Is Wokeness Ruining How People Think? with Blaire White (our first Trans guest!)


the psalm that Is it goes on and on my friend. Some people started seeing not knowing what it was and they'll continue sing unit forever just because the song that goes on some people started saying I know what it was just because this is a song doesn't it's okay. It's okay you almost at it almost at it. Why did rick all of a sudden just close change has a top? Looks like he was singing in a quartet. Because that's how you got to do that. One that was good shot lamb chop so you ever watched lamb chops and he bleeds. Yeah so you knew that song. Sometimes it's just better when you to sing. I'm not really I don't need it. That bad people want you Nikki. Vocal people want you go. Read the comments thinking get in on maybe like Damn Damn. Y'All had a three par harm. Go right even though. It was a semi deal. I get and I'm Nikki Blades. Oh how we feel everybody. Never we'll check. I thought his does I hear dozen but it might be friends is GonNa crack this so the thing about it is we all got corona virus right now so we don't know that's the Guy Michelob. I got the cut Dave Pissy sometimes. I got a lot of gossip flavor on virus Kim virus over here. Oh my God. That's so almost almost doesn't feel right joking about it sometimes. I can't comment on what you say on this comes out. It'll be contained hopefully every time. There's a scary virus coming out of China. I don't really like bird. Flu Never never really got over here. Lars SARS bird flu. I don't know but a China got to. What the fuck no did you see that. They're saying that it might have been started from this girl that was eating a bat. She ate a bat really ate a bat. Mike I'm seeing that like Oh amaze me so it makes me mad look. I'm not Chinese like. Oh yeah you are part time but they always WanNa you know what I'm saying. They always want to blame us. I mean so wait. What article did you read? No I'm saying it's just another excuse to be like those motherfucking Chinese thirty Chinese eight and bats sheet getting disease. Brian did you. But did you see how fast they literally started? Building a whole containment hospital within like outbreak. Here's a case multiple. There were so many cranes building like if that happened here for real. Do you think that they're going to really there'd be like wow that's happened here probably would have went down fast isn't it? We don't we don't play. Yeah we know diseases out here but they China definitely went harder this time they did with SARS Har SARS. They do like a year of before they went into containers. They also put out some like statement. That was like if anybody doesn't reveal that they have the disease they will It was it was like day will suffer dishonor and like some certain honor was the way it was. It might not have been dishonoured were but it was something you don't tell us you got that corona dirty dirty dirty in Chinese. Yeah yeah that sit man. I Dunno scary times very very scary because you feel like look. I haven't been to the doctor and like ten years Yeah is that like? I never had insurance. You fill me so. I just never went. The only time I really was going was when I was single and get an. Ssd checks every couple months. Tell us really the only we have to say this. Every time anything medical gets brought up please go to the damn doctors and don't look at Tim as an example for anything or look at me an example because I'm healthy shit so maybe we don't need the motherfucking government all in our shit. When do you ever get a disease when you go to the hospital and you know to ask me disease you will never know and check this out? What was the last time you met somebody with AIDS there? You friends with AIDS. They don't really think they really haven't you started seeing the. There's a lot when the man when there's medicine now advertise on television for it is way more common than you think. I don't know anybody. Well that's why I do. I did go to high school with somebody I Asia. You really were like you know. How far can I go with this? You know these are fake. Never take care of yourself actually do you though it's not for me to discuss. That's just one of those okay. I only say I'm in and out of the hospital constantly with my family. My family constantly. Dad is in the hospital. It's been back to back to back back. My sister has congestive heart failure. And if she wouldn't have gone in which she has shortness of breath she wouldn't found out that her heart was only working at thirteen percent. So we joke but there are times where is like no? I'm joking the same shit. We were pressured him to go to the hospital. Then he found out basically the same shit as you're right so I remember. Actually I remember when I was texting. You and I was telling you to make sure that your dad just like stays up on everything. Because my dad has diabetes as well and diabetes is one of those diseases that everybody kind of well you I got diabetes. But it's like have you ever seen. We don't see a lot of people that like. That's not serious so many people right there just like it's all serious crazy like my dad just went back and you're like really susceptible to a lot of other things so he had pneumonia and then he. We had a fight for a year to try to keep his feet so he when they get any injuries to their fee it literally they start chopping off toews. Doctors Really. Don't give a Shit. They're like okay. This is GonNa take too long here. We can either cut the foot off. Once the Togo's the foot goes into the knee and you lose a whole leg so we joke about the doctor but I spend way too much time in out of the hospital like weekly. It is exhausted. I I got. I got my checkups. My First Shag up in like ten years scheduled job and I needed because you know. I've been a long time. I thought if I'm not eating junk food then I'm eating healthy right because I was like I was on my boozy food kick for a minute so but I'm eating expensive as food for me right but then I fail to realize that. A Lotta like mad. Buttery Lavas