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Yes yes welcome in to another edition of the Tim mckernan show on the inside S._E._O.. PODCAST network from the home loan expert Dot Com studios once again the studios are in my basement as it allows me time to completely -pletely detach an answer your questions I love having gangster Pete in the studios <hes> but the studios are filled up and for timing purposes. I wanted to make sure I get the questions from the audience on the proper schedule and so were doing it from the basement. It really doesn't change anything unless it does sound a little different. I wanted to explain it to you. Ryan Kelly the home loan expert dot Com studios sponsor along with Marquette of Evergreen Wealth Strategies James Carlton Carlton Carlton State Farm Insurance Agency and designer heating and cooling online at designer service DOT com the number one train Mueller in the Midwest. It's hard to stop train South Gold Camp and his family and then Johnny llandough Chevrolet Highway two seventy and the Washington Elizabeth exit. You enjoy the podcast support the sponsors that's the game and this week our guest is bobby plager- presented by Mark Hanna Evergreen Wealth Strategies Craig Bouroubi last week. We have young page views in Cam. Janssen comes in for for part of that as well <hes> we got all kinds of stuff questions from the audience is every Wednesday guests are every Monday and one of the questions I see on the team. A Fan page is whether or not we're going to be doing pick six. You better believe it. I'm essentially the weather man's message wjr boy but nobody really cares where it's coming from the picks win so when the football season starts up in a couple of months less than that I suppose <hes> we will be back to pick six and the weather man's absurd run in two thousand eighteen nineteen canny carry it over to twenty one thousand nine hundred twenty twenty mathematically one would tell you that's highly unlikely but who knows it's not like this guy was just firing darts. He has his reasons plenty of those games were random and so he digs in and I'm anxious to see if he can continue that run here for Twenty nineteen and twenty twenty when we start that up in about seven weeks I would imagine questions from the audience is the podcast in which is essentially to sit and babble candidly as always. I'm shocked that people listen to it but I'm flattered that people do. I'm thrilled when I see emails pop up and they're titled Q. F._T._A.. Because that means people are listening and people have questions and we just kind of wandered together. I don't know if I've ever even received hate eight million questions from the audience which is kind of surprising for me. It's not necessarily that I'm asking for it. Just seems like we can get into some things that would lead to hate mail but I suppose if you're seeking it out you know what to get at at the same time. I don't even really know what the Hell I am so in two thousand nineteen where somebody's like oh well he's a liberal or she's a liberal. He's a conservative. She's a conservative. I don't really know what what I am so it's just kind of Yasser question and if it does fall under the umbrella of politics and not really politics so much as it often times seems to be more media-related or ethics related it'd or specific candidate related <hes> I guess it's tough to to gauge where the answer will fall on that left or right spectrum in other words. Sometimes I guess I'm on the Left. Sometimes I guess I'm on the right but I'm not forming my opinion based on whether or not it follows the left's agenda or the rights agenda. It's just what I happen to think so. Maybe that's why people are listening to it. I really you don't know I'm glad you are so anytime. You have a question and his I always say that it can be as as random as grotesque is vile as whatever you want it to be you can email it to me at t mckernan inside US yell that common. We have our weekly threat on the T._M._a.. Fan Page where you can ask your questions as well <hes> and and as I was making reference to one of the questions is whether or not there would be a pick six podcast this year and the answer is absolutely so I know I have a bunch in the email summer from a little while back like this one. I guess I didn't get to it. I don't have gangster Pete. Here is my net but I remember reading it but I don't think I did it on the air because we wound up going long on a couple of other ones but <hes> I like the question and <hes> I wanted to make sure I read it. It was sent to me way back on June fifteenth. I have never called in or emailed your show but I'm a longtime fan. What you have built is truly amazing? I have a friend in Hawaii who listens to you guys. Your coverage of the blues interviews has been great a and Plow Z.. Were there for you. That's the true definition of ride or die as much shit as anyone gives them. We all do truly love them. I do have a few questions if you don't mind answering them for a Q. F._T._a.. If you have time if you had a chance and could call any sports historical moment on radio or T._V.. What would it be? Wow now I remember why set this one aside God. I don't know to me nationally impactful. I feel like it's it's nine thousand nine hundred eighty U._S.. Soviet Union and I don't remember for that I mean I guess I was three when that happened. In Al Michaels call is is famous. You can't like pass it kind of going. Maybe outside the box on it. If I'm not mistaken the One thousand nine hundred seventy two Olympics and I realize what the nineteen seventy two Olympics became known for was the tragedy in Munich Nick. I'm not looking to replace Jim McKay but from a sports perspective what transpired in the nineteen seventy two Olympic gold medal basketball game a to be able to call attention to that in the moment <hes> stands out to me the two and I'm sure some of your like what the hell are you talking about. I have no idea <hes> the U._S.. Team in a really just still really know what happened on it but the the U._S. team <hes> beat the Soviet or excuse me was one its first eight games and then lost to the Soviet Union. <hes> this of course is in the midst of the Cold War and <hes>. I'm going straight WIKIPEDIA here so everybody knows <hes> but it wound up having a controversial ending <hes> with the U._S.. Leading being the Soviet Union got multiple chances to like when I say multiple I literally mean three chances to run a same play because the first two were called back I it a buzzer beater and then on the third third one they did score and they won the gold medal. I'm not going to revisit the entire thing here. A lot of this is being done from memory and then the <hes> the mastery that is wikipedia but in the moment <hes> was in controversial and here we are approaching fifty years since and <hes> the players have never accepted their gold medals so it's just something that I it. It's so strange to me <hes> that I would <hes> I would love to be in the midst of something like that. That's that significant. That was so brutal <hes>. I don't know that that that's what stands out. That's what stands out it to me because I'm looking for impactful from a local standpoint. I don't know when I go back to the eighty five world series I suppose in game six as far as an impactful and negative with a controversial call but there's really nothing you can do about it. I mean if I'm not mistaken Al Michaels on that one to Tim Carver I think and they were calling out that Miss Right away the best though is is just what happened with David freeze and the ninth and the eleventh inning of game six the two thousand thousand eleven world series from pure euphoric standpoint. I'm talking about you think you're about to lose and then you wind up winning and then twenty four hours later winning the world series so that's where I'm going to go essentially four plays on on that question your dream interview or Bullshit Session podcast see what I need to do with these is they need to just have something and then move on because it's not like there's a right answer but yes the question and then I go in the tank. What I really what I really need to do is read them in advance and then have them ready but you hear the thought process play out which I know is fascinating especially considering? I'm sitting in my basement by myself. I've said before like from a realistic standpoint Quin Snyder but with the with the understanding that we really do have a conversation we don't dodge the topics and I don't know if that's realistic at this point in his career with what he's been able to do and resuscitate it. He has your upside to reliving what took place in Columbia Missouri from what ninety nine or two thousand five two thousand six so I don't know how likely likely that is <hes> you know president you know we're going living or dead <hes> but it being in the scope of what is realistic but highly unlikely God I mean again realistic like one that I think could happen would be Quin Snyder <hes> one that is incredibly unlikely but who knows maybe someday initially immediately go to presidents. I you know and and so you have it's like I can't imagine by the way as I'm saying this. I know this is the theme of a couple of questions that that came in today so they're fresh in my mind. Are there people out there. I'm asking this rhetorical because again I'm in my basement by myself but are there people out there who would consider the big themselves themselves big fans of Donald Trump's and big fans of Barack Obama's. Do those people exist now from a sheer size of voters <hes>. I know that a number of people who voted for Barack Obama wound up voting for Donald Trump in two thousand sixteen but I'm talking about now in two thousand nineteen. Could you have someone who goes Ma Brock Obama love him. Oh Donald Trump love them. Honestly I really really like like in a conversation not talking about necessarily somebody doing it on their attempt to become national radio show and just saying weird shit to get attention. I'm talking about somebody in a conversation <hes> saying that so the reason and why I ask that rhetorical question to no one in particular here since I'm sitting and looking at my refrigerator is if I say Donald Trump and I go out. I don't really want to do that because I know where that would go. Honestly is I sit there and I think about Barack Obama. It's it's kind of falls in the same category of Quin Snyder different in the sense that I I think he would say a lot but I don't think he would say a lot in other words he would say a lot of things but I don't know what real meat there would be on it and then Donald Trump I just