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<music> welcome to the monitor daily podcast. It's friday september sixth. Thanks for joining us. I'm mark trumbull and i'm sarah matuzek in one state governor. This week took action on a topic of growing public concern. Earn gretchen whitmer ordered an emergency ban on flavored electronic cigarettes making michigan the first state to take that that step two recent deaths in the u._s. Have been linked to vaping federal and local officials are investigating a possible link. The two east cigarettes in more than two hundred reports of pulmonary disease from twenty-five states and in just a year from twenty mighty seventeen to twenty eight eighteen the share of twelfth graders who reported vaping in the past thirty days doubled to one in every five the surge in teenage use has fueled partly by companies pitching candy or fruit flavors. That governor whitmer alleges eighteen to hook children on nicotine. A ban is controversial in this case it applies to adults as well as kids it brings on familiar debate over the boundaries between public health regulation and freedom of consumer choice and the industry he has blamed recent illnesses on illegal vaping pens that contain a marijuana derived compound but some say the larger question behind hind. This debate is how society will face up to the addiction risks of a product. That's often billed as safer than smoking. Kids kids have such a poor understanding of vaping products. It's extraordinary michael blah. A professor of medicine at johns hopkins university city in maryland said in a recent online post. They're not trying to quit smoking. They've never smoked before now to our five stories we address an african leaders complex legacy when man's alternative to violence and arising women in both chess and tennis our first story when it comes to relics relics of hate what is the best way forward in fort worth some say to tear down an old ku klux klan hall other other texans want to use it to honor victims of racial violence and promote healing the last purpose built ku klux klan building in the united states stands at ten twelve north main street in fort worth roughly a mile from where fred rouse was lynched in nineteen nineteen twenty one the building's future has sparked a passionate debate in the city that a century later is still rife with racial tension. The owner has applied to tear it down but a group wants to convert it into a community space promoting dialogue justice and equity while honoring victims like rouse some residents wanted destroyed and others question whether transforming buildings purpose can lead to wider transformation but organizers believed that painful history needs to be examined to change the national narrative. This is an opportunity unity to hold that history to account and to have the kinds of conversations here to make sure that that history is not repeated says daniel banks thanks and to turn a monument of hate into a monument of memory and healing robert rouse grandson son of fred rouse still lives in fort worth and grew up listening to his father's and grandmother stories. The building at ten twelve love north main was raised on nothing more than hate. He said at a community meeting. Let's turn it into a flower this. This story was reported by henry gas in fort worth texas for the monitor for many western observers the name robert mugabe brings to mind images of brutal control and economic chaos but for many zimbabweans mr mugabe's legacy is far more complex for many in zimbabwe and abroad robert mugabe gabby was always far more than president like nelson mandela or fidel castro. He seemed a country personified in both its its brightest days and it's most troubled by the time of his death friday. Mr mugabe's failings were long established just from land reforms that sent images of weeping bloodied white farmers around the globe to imbaba's eventual economic collapse yet for many he remains an icon among african leaders his thirty seven year reign began with a surge of hope hope in the first decade of zimbabwe's independence the country's rates of infant mortality and malnutrition plummeted by illiteracy chrissy and life expectancy shot up but soon many of his supporters turned into political rivals as they began to suspect that his his revolutionary ideals were at times a mask for a deep and unrelenting paranoia and he eventually fell from power in a coup who led by his former vice president emmerson mnangagwa in november twenty seventeen but the effects of mr mugabe's rule will likely sleepy felt in zimbabwe for a long time to come this story was reported by ryan nor brown and uncle easy in kobe and to harrisburg for the monitor last week by video militants in colombia declared cleared war against the government once again. Here's why fairleigh vargas both a victim and perpetrator of past violence won't to be joining them for colombians like fairly vargas. Violence was a normal part of life. His dad died in his mother's arms arms in their kitchen. When for lay was five the family fled their home several times with only the clothes on their backs at thirteen for lay witnesses mother being dragged from their home by soldiers accused of collaboration with farc the guerrilla movement. I didn't even know that this was conflict. Says mr vargas as a teen he himself joined farc also known as the revolutionary canary armed forces of colombia. I was never a revolutionary. I liked the war. The