mad fatty so when I went to go get some blood work when I was Doing something like acne medication The lady was like. Hey your your. Cholesterol is a little higher than it should be for someone as tiny as you and I was like. Well Shit Yeah so surprised of cholesterol. Man I don't even have a hypertension but I'm close to you. Got Really energized. Got Low. Pay ATTENTION EVERY TIME. I go I'm like so who's in hospital I now have a juicer. I have a blender make my own food at home most of the time. I have ginger every day a lot of vitamins man. I don't know I still go and get checked up because it runs in my family and I'm terrified. I'm having to deal with heart problems so I'll work out and yeah I don't work out because I really always WANNA work out. I'm like no if I don't I see what happens when your body starts not responding legs stretching and shit like that. There's nothing worse than when you're like. Oh why my back hurt for no reason? Oh because I haven't worked out in the last seven months Zohab Yeah Shit. We never seen those people that do yoga like the older people that do yoga and how they're very flexible and I'm saying I'm saying like if I don't do that ever so it was like I've never been like shit. My back hurts because of my lack of yoga should have been doing. No no me. I'm moving I'm like Yep. I'm upside down in their head. Stand over there not getting thrown at me just for my health and for my bills able real quick man. I need a break Do you need a break a break from your in box or that never ending laundry cycle or that exhausting amount of social media? You've got to keep up with every day. 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Let me interrupt. Come to the podcast talk about. It makes sense for Blair white houses so chipper. I love it okay putting on. Hi How are you? Thanks for coming good. How are you got you? You've been on Youtube for how long now four years four years. How would you describe your content to people who don't watch a video? Oh my God I feel like I go into many different genres. You lifestyle content. Just want my life Issue ALGAE CONTENT. Because I'm transgender. Political and social commentary Funny Videos everything. You would be our first ever transgendered guests on the podcast only trophy drinks. The guys I do drink I would love to drink okay. Sure to kilo or hypnotic. I apparently we kept this one. It's see how many people actually not our favorite Tequila. We actually got the good stuff here. Sorry but we got that. I'll try and you know I throw up. Whatever if you thought want you and I drink good continent for throw a youtube thing to say first transgender gas vomits everywhere. Click Bait but it won't be it'll be back. Yeah I think I started watching I. I saw a video of you. Speaking on Transgender people switching and playing certain sports and and strong yeah Yup and You know just even posting on the No chaser. Instagram and asking people questions for you. I feel like you very You're a a divisive person. You Film I. Some people were like. Oh my God we love her as part of the community of the people like why would you choose your first transgender? I saw someone posted. They had a discharge about me and the comments. This is really funny posted on replied to everybody's comment about her. It was like listen to my district and my district. That person's insane. So why why are why are certain members of the transgender community So mad at you. Oh Wow okay so I often call myself like the black sheep of the community because I feel like I talk about things that a lot of us feel a bit more taboo to say like you know the idea that someone can like transition like thirty and have the full benefit of male puberty and then go like box women like breakthrough skulls which is literally thing. I'm not even being dramatic. You know what I mean like that. S- you don't really say that's bad you're not supposed to but I do. And then a certain segment hates you and then a certain segment appreciates it so give and take you know. I think that's why I got. I got into your your video because I was like. Oh she's she's making sends Ryan and you know what I'm saying 'cause like yeah of course in today's world do you feel like you're supposed to be like okay yes Do whatever you want. Be Whoever you want right. But then you're the first person saying like hey it's fucked up that this person gets to develop full man muscles and then and then go box. Young chick like that box in particular. Her name is Fallon Fox. You transitioned at thirty. So I'm using a real case. She broke a woman's skull. She was boxing and she just in two thousand twenty. You got named like the braves athlete of the year or something. So it's like you know there's a conversation to be had about whether or not that's like too far and a lot of people who aren't trans dough comfortable stating their opinion. If it's too far not so I feel like I have more leeway to because I am trans talk about it That's okay so. How old were you when you started transitioning when you knew that you were going to transition? Oh my God okay so I knew I was different. Probably on each five really really on kind of like the cliche story like really really young. But I didn't have the word the vocabulary to describe what that was until it's probably eighteen and I finally got the courage to take the plunge or whatever at like twenty so twenty six now so so when you say take the plunge what does that mean transition. You know like There's a lot that goes into those hormones or surgery there's changing things legally or whatever Do you feel like Like you said you knew you were different from when you were five right. Yeah so do you feel like When maybe like kids are still kind of going through puberty? They should hit us or an age before they start doing hormones or well the thing going on hormones and if we're talking Male to female is at sterilizes. You you never have kids. So there's a conversation to be had about whether or not like someone who's thirteen has the capacity to make the choice If they're