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Some news coming from the chiefs colts game. That's the first game of the day. I four over the weekend. Adam schefter. Believe was is getting this information out tailback Spencer where for Kansas City will work out pre-game to see if he can play he's dealing with a hamstring injury has got officially listed as questionable, but hopes are not high that he will go. In fact, there's a real chance that wear won't go, and of course, safety Eric berry won't go. He's been dealing with the heel injury. So anyhow that's the knock there and one of the issues there with Kansas City. Meanwhile, let's go to Los Angeles. Where the Rams host the Dallas Cowboys and the Cowboys have not won a game in this round of the playoffs since nineteen the Cowboys haven't won a game in this route since nineteen ninety five and the Rams though are the ones that come in. As we bring in just seeing Anderson who's covering this. And she's on the shell Pennzoil performance line with a little bit of doubt. As to the way, they are playing right now, what is the state of the Los Angeles Rams Justyna. Well, I think everything starts with Jared Goff. You know, had a really good conversation with the quarterbacks coach who's actually supposed to be reportedly the next head football. Coach of the Bengals just how he thinks. Jared Goff has been performing particularly night just was talking about this on our. So when he had those struggles that everybody was talking about between thirteen weeks fifteen and he only had the one touchdown six interceptions. People crazily kinda started talking about around the country. You know, something wrong with golf, Sean McVeigh make him, you know, schemes or you know, simplified that he's not really reading anything. Are we starting to see a little bit? You know, more of how he performs under adversity particular against those types of defense. I think that's stretching -cluded the bears the eagles. And surprisingly Taylor was very honest. He's like, you know, what he is struggling in situational football. And that's what we've been trying to work on having to think you have to be so aggressive all the time. I think he has to score fifty points all the time. And so on one hand, the good news is that they were able to get to wins in the last two games with you know, kinda makes them feel like they're back on track. He's like I like his focus all these other things, but the bad news about that is that those were against much easier defenses, and they'll be facing today. Obviously the Cowboys is not like the forty Niners and the other team that they face. It wasn't so great. So we'll see I think it'll be a true test to be how he's gonna handle the pressure in his face today. And when I was talking to DeMarcus Lawrence was it last night or a couple of nights ago two nights ago. He was just like that's why our whole thing is like it's all about stopping girly 'cause up there force Goff to see what he can do against us. You know with his arm weapons four act Prescott. You're seeing the coal Beasley with all. The ankle last week. How is he going in house the condition physically of this Dallas cowboy football team? Well, first and foremost, I think mentally they're in a really good spot of. And I even ask the Marcus Lawrence about that. Because I was a little skeptical. I was the one the reporter who covered the game when they played them colts. And they got shut out and they admitted that they got homo. They went in there, and they underestimated Indy, and then I was like, well, how can you really tell if you're ready for the play offs went. Yes. You beat the giants. But you gave up thirty five points defensively. And he was like, well, I didn't really play. Tai Crawford didn't play blah, blah. I can tell guys are focused and they come out there. And they do a good job at home against the Seahawks. So DeMarcus Lawrence told me, basically, it's the same thing. You know? He's like, hey quarterback. Everyone's you know, it's the same task. You know matter who it is our task is to say, we don't need any big, you know, motivational thing I think Sante did for his team this week bringing an armored truck with two hundred thousand and showing them the Super Bowl trophy. He was like the whole world understands how good of a defense. We are. And I think that we're ready Kobe's Li I think we'll uh. You know, be, you know, serviceable out here solid. I think the the X factor continues to be Amari Cooper, and making sure that he's reading it for everybody else with the attention that he takes away with the defensive attention. Anderson joining us from LA as the Rams get ready to host the Dallas Cowboys. There's a lot of talk about potential pressure on Sean McVeigh and getting the Rams over this hump. But what's the approach of the Dallas Cowboys? They had obviously phenomenal finish to the regular season. And a nice win at home last week. But is there any semblance of of anxiety or being up tight, given the fact that this is around they haven't succeeded in coming up on twenty five years. Well, I don't get the sense that they're uptight. But I wanna Kim to the first part of your question for when he was saying is there pressure on, you know, Sean McVeigh, and I do think there is a little bit of pressure being as though and this round last year they did lose against the falcons actually covered that game. I was here last year. There's