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Good morning boomer. How are you good morning? You know you wnba player and be at the IMG. Academy down there and have bedbugs in God that. They got bigger problems there to look at all of this stuff is. It's crazy. It's crazy. What's going on our crazy? What's going on in in football right now? It's crazy. What's going on with the Sean Jackson and Stephen Jackson? Who follows him up in just even more offensive and appalling? I I don't know how to explain it other than like a support of. deshaun. Jackson's initial tweeting yesterday you and I were talking about this towards the end of the show and we had a caller. Calvin who is a Holocaust survivor? Relative. And He wanted us to read what Sean Jackson had tweeted out and when I first opened it and I, read it I I couldn't believe that an NFL football player would would put something like that out there. I couldn't believe it. I read it. It was so repulsive and it made me so sick to my stomach I thought he was going to say maybe his. You. Know His instagram account or twitter account. Whatever was was had. Wanted to hear something like that I didn't know. I'm Mike the fact that he attributes this particular quote. Hitler which it wasn't and and puts Hitler's name in just. The offensive nature of it, and you could hear it in our caller, yes, or the the guy that did call towards the end of the show and I just want to say to him I don't WanNa, say to Jewish listeners out there. I was embarrassed yesterday and we didn't really get into it because we didn't have time to get into it. We didn't really even know about it. We're talking about other things and all of a sudden. This pops up and I really wanted to know exactly what the Sean was thinking about because sure. It was so repulsive in so repugnant I just I just couldn't wrap my head around it and the fact that he doesn't realize, or does it know who Hitler is? And the fact that six million Jewish people were exterminated by the Nazis in nineteen, thirty, three to nineteen forty-five. What are you thinking about? How do you? How does how does somebody have that? I come to mind as a thirty three year old professional football player I can't even explain even an eighteen year old high school football player I I can't explain it at all you know and. It's so repulsive that I was just. I couldn't sleep last night thinking about this and then on top of all of that. Comes a guy who like. Who We've had on we, it look I haven't talked to anybody. CBS Viacom or anybody you know he works for the same company we do. We've had on. We like them and it does a good job with a Matt Barnes and their show. But for him, the come out. Before. Sean Jackson even get an apology out there. And start ripping into the NFL racist owners and going and supporting the Sean Jackson never apologize for this. is, even more embarrassing. What. See here's here's what they need to do. They need to get on a frigging airplane and they need to fly. To Auschwitz and go see what it looks like and feel it I've been doc I. Know what it feels like I. Know What it looks like and I know what am I. Know See this is. This is the thing when you see Racism Anti Semitism you see it live. It just repulses you much like the killing of George Floyd repulsed everybody and made Stephen. Jackson, a household name across this country, and he became somebody who had a story who had a story to tell who wanted to tell a story about his friend. Came with great credibility and a personality to be i. mean he had everything going for him? And then pulls this yesterday I mean. How could anybody support that? No all right a couple of things one. I I had to watch that Steven Jackson a couple of times to actually believe that he was saying what he was saying. I could not understand for the life of me where the hell he was coming from, and I thought to myself. Is it actually possible that Deshaun Jackson and Stephen Jackson? Don't know who Hitler was I. Really Thought that, and maybe they don't. And that's not an excuse, either but how in the hell. Can One person does Sean Jackson Post that quote and Steven Jackson come out and say that he was speaking the truth. And Steven Jackson did a ton of great work that was admirable right after the death of George Floyd and said stuff which was I really loved his phrase. You know a love for people who have love for all all love for people have love all. And that was his message, and now all of a sudden. He's taken a left turn into extreme anti-semitism. Now I feel like everything that he said prior to that that I was with him on has been a raced because it doesn't mean anything if you've got that type of hate in your heart. So maybe it's a big misunderstanding. What this is about and they need to learn. But how is that possible? How is that possible? Jackson also said in there that you know. He's a part of the big three and they have a Jewish owner. He gets what we're talking about. What does that even mean wh? That's what I'm saying, but that's like doubling down on this thing. And then all of a sudden that post has gone, and then he put something else up