you know I mean we're all over the map there and that's that that isn't anything you know. Speaking of which because of course questions from the audience is essentially just A._D._d.. Theater in one digression after another but earlier today after T._M._a.. I usually workout <hes> in most of the time I listen to music music but today I listen to mark Marins podcast with David Lee Roth and you want to talk about all over the map. I still don't know what I listened to <hes> and and I it was an hour and thirty podcast. I got in an hour okay. I got I got. I got a tap out. I don't know what the hell was going on and so that that that that isn't fun. I didn't find it really amusing like it was random. I didn't I find it really amusing. So is an interview I like when I'm engaged and I like when the person I'm interviewing is engaged and we're going into places. We probably didn't think we were going to go and we were speaking. Honestly I think we've had that happen a number of times on this podcast where the guest didn't expect to get into stuff in kind of catches himself or herself and goes okay fuck it. I'm GONNA say it. Those are the ones I like and so in that sense it kind of doesn't matter who the a person is. I like a conversation. I don't like canned answers. I don't really feel like we've had too many of those on this. I'm sure we have in in some capacity but <HES> <hes> like them. Athenee interview that we didn't till January of eighteen was is still one of my favorites because I was like you know I went into it not knowing where he was going to go knowing what I wanted wanted to do and not sure if he was like he came there with the goal of go you know what I'm going to. I'm going to say what I think and be candid and if people don't like it they don't like it and I love that <hes> so whoever or that is that's that's honestly that's the stuff that gets me going and I and I don't as I always say. I don't have a list of questions the questions come from the person. I'm interviewing previous answer just like a conversation so you know I mean like you know obviously. If I were to interview Donald Trump or Barack Obama it would be quote good for the podcast people say that stuff and then it's like okay but then how does it actually turn into money <hes>. I don't really have an answer. I guess we said all right an exclusive with Donald Trump we could probably sell the hell out of the advertising on our exclusive with Braga Obama but again speaking from what's realistic at this particular moment and I don't even know how realistic it is Quin Snyder <hes> which I don't really feel like a great answer because I know when you're talking about Missouri Athletics and Saint Louis you're not necessarily reaching people like when you're talking about the blues or the cardinals but I feel like there's a lot there that anytime I say that I feel like there's a lot there. That's what I mean like. The Dexter Fowler interview. I felt like there was a lot there and that was a good one in the sense that I didn't know where we are going to go and we wound up getting some good stuff on that one at spring training so that gives you an idea of what I like that it's not so it's not necessarily the person so much as it is. <hes> does the person get comfortable and safe things that I know that the audience has been wondering themselves so. That that that's more dream interview than than actually the person next question same email from Jeff. If you had a chance for a question what would you ask Stan. Kroenke Noel holds no-holds-barred. I mean it's horrible I mean but my first reaction is what happened because I know and I can say I know I can't say I know from Stan Kroenke himself or even from Kevin Demo of himself himself but I know that the feeling they're in by their I mean Los Angeles and with the people associated with the rams is the real story of what happened in Saint Louis has never been told the Saint Louis and now that might just be convenient. I asked Jay Nixon about that. Essentially when he was a guest <hes> into paraphrase the question <hes> it was something along the lines of there are some people who believe the supposed- visit effort to build the Riverfront Stadium and keep the rams was essentially to save face for politicians who were in office. Obviously he would be one of those people <hes> in addition to mayors county executives senators representatives and so on and so forth <hes> because I can tell you that the rams were like yeah. I don't know what they're doing unless they are gonna get the raiders or maybe the chargers but no idea what they're doing so what happened in my what happened I mean in two thousand seven eight nine ten eleven twelve because it was the Jeff Fisher press conference in January two thousand twelve when the next morning on the morning after Doug Vaughn and I both said we played a sound bite from Stan Kroenke at the beginning of the show had nothing to do with Jeff Fisher and it was the last time Stan Kroenke spoken Saint Louis publicly and I said Doug is a doug. What do you take that he was well? The Rams are moving and that's four years before they vote so so <hes> we were on that always be proud of that that that no matter what shows over today we were on that while I felt like many weren't in the market <hes> and it and I don't know if I'll cover a bigger <hes> Saint Louis Sports sports story in my career than the rams moving as far as impact goes and as far as what was going on behind the scenes <hes> so I'm always proud of that and proud of the people I worked with on that because we weren't doing the the thing where we were telling everybody. Everything's GonNa be okay and let's breakdown this shitty game between the two in ten rams and the three and nine forty niners and act like everything's Cool <hes> you know so that's that's that's that's they. I believe so they say that Saint Louis was not you know Saint Louis was going you have nowhere to move so we're not going to do what our contract says we have to do and then the rams call their bluff and then that's how it got ugly and then at that point once they had something in l. a.. They're like screw this. It doesn't matter what Saint Louis puts on the table were gone. That's how they portrait. I suppose one thing and I did ask Kevin off this. <hes> it was a it was a phone conversation <hes> but I said you know the feeling is is that when Stan exercised his right of first refusal unshod con that he knew he was moving the team to L._A.. And he goes. That's just not true he goes now. You realize people wouldn't believe that this is meantime off talking to you I would we haven't spoken on the phone since the vote <hes> but <hes> I realize people won't believe it. He goes but our thought process. Was We want to with the Sam Bradford pick do what Indianapolis did with Peyton manning have it go from a amass which is what the colts were before manning to a staple franchise quarterback reigniting interest building Ling in entertainment district with a new stadium in downtown Saint Louis and we knew that the lease allowed us the leverage for that and then if Saint Louis did not participate in it that we would have the out to move if we wanted to. That's what he says now people of course roll their arise and they're probably never going to tell them. I don't know maybe that will you know what now is again the great digression you know what my interview is. My interview is Stan Crocker Kevin Demo. Actually Quin Snyder can be number three and I think that you know iggy has reached out to dem off without even me asking him to do so. Just because I'm like yeah he's not GonNa talk but that would be one and I kind of think think it's possible listen. I'm not saying I consider it likely. There's a difference between the two but I actually do think it's possible. I I know most of your going. There's no way and I'm not sitting here going yeah. It's fifty fifty not. I'm not even saying it's ten percent but I think it's possible and I think it has to become when all the litigation is complete so I would. I don't know I let me tell you this same thing as what I thought years years ago stands now talking if he really wants to move he's playing it. SMART drove us up the wall but he's not talking but then why in the hell does he have dem off out there talking. What is the point all? He's doing is compromising their position by saying things things that are now used against them years later in court proceeding. I've no idea I don't know what that was about. I guess the did say it's because they're trying to maximize the revenues for tickets and merge while they were here but God. I mean really like you're doubling your franchises value. You're you're talking about building multiple billions of dollars worth of stadium and and it's like okay. Let's see if we can. I mean maybe that's possible. I've always said some of the most wealthy people I know are also some of the most fruitful all but I have no idea I can't fake to me that was strategically one guy running one offense and one guy running another one and it made no sense to me and I always thought okay these guys are playing at this Ivy League level and we can't possibly possibly understand what they're doing and in reality. I'm not sure it was that sophisticated. It was just okay we can go. We're going to go. I guess we gotTa Act like we care and then we're going to go and we don't care if they hate us. We're doubling franchises value faulk them. That might just be that simple <hes>. Let's see this is for me. Maybe for you too. Can you do a Lisa an podcast all the bullshit. She may have had to go through in porn. The other half fantasy football since the time is coming just a suggestion <hes> <hes> thank you Sir for your program. You can't plows digging gangster Pete Make my day every day. Look forward to hearing you guys every morning that comes from Jeff Yeah now now. I'm feeling like I may have answered this question which scares me because I feel like I've talked about the possibilities blue interviewing adult stars on here and how when we had one sponsor for a brief time the sponsor said listen love what you do. It's not like we're prude but just for the brand that were attached to it wouldn't be good if you're interviewing doing porn stars and I said I get it. I don't have a problem with that. I appreciate setting the parameters in advance and I don't care if I really don't care if one now this that sponsor is no longer with us you can do deductive the reasoning and figure out what I'm just. I'm not naming it just because there's not really sour grapes. It's business but I also don't feel like I need to call them out and hold them accountable because