Scarface Pt. 1: Al Capone


Due to the immense popularity of this kingpin the story we tell today is full of events and encounters that may have been greatly exaggerated or fabricated over the almost hundred years since his reign we have taken care to note whenever however the rumor and fact become hard to discern from each other Joseph Hop toad Giunta slurped down the last of his Linguini greedily. This might be the the best meal he ever had beside him his associates John Scalia easy and Albert and Sal me looked similarly satisfied. Their plates were clean of everything but a few streaks of Marinara sauce across from them was the man who'd served them. This feast snarky capone himself dressed in a spotless yellow sued he watched the men contentedly sitting back in his chair. Joseph fell to flicker of pity that a man of such exquisite taste would have to die but he did not know his place his arrogance had turned Chicago into a war zone capone may think himself the most powerful man in this town but Joseph Joseph was the head of the Union E. C. Chill Yana his legacy would outlive capone's scully C. N.. N. Sell me had killed so many for capone it would be fitting for them to do the deed coupon stood and thank the gentleman for dining with him. Joseph return the gratitude before noticing something in Capone's is a certain coldness the doors to the dining room flew open and a half dozen broad-shouldered odd shouldered men filed in some carried rope in their hands and some Joseph had to look over his shoulder to be sure held baseball bats the man nearest to scalise e struck him in the head sending his face is into his plate before hot towed could sit up a hickory bad collided with the site of his head knocking him to the floor. He didn't even see them. Get in sell me as a gentleman carried the days Joseph out of the room home the scarred face of Al Capone filled his vision. He had known about their plan. Someone had talked. I'm Howell heart and I'm Kate Leonard. This is kingpins apar- cast original every Friday we journey inside the ranks of Organized Crime Rings From Street gangs to mafiosos to understand how kingpin in or Queen Pin Rises to the top of the underworld and why they fall as we follow the lives of infamous crime bosses will explore how money and power change them and how it changed the community around them today. We're beginning our story on Al Capone the Prohibition Era Gangster who held Chicago under his thumb from the nineteen twenties through the early thirties he was the Chicago Crime Commission's public enemy number one controlling run running gambling and sex work across the entire city of Chicago and sanctioning a number of ruthless killings none of which the law could ever connect to him this week will explore how the middle a child of a poor immigrant family helped build and run the most infamous organized crime syndicate the United States had ever seen and next week. We'll explore the unconventional way various government agents since brought him to justice at par cast. We're grateful for you our listeners you allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at par cast and twitter at podcast network work and if you enjoyed today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening it really does help us. We also now have merchandise head to park cast dot com slash merch for more information now. Let's begin the story of Chicago's most famous gangster Al Capone Chicago in the Mid Nineteen Twenty s was the home of a number a powerful and larger than life gangsters big. Jim Carlesimo bugs Moran Johnny Torio but Al Capone was something new. He was a star while his older brother James at run away from home to act and cowboy films capone was the one who wound up becoming a celebrity his meteoric rise to power made him a household name in under a decade without ever having to pull a trigger in late nineteen eighteen twenty five at the Ripe Age of twenty six this first generation Italian American became the sole head of the largest criminal empire in the country the Chicago outfit which he co founded with Jani Theriault. How was a money making machine turning an estimated profit of one hundred five million dollars a year through bootlegging running brothels gambling and racketeering capone himself claimed that the outfit had a weekly payroll of three hundred thousand dollars or just over four million today part of the genius of the Chicago outfit was how labyrinthine the hierarchy was meaning that even over eighty years later historians durians do not know the full extent of its dealings but al Capone didn't just want to be rich or influential he wanted to be loved while most of his contemporaries were content lying low and making money quietly with liquor brothels and narcotics capone made sure the public knew his name whenever he went to restaurants he tipped generously and often you'd give staggering gratuities to paper boys or shoe-shiners? Everyone wanted to be on his good side. In January of nineteen twenty seven reporters from newspapers. All over Chicago were invited to a