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The. Girls want to welcome you to school on beautiful Monday morning it's going to be an absolutely beautiful. This season on the promise public education. It's supposed to be the great equalizer but more and more. It feels like the great divider. Turned it into this just like turf warfare over-six-year-olds. That's Kinda messed up. There is no other term to describe it but black and white and rich and poor they said. So what's the school year zone for? Then she goes ooh, you don't want to send your kid there or Not, comparable or dressing race I mean really addressing. The kindergarten class and my school was all white kids to kindergarten class. There was all black kids I. I thought Martin Luther King that that this is a story about one school trying to stay afloat neighborhood divided over race and economics and a city that's resisted school desegregation every step of the way. If Black people could do something about. The Way America is and the way things are way would be done. We've been done or to wait it goes we will is would be changed evidently this is a white people issue. I'm Maronite the host of the promise in season two we ask a lot of tough questions about education, who's it for who has the power and why or so many kids of color left behind. The promise coming August thirty first subscribe now at W. p. l., n. dot org slash podcast or wherever you listen.

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