business you don't really you know it's a national monster company. <hes> so it's it's neither here nor there but that those are the rules they sat and they became the title sponsor for a brief time large amount of money especially for something that you know it was at the time when we started talking to my three months old and so that just kind of set the tone but I don't have a problem at all people. Sometimes they have to apologize. I really don't like or I don't get the porn star stuff. I don't get the porn stuff and I get that you don't apologize for that that it's it's to tweets their own so you know with with regard to Lisa an you know for those of you have heard her on t._M._a.. Or those of you who've who've matter perhaps at our golf tournaments you know I love love. The fact that I think initially when people are at least it's going to be on the show like before her first ever appearance. This is going to be the porn star interview with somebody he's been up for four days and can't put two sentences together and getting giggle the whole time and then she comes on and all of us in the studio and I I know from the text inbox from the listeners their their reaction is this is the the most intelligent football conversation I've heard on this show because her knowledge is so deep on fantasy football and therefore that translates to <hes> you know for fantasy football players captivating conversation -sation and she also is an adult film star and as people have gotten to know her for example her efforts in helping to raise money for Larry Nickel a couple of months ago and then you know like women you know uh who may oftentimes I want nothing to do with porn star like yeah you know I met the guy she says just a nice regular person who happens to have sex on film for living and I realize some people will all that's a pretty big deal. I guess but I mean it's like it's like demonized you know and it's just like they can just be human beings and sometimes they're good ones and sometimes they're bad ones just like say the financial financial industry or the legal profession or sports talk radio you know but there's this shame that is applied to it. <hes> that somehow they have to be on the outskirts and we can't possibly associate with them and so <hes>. I think I've said you know I don't know maybe I haven't said I know I've said it in conversations but I if anything it's like I want through the conversations that I guess it's more on the podcast than it is on the radio radio show but to open people's to unlearn in some capacity and not even to save it then come to my side but just to review the thought process of some things that essentially I think are are dogma that in my opinion are harmful such as like you say a word and you're dead you know like if this were terrestrial radio and I said Fuck Fuck Fuck I'd be dead. You know that it'd be it and it's like I don't know if I could get hired again for something a- and then we sit there and go okay Tim just said Fuck Fuck on the podcast and it had it's like it's like nothing but yet if this were radio it could end my career which to me is just ridiculous. You know something as simple as that but I'm just telling you those are those are the rules you know what the F._C._C. rules on the radio and I said that people would go nuts not because they personally oh my God you know and they do the the popcorn gifts and beal all right. This is going to be great entertainment. Go Watch a career burn and the social media reaction and you know kill time at work <hes> another one is you know if if you're pro pornography or pro sexuality <hes> or pro sex worker that you you have to be some kind of you know deviant and you have to be inundated like yeah. I don't know I'm not I'm not sure about all these supposed. Rules doesn't seem like it's necessarily working for a lot of people so you know like Kayden Kross at this point. I've known owner for a decade. She's like a buddy. It's not like Oh cadence my my side piece. I mean she's married or I don't know she's on a long term relationship. I could never figure it out. It seems like one minute. It's this or that I have no idea and I'm sure sound like an attacked her and say what's the deal but she's with Manuel Ferrara. WHO's a performer? They have a child together. My wife has met you know don't Cayden as long as I have in addition to <hes> we've met Manuel and their daughter you know it's like there's just human beings who are in that industry. <hes> who else feel like there's another one that's O- obviously in was talking about earlier and then also one can be agnostic or atheist and also be a decent human being and this is why. I think I'm more delving into things that I was not want. This isn't like I'm blaming parents or my parents or anything like that. It also comes from schooling. I mean I went to a Catholic school not to sit good. I it was a great experience by the way Saint Gabriel's April my God for as much as I talk about my grade school and Saint Louis U.. Hi Jesuit Education the Catholic school. It's more about environmentally were told things that as we grow up at least I think go hold on a second. Maybe that's not necessarily true and I have been acting this way about this and it's kind of it's kind of bullshit and so that that is my prequel to answering Lisa on the podcast I I'm personally all four in in knowing the advertisers we have now on the podcast. I know they wouldn't care hell. She's on the radio once a week and she comes to our events and she's helped raise money for charities for us but as far as adult film stars across the board where you're talking about some things you know it could have an impact not necessarily on advertising. Although I suppose that's in play not the advertisers we have right now but you're always trying to grow your business but <hes> potentially on guests would come on the show. Although I don't think that's the case I think at this point again this is I think I think at this point people are like I don't know what the Hell's going on with this guy right but it seems like he's been around now at this point for twenty years and you know whatever he talks porn and is a heathen but people listen so you know you're not you're not going to be taken down by appearing on the show <hes> because because that's stuff did exist early on like I can't go on that show because they talk about this or that and when they may I mean me so that's that so I guess I suppose I've made progress in in in in my little missions that really in the whole scheme of things or my own personal omissions that in reality will likely have zero impact on society but it's something I'm cognizant of Ryan Kelly's the home loan expert and he is the sponsor of our studios here on the Tim mckernan show without him. We don't have a podcast so make sure you're supporting our sponsor Ryan Kelly the home loan expert dot com and with interest rates dropping and this being home buying season this is a prime time to get in and get yourself a great rate and lock in or if you want to refinance now's the time to do so Ryan Kelly's the person to do with he is online at the home loan expert Dot Com Ryan Kelly the studio sponsor of this Program Ryan Kelly the home loan expert dot com <hes> Jeff great email. I wound up going on and on forever about it. Here's a here's one. One that I think a few people are wondering about. I don't know if I answered it but we're a month on the few weeks since he sends it in June twenty fifth admit it you can't get into baseball after that run referring to Stanley Cup <hes> you're a playoff hockey fan and after that ruin your spoiled to you one count on Fowler bottom of the sixth down four runs baseball's so boring faulk. I used to bleed red that is all you're the best team that is from. Mike and I know I must have talked about this because somebody was tweeting about the fact that I was saying how Oh my love for baseball has changed and in so all revisited here where at the all-star break is. I'm talking about the stuff. The All Star game is tonight I I. I woke up this morning like is it tonight or is it tomorrow and actually I'm not even a hundred percent sure. I'm pretty sure that it's tonight. It's Tuesday and then usually they have Wednesday off some have Thursday off almost all of them if there's Avenue Astros and the Rangers play and then everybody's back to it on Friday so I have zero interest in watching the All Star Game Zero I love that it does not impact home field advantage in the world series anymore. That was my pet peeve in sports for a number of years when that bullshit bullshit started up but I just don't care and and that's that's an all star game discussion regarding. I think interleague play lesson. Did I think the fact that you can see almost every single game now and other teams and other markets whereas it was like Oh my God in Nineteen ninety-seven Saint Louis Cardinals were playing the Cleveland Indians now. It's like the cardinals were playing the Indians. Maybe they should play the Indians every year. Because at this point the novelty is obviously worn off but baseball in general at this moment. I am bored by it but I would tell you this at this time. Last year I was bored by it and the blues were not coming off a Stanley Cup run so I don't think that the two are necessarily that it's a cause and effect and even in two thousand fifteen when the cardinals one hundred games and I remember saying this I was like I don't really feel like their championship team. They just had this ridiculous starting pitching so my point is it's. It's going on now five years the thing is is that the two thousand six Carter in the two thousand eleven cardinals and also the two thousand nineteen blues. None of them look like championship teams at this particular point in their respective championship campaigns so it's a it's a weird spot because here in Saint Louis the last three world championships all come from teams that no one thought was going to win a world championship more than halfway through the season so I don't know if the cardinals but last year when they did get ridiculously hot I was like what is going on. You know and I didn't necessarily by get all that excited I don't. I don't know if it's the home runs strikeout thing. I don't know I just I put it this way. I know this if we wanted to have the hockey part of the discussion I will be watching Blues Regular Season Games at a at a rate that will be ten times more than how much regular season hockey the I watched every year my previous power thirty plus years of watching sports. I assure you of that now. It's not going to change my opinion that the N._H._l.. Regular season has absolutely