Ethiopia signs 800 million dollars power purchase agreement


You're listening to the news on Africa. Business Radio on the hour. If the opium has signed a path chase agreements with eight hundred million dollars with the developers of one hundred fifty megawatt geothermal plant in a tweets. Prime Minister oppy on. It said the deal was the first such papa chase agreements to reach such an advanced stage in the country if ups to Lamoriello geothermal plant. We'd signed the deal with the government suspects to star generates in fifty megawatts of power when the first phase is completed in February twenty twenty three rise into one hundred fifty megawatt its full completion in twenty twenty five. The plants located in the offseason has been developed by the Tulu Moyer geothermal operations and that was the news at this time on Africa Business Radio. You can continue to listen live online at. Www Dot Africa business radio. That's come off IR MOBILE APP. Thank you for listening.

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