Retro RHLSTP 04 - Greg Davies


Hello welcome to another retro. Hoste as you know each week. I am choosing one of my favorite shows from the archives. Gives you a chance to catch up on classic shows if you're new to the gas gas or to re listen to classic shows if you've already had them but give you a little bit of background as well of h what. I remember many of them far far in the past. This one is from twenty fourteen. I believe come on. That's ages ago and it's the first appearance of the incredible. Greg davies I think. Cam bob mortimer are just to the sharpest funniest naturally funny people i've ever had on the gust Greg has been on twice. This is his first appearance. You can fight down your cells which which parents is the best. This is the one he preferred. I think i may be preferred The the second one but Let's start with this first one. We may do the second one later in the run this was. I love it when you get when the when the podcast turns into. Sort of free flowing. Jam of comedic ideas is fun when his interviews from when it's a chat is fun when some light brian blessed who will be seeing again very soon just takes over. But i like it when it's a bit of give and take and get a riff with some of the funniest people in the world is a great privilege for me. This one. my main memory is a the guy fawkes and how that went. I think this is one. I'm quite funny in this one. The i also come up with a very quick spontaneous joke that i've general never thought about before when we're discussing Australian actress Which i was very pleased with greg is just phenomenal in this Lovely man Of course we have history with tas mazda in which he was less nice to me than he was on this podcast. That sir. I hopefully will begin greg back on again soon and and we can talk. Grab that and i can try and get some revenge. When he's no longer the task monster. Of course there will be a task masters champion of coming up where not in corral at one i can. I can afford it talent. What i really think of him in that one anyway. I hope you will enjoy this. Please listening every download helps us and all the money goes to help. Make us more podcast. So sip relax and enjoy this retro. Hoste with gregory davies. Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the square theater. Please welcome a man who would like to say very sorry to call him back as rigid. Hang well which carries that square. The podcast resolve. The kuchen esta quite as good as last week. Somebody it's cut it a spin spawning spun one hundred ninety degrees. It's lovely to be here Shock about so i will. I'll enjoy come to There's wearing. I don't really need to do this. Because there are other cameras filming. I'm wearing a t-shirt have you got. I can't believe someone is bought. This t shirts. What would it take for you to relate the actor keith allen how does that go in and puck when you were in public look you tend not to wear it in public. Do you have a job. Where jumped runs off. Because you can get cotton coverage you'd herring dot com dot com if you want to. You know that you know what. I'm telling evenson saying this one has jack hewlett jackie lint on the design. There is a little bit of your own. Is the problem with my fans. They are but that tackling tech long as you the if anyone was to tweet at tackling your an unfamiliar face. What's your name you think next to these nuclear physicists as david my name's janine janine all you've got like tattoos hustle office terrifying like a mouse with them loose personal last got going there do my job. I'm doing pretty well. Chris could be a cameraman if this doesn't work out. Why is the mouse gluttonous species. Because that species never thought you'd six on someone order the new digital with. You never thought. I would have what you do for a living in the bbc. The bbc become ten spotting. When you work in the county casualty shoko casualty. Used to be what you want me to be. A doctor in can be good at that. Yeah i've just asked me. What do you ever tried to stop. That is why your back hurt. So don't don't do it again. What is your role on casualty script editor. So i could rocket write script for it. That would be good. I'm gonna let's do it. Contract have them. I may donald. Sidney old hamster reindeer head. What do you make the tattoo. Think it's cute or good kicked revenue in. That is your husband's boyfriend. No look at his face. He wants to be but look at interface. Not chance i got. That face could air-cooled tattoos. Look at you all gap top. So what do you plan to purify antigen antigen impure antigens around. What was your name. So i think alex alex why am to gyms complete. Isaac county now is antigen. Generates antibodies in the body. So you should working on casualty with you. You're going to be writing a casualty. Scriptural you an adviser you read singing going to get rid of it. I'll do the funnies. I'm i'm kind of think of his name now. The guy said so. I'm hello you didn't get into this. This is another new person in the front row. hello surprisingly high voice. I'm the what's your name rebecca. Don't be. I'm not going to be no. I was not to him. He looks like a dick very attractive. Very attractive refined women. How can i as a female whereas league no different. She's wearing to strike top. It was pathetic. Does what you do what you do for living. You're naming that's nice nitsa proper job. Purifying antigens was. What good does that do anyone. She looks after real kids and stuff. And you you boyfriend. You're going to punch me in the face after the show. Because have you all these small but before then there was a real sense danger. You've done very well for saying that there is a john again and then now look at this. I mean nice some believable. That's a massive compliment like something don jr today. It is charming. I'm a comedian. What you swim. You marry charming what you do for