is little impact of any any of the four professional leagues undetermined champion <hes> while that might be unpopular. That's that's not that bad going to change you. Just got to be one of the top eight teams and your conference and then get in and see what the hell happens but we can say this. The Blues were the best team over the final four months of the regular season and so that did carry over <hes> but you can also point to the Tampa Bay lightning and how great they were and they didn't win a game the playoffs so <hes>. I'll just be watching it for entertainment purposes. That's that's what it'll get down to. I'll be watching it for entertainment purposes. I mean the world has changed in Saint Louis Sports and by that I mean it's not the cardinals are down in the blues are up and therefore that's the way it will be. That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying there are now generation's plural of people who will be locked in to the blues in October when the vast majority of those people didn't give a shit like myself in previous October's. They're watching coaching ideally the cardinals and the playoffs college football n._F._l.. Football and Oh yeah the blues are opened up the season. He's a sound bite and then they fuck around for a few months and then you start paying attention in January that is over that is over and that might be over four decades and so it's a great thing because I really wish. Is that the that the game could grow <hes> nationally throughout the U._S.. Obviously huge in Canada nationally like it has an will be growing here in Saint Louis because I think it would be an incredible thing for sports I just I don't know I mean it. took the took the two months of like just snorting the greatest cocaine every other night while the blues were playing these twenty six games for me to get to a point where my I can't wait to watch regular season hockey. Even though I know it's essentially an exhibition. I wish that I wish that could happen nationally so everybody it'd be into it but for whatever the reason it it it hasn't happened. I don't know I'm sure plenty. People have their theories as to why but <hes> you know it's like the N._B._A.. was killing it until magic and bird arrived <hes> and now that's in a different world so maybe it can happen and I would love it if it did happen because because it is a great game played and managed and coached and owned by some really really quality people <hes> greetings Tim. I liked this one. I remember this one. This was sent on July third greetings Tim. Do you have any particular quote first first world problems that particularly irk you. Mine is over zealous automatic flashers on public toilets like right as you sit on the CAN. The sensor goes off and boom. You're undercarriage gets an unnecessary. Baptism your thoughts. That's from D._B.'s wonderful like this kind of question. I know I have to because I'm so fucked up and it's like let's narrow them down and give you the best ones. The fact that I don't like to drive is odd. I can't again. It's really like Thera. We didn't just you have a therapist. Come in an answer these things I just know that I don't really like driving but then again you know my wife and I went down to <hes> Dow Hussey which is a golf course in Cape Girardeau this past weekend and it was we were we weren't even gone twenty four hours and it was was twenty four of the best hours I've had I don't know how long and and when we went with another couple billion missy shack lady for the record people who who was it billy missy shackled he might know Oh them from <hes> fan page <hes> billion Golfer <hes> Good Golfer I am a middling Golfer and <hes> and <hes> stated <hes> they have cabins on the property and the reason I bring it up is you would think you know Cape Girardeau being at an hour and a half away and behaving drive and it's you know all due respect it's Cape Girardeau and not Las Vegas where historically we've been on Fourth of July why or Hilton head that we were told to help last year. I'm usually playing in the world series of poker over the last eleven years at this time of year so I've gone from Las Vegas to Cape Girardeau but I loved it and I think one of the reasons I loved it was when we got out there in billion missy hadn't even got there yet. I'm walking around like there's no one around in its this world class practice facility range <hes> short game area and I hadn't even been on the chorus yet now and the cottages were nice and I'm so fucking weird that I have to stay in Nice places now because I of money because I this thing developed you know eighteen nineteen years ago and I didn't have much much money then and now I got a bunch of money now but I know what the perception is so whatever I have to play inside of these perceptions opposed to realities but either way you know growing up my mom not getting on planes <hes> because she was pregnant with me it was on a flight with a bomb scare and that was a bomb threat and that was a lot of you can go okay. Well I get that sucks for my dad. They're driving everywhere and they they spend a lot of time in Hilton head over the course of the year. It's my dad's driving that's rough but either way the family drove for our family vacations and I have two brothers and a younger sister and I mean you just look back and we're staying at like. Take your pick of whatever but as you can imagine it's not like we were staying at the Four Seasons on our travels to South Carolina and I was fine with it didn't think anything of it love. The trips was great. It's what at that time and my sister is thirteen years younger than me so she wasn't around for almost all the family vacations that I went on but you know it's a bunch of people in one hotel room and it's not like it was exactly you know again four seasons seasons so then I started when I started came in two thousand and Sam because came over he was putting the up there. It's just the the situation the the blues and the Rams and the cardinals are obviously staying at four seasons and Ritz Carlton's and now here I am at twenty three years old and I get my own room mm for union rules talent union rules and nothing to do with me but I am at twenty three years old and I'm I'm now swimming in the deep end and that's where we're staying and once you do that and you obviously have some and fucked up things going on so I'm the perfect storm I can. I go back yes but I have this really strange anxiety about it and the ones I get there. I'm completely fine fine. It's it's I wish I wasn't. I trust me. I don't I'm not like yeah and you should be this way too when it comes to the porn thing questioning dogma. I think it's healthy what I'm talking about here that that's my ideal unhealthy wish which I didn't have it but it is. It's it's my thing. This is our little <hes> this is our little corner of the podcasts world and so I'm coming clean on it and so getting to Dell Hussey in the cottages cabins villas. I have no idea either way really nice not like extravagant but just rock solid and it's like they're like like fifteen to twenty five second walk from the driving range. I mean Shit. It's the greatest then you get on the golf. Course the thing is just so nice. I don't know what else I can even compare it to that. I've played and that's the greatest course. I've ever played a much saying. It's it's not I'm just saying it's it's I in Saint Louis. There's really nothing I guess guessing maybe persimmon maybe for making like a stretch just because there you just don't have this type of thing in Saint Louis either way places incredible but the thing that I loved about it most is there was nobody around so I've become that guy like it used to be like a running joke. The David Letterman would like retreat to Montana you know in like sitting a cabin and so I think the Larry Sanders show one of my favorite shows ever if not my favorite show so I think kind of parodying David Letterman Larry had a time where he would just retreat to Ikea Cabinet. I think it was in Montana <hes> and and I I never ever would have thought here I am guy who can't wait to get to Las Vegas. I guess <hes> Would WanNa like get somewhere and like have nobody around but my wife and I were in Heaven Holy Shit we loved it. I mean we loved it. God what I'm just telling you go down there. If you're a golfer you know if you know it you know it. You know what I'm saying. If you don't take take the take the drive down fifty five and you know I went to school at Missouri so I've obviously going back and forth from Columbia Billion Times and I've covered Missouri Athletic so I've been back and forth you know usually is sixty four turns into highway forty and then I seventy and I just feel like the drive to Cape is a super are easy. I mean you get on fifty five and you get off and I think you're a delicacy within like God it high end five minutes after you get off the interstate so it's pretty easy drive and I enjoyed that but when I'm driving on like Manchester or just the rare times I'm driving outside of my little three mile bubble. I hate it. I I really and I don't know why I have no idea why I have no no idea why again another thing that I would include in the <hes> the therapist session no idea why just no I hate it when the Internet is not working I word first world problem. Tilts me although now that's it's really been mitigated by <hes> you know obviously phones or if you have wireless card it's it's kind of a nothing now but back in the day when I was playing poker and not that far back <hes> if you're in the middle of a hand or tournament ornament and your Internet goes down I mean you're just talked so that one would put me on tilt still goes on still going tilt like like with like your television service going out when it's not weather related because the weather let you go. That's part of the deal when just goes out for no reason tilt and it's just like Oh like I'm sure like if I were to hear this in even like tomorrow but you know twenty or thirty years from Negga God hockey you but they Dev's you ask the question. I'm giving you the answer right. I've been in the emails and I haven't gotten to. Let's see this Guy <hes> I'll go one more mark. Hanna of Evergreen Wealth Strategies can't emphasize enough how important it is to have a financial adviser but then it's not just any financial advisor. It's somebody who who knows but cares again. Plenty of people know but cares Mark Hanna helps everyday people every day get their finances organized. You can call him at three one four eight eight nine zero five zero three. That's three one four eight eight nine zero five zero three or go online to Evergreen S._T.. L. Dot