a lot of talk about McVay being a magician at the offense, and you know, the defensive coordinator quantum on. You'll did manual did a good job of a really setting down girly last year. I'm agree. Only had like thirty three rest yards through the first three quarters, and though with all of this. I think what really kind of widens the pressure a little bit. Maybe not specifically on Sean. But maybe the the optics of, you know, Sean is that you know, there's so much, you know, talk with all his hot people, you know, trying to hire people like him across the league. And you know, his assistant's acceler reportedly getting the job with the Bengals. And you know, just the young guys like Matt leflore and all these other things. So I think that he needs to show that he can. I get to the next level that postseason in that Gough is continuing to make those strives I would say as for the Cowboys. And when I think about them, the only thing that kind of stuff out about the stuck to me out to me rather. When I talked to them is that I felt like when I talked to them the week before. I that's just my personal sense. I felt like they sounded a little bit more amped and this week when I was talking into market Lawrence and just I heard a little bit more. It was the height was a little bit more tamp down. And the reason why I think that that's important when I detect something like that. Because it just to give you a great example. That reminds me of last year when I talked to the Vikings they had the first round by then they played or whichever they they played the first game. I can't remember who it was against. Oh, that's what it was. They had the by then they played the they played the saints, and they were really hyped that game. They had the rest of the week before. And he heard the energy and then the week leading into the NFC championship game. It was a completely different tone in there. I could hear just in the week. After the bye heard the, you know, the fatigue and their voice, and then they came out there, and they played a little bit more tired. So now, they're traveling. They don't have the benefit of the Seahawks coming to them like they did last week. So I think it'll just be interesting to see how they whether that particularly when they're coming out here. And it's not like, great weather, and they're you know, had the benefit of playing indoors last week real quick before. I let you go and move on these coaching changes you cover this league. And it's entirely about Zack Taylor possibly going into Cincinnati quarterback. Coach with the Rams just your feelings about all the different changes. And some of the coaches that got these head coaching positions. Well, I mean, there's obviously a lot of talk about it. I mean, there are eight bacon. Bs eight firings. Five of those coaches where African American reportedly only one of them will be African American. If the, you know, the reports hold true that Brian Flora's will be the next head football coach of the Miami Dolphins, which I still think it's strains that that leaked, you know, before the game because I think you would like to kind of see how both Chris Rashard for the Cowboys and Flora's for the patriots actually do today. 'cause how awkward would that be if the you know chargers or whenever that game was today or tomorrow tomorrow? Right. So whenever you know, the chargers play the patriots if they come out there, and they just like, let's say thirty four hip before zip. And then restart has this great. You know, performance of the Cowboys hold up really strong against the Rams. That's a little awkward, but o- overall. There's just been a lot of talk about you know, the fact that the league is following this trend trying to find the next on McVeigh, the lack of experience with some of these coaches and not only that where you see that with like a guy like clip kings. Jerry. But what really stands out about situations like that? With Matt with four Kingsbury is that the particularly with Kingsbury of his lack of knowledge of the other coaches in the league to be able to put his back together and how much he's leaning on Steve kind just to put a staff together. I mean, he doesn't even know any of these guys to know how they we act under pressure how he'll get along with them chemistry. So when you talk about a lot of coaches this year that lost jobs with the selection of their offensive coordinator that wasn't good. If particular, you know, one coast, whether It's Hugh Jackson, you know, I can't think of all the other offensive coordinators right now. But I know that's the trend was allowed the firing. When you think of that that that how that one hiring can cost the job or chemistry can cost a job. You know? We'll just see because all of these teams like the cardinals the Packers Kingsbury and with leflore. You have to think that they got to start off with strong starts particularly in Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers or the versity that could kinda take over the team chemistry there Anderson. In Los Angeles. Where the Rams host the Dallas Cavaliers just seen a great stuff. And it's good talking to you. Enjoy the game in the weekend. I thank you. All right. So there you go. Boy, let's see I love you got two of the best running backs in the NFL. And here's to hoping Todd Gurley is healthy. And right and get a C those to play huge parts for their teams in a big time game tonight. Chris