a living. I'm a millionaire for bank sexually. You save money. It's not his has access to. That'd be very very welcome. I'm sorry for being so rude. Because if my antigen ever gets impure you're going to have the last laugh. Alex fantastic guests for this podcast and made it sound. Like some of the clubs. Don't fantastic they all go dust. We please welcome him. He is probably best known. as hercules. in nelly. Knock line is why you will come to say this. We these great davies. Welcome mike you have same shot. You have to pick up at this nice. How you doing more. Thank you self conscious because Fetching jump on arrived cold by lexi's hotter pair off this t shirt which is to say the least not flattering good strikes as one push s. Nice cheeks so at joking if that. What do you remember of hercules. In nearly not live. I didn't know i did. Wrote on. hosea showpiece job right on. Kids cartoons. Great i love to newer hercules on the tail. End of the times. The bbc where like everybody was getting paid load of money for just fucking about really and then it was just after nearly not finished everyone out. God we don't have to pay fifty percent of these people. We can get rid of all of them. I was what was the premise of nailing. Life it was a small northern girl and her welsh. Teddy bear live animation. So the two actors who played the characters would speak live into the mics. And we go out live and they would have rudimentary sort of animated responses. I mean i mean easily comfortably. One of the worst stories. I've ever told sometimes these these cheesy obscure questions us. Sometimes i think you probably best known for playing. Wd ww breaks the chatan force shortlist coverage of the ashes as my first appearance on television avenue. Funny stories from those I suppose i suppose the too funny things that spring to mind is. They made me dress. As w g grace throughout the campaign and some twas cello forward this idea that they would send me to the ashes matches and onto other high profile public events right. And that's great and once you start going. I'm the adverts who wrote the ashes as wj right but before they actually started. Before the adverts went there was still sending me things. So they sent me to the wimbledon semifinal. What got knocked out. I had to show these pre written catchphrases or the people on center court hadn't seen the affects. it was just a man just as victorian. Come all the and then we're going to look at that poor fortunate tragic that you would go to the trouble of dressing up with storage and the other thing that makes me laugh was i was out of the matches at all. My friends who furious couldn't toss about cricket all fear will these big games and the whole team walked past me one day and all of the michael vaughan and all everyone's of dumped their cap just replay on wg and they won't little smiles. And freddie flintoff was last. And i knew that he did this awful awful richard. Imagine being imagine being attacked. You type the newspapers tour much of come out with those pictures. Wti sydney another story about sounds like we can get a my sister got married arrived that they made you go to her wedding. It's consummate mehtab. These t shirts with my face in the kitchen. Your g needs you but me push your cricket bat and my dad's cousins twenty gordon here. He was obsessed with it on television. He couldn't cope with the but before the wedding. My mom said this is just a special day. Okay so we all you know very proud that you're doing advertising campaign on television and and it's great and you're you're low level comedian but Special i want you to just keep on. Keep it love kids. It's all about her and of course it's all about fine so i did it in the background all day and even when my sister's husband mentioned in the speech i didn't sign anything back that just to stay in the background i got off day and it'll be the perfect and then i slipped my dad's cousin one of these patients and when i'm giving you present but you're not to open it until after the my sister was a beautiful trips waving goodbye to everyone. Car drove paths was his and he was stunting into power. Sunroof with my with my going. They still together very pleased that destroyed. Wouldn't they also just been bad that they become useful. Yeah that's not really told that story so glee and you auto. Yes yes. I'll tell you you are totally get criticizing also grabbing tool. I never go in about ten. He was asked me about the tallest person. We've sat on this before. I think i'm the same height as steve much while you're one in china anthem. I and heavier appropriate latvian wider than he is. He's read he's very separate. I'll bet not. He's very nice man. Pd sorry could be discreet wrightson. I read breaking news today when we recorded. This you were accusing people. Were fighting them because you get a lot of in. Do remember into be talking about people saying things like. What's the weather like that you all the time. It was my first stunned rooting. Sounds like i'm still doing that. Yes and i do get. That was my first ever. Standard routine was a about an old lady came up to me and said you want a job at my house changing lightbulbs and i said i have career pounds of my own. Very funny routine. Big huge is copied off and didn't tell you about it. Do you think there is in the world to get you suffering. I think is probably too strong. I think high tedium never die for someone. Who doesn't feel the need to tell me which i i find. Intriguing in pubs often feel the nature. Just just pop the would come to if it's term of affection. You're yes i've already. i've already discussed. I had an. I had an idea but it's not to be a little special extra podcast that you can get. If you've paid some money back when idea. I have around how we could do a film together. They hear about to hear. So upping what i also size thirteen