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Spain and fits we patriots bills coming up in the if you think the pills are bad. Cleveland sitting Maxon hold my bare at Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio the ESPN app. Siriusxm channel eighty Sarah. Spain Jason Fitz ESPN radio presented by progressive insurance. Again, patriots bills on Monday night football. But sarah. I mean, I'm just saying why are people stunned by this? Why do people suddenly think that the the Browns were going to be this really good football team? Last time. I checked Hugh Jackson was a coach, and you wouldn't want in thirty one the last two years. I think we just the hype machine got out of control. And now it's like the stock market. It's correcting itself and doing what it should have done a long time ago. You nailed it on the hype machine, and that's why I said earlier this season, maybe two or three weeks ago. I said I'm excited that they seem to be taking meaningful steps forward. I'm excited that they seem to have found a quarterback that looks like he could be sticking around for a while. But the problem with getting too far ahead of themselves is now it's disappointing for them to be doing what they're doing now. And it shouldn't be it should still be still a part of the rebuilding process. And. I think people got a little out on their skis and how much they could actually do this season. Well, we're going to get some straight talk from ESPN's. Andrew Hawkins in-studio, given the straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Best phones, best networks, no contracts. And look hog you have experienced with this organization you played for the Browns from two thousand fourteen to two thousand sixteen by the way, good to see my friend. How are you? Good to see you to him. Good, man. Good. And it should be noted during the break there. We were having a great debate on whether or not there would be headphones form, and then he brought his own headphones. Type of profession back to get them. I left them in the other day. I walked back three minutes to get him. I would have been here by eight Dr that's a total pro so hawk. I guess walk me through this process. Does does getting rid of Hugh Jackson make the Browns better right now? No, I'm I'm not a believer of firing a head coach MRIs and making the team better. And I don't know what the expectations were going to the season for a winless football team. I know we made a lot of moves. I know everybody fell into the phantom of the Cleveland Browns. But this isn't something you're going to just be able to turn around like that. Now that being said the result of the results. This is a results driven business. If I was a receiver. It doesn't matter how good or bad. I am what happened if I don't put up the stats, I get cut. And I'm the kinda guy that I feel like the same standard. It's separate coaches as much as he was my guy as much as I love him as much as you know. I don't agree with all the situation that happened over the last couple of years the result of the results. So it seems to us though that maybe this. Vision. One wasn't as much about results, particularly since we agree with you. It doesn't make them better right now to Nevada defensive coordinator is never called offensive plays. But that this was more about culture and the way they treat each other. And the way they treat their players and about not ruining a young guy and Baker Mayfield. Are you reading it that way as well? Yeah, I'm reading that way for this reason. Now, the reason why you have guys like Joe Thomas who me and him to a podcast Tomahawk show found everywhere. Puck or available shameless plug. I have well done. No shame. So me me and Joe played together in Cleveland and Joe played through. I think it was nine straight off of coordinators and maybe four or five head coaches over that time that's like an insane amount of offenses, probably an NFL record to be honest. There's only one guy who that time period. That Joe goes back for Jack because you Jackson treats his players like, you know, not like from a babying a players coach. He's just a guy that cares about his players. And it's it's rare in the NFL, I'm telling you it really is you can call the guy. Two three in the morning with an issue. And he's going to help you out within a matter. I could do it right now. Right. So, but the problem with the has looms that they had with the Hugh situation was before he got there in twenty fifteen Mike Patton was our head coach and Ray farmer was our general manager, and these are two guys that got to a point where they didn't agree on anything because the GM didn't hire the head coach and in the NFL when that happens, there's always going to be a rift is always going to be a roadblock. And so it got to the point when things weren't going. Well, they started to pit each other against the other and not like probably not purposely. But it was hey, it's you not me because we're in the business of protecting our jobs, we all wanna make as much money as we can't for as long as we can. So when that happened there was so much turmoil. It affected the team. And it seemed that wasn't bad like from a talent standpoint underachieved mightily, and it was just it was the whole building was just not fun to be in from the top within the marketing department. You name it it just had a bad effect. So why these guys are like pointing the finger has them comes in and says, okay, gimme the toy. Nobody gets it. Everyone out. We're going go get all new people and one of the things he was looking for going into the next regime was you guys need to work