Pollica coming up. You heard Scott sprite Sers two picks from the NFL. I posted those earlier on Twitter at ESPN Dory. Chris Feliks gonna deliver his picks, you know, him as the bear from game day and the Stanford. Stephen the bear podcast that is what is next at story. And Mel let's consider the secret life of the innermost nesting doll living, most of her life in the dock inside the other nesting Dole's. She has plenty of time to think if could Saturday she has no brain, however, when in the most nesting dole, his the geiko not only saves people money, but also has been providing great service for over seventy five years. She thinks it's obvious. You should switch because. Yes. Switching to gyco is a no brainer in a most nesting Dollond lot in life. Chris Veliko joining us right now. Shell Pennzoil performance line. You know him from college game day, and from the Stanford, Stephen the bear podcast and latte last week one in one of the NFL, and then you drill your college pick by nailing Clemson to beat Alabama. Let me let me what game or you're. You're kinda sure you like, but you're not sure enough to make it official on this particular show bear on on this for for this coming weekend. Yes. I would say the one that I kinda like, but I'm not a hundred percent soul would be the Rams just 'cause they if really. Struggled to finish a lot. I I know girlie is back now. But I I'm a little worried about laying that Laham at seven with them that game has written all over special Cowboys running in going defense played pretty well. I if I if you're asking me to pick a third or whatever or an ad many as I could I would say the Rams, but that was that would be the lowest on the priority. That's the aligns when they opened on these four games Chris into where they are. Now hadn't changed much. So I wanna get your best bets one on a show Feliks as best bets. Where are you going this week? We're not limiting one would however many you have what are what are your best bets this weekend. I I like both dogs in both SEM. I think the AFC was was the league that all season that was more wide open the NSA, then the NFC I think we looked the NFC all year long probably say it was gonna be. Lamb saints for for the longest time. And it sure looks like it's going to be that way. But I I just don't wanna lay a big numbers with those home favorites. But you you've you've got four four dogs. I think in both games at are all really attractive, and we saw all four door dogs covering our last weekend. But I do like the the Colt on the road to getting what I think it's five or five and five and a half. But in Kansas City that offense of line travel for the colts that that defense has been great. I in then I get I think that she's kind of peaked a little bit early. And you talked about a team that's had problems on defense. Kansas City has who does. Whether is the equalizer there with the with the snow and the cold. But but but gosh, if they Andrew luck is reminding everybody how great of a player he was before the shoulder injury. I loved it all sorts of wine. I think that can go in there control the game. And and potentially when the game at right, but I certainly would take up Indianapolis, plus the five and a half. So you wanna ride officially with? Indianapolis and five and yes, absolutely. That's what is another official in the other won't be the the charter smarter. I think charters if you look all Aloun field. I think the chargers have the better team again, they're they're at a lot of people are picking to win this week. And it's hard not to. I mean, you don't wanna get scared off because seems like one of those public dogs with fleas. But as I said, I think you look real. What is your walk? That was one of the other questions was who's the dog with fleas this week? And it was usually that team that you just want absolutely stay away from it. A whole lot of people are on the chargers, but a lot of people on charger last week, and they might just be that good to overcome the the weight of the public backing. You always had to keep a mind with the patriots at home or they're going to get a call and the big playoff game. But we know that's happened before. But I think it was he called him saying the loss. I know. They should be said. Yeah, go we because to say that the chargers team at just seem to play better away from home. And I I know it's going to be all call the winds die down the gave me no precipitation up here in the northeast tomorrow. So I will take the I'll take the charges on the road at New England in such a low number two. I think if you're laying with New England you gotta be kinda scary that why is it only four four and a half something in that range? I think even three and a half and a couple of places. So I think charges Mel what's the number? We're on four artist bus for chargers plus four so your official. Pigs colts plus five and a half today at the chiefs. And then the chargers plus four. Yeah. That doing Chris we could have real quick like thirty seconds because you cover these college players, and we've been talking a lot of. About Cuyler Murray. What kind of NFL quarterback could you envision Cuyler Murray becoming? Isn't he fall don't you think? I mean, I don't Baker drew Brees or what how goes height restrictions. And maybe the game is changing so much where you're gonna line them up and shotgun, and it's not, but he wanted to lift up at five nine or whatever. I