Episode 4 Devinair's Hair and Ashebeauty


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I think you alert the design. That done necessarily doesn't have to mean hair as the natural your natural woman because you are not fake or phonies check out www dot more air products. The lord dot com are use. My voice today scratchy but without further ado. I'm want to introduce three amazing women. Who are they should be Sisters by blood but they're actually not. You'll be surprised. I mean but they have such a good connection with each other. So i is. Lauren johnson And ryan johnson and devin dossier monon. They are the raiders of kevin ayers. Hair and i want to welcome to my show. Welcome ladies thank you here right. Appreciate you guys all right. Who wants to go first. Tell me how did you guys get started. What was the. How did you guys birth this baby. Well at one right. It starts at central state university which is located in wilberforce ohio. Of course you know. One of the only one of only two hues in ohio right across the street from wilberforce with the private university. We all came together as freshmen in our love of hair fashion. Taking care as well as just bringing in our roots in our cultural raising you know those things that connected us Like the beauty shop in the tradition of black hair in those things. Were also a bonding moment on central state's campus as well as young girls coming in you know young women experiencing different things in life. It was always a place of comfort for us during those times of transgene and learning and growing. And it's we think it's still very relevant today. It sure is tell me something. I don't want you know i'm not gonna reveal ages but how far back was it was was natural in at that. Time was it You know the preston curls or the relaxed or thirty on rumps wrigley dayton. So what i can say is i came in. We were the city of the reps. You had to have a relaxer and a nice straight rat would a nice clean. It could be a bob or it could be long but we need to liaise sleek girl so relaxed creamy brat. Okay in cleveland. There were a lot of quick weeds in columbus. It was almost variety of a little bit of everybody. They were doing the weeds. The kiki twist the micro grade still but when we came in we were coming out of that transition. Everybody don't take so it was almost like a idea of everything. We were kind of coming away from relaxes as much variety of everything. I think it was because it was so many different people coming from everywhere right bone right okay. So you guys got together. We got a conversation. How did how did everything starts. As far as you. The idea who thought of it guys. This came together and say look. I could do this. I could do this. Why don't we just get together. Well i always. I always dibble dabbled in hair. I was told. But i went to central state so doing here on the side that organization managerial side and more were both business majors. Ryan won a set communications right right in communications august so i had the hair moines had the management ryan at the communication side of it in so we aren't getting off. Yeah i'm hustling hitter in the dorms. This thing ended up going from that to me moving into a house and moving house and we kind of turn that house into our salon slash ash beauty so having different majors in already having that background because right hand was doing i rouse and nails before the a jewelry can inside. We all kind of hand like that reckitt. Would you say line m makeup in makeup and so in the early days I actually handled more natural hair side. Were given the more of the The sculpted looks at the west is becoming like i said i was. I was from a city where we we worked more with. It wasn't completely natural because we'd be relaxers. Moving wanted a more natural. Look we would. We were more into roller rats. We were more into pink girl. You know what. I'm saying. Things like that gave me a nice what we call the baffling iron instead of flat iron here. You know what i'm saying. Things like that so devin. I will work in tandem in college to satisfy those needs to turned our house into a consult a total beauty parlor whereby if a girl didn't want a sculpted look but she might want just wrap this week. I will take care of that. And that way. We keep the clientele in rotation in our household or if we need eyebrows. You need to eyebrows done. You need your nails Design for the weekend. You need a similar set. We've got that for you. In fifteen dollars. That was a way for us to all become You know to keep kind of interest in in the middle of a cornfield you know in those days. Central state didn't have some of the amenities that they have now. They don't understand the blessing of that gas. It was literally grown. Yes they're only nc with a lot of like devon with at that time we had a lot of people from chicago. We had people from detroit we had girls from. Pcp we had girls Cleveland who were used to the next s ability in cleveland salons in their beauty stores so logo for that s ability in coming the coming to rule ohio. Where larger city here. Yeah so we were lucky enough to get a house that was directly across the street from kansas. Oh wow you can beat that you ll be that so with you to the hair lauren. What the the market was getting. The the clientele was bringing brennan lorrimore. The war was that everything or was the voice. long logistically. 