there and I'm. I'm like I understand he is under an enormous amount of pressure again. I know it, and I know he's emotionally involved in this whole thing. He was thrust into the middle of this thing out of the blue, and he basically hit the ground running, and I could just imagine all the support he was receiving. You know behind the scenes from a lot of different people from companies. You know you name it and and all of a sudden this comes. I just I just. So hard to believe that there's so much hate in somebody's heart like this that you could say that. Support with the Sean Jackson did yesterday. Yeah, now here's the thing when you see a racist act like we saw in Minneapolis. It is ugly, and it just brings up so much emotion, and it just brings people back to. The beginning of this country, and what the Hell! We all went through or what they went through back then. What we're reliving now and the emotion is is serious, and that's why I say that when I've been in locker rooms and I've worked with powerful black men on CBS I've been to lighten to the issues that they've always brought to the table in discussions and open and honest discussions and I'm thankful for that and I'm thankful for understanding that much like. I try to learn as much as I could about the Holocaust, because my dad fought in World War Two. I wanted to learn. That's why went there. That's why I want to Normandy. That's why every time I go to Hawaii. Go to USS Arizona's memorial. That's why when I'm down. In. Washington, DC, I visit the the Memorial Museum Holocaust. Memorial museum down there. I just. It's like what is happening. What is happening? The people that make them do this? And this is again. I go back to the point where you see the Racist Act. It's disgusting. It's disturbing and everybody hates it and everybody from from the NFL on down everywhere else. I can even imagine we're was disgusted by what we all saw that video that eight minute and forty, six forty six second video. We hated it. And that and that cops going to get and he's going to get. Whatever he's GonNa get and he's. He's being held accountable, which is important and then there's work to be done after that according to Stephen. Jackson and Hall Whole Group of people that's their. That's their work. That's what they feel like. They WANNA do. That's fine, but to somehow double down on what the Sean Jackson said yesterday. I don't know what's going to happen with the Sean Jackson, but here's the thing Philadelphia's had its runnings inside. It's issues with some of its players. Like many organizations have had now. They had the issue with Riley Cooper and if you remember if I remember correctly Michael Vick was coming out of jail is playing football for the Philadelphia Eagles. On a second chance if you will when he was trying to get us life in order, and I think he was like you know like the adult in the room. That kinda calmed everybody down, and gave Riley Cooper a second chance, and then they gave him a contract extension. It's the Jackson even mentions him. Yeah, and that whole thing and like I like the Philadelphia Eagles Insane. Anything of people didn't react to it. Everybody reacted to a much like we reacted to the George Floyd. Floyd killings yet that was that was. Something is another part of that post where he he made? It seem like Riley Cooper got a contract extension because he used a racial slur. That's what Stephen Jackson made it out there. This guy uses the N. word. And then he got a contract extension. It's not how it worked. That's not the way it went down, but I don't know just showing Jackson I don't know a thing about him. He might be completely ignorant. He might be dumber. Dumber than a box of hair. He might be just really really stupid. I don't know anything about the thing that personally made me upset. Yesterday was the fact that I. We met and talked to Steven Jackson a number of times on and off the air, and he was someone who I really believed was was intelligent. He was someone who understood history. He was someone who's out there to do good in the world. He was someone who's GonNa. Make a mark in the media industry he. He was someone who went through a bunch of stuff in his life and came out better because of eight he was someone who is going to able to be able to help younger people from a position of experience. These are things I believed about Steven Jackson and that got a race yesterday. In that post it did now. I'm not saying that the people aren't allowed redemption. But when he said what he said in that post, it's like the guy that we came to new. Disappeared completely disappeared, and it was hard for me to take anything that he had said previously seriously because he said that Sean. Jackson spoke the truth. I mean that was so upset. It was upsetting to think that the thing about is so. We knew Steven Jackson before George. Floyd we don't know Stephen Jackson after George Floyd so he. Has Changed and he's obviously extremely angry, and that angry came to the forefront, so antisemitism is right in our face, and just like the racism is in our face, and it's ugly, and it's emotional and it