fourteen fourteen. Not that impressed. Robert and weather used to be a cobbler. Used to make shoes. He made size nineteen shoe in small feet. And that's what i say to you. Good tiny and i find it. Refreshing physical small fit all man fucking human rights. I was only like one. Toll is say why it was mainly foot you. Is this a real place. You grew up in a town called welcome. That just sounds like a stupid monty. Python made up. We must know every time we say w em. Okay sounds like attack small-time structure. Where'd you let them know. Where no where is this kind of abbott. And costello routine and then i've never experienced the home of the sweetpea. What if i finally sweet peas. Send back there this week. he was. Okay what is by. God's the garden. No godless did that thing where they split with species and it was born if you see a sweet pea from now on you from what is a sweet peas. Peyot is flowers. Flower grow peas on it. I don't know. I couldn't give a sheet euro pratt. I own private coming from jeddah home of cheddar cheese the most famous jesus oil funky although they didn't make it in this week p it's good. We will when best pitcher as well. When the what was that about eighty five there was a brewery and was a brewery base. It was world famous and every single one of my school trips. Wants to go this just in the same town. I stole a whole barrel of bear from that. When i was about. Seventeen means friends broke into the brewery installing whole barrel of beer and I'll put my back. I was the tallest and we ran across the group. The brewery security guards tokes buddies to escape. Kennedy stood my full of episode. 'cause we got home realize we didn't have an equipment. It's great really great. You still come serena brewery as well guess what. They're what they're they're pick their pitchers called. I can't think very funny decided that gorge best courses go by george george passed case stuff takes a long time together. Very very tragically. So i'm gonna go to an emergency question because we've already there's some an antipathy between us over the gloucestershire shropshire. That's how little respect is just a place as i am shropshire shropshire. It's not appropriate real. That's like in. The shop might come from when instruct share. You're going down next. Only works if i give a shit which i do i do. I love to beautiful county stones so picturesque stopper stones cypress stipe stones. Not true beauty in shropshire lovely and church threatened as a fault interest on a plate. Fault in the beautiful countryside could fall into the any moment now. Although my mother is such an obsession with extreme weather she thinks it's not only talks by extreme if you add to choose between having a ticked dispense talcum powder an infant amount. Though i mean it won't be infinitely on well. Never we've never run out. But i'm not saying that. There's an infinite amount talcum powder that would be insane with need some kind of vortex inside. Yeah but but for maini from your perspective or a finger. That could chapels re time which of those. That's a bad only my fingers through tap your finger but you can decide where it's going and you'll be able to just look through the whole and see what he's doing and you can. You can poke someone on. There is a limited amount of stuff you could do. So i can say what my be going to walks finger then tell see what we this guy folks guy disembodied drink too. I saw this awful thing. So this awful thing on the internet. When i was supposed to be writing recently guy fawkes signature when he was caught and then his signature seen this signature after he was tortured just before he was killed and the signatures. Because he's in such pain so after his. I will be able to read through go. Oh sorry about this. But he also he jumped off the scaffold and commit suicide thus avoiding a fine line between suicide you think it was the suicides. Generally a choice himself going to kill myself hanging folks angus annoying. Scroll by now step up. It's annoying god. We wasted our time putting that rope scuffled here. Also being hundred and quartered. Yeah it was going to be true. I think he was on causes. Someone saying i'm pretty sure. Your pointed of the bombings. Jewish about this folks is traveled through funds. A have any jump without the jump took the scaffold and killed himself before he wasn't getting the rope. He jumped high enough to break his neck. And i know can you be. You're just say no. If he jumped off wouldn't die. That's not what happened. He jumped off that in their own killed himself. Now it no. He didn't hurt now. Consciousness in both of you. What he did was he jumped so high he did. He took a really big jump. As a result the rope snapped. Taste the other thing. If my finger put through court his foot and oregon you show s you grow. You definitely do painters. Also when guy fawkes is called a simple he was caught by the pattern stuff and they said what's your name and he said his john johnson johnson. And that's why they pay this off the you just said in gum but like to be with my name's john johnson off. We don't accept to go back and you do. I probably just give them a little tickle into the team. I think people were those beards. Give him that go. Hi have you seen this lampton No you can go and sit museum. Supposedly flemington's amazing stuff it's supposedly. It's not just history. I haven't seen it. It was one of the most of that was the same as shakespeare's restless world or something exhibition and there was the i if someone who had there taken out was in the been set in some kind of a company it was it was awful anyway. That's enough history we'll go. We'll get back to time. Travelling parts of the body late running the show. I saw the motorbike lawrence of arabia. I don don't you. Have you ever seen dirty brick. Come confessions dot com. I have someone you've got