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What prosecutors say went on his private island after he became a convicted sex offender a sex trafficking ring with girls as young as twelve? The new lawsuit lawsuit also breaking the deadly crash of Van carrying the Holy Cross women's rowing team colliding with a pickup. The Star Athlete killed a day. After celebrating her twentieth twentieth birthday parents officials demanding answers after that Delta plane dumped jet fuel on a playground and schools dozens of children injured. You'll hear the pilots ballots. Emergency call what they didn't tell the tower and the winter storm on the move from coast to coast Al roker timing out this is. NBC Z nightly news with Leicester. Hold good evening tonight for only the third time in our history. The stage is set for the impeachment trial of an American president a constitutional constitutional process that will determine whether president trump should be removed from office house. Democrats this evening delivering the two articles of impeachment charging abusive power our obstruction of Congress to the Senate all of it now setting up a showdown over the Senate trial we begin with. NBC's Peter Alexander. Tonight the historic handover after nearly a month's delay house Democrats completing rituals of impeachment. The articles ceremonially hand carried to the Senate a chambers still wrestling with terms of trial heats up donald John trump it caps a pivotal day with house speaker. Nancy Pelosi this morning morning. Naming the seven impeachment managers who will prosecute the Democrats case is not above the law. He will be held accountable. He has been held accountable but he has been impeached. He's been impeached forever. They can never erase that Pelosi tonight. Defending her delay. That recently prostrated even a few members hours of her own party. Time has been our friend and all this because has a roof yielded incriminating evidence. Democrats are now demanding. The Senate call all additional witnesses like former national security adviser John Bolton to Senate is on trial as well as the president. Do they want fair trial one. That's fair to the president. But also fair to the American could people or are they going to participate in a cover up but Republicans are attacking the partisan sham emphasizing that House Democrats never subpoenaed and we are doing with. This majority has worked entire time for before. They're even sworn in so they could say the president is impeached. The House this afternoon voting along party lines lines descend both charges to the Senate or the top Republicans already criticizing case. They passed the first presidential impeachment. That does not even allege an actual raw crime under our laws chief justice. John Roberts will soon preside over. What will be only the third presidential impeachment trial in history among the strict rules snow standing on the Senate floor no talking and no cellphones? All questions must be submitted in writing president trump today during a signing ceremony for the China at a trade deal bashing the house's latest. Move some of the Congressmen may have a vote. And I know it's on the impeachment hoax a hoax going on over there. Let's take care of it at noon tomorrow. The house managers will return to the Senate to read the articles of impeachment. Then at two o'clock chief justice Roberts arrives to swear in the senators as the jurors with the trial set to begin next Tuesday. Laster all right Peter. Thanks we've got a reminder today of how we got here is this impeachment moves forward explosive evidence tonight on the president's pressure pressure campaign in Ukraine documents. The Democrats say makes their case even stronger. The man they come from speaking exclusively in an MSNBC interview you. Here's Halley Jackson for the first time. The man at the center of a dramatic new document release shares his stories speaking exclusively with. MSNBC's Rachel Matto Auto. What do you think is the main inaccuracy or the main lie? That's being told that you feel like you can correct. The president didn't know what was going on President trump no exactly what was going on. he was aware of all my movements I wouldn't do anything without the consent. The Rudy Giuliani or the president in terms of the president. What he has said about you? he said about you and Mister Fromm anywhere from. I don't know those gentlemen I don't know about them mm-hmm I don't know what they do. You're saying that was not a true statement from the president he liked. The White House is not commenting tonight but the president has denied any wrongdoing. Love Parnasse worked closely with the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani in Ukraine to try to dig up dirt on the president's political rivals efforts at the center of the impeachment inquiry Parnis harness who was arrested on campaign finance charges in October with a one way. Ticket out of the country is now cooperating with house impeachment investigators handing over phone records and messages ages. One New Voice Mail just released late today comes from a lawyer linked to the president mentioning the big one a possible reference to president trump. They live DT hair We've got a request