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EP145: Join Forces to Create Unique Hair Education, with Katrina Kelly and Conor Doyle


This is held cut it. In the Heston Industry Puck show wisdom lane episode number one hundred and forty five to have to cut it in the headrest in. Industry Cosstalk insights. Inspirations and information to take your handwriting offering to the next level as your host welcome back to health cut in headdress industry podcast the UK and islands number one rated hair industry cows since two thousand and Seventeen. And this is the weekly show where we bring you. Industry leaders rising stars digital influences and those from the creative fashion and media industries. Who Come on the show to share with you. Their insights their inspirations. And that information's that GONNA help take you to where you want to get within the hair. I'M BARBARA IN INDUSTRY MODERNIZED ONLINE. And today we are talking join forces to create unique. Hair education with Katrina Kelly and CONOR DOYLE. I think Katrina just kind of met each other at the exact point where both kind of realized that we could actually Jewish collaborate and fuel each other's trae tiffany on drive without overpower each other. So that have a taste of what's coming up in today's episode because I'm joined by two heavy hitters of Irish address in as on joined by owner of Co so-shu Katrina Kelly and L'OREAL young calories winner. Connor do nap both days have Congo of Sherry? Now would winning experiences and passions for the craft but the reason. I've got them on this podcast. Today's because I love how these two free spirits came together and collaborated and the reason why they collaborated. And that's what you're going to hear in his Polka so here we are in isolation. You probably think you wanted to collaboration really matter to me. Well maybe you might get inspired to collaborate with another address. Another colleague may be due and Instagram. Live with somebody else. This could be the star of you collaborating in some educational way now Katrina Ankawa came together before the `isolation kicked in. They were collaborating two years ago. And what brought them together is what we're GONNA learn about. And why they are bringing out the best in each of a nice helping them to create unique hat -education including lab series which was all built around the science of hair. Coloring really is an inspirational. Listen from these to a love. The company great energy so we can go straight into this episode with Katrina. Kelly and conor doyle really happy to welcome onto the healthy cuts. Heat podcast too. Big Heavyweights of Irish hairdressing and. I'm delighted to welcome onto the show. First up real life coach. Head coach. T. Motivator brand founder. Celena Katrina Kelly and joining Katrina. We also have conor doyle whose tagline on instagram his plays with hair for living. Nice is as follows intro. You need to take on. It is exactly just sat plays with have for living propagate so welcome to the show thank you for having well can I ask you? Can you are in the podcast family out you to pair up you now? Khloe SHANTA. What's The podcast still see? Elo You're like we would like to hear more than anything else in our industry so we ought to say could just call it still seattle. We couldn't do anything else and we just thought it was so well the house again. How you both enjoying it Katrina absolutely brilliant? We just have so much fun and we disagree. I'm so many a basic I mean there's so much in terms of where we want to go with Utah. I know we've been meaning to get this interview for so long. I now for different reasons. Probably my end that she wanted to postpone. But we're we're here in isolation some really excited and I'm excited because I want to learn about youtube because you become a real collaborative force yourself between each other and on that little bit journey and what you're about what it is you offer in terms of your education your color and also. I want to adapt everything. That's going to talk about a little bit to where we are in the world right. Now as it's well documented. We all know we're Nice. Elation you both in isolation in islanders well-padded currently under do actually so extra isolate to get good sound way. So yeah in very always laid right now. How `Bout You Katrina? I'm locked up my an Georgia darted framed between of being lockdown. I've had all of the emotions like every kind of emotion I've had from the week before the business had to close to decide what what we were going to do before the government do told was and then the first week I was kind of lazy and then the second week I was just enjoying the moment of quiet now having to do and then like this week. Now I've been busy busy busy organizing dance almost so we'd have emotions. I'd say about you you adopted into this okay and you find implanted to go out and slowly think and this is what. I've been talking to a lot of people in the industry where I think like because we've been so busy. There's nearly as like dealing of guilt. Almost you know what I mean because like everything's cancelled We can't really plan too far ahead so we've gone from having like the whole year plan to sudenly sitting down and thinking what to do next so for me. The hardest part is actually just like taking a breath. Getting there definitely gotten their Katrina. I mean say you both as education. You really you have yourselves but how you coat with this current restrictions that we've been given in isolation lockdown everything that was planned has that created a meltdown for you and have you that with it. Yeah so I think for me what happened was I could see at Komen. I good Sense of like you know. I had it educated Portugal. That trip was cancelled. I was in Italy in that Wisconsin. I supposed to go. Easy that Wisconsin everything. Kinda start counseling down and then you know the shutdown of the Ceylon was. It would lay Again how the safety is most important and but now I'm kind of if I'm honest John. I'm enjoying having time with my family. And they're not annoying me to think he's been. We've all got a heads around. We're all in this or the same. We're all in it together. So initially was a shock. Wasn't it because again? You had some bookings going on different things we would do in it but now. I'm Kinda waking up each morning. She in kin and I feel a bit guilty for Sinus. Almost umbrella over enjoy myself. Not exactly a name isn't it? You're like you're like you're not entitled to that because you don't have all this works to actually it's a whole world is on pause. You do guilty about it because you know there's so many people suffering obviously the medical profession epidemic of wonderful thing but from a selfish industry. Point of view is quite nice to have a little bit of time down and I think the thing about it is creative. Energy is to really let that go. Wouldn't you agree? Trina yeah like in the sense as well. I think that as hairdressers we do tend to dot to you know new things that are happening. I think as a creative especially when the night stops. That's when your brain starts to walk more so I think it's good to it's nearly its forces into this space that we stop and think in a different way put lives or instagram lives. Connor Katrina deserve. What's your take on this? I've just kind of doing one of them at the minute. An quite well because