low. They they throw. I would find it funny. I find it incredibly sexually aggressive but yours. Yours are really ropley sexy most about it. Yeah i was ridiculous. And i was hoping was my cockatiel. I've got print his well. This was three days ago. You might not have seen this one. This one is checked lately. This one is less morrissey in that picture. This i do generally i want greg davies to pour milk all over me then. Lappy slowly like a massive cass. Would you begin to that. I just really exit. They said massive casks of taibbi kissing hogs into that yes fine about liquid milk people trying to bring people together here but they don't. It's all anonymous. It's very difficult to find the person. But i just tell you. Just the word milk is reminds me of something to me makes us to run this sort of bands nights in braamfontein rubbish. Little bar bradford and all these local become downplay. We we did it once. Fortnight and all these bounds would come down to it was just one local funk band remember their name and they had Much older lead guitarist than the rest of the band. The rest of twenty something. He was sold forty five or something and we were sitting in the dresser rigged afterwards at the forty five year old had gone home and it was just a young members. Left when what's with the old guy and they went. Allegedly start the bounties. It'll legend and moment. Okay whoa what makes him a legend. I mean just a just generally and i can give me an example of his dribble. Hey this small kid who's like the who hasn't spoken felt the need to step once right once with this bird this bird back to his place and i'm shocking east shower and stuff and then he eats white van of into the kitchen. It got panel. And i mean it warmed up some and then he went back off any all. The milk cup wasn't easy at this kid is alleged warmed up is considered the most insane things so it sounds like a perfect murder. It's like in colombo something they would. You put boiling hot bilking boiling. If it'd be one of those things if if you have someone and that person. When i came in the bill under a photo i think you'd be amazed. You just go. Yeah i mean. Funnel into minus. We think my sensible thing. Don't knock it till you've tried it through leaving halfway through. It's just elite career before. Just what your elbow is this acceptable to fund. Doc fucking stunned up waste. No-one seasons all right this. This is having confirmed. This is a quite recent one. Have you confirmed that. Greg davis is indeed bake left. Be able to think of much else. I think someone is the hugh presumably i leaving. Yeah got here. So matt's right. I will get a i want to do things to greg davis for first on the list blow a respiratory belly of his the idea that the list might not have anything sexual secondly golf can i can. I blow a raspy on your belly. Single the fuck off was nice meeting about about you regret writing. I never get genuinely sexy. A couple of these almost aroused me. Greg davies school desk and his tie ties when i gave up teaching. Janua the these women doing this. This one is kind of mind blowing and off just slightly z. Gravies the same age as my dad doesn't start well. Wait and i have vivid dreams of going over two dads for dinner and craig. I don't. it's not uncool greg. It's the whole thing. It's not like you're pretending to be it's not like you're just a friend of the family google. If you're you'll be uncle frank you were like just your dad's friends. Yeah but uncle cook greg alone when the rest of the family enjoying had in the dining room while the rest of the family enjoying in the dining room. Just picture of that. I'm enjoying uncooked grain. Fucking me against the kitchen counter. It silent hurried rough and so hot. I get wet just thinking about well. It won't be silent. Great that greg davies face miteks and pussy and ask fucking. I want that man everywhere. Yeah okay well camping trip at least one of those faces on the milk cup. Now give it a gap always. We'll be quiet. Good quite good. Thanks to play on someone that you could do that and then send them to someone else and then suddenly exposed as reminding them perhaps okay. Yeah that was the most disgusting thing. You went worried about the incest. Jewish uncle greg twenty-five years older than gale fucking kit you get with the dalai unbelievable impractical off six eight man. I will link away family ever joining me want the epoch staff the extraordinary stuff the edge of your seat stuff you now the good stuff with amc plus you can watch the best of amc bbc. America ifc sundance now shudder and more hungry for horror. Feast on shutters chilling originals like creepshow season two and killer premieres like train to busan presents. Peninsula got a need for speed. The boys are back with an epic tour of the uk as top gear racist through new season. All available on amc plus ad free and on demand start your free trial today at amc plus dot com amc plus only the good stuff. So you were. You're a secondary school teacher. People don't know this about you about fifteen years and you were. The people wanted to so much wanted you to be prestigious teacher of the year. It was a girl actually was yeah. Did you win that. No because the head teacher brought me in to the room to say. I've been nominated for teacher of the year is a really big deal with the teaching fraternity and he brought me to the teacher of the year. Yeah it's taken seriously as like teacher. The and by the head teacher baldwin's office and was just pissing himself which was think this guy. He was laughing. Ask me the second thing. He was laughing. It's a six page document that she was supposed to fill in proving exactly why i have. All you know the multiple skills teacher. She don't even think i've seen those lovely nobis. She's thirty nine and then she rated reasons why you should teacher of the year. She'd written