ever going to have kids so that's one they also talk about how it's probably a wiser to wait Especially in today's world. The definition of transgender is expanding and a lot of kids. I feel like falling into it. And it's not really them and it won't be in the end Ashley Judd. Different but as a -sarily transgender. Yeah and you know there's a lot of transgender influencers and celebrities now and to a certain extent is glamorized and like you know. I guess I could be considered one of them like I'm on Youtube and I have a big forum and try not to glamorize it. I my last video actually interviewed a girl who transitioned from female to male fifteen and then by the time she was nineteen discovered. It was choice for her but she had already taken testosterone and her voice was as deep as a man's really like shoot sound completely male. Jazz facial hair so you know and her life is permanently changed because of that. So it's like there's a real conversation to be had some people would rather just say Levin that live but when like when it's kids it's like I don't know do you feel that. Nowadays there was a point in time whereas like Kids were meant to be seen and heard and a lot of it was because we they used to believe that children are able to their own decisions yet. Now in two thousand twenty every child has access to the world and can voice their opinions you. I know it's wrong to want to say like they shouldn't be able to make that choice so young. But do you feel that? This is the time we're adults really have to have a series conversation and say if we allow these surgeries or these shots that there should be. Some regulation involves so that there are in cases where a thirteen year old went to a doctor and it got approved and now she's turning around at nineteen suing them. Absolutely there's a really sort of disturbing statistic coming out of the UK right now where received just an explosion of Trans Teens and kids the most popular gender clinic in the UK had seventy seven children as patients in two thousand ten thousand? Yeah actually there's the actually lower than that there's two thousand now with a three thousand waiting lists always shit. So that's crazy. Yeah so you know. There's maybe a certain compensation to be out about like there could be an expected increase just based on like more acceptance and more knowledge of what it is but all that. I'm all down for Kids expressing themselves leaving their best life but also kids are dumb shit. Yeah like I don't even write it again. I don't even like WanNa fuck in a five year. Old is modifying their food order. You know what I'm saying. I used to work at California here now. Let's begin our here a little like six-year-old talking about Alabama. Golo face like just you know what else you as we could do to do. More studies they say. The human brain isn't fully developed. Twenty five so we should even be making choice. Okay so my parents. I don't have any tattoos. I know this is a very small in comparison but tattoos. They would always say that. It's a life choice to for everything. And Are you going to like this when you're thirty or you're gonNA like this later in life so you should wait until a certain age and then do it and then when you do it you'll know if you like it or not? I got these because there was a point in time where I want to get blasted. My whole body was about to be touted. That could change my whole future and even though on a smaller scale it's something to compare permanent decisions at a young state or an impulsive time. Do we tell somebody what to do with their body or I mean. How do we go about that? Well the interesting thing is we already do like you said like if you're not eighteen you can't go talk to you if you're not sixteen. You can't drive if you're not eighteen. You can't get a piercing. So there's just something you thought about like you know these things are arguably arguably even less impactful than changing your gender So it's like you know they're just needs to be. I feel like an and honestly it is causing a lot of backlash toward the Trans Community. A lot of people feel like things are going too far and it's causing resentment. Which is where I try to step in and be like we don't all feel this way. A lot of it is also people speaking on our behalf that want to be super super woke and fight for us for things that we didn't even ask from. You know what I mean so it's just about brings a moderation because if not you're going to see more and more D. transitions or is in the future. Even just recently in the past few months. There's like a huge increase of youtubers telling their stories just in the past few months. There's a bunch and they're all kids. They're all kids which is scary. So what do you think needs to happen for that to happen? Because I I'm trying to put myself in the mindset of the people who oppose what you're saying and I kind of get it when I think about any group whose hate it for being who they are day never want to say anything against it because it gives fuel to everybody. Yeah he even even even you know what I'm saying is and stuff like that and that's so dangerous because you end up doing things I did. You end up saying let them be. Let them do what they want how they feel when it's very risky to. How do we get to a point where they don't feel the need to do that? Laws I feel like the laws against it There's also a flight. There's ways of dealing with so to be specific when we're talking about transport talking about a mental condition called genders for yet dot is what I felt at five when I said I felt different. That is the feeling of like an incongruence between what's going on a pier and everywhere else In every way really and it's really distressing and it's something that if you arcades feeling it there's a really high suicide rate among people who feel that so you have to take that into account as well and give those Kids Hopkins. Those kids therapy New Whatever vehicle you can do to help them but when you say because of that. We opened the floodgates and say that you