way child looks for protection. He says after a few years he wanted out eventually. Mr vargas went to school became videography. I'm shooting images instead of people. He says expressing himself helped reverse his emotional numbness as he found his voice again and and slowly he has restored his faith in humanity. I had to go out of the war to figure out that i was part of it. He says but if i did it the country can do it to this story was reported by sarah are champagne and son zero columbia for the monitor thought chess was just for boys until he we saw how well his daughter played his subsequent push to shift perceptions of the game is emblematic of changes underway in the sport during the summer carita yip who turns sixteen on september ten spends almost six hours every day cutting puzzles and tactics for chess she is ranked first among women players in america according to the international chess federation and she is ranked first among women players in america according to the international chess federation and she's one rank away from from grandmaster but decades ago her success would have been almost unthinkable not because charissa is just a high school junior but because she is a girl until recently there were so few female chess players tournaments that many questioned whether weather women could ever be as good as men. Why couldn't a girl be just as good and chess boy says susan poll gar a former mer top tier player in women's chess pioneer while it sounds obvious perhaps to most people today it certainly was not then she says in nineteen ninety one ms poll gar was one of the first woman grandmasters today more than three dozen women hold title in all thirteen thousand girls and women are currently competing in the u._s. Chess federation. The highest number ever says is jennifer shahada former champion player and program director for the u._s. C._f.'s women chess initiative. I can't imagine my life without chess says charissa. This story was reported by no robertson in boston for the monitor. Warmth and politeness aren't the first qualities that leap to mind when we think of top op flight athletes but for this rising tennis star those canadian values mesh seamlessly with power and finesse as bianca address goo prepares to play in the u._s. Open final on saturday night. The first canadian singles competitor to ever ever do so. She has canadians enthralled and perhaps seeing a bit of themselves in her for many canadians. The ontario carrio teen and daughter of immigrants seem to come out of nowhere for tennis experts who have watched her gutsy play for years. It's her toolbox that is catapulted her to the top she can do. A lot of everything says canadian sports broadcaster ben lewis but her appeal is about so much more than sport. She knows how to play the crowd and those who watch her say. She seems to genuinely evenly love it. She has also come of age navigating social media and thus her branding but she manages to do it all without being too who over the top you could say maybe she has sort of the canadian politeness says mr lewis. I want to say she's she's confident but not arrogant at the same time i think maybe for whatever reason she hasn't taken notice of just how fantastic <unk> a tennis player she is he adds. This story was reported by sarah miller yana in toronto for the monitor <music> now commentary on advocacy for immigrant rights from the monitor's editorial to'real board since the end of colonial rule africans across the continent have rarely experienced spontaneous this grassroots unity around a shared interest any solidarity is usually topped down on international issues such as trade or aid this week however thousands of people from ghana to mozambique rallied in support of shared heard interest immigrant rights they did so by condemning violent attacks on hundreds of immigrants in south africa at least ten people died in the black on black riots. The continent wide reaction made clear that xenophobia who are what some call afra- phobia should not be in africa's future. This is a hope for a shared pan. African can values that can keep in check. The kind of nationalism that feeds off fear of foreigners treatment of immigrants is often the litmus test for how a nation sees its identity and relates to other countries in asking south africa to change its ways. He's the rest of africa is asking for a bigger concept of african identity. The unity behind this request is itself a step toward a different and better continent. That's a rab for the news. You can find the full length versions of these stories in today's issue or at c._s. Monitor dot com slash daily join us again monday when will feature a report from uganda on what a promised influx of chinese investment really means for africa gotcha. Today's christian science spiritual perspective column gives us a poem originally written in response to a nineteen ninety eight bombing in the author's homeland of northern ireland with a message of shelter and assurance it serves today you as a reminder of support for those impacted by hurricane dorian and other troubles. You can find it in today's issue or at. Let's see us monitor dot com slash daily. We want to give a quick. Thanks to our staff. Including today's audio production team <music> noah robertson samantha lane purpose and jeff tour's end. This podcast is produced by the christian science monitor copyright twenty nineteen.

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