. Hey with a heart. That chat room sat down. Hey Glenn is here Marcus Johnson. Hey Scott it may my guys the border. Let's laser Diane aunt late February made by Mr Robinson. Joba Jones Hugh Williams. Sean Logan told I'll tell you. Why did Kim black can blacks? The high requests has to be I am here for you. Robert moog Pau was gay. Del Andrews Fabulous Abby L.. Oh you take tiny watched him. Okay thank you. Juliette Fagan Row Allah. The shore Alibaba. Yet that is at your one more time. Could you let us folks. No they confide you tiffany. ESPN event planning tiffany. SANDRA TIFA WHY Sundergaard S.. As in Sam O.. N. There's an NC David E. R. G.. Aa Are David how you guys can find cine as cine. Seneca Jacob on facebook. Sidney Vinnie Jay on instagram and snapchat. Cindy J. E. is a three weakening. You guys we find me a barbeque all over the place. Sean facebook means. Don't don't listen you guys what we're GONNA do now. We're going to head over to the GRUYERE. We're GONNA rock out. We're going to take some pills here. God bless you on. We see all the ball so we outta Komo News Clap. Come on let's go Hey Hey Saturday night. Yeah get the picking a worn out. Tickets Dylan's robbers bandits they're all of your TV screen green but the biggest speeds are behind your spring. I'm talking about the cable companies. Well it's time to say goodbye to the cable guy because now you can watch four. K Okay Ultra. Hd Broadcast TV for free introducing clear. TV's new four K.. Ultra HD designed premium HD. Plug it in here. 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