'supplies was the equipment. Everything so did you guys become an actual business or was still. I mean you guys are still in school right doing this one school college students. So when did you guys decide to make it a full-fledged business license and everything or if you know around two thousand and four i was gonna say about two thousand for ash. Beauty the looseness business probably about two thousand and what about seven. Shortly after devin came home bevan came home from school. Do hair full-time. That's how that's how much her talent. Her natural talent and her business in here blew up. She went home her professional license In in two thousand fourteen and no seven from ohio state. When i went into the salon it was my first alarm. So we learned was getting our whole social media following together here. She's getting the media in the clientele bringing them to me. And that's kind of how we started and then by doing that. We got lauren. Hooked up with a lady out of the clear blue. Her name was bitty upchurch an she owned a we blew. Remember how it was on on on the the chat and then we met at the hair. the brothers hair show. Yeah no not bronner brothers. But it was down at the convention center cleveland. It was columbus. Okay yes. Lawrence had contact. Had you know talk to her on lie nan. Walk up to her booth. We introduced ourselves as as beauty lady was like collect talk to you. So that's why we ended up going from open salon. The sweet start really kinda took off because we had a space to have our own Mortar you could say because we're able to bring in net breakers jewelry neck regulatory started at how i long we had a hair show. We wanted in two thousand ten. So net breakage jewelry started there but it blew up by the time we had our own place understand. What okay so you did hair and you guys had a jewelry to yes. Wow so how did you worry. I'm sorry handmade jewelry right okay. We can't hear you ryan well. What kind of happened is is early on. We saw a vision for a total beauty supply company where devon could be talent in terms of doing hair and like i said i didn't have i have an ability but i don't have a passion for here i love the do you hear me. I love the look. No make Those fine details the compliment. Her artistry on someone's hair is what we decided to like co-partner on with lauren. As sort of working as our act is meant to give you know to give floor. And like i said early on and around the earth like mid-2000s. I was a around two thousand eight. Two thousand nine is when we came up with the idea like hey we can be as lamb squad is pretty much what we right right and not type of glam squad where we are like i was like i don't want to sell paparazzi jewelry. My mother handmade jewelry. I can hand make our accessories that we put on our models devin. You can hand make their week gigs. We don't have the pro anybody's lie right. We can do our own and we were all like absolutely we even early idea where we were even thinking about doing van. It was kind of you know those kinds of things that have come in. That are just kind of standard zoli thought. Okay so you guys will like the pay your own alright so talking about the actual hair stuff What were most requested type of style was a natural The braids or what time are you talking about in the game after you guys got together and got the business of doing so. There was a whiz on on in started off. We've very relaxed oriented. When i first got into my licensing working behind the chair i mentioned before chris rock came out with this movie. Good good hair. Hair hair yeah around that time. I don't know the i don't remember year. But around that time people were shift into natural so That is kinda where it kinda shifted. Because there was a good even point from the beginning of when i started at central state up until that era it was. It was a lot of quick weeds. we always Ponytails up dudes had that shift in now. I have a total opposite shift. I don't do any relaxes. I do pretty much everything natural if somebody does have a relaxed look in his with a smoothing system that because i know we talked about their off air. So what exactly is the smoothing. Smoothing system is a phone of me no assets that you've been placed on the hair and after you clarify the here. We just want to lift up the first layer of hair to let anything you want to. The positive wants to that layer of their. Which is going to smooth it out now. The smoothing system gets deposited onto the hair. Is you. don't blow dry through that kind of seals it but then you flat on in that completely seals it and it keeps your hair elongated for at least ten to thirteen weeks. You who has a tight curl pattern. It loosens up person's call pattern as somebody who would have kinky or corsair. It was the but when they go shampoo here they will still have curl pattern with somebody who has Crawley to wavy hair than that process. Probably would knock their growth pattern out of heat with do so right now. I'm in a