unique sort of press conference Al Capone's home. This was highly irregular and caused a good amount of buzz. Capone wasn't an elected official. Why did he want to talk to the press? When the wary journalists arrived they were shocked act when scarface Al greeted them at the doorway in slippers and pink apron waving a wooden spoon tipped with tomato sauce the very picture of an Italian man at ease he invited them inside and serve them all a feast of Spaghetti made by his Mother Teresa as the reporters ate and drank the red wine? You provided capone told them how much he despised the gang violence that had overtaken the city of Chicago. He was an honest family man after all and he deplored violence of any kind for a good while after the claim that Al Capone was a friendly man who couldn't stand violence would find its way into a number of stories about the Chicago. Algo Gangland slayings of the time Alec Opponents Facility with the media was legendary at the height of his popularity. It was said that capone could have run for mayor of Chicago and one he presented himself as a Robin Hood like figure a hero to the common man who had achieved his own version of the American dream he may have been involved in the illegal liquor market but he was an honest businessman. Just satisfying public demand. This idealized version of AL capone was an elaborately maintained facade on top of bootleggers smugglers and muscle capone had a number of newspaper men on his payroll. All this ensured there was a steady stream of complementary coverage of his activities to balance out the numerous gangland slayings more critical journalists suspected he had a hand in like the precise prophets. It's of his businesses telling where the real Al Capone ends and the mythical Al Capone begins is a matter of intense debate even to this day two men who met him in person our was charming family man who who was undeniably generous and yet it was hard to square this genial persona with the dozens of lifeless bodies headlining national newspapers of the time Capone's connection to organize crime was an open secret despite the tight hold he kept on his own public image and sometimes every once in a while he would let the jovial facade slip revealing a fiery temper if addressed in a certain way Al Capone was known to fly into a tremendous rage for instance he hated the nickname that had haunted him since he was a teenager scarface and he hated anyone calling him Italian whenever he hurt himself described as such capone would respond with barely contained contempt. I'm no Italian I was born in Brooklyn. This refusal to identify as Italian despite his exclusive association with Italian and Italian American gangsters only really makes sense. If you knew just how hard a young Al Capone fought to free himself from his immigrant upbringing in New York City Gabrielle and Theresa Capone moved to to America from Italy at the turn of the century bringing their three sons with them instead of settling in New York's most populous Italian neighborhood in the lower east side the capone settled in Brooklyn Alfonse Hans Gabrielle Capone was born on January seventeenth eighteen ninety nine the first capone child born in the new world. The Capone family lived on Park Avenue a street popular among all sorts of immigrants. Their apartment was nestled near the very edge of the Italian part of the street neighbor by a variety of eastern European German and Irish families. The Fourth of nine children Al was in a sense the ultimate middle middle child his oldest brother James ran away from home in one thousand nine hundred five when Al was just six years old though they suspected he was going out west to pursue acting in Hollywood his family would not learn what became of him until decades later of his siblings. L. Was especially close with his older brothers Ralph and frank both of whom he idolized for drastically different reasons in a way now was the perfect balance between Ralph and frank. The second eldest Ralph was the first drop out of school and take up with the local street gangs. He was a brutish boy who love fighting wasn't terribly interested in learning frank on the other hand was smart and charismatic preferring to use his intelligence as a weapon rather than his fists how possessed both Ralph's muscle and francs brains he would participate in brawls with the neighboring Irish boys regularly earning earning a reputation as a talented fighter but despite leaving school frequently for these sorts of scuffles capone still managed the equivalent of be grades in English and mathematics demonstrating his mental acuity and capacity acidy for learning even so L. still dropped out of school in sixth grade following in his older brother's footsteps how was frustrated by the way immigrant kids were treated by schools in poor communities and saw live on the streets streets is a quicker route to success al himself would later say that he learned more on the street than he ever would in a classroom despite his delinquent behavior his family was determined the young Ou- leader