know transition should be the thing. I thought there should be laws in the same way that there's laws against tattoos and piercings and yet at the same thing but if anything it's a bigger deal to transition you know completely I think one of the one of the issues is that In the woke Dan Age right. Everyone thinks everything should be black and white when there's so much gray area which is the opposite of what being woke is supposed to be your understand the way we live in the gray. We don't live in black or white we live in the gray You feel like you're hey if you are accepting of transgender than everything about it. No questions asked right. Yeah and like I feel like that attitude is carried through like so many issues and like that's silly when you know there's a lot of complex situations going on you know what I'm saying everybody's different you know it's the same thing as you know just another sort of like idea that comes out of the crowd that people are just forced to accept his like that if you don't date transplant suddenly. Trans folks and you don't have to tell people where have sexual number date them that you're trans like that. To me is so crazy and it's never made sense to me even in my earlier transition days when maybe I would have been more prone to sort of falling into the lake. More like for lack of a better term coltish aspect of everything like even not to me always was just really insane. So how would you tell how would you? How would you tell the beginning when you were starting to date somebody? Oh I never experienced because actually I dated only to people who are in transition and then the next one was my fiance. Who's in the room and the room and he was actually a van busy not to do that but his whole family like new. I was at the time too. So everything worked out super easily your fiance. How long you guys been engaged though about two and a half years okay. Yeah wedding soon for sure for sure. I've got some questions for you from the Instagram instagram followers nicer than twitter. The twitter is. Where are you going to kill yourself block filter so much I am I love it. It's my favorite. It's so amazing. Like we said there was a distract towards you as speaking of transgender distracts favorite. Do you remember that video game? The game stop a man. Yeah man is a rapper and has come out with multiple like rap songs about like transgender stuff. I I support everyone's house all whatever y'all got a battle rate be dizzy. People's drags it. You got your hot all right well. Let's see somebody said. What are your thoughts on celebrities so many ziggy sketches says? What are your thoughts on celebrities that come out as non binary or gender fluid for clout the never mentioned it again what is non binary and just just just flew even keep up with that non binary is like people who identify as like? I guess not a man or a woman and they don't like labels is that'll be the day that we them cry. And the Caesar crowd okay okay. Z's are some of them. Use those Caesar but my thoughts on coming out. I mean it's a IT'S A. It's a quick way to get yourself in the headlines like the guy from Queer. I did it. The won't the long hair like Jesus he did. It said he was non binary never saw it again then said he had aids or HIV incidence. Yeah just talking about that. And then who else did it? Sam's method it. Oh really came out were non binary and it's like you know there's still the same person I got. There's not like a transition taking place. Sometimes I get peeved when people say that's the same thing as me when it's like it's so different you know what I mean. It's like Damn 'cause I saw Stephen Smith at the abbey like last week and it's like he's just like a regular like dude. It's like it's so different than what I am where we can say the same thing. He'll sometimes. Oh Yeah so you're saying it feels like move because it's them saying that does nothing changes nothing. Yeah and it's and it's you know I see it as a little bit of attention. Whoring without the real struggle I learned about Trans Gender specifically that when I was in college right so this was a while back what I'm saying but look I'm I'm ties so I've been dealing with like with you. Let Martin Forever. My Dad before even before transgender was term before it was like transaction fee. That's that's that's the term was when I was growing up and then it's like when I was in Thailand. My Dad took me to a show of all like transgender. Like ladies out there on their beautiful saying I remember like my dad being like what he ate when I was like. What do you think of the? What do you think of these women great? He's like he's like do you think they're they're pretty. Yeah he's like you know those were men like there's a famous like drag show not even just drag like those are you know transition and it's called a Al Khazar out in Pattaya Thailand and That was the whole show. So it's like yeah and then I remember going to college and my my Human Sexuality Class There was a little section about like like you're saying the what is the. What is the That you had The disorder or gender does for Ya Gender Dis for you and it was all about like you feel like you feel different on the inside than what you on the outside right and I remember. I learning about that being like why I'd never heard of it up until that point out and then I feel like for the past. I don't know four years. It become like all of a sudden it was like you were hearing about it everywhere where when I was younger I'd never ever heard of it. Why do you like it got so such a hot button issue all of a sudden? Well I think it's been heavily politicised a think A lot of the struggle for gay rights and gay marriage etcetera was over and it was kind of like onto the next thing and I think sort of this particular debate has just gone like crazy because you're adding things like non binary Which the way you know. Non Binary different than being transgender is the fact that transgender has existed throughout history in every country. Isolated and connected. It's always