stage. Where just about all. My clientele is natural. A lot of my clientele have snapped issues. So under the airing of pair on due to medication life right so it's done even ship for me. I don't do too many lots of styles but then again. I don't have a younger clientele. Either i do know that the younger girls to me. It seems like they're wearing weeks right. So how do you So talking about You know the different stressors and everything that goes into our heart hair. What do you got. What your ladies opinion of how we can maintain it. I'm not talking about good here. Good here is healthy here. So what are your thoughts in how we can You know reverse. You know you can't get rid of stress too much. But i mean what things can. We do to kind of take care of our hair. I just told my client the day. I said drink water. Drink to me. What i learned over the years in what i've learned in education is not necessarily that is stressed that takes your hair out stress positive to other things makes your blood flow go to other parts of your oregon versus supplying the nutrients for your hair. So i tell my clients if you're gonna stress everybody's gonna stress for drink more water when you right is still eat vegetables when you stress. Because what happens. Is we stress. We don't drink water. we don't eat right. We don't get the proper amount of sleep which makes your heart comp harder so thrown off and so then when it's throwing your organs off you bless applies. Wanna go to those organs to help the organs before he helps your hair so if we could just stress and still eat rice water you know. That's that's the only really loosen that i would have because life is stressful in the world that we live in now it's stressful and you almost have to just always wusa and keep your actually in a certain place. Whatever place that may be. That's gonna keep you calm on inside because outside of hair you don't watch august messed up right you know. You always throw a wig on but you. Everybody can't get a kidney transplant. The most important is your health. So health is is and i think lauren has Has something of that. That can actually. I know that we were talking. That she has some things that's going on with her as far as Helping us to take care of ourselves. internally so that that's something that i definitely wanna talk about. How before the end. Because i wanna make sure that everybody gets the information about what she's doing. So let's talk about. Social issues is regards to our hair Have you had clients that wanted to. I don't want to say altered their hair pattern. Well i'll say yeah alter their hair pattern. In order to look achieve a certain look in order to become marketable in the workplace as anybody experience you know clients coming in to say have that type of issue. Oh yes i have. Yeah oh yeah. I've lacks natural Up top years eight minutes like i. Don't wanna look nappy nappy at work. Because i think things are you know they try to fire. Find it you know trying to encourage in. It's it can be down. Yeah you try to encourage them like you know. Hey we'd have nappy hair. You know you have curly hair. You try to correct that language. But he knows his still exists in. There is still lot as doesn't even alluded you know. There's even a certain a certain age group. That has a certain stigma towards natural natural. Looks still don't they still haven't fully embraced right. You know the the the reclaiming of that part of us and they still struggle with the societal views that are That are still kind of in place in some areas. And what i see with that type of personality is different industries. That personality is usually the core. But i really liked. I'm sorry ryan or more professional. Yeah is is usually to was asking devon like more professional Clients go worry. More professional rose more traditional roles. Yeah you're winds who are Mortgage service can say like people who for government agencies. Well yeah but they're not always government when his corporate it's just a certain sectors of industry but it service industries are more flexible with their hair again on the flip side. You have some people are going into the office every day. Who don't have that issue a work with predominant it culture there like for my My ladies who work at ups like she's in the admin side but she's able to wear her hair in two braids or kinky twist or lots or all of that. But i have a lady who works downtown at the state house won't seek even if she's wearing a weed it needs to be straight arap. I call a plain jane paula. Just straight rap. Just let me be clean cut. So but i will say a lot of people now are in. Columbus are switching over and it is less heat even with the smooth insists. My smoothing system. Doesn't move like that on. When it was issued with kids for their hair their hair but in my older age they're really okay and embracing their natural look. And it's good that i have a different variety of different here that i do hone into what they life. Just swear okay. Now it's sayid that. As far as columbus and cleveland. 