together. That was understood, and it was saucy Brown, and it was Hugh. So here we are. We're todd. Haley comes in and Hugh is now understanding he's coaching for his job. Right. And there's a rift and these are to alpha personalities it didn't mesh. Well, the thing that would be has them off the quickest is turmoil in his building. He doesn't want it. And that's why he threw the baby out with the bathwater. We're talking to ESPN's Andrew Hawkins in studio. You can follow him on Twitter with the coolest Twitter handle of all time at hawk at hawk. Okay. So you get that man you pay someone for that. Like, I would love to tell you where the bodies. But. Do you think the country hasn't? So I want to go back to your comment here on Hugh because let's face it. This isn't the first time he's been in a situation where his job was on the line and how he handled something. Ego wise played into play the part of it. He was the coach of the raiders in an eight year when they were frankly in as much turmoil as could be post the death of Davis any handle that in a very ego driven way of stepping out and saying I need more power. I need more control, and I'll fix this. Now, he's doing the same thing. I mean, isn't there some moment of of Hugh Jackson that we should expected the evolution immaturity. In that process. I mean, I don't know if that's evolution of maturity, see the thing about coaching is it doesn't. It's like anything else. Any other dream job? You can imagine. That's the pinnacle of football, right? So you get to that point. And the reason why there was a rift between Todd Haley and Hugh Jackson. And if you remember if you watched hard knocks you watch you watch the play out live on television is that when it's. Your team if I'm gonna get fired. The worst thing I could do is get fired doing what you do. I wanna get fired making my decisions if I'm gonna get fired. If I'm going to be the guy that they didn't do it. You wanna be able to control that I'm okay with getting fired for not doing it. When I did it my way, and it didn't work. I don't want to have to do it your way, and it doesn't work. But again, we don't view it that way. Like, that's why the patriots are incredible. Now, Bella check is an incredible coach, and I'm not putting his name in any sense with any other coach, but Bella check controls what the lunch ladies cook. I can't do any interview without again. Okay. Bye. Bella check. I was there for three days just fresh off of graduating from Columbia with a masters in someone wanted to do an interview on the about that had no idea I was even plan for the patriots and it had to go through Bella chick. And it was not we're going to focus on football now this spring. So when you have that kind of control it does make it easier. You get the players you want the coaches understand. You're the boss. You you make the fires. You know? It's a lot of cooks in the kitchen. Cleveland has gotten better even even with the turmoil today, I can say is not as bad as it was a couple of years ago. And I think has has a plan one thing that is for certain he has a quarterback Sarah Spain and Jason fancied Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio talking to SPN's. Andrew Hawkins in studio. Mike greenberg. Couple of hours ago tweeted Baker mayfield's agent should demand a trade that kid has some magic. And they're going to ruin him for the good of the sport the Browns. Should let him go. That lasts bits never going to happen. The Browns finally found one they're not going to let them go ahead. Do you make of that take your Baker Mayfield and his people and anyone rooting for him? Is this a good thing? Or is this just another sign that you're in the middle of the mess? Now. I don't think it's a method thing about Baker Mayfield. And this is why people love them not just in Cleveland around the world is why we love watching them at first we're like, oh, you're cocky, or you know, he's too confident or oh, you know, he's the dude is a competitor to the tenth power. Baker Mayfield knows if he can turn the Cleveland Browns around like what that means for what what he's done for the game of football. He will be a legend for the rest of his life. And not that he's chasing legendary status, but he wants that challenge. He doesn't want to go to a place where everything is in. You know, you're just a plug and play guy and everything around. You is all set he wants to be the guy that's in Cleveland route. So that I can promise you that doesn't faze Baker Mayfield. And again, I I'm of the belief that all of this be taken place now is in an effort to preserve Baker Mayfield. And what Cleveland things they have in that guy real quick before? We let you go patriots. Tonight, Monday night football. Josh Gordon as somebody who played with New England wide receiver. It's going to be kept off the field for about a quarter in tonight's game. Because of tardiness you hear that. I know you've said a lot of strong things about Josh them the player. Do you think he can be successful in New England? I think he'd be successful. If they the new Inc. New england. No, excuse me. New England knows what they signed up for and benching him for the first quarter against the bills. Not that big of a deal. Honest. Let's let's call us betas paid. You can follow him on Twitter at hawk your host and Snapchat tonight this necessarily five. Most this necessarily five AM, you can go to Snapchat. Look for sports you'll see him there. Also, check out the podcast. It is spectacular. Even that molding. Spain and Fitz. Sarahspain Jason Fitz hanging out Monday night football is underway. I know I can't I can't