T. Pain pt. 1


I looked better track record these tracks records and Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave they say save advantage The next day they get you gotta you gotTa put it at full okay yeah yesterday keep a sound very very specify is it servers it might this is GonNa get tonight two thousand and nine thousand three tiers for Nappy Boy Who Rain I'm shutting down like I was part of the bootleg playing stupid so you figure thanks I mean I can count on one hand I mean the tears I've seen the same hand no no AL's freeze coattails Molson go nuts but please get off these I keep telling niggers that life is what you make and if you've ever seen success you know that you can't fake there's David Better motherfucker by a very special day for you although it was yesterday the the mother fucking I'm silly but you Nicholson saying she was Milburn Millan and that you're seeing that I really can kill people knew I was in my city and not is bitterly a Florida man this is nice thank you guys breaking thankfully your Smith the Mass Damn Count on one hand you take that same with same hands which no me I'm GonNa Start Out fully well we talked to t pain I'll tell you something today man I do fuck I want to do make mistakes and that's one of the reasons why bro it was important for me to have you first of all because of our friendship second value always been yourself the request really resented the kind you like as I've seen wipe same tiers same hand same match damn count a one tatum's they want the DNA tomorrow from putting out today begins man we're not getting chain which is a war going on now but if you've ever being the best and I congratulated and got us this protest in me and I think God just as that can you face it fears I mean I can count on one hand at all and you're bored Hennessy in what you thought was going to be my mouth just ended up being my entire face to happen in my life I don't even know if you noticed when you performed at the Moon I was up on the third floor and I was watching you perform I don't know how you got him agile you said to myself if I get big and I make it big if I don't have that much energy on stage I don't WanNa do this like I got my like when people say t- paint got a lot of I so yeah you use performance and that that night right Dan how many tears I've seen why the same to you with the same answer no me not saying man it always climb on everything was always climbing on things always doing the most dangerous things and you came up to the third floor I don't know how you got up because you didn't you didn't use the stairs cried all over the place because it was so inspired and it was like man I was like enough to have a stripper in it sorry you offering me cindy you stick and move you came bobbing we've stopped calling me a biggest small energy in the show I always think about you and how you perform that night and you had that much energy and was like it really as low as me to like that's the deal what what were you doing in front of McDonald's they had fire cheeseburgers thirty nine cents over the top it was really good but now I used to sit in front of McDonald's and South Meru Monroe yes take it wasn't a cry was like I really want to do that like that's what I wanna do that's how I wanna make people feel all the time and that and that really so so so so tell me this first of all tell me t pain before that like two days before the it's fun I've ever had at a concert to make sure that everybody has that much fun in my concerts and I'm GonNa have that David Banner Energy every time I saw interview one time I hard week this week I threw out a college we're GonNa talk about those you have hard weeks yeah I had a real hard week this week and just trying to stay alive man you know what I'm saying and the actual day that call me when he called me I had advocated for they'll be overly positive you know don't think that things don't go wrong it don't get no elbow to a big gang Kagan Hennessy Hennessy one of these flavors surreal at a point but it it wasn't unbelievable and you know my dad was always a teacher of you know don't be negative people don't understand is we come from very similar backgrounds like how was it in the city for you because I know for me from going from being homeless do time fuck stick we perfect and just because my folks try to be conscious and try to grow up and do better motherfuckers date that we don't I talked about this it wasn't like a sad cry it was like Oh my God I mean it was it felt good but I was ready for something to go wrong you know because got my mind just business yeah that was my join everybody knew my car they knew I was there and you know I was living in it and you know I mean I was just ask a lot a lot of bad for that Donnas in my hand so it was it was it was close it almost didn't let me tell you some I one thing that Dream Life is like a movie night but I got the lead role in all the sees a step up from my dog is clean but Tony when I get some money I'm about an hour week belt Komo man so I appreciate it back to the head we back this is such a big bite you made it like because I I remember what happened to me you know an old man I've never gotten the sense that I've made right people announcing I had two million dollar deal a lot what was that feeling like it relate ever since I remember when I performed at the moment so do every fucking day before I gotta deal tell them about the night that night instead of saying man now you niggers look as stupid as me if you demand you can stop me from doing because win window matter what and I'm living proof down to it yeah and somehow lost it all and family left me or some shit like that and I'll just go back to writing versus in the room if somebody told me it's fine good things happen to Kinda like I'm cool let's do this on I'm watching everybody and got use that in the crowd you got emotional what was the you remember that what was that the crime free crowd that night that night you'd fucking came up then did try that New York and fire outfit outfit which is out of control I was getting dressed in my room and I it was time to go and I walked by the full length mirror and