they came more from like not being able to stop so he's a great. How can they possibly deliver to work? Get the industry involved also just like make a little bit of money for charity and civic and going Dot Tumb quake good so I think everyone is kinda reach now on developing a bit into that now Daphne I think showed how much potential is in Duffield of inscribed on facebook live. Maybe we weren't using as much before. Well we certainly on that. Well we treat. I mean he's gone. It's called mental hasn't it? Everybody is just a lot you know what? Let me. Just get on their lives yet. Like is for millions. I wear deal on M. There was one thing that we want to do on its launch an educational so are not held back on a couple of the lines because this week possibly tonight. I actually this weekend and we're launching a new website. This is all a home. Diy like has your hair at home but not color. Joist 'em how to do. Different styles are actually due to watch this instead of the on the lines. Were doing like to watch the live at the tutorials on the website you have to donate so for the source few weeks or actually 'em raise money for lots of phones for Amer Hospitals Arend and sore the World Health Organization as well and so another kind of held back on some of the light on instagram. For that reason because we are site is going to go live so but we're delighted that we are going to be doing everything like for donations for the floor. He weeks all that launched as mega wilder view is doing. I think for a great cause but yeah I have a lot of fun watching these lives and people getting used to beeping good to watch now. Certainly. Yeah we'll be watching what you do in. Yeah sounds great Wednesday night but we want to learn a little bit more of the guys and I know you are massive. I mean you both huge in Ireland. I know that and certainly across European giving listeners. A little bit of a heads up less work at how you came together. I in you know as a bit of a collaborative force would not be. Right in saying the purview. You you definitely got so. Let's start off with yourself. Khanna gives a bit a heads upon who you are the hairdresser and where you are right now so I suppose I'm Harris in eight years at this stage and I. I was inclined of a really big company for a long time. And they're quite good. I got quite actually started to feel like the same thing over and over again. I started to feel like I didn't actually like hair anymore. It's actually like I didn't like industry. I DOT COM to panic. Decided why didn't realize actually that I was just talking to roll and I think sometimes you don't realize until you're on the outside of it and so what happened was I think I think Katrina. Just start shot and over instagram. And WHO's just like? Who says MoD one? Who'S IN WAY MASSACHU- requests headier? Then we got gotten on. Education is always something that. Kinda I wanted to get into a bit more Fulltime Amway's doing a bit of a time never under my own name was always under the company's name or through a brand or something like that on my stock trainer kind of thing and I think Katrina just Matt The exact point where we both kind of a bit of a real realized that we could actually Jewish collaborate and fuel each other's trae tippety android without overpower each other and that was about maybe two years ago. We did some projects together from them. Brunch did our own things again but we always bounce back to each other and to check in and see. How can we build your auto home? We create something together. You know advised that way on so since then. I've left and bigger company. I now work with wildflower crate. Shudo which is kind of crazy flow bespoke kind of area in Dublin on Bhai Danica Garner Ideal Cooper. Dare I have my own Education Connor James Education and I still. I know what a couple of bronze on my own terms and Katrina now are starting to poke. That's kind of where I'm at the independent iconic. Oh you lucky. The indecent of freelance work with lots of different various brands educational. You kind of in a free place to as you want when you want. Yeah exactly am I think that's a really? I don't think you can actually put a value on that radio and I think that's you know I think that's the way businesses need to be if they want to retain stuff. I think that's like more business. Owners are seeing that those that aren't are probably finding harder to retain staff Co. I kind what about you Katrina and so I guess is well like that a stage where are my education. I had my own education for three or four years on against was educate brand online education. was like going radio. I was trailed with it. Got to a stage where I was ready to kind of you know. I wanted to collaborate. I of felt like education again. Like being bossed at times can become very lonely. When it's you up there all the time. Educating says sometimes it's nice to collaborate with somebody so am I had an idea for this 'em Harrison's course and I had spotted connor how isolated. Dm So we sit back idea for the science education connected together then Katrina yet like we had. We had been told on instagram on. Just when I came up with the idea of the Harry signs and we wanted it to be created when I got into it. You can't just knew he was the one I just knew I was like it. Has He was the? And when we did chemistry experiments like ideas for future on Salva chemistry experiment than just critic creative education. So we kind of you very way we deliver a station very different very creative very I would. Say Don adjudged absolutely and I think like drain your said there. What works so between the two of us is that we constantly disagree. We have very different. No genuinely extremely different ways that we educate that we do here. A provides really good insight to different mindsets. And then you just pick and choose bitter applicable to you. Do you know what I mean. I would say like sometimes when we are educating together like you'd be moments of us of the was where we'd have a moment of madness and disagree and on something undamaged. We actually up with the real solution together which I think is really going to industry need you to then as a parent as a collaborative. What was it that you felt that you were going to bring the no one else was bringing an I'll put up on him. I felt I guess dot is kind of saying to you before I tink like sometimes education and there was this whole idea like a copy and paste style of education where it was like. This is the trend. This is how to do it. Do on this particular hair undocumented. There was no like why resume thought way on. I think because Katrina hot such different ways of educate in different backgrounds. Different ways of thinking a four so to focus on the mechanics more so and declined like intricacies of hair color so that you could just assemble all these tools and create something yourself Roy so more bespoke which you say. Trina on. I'd say as well. It's understanding the students that does not one way of educating everybody learns in a completely different way for me on INOVA connor like way. We need to be validated. All the time so we need to know that student is Larry. I'm we are listening watching students to see if they're getting an zone an end to each student as opposed to our guest Daniel. You know saying this is what I can do. You know I'm following. A farm is showing like not