Respectable Life Life Gabrielle Capone barbershop and Brooklyn the cutting the hair of poor immigrants was hardly enough to keep nine children fed to help support his family. The fifteen year old owl joined Ralph working at a printing plant as a box cutter in nineteen fourteen. Unfortunately just a year later Ralph left for Manhattan to get married now one of only two breadwinners in his home of nine als paycheck of three dollars a week would go straight to his mother and siblings but als respectable job was not completely keeping him out of trouble during his time off Al would frequently join gangs of boys at the docks picking fights or jeering at recently disembarked sailors on their way to nearby brothels. The largest of these gangs was called the boys of Navy Street who chose Capone as a sort of mascot for his enthusiasm. Listen and intimidating physique worried that his association with gangs would get his son into trouble Gabrielle Capone gave young owl shoe shining kit and told him to set up on Columbia Street a very popular place for businessmen businessmen walking to and from work Gabriel's innocent attempt to keep his son in an honest profession backfired dramatically among the businessmen of Columbia Street were scores of less savory individuals specifically <unk> specifically minions of the local gang boss Don Batista Balsamo instead of learning an honest trade like his father hoped Allah observed how lower level mob enforcers operated he saw them offer protection action to businessmen. I E payment for not getting beaten up ditching the idea of shining shoes for a living al well muscled and tall for a fifteen year old started offering his fellow shoe-shiners the same kind of protection election he was joined by other less ambitious boys who just wanted to make a quick buck this new gang dubbed the South Brooklyn rippers would not last long when Don Balsamo found out he had them unceremoniously obviously booted off the street but al had a taste for power now his ability to manipulate the older boys into being his lackeys had filled him with a renewed ambition to be more than just an Italian kid hid in Brooklyn. He was going to find work in Manhattan up next. L. Meets the men who would teach him how to become a professional criminal. 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Get the printing plant Al Capone found himself walking past a club owned by Johnny Torio Seventeen Years Capone Senior Torio was an up and coming figure in the Manhattan Crime World whose cunning had earned him the nickname name the Fox Toro's agents picked out this tall Italian boy as potential muscle and introduced him to the boss sometime around Nineteen Fifteen Toria was thirty three Al was sixteen L. was hired as an errand boy because Orios agents were impressed by his size clear aptitude for fighting but the Fox immediately noticed capone's natural intelligence and talent for numbers capone was quickly league even greater responsibility than other young men hired by Torio to test his skills he was brought into the office where Toro directed him to help his accountant's tally each day's hall. L. Made sure to never let his new boss us down. L. Was a keen student of Toro's business strategy studying him closely whenever he was needed to be an intimidating body in the room. Torio was like an evolved version of Al's brother Frank Inc a fast idiocy and intelligent man who used his charm and brains to convince others to do his dirty work Toria made aware of his shadier business dealings very early on in their working relationship Al learned about all the extortion rackets and brothels Tori Oh hell and noted how he never dealt with any of them. Directly these observations would strongly inform how ran his own business but Torio was not AL's only mentor figure around the same time he grew aware of Frankie Yale a business associate of Toro's who ran an ironically named establishment called the Harvard in we're Torio uh-huh was refined and subtle Yale was violent and showy but undeniably effective at instilling fear and his associates l would wind up working for Yale as a busboy during Toro's many business trips to Chicago. Now one thing capone admired about his new boss was his sense of style. The flashy suits Frank Yale preferred were more to Al's liking than Tori owes more muted fashion choices. He observed Zurve. How yields flair made him stand out at his club as if his very outfit was announcing this man is import a hot blooded boy of seventeen capone had become a frequent frequent womanizer he would often patronize oreos dance halls and brothels with his brother Ralf who moved back to Brooklyn after his first marriage fell apart around this time both of them contracted sexually transmitted the diseases Ralph caught gonorrhea and soon after Al got syphilis though he would not be diagnosed until years later Ralph's disease went away? L. Was not so lucky he never sought treatment preferring referring to enjoy the pleasures of youth without considering the eventual consequences of his actions. This pension for the