contain the excitement patriots pills. Monday night football reports said Josh Gordon was supposed to sit. But I'm hearing he is out on the field. We'll try and figure out what's going on there. And to help us. We're going to go to Dan Hager who is in buffalo, Dan. What's it? Look like there. It's a cold night. But it's a consistently windy night. That makes sense for forty six degrees. Little chance of rain, but that hasn't stopped Tom Brady here before in buffalo is fourteen wins against the bills here at new airfield, and he's twenty eight three in his career got buffalo overall. So it's going to take a lot from the buffalo front. Four to really put pressure on Brady if they wanna come away with a little upset here. Those mafias ready to go with the team honoring Thurman Thomas tonight, retiring his number thirty four and Josh, Gordon, he did not go out in the first place, but he came in second place. So looks like that suspension was short lived his suspension. Then they update the Dan will keep us updated throughout the course of the show. That's right shot. Gordon? Didn't miss the first quarter as reported. No, no, he missed the first play, Sarah. I guess the patriot ways to really hold them feet to the fire. They're not following the rules. And that means sitting out play that is. I just I mean, I don't even know what to I I don't even know what to say. You know, I open helps them see the air of his ways. He's he's a changed, man. Now, you know, what all the suspensions? None of that did anything being held out for one play against the bills. However, and suddenly he's like I need to reassess my life priorities. So he wasn't on time. So they made him late for the start of the game. Oh, look at that that was cleverly done. So let let's it's time for Sarah. And Jason argue on Spain. As one of the hotbed conversations around the NFL today in around the NFL throughout the course of the year has been James Winston, and let's just be flat out on his team as Winston looked unprepared. Inaccurate and incapable of being a professional quarterback yesterday for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And is a big part of why they lost obviously in Cincinnati. And so from that has garnered a great discussion Sarah on whether or not Jamie is should be the quarterback not just next year. But even for the rest of this year in Tampa to me, there's an obvious answer here. This has been a much better team under Ryan Fitzpatrick. The reason to bring Winston in after his suspension was over which is another part of this thing as well. 'cause that is just as much who Jameis Winston is as the interceptions is the ability to believe that he's going to be there for you. Every week is always a question with him. But he gets back from suspension and Fitzpatrick does what are you? Usually does which is, you know, struggle in intermittently in the midst of these great other performances, they decide to go with Winston and the team just hasn't looked the same under Winston. He's got a six to ten touchdown to interception ratio. Meanwhile, Fitzpatrick thirteen touchdowns to five picks. So as much as you want to talk about how bad Fitzpatrick comes out. It's not worse than bad Winston. He's got double the interceptions of Fitz. Patrick this season. Total QBR fifty six point one to Fitzpatrick's seventy eight point seven completion percentage, four points lower than Fitzpatrick. And you've heard from the guys around Fitzpatrick in as many words and subtly from others and passive aggressively from others that they prefer and believe more in him. And so if James is not going to be your future, which I think is something they probably just figured out then you don't put them out there and risk injury. And being stuck with him. You have to go with this Patrick. Well, that's the biggest the injury piece of this is the largest piece because let's. Remember next year James means they have already picked up the fifth year option. So James Winston is scheduled to make just under twenty one million dollars next year. The only guarantee to that though, they cut him right now, they don't have to pay that the only guarantee would be if he's injured if he's injured this year, then they would be fully on the hook for that. Which is why this become such a big question. So now in my mind is time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Best phones, best networks, no contracts. I have to set up a little bit of my my mindset here. Sarah. Which is I don't think James Winston is the future. And I don't think Jameis Winston is the guy you can rely on. However next year's draft class. Does not have a quarterback situation. That's an easy one to answer. And there is no sure bet of who's going to be out there for you. James Winston next year is due twenty like I said twenty point nine to two million dollars. Right. That would make him the nineteenth highest paid quarterback in the NFL next year. That is not a bad number for quarterback. Even if they draft a quarterback that would be on a rookie deal. They could still afford to keep James Winston on the. Team until they figure out what they have. Because ultimately, even though I don't think James Winston is the answer. I don't think that there's another viable answer sitting out there that's easy to figure out. So for a smaller fee than other guys you keep guy that's detrimental to your team in both on field performance and potentially also in terms of culture guy, who you can necessarily trust to be out there who had any moment could bring more shame upon your organization for all the off the field stuff guy. You're basically saying