easy. Well good laugh. And he don't make us do no work. Amazing it's incredible. You can very well you and new careers. Thanks which is tinged. I like crepe people can pick up pick stitch and a bit securities. You'll find them. There's nothing that you started off as we are climbing which was a brilliant one. Outside of your didn't stand up as well but we are klang amazing especially live. Act back to say like believing remind blowing disgusting. We've law wouldn't steve. And how would you describe. Because i'm struggling what. I don't even know myself ready. Just three idiots. I'm were little limitations to our behavioral stage. But i suppose it was. The style of it was born of the fact that the first time we ever got together we badly did any writing over hersal so we stumbled onto stage in just any any any notion of professionals more or distinction between the characters. And i we then realize there was a lot of fun to be. Had by blurring the lines between characters and sketches. And it. just being. A bit more freewheeling so i was very very very proud of us as a as a lie back talks. Oh we often. I would say to you. I think that was good by. We really great life. I it was. It was a news. Remember someone's testicles is main memory of its face. someone's or something. oh yeah. He's talking deliberately pushed his that. Best impove plow. That was the kind of thing. But then tv. It didn't really translate as well history suggested who knows these things you know. It's really hard when you've all you've ever done is alive that's ever done. None of us done any television tool. And so we've got a live back right and we thought we were far. I don't know cylinders. People kept saying well. How'd you want to do this. How'd you wanna turn into tally. Show kiddo but we we were trying to maintain that that spirit of the live act by having a live audience in the in the room and interacting with the audience. We saw tried to make that work. And i don't think quite office. This is browns boys. Doing that could have been new dress. Like gigante us. I think i still don't think you know. A lot of people criticize the series when it came out. I don't think he's as some people suggest it. I i think there is things. Are i think you're really well but i. I was admitted message flawed. I think it's just very difficult. I think when you take you take something that works. Live and try. And i think a lot sketch groups have tried to go onto. Tv has never been as good as his life. But maybe that's the nature of sketches who it was. It was difficult. It was the difficult thing to do. But it's live and learn. This isn't as i mentioned. This isn't really on a power. Stephen fry may need try to kill himself so i come at the outset. That was good. I'll give you that. But no i thought honestly i really practically. It was enormous affection. I think all of us we do anymore. Though you're going to go back to you know cliche cliches now but never say never go plans to do again and i do think dignity issue now. The the fifty we got. We haven't discussed again. That's for sure but the other the recently you've been doing the man down of course where you find me kind of us this resemble this suspicious resemblance to rick my the i would say probably is. You'll rio dabs. It's ridiculous but i wasn't. I didn't look like he was a younger purse. Happens in my probably late twenties early thirties. The first time people started saying you look like a fan of as and i think just fucking morphed into how is that. Because i would. I want spit behind. I mean i was such a big fan all of the young ones. We just had one of the money. It's the best specially. Rick mayo kevin turvy and yeah kevin before the ones and then the young ones just did blue all online and so is once stood behind at a petrol station. I couldn't say i couldn't speak. I want to say well be nice to think. If i said a low to petrol station i think he might have been all right but i i can tell you what happens because when i was a university was doing some awful drama agree and i got. We got paid a pound to being some dreadful show. It was a hash. Actually so don't era extensions in. We had to go to a comedy sketch. It was fucking dog shit on the white back. I was with my friend jed. We stopped in two time. Widget-o-matic suspense or somewhere and obviously i was nineteen time. So sensational burland choosing all some which is and always doing rick. My impression going and my friends suddenly start. Stop doing that. i was going off. And then she's just looking down the garage turn round and he was behind me with shopping. Trolley and just doing offer he was my eros my era. it's awful. You hadn't done it because you haven't seen him. Toby told him this half and he has no reflexive strangely. I would've thought it would be one of the so. How is it working with them. Because i think i would still try. Wrote played only be good in the ninety dollars. I'd ask if you do it but he didn't want to do. He told me he didn't like you work with him. And he Overwhelmed even came into to make me. Yeah but he's he's. He's my hero. He's he's amazing. He greeted me. I was incredibly nervous in greasy by putting his arms very gently around me and just whispered into my ear. Comrade credible full boehner. It's good to see he was a he was brilliant with still. So i'm bishops. Loves it all much right. Yeah okay well. it's nice. Nice nice man says langley. Honest do it yes. It's not funny. But i'll do it. Richard backstage as well. I go into my toilet. And my dodd was broken into my lap to have a shitty toilets just to annoy just before we filmed. David can you tell me. What's the motivation to me. Going into having massive ship for a laugh frick with must be more to say about the relationship between father. Zombie massive. I'm sorry so sorry of involved in this beefy. You're right you're right. He's