to talk to big one. There's this handwritten note part of what looks like a to do list scribbled by Parnis on ritz-carlton stationary quote get the Ukrainian President Vladimir Alinsky to announce that the Biden case will be investigated a text message exchange with another associate highlights. The push to oust the Ukrainian ambassador at the time. Maria Vich suggesting she was under surveillance by private security. They'll let me know when she's on the move and then there's a letter from Giuliani himself. Asking for a meeting with the Ukrainian leader and acknowledging the knowledge and consent of President Trump Giuliani defending himself tells NBC. He was acting in his role all his defense counsel seeking exculpatory evidence but some Democrats say these documents help make their impeachment case by putting the president at the center of the push to investigate his rivals levels. Evidence is overwhelming. The the latest evidence with with partners and Giuliani makes it even more so the president's Republican allies disagree read dismissing the documents arguing. They don't change anything in the impeachment. Proceedings Halley Jackson. NBC News. The White House and the house was preparing to send those impeachment articles the Senate the president announce a major trade. Deal with China Tom Costello and what it means for families before a roof Wall Street and business leaders President Trump and China's vice premier today phase one of a trade deal aimed at ending. I heated trade war. That's dragged on for two two years together. We are writing the wrongs of the past and delivering a future of Economic Justice and Security for American workers farmers and Families Eh. American families are unlikely to see cheaper prices soon on many Chinese made products like TV's shows and clothing since most US tariffs will remain in effect until the second phase of the trade deal is completed. China has agreed to buy two hundred billion dollars worth of American products and services including eighty billion dollars in US manufactured goods forty billion dollars worth of American farm exports and protections for US trade secrets and Intellectual Property Virginia farmer. John Boyd has struggled to make ends meet since the trade war caused soybean prices to collapse babba mortgage on his farm. I have not been able to make my mortgage payment right now because these prices are at an all time. Low Wall Street today applauded the deal. Closing above twenty nine thousand for the first time in history China Today said it expects the US to treat Chinese companies fairly an indicator both sides are looking for a win to put this trade war behind them. Lester auster Hi Tom. Castello thank you in the aftermath of his death New Lawsuit Claims Jeffrey Epstein Ran An underage sex ring at his private island for years after he became became a convicted sex offender. Your Stephanie Tonight. New allegations that Jeffrey Epstein abused girls on his private island in the Caribbean and some as recently as twenty eighteen in a sex trafficking web that went on longer and involved more girls than anyone realized according to authorities. Jeffrey Epstein's steen carried out an expensive scheme of human trafficking and sexual abuse of Young Women and underage girls. Right here in the Virgin Islands. The Attorney General in the Virgin Islands filing a civil suit against epsteins estate accusing the financier of bringing minors as young long as twelve to his secluded compound described as the perfect hideaway for Trafficking Young Women and underage girls. Excuse me we got a close up view of his island during a visit last summer according to the suit flight logs and other sources establish that up until Two Thousand Nineteen Epstein brought underage girls to his island island using his own private planes and helicopters while there they were subjected to sexual servitude and forced to engage in sexual acts echoing going stories some victims told NBC News including Jonty Davies. Who says she was raped on the island when she was twenty two and that first time was on the island and it happened multiple times on the same trip this suit alleges for the first time that Epstein continued to abuse girls long after he struck? What many considered a sweetheart plea we deal with federal prosecutors in Florida in two thousand and eight? He served thirteen months in jail. After pleading guilty to soliciting prostitution following his release Epstein Eighteen was free to travel where he pleased including homes in New York Paris. And here he's Island Compound Stephanie Osc. NBC News. A story that continues we used to unravel want to tell you about tragic story out of Florida. It's a deadly crash involving the women's rowing team at Holy Cross killing a star athlete. Here's Carrie Sanders. Police say the Holy Cross women's rowing team from Massachusetts were in two vans headed to a practice in Vero Beach Florida this morning when one of the vans collided with the red pickup truck accident authorities believed the van pulled into the path of the truck when both had solid green lights key team members in that second van witnessed the collision. We're GONNA need one more killed in the accident. Team member grace read. She recently