don't know. I. Iffy. I, but he is so dynamic and his ability on and throw. Now, if you are you talking about taking the top ten of the draft talking about. Yeah. I I don't know if I would but somebody will mail you believe one hundred percent somebody will. Yeah. But he he does possess some dynamic offense of abilities. And it again, it's all going to all be about the fit. Are they gonna is it gonna be close Kingsbury thinking, I'm not beholding the mcardle they're going to they're going to cut the cord with Josh Rosen. That's asked that they're gonna run run a wide open shock offense. And then in that's what they're going to do that could be a spot. But gosh, I don't know. It would it would worry me a lot more that it would take Baker Mayfield patterns or one more question for you. Then Jalen hurts. How confident are you that your alma mater, the university of Miami is his next football destination? Whoa. You would have to think it's either going to be a Miami following his at scored in the Danny's or it's going to be Maryland to follow his other offense coordinator system, largely what what you'd have to think. It's probably one of those two spots. I don't know. Oklahoma would be that the spot for him because that's what really been his ultimate strong that I do think you need to be a little bit more passer. I and now the best thing that happened to teach. Jalen hurts a fear was to starting and Jalen really working on his passing not playing working on his passing game in practice. And he got if you watch the SEC championship game. He's threw the ball eight ten better in that comeback against Georgia. If I had to guess, I'm going to lean I'm going to say that he. Will be wearing we're in that you on the side of Thomas, y'all get them to give them slight edge over Maryland as well because I get the sense and just watching him for the last couple of years. Yeah. You guys who wants to win. And I don't know it Marilyn you're really up against divisional playoff weekend in the NFL. Dorian mel. Always presented by progressive insurance. All guest you wanna shell Pennzoil performance line, by the way, one eight hundred flowers dot com Twitter feed. I just posted the bears picks Chris Feliks too and F L picks likes a couple of dogs. Go get those at ESPN Dory. If you missed him a few minutes ago it it's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Best phones. Best networks, no contracts. We'll get it at a today's games a little bit too. We got plenty of time to do that between now and the end of the show, but I want to go into tomorrow. We haven't spent a lot of time on these. Specifically the second game of the day the eagles and the saints. And you know, the way the eagles one on the Cody parkey. Touched then going than don't field goal attempt in Chicago last week. It's just you know, it's Nick foles didn't have a great game. They didn't win because of Nick foles. But Nick foles is the guy because he needs to be the guy. And now you're starting to wonder what if they go into New Orleans they win. I mean, could you imagine it's improbable? There's no question. It's almost silly to think about but that quarterback position in Philly. Whether the eagles wanted to or not is obviously becoming a story because it has to become a story because you've got a Super Bowl champion who's going to be a free agent at the end of the year, they're likely going to let walk right or would. They here's Doug Peterson the eagles head coach now on how Carson Wentz the incumbent is handling everything that's going on Carson. He definitely wants to be out there and he wants to be his teammates. And I just think that he right now, he's a great support for Nick. And that's that's huge. Because Nick Nick is. Been that way for him. And that's a big that's a big thing from going and and go from starter tobacco. That's hard. But then now you're in this position to really help the starter become successful. But yeah, I just think that he sees how everything's kind of coming together. Whether it be the run game or the offense of lines playing. Well, or even even your skill position guys are making plays. I think that's all things that he's processing and learned it from. We'll be better when he when he gets back out there. That can't be really a controversy. Right. I mean, one of these guys as a franchise quarterback in one of them is an admirable backup at least in this situation. Is there more than that? Well, I think it's the money games. And Nick foles has been able to win these games. He's got an incredible streak that he's on right now. I think it ends against New Orleans. We pick both pick New Orleans go to the Super Bowl. And I think they're fortunate to beat the bears last week when the misfield, but again, you know, this is what it matters the most. But who's the better quarterback over the long haul? Obviously Carson Wentz as their guy Carson to us approving stay healthy. He was interest. Final year North Dakota state with the wrist came back to play in the end. But again you talking about a couple of years now. And that's the third year would be the final year, North Dakota state. You gotta stay healthy. And you gotta be out there. And we know he's capable being a great NFL quarterback. But durability is a key with him. And so far that's been an issue. So they've been fortunate to have foles, but this will be the final year. You would think that he will be behind Carson Wentz. And and