been a thing Non Binary twenty fourteen on. Well when you think about the Trans Community I if you okay you said Thailand Filipinos. I grew up in Hawaii It's very common. It's not something that we were. Never aware of. Everybody has some story or a family member or you know somebody. So Do you feel that? Also it has to do with location like now. Is it becoming more of a thing because it's more mainstream and maybe to the US again? Hawaii is a part of it but when we talk about it it's it's never been my dad would talk about how Some of his friends growing up had better skin care than most of the women was like. Yo Ladies need to start taking better care of yourself. There's no reason why anybody is. Is He rubs or dry. But how like the care and self care times my mom spoke about how much More feminine somewhere that they were around growing up like their friends and was like wow. She learned more about being a woman from somebody. Who wasn't that at that time? Then she did from her mom or anybody else so growing up. That was never something that we didn't hear about but hearing that it's so uncommon now is what is kind of confusing. He I mean I think everyone who sort of lake even when I was young and didn't know what transgender was. There was always sort of baseline knowledge of like. You know. It's a little more rare but this is certain that when the population that like men who want to become women and vice versa. Like everyone's kind of knew that existed. But now you're getting into sort of like the nitty gritty and like every little detail and it's a constant debate on the public forum and it's just really. I mean to a certain extent. It's like a big reason why I have a career right now. People are talking about as I'm walking to act like I don't want it to be you know a conversations while I'm here but it is frustrating. And sometimes they do the things we better. We're back to the days. Where like you know. We just kind of had the baseline knowledge and not the like. Let's beat every little thing and microscope. How you feel about Dave chappelle jokes on his special was so funny funny. I know I know. A lot of the transgender community was upset at some of his Jokes that he may well. They're crybabies because at the end of the day at the end of the day and it's so sad recipes now. She actually killed herself which is so dark but the Trans Woman that was actually spoken about in the comedy special Who was his friend Approved of every single joke he made about her and it was. It was a thing that he assumed wouldn't've done without her consent. And and it was and it was funny and there was so much truth to the whole Lake Algebra car the Geez that are driving the gay and lesbian complain. What going along with it. Bisexual. Who are like just kind of whatever and then you had the t really holding back a little bit. I thought it was funny and actually a really on point analogy especially coming from someone who's not in the community and I was like damn. He knows exactly what's going on. Yeah you know. I wasn't short because I feel like of course there's going to be okay. Who would you say I said like a bunch of insurances and incomplete one? I also I feel like they're you know of course if we were to bring on a certain a different transgender gas that looked at your views differently like they would have a lot to say about it right. I feel like you're you're you're you're laid-back with it right now. You know what I'm saying. I guess I mean I'm just another how to me to be hyper offended by everything because also like you have to understand like a lot of this stuff is like literally only exists online. A lot of debate and a lot of these conversations are like it's Internet based whereas like my real life. It's like being trans. Hasn't come up at all man. Look that's when you talk about all types of stuff because even like being on twitter you learn about twenty different terms. You've never heard before your entire life. Needham saying that like Shit that. I learned that I am with someone else's Dare. I didn't know I was just basically offended offended on twitter. There's a good amount of people who like to be the victim and sometimes you find out you're the victim like oh right. Okay let me hear you say something. Get Mad about this and really or people. That aren't mad until they read something that makes them think they should be married like Bro. Like you weren't upset about this until you read a fucking think piece about it. Living your life just fine right then. You weren't upset about it and you feel you have to make it all. I felt like a lot of people act like they have to choose a side that they're forced to that if I don't respond to this issue or if I don't say something about this then oh I'm for it so a lot of that all right. Let's see what they talk about on instagram comments. This played out this way. Say What we're really here this Jack. Oh my goodness I'm here for it actually. I haven't really looked into it. You WanNa hear it if you want to. You know we don't have a life. Let's see Ya on Kaelin. See on C. J. Tosh one four six eight. I Love Blair and wants to ask if she's interested in being on big brothers and she's friends. J. C. I don't know if they'd have me why not. I don't know I feel like they kind of steer away from controversial people although JC was my run JC was controversial. He Asks A. It's funny. We're friends now. He asked a girl if she was a tranny wasn't on DMZ. Four people were mad at him. Yeah a lot of people get into trouble being on big brother. Yeah twenty four seven so I don't think I would. Do I feel like I'm pretty comfortable like living my life filming my videos from the comfort of my own home rather allowing somebody to edit everything you say and use it against you for views. You wouldn't WanNa do four seven. I would definitely be on edge like this I'm not drinking either hungry now. That's all you're going to hear me say time personally. Suspicious swordfish says Blair. What's the most common misconception people have about you? Oh my God