'cause i lived in columbus. I think personally me personally. I think they're a little more progressive in a way in some ways than up here north northeastern. What do you think. Warren i mean. Do you think it's or or is it the saying what. What's your opinion. I think when we started out our hope venture. That was a huge topic of conversation. Because yeah here. Books from cleveland. Rhianna was from day devon was in columbus and then we had our people in chicago detroit so it was always. You could find those pockets but we all know that. Cleveland was more progressive when came to the stalin and do nobody as a cleveland native. You felt like it's just. it's more options in columbus. Saw the difference. And i'm sorry. Go ahead being down there like you said you get to find out more about those specialized foulest in cleveland is seen more more nici and more private more rice mall but you had those key players that you knew they were in large magazines Me orion always laugh as we will be collected horizon magazines get inspiration from styles so it was just a whole coacher in cleveland to me. That made it more progressive. They photos symbian in magazine spreads than at the club and in the salon that were going on in colombia at the time columbus was too conservative. I really maybe. What is in their losses. I've lived in columbus. Oh baby you know you guys know at back way back in the day. so so i know lauren. You have mentioned something about you. have you. Guys had a excuse me a unique style of your lawn. I'm talking about that as far as we chat like a salon bar or something. Okay so we were doing pop up shops so an effort to support small business on nurse like ourselves. Were trying to transition from corporate america Too so entrepreneurship. Support those creative minds. because we will meet so many one demonstrator that did not want to change their hair or their attitude or or shape for their job and they weren't and make candles and body oils in scrubs in this and that so we provide a space without having to need a brick and mortar location to these people to show up show out so it was a place to bring extra foot traffic for that business because those individuals with the insurance with their people and we always had a small boutique space set up in private sweet so it always helps us generate more customers for our personal business. Just the ultimate way to build community. That's my mission and vision in life is just to build a successful community exactly and you and you ladies from the you know jump. You know it's all about collaborating in you know and sharing whatever information you have you share it. You allow other small businesses like you said to come in. You know one of things that i. It's my pet peeve as us as african americans we were mike hoarders. We don't want a bearer kreider right that crabs in a bucket mentality. And you know. I'm not about that. I think never ever. We wouldn't surround ourselves around on people right right. So let's talk about what you guys are. One of our favorite saying is going to let you go ahead and be great. You're you go there. You go on the t shirt right there with an expert witness literally. You know because you don't do you doing couch those personalities. When you're trying to be communal who are. Like why would i. And what can you offer me. And what are we going to get in if you can you give me. And he's like. Hey we're giving you a platform we're giving you a space but if you feel like you're you're better on your own. Go ahead be great. We will celebrate still always been a blessing in our in our weekly like that's been a blessing of karma for us too because they are you know we're like hey it's it's you don't argue over bred in the bread aisle dewey so brazen we're said every mouth for everybody right interesting point because all right let me go into. This must've do any of our clients Do they kinda ask for a discount. I mean okay. Can you hook me up. You know you know insist this time of or okay. But i'll key part in saying no. Is we establish those boundaries. In the beginning it was that type of situation even we made it so that it was affordable. We work with people so it was never an issue of. I want this. But i can't achieve it or do you down. No right silent actually. You're coming here for that inaugural even without much more. I i will say that has never been an issue and in my my issue is now. I'll have clients who might not be able to afford it and they'll just would have been come into me for years instead of san having. Can i played some lau. In some later they just wanted do it at all. I find myself calling them like. Hey we been like well. I'm like girl we can make something work for me. Like i had a lady. She's been support me for thirteen years. And she ended up losing her job with the pandemic and then had surgery. So i called her and i was like no work. Something out to me. For ten years. I can get back together so you have your view that because and here is the bottom line palm we know the clients are gonna be there. But it's about healthy. Hair and commented evans cheer her environment. It's the whole lifestyle is the culture is the by just the here -pointment pay for that value as well. Yeah exactly well you as i you know. Nsa you guys will like Head of your time when you and you know like like now