certainly in this game. Dr you think about the success of foles needs to have the eagles running a ball. It's going to be an issue. It's been an issue. Okay. The saints have been strong against the run. It's going to be on Nick foles and the throw the football and air it out. And you think about worries been the last four starts eight touchdown passes five interceptions hadn't been perfect. I've been close to the eagles that they're gonna come away with a road win Dari. You've gotta be at least you would think even in terms of turnovers. They were minus six during the regular season door ones was plus eight patrol breeze. Carved them up November eighteenth. Do they make the Schwartz? Make those adjustments. Always say you just when you lose the saints thought to adjust. They dominated that game. The eagles were dominated. They're gonna make a lot of adjustments. And as I say drew Brees November eighteenth four touchdown passes. No picks twenty to thirty for three hundred and sixty three yards everything. Clicked? They ran the ball. Philadelphia has to stop the run. Mark Ingram Alvin Kamara combined for in that game one hundred hundred. Seventy four rushing yards. Two touchdowns when twenty nine carries trae Quant Smith. Oh, he had a breakout game. Ten catches for one hundred fifty seven years. They had no answer for New Orleans is offense. No answer. That was it was one-sided as I say breeze. Carve them up. You got to believe there's going to be some adjustments there the make things a little bit more difficult for the saints. But the end of the saints of the better team. I think foles is run ends and Wentz. They answer your question. Dr. There's no question Carson Wentz quarterback. Nick foles is a great story. Nick foles has won six straight games overall as a betting underdog and four straight postseason games as a betting underdog. It's it's why you don't count them out. Accept the fact that defensively I can't find a way especially when New Orleans and drew Brees drops back to throw the football how Philadelphia stops them enough. Like, you've got to think do you not to have a chance to win this game. Nick foles is going to have to leave that offense to at least at Lea. Least thirty one thirty four points. Right at least. Yeah. And I mean, I think that might be low ending this thing that might be being conservative getting them off the that's the key. Dr is I don't like folds can through that. So can you get way down from where it was the eagles during the regular season? One of the better teams when it came to third down defense. Okay. You gotta get the saints off the field. Problem was in that game. The saints converted over fifty percent of their third-down opportunities. So they can't ain't gonna cut that way down. So normally what they were strong at the saints didn't care about. They said you're not gonna be strong against us. We're going to dominate you on third down. They did. So the eagles gotta get backed up kind of playing against the saints. Like they did the rest of the league. And can they make those adjustments and swertz as a heck of a Schwartz with these a coordinator? So we'll see on that. Because that's where it's going to have to come that offense. That defense needles was no match for the saints offense that that was November eighteenth. We'll see tomorrow if that changes. Gory and Mel ESPN radio ESPN app. Do you find yourself rooting? And I know like, I know you don't because you pick the patriots to go to the Super Bowl and you want to be right. And you want me to be wrong. I mean in the history of our show together. Eight years. There's only one of us who has ever hit both Super Bowl teams. Correct in August. And you did it when you had the patriots and Seahawks. You would love to do it again with the patriots and saints. But is there not a part of you? That would like to see Philip rivers win this game in Foxboro tomorrow. And I ROY don't care about the predictions. Sorry. They don't mean anything way, ROY. They really don't mean much. They don't they really don't. I think the chargers or the better team. I'm with you on that as I said the patriots. Alright flawed team the patriots have issues. Now if you say what's going to determine the game. And I obviously watching the raven game. We Philip rivers is going to determine the raven defense isn't the patriot defense and the one thing the patriots can't do heat on a quarterback that's tied for thirtieth. And sax in the league that's not an area. They're strong. Absolutely. Should have time to be comfortable. They gotta get Keenan Williams and white Kenyan Alan and Mike Williams go, and they got to be much bigger factors than they were against the ravens. They got to be able to run the ball. The patriot. Have trouble stopping to run Gordon is he going to be one hundred percent. No. We be good enough. With Ecuador is not one hundred percent either along with Jackson the rookie to give them the running game. They need. They should be able to move the ball everything points the rivers the running backs Alan Williams getting the job done is hunter Henry going to be back for this game. We'll see the defensively gronkowski for the last five games less than thirty receiving yards. You know, running the ball for the patriots because that charter defense they may have some success, but hopefully for the for your sake, not a lot the one turnover chargers were plus one patriots were plus in. So you