that. That's always wrong but I think. Why are education's really or so well is because you know we are children into each individual and even though our educations universal am I just think that I just think it's form I think so you know you would make it relaxing for people would be a a big part of education on when I spoke to Roy for this week's podcast and he taught about his style of educating it was about not putting the fear that for people and people just naturally feel comfortable? What they're doing because training camp become a little bit fearful definitely and the thing is as well as we would nearly be shooting to each other if that makes sense so sometimes halfway to Be like wait. Can you just explain not me so I decided to not like likewise Katrina could be the same we fully understand that would reduce students to each other and we would do that as a Lotta fronted. The students like divided something connor with. Oh my gosh that's amazing. I've never done that before on Jesus's name in for the counter is out so I think the students when they look at us becoming student they am. They feel more comfortable straight away and because we're all learning nobody knows at all so we're constantly you could've asked me. You know I hear this collapse and I know I had a wonderful interview with Sabrina. The KNEES COLLABORATION. And you guys as well when you talk about your education in the past it. Was You got educated generally in an academy you went to an academy. You got educated you to the educational. Is it a business? I as a parent you both a educational business together so we are separate entities. But we would do collaboration kind of yeah. So that's where to. Collaboration is different to a business. U2 collaborating as a as a as both your own businesses but together to create his educational products is that right exactly. Yeah and it's I think it works better Dan because what happens is that we will will develop a corridor work on a particular event or will work on certain and then we have our freedom than to go our separate ways for a while and in the meantime it's like we're constantly developing what we've done last time we then meet up against do another event or just do another courses plans anything else. We've smoker completely different ideas that we can put together whereas sometimes I think if you restrict it under the one umbrella of one company in two people working together all the time. Not that that's wrong. What your ideas are always going to be kind of directed in the same direction whereas we don't tell you different directions and then we kind of meet again brainstorm rates and then kind of go off again kind of thing of like we are both free space assembly very much like we need to be able to kind of do our own thing. It's kind of like a coble ship. You know for a while back together again every so often and that's how it works and it's so funny that we both have agreed that we could not work together in studio environment so I mean you see Katrina us you reach down to call now at. What was it you saw in connor that youthful this guy? I really feel would be a great collaborative person for me and you know we can complement each other. I think it is humor. Like we both have like we do. Like Sean. Have a laugh. His knowledge as Just was just something about by. Can't even explain. I was Kinda just drawn to him. And he's obviously gorgeous looking at how can often he is also him on instagram. You have good looking. This is every but I just. I was just drawn to his knowledge while armed at I just it was Harrison's chorus that was you know I was learning so much about Harrison's and I love Larry on learning on a deeper level and a couple of things that he had polio. On them we spoke. I knew when I when I spoke to him that he could actually man are teach me to speak proper English along the course go because another originally. That was what we were going to really go into was the hassle and I really liked that because it was you know I think a little bit different and that I guess is what you're doing really well as a collaborative parent is coming up with sync with a bit of a bit of a different twist on it and just give us a quick heads up one of you on you know what that science course gave and will we see more of them. It kinda gave like a deeper understanding again because we came from such different backgrounds of education which different backgrounds learning. What we wanted to do was kinda nearly meet in the middle and see what is common ground on the applied across the board denote. I mean 'cause sometimes and again. This isn't a criticism to brands or companies. But sometimes Lebron's will direct you on an educational That just what they believe in to not mean and that's our product. I wasn't even going to say off. Yes exactly so. We wanted to do something that you know we. We didn't talk formulas we didn't talk. And you know nine point two about we talked in callers. We talked in just more visual aspect to China. Maybe we need to strip the whole thing back down basics and even Katrina had this whole thing about like what the center of the quarter wheel is. I didn't even know I wouldn't even admits where for the first couple of months of it. It just Kinda gave people a chance late nearly empty. Your brain will onto the table. We're just GONNA put gather Boyd's different way and then we did this. We did. A chemistry experiment is while we're we got all students to make ammonia F- goggles on the start. While we had our white coats off I'll every health and safety real completely violated so they got an Melania. They knew instantly if they made it. Because you know by the smell of it and then they got them to make our unsold sites against and again chemistry experiments was basically you know a lot of hard water in Ireland manager. Uk Men Roads in the Washer on those minerals attach onto the hair. And so what we discovered wads when ammonia mix mixes with the results and it causes a chemistry. What what what kind of reaction sorry caused the reaction and then that reaction goes green and then over time goes brown? When oxidized goes orange? Which again the happens to the hair in kind of see that Brown orangutan on the hair so at Berlin because Farrah's it was more deeply level of understanding and the students. Were like my spouse. Wait wait to come to that collaborative educational lighter for the ammonia the whole science yet. You knew it just again. I think for me is a student when somebody would explain something to me. If I didn't understand that sometimes I just say okay because the moments when I was trained in that I felt kind of stupid if I did and if somebody said big words on I didn't understand it I kind Am for me. I developed education ideas for myself to be able to learn on a deeper level on a guest. It's potent in action into awards thought had to Kinda Lodge into the brain. A bit for there is a different way. That's all on a kink. I think that's where we like as different as we are at that was our similarity because I couldn't I cannot learn S. I understand every single part of it just doesn't make sense and we brain like all USA type shooting that you probably would absolutely hate the having of course because I ask every single question. I will question everything. All the 'cause people would think that I'm questioning dam and their knowledge doubting but it's