everybody is catching up to where you guys were back in the day. You know an odd. I i just like you know. Why can't everybody dog could just like collaborate. You don't like back. But i believe you know re platforms like this on is slowly coming. You know we can't. We were off the plantation. We don't have to have that mentality is all about collect. We know we're doing it for the good of all of us you know. We're not hoarders. I'm certainly not and I think you know we all get blessed in one way or the other. So you guys Tell us about What are you would you. Would you like the audience to know about how they can reach you Lauren tell us about what you're doing right now with your current events so we just added a additional line of health and wellness products to debonair share space. So you can go online order from us in the salon pickup Throwing hand line of detox supplements Health and wellness agent. So we have brew t. We have instant say we have a detox coffee. We have a liquid multivitamins natural energy. kick those rebels. Those master drinks to the car It's just helps with so much. I had a baby about a year and a half and it was hard to get back on track to lose weight for her wedding out. Yes our immune. Cr alto more so wick going on. It's just important to get those toxins body after immune system. We have saved moss. Ready to go Prepackaged individual won't put it over your fruit. You can add it so your water. You can try a packed lots super fruits and while yet. How did you get started with that so about six years ago Definitely has been down out that has with the business and she introduced us to it and frees up always back right so she introduced us t was selling so fast that because we heard it was back bowmen and everything was on track so we got back involved image. It has just been life changing. They have added so many new products to the line It has it has really changed my life. I know her how were her. Kids is like across the board. We have all experienced so much clarity and growth and just help to get back on track to a healthy mentality a healthy lifestyle so we definitely want you guys to stop the in check it out. You can get samples. You can get the four pack. We have support groups where we work out together. We get on prayer line together. Mean even if you're not taking our products we want you to do something right in. Does her warm in the morning. She's been working her meal plan. So it's not all about if you come into our circle. You have to do what we're doing because we're not like that. We want to do what works for you and we want to support you through whatever that looks like worth so what i'm gonna do. I'm getting all that information. I'm of lincoln to my website and so people can go straight to us though. I'll put it also putting it the show. No sir can access it because we definitely want is not about until these latest or not about making money. But they also care about you and your health so will definitely get that information for you. So i'm talking about the The hair line You said you have hair products. I remember devon. You've mentioned on devon hair devenir hair a website talk out so i have a i call it a healthy hair conditioning product line. So there isn't going to be any hair. Spritz or more air sprays or control is strictly shampoo the conditioner oil and moose and i always wanted to do it but it really hit me to do it when it's launched down and like all right. This is the time timeless. Get it so. I sat and i thought about it again because we already had a name ash. Beauty dig wanna put On the beauty product line. It wanted it to be connected to my mom's family so ash the name at the twelfth of thirteen kids and so the tie that into the product line. I named the products after her sisters. So i have evelyn's clarifying shampoo with the shampoo that i recommend for locks embrace. I have billy tea tree shampoo which is recommended for all here times. But it is a teach re and peppermint infused shampoo does how some clarify agents to it is not a stripping but because strong cleansing properties to it. Then i have your lease hydrating. Shampoo with is really just kinda of if you have somebody who has drbble here you or were. They have medication here. Like they're a high dosage pressure medicine or lynn or medicine you know. Those are very strong medicines that affect you here. That's the shampoo that you would use for them. I because they're harrison drying brutally. Wanna put some kind of moisture hydration to the first. Yeah then you can go back and clean it because they're already naturally driving. Go straight through with a clarifying. It will match up because the hydrating shampoo is a very good shampoo for audits extra and then was forks. I should know this side okay. So while devon is looking Rheinland would you off sorry right hand. I'm sorry excuse me do you want to What audience to blood. Where can they connect with you Actually currently right now in the process of developing some more Go with the breakers Jewelry lie as well as the -veloping on we're also branching into the literary world I'm in the process of writing. Our first book is going to be a children's book I have a young