com his name is Mark Hanna. He is with Evergreen Wealth Strategies and I can tell you from getting to know mark. You're over the last year that this is my first class. person who has your best interests at heart in just calling him at three one four eight nine zero five zero three is gonNa make you feel better in your on the right track Mark Hanna Evergreen Wealth Strategies three one four eight nine zero five zero three or go online at Evergreen S._T.. L. DOT COM Tim. This might be extreme but I've never seen this country. recertified at her hateful simple things like empathy aren't even agreeable. Do you think this country is headed for a second civil war. If not what can be changed seems like the toothpaste is out of the bottle. Thanks that's from John. That's like like this is. I could do a whole podcast on this and I was just like an exit the inbox and then I did this. Why do I think the country's headed toward a second civil war no <hes> do? I think that this is going to get worse before it gets better. Yes it's now. I'm talking and Kevin Demo language because I used to be what he used to say and I guess you know what now that we look back on it. He was not lying <hes> but I don't I don't see a second civil war in in in what we think we think of the civil war the blue and the gray the north and the South Union the confederacy you know brother against brother Mason Dixon line all of these things and of course the centerpiece being slavery I mean I just don't see anything thing like that. I think you could make a case that we're already in a cold civil war. I mean look at me. I stumbled into it when when the question was asked who would your dream guests be and I said I say Barack Obama but then that pissed off Donald Trump people go say donald trump at the net would piss off rock Obama people and it's really just more about its president so that's that's my my answer and then I go. Hey does anybody love Barack Obama and loved Donald Trump. Is it even possible like four real. I mean there has there. I guess there has to and I somebody with this now. I'm going to play into it but somebody who's like. Let me let me try to narrow zero the the the sample size somebody in this by the way I'm now excluding myself but someone with a college degree okay. I don't have one sometime. I'm not talking about somebody who just like sits on social media and just as like you know wants to say they love Donald Trump. I really don't know if that's possible. I really and I'm not saying because you can't possible I just I don't because of what the question here John's question I do feel people wind up on sides rides. I mean look what happened with the World Cup you had Americans cheering against the Americans because they felt like the women were being un-american and the self awareness level of cheering against the Americans and that I think would literally by definition be on American but they're cheering against the Americans because as they perceive them to be on American but in reality they simply or Megan Piano in particular spoke out against Donald Trump but then that was labeled un-american wow I don't know man but I don't think that we're headed toward a civil war at the same time like I here's one thing I'll say I think I think that there is a perception from those who will not be voting for Donald Trump and I think that includes some Republicans and of course the vast majority of Democrats and then people who'd be independent and I think amongst that voter pool. I think that there is a perception that if donald trump loses in November of twenty twenty that quote unquote load this all goes away and quote at. I just don't necessarily think that's the case like. I don't think that there's like this end zone this finish line in November twenty twenty. It just sounds like a huge portion of the American population just goes Oh. I guess we were wrong. That's not the way that it will work so I say that because I don't. I don't think that this is just suddenly going to get better and I mean you know. It's one of those things I and maybe I'm off on this but I do feel pretty. I do feel I feel I feel I'm of course who says Shit. They don't think is right but I acknowledge that it's not fact based it's it's experience based and it's intuitive but so often and I can't cite the example because I'm getting into you know specific personality. Anybody would know but you know <hes> an experience I had someone brought something up in a conversation that was clearly from Fox News. I mean it just it just it just it had all of the you know all of the signature elements of it and this is a wonderful person who said this and it was just in a casual conversation and for you know the people involved who heard this. You know we this kind of you know whatever it is. It didn't go hold on a second. What are you say you know? It's kind of like Oh really you know just like because don't engage but it's like here's here's a really good human. Being who you know you watched something that you know was what it was and and then really thought it was like a real thing and and and I say this not because like I am superior intellectually. I'm saying it because I feel like the biggest issue the biggest but a big issue that we have at this moment is you do have if people who essential. I don't even know what's Republican Democrats. They're pro-trump their anti-trump and for a number of those people on either side they view the other side as being the enemy and full of bad people and the thing that I say so often regarding this situation is I mean some of the people who are closest to me in my wife voted for Donald Trump and they're close to me because I think very highly of them and their character and I and I feel like there's there like like people I couldn't couldn't possibly be friends with. I couldn't possibly go out with someone who voted for take Pick Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump and and I'm just like that's just not the way you know things things things were and I don't think it's going to change and I don't again. It's one of those things I'm just observing but I think that again. It's not going to lead to necessarily a civil the war the country breaks up but I don't think it's going away. I don't know if it will go away in my lifetime. Actually I don't know I'll tell you what I hate that. This is what I think think but what's what's probably going. It's going to take but I think it probably would be temporary. I guess it depends on the magnitude but would probably would take would be a tragedy to bring the country together which sucks but you know it's it might be difficult especially. I know a lot of you. Are you know younger than me and you might not even remember it or if you do me I barely was paying attention in two thousand and early two thousand one Bush v Gore I mean the country was divided divided and I was barely paying attention but I was old enough to be paying attention. I just wasn't paying attention at the time and then what happens timber eleventh came in George Bush's approval rating you know skyrocket in the country's united and in. Here's you know a guy who by the time he left office was detested in New York City but on September. I guess it was October of two thousand one. He throws out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium in the world series and he roars and he throws perfect fix strike and means the world people you know I mean Donald Trump would not be throwing a pitch at the world series at this point it. Would you know but in two thousand nine at the All Star Game I remember Barack Obama you know he's what four months into his administration five five hundred administration it didn't I didn't even think like it'll be cool to see the president till I really thought and he comes out there and his white sox jacket and the MOM jeans any they announce any gets booed and I'm like Whoa what the fuck faulk. Where does that come from because five years earlier George W Bush throat throughout the first pitch at Busch Stadium? I'm virtually certain of this was two thousand four would certainly make sense two thousand four election election-year Missouri at the time was up for grabs totally different ballgame now but at the time only fifteen years ago it was a purple state and and he was cheered wildly in even though I knew I would not be voting for him. Even though I voted for him in two thousand I would not be voting perform in two thousand and four based on the Iraq war for the record that I still stood and applauded the president but five years later the president got booed same same same city that same ballpark same city as I whoa what happened and I don't know some people might be dude wants a Republican think of the Cardinal Fan base in one's a democrat. I don't know I I just know it did happen. I guess I don't know I mean we know this isn't going to happen but of Donald Trump came out and threw out the first pitch before cardinal game. I what do you think would happen and I guess honestly with my right. I think he'd probably get cheered loudly. What do I think it would happen if he went through out the first pitch in L._A.? Before a dodger game I think he'd be booed wildly. I don't know none of this matters. I'm having a conversation with myself while looking at my refrigerator maybe we'll rename the podcast that so I don't know I don't know so maybe it is a civil war but it's a civil war of like densely populated areas you know <hes> on the coast more so although there obviously exceptions but <hes> I mean the the civil war that that one would be talking about would be more news and information not people fighting on battlefields but I just don't think it's going to. I just don't think it's going away. You put it that outweigh and no matter what you say no matter what no matter what Donald Trump is not off or is out of office in <hes> you know been what five years but even if he is voted voted out in November twenty twenty I would imagine you'll have people crying five. It'll be a whole thing I just it's. I don't know man I don't know man and it's amazing how quickly it has changed. Holy Shit Shit. You know but that that's that's where it is. I just don't think it's going away. I don't think it's going to be a civil war. Just don't it's going to be way but yeah. I think the country divided I don't I don't I have cassatt. The only thing that I think brings had together. It's not what I wanted. I just think that is a tragedy and even then I you know I don't know it would be temporary you know because by the time two thousand three rolled around George W Bush's approval rating was this was going down with what happened with Iraq. Some people