I stopped looking outfit seven of them right at least one by at least one if you can afford seven of them but I think the first irresponsible edit do what was your first like irresponsible big ball in tight purchase like not to house for my parents ages it wasn't even a purchase it was an investment at I hooked up ten celebrity cars for players Sanger's like now you're really really yeah I'd lost a lot of friendships at that point was not great what what what was something that time that I stopped and I think that was probably shit I was right at two thousand eight seven seven eight I remember I was in New York and I was in a car in New York free to promote my car shop and you know I it was just a free thing similar car Dan uh-huh than anything ever happened because of the money would like family of friends and of course they'll name any names but like I don't I don't think that people know the pressure the last straw for me when he when he he came to my shows in Tallahassee he was asking me for money and I was like I don't I I mean how you doing no but like just crazy shit outside the Bugatti data and yeah that's probably exactly how it is it I've gotten the sense of where I was in life at the time it was much better than where I was before and one day I was getting ready for his show and I had a the plan right happy birthday t pay it's like t pain is this crazy is what that is went on day but that was like the first block all your homeboys nothing about the paired part is it's like I raised you so you know you kind of you're my dad didn't hurt oh I didn't do I cried I cried for the rest of the night I left in you I mean it was it was real early irresponsible burgess don't bother got it by if you if you got you know if you if you can afford I just thought about Scott we are skipping we are stepping your part today for Sally Caesar we'll talk about it on the next possession. Ut Pay me that I'm would you mother for a lot of this is to all my conscious fans did you haven't even said hello to be too and we got into it we got an argument backstage and the last thing he said well look man you give me two hundred thousand dollars aw parents but they position themselves as if they're the children and the dependency like not only is it your parents issue I'm also ready to lose his shit and I will go back to McDonald's no problem so you know I always kept that having is about me to where I could still even to this day I can still go back to it ain't got you ain't got acknowledged fuck like that's how much gos- act Blah Blah literally not wanted to not do that wanted them sorry motherfucker and it was a lot of a lot of Asimov's save for free if somebody said well I'm using his fire that'd be my payment we won't do that we won't worry about that because we keep moving wants to do that but if but a day that's my happiness for the week so be what what happened let's not adman and it stayed like that for a minute because you know that's not some unions take back because one of the things that happens in our community that I don't think it's fair is sometimes all right the magazine putting ribs taxes the money would you want a wall that's what we're GonNa do Ri- motherfucking now because this sounds a responsible just because it and it's Asian guys it was a group as they could barely speak in China oh me money it's not like you not want to have a kid that was fucking the thought of my job be drilling these bitches like I'm black and decker music sound more mature must be at competitive uses sound like a car wreck back Donaldson King Sound as take group of guest I squirt three to question in a sock right now can you stop this the talent when they wanted to raise but I I could have put you on the flow could ended up on somebody's back eh return on investment wasn't that it was an accident but all I needed was a drop I just wanted you to when you get your car back stand next car say what you got eh it'd be hating this to his love when you press it now so the last question Oh my dad and my dad and I fell out hallway and you're not close me and my dad was you know we fell out all the way he you know he styling money blind them and you know he's I mean for listening to the breakfast club or watching the breakfast club interview and he said something that was dealing with over the weekend about how you use there's an over explain to but I see it as you're able you literally have your own focus group you know if he would let you can find out what is to read the comments Oh yeah yeah I see it as has but I think you need to enjoy the mother fucker or or or or make your own yeah I'm not in my studio saying Oh my God I got fired I I hope dern from Denver you know we have about person talking to you so it's mostly we would like to end up really really donate one NBC's talking but they always think they know because they is what Quinn Tarintino Tarintino make movies he said I don't make my movies for anybody I'll make movies that I enjoy and hopefully there's somebody out there as crazy as the idea if you know you have a better idea in your head first of all stop fucking giving it to people and make your own money and then you can the fuck did you just really come from the person out of nowhere does I don't know man what was what was the think they've seen the patterns everybody's telling me the comment I hate the most right now is you need to give us avenue without auto tone you need you need but yeah I really think it's a it's a it's a gift curse is giving everybody a voice and but in that in turn has given a voice to people this is call that you ever had on the road shit man my golf cart accident I didn't know about it I've lived over the IT'd be one South Dakota try to make music Gola fast I don't know why I wanted to test it on a hill they're also enjoying it it's not for anybody you ain't you ain't in my demo does not I'm not here for you I'm not here making this thing for you ideas especially when they put a dime in everybody hours right and that's how they get close to you is really like the pod Carolina she always say somebody got a little thing they got like three photos or some shit never really gotten that tonight or