There's so many Maybe that I that I speak out of malice or hatred or or even anger whereas I really try to go into everything with the intention of and people see it the opposite which is so crazy. But I really do go. Anything's trying to actually normalized transpeople Like by me talking about like kids. Transitioning or not and and Trans Woman and Sports. It's really to sort of fight against the more extremist because they feel like you have to correct the extreme to make people realize it's not really as extreme as it. Is You know what I mean so I come into it with the place of actually fighting for Trans People. It's just that it doesn't appear that way if you're so into the mindset of anything set against the community is hateful when it's really being like that's crazy it's not us that's the victim mentality again and I think that speaks a lot to your comfort. You are comfortable which itself so you don't have to be mad about everything. Yeah and you just. You don't have to fill away. I I identify because being black we go through that. It's like there's a bunch of black people who wanna be mad anytime somebody not black says black is I gotta say black. And we're pissed because how dare you. You don't know anything about like. We can't always be right. We can't always be the victim. Everything we do isn't the way it's supposed to be and when you act like it is it just gives people to fuel to be like fucking ridiculous. They want this they want. You knows answers just fucking chill everybody if it does more harm than good is what you're saying. Yeah I think a Lotta that self awareness as well like going back to saying you're comfortable in your skin with who you are as a person where you don't have to be mad just to be mad whether you are like your sexuality or your gender any of those things when you're comfortable you act different things kind of roll off your shoulders differently. You feel at ease when you are discussing facts like some of the stuff that you're not. This is a fact. The brain zone develop until this time. Why are we going to still be upset? When we know that these choices are going to really come back later on having you know hearing about the woman I didn't know about that about the boxer and you see it a lot in sports. I grew up playing sports so I could imagine the conversation. There is time to where we now have if there isn't A female sport for it that a woman can go play on the team if there is no female football team than a woman can go and play on the football team. They're all just steps conversations that have to be had so that everybody has a right so there will be a time to be. There is probably going to be some law. Some rules and regulations that does state. You've transitioned at this point in time. Then technically or maybe whatever's going on inside of you now is saying that it's an unfair advantage. I know it's just it's crazy because the conversations going to continue for years and starting it's just start. I mean come on abortion laws and all these things are these have been going on forever and we're just now is so I can imagine that twenty years from now we're going to be having a conversation with somebody else about clubs in schools and everybody. Maybe there's going to be a new term a whole new class of human. That's going to be developed that we're just GONNA have to figure out how to go but I think that it's great that you're able to speak about it. It's also just about like not only caring about things that like. It's also about being trans being having a minority group and not only carrying about things in that group like if I'm speaking about like you know the unfairness of some Trans Women and women's whereas like am I not allowed to care about women playing sports to like. There's like high school girls who were getting like their champions has been taken by by Trans Female Students. And it's like I mean not supposed to care about that because I'm trans not just means I'm on the side and you know what I mean. Am I not supposed to care about kids? Going on medication that sterilizes. I'm mixing so they can never have kids. Might not supposed to care about that. Because I'm in it for me and just everyone please accept me. That's right like they want to say it's important to have the conversation. Then they get mad. If you other side of the contract. We tried talking about sex in schools. Just even talking about condoms and protection starts riots outside. It didn't talk about that let alone somebody giving up. That's a major decision. You will never be high if you take this right now. You'll never be able to have kids. Okay I'm a child. I'm GonNa make that choice because I don't want to have kids right now. Yeah it's like it's just crazy and and and to be real even you know I'm twenty six transition to twenty even at twenty. That wasn't something I was really thinking about. You know like I couldn't picture myself. Happy relationship where. I wanted a family and wanted like that sort of lake cons of future whereas now I'm engage in. I'm an adult himself sufficient and have a job and I'm thinking like maybe that is something that I want. I don't think can like I've been on hormones for years like I'm you know what I mean. It's so it's just about having the conversations but an actual confrontation like you said not just one person talking in a direction and then nothing can come back from that you ever get tired of talking about trans. You ever wanted to ask you shit to say. This is a part of the problem lutely you know. I don't mind it because at the end the day to be frank as bill right but I'll also you know there there. There is more to me so that's why I do. Try diversify my content. Like other stuff as well. Well we're not paying you shit. So what do you like to do in your spare time by God I like shopping. I like going out with my friends. Originally Northern California nor- kill North Art from Chico. California she go. Where's that college prison on there? I didn't know that there was a i. I stay in Damn near Stockton so I'm