pleasures of the flesh would have more immediately harmful effects than diseases in nineteen seventeen while working behind the bar at the Harvard Club. A young woman caught his eye. Her name was Lena Guccio. Now an overconfident lad of eighteen years old ala approached her and began to flirt in his own way crudely complimenting her figure she rebuffed his advances moments later. A man approached Al seemingly out of nowhere. It was a shorter Italian man and visibly drunk he introduced himself as Frank Frank and accused Al of insulting his sister before Al could react Frank Luccio punched him he reeled and as he was gaining his balance frank broke a bottle against the bark and struck l. with the jagged edges Al was left with three diagonal scars on the bottom left side of his face and neck the embarrassed Al Capone would never tell the story to anyone claiming that the scars were an old war wound despite never fighting in a war details about what happened became the stuff of legend some claimed the Luccio smashed him over the head with a chair before slashing him three times others claimed it was a single strike from a broken bottle. No matter what weapon caused it this injury would lead to capone's most infamous nickname which he hated scarface. The balancers soon broke up the fight Frankie Yale made al and frank apologized ties to each other. L. wanted revenge but Yale forbade it Frank Lucia was a trusted enforcer for Yale and thus above Al's reach despite this humiliation Al Capone status in the Brooklyn underworld. Underworld was on the rise is paychecks from his various jobs were helping his family and he soon set his sights on a woman who made him forget all about Lena Guccio. An Irish girl named May caughlin. Their relationship was something of an anomaly at the time May's upbringing was as traditionally Irish as als was traditionally Italian and both families were shocked when may gave birth to Al Son on December December fourth one thousand nine hundred eighteen and yet they would marry twenty six days later at Saint Mary Star of the sea despite mutual dislike from their respective parents they stayed married and May's mother even allowed Al to move in with her family capone's career would really kick off in nineteen nineteen. He started working for Torio full-time going out every night to collect money any from tornadoes various gambling halls brothels and clubs in what would become a pattern throughout their married life may stayed home and took care of their son Albert. Sonny Capone was a sickly child L. L. had passed his civilised to May an intern she had passed it on to their son sometime. In Nineteen Nineteen Al Capone received an offer from Johnny Torio Torio had been traveling a lot lately managing interests interests in both Brooklyn and Chicago. Now Torio had a golden business opportunity. Thanks to big Jim Cosimo. The man known as Diamond Jim. Jim Carlesimo was among the most influential crime. Bosses losses in Chicago is network of brothels gambling halls and clubs ran throughout the city and he had just made Johnny Torio his right hand man together they hit expanded Cosimo's influence and secured it against as two rival gangs but now with prohibition looming on the Horizon Toria wanted the twenty year old capone to join them capone didn't hesitate promising may bring them over soon capone left his wife and child behind in the early nineteen twenty s and struck out west to join his mentor in Chicago. They're Torio set him up as a bouncer at a club known as the four deuces at twenty two twenty two south Wabash avenue the four deuces was part saloon part dancehall and part brothel capone loved drinking dancing and women as one of the primary men tasked with the safety of the sex workers. He was rumored to frequently sample the wares. L. Was exactly what Torio needed in Chicago a man whose intellect matched his own but who wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty when needed but in his position as part enforcer part management Al Capone's name would not be put on any official documents his official business cards read Al Brown mm-hmm Secondhand furniture dealer beyond Al's usual talents Torio needed one more thing from him a confidant call a CMO and Torio had started to drift apart and he needed a right hand man he could trust not to betray him to the boss. The rift between Torio and COSIMO began in January of Nineteen twenty when Congress passed the Volts Dead Act prohibiting the sale and distribution of alcohol within the United States many criminals of the time including the rival North side gang saw this as an opportunity to fill a need that legitimate businesses were no longer providing Torio always thinking several steps ahead attempted to persuade swayed Jim Carlesimo to get into the bootlegging game but big. Jim Thought it was too risky. He was growing comfortable with his hold on the Chicago underworld so comfortable that he didn't see the need to take any risks he didn't have to Torio was furious at cosimo's shortsightedness. If COSIMO couldn't adapt with the Times