and it hurts people, and you could feel it I felt it yesterday when we got off the air, and I knew it, and then going into all of this and reading this and listening to this, I couldn't sleep last night because I knew where we're GONNA, end up talking about it today and we're gonNA. End Up spending a lot of time on it and I know we're GONNA get a bunch of calls about it here. Here's my thoughts in in terms of. Jackson and what his future as he liked, Riley. Cooper gotTA show contrition. He has got to do everything that he possibly can to try to save. What's left of his career if he can play and I know they're going to be people out there. Say Get rid of him. Don't want them play. I, understand and that's fine but I. Think this is for all of us. It's another example of just how? Like out of touch we can be at times about things. Yeah, and he's got show contrition. He's got to learn and I know that his agents and I know how you've Rosement I know Jeff Lurie I all of these guys. Who are Jewish are all trying to help him figure out what the Hell's going on here and I just don't know how much pressure will be put on the Philadelphia Eagles in this case I mean they stood bringing Michael Vick you know who ran a dog killing operation out of jail, and they made and their starting quarterback. Dan, they had the Riley Cooper situation where he is uttering the N. Word at a concert at country concert of all things right now. They got this, so they've been down this road before. They've had controversy around them where they have handled it. I I just don't know the pressure, and it's really gonNA come down to Sean Jackson as far as Stephen. Jackson is concerned I. Think what we now see is somebody who is extremely angry, affected by his friend's death, and all the things in his mind that has led up to this point through his life. So and now we see it for what it's worth, and that's really disappointing. That is, that is really disappointing. Yeah, mean. It's when you say. It's up to Sean. Jackson and. And how he handles this I mean that's that is very true. Because in the beginning, you're the first thing he said. Was You guys took it the wrong way? And it's not what I meant, and that that is just as bad as response. You could possibly have now though there was another apology, and he has spoken to leaders Jewish leaders in the Philadelphia community, and he is apparently going to join him the one at the the rabbi at the Holocaust Museum and be educated now. He's educated if he learns. If this was pure ignorance, which is not an excuse you know, then he can get to a point in his life. Where maybe this is something that he can look back on and say wow Y. my brain was in horrible place I didn't know enough. I was totally ignorant and now I'm enlightened to the fact that it's changed my life. Let's let's that that's what we can hope for I know there's some people that are not going to accept any of that, and that's and that's okay, too. It is at, but you know if. If you are to Sean Jackson. That's what you have to do, and you're not going to win back. Everybody because what you posted. was that offensive it was that horrible, and you can't expect everybody to to just accept you back in because you have now learned about things that you should have already known about and shouldn't have touched in any sort of way on social media or any other way in your life well, there was a letter that was pen to Sean Jackson by ninety four year, old Holocaust survivor, and his name is Edward Mos Berg and he. Sent the letter to Jackson and. He invited him to visit with him. To a Nazi death camp. Even call it a concentration camp death camp because that's what they were and to help him understand how his life was changed, and how many people he lost in his life, and how he survived in came to this country, and where it's was able to build a new life because people came to save him. You know and we forget all these things you know and I heard Alan Jerry this morning. Talking about September Twenty, a September eleventh twenty twenty one is GonNa be mets or Yankees at Matt's and Twenty Years Since nine eleven and I was thinking yesterday after the show is thinking. Maybe we should just all Kinda like wake up one morning like we did. The day after nine eleven and all take souls in the fact that we're all still here, and we live in the greatest country in the world, and you know what it's it's. It's the most diverse it's. It's the safest. It's the best place to make a living life for oneself and Mr Mossberg basically pin that the Sean Jackson for that. I'm grateful and hopefully Sean, we'll learn. And hopefully he'll be able to continue his career assuming that he goes about it the right way which look I I can't even imagine what he feels like this morning, but I feel like this. I can't imagine how he feels. Yeah I. Mean It's and and unfortunately you know we're. We're at a another situation here where you know. An athlete with a big platform ended up doing something that is upset. A lot of people and it's just there's sometimes. You got you got two sides of this right like there's sometimes I say to myself