How Morbidelli Took His Maiden MotoGP Win


Hello and welcome to the tank separate podcast autosport in the Motorsport Network podcast for all things to wield is host Lewis, Duncan join me as ever it's Oriole Person Manure I. Think it's safe to say we are both pray fried after another imagine Mo- GP. We can yeah I. Think we are we are happy whereas happy as destroyed. Equally. So yet but yeah I mean yesterday the race was really really really good. So yeah, hope we're going to get more of those I. Yeah. I mean there's no suggestion that it's not going to happen because we're six races ed no nurse is just nuts there's no farm gay does snow we've got four new winners satellite raiders when brilliant. We have a brand new winner and Franken Morbidelli probably is going to be the most popular result of the season settling one of them because Franco is such a nice guy, such a wealth late guy in the product but it was such a brilliant rate. You know Y- dominated that race defended off Rossi. Pefect I think is the only word to describe it yeah. I think Miami. was very happy that they that the. Best. Way, to to to to describe it because his body Nice Guy Clever veiling television and betty different I'm not saying than all the others. Are Less. But but he's I mean yeah. He's like normal guy which pretty. Yeah. A rare at this at this stage, the comparison I made a role feature which will walk by the time you've had this as. Compared. The GP poject if it's like thrash metal than Franco is like reggae laid back superchilled. Not, really a motorcycle racer. One. Star and I mean he is, but he doesn't doesn't behave lake it exactly which is the best. Way To this graph. Be Writer Yeah Yeah. Yeah, it's a great story Franco's because it's not. It's not been an easy road for him. To get to this point, you know he started and. He started racing didn't have money went to superstock six hundred, which not really a place for more GP raiders to come. I was actually looking at the result sheets from the two thousand seventeen season which Frankel one the names are just. So many of them are just disappeared off. The face of the planet and there's You know there's Franco is marked his way up in a tragedies life as. But he Took every opportunity that Rossi gave him through the academy through Motoo and It's a great great story. Yeah, he's sumarized. Really. Good yesterday in the for me when he said a few years ago was here a racing on the Italian championship. But now I'm here winning onto a race so yet but he at the same time, he was completely relaxed he was yeah, overwhelmed of. But yeah. I mean it was. It was fantastic. Yeah for sure. It's you think Israel last year wasn't. Wasn't an easy year forum it wasn't a budget, but then fabio comes along and just. Blew the doors wide open a nice boat to Franco before the weekend and he admitted he said look I got my kicked by Fabio. I never had that before so. Over the winter, it forced him to re thank you force them to to get mentally physically tougher as well. And, the results have been there that she was strong in the Spanish grand. Prix was heading for podium and Angeles the before the engine problem Brignoli was on the podium after leading Australia was difficult but the pace has beaten air more often is been a rival for fabulous year and of course. Were all came together. Yeah, he spoke with you spoke with the Roman for gala about about Franco and he told me listen the the diagnosis with last year was. Dan we did then he didn't show the real potential. for. Different reasons than he how Say that. Broke his but during winter working physically mentally as weather. Now he's much stronger. He I mean, may you look at him and you see that this his body has changed is much wrong with muzzles and and even mentally he has changed because he has used Fabio example as a boost for him to demonstrate to show that his potential and then which is the lake let's say the fairy tale story. Yeah for sure. It was a fairytale and it was a contrasting fortunes from Franklin, Fabio because Fabio of course. Lew like he was going to be the guy to beat in the race along with Rick didn't get a great start. Any stuck behind maverick and he said he too excited. Frontier, pressure went up when got clearly crashed and. You know these mistakes. You know he's only any second year so mistakes will happen Baugh. Can help. But feel a big opportunity went away from him yesterday because he's loss attempting chip league noted you also in Dovey was nowhere is. But I mean he just needs to recover them calm because Matali plummeting six point three point. Nine six points behind W. so it's nothing than Dhabi yesterday was seventh. nothing. So yeah, I would say that this is is just he needs to find a comma GAM. Because he's been fast during the weekend and it