they would have to get him out of the way Torio confided his plan to capone who readily agreed to assist list. They reached out to capone's old boss Frankie Yale with an offer they would bring him to Chicago for a job highly suited to his talents on May Eleventh Nineteen eighteen twenty big. Jim received a phone call from Torio. He needed a shipment of supplies for one of their clubs and big. Jim was the only one who could give the sign off though it was supposed to be as day off Jim Grudgingly Ingley went into his office to sign the Paperwork fifteen minutes later he stepped out of his office and out the door of the four deuces. He didn't notice the gunman lurking near his car. A pair of gunshots on shots struck cosimo in the back of the head and Eagle lapsed on the pavement did on the spot. The shooter was long gone before the body was discovered the murder made National News The New York Times Headline on May Twelfth Nineteen Twenty read James cosimo slain at restaurant door Chicago underworld character is shot dead by an unknown person. The man who would rule the Chicago underworld for almost two ooh decades was no more but the infrastructure is set up remained intact as COSIMO's number two theriault was in the perfect place to fill the power vacuum COSIMO's death opened end up brand new opportunities in L. Capone's is soon he brought his whole family wife child mother and siblings to Chicago. He bought a two family house. At seventy two forty four south prairie avenue. You and the entire Capone clan moved in his brother's Franken Ralph were put Ontorio's payroll as a strategist and enforcer respectively L. new their skills so he knew exactly how the outfit could use them in the south. Prairie Avenue House was more than just a home it was a fortress Capone made sure to install iron bars on the windows and reinforced the garage was steel. Plating Capone was not famous yet it but with the rising prominence of Johnny Torio he knew his days in the shadows were numbered. His prominent plays beside Torio attracted its own amount of attention especially since capone was the more physically imposing of the duo blow around this time he acquired a new nickname which vastly preferred to scarface. They called him snarky capone. Snarky was twenty slang paying for good dresser once he made the leap from Bouncer to businessman Allah had adopted the bold suited fashion of Frankie Yale often dressing in green or yellow he would even start to use face powder to conceal seal the scars on his left cheek his most famous accessory however was always his off white Fidora as capone impressed his newly arrived family with his newfound sense of style Torio took over all. Of Kala simos business interests seamlessly while there was little doubt in the underworld who had ordered the murder of big Jim the men who worked blow him would soon be sated by the influx of bootlegging money their new bosses provided provided under the leadership of Torio and capone this Italian American criminal enterprise would become known as the Chicago outfit it became among the strongest criminal organizations in Chicago alongside the Irish north side gang and the Jenner brothers who represented the Sicilian mafia both capone. N Torio knew that their work was only beginning the late. Jim Carlesimo had been right about one thing. Hang bootlegging was dangerous business they would face competition from other criminals as well as the law killing big Jim Carlesimo as dramatic as it was would be the simplest task in securing hold hold of Chicago up next Al Capone and Johnny Torio pay the price for overstepping their bounds now back to the story story from Nineteen Twenty one to nineteen twenty three the three major gangs and Chicago the north side gang the Jenna brothers and the Newly Christened Chicago outfit. We're in a steady standoff handoff around the liquor trade at this point. It was only a business rivalry. Though all of the involved parties had blood on their hands none took any actions against each other just yet dude alerts shared Italian heritage. There is no desire for competition between the brothers and the Chicago outfit however the North Side Gang under Dino Banyan was another issue entirely where Torio differed from abandon was in his strategy Torio Torio is focused on expansion over all else he already had enough brothels gambling halls in distilleries in Chicago so he began opening operations in neighboring towns and suburbs Torio rarely stayed in one place as for very long often taking trips out of town with his wife and these vacations served two functions keeping the stress of running the Chicago outfit from affecting their marriage and keeping Torio out of range of his rivals hit-men should the rivalry between the gangs ever erupt into violence now in charge of the outfits day-to-day Operations Al Capone relocated his base of operations to the Hawthorne Hotel in the suburb of Cicero it it was during his time in Cicero that capone started to receive personal attention from the papers reporter Roberts Saint John Founded a modest paper