gotta had there. They were fortunate. We're gonna get Gordon almost fumbled going in last week that could have been a big difference. It was twelve to three game. At that point. They still had to struggle to hold off the ravens the chargers have a history of late the falling behind. They got a lead last week. But if they fall behind here could be trouble the weather going to be cold. So again, a lot of people think this is New England's time to shine that again when this type of stage bellwood chick with time to prepare rises up and they play great. They play above and beyond. What we saw some of those bad games. They had this year. The chargers or the everybody says the complete team the better team. And I agree. I think they are the better football team right now going into this game. How about I mean is this not ridiculous? Mel that the patriots if they win we'll have gone to eight straight AFC championship. Games mean, it's an incredible statistic in a league where there is actually some degree of parody and unpredictability that's the one predictable. But we will. That's why I say that gets into what we dynasty when you're that good on that even when they had castle in for Brady, they still want to right. This team won't go away. And that's not say when you're I'm not talking just being relevant. I'm talking about being elite right up there with now you have to win every year. But when you win as many as they have where you may as Alabama's and you're always there if you go to year period where you're not in the playoffs or you're not in the playoff final four for college. And you're eight or not one of those say the dynasty is over. That's what I think for the patriots for Alabama, very similar and there's ties with Bela chicken saving friends coach together. No, similar success hall of fame NFL hall of fame college. So I think dynasty New England dynasty, Alabama until somebody. We year on year out. You're not going to be playing for a championship. When that time comes I'll be ready to say. Dynasty, no long. You're not baiting me into that conversation again. So we're patriots here. Patriots. Are they still a dynasty? No. By the way, this season a perfect nine no outside of Los Angeles that deal not so bad, by the way. Both our experts do just the for people just tuning in Scott sprite were and the bear crystal Eka both in agreement and why check when they are in agreement. They don't win every week. But they've done about seventy five percent on when they both agree. So they both have the chargers in that game plus four chargers chargers plus four new him. All right. Those are tomorrow's games. We're also going to dive into today's two games as you've heard straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless, nationwide coverage on America's largest and most dependable four G L T networks to the chiefs. Stop their streak of six straight home playoff losses. And can the Cowboys go to LA and cast all kinds of doubt on the Rams young head coach, Sean McVay, we go there next door Mel ESPN radio ESPN app. How we feel in mailman. We're always. Feeling good. When we are that. Dorian male ESPN radio. Few minutes left. We're always presented by progressive insurance. Four playoff games expensive time. Just a few minutes ago on the games of tomorrow. What's the biggest thing you're watching for mailman colts and chiefs today colts Shays for me is the cheese? Offense getting Travis Kelsey heavily involved in getting him going early because you gotta be more for Mahomes than just looking at the options hill and what he can do down the field. But I think in would not have in Kareem hunt and catch a lot of passes. But what he did he made them count. And you don't have hunt now as your main running threat Celtics got to be a key less sixty five receiving yards each of the last three games. Didn't record a touchdown as well. During that stretch of games? I think that's the whole thing. For me. Travis Kelsey, he's gotta come up big right away. And then get out and put pressure on luck. Because they have had a good pass rush. Laaksonen been sacked eighteen times the chase retired for tops the league. With fifty two sacks. You get them. Marlin MAC limit because Marlin that should be able to run in this game. Okay. I mean this guy against this chief defense that gives up a lot of your five yards per carry. Dr that if you get the luck where he has Marlin MAC runnin and they're in a game. That's even or they have a lead. The chiefs are in trouble. The key is cheese with Kelsey Gitten that Lee ten nothing fourteen nothing taking Marlin MAC kind of out of the game. Putting it on Andrew locked and that offensive line that starts to rookies to play as well in this environment with allow the crowd noise, and the how now that is an offensive line, particularly one with two rookies, I think that's critical Dari that she's have to get a nice lead first quarter, first quarter and a half. And that plays airlines one of the greatest atmospheres. I mean, that's what they're what I was a kid. And it was it was amazing. Crowd noise, hamper more than anything else. What does it affect more than anything else? Offensive line. Yes. Exactly quarterback conversation with and snap count and all that stuff place. It'll be shaken there's no doubt. But I think it might be shaken more out of nerves because they're used to see in the chiefs come into these situations and fall, you know, we talk