not I would just need to know why you lifting your sex. Not Why why you mixing this this way? Why are you in and I just felt like unless I understood all the part that you couldn't show me technique and tell me to recreate it because I need to know. Why have you done it this way instead? Thought way needs to be from the start so that was built my education then kind of really cool. Isn't it size questions and never to be afraid and I'M ANITA L? Like over the years. I would never be afraid to ask questions like hunter. I ask as many questions as I possibly can because we need to understand that. Lauryn needs so. If you're listening to ABC be afraid to ask questions ask all actions in the war. I off the person to solve the questions do. Yeah yeah like there's a way do isn't there. There's somebody saying would you do that? And then there's someone saying well I wouldn't do that. Do not mean there's two different ways somebody for the psychic combination to there. Are People actually asking? Questions is how we learn. Isn't it. It really is. It's the only way and it shows that you're engaged in what that person is doing. Certainly you guys as educators in what you do. That's the biggest compliment that you can get. People are really interested to learn what you're showing them. I people ask questions because again it. Just Sean how interested they are. There's no more some. Somebody not asking questions are kind of. Don't you want any questions on my God? Yeah I've room full of silence. There's no bigger fear for an educator than when nobody asks a question. Well I'm GonNa ask you another question that 'cause I'm getting my head around collaborative work and I know we say more and I kind of put it to like the the brands like your big band. That you being into your boy band. You go ban pop band and then you suddenly break away. And you want to be credible artisan and you collaborate with your artists and my thinking is is then. Where do you go on you tool with this because you based in Ireland? Is this solely your educational word? That you do is an island thing Katrina. Now it's worldwide and we will kind of go anywhere from the brands and she is you guys independently collaborative you go anywhere. Do you travel around the world doing what you do as a parent not brand. We haven't yet but we really want to. We have been. There's been a couple of salons in Canada and in UK. Actually am Gino. Carlos in the social KUC's Masha Voice. Though I actually have a car down there may now may pushing it but you might have to put up the lights night but not as cool. That would be my forest avenue date so I'm so excited about it and but yet myself really wanted to take this worldwide so you can book us today. So we'll come. We'll get to those later on in in terms of how to get involved in you but just gone a little bit more into con of Education. We're in a point Rodwell as what we all know. We don't keep reminding ourselves we're in isolation and people are going to be thinking. Well why is it so relevant to me now? Why does this matter what Katrina in Colorado talking about in collaborative spaces boys you advice connor to anybody? That's out there. Nothing can look. I want to get involved in education in a right way. And what would you be saying to that person right now? Who just doesn't feel that any this? What we're talking about is relevant to them Geno. It's probably actually the best time because any time like I got a lot of masters and Katrina from people. He wants to do education but they might be out of hairdressing like a couple of years or they might a lot of sounds it really a lack of confidence so for some people like we confer GATT sometime as educators because we can get nervous gone on stage. You're talking to people what we can. Actually Forget. Is that sometimes for the person? That's huge. Get Out of bed that day and get dressed and get ready and put themselves out there on. Show up to a course with a lot of people in their minds. They might feel better than them even if they're not you know put themselves into a situation where they have to learn and potentially make mistakes for some people. Dot is absolutely terrifying. I think it's it's really important. Never to owner underestimate. Thought you know what I mean. I think now and we're in a situation where as educators. We're like okay. We have to start online things. We start you can actually if you want to upscale from the comfort of your own quarantine home you actually go on and just join these with the lives. They tend to have bigger group. Showed me it's more like a couple of hundred people. It's not like you're you're going to be really particularly noticed in a group of like all these people it's real time for oxygen debut toe in that water and get a taste for education and a case forgotten involves on. You know see what's out there. Slowly start to build your confidence back to may be gone onto a course them when things blow over yet does not make perfect sense and Katrina from your point them. Is it possible for you to a friend? Else's to collaborate in an educational format from a distance so you and Connor. Could you come together and do saint what you do in life courses but do it online so people can think yeah? I'M GONNA come get inspired by these two together. Yeah absolutely I think. That's a great idea. Is CONNOR ADAMS OFF? Nilda course next week and like I said Connor of course next week net hang 'em tipped Absolutely I do think. A great time to Hokkaido put somebody on collaborate even if it's an interview 'em alive interview and do like hot topics and but also from UNNIGAN. Everything is not as oppose. Joe's hairdressing ads in technique glared. Mike sometimes it's nice to have discussions open. Discussions live on people like learn a lot from discussions as well or they might see like. Oh thank goodness. I'm not the only going through and I think it's a great time now to start. Collaborate collaborating with Neighboring out on it's really good because no matter when we open our doors again. It's our neighbors. Were all in that same boat together. We're all going to be opened up around the same day an around the same time. Like you're gonNA need our neighbors more than ever NICs collaborate which brings out odds you know. It doesn't have to be someone who who's not close. Am I think it's a great time to which you go with that? I just think that's it. I think it's definitely true because now more than ever like we all actually really need each other and you know I really I suppose the side effects in a way which goes to show how supportive the industry oxy as. Because when you think about what's gone onto minute it's the first time kind of in world got everybody has agreed on something and generally like okay. We all have. We all have every business while he's is going through the exact same experience it's like at holy level playing field to know like nobody really is better or worse off in this situation so it's a time for actually sharing ideas. It is a time for open for dot like even like Walk Katrina soon while while I'm like what the techniques that we would have done live we would charge hundreds of euro for people to come to Jenin for salons or for students to Coleman. Do and we're doing for free or for charity on a lot of places that you not know. So it's just become this open floor of discussion and sharing. I suppose it'd