just a mistake. For example, I would be much more worried if I maverick or thinking on Maverick. than thinking on Fabio because it is a mistake I mean when you do a mistake you know and you know why? Is My easy but the problem for example with mark is that he doesn't have any. Explanation. So he doesn't know why. His are completely lost on. Sundays. So in the case or Fabio yeah he made a mistake maybe he was too. Yeah. He dollars that he was over cited brolly a tomboy he wanted to reduce the gap. And he crashed. He did a mistake you in white and he crashed but yet may mean, as you say, it's only technion montage. and. Despite what he says, I mean, what's the pressure? This is the pressure. When you try to? he was worried about the possibility of Franco going away. So he was pushing pushing pushing okay that this kind of pressure I'm not talking about depression of winning the championship pressure of winning the championship but this is the pressure. So yeah. He made a mistake but I think he he will be Baghdad in front next next weekend s an interesting point Reyes Vanilla because you know all we can look strong pole position with a lap break and then he said to me in the debrief a went from being a lot records show to be in a code for the raiders on track and it's. The same, it's the same problems and they don't know what the problems are. He said, he went. He was the only one who for the hardware Taibbi decided that wasn't a factor and I I saw I believe that because he was strong all weekend on the hard tire. But it's happened again you're in new this has happened for years. No, it's not case of a few racist is two three seasons this continue to happen I. Mean I was that as well as the debris and when somebody asked him is maybe something in your head and he said In my head I mean Saturday. afternoon I broke the lap record. I got position I was very happy and Senate race. I have forgotten how to ride a bike. There's a possible what popular but the we I mean they are all human. People and they all have these guys enough pressure. And yet I mean, which is. Clear is that something is happening to him and if he hasn. What's going on with the bike? He doesn't have any. Explanation from Yamaha. So. What's the point? Maybe it's I mean it's crazy. We goes Rossi is much slower. Friday Saturday Sunday boom even Rossi told less than there are writers like Maverick being. Really, really fast on. Practice sessions. On qualifying and on dusting. N There are other kind of writers like him that he struggles much. On on on BRAC decision but on Sunday, they arises won't more canny. He's done. He's done the baker owned up. Saito numerous teams. Yamaha. So he doesn't have an answer, but yet it's only had an struggles with it and nuts. That's strange thing in his add what I mean only the holiday time were will. what was Containing. An after that she the season's Yama how it would make in the future bigger combined you need to do a change. Okay. Now he has signed two more years with Yamaha but let's see what happened. I these year and then next year. Because I'm. Tom Boyne somebody has to take a decision. If I mean yesterday he thought let's listen this. What happened in the last thirty racists with Yamaha okay. To Boyne, you need to change something he decided to up to Yes. Hey, goodbye drama for gala and he took seven Garcia. and. Did. We not this any change not really or even? Yes. But in the wrong way. Yeah. Yeah, you look as well. Did the change of crew chief for Caddo into with Morbidelli and look you know look look look were. So it's Like a straight, the thing is not I'm not I'm not saying than I'm not. I'm not saying than forget ice but the crew chief than Stan I'm just saying than. the. Impact. Of the any grew chief. is much less important than the brain or the head of the Ryder. That's again sure. Maybe I like to say, but you think Nova Novas is maybe regretting. NOT PURSUING DECANI OPTION A little bit harder. I think so I don't think so because I, think that this I mean if he believes that the that the problem is the bike. I mean. Look at the with shopping. Tro I. Wouldn't say I wouldn't say so I think that it's more. Hit to work on himself, he needed to work on on on together with the team together with his and rise trying to reinforce his. Mental strength and then. Just, trying to avoid. Falling into this. Horse. For show. The rest of the podium was an interest in poetry and we had. Second despite high stover, you still hobbling on crutches legs though ric. Amazing. And is he's frustration July as well as I think that's support has been overlooked too low, but it's easier orange bit on the lake for a long time. I. Knew it was incredible the whole weekend fast. You have to save very timely as well because of course to cashiers. Nearing their