loved it. Some people hate it but the country is divided on it now divided like this though all right. I've been on on the email I gotta go to to my to my good friends. The team a fan page where some wonderful questions were asked and see what we got here at <hes> you have to cook one meal to perfection to save your life life. What are you cooking? I am not a good cook. I barbecue. It's fine. I have my moments but it's you know for the juice squeeze analytic analytic I can drive to papiers or salt and smoke or you know one of the great places we have in Saint Louis and in that that's that's my that's my that's my squeeze and the juices an incredible product as opposed to my squeeze going out buying preparing attempting to cook it properly attempting to grill smoke at Barbecue at properly not knowing that I will and that's you know hours upon hours most likely process. It just just seemed pretty easy that the move is to not do it unless you're just like I'm GonNa Barbecue Burgers and brought worse and it's going to be tough to faulk those up so it's a good question Patrick I just don't. I don't have a great answer so I if you're saying I save my life one. where I I feel confident? I'm going to cook it to Perfection AG- Gimme a Taco night. I do a Taco night. It's horrible answer but it's an honest answer Taco Bell Taco night you know James Carlton of the Carlton State Farm Insurance Agency is my insurance agent so this is a first hand endorsement of James Carlton and his staff in Webster Groves three one four nine six one forty eight hundred or go online at Carlton Insurance Dot Net. I think a lot of people just go okay well. I've got a guy I've gotTA lady. I'm good. I don't really care to talk about insurance. It's something you know I'm twenty five. Whatever and that's fine I understand I used to think the same way and then I go down to my basement on March thirtieth of two thousand nineteen and the basement's flooded and the world changes it just so happens because my interactions with James James have been so positive that my wife and I switched to James Carleton <hes> in late twenty eighteen and I'm telling telling you if we had not the odyssey that has been a flooded basement throughout all of this precipitation in Saint Louis would have been infinitely more difficult to navigate without somebody is active and on top of it is James Carlton his phone number is three one four nine nine six one forty eight hundred or you can go online at Carlton Insurance Dot Net and even now he's still checks in you know it's it's just a different ballgame and even before we had that which of course was a substantial issue? <hes> you know we weren't covered on something right for forgotten to make a payment. 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If your insurance costs an arm called James Carlton State <hes> let's See <hes> <hes> what is most important of the Saint Louis Sports scene going forward cardinals getting back the postseason form. M._L._S. team local college teams Mizzou's Lou Illinois Basque Align Basketball Football Improvement Consistent postseason appearances and why it's a good question too good question. The cardinal situation is is my answer this M._l._S. team thing. I just listen if Saint Louis doesn't get M._L._S. team. I'm going to be like a target because as I've been saying for months like into twenty eighteen that this is happening and this is just a a little show and leverage and whatever and it's just it it it's almost I. I don't know I don't I don't. I really don't know I just I don't know what to say outside of. It's a little exhausting <hes> in the sense that we have to pretend like this isn't going to happen and then we have to pretend like it's this huge accomplishment when it does happen and I am thrilled that it's going to happen but I feel like if you have a checkbook you get a team so I don't necessarily feel like this is going to be great civic accomplishment and I'm. I guess maybe what I'm dreading is knowing its coming and knowing I'm going to be the guy that's going to get attacked because I'm not going to be waving my city of Saint Louis flag the day that it does happen <hes> because I feel like the M._l._S. business model Liz expansion fees so I'm thrilled for Saint Louis. I think it'll be a great atmosphere. I can't wait to take my son to games but I don't think like this is a sign that we're making progress as a city. I think there are other things that are signs that we're making progress as a city the startup climate <hes> would be one the <hes> building up of areas not necessarily downtown. It doesn't have to be downtown. You know I don't necessarily think necessarily leads to <hes> people wanting to move here but I think it opens up natives and residents is to the possibility that hey you just had one of the best golf tournaments ever in the last year and you just saw the hockey hockey team won the Stanley Cup <hes> so I so I do see thing I did. This one is a positive I just don't necessarily I don't necessarily view it as this incredible accomplishment that I think it's going to be portrayed as because I I think if if you know I wanted to move a team to Kirkwood and I had the money I could have done it I that's that's my premise <hes> and I hope the M._l._S. becomes a huge thing and I think I think actually by the way I think the business model on the M._l._S. is sustained through expansion fees for the time being that ideally become part of what you have going on with the Champions League. Eventually I think that's I think and then you have the television fees and now and then you got something that people are going to be excited about. That's what I think I could. I could be completely wrong on this but I just try to figure out the whole thing is for the life of me <hes> I'm I'm trying to figure out the deal but I this is coming as a by the way a big soccer fan. You know it's another. It's like I'm trying to tell you Democrat Republican black. I have no idea what the hell I am. I'm kind of nauseated across the board but but as far as <hes> pro soccer anti-soccer hundred percent pro soccer hundred percent pro pro soccer I love the game I like watching the game and I'm looking forward to watching my son play the game assuming he's going to play it. What I'm not pro is like jerking ourselves off like we had this big landmark move forward for our region by getting an M._l._S. team so I hope people understand what I'm trying to lay out as a is the difference there because I know that that can be <hes> people are GonNa be hyper hyper sensitive on it but if I don't convey okay at properly then maybe I deserve the hypersensitivity so that's why I'm trying trying to do it but the cardinal thing is cardinal thing is I don't WanNa say it's always going to be number one because I don't think the cardinals are number one in two thousand when the Rams won the Super Bowl and the cardinals are number one right now in the blues won the Stanley Cup but as far as what's going to move the needle? It's the cardinals whether there it's really bad or really good. The weird spot is the cardinals have just been kind of this middle of the road not really bad even though around here it's getting labeled this really bad middle the road team including this season you have three and a half seasons of this now sixteen seventeen eighteen and a half of nineteen and I wanted to see them sell in two thousand sixteen at the trade deadline and I wanted to see himself in two thousand seventeen at the trade deadline and I wanted to see him sell two thousand eighteen at the trade deadline and when they traded Tommy Fam- At ten in the morning on the day of the trade deadline last year. I thought they were finally going to do so and I'm like what are the chance of having it three years in a row while faulk now we have four years in a row. I don't no man and you know it's one thing for it to happen in two thousand sixteen when you're coming off a four straight and L._C._S.'s followed by one hundred win season you know and in those in the N._F._l.. See US run you had a world championship and independent you know you lost after the giants and twelve and fourteen but you got there. How can you complain about that or you can go on with the different situation? They would have won more world series. I would understand that I'm with you on that. If you're thinking that way in seventeen it's kind of like what's going on here and then in eighteen I think at this point people are like it's gotta be maxine. We'll end with any gets fired and now it's nineteen year old a what the hell is going on here and I think some people like I got a fire John Mozelle and maybe that's the direction. The organization eventually is going to take. I'm telling you this. I would be shocked if they fired John Mozelle lock in in the month of July. I don't really expect him to get fired fired after the season and I know people like you gotta be kidding me. The media in this town sought and I'm not saying it because I don't think it should or I don't think he shouldn't. I'm just telling you what I think is the case but at the same time the night Athena as far as like a Saturday night I happen to be sitting in my basement my wife watching TV. I got the email from the cardinals and I didn't even see it on twitter. I think I was the first person to tweeted actually and normally I totally avoid that shit except I had the release from the cardinals and it came out of nowhere and I was legitimately Lee surprised by it so like I got a good track record engage in this stuff. I just don't think that they will do it but they are in a spy here man. They're in a spot. They're in a spot because they actually have real competition from the blues. The Blues take a different approach. The perception is the blues take a different approach. Let me put it that way and I think that perception has a lot of truth to it and they also have been this middling team boring middling team for now this would be three and a half seasons thing is and also by the way some of these guys are free agents after the specifically Zona <hes> but then the other side of it is they really have committed a lot of dollars that are on the books for next year and you go. Oh God I'm not really excited that these guys are on books next year and the the message before the season is we are. We are focused on this year for the first time as opposed to dislike sustained competitive baseball. We are focused on this year. Okay all right. The blue just won on the Stanley Cup. You're playing boring baseball. You can't score runs despite a lineup that looks pretty damn good on paper then you look at the statistics and you say it's not a very good