be. Don't take part in that. You're not going to benefit flourish. Where everybody if you know what I mean on. It's it's actually really easy to be pirated issues. Soyinka Journal just GonNa say there is some we with this whole kind of pain. Part of in a non loving now oldest free collaborative live education. But is there a danger that we are entering into sink here now? Which is almost. Everybody is going to be doing education on an instagram. Live now and some labor is going to be thinking. We don't need to pay for this anymore. Guy Fool because people are all given this for free right now but I'm talking free months down the road. How how are we going to be looking as an industry coming out of this? Isolation is a danger is going to be really different and actually it's going to have a big effect on people that have made their businesses from educational companies. Who that's a great question? Dumb one unthinking yeah. I don't know I'm just thinking is just. I wonder how we cheapen and not cheapen and ask wrong word. It's everybody is suddenly you? I think you both agree with me. You are immensely award-winning incredible work. Look at your instagram accounts. Get to know you. You are rightly educators but there are people. I fail hooping caters for a long time and suddenly now they've got a platform to do in lives and that's great. I'm not against that. I just worry people are gonNA look to the wrong people but she. I suppose it comes down to quality and the thing is i. I actually do agree with that. I do think everything that we've kind of held back as I are like. Give free Watt doors is a forces innovation. We have to be innovative. And we have to develop and when this blows over be ready to provide something that is gonNA sell on. I guess from a purely business standpoint. Yes we are showing our cards a little bit. We are shown so start. Normally we would charge for and we are almost underclothing ourselves but although doom is kind of introducing people to what we do you what we're capable of and then the pressure is to be innovative. So you can create something that Stan GonNa sell. Yeah that's what you think trainer like for me. Although we really are given a lot of way fighter for free or again charity Fort US creative on as an innovator you will always have more driving. You'll always have something extra in you that you haven't even thought of or you haven't even developed and I actually feel the more I give the more I show because I've done lots of free things of many many years more. Ideally I actually developed more is always something like I keep going and keep going almost You you create saint which is good but then you it's a bit like the techniques in the sons ignat clients catch up and sounds ketchup. And the rule pioneering salons go up that next level again which is like. Oh so you'd ones who keep taking us up taken. Us taken us up to that higher level where Yeah Rocketship. So you can. Brian is rocket ship. Even before. This pandemic Hopkins. You know the access to free education and information has always been there. But you can't put a price on human experience of somebody. It's like if you were to compare it to like homework coats for example okay. So homework has always been available. Homework are always there and we found is actually themselves and you could be. You could watch out and you could do it. And you'll feel that you've not to work but then if you go on actually do a wounds won't PT session. They're correcting your form correcting your tempo. Their senior weights. You'RE GONNA benefit significantly more. So sometimes law the Hopkins as when you. Let's say somebody's watching me or somebody's watching Katrina. They'll watch it a takedown. Their notes look video. Amazing under will be like for them. Show me dot in real life. It can go the other way as well you know. I think that's Puffy. Tushar not come member. Who told me about this? But it one of my previous interviews where they spoke about you. Buy The CDs or you. Download the music artist and you kind of music anyway but you still want that live experience. Then see them in concert is I guess. Similar to maybe work in Education Katrina absolutely definitely. Yeah I agree I think and says it was nothing better like we're he'll when we actually you know we have human connection and that's why even right now. This is hard you know. My Mom and dad live across the road from end. I see but I can't hope them in an auto WANNA do is go to them on a clinical to my students. I'll tell you what could be comes to tell you that it's going to be a lot of cuddling going on in the world but I didn't paint that. Human connection is really important like wheat. Myself and connor would talk to students online all the time but when they're in our presence presence like they'll gauge was afterwards Even more than I taught and realized it was a big day. Real life is if where's the big like we don't but they know there is a difference and I think although it can for me I love online education you know we are all platforms an accident. I still love gone on a car on a state. He said it's totally different. So I think that's always gonNA be around. I I think that is exactly. You still cannot beat that and it goes back to what you were saying Kana where. It's great to ask the questions and Walsh you in a chat room. That's great but it's just not quite that same in applause. When you've got somebody standing there physically showing you know. Definitely not yeah. It's it's yeah you need to be able to every scenario and again. This is why I don't really work off like technique basis because every single hadn't twenty. It's GonNa be totally different. Do you know what I mean. So for example as a m live for charity their truce on God. I have actually no concept of days. What we have too much myself. Yeah I think it might even Friday Friday to beat for far. I'm not sure put him. I dated a technique but it was shown rapid pointed to mention technique. Four blondes and all this kind of stuff. That could be totally different depending on the head. You know what I mean and all the I ended up getting like I actually see it. You know to be totally pragmatic. I see as a really good business. Venture time to be offering people free education because dot live. I ended up getting hundreds and hundreds of questions of what would you do in this situation. What would you do in this situation? Or let's say start you that I can't possibly onto the moderate can't possibly unto them all accurately but it creates an intrigue then to what. I wonder what it's like to go on a course and see that in person so it's kind of like a win win you're doing. You're you're giving people some education for. You're all giving people a flavor than for if they do want to go because I think as well like as much as it's amazing it is for charity at demand. If this keeps going on at the minute like we probably are going to have to craze some online services that you will charge the therefore for people who do want to go if they do have that little bit of money and to look after salves a bit you know what I mean. It's always cool yourself a little bit and that's not being greedy or anything like that. It's just having a sense thing. Okay let's say in three weeks time. This looks like it's not an for awhile. How can I generate income? Make It really affordable for people. Enough Force anybody. Do