gonna american. Wealthy london londoners a combination of my loves of comedy and i asked him about. This sort of nerdy found way i sat on. What was it like being in american wealthy meant. Come back you remember. It's one sense you want to be in the background. In america yes plays. It wasn't famous when they came out and so everyone was going. I think the directors aren't you know that john lewis ya was blowing. Everyone was cheering. It's expert he's still very fun. That's what you get if you say what's my motivation for sitting in this pub and pretending not where that's gays and what was your in something i like to look through the internet. The imdb database Urine something called girls. Oh yeah what was that. I haven't seen that girls flatter short. Fill fill mike in. Interestingly he sent him me last week and said you remember this. And i've watched it yet. So right i remember it being quite good fun. Short film icon. I'm forty five now. My memories absolutely shafted. So i remember what part on was i was i. I heard someone sent me a link on the internet which american law would and someone else talking gaga said. This sounds like you sound like me really. Sounds like me won't be all forgotten like a whole day. We'd record twenty this comic in recent times young. Can i went out on. My name's my name's greg me. When you are. I'll use this as a public apology to you are we met. He goes well last year one year ago. We did a whole weekend. Gigs together. And you and i went to. I wanna one two three times. I mean it's gonna be dimensions or just extremes arrogance and hatred of maybe. He is incredibly. Boring is very difficult to him. I i find after it like a gig. Just completely gone to mush by like in this people. Come to lots of gigs by usually know their names with this. Just those weekend couple. Became always. And i couldn't remember the name. Your friends government the name little glimpse into the twilight of our lives already finger. I've east it of course slightly swollen prostate so the milk goes up detached cheese. Someone is someone been up there. Obviously feel this. This is one of my favorite things about was. But it wasn't right so i went to see i was home in shropshire and i went to see my memories video and see my family doctor. Who's been our family does been since i was twelve. He's been my talk. And i like to see him. Thanks to say may emergency. Patients enrolled something. Because okay what was not right this pain and this update and he went. Okay well i made it probably be right. Well okay but it's just very uncomfortable and there is some you know some some blood so i think it's quite amen. Yeah yeah okay. Yeah probably. I mean yeah. It probably fine i went. I'm really worried about this. Is fucking amazing. He went how you want me to put my finger medically necessary. I did. I just recently went and had the same thing like a young woman. Doctor put a finger at my ass and she said i'm sorry this much for you. You put your for your old man's apologize to me like human intimacy. I'm enjoying it up too long as you tell me. There's nothing up there that shouldn't be more or less was more or less all right. He was right. Mike later i had i had a hemorrhoids. Problem is which is good. Because you know this go because there was blood so yeah to malaysian man having discussion about that. Amos is long-term. Fisher didn't she mary. L. e. g. iffy ship fish even thinking this feature school. Who every assembly. He was a christian and he would tell a story that he was related to his favorite christian about called the fisherfolk. His name is mr preston and he was. He was great teacher he would go. You know lost difficult is difficult. Is the people call it to you. Don't really know what to do about it. What the fisher folk. That'd be that. Do you ever get confused with greg. Davies the painter and decorator. Who has nearly the same web addresses. You break. hyphen davis dakota no longer. I have been doing some painting in my flat. I wanted to this. I wondered if it was. Just you go with butch. This is nice. Look him up. He looks like a nice guy. Says he'll have a friendly chat with you about your your job. You don't have to pay him. He seems like an ice rank. Hyphen davis dot co dot. Uk buy soon as i haven't seen cuckoo. I'm afraid okay. I'd married to helen backs in daily. Spend all day in bed with helen backs which much the line that the tabloid mr tate. We can very nice by next nine with a is it. I've i have done some kissing girls in that situation and horrible. It's it's very special. it's you know. Helen was to solve after. This sheets knocked. She told me she's been found it very strange here the whole day. Did you direction at any point during a perfect. Say iraq smells so an attractive retracted. Up in ponti. The most obsessing about the whole box was my friends. Reaction said a friend. Who'd seeing that program or new. I was playing her husband every single one of my friends if they have a point and i'm december in who. I didn't know anything about when he came out. And then me and my wife just watched all one season of a saturday night. Live on netflix. Quite obsessed with that not like. I never watched before. And he's in brooklyn nine and he's not going to be in cooking anymore result. Yeah yeah i notaries. I know he was very keen to be in. The second cook was really was really good. He's really yeah he's really funny man. He's he's nice as well. He wasn't matching it. Which i don't imagine. I imagine prick much nice really. Great down was great for nothing. Sorry wait for a new american. Start to come over and do frisch. Yeah it's quiet coup. I think he just liked it. Shredding do this. He said he didn't need to and so he's coming in the second series. Let's talk about yup taylor lautner from the twilight in the candidate. You can see. We're very much you see this these larry's