lineup for whatever reason there's certainly room for improvement across the board. I don't know who's playing above what you would expect them to be at this particular moment but you said you were committed to two thousand nineteen okay. The trade deadline is coming even though the team is playing boring bad baseball for the most part they're just a couple of games out of first place. What do you do? Can you have another other year. You sit on your hands at the deadline Faulk I don. Here's the thing I don't know what to tell them to do because I don't feel like it's not that they're asking but I don't. I don't feel like it's a case for their one player away. It's not like you're going shit if they could get the bullpen right. You're on okay fine ten to the bullpen. If you really feel like that's an issue what about the rotation and what about the offense tend to the offense okay. What about the rotation? It's just an do. They have the depth of prospects now to do this so it's a it's a spot and it's uh spot and I really don't know what they are going to do and I'm not sure what they should. What do you know the last three? July's have been like they should sell. I understand why they probably won't but they should sell but they were within a couple of games the division of the wildcard each year this year there there again got. I don't know it's not unlike those years where he looked around and go yeah. This team's really good. This team is really good this. I'm like Shit. I think there's only a couple of teams that have more wins like by a decent margin than the cardinals do at the same time. They're only a couple teams that have more losses the cardinals do by a decent margin. Is this logjam now if the cardinals were in the N._F._l.. West or the East I think the mindset would be a hell of a lot different around here but because they're in the national league central and because they they are two games out of first place even their five hundred people. Are you know going God. I go all in Madison Bumgarner. I mean the rockies are essentially what the cardinals are there forty four and forty five Carlos or forty four and forty for the rockies are fourteen and a half games out of first place. The cardinals are two games out of first place that gives you an idea of what what I'm what I'm getting at here. The angels are essentially what the cardinals are a a five hundred team. They're twelve and a half games on it. First Place Angels are game under five hundred the white sox about what the cardinals are there two games under five hundred twelve and a half games out of first place. It's just there in this division and it's a weird spot. Not The best for my standpoint is if they haven't done it in the DEWITT era would be that either this go on a tear the first couple of weeks after the All star break or they fall apart the first couple of weeks after the All star break nick but even then I just don't see bill the wit authorizing in the final couple of years of Yada. You're Molina and the final year possibly of Adam wainwright just going okay tear it down and I'm not necessarily saying that has to be torn down to the cubs or astros levels. I'm just saying it's just this is. This is not anything anything. I used to a cardinal fan where I'm just like oh they're on on. I guess I gotTa Watch it really don't want to and I think other people feel that way so man. I'm telling you they are in a spot all right. Let me get to some other zones here answering D._M._Z. on facebook Nice school back down now. Let's see more D._M._Z.. Facebook <hes> let's see what are your personal feelings about college athletics being in the Journalism School. I assume you got a firsthand. Look at the good bad and ugly of college athletics. Do you think the athletes should be compensated beyond scholarships <hes> yes I do to answer that question in in the first part is I love watching college. Football couldn't care much less about college basketball even at this point the N._C.. Double A. Tournament <hes>. I don't know if that changes if Missouri or Saint Louis you in particular to an extent Illinois has a great regular regular season. If I would then be more interested I imagined I would of course be more interested but so set about Missouri Played Florida state in the first round two seasons ago. I really was ready to go to bed. I WANNA stay up to watch it <hes> and it was a late late start and we were in Florida so it was even later but just like whatever you know I mean I'm just a college basketball. I'm just so loved college football as far as what it is. It's professional sports. I you know I it's professional sports. It's professional sports clouded under this bullshit that so you know I don't know people asked and I think it actually pops up here later in this thread about now that the blues won the Cup. What is the thing that I wanNA see next? Honestly you know the answers. Missouri went in the National Championship in football but it won't it won't compare to the Blues lose one in the Stanley Cup or my emotions. During cardinal runs before they finally won another one in two thousand six. It just won't his those are grinding months of in the Stanley Cup playoffs case two months the baseball a month and it's every other night and it is you know football. I Love I love college football. Love it but it just you know it's it's. It's you know those three hours will be intense. Yes with college football. Those five hours will be intense but it's not the week after week after week after week. It's at the same time some of the funniest part is the anticipation and I love being at the S._e._C.. Championship in two thousand thirteen different twenty fourteen was cool to see Missouri Play Alabama but you knew they weren't plan for anything. We need fucking lost Indiana earlier in the year <hes> twenty thirteen <hes> that was like a national championship semifinal things broke their way into be there and Missouri had a legitimate chance could have won that game. Maybe should have won that game. That was great but I I it's it's it's not something that would <hes> envelope Saint Louis the blues and cardinals do in recently of course the blues did so the the answer honestly. Is You know it's just it's it's you know I think the boxers have been checked. I mean the U._S.. World Cup win. You know my son getting new experience this stuff and experiencing with him the stuff that I've already experienced. That's that's the stuff that I think stands out to me and I but some of you probably hear that no yeah that's that's a lot of what I think about now <hes> more so than my personal experiences but yet college athletics I mean it's you know at that level. It's just you know I mean if anybody really's. lillies like holding onto these guys these are some great student athletes and it's not because it's not I don't necessarily view it as their fault. I mean there these these factories and you know in people's jobs and millions billions of dollars are online based on how the factories churn out the athletes and how those athletes perform so. I can't even attempt to con myself into going yeah and you know what's a great thing is they graduated ninety five percents percents like Oh. Did they really okay. I mean I guess they may have by definition graduated ninety five percent but okay I mean you know and I I love college. Football was saying but sometimes college fan and this isn't limited to to anything locally. It's across the board. It's it's it's makes me more uncomfortable than pro sports fan and I don't know what that's about but I felt this way before social media. It's a it's a it's something that makes me uncomfortable and I don't think it's the age thing it's like the lack of reason thing in the you're the Anti Christ if you're not on my on my team side. It's a it's a weird weird thing. I'm uncomfortable with it all right I got I got to wrap it up. I got to wrap it up what we got. Oh It's C.. Is a good one because it's not really a question but it's a thought and I'm sure to kind of along the lines lines of the parenting thing that I just made reference to <hes> you mentioned in a previous Q. F._T._A.. That you imagine your son wearing a professional soccer jersey fan to be clear European. I would imagine that is likely I'm pushing forty nine. I have two sons fifteen twelve or sort of experiencing the same things as apparent relative to our kids age. What I'm discovering is that their lives are so drastically different than ours growing up? Our childhoods were relatively similar to our father's Day to their fathers can't imagine imagine that's true but maybe it is. I think maybe mind my father's might be. I can't imagine my my dad's to his. I just can't imagine you're talking about World War. Two and World War One technology analogy is progressed so rapidly though it might as well be two thousand one hundred nineteen twenty nineteen neither of our son's care to watch anything but he's sports thankfully my youngest plays baseball basketball and recently soccer so I get the experience of watching him play playing catch China occasion etc.. There's still kids. Sports are their life but it seems to be the minority. This isn't a question of course but thought I would give you something to think about. Thanks for all that you do yeah. I mean that's I'm aware of that aware of it of course Moore as an observer not not living it and it's a case by case thing you know I I recall having a conversation with skip Burke Meyer who is one of the best amateur golfers in Saint Louis and those who were in that world and I realize there's not a a lot of people but they know his name <hes> and just bullshitting. We played together one time and I said when did you start playing. I'm just curious because interrupting some Marco Rubio moment. I need to get a beverage. I said you know because most of these guys who you see it. On tour there are exceptions but most of them have been playing since like they were like six or seven and he said Yeah I started probably way to go to even better he is but my mom was in his mom was one of the best like Missouri amateur players ever you know and so it's if my son gets into something. I don't know it might sound oh well wait and see but I mean it might. My reaction is I'm going to support it. Even if I'm not necessarily personally into it again I think I do think I kind of the age each thing on the parenting thing kind of feel like it's like <hes> like when Anna Marie got pregnant in two thousand sixteen. I wasn't like Oh my God. I'm forty. I'm like faulk. We've been trying to have a kid for what five six years in we haven't been able to so these are the cards we were dealt and it was not our choice