you know so do your little bits here and there but if you wanNA create premium where you might have just maybe twenty people in Zoom Dot Room. We WanNa pay and got a bit more of a personal experience stock option as well. I think that we're going to see a little bit more. Stop being over. The next little while is all well. I do have a new website. Wanting just segue nicely. Katrina wants something. You can't leave US hanging on that new website. It's concerts are held social. We Call Team. Socialites am but one of our hashtags with it stay in. Hashtag was stay social so our new website is called day social and educated Six give us a bit more what that's going to evolve yet. So we're doing 'em tutorials from all the team at home with 'em diy tutorials. They're only like really short was then. We'll have 'em the live sessions so that we are doing myself on gas artists the lexicon back and we'll be doing live 'em education and then we have the lab sessions on the lab. Sessions is all hair science-based again phone a chemistry and stuff like that full on online platform. Before the launch we are doing donations only and then eventually will be and small donation. And we'll all go towards the future education of the team and late. My pocket the brand into that by the way Katrina as well to socialize. Sessions live sessions the lab sessions. It's a really really cool. And that's that's built. Is Your own platform that you will have their own and you will again without going to technical. I don't WanNa blow people's minds but a you embed in a using a particular platform software to put into your website that allows you to have that on your own website under your own. Banner Brand yes. So it's it's it's GonNa be all on our on our website so what. We had an idea of doing the first ten minutes on instagram on facebook. And then it switches off and so you would have to say the end of it. You'd have to go back over onto our website. Just an idea. I had from people right because that goes back a bit to what connor was just saying. You have to have a tease. Don't you into a product you want people to want more? Zabit like when you sign up for package on saint you you generally get the free one and then you see that. Middle One and you've won a bit more aren't you all is that human coll- wide behavior. I guess in his honor that you see a little bit. You won't more don't you? You've got a title and corner is over and that is a team people do because like people say it's me a lot like you know. Are you sure you're not giving too much away? Because I I would have sometimes five minute long. Atv videos about exactly how he did. Something that doesn't mean dot if given it all the way shown how donor and actually it doesn't mean anything calling recreate. There have to be specific way. It's like if you sat down on watched you know five minute segment of someone cooking something. It doesn't mean you could go. And then cook exacting from scratch. Because you haven't been there you haven't been on experience so I think you know it's a very different clinical lab and it was like by giving out free content to create. It's against the greater. You know unless you were to do a seven hour long stream going to every single thing. You're never really gonNA give everything way see every for too long. I do and I think I'm looking for now is so people are pushing things to the new direction and Katrina. I really love what you're doing now with the the site your take in that live experience and because the technology is now and for people to really grasp this and wants so many of us are just thinking. Oh there's instagram live and I'm looking for the sneaker things now that I've got to be on Tom I'm loving it but I'm looking for. It's what you just said. I like that little teaser on instagram story. And IT Bang Straight into your. You know your your platform and working with artists on there. Yeah it just about. I suppose you know that. We don't invest to more which we a lot of us do into the platforms like we've all invested so much into instagram. Both I think it's really important to look at what's new what's coming on acting. Just can I just say that? Connor is a tick tock superstar. Now he has gone a him viral. You serious amount of followers like seventy connor on your take talk. I'VE GOT VIDEO WITH. Nearly a million views has to you. Know take talks governmental enough in the industry again. Just stand to hear if these people like yourself who are becoming superstars on. That blind is calm and my approach so I suppose my approach hairdressing has always been so this is probably GonNa Resell them which redeem myself from the second right. What we do I think is so important and I think like how make people feel is so important? I think the morning we can generate the kind of profile. You can generate for yourself but the end today. I always want everyone to know what's hair okay. And I don't mean that in like a really patronizing condescending way. I think sometimes when we take ourselves initiate fire too seriously it can get a bit. Nasi anything get a bit of. It can just to get a little bit toxic at the end of the day. We need to put ourselves back and just be like this is something we have foam way. It's beautiful it's not and so I've always Klein. Just slide the debate. I've always kind of been a bit sarcastic. But satirical about it and and I guess dots any anytime. I've kind of built following because I've made a video. Where Jewish kind of taken to do you know what I mean and which take talk. Talk on feeds into our like. I don't think it's massive for our industry juicy apple. I think it is going to be really really big. Because what take talk to say kind of feeding into our like to pleasing attention spans like. Do you know what I mean. We like most people. Swipe possum thing within two seconds demeans so if you can clinic. January interested in a couple of seconds undelivered piece of information very very quickly. And that's what people are looking for will also. It's it's like it's something that you can create like the video the IRA. That's nearly out like a million at nights whenever or to us is because I was lagging lagging clients and what they're gonNA do 'em in between home visits and all this kind of stuff and it's just it's just bringing a bit more on the next. Not Lose sight of actually social media is about being social all the time and I think sometimes we always so caught up with how we sell in our brand and our religion and sometimes just get on social media and enjoy and have fun. I guess that's exactly it's just. It's just like actually taken the heaviness out of Alabama. I I do think even though like videos I just saw the men are just kind of like sliding or whatever I actually do. Think a business too. I think that's going to be the next thing even though like months ago itself when we were all like all. I'M NOT GOING TO GET. I actually think that's going without instagram. Always Good Katrina said. We shouldn't be putting too many things into one platform we should be like but I guess he's leaving his name. I think sometimes platforms come along and some come and some go but we all suddenly panic and we think we've got to be part of this a little bit almost within panic. Things are going to be doing an instagram live. Now when everybody else is doing I think we just gotTa make sure we manage all this right. Have