everything fucking everybody here on yeah always happy with that if you don't like my music that didn't make it for you right if you don't like Oh car did you know that that I was in Texas it was on were you doing okay me ideas with your comments and you go on TV saying hey look what game of thrones because most people just want you to respond and and you know it'd be so their friends they got us a liberty to say something to me which is a weird fucking accomplishment it's not something that it's too long to get slow from the tour to hook up the you know sleep like damn talk woke up not I couldn't eat anything solid for six weeks at in length that shit my second album had all went double platinum which one do you think keep doing unsuccess- when people always have Josette can be number one number two and you can brag about how you had a better idea you know if you really have a better idea and you really believe that fuck in this motherfucker said I won't Rama noodles he said I want shrimps Labor Rama noodles and I laughed like I saw it could find another way to get back down here going down it was it was what I was declined well the normal golf cart feel free to look it up T- paying golf cart it's drawl ix twenty two spinners eight o'clock tobacco was animal added in fixed the nickname ask Nick Dennis that was over after Abbas is fire by the way just in case anybody wants to revisit that from childhood applesauce is still fire just just letting you know what the Fuck I wanNA talk about so listen turns out golf cart breaks don't stop twenty two a couple of fish tails air came call chef marlow and it was like I'm going to impress t pay show I'm have a little Mississippi class a Yankee fucking style dining knowledge the fact voice had changed everybody music absolutely how does that make you feel personally you know what at first record our data if you if you just stopped using to you you you big again unlike made I'm like I'll tell you my first album had little to no auto tone in high end chef y'all know schiff marlow I asked he paying last night bro You wanna eat I got a chef for you this motherfucker says I feel like hitter and then you know through throughout the years I've learned to at least attempt to take some positivity out of every situation song recorded in auto tune was creep okay I did a remix to creep from Black Street now with the US Auto Tuna I wanNA actually question something that I noticed he's like like bro you started a whole genre of music and people took this shit and then don't want acknowledge I watched him do the same thing to me goes I watched I was very bitter and very angry at everybody I didn't like anybody using my shit you know what I'm saying is I felt like Tommy Hilfiger it was a lot going on yeah I wanted to answer as a face to the south I noticed like when we do really don't shit and people take it they never acknowledged it was crazy it was this and so I would drive it on stage Bouma for myself for the answer and it wasn't fast brought to you on the show that's what I wanted to talk about what family 'cause I never heard you really talk about your family on his show how is that because I Japan I mean Roger Troutman Twenty one influences Oh yeah tate arrived for sure Teddy Riley gave me my first NBC. Yeah Yeah Yeah my daddy was seriously I I I really got tired of man like I think they hate toward man enjoyed fucking enjoy a deal to me so instead of being bitter saying talking about saying I'm not getting acknowledged you know I sit back and bask in the fact of I did yeah Regina get you anything other ones on the flow I'm just glad you have did did you ever hear what happened to my children know did you did you did you have any they swallow just that's right here on the fucking sidewalk whole mouth went right into the sidewalk broke out almost all not great just being inboxes dogs like soon yeah you maniac and then they call you maniac and then you reform yourself than they act like you wasn't a maniac what's the flavor thank you go ahead Sir he sees it you know a off suddenly get up in arms about I wanna say something man why not paying see I wanna come out about something man I really a passionate person people always called you a passionate person everybody's like man David just mad and I'm like no he's this he has a vision and it's not turning out eh one hundred zero right now but you gotta be mean she likes to call you talk when he got them and so he he cooked around and noodles cooked meals just as he wants he really actually pushed into he was mad at I want black people wearing is pretty funny how old are you a fifteen twelve that's the one thing so you got to across the shooter how they all would misspell any day I asked her you definitely thought it and being a superstar you and I would always tell people that balancing you know my career my family was easy Avellino publishing hail from me from me sitting in my son like so your son I told you when he liked to fuck with like two women a lot I do end because I'm conscious people think I don't WanNa fuck I like to come out today as a heterosexual ah I used to think about that a lot when they saw me on TV thought I was a completely different person and and and you know as opposed to person at home and you know what did you see how this is going full legal we used to call this person Mr on one orange this is why you have to create your own talk to do you have and ten so do they know do they remember like they know that she was like demand at one point yeah Oh yeah for sure they used to call me other daddy and there's alternate universes where things can happen I'm what what what was the biggest strain being a parent uh either that or my wife somebody like me I could talk to ever happened to you that making money was with my family need it and I realized that I didn't know my little brother for like I turned around if whatever doodles for every back like no they'll dump serious masterminded cook I had to go like I I swear my tex winter I didn't winter go see him and he just had a two thousand jobs land around now the first the first NBC I just it was terrible

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