decision. Tweeden. Xining the the is already. Done. And I think the decision was already done before this race but. They like to play this game. They like cleaning game yet. But sadly, if you know if we hypothetically say that there's still decide and then by assuredly. He's see security is why why would you put Zakho in debate over biking I? If we look at docker soccer was fifteenth by the second broken legs boring I mean there's no point I mean he deserved that bike but not for this race I mean we've been saying that. For many weeks I mean yet. There's no point on on not giving him this right I mean and don't forget that. I think he will put Miller in trouble next year. Yeah for sure I mean Yeah I. Get I don't forget than. Disrespect by that the one that. Really smashed in motor to I mean this is the real. One. We were expecting the last year a wet, maybe not fighting for the volume from their Fritz raise but these he's time. So for jet and finally John Mirror you know. Another that overtaken Rossi was superb. That was a sensational race in from Jordan and. Doing exactly what you needed to do on a case he's not really gonNA, well, Mazzano so to Gab result Lake that for a championship this yeah this. Is a good Boden next week. Yeah I think his his his. Growing Buddy fast I mean he's building his confidence he now. I mean he's Than last year I mean yesterday everybody was I mean everything was very thoughtful him. He was not able to to make this rookie work now everybody looks easy on him. He's capable in his growing up match much faster and he's yeah, he's building up. His confidence and I think that he will. He will deserve a win on the percent. It's coming you know there's not a matter of F- it. He was ways when I mean it should happening in Austria. Because he was two and a half. A windpipe seconds ahead when bananas Christ. anything that it's going to happen sooner than later. for sure. You have to think as well that perhaps. I think for the first time this season. You know a wedding may not be. Totally impossible for Valentino? Rossi you know good weekends. All you know all all weekend. He was good. D'Amato. You know and not podium fight right to the end didn't quite have the pace of that top three. You know strongest he's looked for a long long time. Yes. Zano home soccer eat raids lot there but still you know it doesn't. It's looking better than it did it has done for for a while yet but. I mean hundred percent yesterday I was really thinking whoa maybe. visit. This is day today's Day I thought I thought the same as well but I mean after that. Trying to analyze to the situation at the same time I thought listen abutting Tino has been struggling. Very, much with the rear consumption, I mean with the real tire consumption. So considering. That the tires now are playing huge. Impact and a huge role. On the racists. Maybe. He still needs to be more time to try to find the right balance because. The drop, the tire. it makes a has a huge impact on needs. Yesterday a tomboy listen maverick is trying to is holding him back just. Getting. You know waiting for the moment to attack when the others would have. No no more retire. But yeah, I think he he wait a bit more. With too much. To One guy that was never relate the racist yesterday was Ditsy also, but he leads the championship. No, which just goes to show you, I, mean. I, think at this stage last year seventy, nine points covered was the championship lead for Marquez. Diverse. You so own seventy seven points. Something that just goes to show. You have mad this championship is being. You know same old issues. Fidel v tire doesn't really walk. It's and it's not as if it's a consistent problem that doesn't work every seems to be a different problem every soccer with the tire whether is braking or acceleration. As I. Just I I remember I really don't have an answer for the for what's wrong. Because he doesn't really know how to fix a problem either as bizarre because you look at the other day caddies. Strange. Yeah Yeah. On the percent I mean. It's it's ready people to to. Yet will have an explanation about that because he. Broadly, the most consistent. rider degree in I'm not saying that he's a consistent on the top, but he's consistent I mean he's normally always in that position an an now. He has more APPs announced than ever before. So yet tumbling Nathan. I think the same time I think that. The Adobe Undergrad, they will find the. Yet you have to think that'll happen because it happened before happened to those seventeen and at the same time at the same time I think that if they. Do that. This is his ear. Yeah he's dead. This is what a couple of raiders noted over. The weekend is the threat from The Not quit create knows that he's consistent when he will quick, you'll be consistently quick and you