we Katrina rather than trying to go off everywhere and do everything be really good at something and yeah? I would like in the sense that I think it's you know it's important that you do most of your focus on on one pink but I think you should always have Lags in different bastards as well for you know that it's nearly Stettin Four if you need to move on to something that you have an idea about an unfriendly like with tick tock I have somewhat floor. I just put production voices behind Nova takes. We actually did an instagram. We did outside em stay social and tick tock and the whole Just doing funny take socks or have a great great crack it just just one as opposed. You sometimes instagram now. I got so stressed rents Worried at a stage where you know everybody was putting up. Lease em photographs undoing. Long context and five isn't Google words to make sure that the words were right in the context arms like like like. Oh because more visual Academic on me like you know take jokes just was formed and I. I don't do any that UNSCOM now. I'm not a stressful right. And I just do. Mike Pain on instagram. And I'm happy where sometimes you can be to. Everybody else is doing our people sometimes with their talent others what they should be doing you know and I don't think that's a good things either. I think it's important that everybody understands. You know what you need is right for you. It should enjoying and if you're not enjoying something that's any kind of your using it full. I think ultimately is what it comes down to. Isn't it if if you own instagram? To build your brand your profile and you'll keep to that that's what you rule about tick Tock Yukon is your place to just be your wife from. Haret's how fun it puts a bit of a smile on your face but it's not so brand driven isn't it? It's just knowing where you are. What you using it for ultimately that's what it is about isn't it but not taken so serious in life exactly That's always been my thing because it's so. It is so easy to get caught up on like instagram. I only got. We've all done it. We've all like checked our lives in a particular thing and then devalued 's how we felt about some work that we've doing based on the amount of like you know what I mean like you put something up and you think it's your favorite things on my only get so many likes and all this down you start picking up boxes probably amazing your taste. That's why even on me Katrina Paul. 'cause we have like an under five. K. Shadow so we came up with this idea that you know like a lot of times. People won't even look at People's profiles now on that they have a certain amount of following like and and we just felt. That was really wrong. So we've started giving people that we think works amazing deal with their following. And I think that's really important is doing in the pulsing gives a bit of a heads up on what we can expect to your podcast Katrina so in the past we have and we talk a bit client experiences. That we've had 'em will we also do a good news and a good news story parents as well where we talk about? Good news happening worldwide. And you talk a little bit about hair and have some awkward moments as well so elect hundred. Tell you off color. Just it's basically based off. Something I did. I don't know I'll I'll be can everybody's Sumitomo's awkward moments and I'll just post honest meeting on my story on a juice blew up People love hearing other people's misfortune. It's just a weird and they think humans do so we've introduced as a basis up. The podcast is bad. We're GONNA it's a lot of user submitted client because what we didn't want was a great hair podcast because you already have a really good hair. Not So Personalities I love what? You're doing these stylish as you conduct bound so again. Collaborative podcast exactly. We just wanted something that was re accessible for everybody. Our basis was hair but we wanted to focus more on like the day-to-day lives of every hairdresser. Every are Arizona's or even just as like a human kind called human experience podcast. 'cause we're in contact with the population more than most other professions. So we hear the funniest stories. We hear the news. I we hear the most awkward teams I we. We have the most kind of unique experiences so we just wanted to really hone in on that and create as an experience for people just to pop in their ears as well be for you. Never the clients that we'd have to have a of people that follow us on social media and a lot of our clients that'd be big fun day of our Him So we want them to be able to listen to it as well so we didn't want to be just about. Harry wanted it to be all the experiments on the phone element of of the consumers. Get is you know. 'cause I accommodate consumers aren't gonNA listen to my podcast because we you know we need that little bit of a jump over between the hair and into the consumer that they can be entertained to. Yeah that's exactly right reminder of the name again I'm going to put holdings by the listeners in the show notes after this interview I'll give you the details where to find out everything and Walk Connor and Katrina Rope. So what's the name of that podcast wants more? Tell the yellow and yeah you can find on spotify at the minute. We are going to be on apple podcast when everyday eventually approval. One episode out we should be dissect one of am well. Welcome to the podcast family. I'm delighted to see you know you can have all come into. I think it's absolutely brilliant and I'm over podcast. Say they're just yet. Brilliant Right. Peoples is is a great way right fully really appreciate how much work goes into itself off typing people get it. I just say if you're going to podcast quality I think it's easy to just do a podcast but You know I don I edison. Do that stiffness Elfin at and if you guys are doing that as well in your own edits you can add. If our that's what we started to let Alkali Okay. Give us a shout large. You know I've had It's been such a good conversation with the parent of you. It's I'm so flattered to have you on the show because I know you know you us. Huge names in hairdressing now. He's done the silk at the Irish Headdresses Federation met. Somebody goes you come up so often so I know. What do you want some amazing awards and you haven't disappointed? Let's just say has been such a relaxed conversation. So let's just get some links out there before I give you my last five questions. So can we find you all and what you do in. So who's going to lead the wellness? Let's say conor you start off A. I just have my instagram OPTIMA. I was in the pros as website. But let's say vaccine so just my instagram at the minute is connor. J M D. That's where you'll find him some questions asking questions put I am you. Katrina am so my instagram is training Kelly education and and then my website is extremely county education at my new website. Stay SOCIAL AND EDUCATE. I really well again listeners. Double in catchy we will put them all in links we you and you can click straight on through to them and you guys aren't going to be checking your pocket. I did have a look on apple. Podcast for you ever Diane. She was pulled. What's believed I pulled out. You continue nothing with the frantic work that you do. And he mentioned you. Podcast immersed gun have listen to this and I couldn't find so you on spotify atomised but we'll have some good I K so