broken indoor rowing record. Sixty two hours without sleep and celebrated her twentieth birthday just yesterday. Grace was alight tall. All who knew her shoes incredibly passionate tonight. Six others in the van are listed in critical or serious condition. It's terrible and it's a tragic event. Holy Cross a Jesuit College tonight leaning on its faith in the wake of this unexpected loss carry sanders NBC News. There is a major winter storm. That is starting to sweep from coast to coast. Our roker is with us. What are you watching Lester? This storm gets itself together tomorrow. Bringing bringing heavy snow and wind in the rockies downpours thunderstorms in Texas rainfall amounts anywhere from one to two inches in Texas up to six to twelve inches of snow in the rockies then Friday and into densification Asian over the planes with ice and snow for the North Rain Down South we're looking for snowfall amounts four to eight inches in the mid. West wind gusts up to fifty miles per hour one to two inches of rain in the Mississippi River valley. Then Saturday cold wind snow. For the Great Lakes Northeast. Snow will change over to rain. We're looking for up to six inches or more in the interior northeast air and road Delays and temperatures will crash behind this storm last night. We know you'll be watching it out. Thank you we're right back in just sixty seconds with a pilot's called of the controller is before that that Delta Plane Dump fuel over schools. Let's face it. 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NBC Stamps Dot Com Promo Code NBC STAMPS DOT Com. Never go to the post office again. The meet the press. Chuck Todd Cast. It's an insider's take on politics. The twenty twenty election and more candid candid conversations with some of my favorite reporters about things. We usually discuss off camera. Listen for free wherever you get your podcast the FAA he is investigating why a Delta plane made an emergency fuel dump over a playground and schools in Los Angeles NBC's. Miguel Almaguer has the pilots call to the tower tonight the FAA says pilots aboard Delta Flight Eighty nine declared an emergency but never told air traffic controllers they needed to dump fuel before releasing streams of it over Los Angeles schools and neighborhoods. Okay so you don't need to hold a dump fuel or anything like that Negative had the tower known and says the FAA the jumbo jet would have been directed to an appropriate fuel dumping area like ocean. Adding the flight crew is responsible for determining what is necessary serie to safely land in aircraft when there is an emergency I was basically dumbfounded to dump fuel at such low altitude. It's hard for me to think of doing something like that. Even in a big emergency with Tuesday's job falling on some sixty people many of them children the FAA notes procedure procedure calls for fuel to be dumped over designated unpopulated areas typically at higher altitudes so fuel evaporates is closes own bags lags because it smells like gas. We took him to emergency yesterday because he read all over his back with Delta sending crews to help decontaminate schools overnight. No students were seriously heard but tonight the FAA is investigating who made the call to Dub n y Miguel Almaguer NBC News Los Angeles. It's more than a week after a major earthquake rocked. Puerto Rico another aftershock rattled. The island today as many still struggle after Hurricane Maria our Gabe Gutierrez. This is there from above the makeshift tents. Cities tell you something. Broken Houses Captain Carlos Benitez has been rushing supplies to southwestern Puerto Rico much like he did after Hurricane Maria more than two years ago. The very awful. I see people sleeping outside. Because they don't WanNa they scared to sleep inside out on the ground you spoke with no elliot suits just minutes after the latest aftershock. She and her wheelchair bound husband lost their home. Home during the hurricane. Rebuilt it now. Fear it'll buckle again. I've what I'm GonNa do right now for me. It's hard over the last few weeks. More than a thousand tremors display. Some eight thousand people here. This is the cost of power plant the largest one in Puerto Rico. It is still out of commission Shen after the earthquakes and authorities estimate it could take a year to repair but parts of Puerto. Rico are still reeling from the hurricane. This Week thirteen-year-old jiving Ventura died in Viet. Just off the mainland that island had lost. Its main hospital today at a vigil. Her family blamed inadequate medical. Oh care for her death. As the quake's many Puerto Ricans want president trump to sign a major disaster declaration setting aside more money for relief efforts. It's tough it's select so many here Shakeel beyond belief gay good here is NBC News. Wanaka Order Rica. That is it for US nightly news. I'm Lester Hole. Thank you for watching goodnight. It's Josh Mankiewicz from dateline. Do you need your true crime. Crime fix on the go. They episodes are now available in podcasts. You can listen in the car or on the beach or wherever the summer. Takes you mysteries with a twist from dateline. Subscribe now so you don't miss an episode.

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