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The Golden Globes Just Went Vegan. What About You? #769


The Golden Globes. Just when Vian what about you you know. I'm always wary when it comes to wellness trains because we we jumped on the wellness wagon at every opportunity and a lot of times. We talk about trends when in fact they're really just short-lived fads and a number of people identified. VN As a trained for two thousand twenty in the world wellness. And of course what's just happened at at the Golden Globes and the state is that they went for a Vegan only menu not Vegan as an option the only not vegetarian Vegan. And so that I think adds a little bit of weight to this becoming a more dramatic movement more dramatic trend moving in the two thousand twenty now. Of course what they've done wrong. I think at the Golden Globes not what they did wrong but what they called a lot of flack over was the fact that they position this as a the climate change move as in we reduce the amount of animals that we produce food and therefore reduce the burden on climate change. Of course that's great until every single person rolls up in a chauffeur-driven limousine and they fly on private jets. And so the whole climate change argument gets gets washed away a little bit but in terms of a health movement and a wellness movement. It's pretty hard to argue against the values of being Vegan and one of the things that struck me was what Brad Pitt said when he was asked about what his thoughts were on this Vegan menu and he said why not. I mean anyone can eat vegan every now then at least and that to me struck an interesting chord cord. Because even if you're a mediator even if you're a fish eater you can still go vegan now. You can't necessarily go the other way. You couldn't be a Vegan and then going mate but I think the point. Is that pretty much. Anybody could of the menu and so I think moving into two thousand. Twenty veganism is gonNA take YouGov. I think it is starting to have A. It's time in in the world. So I'd love to hear your thoughts on veganism. Anyone who's Gone Vegan for day. Anybody who is a not a Vegan long-term being been Vegan for awhile. I know if you people are and they swear by it. I haven't quite got. There is a lot less than I used to but I haven't quite gone Vegan. Yeah so anyway. Let me know your thoughts on veganism. What do you think it's a trend? That will take off in two thousand twenty. Or what do you think this was just a flash in the PAN from the guys the Golden Globes and just trying to leverage a bit of wellness wellness washing. Maybe already that today I thank you for your time and I will be back again tomorrow if we could talk to the animals and learn the languages maybe.

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