we're GONNA do dorms last five questions. One of them is a concrete asking this question. You know which one yes. I'm going to remove. That was so I'll kind of ask who make it. Nice and snappy fun we want to know about your wife from Work An- not hair industry so away from work. How do you best like to spend your time Katrina and I liked gonNA run and I like to eat? My husband's failed for a second out will put that question to you. Cut Away for what? How do you like to spend your time? I just like to get out of the city to be. I love living into overnight. Low of like how old defense community boring absolutely like at the middle. I'm an isolation in carry at the bottom of a mountain states tree gray actually the great wifi connection considering another big concern about it but the connections good. I know that sounds love late. I questioned to. What's the one song that makes you jump up and hit the DANCEFLOOR? Oh and oh do dearly. But I love won the Yeah they were. I loved Julia. Perez was her classroom of I have a crush on are far too old to have a little bit high school just to have a Russian ankle but never mind because she was so same question to you call now. What's the one song that makes you jump up and hit the DANCEFLOOR and cheese you Donna? Summer ice lows enthusiast of what I question. Free this one. I had to change because I was asking everybody. What were you doing this time last Sunday afternoon? But that is going to be the base in Iceland. She so she's first time. I tried it but question. Free Katrina. How are you best spending you days? Insolation and organizing. I've organized my kitchen. Prices are have organized on labelling bodily blur a few months ago. And it's the best thing in Boston. Now everything include my kids Tai Chi in that same question to you how you spend your days in isolation and same thing like I found quite hard to start with a lack of structure juicer basic planning only day exercise is not saving grace at the minute and setting goals. So I'm trying to get back into running weight lifting with like cons of beddington underlying structure goals adding exercises. Funny what Jill Jim Equipment where we'll grab at the moment suitcases and everything. So I cannot season any of that but cost you. What was the last big you treat you gave to yourself? Katrina last treats loan guy to us and our face months of no actually both good traits. We'll need a lift their I K- tightening whatever. We Happens Stop Dot Com saint question that a big trait you got yourself am. I now treats our hearts come laughing at the minute. Isn't that all? I made a cake today. That was probably. I just made a lemon juice. Okay specifically Jewish from way south. Not only yourself as well pretty much. Yeah I did too kind of polite offering but was slight your agent if anybody actually told me up on a bit of drizzle lastly Katrina. Tell us one more thing that we really need to know about you. And that I I. I love to laugh noise. I love having a good out laugh and not belly laughs where we can and then your face though so read on your cheeks Mylan eyes start wondering are filled to. I wouldn't them yesterday. If you'd be good yeah I love a good and lastly CONATEL wool morphing that. We really need to know about you. I'm not as mean as I look. Everybody is always saying their first impression of me like I was like. Oh I actually taught you were released onto office just hob DOT CHRONIC RESTING BITCH FACE. I think go back. We open this without fail. Every person I've ever met my whole life says for the first one or two they knew me Dato reading. It's just my face I'm like. He's one of those people that are now in bombing range from forty perfect. I think that's been absolutely delightful taught. Yeah it's been Nice. It's been a nice way to spend my afternoon an isolation to have a conversation. We've you both and learned a lot about it so I just WanNa say thank you so much in the very best in yourself you know really safer well during this period which. I'm sure you will hang you sound much done. We are a gentleman. And do you mind yourself to about? They say stay in zone. Check it on social. Believe me so I look thank you thank you. What's more than to connor and Katrina for coming onto? Today's how could poke housing really enjoyable topic all built around collaboration and joining forces with somebody else and big takeaway tip from this. Podcast is maybe reach out to somebody that you'd maybe food while you're listening to this podcast and say to say look. I would love to collaborate with you. I would love to do a live with them. Why not this? Is that time to have a go? Have a play at your education. Nothing could be easier than doing an instagram facebook live. Why did on get adults head and have to view sat side by side doing a collaborative educational live. I would love to say and if you do make sure that you tag in how to cut it now if you WANNA check at any point so we talked about today including the links and some images of Katrina and connors work. Then we're prepared some show no for you and you can find that online www how to cut dot it slash EP. One four five now. We bring you these shows every Monday and next Monday I could be joined by the owner of Tint in Leeds Matthew Sutcliffe and we are going to be having a great conversation of how we all need to stick together right now. Really looking forward to this. Matthew is a fantastic. Hairdresser represents many brands. And if you don't know him please go check him out on Instagram facebook. Search him and find out more bang because he really is a brilliant hairdresser and a very long fella to sake site to have him coming onto the show and the best way to make sure that you don't miss that or any show that we bring you every Monday morning. It's a subscribe on your favorite podcast provider. And once you subscribe you'll get notifications of when our shows go live now if you would like to leave rate review and you're listening on Apple podcasts. I TUNE. Please do leave us a written review. They really help us grow to show and it gives potential listeners. A real insight into what they can expect from our shows if you are on social media comma find as we are there to across all the platforms research. How to cuts it? We also have our facebook group the hell to cut it community now. This is really growing now. And we're really putting a lot of our energy and time into this and particularly because I have saint very exciting that we are going to be launching on the group in two weeks time and I'm very excited to share that with you. So become part of the group love to see their and yeah is going to be saint. Great I promise you nephew also love initials. Please carry on sharing your share images of the Health. Cutty podcast in your instagram stories. Tacking friends let your colleagues know about the podcast and how it can help them discovered a next step. We've in the hair industry where we're in the isolation or when we come out of isolation because we will come out of isolation and when we do we're going to be pumped up excited I'm ready. I hope we're absorbing sorry. Mitchell is great educational content. That's out there right now. So keep good keep safe stay home but most of all peace loving smokes over the way. Goodbye House it. Cut It in the hairdressing industry. Gus taking your to the.

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