when you say, oh, we'd only be the twenty-first most expensive quarterback in the league. And that's better you're saying, well, let me tell you this car it doesn't run. But it does cost less than other cars that do. No, I'm asking the same question that Adam Schefter, frankly, asked to golden WinCo guys this morning who's replacing him with. We're all sitting here saying he shouldn't be the quarterback next year. But who are who are we going to replace them with their isn't a there isn't a big? Free agent quarterback that's going to be out on the market. There isn't any sort of like right now if you just do Google on who the biggest Google search on who the biggest free agent quarterbacks of next year would be it's tyrod Taylor. Teddy Bridgewater Brett Hundley for the Packers. And that's if none of those guys stay where they are. And have no those guys figure out other options. I don't think there's an easy solution because they didn't address it in the draft this year, the only solution in my mind, even if they draft a guy, you're if they draft a guy he costs them nothing. They're still going to have to keep something around to be a placeholder unless there's suddenly just going to throw everything to a rookie quarterback. And there's no necessity to do that. Here's the problem, though, you you if it's Fitzpatrick getting the start Fitzpatrick's clearly not the future but Fitz, Patrick, you know, turning thirty six next month is better to me than deciding that you're going to continue to put your faith in in in Winston to me. You are saddling yourself to a guy for the future that will be more detrimental to the. Element and moving on than if you just got rid of them and not just because the off the field stuff. So to me you're asking who else is out there. There's plenty of dudes out there to make a trade for and see if they're able to make a starting. You know, starting spot guys who are backups elsewhere. You can as you said find a guy in the draft. See if you get a diamond in the rough somebody who's a little bit lower. Or maybe that other teams are passing on. It's not an easy fix. But they should be looking across the way to the Jaguars. And what they decided with Blake Bortles, which is he's all right? But he's not bad enough for us to go out and get someone else. And now, they're stuck. And I know that there is no conversation about a fifty million dollar extension for Winston. But there is a discussion about keeping him around. And then decided that you're okay with a guy who's got whatever what was the number some insanity number of turnovers in such a short amount of time that to me it just feels like you're allowing your. Another season of this garbage. If you stick with Spain and Fitz, not a lot of wishful thinking going on with the Tampa Bay bucks. After that outing from Jameis Winston yesterday. Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio the espionage and Sirius XM channel eighty Sarah Spain and Jason Fitz, and we were talking about Jason James Winston last last segment, and I wanted to keep it going because I think there was some good thoughts from Jeff Saturday angle wing. Also, I found the stat I was looking for. I almost said it correctly from memory and then in my head. I said, no it can't be that many. But it is James Winston in forty nine games has thrown fifty four interceptions and fumbled thirty six times. Now, some of those fumbles were recovered, but ninety times in forty nine games. He's lost the ball since two thousand fifteen only Blake Bortles has lost the ball more times ninety one. And when I made that comparison fits that's partly what I was thinking about which is an you've got someone who so clearly. Does not take care of the ball. And you are setting yourself up to go down the same road as the Jags. Which is to say, even when you get in a window. Now, the the bucks aren't there? They've got bad defense, and they have for almost all of his four seasons. But when you do get into a window. We've got a good defensive side. You're wasting all the offense at talent you have right now. Mike Evans to Sean Jackson. Chris God, all these guys. OJ Howard Cameron bright. There's there's good talent there that you're wasting. And if you keep him, and you make that window even bigger you're going to end up like the Jags re safe. We had gone out and looked for someone who is more capable and took care of the ball. We wouldn't be wasting this window of great defense or this window of great offensive talent. I would buy that. But when you look at the last three seasons also on that list of turnovers turnover machines is Kirk cousins who in two thousand fifteen through eleven pics, then twelve and thirteen picks. And all that did was get him the biggest contract and NFL history. So as much as we want Willie we're flipping about where we wanna place the turnover process. I agree with you. The Jameis Winston. The turnover machine is a problem. I just don't know that I feel I don't feel like at all. I would want to rely on a thirty six turning thirty seven year old Ryan Fitzpatrick, if even is still an option for me at that point. Because if it's Patrick does play out the rest of the year, he can go anywhere. He wants to play. He might wanna play somewhere else on top of that. I don't see another quarterback that that you're out there saying, okay. Well, this guy's not going to have a turnover problem. There's just no viable solution because they didn't solve. It's like the giants because the giants didn't pick a quarterback last. Traff. Now, they've put themselves into a corner. There's not a quarterback that that we know of right