per se and it's a weird thing like people kind of get an animal. I don't want to overstate like a a lot of people you know. If you could say you could go back and have your child at twenty two. I go no thank you not interested but that's me and I'm sure plenty of you did have kids maybe even before then in God bless in my guesses. You made it work so it's Ah but you don't know people's circumstances in our case. We wanted to have one when I was what thirty four I guess but it didn't work out that way. We thought we couldn't have a child. So you know we were thrilled. We have been able to have have one. We'd love to have another but if it doesn't happen often we feel like we've run incredibly good considering the math we were told so you know I have at this point of what twenty two month old and I'm forty two and I love it and and you know I mean you know I see things and I guess maybe I'm able to do things with him. I certainly wouldn't be able to do in my twenties and I might not have wanted to do and it just so happens and I don't know why but he loves golf but I am very careful to not be like okay now. I need to try to create the next Justin Thomas here you know if he winds up not light and and you're going how the fuck do you know. He loves golf. Well you know like when I'm done with this. God only knows when I'll be done with this. I just babble on I take them up to like family golf and he runs around with a putter and he putts in his you know that he started doing this one and a half and my wife got him like these little plastic clubs and I wouldn't be surprised if I hear it because I'm in the basement and I hear it upstairs and he starts whacking the ball like a hockey stick and he'd chase it around he hammers hammers the thing and and he pots and it says nuts to me but it's great because it's something I enjoy doing with him but if he were up there like like I would imagine those of you who are parents of sons. It sounds like this is standard shit. I knew nothing about it. But now I of course do the truck obsession that goes on for a couple of years and I never even thought about it is you can imagine that's not necessarily my bag but for whatever reason boys at this age data's one look at trucks Fox and trains and cars and it's not something I'm like oh sweet. It's a it's an excavator or look. It's a digger. I don't know but I know he likes it. So I'm sitting there. I'm watching. I'm reading about it. So that's where I am. I happen to like golf. He happens to love ring around you know I've thrown him wiffle balls and he does like when we go in the backyard and hit balls up on the roof <hes> but kick kick balls at that hasn't stuck at this point and we watch coach you know like I said we watch tiger chip. In Augusta in two thousand five on sixteen have to be around a thousand times now at this point well here it comes. Oh my goodness. Oh Wow there it is I think I'm on the right pacing Verne Lundquist. I've watched it so many times and then the fireworks going off over Allen Craig shoulder when he's being interviewed by Ken Rosenthal following the cardinals winning the two thousand eleven world series now obviously those are things that are near and dear to me but but then he calls for them fireworks that means to watch game seven to two thousand eleven world series Tiger Tiger wants to what tiger chip in and then he got into the top ten tiger woods shots that are on Youtube and so we watch that and at first it's like this is the greatest thing in the world and like Oh my God. I'm going to watch tiger shot at the memorial again. Oh look there's Rickie Fowler. I find new things because I'm watching the same thing over. Look at that blade of grass you know but but you all can who have children in this age range can relate to it. I love it. I absolutely love it. I don't think I don't think that I will be demonizing E.. Sports or whatever it is by the time he's He's ten eleven twelve the way that I think my parents are. Maybe some parents demonize gaming right now or did demonize gaming then not to say everybody did but it's a different it's part of that culture part of young people you no culture and and I loved it at the time when I was coming up and I just I don't I don't know maybe I'm saying this. Maybe I'll change my mind on it but I just I think I think one what I want what I would imagine what most of you want for your children is happiness now. Maybe I'm wrong on that. Maybe you're like no. I need. You know my son to be daughter to be a doctor. I have no idea I wanNA see my daughter. You know president or something I have no idea I don't know I just know that in my forty two years what I have learned here over the last however many is that when it all gets down to it because I always go back to time and the and the balance of time and how that is absolutely decreasing the financial may increase it may decrease but we know the time is decreasing and therefore enjoy it i. I just don't think I'm going to be if I get. They're lying on my deathbed or at a Nursing Home Gone God. I really wish I would have stayed at came over and done something. I hated so I could be on television and make another. You know whatever it not like. It was all all that much all due respect because I didn't like it you know I wish I would have gone into law school as opposed to you know pursuing that which it is that I wanted to pursue which was find something you love and find someone to pay you to do it. That's it but when you do that you're now going to be in a spot where there's a lot of people who want to do it so you know at this moment on the timeline of my parenting which is most likely way behind a good number of yours and so you can look at me and look down at me and say you say this now but you have no idea what will be in your right. You're a hundred percent right on that but I just I try. I want happiness. I want him to be like right now. He is the happiest guy going which is fucked up considering how bizarre I am but he is a great great reflection on his mother and both sets of grandparents <hes> but he's so happy and that's what I want him to be happy. I don't want him to go through the Shit that I've gone through career wise like the public stuff. I don't want that for him but I want to do something happy. That's to me. That's the name of the game. I like pursue money for happiness so you know if e- sports is what blows his hair back and by the way has wonderful hair again leading that I think maybe for like our thousandth episode. We need to do a Maury Povich here but the the that that's that's where it is now. I I get the poster here. It wasn't like complaining about it but just like making the observation like it's just a different deal and yeah that may be the case and you know the golf thing might not necessarily be the best thing because in order to be really good at it. It requires kind kind of a unique personality trait. It's a personality trait that I have not that. I'm good at it but that I am just kind of self motivated individual like I can be out on range N._B._N.. Heaven like I was telling you earlier about Dell Hussey Z.. I loved just sitting. I'm like Oh my God. I have this practice facility and there's nobody around. I have my ear pods in and this is the game sweating my balls off but this is the greatest thing ever. I love it poker same deal in order to be good at the time you had to read now you can watch twitch but when I started you know it was reading and you're obviously sitting at a poker table alone with your thoughts. You're fighting the battle by yourself. You're making your skill plays and you're making your luck plays and which you're doing it by yourself but that's what I liked so you know if if he's into that he's into that if he's not into that and that's cool with me too and again. It's not like you're saying you need to be carefully. I realized what you're saying. You're just making an observation that the game has changed and I get it even though I get it more from an account standpoint as as opposed to experience standpoint but I'm cool with that and because you know anytime anytime you're doing something you love and then authority figure in your life is telling you it's wrong and you're going but I don't get why it's wrong. That's a that's a tough thing kind of goes back to my dogma. Thank earlier but nobody's is getting hurt and I'm having fun and I'm not risking my health. I could take but then it's like you can like go into all but are you are you is sitting in front of a television whereas sitting in front of a laptop is sitting in front of an ipad is is that really good for you. I don't know I don't know if certainly if it's bad for you throw people throw studies and I'm not listen. I I don't do it. I'm just not sure so. I don't know I'm telling you this. He's he's watching trucks on his little device. Whatever the hell it is not an IPAD and it's not a laptop? Annemarie got him something that he can watch youtube on. It and I'm sure you might know the title. I have no clue. All I know is he wants. My laptop and I gotTa make sure browsers is closed out. That's what I need to do but he's watching truck videos. That's what's going on then he loves it and it in every piece of apparel he wears has a truck on it. Dump truck fire truck doc the he'll wear Pajama bottoms as long as the trucks there. I will go up the golf course here. Maybe in a little bit and there's a good chance he will be on the putting green running around but in Pajama bottoms with a truck shirt on. That's that's probably where we're heading but I love. It absolutely absolutely absolutely can't get enough of it all right. That's a good place to wrap it up here. <hes> what I go almost an hour and thirty how about that just sitting here talking to the refrigerator Oh man I got some fucking stuff going on. Don't I just sitting here talking by myself but You provided the questions and I'm very grateful for it and I hope you enjoyed questions me audience if you if you went ninety minutes ahead to you can always email questions team mckernan inside Osceola Com. We've had some great gasman especially if you're still in the high from the blues run Craig Ba- Ruby Bobby plager- this week young page views coming up next week. That's a good one. That's random as hell as you might not be surprised to hear CAM jumps in on it <hes> so oh that's coming your way so it's it's. It's been a good good run here for the podcast and we've got more coming <hes> in addition so feedbacks always welcome. Your questions are always welcome T- mckernan Zydus G._l.. Account thank you to the sponsors the home loan expert Dot Com Ryan Kelly.

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