Ali. Yes oh I've driven through there. That's what you normally bill. You direct you where most people who are in the Chico State prison now so how did you? And your man meet 'em so he was a subscriber and it's kind of like a traditional light nontraditional. It's kind of like a typical lake. Slide in the DMZ moment like he was messaging me a few times a few times. You could look really all have been the we got to tell people to stay out the DMZ. We're like well. Guess what you can get Enga- shoot your shot not over here. Rei check dams anywhere really. But yes so. He was a subscriber and supporter and we align like really clearly on like all of our views and we have so much in common and I gave them the chance to hang out and It was love at first sight. But it was definitely like okay. You're like my new person at first sight type of thing. Filth the vibes. Yeah and we moved on after only three months of knowing John Psycho and I don't advise that you knew him for three months. He knew he saw I think about that. He has a whole year on me. And I'm sure you guys use a line or did he just copy you like this? I know how long before you took down the shrine of her. That's flattering everybody. Listening right now. It's like Oh my God it's so cute. Know we hit it off really quickly and we've done really quickly and then got engaged on our one year q but I also believe in long engagements. I like like our relationship happened so quickly that I was like okay. Now that we're at this point. Let's show for a minute because that's when things are really serious you know like I. I've never been engage married before so We're taking our time but we're pretty much at the point where we want to do something. We're just going back and forth between lake and maybe you can give me advice by going back and forth between like big wedding or Lake Potato. Pictures going crazy vacation aboard. Were or something Well we all got different viewpoints and also. Here's the thing in my case you can do both did but I I. The thought process of I'd like what's the point of having a big wedding and paying for big party when I could just use this money and take a dope trip We I actually had a big ass. Wedding fucking was a lot of money. But but I loved it. It was like like wife. He planned all that. It was all like what she really wanted to do. What I'm saying she planned picked everything from the rates to the flowers to the location. You know what I'm saying. I had a little input on the food that was about it. That's really all I cared about But she planned it all and I. I had such a good time. I almost I want to have another wedding amazing but because of that we're also now let's now. GimMe a few months to re up on my funds. We also because he's Canadian. We couldn't go on honeymoon for like a good year but now we just went to to a sweet honeymoon in the Maldives seeing a Bora Bora So yeah it was dope man. I think it really depends on what you WanNa do then for me. It's like wrapping my mind around paying like tens of thousands of dollars for like what feels like other people party for other people and so but we're also scared because it's like you know. What IS HIS MOM. Think of like she has never wedding to go to you but then. I'm like let's just go on like a really cool trip but you know we'll figure it out but I'm brother and sister both guy married and they just got married and yes as the family involved. You normally go seriously. We wanted to celebrate that. They're no longer in these marriages. So maybe we'll then we'll run away in a they were like now. We're going to get married. They did that way but my sister does say that she did it again. She would have a nice little wedding. It's not about going all out just because it's different now. Okay you are and then spend on money all the trip. I feel like if you have the question then. Probably just go on the trip. You think I think so. Yeah from from the way yours thing right now feels like it's really a do. We really want. I feel like I can always you can always do a. You could do something smaller and then make it real intimate for you to. There's always like the ceremony that you guys have for yourselves and the real reason why you're getting married to connect you to as becoming one. The other stuff is a party. Like if you if the means aren't there don't force it. Anybody thinking they have to have this big over the top wedding to appease everybody else's I didn't do it for the right exactly. Oh and here's the thing to having a big wedding will make you want to stay in the marriage more because Oh you have the money. I had this big old self taken out one month. That's a thousand dollars. Tell the McCain exactly I marty. You shouldn't have to stay in it because of the party. Oh I gotta do it. Got A force it. I'll be willing to leave your album like us. We are only seventy thousand dollars into this marriage right now and we saw more years to go marriages so complicated though. Because we're thinking about like how do you actually get married? Like what's the paper? You sign like our prenups a right thing or the wrong thing leg. There's so much legality toward that. That makes them feel like so not Romantic. And it's like you're adding stress to what was before that like just a normal best friendship really well so quickly. Most marriages were legal arrangements and it was no love involved. So now we're actually in the evolved phase of what a marriage is 'cause 'cause before it really was about land is about property it was Only women and or ownership or being able to raise your family so love the romantic version. Marriage now is newer than what it actually comes from so get the legal stuff aside. I don't think prenups are pre-nup. Sorry touchy situation. But if you're really comfortable with your partner it shouldn't be as touchy because if you're GonNa think from a logistics standpoint if I'm about to sign this piece of paper that is saying I am bound to you forever. You go to jail. I'm dealing with shit so that's jail. Damn actually I'm sorry may because I got