now certainly coming out that is going to be there for them in the draft. We we don't know. So I continue to come back to if not him then who and because I don't find an answer for then who on Jamie's I don't see a likely scenario where they move on to me it matters. And I'd have to go look at the stats to figure out. How many fewer games maybe cousin or more games in that? Because obviously James missed a couple of the suspension on that's part of that number two is that in a limited amount of time this season. He's already had so many turnovers and even in a limited amount of time in his career. But listen, I think your argument is a good one. It's what I used to always say with Jay Cutler. I was not a huge Cutler fan. But I often defended him because my argument was who are we getting are we getting someone in the draft. Who is it are we are we getting someone in a trade who because you can't just you're right say this guy trashy is gone and not have a viable replacement for them. And so I think your argument is a good one. But I to me you can't run the risk of putting him back out. There have him getting injured the on the on the hook for that. And not force yourself to go out there and make a change, and they need to find whatever motivation, or whenever impetus they can to be forced to make a change and not settle for this. Well, and obviously, it's not lost me. You're right that there's definitely a there's a disconnect with the rest of the. Guys on the field. There's a disconnect on James's ability to read the field, and that he makes decisions that just have you scratching your head and saying what the heck is he doing and I'll go back to Jeff Saturday this morning. Smartly talked about Jameson his future on golick and wingo. This is what he said, it is a defining moment for your franchise. You're either saying we're riding with Winston, no matter. What happens? He's our. Because if you put them back on the field, you are basically putting your franchise jeopardy financially because of the injury guarantee or you're saying, you know, Fitzpatrick's not the future of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We're going to go a different direction where you're gonna draft one. We're gonna bring one in who's gonna come to be added door football team. And we're gonna move forward without Jane Winston, and in my opinion before after the suspension, I wouldn't have made him my quarterback. Yeah. And that's another thing is a lot of people were calling for him to not have the job even just after the suspension because he hasn't been worth it in terms of play and because of the optics of continuing to support a guy who has proven over and over again that he can't be trusted. Well, is there some piece of and yes, the cultural stuff aside as you and I've talked in the past. I I think the buccaneers already told you they're cool with that. They had a lot of opportunity to make a change based on that. And they didn't I will go back to one of the other things that I think stands out for Jamus is his age. I mean, the fact that he is young. And let's remember that Tom Brady between the ages of twenty four and twenty six which were here's his thirst. I three years starting had sixty two turnovers in forty seven games. So Tom Brady had a ton of turnovers early and as much as we want to turn the look at this turnover rate, and we want to say it's alarming. It's terrible. I still have to look at it and say, maybe as somebody gets older, they get better. Maybe. Nobody gets older they played better. There's going to be somebody that takes if if he's not in Tampa next year hands up somewhere. Right. I mean, I mean, that's how the NFL is somebody's going to believe they can change him. Right. They're gonna look at the physical ability and say there's enough good stuff in there that I can fix the bad decision making. We can have a culture that protects him from making bad decisions. And to me, that's just the way. That's the way that position works and that league works people get desperate, and that's not to speak to his talent though. That's the speak to desperation. I guess I continue to look, and maybe it's too capitalistic to constantly look at the money side of it. But when you look at the money side of contracts next year, the one of the interesting pieces of it to me or some of these quarterbacks that feels like the were sort of on the cusp of having to make a decision on whether it's Derek Carr case keenum Jameis Winston, Marcus mariota. Those are all guys right now that are paid between sixteen and twenty on the pay scale of quarterbacks in the NFL next year. So. It's hard for me to imagine changes being made in really what that change would be made for. I mean, unless you've fallen in love with the Nick foles, and somehow he finds his way out on the open market. I mean unless you fallen in love with the Tara Taylor. I just don't see a piece there. And that's the piece that will make me nervous. I don't think James. I gotta be clear about this. I don't think James should be the future. I just think that they're going to hold onto them for another year while they figure out what the heck they're doing because they're behind the eight ball and figuring out what their future should be. The only thing. I'll argue with you there. They are behind then you need to figure out some stretch of time where they can buy time until they figure out what's next if he's not going to be the future but doing it because of money to me is just digging a hole even deeper to say, we're okay with continuing to be bad because of this and continuing to settle for someone who is this terrible. And this unreliable is to say that it's worth it for this small piece of money to. The entire team. And to lose the other guys out there who are going out there every week and not believing in him, especially compared to the guy like Fitzpatrick last part of the problem. You don't wanna lose the rest of the guys on the team when you make it clear you're kind of just accepting that it's going to be another season. We're not going to compete. ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance. All of our guests on the shell Pennzoil performance line. By the way, Monday night football update. Twenty five yard field goal has the patriots taking a three nothing lead over the bills with five minutes left in the first quarter. What was the there was there was quite a spread on this game? It's that you decided to you know, better. Would cover. None of my flaps on in another little pool is for. And it was a thirteen and a half point spread I believe, but you know, what it's early. It's very early early Spain and Fitz here Spain and Jason Fitz with you, all guests. Join us on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Big day of NFL football yesterday and gamblers and fantasy players alike reacting to Todd Gurley causing him. One million dollar gambling swing in that. Rams win over the Packers. Final carry of the game. They end up getting the twenty nine to twenty seven win without a without about a minute left. He gets a huge third and ten they give it to money. Huge third and ten any converts any could easily easily stroll into the end zone, but very smartly. He decides not to score a touchdown at all not giving Aaron Rodgers and the Packers a chance to try to come back. There was nine point spread on that one. But they closed the seven and a half point favorite at most sports books. And so. That it affected the over. It affected spread it affected people's fantasy. And it also affected. Anyone who wanted to see Aaron Rodgers do what he does. Because fits he's completed sixty eight percent of his passes for ten point three yards per attempt. Six touchdowns and zero picks when trailing in the fourth quarter this season. Wow. I can say is a raiders fan. I have no idea what fourth quarter Tiffany looks. Like, I just I it is a bears fan that I've personally first hand witnessed some of that fourth quarter magic for darn Aaron Rodgers and do want to take second though and give Gurley a little bit of a shadow because as much as we've talked about the gambling aspect, and what it means in the fantasy aspect of what it means. There's sort of there's an intelligence and be a discipline that that plays shows you when a player can go out in that moment. And do what is against the natural tendency they've been doing their entire life, and they can be that smart in that moment that tells you that they're well. Well, coached well-disciplined it's a high disciplined team, obviously when you can be in that moment. And do what's unnatural, but is best for the NFL breast for your team? One hundred percent. He said after the game man forget fantasy and forget Vegas today. We got the winds. So that's all that matters. And in most leagues he's still got about twenty five and a half points, though, some brain in guys so greedy. But especially don't be greedy. When you consider that. That's smart play was critical to the Rams win. And on the other side of the ball. You saw the opposite. As the Packers gathered together and all according to all accounts in the huddle said to each other. You know, this is the plan we need to give Aaron Rodgers as much time as possible get a free play before the two minute warning. We'll have about two oh nine and the best quarterback on earth to try to make a game winning field goal. And instead returner time on Gumri disobeyed. What the coaches said didn't take a knee tried to run it off on the kickoff. Fumbled the ball. And here's what he said about that decision. Kicked the retirement where it was. At that point in time. So. Innocently thinking decision on. I don't know if they don't go line. So I'm not going to take on the goal line at the half yard line. Take a chance of putting putting the game in the resume. And you know, this is a guy claiming he didn't intentionally disobey them. He was just trying to make a play. But me thinks he doth protest too much, right? He's trying to explain all the different things that may it might have been on the half yard line might not have quite been wearing needed to be. Meanwhile, one of his teammates has told Mike silver that he was angry about the previous possession, actually. Sorry. A half a dozen players and coaches told silver that he was angry about a previous playthrough at tantrum on the sideline angry. He was taken out. And at least one thinks that he took the kickoff out of the end zone and disobeyed. What is coach said because of that anger that changes a lot? And if that's the case, I don't know how you move forward in that situation as a team. I mean, I've heard some conversation today about, you know, suspend him or whatever and they by the collective bargaining agreement. They can't do that. But you certainly can't play him. Right. I mean if he if he threw a tantrum when out. And then intentionally disobeyed the coaching staff and his teammates. And did what he felt like doing. Instead of what he was told to do. How can you trust him in any situation? Again, I mean days before the trade deadline. I'm looking at it saying, it does even have a home at this point. If he did that to the organization in that moment and denied the best player in the NFL the opportunity to do what he