all the time about oh my goodness, Patrick Mahomes. And what can you do offense against colts defense? Well, the colts defense has gotten better over the course of the year the chiefs defense hasn't so from a homes in the chiefs to be able to win this game. There has got to be improvement on Kansas City's defense. You talk about it. If Marlin MAC, it's going they're five and he runs for a hundred yards. Andrew luck is on fire right now. This team is hot right now the chiefs allow twenty six points a game that's in the bottom fourth or third actually of the entire National Football League that these are concerns, and then if there's any tightness then maybe that tightness has felt from around Arrowhead stadium. I don't know. I kinda like the colts. I just feel really good about the like about the colts story is their third down ability to keep drives alive. They were nine for fourteen on third down last week third down so critical in the NFL nine for thirteen last week festival league during the regular season Cassidy defense below average. When it comes to third down the fence. No Eric berry with a heel injury. Chris Jones one man wrecking crew up front. They get a Pash rush. But as I said, you'd think about Kansas City without Kareem hunt. I it's going to impact people don't talk enough and how great he was as a running back slash receiver with twenty six catches. But averaged about fifteen yards a catch and that touchdowns in that area as well. So I'm with you. I think that's going to be a very very hotly contested game on less. The key for me. Kansas city. Ten nothing fourteen nothing, then it's a different ballgame likely know Spencer ware. Sammy Watkins chiefs receiver questionable with a foot injury. But a source did say told Adam Schefter that what can is expected to play. So Watkins may play where who knows berry. No, that's what we're looking at. All right. Second game of the Cowboys at Rams Todd Gurley hasn't played in twenty seven days. They think he'll likely play today. How effective willy B? That's a huge question. Right. Take some of that pressure off of Jared Goff. The Rams are still struggling with the fact that they lost to Atlanta in this situation a year ago at home a lot of people like Dallas in this game. You gotta have girly, and you gotta have girly, right? Don't you? Yeah. You gotta girl. You're right. And you gotta have obviously a situation here where you got contain those yo and say, well, yeah, sure, you have to say well that that's all Dow's is going to have because we think about throwing the football with Cooper, and company Beasley, not one hundred percent with the ankle. Okay. You think about Gallup the rookies had some key. Ops. He's coming on a little bit in terms of showing some promise made some some big time plays at times flash. Some big time ability, but consistency was lacking. I think you man up if your way Phillips you man up you could take Dallas passing game and neutralize it. You had that ability with your cover guys, and obviously upfront it's all about Aaron Donald the at twenty and a half sacks their second sacra Dory. Was SU he only had four and a half. So I know you're going to have a lot of attention when Donald everybody does yet. He's still get sacks. I don't think the passing game is going to be a threat to the Rams. I don't think it'll be a threat at all. I think it's going to get down to Elliott if they're one dimensional and all they have Zeke. He's he's a really good player. Great player, but and their defense a Rams allowed five one a carry. But if they don't have any passing game to worry about stack at box stop Elliott, and you've got the ramp shut down. So this is going to be on the Cowboys defense without Cooper Cup Jared gospel at different quarterback their offense alliance out some struggles. Curly's not one hundred percent. This is on the cow. The Cowboys are gonna win this game. It was going to be with their defense keeping the Rams below twenty three twenty four points, even maybe below twenty if they can do that if game becomes twenty seven to thirty four for the Rams Cowboys. I don't think have any shot. I'll take the Rams close will take the colts on the road you and I agree about the saints tomorrow over the eagles. And then you got the charger patriot game which more than anything else. It's important. But it's it's the most important because one of us wants to be right. I love it. I love the fact that our AFC champion at the beginning in August a respective champs. Go head to head in this game. And even if I didn't pick the chargers, I would still be rooting like a madman for Philip rivers. I want this team to win. And if you think about this if the colts win and the chargers win the AFC championship game will be played. In a Major League Soccer stadium that seats about twenty six thousand people. These stub hubs. Can you believe that would host the AFC championship? I o and hopefully last. Me what a what a great site. That would be. It'll be interesting another not Coliseum. We're not moving it to the Rose Bowl. Although that would be kind of fun to see the stubhub center. Homebody not locking up center. Galaxy? All right. That's it for us. We are done. We'll do this again next week nine eastern next Saturday Covina enrich our next mailman. Enjoy the football got it pal. All right. You're listening Doria Mel ESPN radio and the ESPN app.

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