daughter who was born with bilateral f lip and palate so as part of our our our continuing community advocacy that we also you know cornerstone with our business model With a book for young african american children who are born with certain disabilities are under representatives wail. My daughter in going through in going through this walk daughter having been born with a bilateral cleft lip We are in a very unique percentage even within the african american community because cleft lip on that particular facial This order is a genetic predisposition at is not necessarily key or characteristic to our culture. I found out through this journey with daughter and sell With the sort of my sisters. That's what i know. I'm endeavoring to do is to write a story for representation for not only my baby but the other babies that we've met along this journey exactly. You know what that could be a great conversation on my patriot page. Because like i said. I want to discuss issues that affect you know us as african americans in the what's going on with our lives right now not necessarily you know. We don't care about reality shows like that. watch him. But still i mean s effective via my household while. I want to talk about issues that affect us in our community. So yeah emergency will discuss more of that. On my adrian page at some point absolutely january another thing today. I just wanted to say real. Quick is that i am. I don't know you know In the podcast. I'm also wearing a one of our other affiliates. It's euphrates inc dot com. I am wearing one of our shirts. That says beware of the educated black woman. We one of our one of our dear. Mr friends We actually had a fourth. We had of insignificant four who recently passed from Pancreatic cancer This would have been her birthday on february the thirteenth of this year. Oh sorry yes well. She passed in november. She was a fighter. She was a fighter. bob lesser. you know But her her her we call them her god. Babies hurts less with with having win by daughters and meaning of her legacy because she was a beautiful spoken word artists. Her name was christina christina von with a word artists she was the she was the really our community heart she was the one who really advocated for the community and she came in when we all met at central state. she was our original black panther. All right rate for humanity and all of that also we gotta get her legacy going on so definitely. Give me the paccar checkout. He's eighty eight dot com. They've got some wonderful Billion they've got some Beware of the educated black woman shirts in her original design. I believe they are coming out within. They have also uniquely draw their own tation to represent her in. It's absolutely beautiful is is there. It's a wonderful legacy to go ahead and support and they're also donating. They started a scholarship because she went to cleveland. School of arts and part of the proceeds from the shirts go to a scholarship for a graduating senior from underprivileged households. All a great organization. Yes got the. I'm gonna get all of that information writing it down now but We'll get email me everything so i can have it. You know on my website in whatever you want me to put on their out definitely put on there so it can link to the right To the right. Page two thousand and one when i asked detriment like what's gonna be our mission and our vision and it was here comes and goes but it's the miss forever. Oh wow love it. Love it so paper now okay my fortune. Who should forgotten. I feel bad for forgetting it. But it was everybody's grandpa on this old screen. His name was clinched and he was long so That shampoo is called quench my curls and what is or is specifically for people with dense hair and is one of have kinky and corsair on income is a moisturizing cleansing shampoo. That's gonna help get both one So those are my shampoos. I have a conditioner call. Lily as conditioner is a A good basic moisturizing conditioner than i have juniors tea tree conditioner which is a conditioner. That has tea. Tree peppermint menthol A lemongrass in apple cider vinegar. Okay can you just feel the sensation through. I know some run outside. My hair will pay good money for scout massage. Debbie believe i will be on the website and and being in by I have one bestseller conditioner but this is a conditioner that it does a multitude of things it is called queen elizabeth's and queen elizabeth's conditioner is a hot oil treatment. A condition deep conditioner in one All the other day. I discovered that was already good for the timely and everything of anybody's texture originated with most of my shampoos but the other day my stepdaughter auto is a good idea to go swimming with her afro in just out and she has kinky curly hair hunting grades out and she went. Undrafted applauded slammed the litter this so when i saw her again she added here in a pony tail. But hair's locked. So i gave a speech like you know getting ready to start over saw prepare. Your mind is oh cases hairs on grow back but this is a fall out. I'm going to have to calmness as tear it up. So then i went to the back upright and i said lord helping we help me help me so some state use the queen elizabeth conditioner yard and i was able to come to her hair as she didn't even hardly lose any here. She didn't even lose as much here as she should have. Lost for having those crochet for five and a half weeks issue. And i think that's an important to highlight because it's something i wanted to mention earlier. We were going through a whole cultural shift where black women were working now or feared workout. As they're here was bright. Yes especially those relaxes you have. She's always been a huge of out before water hits it and i don't know that so more right instead a wedding some hair that has not been de tango The whole different issue so conditioner. 