know we're coming up to some good to cathy tracks Zana's. Zano deb Aragones pretty good lemond is not bad for the Cassie boss alone. So the F cats, he can get that thing. the relationship to cassie between. Dolphin, the team is not really all that harmonious right but and I think that. This report unity identing. They're not gonNA waste with these kind of. Things. I don't think it'll be that but there was comments made by Casey. Davi was asked about them. You Know I. said to Kathy puts too much emphasis on data not. was asked about it and. He didn't answer but you can see these face really did want to answer it. and. I. Think the problem that could trip up the cats as if the lesson into the raiders so much then. You, have A. Question walkaway while. Yeah. I mean, there's there's this even happened in two, thousand, seventeen I mean w always had the doorway. Dobie always has had this impression. Don. Didn't. Give Him So much. Relevancy. And not being I think that is the main reason why he's leaving that the. Yeah for for sure you kind of see if you see the dread bill documentaries, the undaunted documentary can. Comments from GD lenient in particular of. As obvious. The dollars per law entity cassie an he deserves a lot more love than he seems to have been shown particularly by ged. Pal Paolo Avid Definite of more sensible heads within decanting care about more about the raiders. But the head Honchos in Dominica Delineated seemed to be sort of the problem also that's my from the outside but yeah. Why I mean I mean it's not just. In the end it negotiating always always I mean they both have a huge ego because they both. Are Really really really good on their site or on their jobs. But. It's difficult. When they have to work together on one they have to you know say okay. It is not easy and that's why they need to find a common way to go into going. To try to solve these problems because otherwise they're gonNA lose a huge opportunity. To in this state the. For sure one, hundred percent agree with that. Just finally I want to talk about radios that we talked about this a little bit. In the preseason. What were your thoughts on? Because there's obviously this radio thing safety thing talks of a being late Formula One and some rain just saying that's GonNa make more to GP to machine light others like Rossi Allingham may be all right what? I think it would be amazing. To be, honest. I think it would be. Than that sprint race than there is no dobbs than there is no, you know my thing. That would be up loose for the that would be a for their spectators for the show. Yeah. Well, yeah. No. This is the cockroach. So said the this I asked him about the on one of a niece advil could you imagine if mean Jack had radios? You know. That's a sad saying you look at what happened in form now with. Guys like Lando, Norris, who've. used. The raiders really effectively and Allows fans a little bit of. A bit more access to the drivers never be good for the raiders a passion I don't see ever get. And more GP 'cause I think it would be a bit too distracting. 'cause I can't imagine how someone talking to your ear when you're from left to right to to this. issue. I don't think we'll get to that point but a lot of people go who's going to ruin the race in it's GonNa make it Boreham but. That's Not really an argument as raced race in isn't dictated by radios. would be really really would for the show and and then yeah, as Roy said. Didn't think be DNA would be leading interesting with radios would be affected now now. For the race for that for the radios I mean, what? What can they tell you? I, mean you have the board you have. Got One foster foster foster. That would. Yeah Yeah there is no live telemetry GP right now. Oh, it's. Nothing. Really GonNa Change unless they have life telemetry, but you could easily just that would be the end of it. So it's not. A lot of people making a bigger problem. than. Yeah. Over there is always half this kind of people which is I mean, okay I respect them all. By this inaugural we have to keep the spirit of okay. I mean we are not coaching speed at all. We are just making more fun more fun and that's what we want and I think that's a very good note to end on your. Thank you very much and thank you to the listeners for join us and always been a couple of weeks. But you know there's eight more racist to come in ten weeks. So they'll be plenty of podcasts a few late where you go and listen two oliver other ones on spotify Google podcasts and apple podcasts and. Every she get podcasts these days, and Checker Sport and Motorsport Dot Com for of the San Marino grand. Prix reaction and action we've been busy as Anthony So yeah lot freeze check out there. Until next week is very warm goodbye.

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