called the CICERO tribune in part to ensure that there was at least one local local paper immune to bribery from capone's Latkes one day in nineteen twenty four Saint John Ran into Ralph Capone while walking home from work. He didn't even try to run instead. He crouched into a ball and waited for the inevitable. Beating Ralph Capone hit him repeatedly using one of the Chicago outfit's favored weapons a bar of soap in a sock doc by the time they left the reporter was suffering from severe bruises and some broken bones. He was admitted to a nearby hospital after his recovery when Robert Saint John Attempted to pay his medical bills. The hospital turned his money down he was told they had already been paid by generous man in a white fedora with three scars on his face. One of the main reasons capone received so much attention in an CICERO was his blatant interfering with their local politics. The Capone Organization promoted a whole slate of local and state candidates for the upcoming primary election of April first nineteen twenty four capone own put his brother Frank on the task of bending public opinion toward their candidates in the Republican Party to combat the negative press from the Cicero Tribune the capone's founded their own paper the CICERO life which which became capone's mouthpiece throughout the campaign. The day of the election was one of ruthless and flagrant corruption capone's henchmen led by frank stood watch at the ballot boxes inspecting every ballot before it was deposited posited many democratic poll workers were intimidated or beaten to prevent them from doing their jobs. During the day word of this shameless manipulation made its way to Chicago mayor who dispatched a host of around seventy policemen to restore a fair election. These were not uniformed police but plain clothes cops driving unmarked black sedans frank capone was crossing facing the street when he saw this convoy of black cars rolling down the street towards him. The normally cool headed capone brother was alarmed by this these were the same cars als henchman used but all of theirs were already employed at the ballot boxes around the county. Possibly fearing encroachment from another gang frank reached for his revolver. The cars screech to a halt in front of him seeing his sudden movement policemen Eastman leaped out of their cars and opened fire. Frank Capone couldn't even touch his pistol before a hail of bullets rip through his clothing. He was dead before he hit the pavement. When al heard this he was furious raging against his lackeys at the utter cruelty of the police using the pseudonym Al Brown he took the stand to testify about the shooting Al claim that frank was a law abiding hiding citizen who did not own a gun? The shooting was eventually ruled a justifiable homicide and none of the officers were charged with a crime it took all of Toro's persuasive power to stop capone from exacting acting bloody revenge on all the policemen responsible but capone's fury concealed a slightly deeper feeling grief. If there was anything a callous murderer like capone cared about it was his family. If someone is smart and careful is frank could be gunned down so suddenly it meant that anyone was vulnerable. No matter how many precautions he took the only way to ensure the safety of his family was to have have absolute power power that would be within his grasp in only a year Dino Banyan leader of the north side gang was becoming a problem for the Chicago outfit in May of one thousand nine hundred twenty four a month after capone's election victory cost him his brother O'bannon appro story oh about the Sieben brewery which they co owned abandoned toll theriault that he wanted out of the liquor gain an offer to sell his stake in the brewery not seeing any downside to this tutorial accepted as oh Banyans last shipment was being loaded out. Policemen and prohibition agents stormed the brewery. Arresting o'bannon Torio and several of their henchmen o'bannon was able to get off with a slap on the wrist since he had no prior Prohibition Related Arrests Torio on the other hand had to bail himself and his as men out he had lost up to five hundred thousand dollars and the brewery when o'bannon refused to pay him back Torio realized that he had been played o'bannon had set up the raid or at least I leveraged his prior knowledge of it humiliated and furious theriault told capone to handle o'bannon while he left town to avoid the heat capone reached out once again to his old boss Frankie Yale Aw Dino Banyan spent much of his time at Scofield's flower shop which served as a headquarters for the north side gang in the guise of wanting an arrangement for a funeral Frankie Yale paid multiple visits to this shop and chatted with Obama about the arrangements as they talked frankie casually memorized the layout of the shop. Yale's final visit was on the morning of November Tenth Nineteen Twenty four he entered the shop with two Jenna Associates John scalise easy and Albert and sell me o'bannon emerged from the back room and welcome them Yale extended