'cause i'm i'm horrible. Tell you right now. I do not do anything with hair. But i put the conditioner on after not coming out. My natural kiki curly tight curl pattern hair. Right grew it. Yeah okay so that that. That's a temp in so in order to detangle use conditioner i before in us or you don't want your here okay. So let me say this. You can't now would wants to do depending on how tight in brittle you're here is you do wanna comb your hair out. I but her. With matting or or rabat tangles gives you have a spray bottle water and you lightly smith's the hair and then you can get on there. You just don't want to saturate the here and let the person go because here gonna draw up to his natural natural state in if it's always going to be more mad so can't water you just wanna use a spray bottle you don't wanna dow The sink or anything like that as you can use water in the conditioner. Also use the conditioner for curly hair week because when you deal with commercial hair whether it's the hair off of somebody's in a temple or whether it's not a usair hair store curly hair always tangles mask and this keeps it from doing that. And it doesn't matter what grade. It is so i would say this is my best seller of the whole line Outside of that only have two more products which is a moose government on the other day. I tried it on my edges to keep me from using control would it on my edges. Put a scarf down and let it sit while took it off. And i was good to go came back later. After i've been you know moving around as such it was still smooth. But it had wrinkled back up. So i like that. Because it keeps all that petroleum of everybody's edges with being the most sensitive part of your head in as part of everybody's hair mind at the last Product i have is caught earnestness as oil and it is a is a good oil for signed in moisture in I definitely wouldn't use it on anybody who's wearing a hair straight. This is gonna be for natural here. You're wearing a twist out For braids those type deals if you want to spruce up if you have a we need some oil anyone who's it up for things like that outcry but that's it for the whole line now. You also have a wig line to correct on here you go. I'll point can you. Can you show which shop. Okay you give us a lotta things do this do you. Screen around is Sheer screen okay. i don't know how to turn it over now. Okay so here. I'll do it like this. Okay we'll do it like this alka okay. Can you see still yes fad turn. Now would you say ryan. Just turn your phone around. This is what i was saying. This just turned around. Okay okay okay. Cool okay snow newly. Yes okay so this is one of my hair ban weeks so she has kinky twist twist to it so i have a head bandic series. Let's see if i can see that. Kahlani is up active. I'm a arkham that's mice. You devin okay. Yeah lady look at their dennis currently inside of her hair sleep so okay if she has set a so. We've always wanted to be that one. Stop shop create just that culture again growing up in cleveland. You would always have somebody walking in the salon selling clothes or boonmee ds or your a designer handbag you with something So this while we were at central a here store opened up the had a salon attached to it. S really where it originally bar from. That's how that is everything you need under one roof absolutely so long. I have I guess you can say maybe one to three four different types of wicks. I have anything from synthetic all the way to your ten a hair. I have full head. Which would be something like her. A lace closure. She's twenty two okay. She's wavy but then again. I have chica right here. S a handbag with the okay. That's cute opinion. i have the turban wig. And she's all one piece so the determine turbine comes with it is connected to the hair overly yet. It's a one piece. So i have the turban. The headband the full head Okay maybe that's the category. Sorry and if you know anything about. Pisces devon is pisces and a flopping fish so she is always putting her dreadlocks up under a wig also an option for your natural and variety of options to be versatile. Right what may big enough to go over That's great. I mean i i the turban the turban wig. 