like. Like why in the hell? Are. We even caring? What someone as as as Dome is? That would could post something like that. Why do we even care what he has to say because he's that stupid? But it is important. Garrity has to say because it's an opportunity for education. That's what it is, and that's when I stopped myself when I say I mean this guy is clearly a functioning moron to be able to do something like this so. We should just toss it in the in the garbage and forget about it, but no, you can't do that. What it provides is an opportunity for education for him and maybe others who had no idea. The, which is crazy me. Is that possible that there are? There's a generation or there's people that don't understand what happened in Nazi Germany. Is that even a possibility? Because and this is why this? The caller yesterday said read what he said or what he wrote, and like I couldn't read. It I couldn't get the words. Just I could not patriots saying basically broadcasting hate speech is what is. Seen in my stomach reading it and I know why he wanted us to read it. Because, he wanted us to read it because he wanted everybody to hear it. So we all hear what Anti Semitism is because that's what they dealt with back in the thirties, and even before that and they're still dealing, and it's still dealing with that just. Yet based like right just like. The the black people in this country are still dealing with it as well. Yes Yup, and we get it. We get it I. I just I just the the whole. A whole Stephen, Jackson thing is just so upsetting. I'd invite them on I, would and I'd ask him I'd ask direct questions. And I would not want to get entangled into something else. Yeah, because it's not about something else, it's about what you said about the Sean Jackson about the NFL and doubling down on and basically making accusations that are not true. Yeah, I know I. I thought about 'cause. You just said before there was a Stephen Jackson before George. George Floyd after your most of the stuff that Stephen Jackson was saying even after George Floyd I understood and I it. Was You know? I. Don't know this this to me was A. Look into his mind that I never thought I'd see I really not that I knew him for years not that we were best friends in college, roommates or anything, but I felt like from what I saw publicly from him what I privately from him that he wasn't capable of that thought process I really believe that. The other sick part of all of this. There's probably people that support that that officer up there that killed George Floyd shelvin right. There's probably people out there that actually support him. That's how sick some people can be and I guarantee you that there are people that support Stephen Jackson's actions and Sean Jackson's actions in this case. I guarantee you that there are their fringe elements that are out there. That are are pushing. The hate. When we wake up, put it. It's it's tiring is why you know when we have nothing to do, and there's no sports out there and we get involved in all these different things away from. The field and the court and the ice and everything else. We ended up stepping in IT and boy. I'll tell you what. We've all in at from time to time, but this thing that the Sean Jackson Stephen Jackson stepped in is huge. I mean it is. It's about as it's about as offensive in reprehensible as a get from from the spoken word point of view. Yeah I mean I know. I know just showing Jackson has made some efforts now since that that post I mean Stephen Jackson done anything since that I know is that. Is it deleted that thing or is it still his thing is his. His thing is the leded. But Stephen Jackson did come back out with another and I'll find it for you. He came out. Let's see another thing here does. Domain concern. Your races pain doesn't hurt more than the next races pain. Don't act like you're hardships or more devastating than ours. and You wonder why we fighting for equality commonsense ain't common truth hurts never waste time explaining to people who never supported you anyway. Free Game. Yeah I. Mean that that essentially to me is. Someone told me to take this post down, but I never wanted to. So I'm GonNa, give you this. That's what that says to me, right? Is that you see that any other way I I. Am Not going to tell me what I said was wrong. Because I'm not I'm not giving in right. I. That's what it sounds like to me, but again I don't know if. I. You know I don't know if. Change that significantly after the death of George, Floyd it's. It's obviously impacted him significantly. I know that I know that because I've seen him, but he's like you said. Most of his messages have been great. But this thing supporting the Sean Jackson. And accusing the NFL OF BEING RACIST He lost me. They're lost a lot of people there. They lost a lot of a lot of people. He lost a lot of his supporters with with this, and it seems like he's not backing down. Which is which is very unfortunate. All right boomer and Geo on the fan CBS sports network in radio DOT COM. Come right back with Jerry RECCO update plenty more for you. 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