When Christmas was Banned


Welcome to hidden history. I'm your host cat crumb today when Christmas was banned. was there a time in American in history. When Christmas was banned the answer is a resounding. Yes that takes the question of course bandit imply while the final weeks serve every year. See the war on Christmas. Returned to television paddle debates newspaper columns in the United States bringing claims that American modern society has progressively marginalized monetize and turned against public expression of Christianity at one time both American and English History Christmas. This was regarded as a pagan holiday. It's true that the celebration of Christmas was banned in colonial Massachusetts in sixteen fifty nine. That ban was is motivated largely by the Austere Puritan religious beliefs of authority to the colony. Who objected to the December. Twenty fifth celebration for two reasons seasons because it was originally a Pagan Winter Festival Co op by Christians and lacking in any biblical basis and because it it was typically accompanied by Merriment and indulgence. Therefore was opposite to the puritan principles. Sobriety and hard work. Christmas Muss was only ever illegal from sixteen fifty nine until sixteen eighty one and not thereafter and the ban was limited to the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Still why Ban Christmas in Sixteen Forty Four lawmakers passed an ordinance which called for December twenty fifth to be a day of Solemn humiliation rather than Karnal sensual delights which it characterizes celebration of Christmas not to mention pagan rituals lighting candles and decorating doors. Okay so who were these lawmakers. They were Christian. PURITANS who motivated by beliefs chiefs of authorities in the colony and who objected to the December. Twenty fifth celebration even after public. Commemoration of Christmas was once again legal elsewhere. It remained firmly on the books of Massachusetts for tired generation. As being illegal it was in sixteen twenty that the pilgrims mm slanted Plymouth. Nine years later that the puritans arrived in Salem the two groups merged and as one spread across England. But the difference about how to worship split the two groups New Hampshire Connecticut Maine drew lines separating themselves from Massachusetts blinds at later became came state borders but it was Rhode Island where the true religious freedom was born for an individual could worship as they pleased without fear of fine fine or persecution. When Christmas was bad was produced here at night. Owl Sounds Studio and brought to you by the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library. You Know Creek Cabin Cabin CREEK CABIN DOT COM. Check it out. Listen to hidden history every Tuesday and Thursday and kids myths and mysteries every Monday Wednesday and Friday. I get crumb. Thanks for listening.

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