'cause that's i mean that that's interesting. I never knew that there was actually a turban. That's connected to the hair that you can just wear you know. Put it on really. Yeah oh yes oh you remember. I don't know if you remember back in the nineties they used. There was a time where in summer they had these hats. That had a lot of bling when it come out of the ball art. Yeah yeah kind of vision. I went with but right now with everybody being home during the meetings. I was like more than i need a bang. Choose i will call on so me and so if we thought about something that you just gotta let me just show you just pick it up and take it off and put it on your zone making but i kind of sticking with determine Out a lot of stuff as you picked up on white ryan wash trying to like even as a play on words It was you know. It's like the hair you i care you go. We wanted that to be like you know play like here. You go as inherited sensible and even with the don't and like the zoom like a zone not only the play on the zone meeting culture that we're now in but also it's a quick wig you got the zone meeting in five minutes stowed on real quick like you're zooming the put it right on. The phone with names are lines. I love it be how quick that transient already. Throwing your into little life as she discussing her young. Wow and it looked like she just is like where are you going after this that you have are you. Are you going somewhere after this. Wow what were you gonna say. He was going to say something lowering. Oh i want to go back to her dreadlocks but when we met that how is your here i used to wear to but it was just as likely no. It wasn't no kinky twist back then when we met hours wrong. No you're here i have. I have sorry saying style straight on caucasian hair. Okay you'll be putting wrack my way limp hair you curl it in the salon. You walk outside. Wind blows down. That's thousand into thousand. We would still applying that creamy cracked. Right okay no. 'cause i'm here okay. So show was that here. And see if i can lift this up your lynch and length and would always glad iron after she reflects the hell out of it. We go and that's her hair. Wow that is beautiful beautiful and all did it take you Grow your hair. Well i've been growing it. I liked it up in two thousand seven. But i cut my hair year. Do you okay. Yeah i cut it every year because at this point right now see right now. I'm back almost to my but you know even when he gets to there. I just bring it back up to here in our cut. Were she get way up higher. Once i why am i really yeah. I would our lives and she wrapped yarn. That was really fun. Yeah girl she's gonna cut him off in their added. Extensions is but you can do in. This world is so mad once saying ler eager are here is so versatile. Just do so much with it. Your dough much at is best interest did and grounded and in this industry because it it's never a dull moment is always something new to learn right a new style you could be created. You could do whatever it just. It's an amazing place to be. so how. how is it going to Affect you ladies as far as the pandemic as far as going to hair shows and stuff are still having here shows or anything have you. Do you guys virtually. Or i haven't even seen that option that we have been kind of thinking about and exploring is that's you know that's the new wave in for us. That is something that we had kind of been kind of thinking about is wing a virtual show like especially with the you know with evan. Having these newer weeks in you know Introducing some these styles that are really hot on trend right now. We were We actually just kinda started talking about that A few weeks ago that we needed to do something virtually and that that might be a different platform that we can even put up our artistry a whole nother way into roy. Kinda bring in that younger clientele bay Four debt Book you know the salah your bright yellow the young the younger Women yeah don't get me you know he kind of gives us some play into some different things to some some media you know some brooklyn media platforms. Which is why. I was gonna say. That's they'll be great for my Open mic night on youtube. Have a live you guys do your show you know you know. Have the viewers you know just chime in as they can actually see your product. Yes singer so she might be able to hop wanna be a model and drop a few dare you know we. We gotta do that. Definitely gotta do that. That will be fine. Okay all right ladies I really appreciate you guys coming on this show on tonight. Open those reduced. Anonymous i off your body to support these sisters. They have they are doing the most. Were doing things that people were just thinking of. They were doing back then. So you know we need to catch up. Nba on their level so again. recruit shape. You're gonna give them all the information of how to connect with them in our mixture. I posted on my website in also on youtube channel. Please date stay tuned. Subscribe on notification. Because i am going to be doing open mic. Would these lands to come back on and do a live show where we can Top with the viewers viewers could actually come in and ask questions. They can actually see what they're doing. So i'm i'm really appreciative. That you guys are allowed me to do this year. You know a lot more from us thanking considering us now right. Are you guys ladies. You guys enjoy the rest of your day Love you guys. We will definitely be talking soon. Thank you thank you healthy you absolutely.

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