next that'd be nice. I'll watch it now. He's not replacing on december. He's playing a different character and december is could come back. He might be dead things ably he might not be dead. He should be called in coups than that. Is the only problem with that. And your your surname should be the ness and you should be the next and it should be cooking the next. That's out sick. No just like making a better sitcom news. Cuckoo is not. There's not a policy. If he gets called ian crooked and you go the next i say every time you say. I just keep thinking of guy fawkes income. Stop this. we can finish. If you like it going. I forgot something we can just make. I've been go for. Is it true that you got the job in between us which you have extremely funny and i have been lots of times because you are seeing next to in march the writer in a pub. Yes he's got the phone calls. They got the phone setting. The pilots offcuts go party. S why i keep myself to myself too much in this business. I should just out drinking drunk and hope so. I mean that was amazing sitcom to get into which we left. You got anything to say about the in between that you've never said to anyone else before absolutely nothing. You can ask me the question that people always ask you. Have you had sex with the boy. Three four three of the catch. The question asked when you were real teach how close to mystic. I can ask fucking ten times a year but month is like i've coached you think psychopathy i addition of the paedophile teacher. Shepherd plays. But i didn't get it. I'm very very white. Shumpert was a very good and we pretty much talked about that. As good i there was some. There was a funny article about things. You up to as a kid and you got some. I mean you'll recall stories about your dad insane. Yeah i'm pretty stand up shows i'm creative. Yes that's my mom said to be recently. I think you should probably stop talking about love. I think i'm just working us thing. You said i can have stuff removed can take you use a said. You should remain on stage because you used all the funding stuff now. All the best stories. That have gone now and i think any more stories you tell it would be good see. Should just stop and i went. Okay you don't think you're likely to do anything future. And i think he's probably lady altar rest. And i went okay and then she was. Have you been reading about this. oscar stories. You know stories is of course you do in right in the major. No she was what you said about watching because you think he did you think he killed you think he did it. I still i term obviously member. If you ask them for an opinion at this stage would say you know. Maybe he did. Sounds like you may have lost his temper. Bob seeded killer has been thinking. Such a tragedy around is win. It's awful yeah. Yeah city that the world is fate is that that's the only thing the greatest of respect were disabled brethren. But my parents. I do stuff that my dad especially saying stupid things but not to the savings energy to but i do use my family in a few of the things i've written and they kind of like sort of like it was like i want some money material. Yeah and they saw my mind up minded to. My dad doesn't get a choice because he ripped the piss out of my whole childhood sends payback. But my mum. I do have respect for and respect. My dad was joking. But i am a of only ever offended the once. I found it my mom once. And i've said this a lot on have i got news for when too far right. Yeah sounds. it's fuck off this story. I was doing that. He's actually saying mom. I went fuck you. Why did i told a story back. Fuck you down the barrel and they told me they bleep here. They didn't believe me on a massive show. Going fuck you they with the added you come it. Yes so it was unfortunate that to buy a car to judge that she wasn't going tell you had to work out what it was she wanted to. She wasn't even offended. He was all of friends who are offended. She was upset that they were offended on her behalf over very messy but you know one jumper fine. Okay my parents. I was talking about oscar story. Because my dad was he didn't he didn't do it wasn't it was an accident as well save. It seems likely it might have been an accident. That's not the kind of accident. If there's some of the toilet i go darling just go back and check the back a silk about it because we know in the copying that's probably obsessed property the rose that's that's brought a legal made. She would have been safe. Because there's a picture with my patriot is about three weeks ago. I'm gonna pick my bedroom badly. And in the middle of the dice. It fell off fell off and shattered at three o'clock in the body. Now i'm forty five years of age and i moved to london when i was eighty shots. I woke up this. I did long run. Am i gonna trial just before the gunshot kenny. God my dad. My dad is convinced of innocence. Innocent princeton guilty shocked shocked by the idea. They might not be. I might get off so guilty into celebrity rockets crew world so you also did lots of stupid shit as kids like you tried to do. Dog sled with with one doc. This remember this yeah. Yeah i didn't try to. I built a slight for six talk. Something about the growing up crew talks about. it's not pol loveday loveday. I'm trusting my dad's on defense once they must have a pair of underpants on and we were all pissing ourselves the whole family. You don't call me. We'll look back at the house. And i swear he did this and he just felt him full of pace hilarious joy. Taking these pissy pounds so for me what you have to catch me. I put you blew up. Cowpats spent a whole summer used to go to fronts by those massive bangers you bangers sticks of dynamite. We used to bring along suitcase of the back field. Back about god we push comes down to mike in into pats and then wait till by liked right size was thought they were never heard