his hand in greeting when abandoned shook hands with Kim Yale clamp down on his fist and refused to let go and sell me and Schal easy flanked o'bannon and each fired four shots into him as Yale held him in place o'bannon collapsed face down on the floor four and received a final bullet in the back of his head. Oh Banyans death kicked off an infamous period of violence in Chicago history. The North side gang was now led by Hymie Weiss and bugs Moran Dan both of whom were furious that their mentor had been slain so offhandedly they needed payback Torio is hiding out in hot springs Arkansas far from the north side gangs reach but capone was still in town town a ripe target for retribution on January Twelfth Nineteen Twenty Five Al Capone was entering a restaurant for lunch when a line of cars pulled up alongside the building and opened fire L. threw himself into the restaurant as bullets riddled his car and the building beside it. The sound of the machine guns was as deafening as it was shocking. This was the first recorded use of the Thompson submachine gun in Chicago. This weapon would later define gang warfare in the nineteen twenties moments after the volley began the cars pulled away leaving debris and als- destroyed car in its wake capone miraculously was unscathed. WBT Torio was not so lucky believing that this dramatic show of force was the only attempt the north side gang would make for revenge. He returned to Chicago later that month twelve days after the attempt on Capone's life life on January twenty fourth Toria was returning home from a shopping trip with his wife Anna his driver pulled up to his home and the tutorials picked up their groceries and began to head inside certainly a sedan roared down the street and their direction two men stepped out of it and made their way toward the parked car Torio recognize them instantly hymie Weiss and bugs Moran the two men produced shotguns and pistols pistols from their coats and charged. They emptied their weapons at Torio as they approached the gunfire shattered the glass of his car filling it steel casing with holes theriault was hit in several places including the jaw aw lungs and abdomen he collapsed on the ground bleeding heavily. He looked up to see bugs Moran staring down at him pistol raised. The gun didn't fire either Moran Iran had used up all his ammunition in the initial volley or his forty five had jammed the frustrated gangsters began pummeling the prone Torio kicking and hitting him with clubs had a signal from their driver. Moran unwise ran back to their vehicle. The sedan pulled away down the street leaving Torio for dead but Torio was rushed to the hospital and miraculously survived. He spent a month recovering in intensive care once again. Capone was called to testify for the shooting of a man close to him capone denied knowing any of the gangland suspects in the shooting staying true to the unspoken code of silence among gangsters capone's entire testimony was provable false with the exception of the final exchange when the interviewer asked him. Would you tell us if you did know who shot Torio Capone replied no. I value my life too much to tell you if I know around the clock guards stood outside Oreos hospital room capone himself lay in a cot beside Toro's hospital bed every night essentially shielding his boss laws with his own body even hospital staff were wary of entering the room one story Oh recovered he was taken to court for the Sieben brewery incident and sentenced to nine months in prison through bribery he ensured it was a comfortable stay. After a few short months of running the Chicago outfit Capone received word from the prison at the age of forty three Johnny Torio was retiring the entire hire multimillion dollar enterprise was capone's alone now all he had to do was protect his business and his family from those who wanted to put him behind bars while he plotted revenge venture on Bugs Moran and Hymie Weiss his profile grew capone relish the spotlight absorbing positive and negative press with the Glee of a movie star but it was this publicity that would ultimately prove his undoing. Thanks again for listening to kingpins next week. The Chicago outfit finally gains the interest of the F._B._i.. And Al Capone becomes public enemy number one you can find more episodes of kingpins as well as all of our casts other shows on spotify and anywhere you listen to podcasts several of you the best Dada help us if you enjoy the show the best way to help us is to leave a five star review and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. We'll see you next time. Kingpins was created by AMAC's Cutler is a production of cutler media and is part of the podcast network it is produced by Maxon Ron Cutler with sound design by Kerry Murphy Production Assistance by Ron Shapiro and Paul Libeskind additional production assistance spy Maggie admire and Freddie Beckley. This episode of kingpins was written by Robert Team Stra and stars Kate Leonard and how will target don't forget.

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