does best. How can you put him back on the field? Well, certainly sounds like at least one player on the Packers agrees with you from that NFL media, Mike silver story. The player said quote, they took him out for a play. And he slammed his helmet and threw a fit then before the kickoff. They told them to take a knee any ran it out. Anyway, you know, what that was that was him saying, I'm gonna do me. It's a bleep in joke. I mean what the bleep or you do. And we've got Aaron Rodgers the best I've ever seen and you're going to take that risk. I mean, it's twelve all you gotta do is give him the ball. And you know, what's going to happen? And that's the worst part of it. It's this isn't just any team and any guy making that decision. It's a team. That's got a guy who is known for making magic. Happen in games. Just like this any kept him from having a chance at it. Now, Mike McCarthy gave no indication that the Packers would actually cut Montgomery, but it's unclear if he's going to be the primary kickoff returner. So, you know, not a lot from McCarthy there, but you have to feel like there's going to be statement. Maybe they'll just follow the patriot way and bench for the first play of the game. Yeah. I mean as much as we joke. I I don't know that you can do anything that is too strong in this. I don't think there is a reaction in my mind that is too big to what he's done if in fact that is what he did. Right. I mean, if you got you got to know for sure, I suppose, right? But if he's on the sideline throwing a fit and if he's on the sideline throwing a tantrum. And then you're looking at it from Aaron Rodgers temple. And you're saying why would I trust the guy emotionally? And if you're the crazy when you got sixteen games, right? I mean, the next time Aaron Rodgers needs to go to him. How's he going to trust him? Right. And then the next time the coaching staff needs something from him. How will they trust them? Ryan Clark was on sports, and he talked about how selfish this plays KYW Montgomery was in his Phyllis. He was he got to the point where he was like, you know, what it's me over team. You have a guy like Aaron Rodgers. You know, what he's done already this season against the bears against the San Francisco forty Niners Jared Goff even had quotes about him being nervous because he knew it was the twelve so Ty Montgomery gets upset because he's taken out early. And he puts it on him and not the team, and you cannot make decisions for yourself in football. Yeah. And and three hundred Aaron Rodgers and you've already got enough trouble finding reasonable running backs. And then one of them is this guy. Ryan like how frustrated argue that you didn't even get a chance to try to win that game and it is selfish. And it's not just like like, you said you have to know that it was intentional. But if it was that's very different than just being boneheaded, and it's bad enough. If you if you sat in the huddle, and your coaches told you exactly what you do. And you didn't do it even if it wasn't intentional. It adds a whole nother layer one it's intentional. You also have to think about the long term ramifications of this because you mentioned earlier when we were doing good news bad news, the bears in how you know wing. Can put them all the way from last to first let's look at the NF NFC north. And remember the bear sit in first place at four and three the Packers. Now by by record in tiebreaker are sitting at three three and one that puts them in third place. And I realized that that's a staggering statement right now. But let's remember it's a game and a half difference because of the tie bright. So you're looking at the situation for the Packers where every single game is going to matter more because the NFC south the NFC north east so tightly compacted I mean, this this is much as you know, it was kind of Aaron Rodgers to say one play didn't lose a game. And he's right. It didn't. But it lost them the opportunity to win a game. It may have also lost them the opportunity to win a division. We won't know till the end of the year. And it's that tight. Yeah. And I mean as a bears fan, I was watching and thinking to myself, holy you know, what what's going on here. How do you as everybody in that stadium? Everybody watching on TV everybody who knows anything about football is probably tweeting the same thing at the same time. Right. Oh, left them too much time. Here comes Aaron Rodgers. Wait. What? So yeah, you're right with the NFC north as tight as it is. That's even more frustrating its benefits here. Spain and Jason Fitz with you little NBA note are boy Nick free L because the scape covering my. Chicago Bulls who are starting a collection of those wind sock at air people that are outside car dealerships in the warriors tonight should be good. Bye. Yeah. Exactly now, he's instead covering the best team in the NBA and right now that best team involving Klay. Thompson has eight sorry nine now first half made threes with a couple of minutes left in the first half against my Chicago Bulls single-game record thirteen by his teammates, Steph curry. Had six in the fourth quarter alone is going to be a bloodbath. And there will be record set tonight. I'm sorry. Sarah. You know, what just remember you had Jordan? All right. That's it. That's the only watch some kind of go to a VHS. Let me just set. My me my VCR back. Give me a minute here. It's made in bits. We're both back tomorrow. I college football playoff rankings are released. Freddie and Fitz Simons next on ESPN radio. Thanks for listening to Spain. And fits.

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