a dog suspiciously like a dog was what have you. That's a classic country so grown up blowing up. Khow how i remember. My friend used to be lots of air rifles and stuff. We've my parents. My mom is so protected with me. Now let me do you. We have an air rifle if only oscars pistorius is moment so vigilant. But my friend. Probably my friend. Phil fry definitely shot. Stephanie thanks not even live. We definitely saw lose mistaken identity through until the war but phil phrase. We used to shoot blackbirds. And i remember. He wants shot at blackbird writing. It's well guessing though. He said he shot right through his ass die. Eventually i'd never did. Any of the boys is supposed to shoot birds and pools spider's legs off. I have any of that. Really really lovely. I would have done if i've been allowed. Mom's mom stop me. I i had a narrow allowed to on a seventeen when i shouldn't have been interested. Did she d she things. The only live show was pretty impressive. No it wasn't. Larry on the flowers were so all that stuff i said about not pulling supplies like shot a few days. We've done that. Could be co. what is the The worst judge venue that you've ever played an tours is you've been to. It was a bad place to go for you. I've heard that you went to blackpool in the close season on the on the when it's really dangerously windy and stuff the tour open. I know whose idea it was a slow season. Blackpool this tool. I've just over and it was a at the end of the pier. Theatre been closed for months and now they're for one night and of course. The end of the pay takes about six months to warm up. Turn me victorian heating on personas fucking wolf lewis freezing and they will everyone's in coats scarfs. It was actually pretty. I loved it has great the wind and rain and say encroaching no was have the original sorta in the foyer in case that'd be one day. So what's the word you stay nice hotels now successful and rich still quite thrifty rages. It's what midrangers we get for midrange. So these are. What's your worst experience of dick's onto a few think. Quite reasonable the worst. The worst is however stated in for a of monica but kicking monaco. When i was first to stand up and we flew over main three other terrible comedians to monaco to play this nightclub gig. I remember promoting even and on the way over our easyjet flight was struck by lightning and then the weather was so bad in wanaka we had to go to somewhere four hours away and then someone came and got us and drove his four hours so we just in time for the start of the gig and our hotel had flock wallpaper and if you run your fingers it like this it would come away by like because it was just so rotten cockroaches in the bathroom and then we went to the gig and everyone died on. Their apps are now standing. We went to a different bar afterwards. Understanding avoiding going to the cockroach hotel and we came over when. Hey you wanna the comedians from over the road. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah she goes. Hey you adobe shit news wasn't there and if you could travel in time yeah he have consensual sex be historical or future the person so you gotta listen to rhode island's on. It was unbelievable but yet he was a relative of the daughter of france so right name. that'd be grown up in the future. God yeah so you can't go to the jet knapsacks mike grandchild or you can go to the growing up their child. That'd be my job. That could be grown up or a child. It's just a way of me. We've helping operation huge replay app entertainment. We'll come with something put. Yeah no no joe buck in talk conflict guy folks before. I figured it'd be a little bit indiscreet. Show get your penis. Time guy folks. His off. You're showing advocate this this thing. I wish i thought to which is so. What's of up have you. This is an interesting question. Is this technology. Have you ever tried to start your own cock because feel like support. Because i have made stays before. Actually i did. I did it. When i was about fifteen or fourteen and i successfully got the tip. Yup and then i. I pulled muscle shoulder doing it every single winter. When winter comes i cool. The same muslim said once forty five once have go every winter for the rest of my my life. Well we already know why we already know why. I also got the zipping. Did you know. I think just road again. Boise i ve very going. Oh gong wolf lodge and then you're punished for genuine. I'm never i was by. Maybe my punishment is coming longo. Maybe that's maybe that's my punishment. Gammy finger well listen. I think we've had been you know. I think i've covered most. I've asked you about their time. Traveling penis. nothing. We've covered everything being. So yes i think that will that will probably do now. Thanks thanking coming back looking for a new podcast to listen to. Here's what we love. Courtesy of a-cash recommends. What's up y'all my name is mitch. And i'm the host of in the moment brand new episodes released every tuesday morning. I believe in laughing through pain. And i give you a lot of opportunities to laugh at mind. We're being honest here. Who am i to judge lauren. London even if she did have a baby two years after they broke up. My ex had a baby with another guy while we were still together. We me today. Jane even plus the break up. I'm one hundred percent transparent on my podcast. Every time i use my personal experiences the hopefully help navigate through yours. So yeah you're gonna laugh till it hurts but you might also learned something but if you're loving on somebody who has been abused. Keep this in mind. There are things that can happen to you as a grown man that will trigger that abuse. You faces a child in. It'll make you a child again. As a main iran from listen to in the moment on a cast or wherever you get your podcast.

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