to worry about two years going about those things. I'm like yeah if something happens credit although stuff because now we are one if you can go and have a real conversation which is what you're doing in a marriage those type of things. Yeah should before you're in it because what happens when you find out that your I don't know how to pay a damn bill and now that's your last name and you're in debt now because of them. I know that's not romantic. But that's the that's the real part of common law. How long you gotta be together ten years common-law when you're automatically marry band together for long enough. They basically considered you. America thinks mom and dad were putting me up on game. I can't my parents. Common-law Oh yes so. My parents are common law day. My mom was married before. Didn't work out. She was like Hell No. My Dad was like this. Yo you already did this once. I'm okay with being with you forever. They had whatever legal stuff they had to deal with. So it wasn't again. It wasn't as romantic because he was like Yo. We got legal things that are going to hinder this. So let's just be together forever because you're not going anywhere and that's going to cause it's like you know you just know for a fact that you're going to be with someone like no contract. Paper doesn't matter that yeah it's just it is what it is and it's it's still shoes you every day. That's what that is. It really is once you sign it. It says that we belong one another I am. It's it does turn into a legal thing. It's not as romantic because Yo- you mess up. I messed that we mess up something. No no here's the thing about mine. I know I'm not romantic. Say here's the thing about mine. She's Canadians we had. It was all about like it's either we do it legally. Oh how but how is the engagement? How did that go? Was it dramatic? Did he do the one knee so we were at dinner? And it's crazy because we were actually filming a TV number. Eric so he did it on camera. And it sucks that we don't have that to look back on now. 'cause it never came to. I guess we could ask ask for. We should ask for for sure. But you know So it was on camera but it was also like you know a lot of people I feel like do that stuff on camera and further their shows and it's not real and it's like okay. We have cameras. Let's do it now but it actually was. We always talked about like when the one year heads like I was like. Let's do it. I'm not going to be with them for a year and not no. Yeah no because in my previous relationships it was like around a year when I kinda was like a Jiang relieving sounds like by one year old now so but it was actually a beautiful. We cried Which was weird. 'cause there was like a camera right here so that part was weird but regardless Been good like a lot of people. Say that like it's hard to date and stuff like that I haven't personally found that to be the case But it is. It is nice to have someone who accepts you fully for who you are for your for your president for whatever they expect future to be because my life is so up in the air in my career is really weird and it goes in different places. So it's just nice to help your your best friend you know. He's looking for their person just looking for their pro. Maybe they're not or maybe they're not but you guys believe someone when they say they're like satisfied and single and don't ever want someone's. I never believed I'm like it depends on the person and I think it depends on time of your life to and I definitely had a happy single this great time and then And then you know then I think we kind of get the point where like I would like to just come back to one person every night and I think some like older people who've had enough bad people have been soured like I'd rather be alone than try on a good person. Sometimes people just got to be alone because they're messed up and then like damn. I might have been the problem the whole time. I. I'm talking about myself my say. Don't bother me. I'm working on me stay away. You don't want to deal with you. I don't want to do what you you don't me. Yeah I'll let you know when I go know it was invisible person they're invisible man If you're a single man divorce say ladies are the most fun you know what I'm saying. They don't be wanting no commitment. They don't want to deal with no drama. They just want the D and Get out. It's pretty it's pretty sweet. What else he working on in terms of your channel or any future projects that we should know about. Oh my gosh. I'm writing a book hoping to finish that soon. Actually writing a lot of youtubers. Don't write their own books. Well Book I'm paying someone right my life story. I'm actually writing a book And that'll be out twenty twenty for sure. I'm working on self-funding tour right now. Because I've been screw over by tour companies before because I do public speaking events and stuff like that so happy Jones San Francisco next week So the toward the book. I'm going to get married twenty for sure so like kind of a lot actually a lot and then this other stuff are we watch your wedding on Youtube. I don't think so. I think we'll post a really beautiful picture on or something and call today. Is your book going to be kind of a about you or is it going to be about a specific topic? It's GonNa be sort of everything. Keep because he will ask that they're like what is it like an autobiography. Is it like all politics? Whatever I'm like it's actually everything anyone who's ever watched me either casually or faithfully and loyally would ever want on look for me so it's my life story and it's also all the issues people care about when they watch me And pictures that's like a lot of just relinquish stuff so we most importantly will we hear a response to the dish. Oh my God problem all right well. Thanks for coming on the show. Thanks for having so much fun for sure will. Hey Make Y'all follow player on everything Thanks for watching the podcast as always. I'm typically I'LL GET HIM. I'm Richard and I'm Nikki Blades.

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