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Holygram Diver - Ronnie James Dio Lives!


Ricco off Ricco go right. Welcome talks Jericho's the pot a thunder rock and roll. And it's all about Iraq today on Jericho with Wendy Wendy deal wife and manager of the late great legendary Ronnie James Dio who passed away from stomach cancer in May two thousand and ten Wendy's keeping Ronnie's these memory and legacy alive with some great events both celebrate his music as floppy. She's telling us what it took to put together the Ron James Deal Hologram tour this summer very very interesting stuff there and started the annual bowl for Ronnie Charity Bowling Event Every year the fifth annual Ronnie's happening tomorrow night the seventh seventh the pins a bowling center in Los Angeles California with all kinds of celebrities and great rockers. Taking part last year's event raised seventy four thousand thousand dollars for the Do Cancer Fund and Wendy's opened the top that this year. 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Because what's going on right now with the the return of Ronnie James James Deal the return of the Hologram thing. And it's just the whole concept of this there's so much to talk about It's really cool for me. Because I was there I think it was the last public appearance that that Ronnie ever made was that the Golden Gods that I that I hosted it was that true. Is that his last parents. Yes it was remember. He was very frail three weeks three weeks before he passed away. was he feeling good that day or I I mean he was. He was feeling really good. And it's really good for him because he got out and we. We always thought that he was gonNA make it. Whenever I never envisioned that he was gonNA pause? Aw Is it not gonNA see strange but is it gratifying to you. That deals one of those guys that everybody loves it in this business. You know pretty hard when no one ever really talks bad about about about Ronnie James Dean. Everybody's I've got. I've got a great story that will tell you. Did you ever got a positive very great memories and thoughts about him. He was in very special person. I think because he really cared about people cared about his fans cared about bat. More than anything. I mean I think fans are number one thing the animals number two and I think I was number three the animals and number two the animals because I we played a show with motorhead at the Wilton and deal was there and afterwards he was signing for everybody that was at the gate of the Wilton back area. It wasn't even his Gig but as do that every night and he said He said always give of people their moment. He said you you might not remember. But they'll never forget it exactly. It's very true very well. He came from humble beginnings. I mean family up in upstate. New York now. He just felt that the fans have made him where he was right and so he never forgot. That always always said you know he learned what to do and what not to do in in Rainbow. Oh Yeah in rainbow in the years. How did you meet Ronnie? I met Ronnie because I knew D- purple guys and I knew Richie quite well. I knew his wife very well and They were in the rainbow and they invited me to go to a party and they had just formed Rainbow Just recorded the first album But had not toilet yet and I went up to the House and Karani there and I fill it was a bit too short for me twenty. I only thought I melted around. Follow me around and get cold in me and everything and then he said quit your job and come on the road with me and is now I counter after that. Come for a couple of days back. That's forty years ago. This is probably the seventy five. That was wow yeah so throughout the whole career we drink. Were you managing him no When I'm obviously when I met him Rainbow had a manager and when Ronnie got fired from Rainbow Abo- because He wouldn't right more commercial songs and they wanted to go more commercials. They did fine but Ryan. I didn't really. I didn't know that originally wanted to do kind of the stone cold. Yeah exactly so money wasn't in today's I don't write love songs And so he got fired him we I said we gotta go back to California. So I knew people there. And we went back to California and he started working with Skunk Baxter and and then they had another band who was looking some other people he was he was working with Jeff Baxter and really yeah that'd been starting to write and direct though Shafi often then he was working with another band And then all the sapper thing came along and He joined Sabbath and they had a manager so I didn't actually saw manager morning until he had his own band was donald and that was managing savage. Donald mismanages tap is when Romney came in. How's it but daunted drawn to It was going to be their ten th anniversary and he wanted to write the music and Record but he wanted to perform he goes no one or the other and so he laughed and then Tony decided that he wanted to what with Ronnie in the in the in five minutes. We've been talking you've already blown. My mind is a guy who knows quite a bit about deal in the history of so I did not know. Oh that so he wanted arden. Wanted Rani to write the material but ozzy to sing it. Why Interest O.? Rien recalled the album for them to do their ten th anniversary tour Marney said No. And so don Don excused himself and we had Sandy Pomo Komo came in and it just to manage the bent so but when he left Sabbath When started deal like holy diver era? That's when that's when he said I need you to manage me. Oh no no. I can't do that so I said well. Let me try out for band so we got rough cut and we put them together. See Paul always always in Vegas. He's always the vault thing. Yes so rough. Going to trial and Jake Williams's Williams's Jackie Lee. Now he was in the original band and I actually took him to the audition for for For For Ozzy All. Oh Yeah Yeah. What was it like though back? In those days you talking about eighty two. I think when only diverse eighty one eighty two like the Abia manager female manager but be like just I just think of how would you put together a tour and keep a tour going when you don't have a cell phone and the computer and you're basically stuck to the hotel foam and you're a female and a man's well trying to take Rani away and you say you know Were you doing what you're doing and stuff and You know I I had a a music history I worked for Decca Records And I worked the book and agencies in England for attorneys with reading contracts so I did have Yeah he would've asked you if you didn't yeah exactly exactly and so It was very it was very very hard in those days and also with going out with with Dio We didn't know what was going to happen. I I had signed a solo deal so it wasn't a very big amount of money and we moved out how saturated to go out on the first tour. Really 'cause I wanted it to be you you know as good as what he'd been with Sabbath And then the record company kind of jumped on after they we started get success with with the album. Yeah Oh it was It was it was quite an experience. Actually there was so many men manages all come to me and try to take running and I had a little funny story with with Bill. Graham actually Promoter Yeah Great great man. Great man but They were playing there and To the fillmore. Whatever in San Francisco San Francisco and Nothing Day on the greenhouse ray okay and so the end of the show. And you're going to settle it had I think sixteen chairs broken chairs. who was charging us for and I said well where where are the chairs as they are and what? I'm buying them like the chess so he was like twelve hundred. It was something city. Twelve hundred dollars so the one that you what I wanted to. I got to pay twelve hundred dollars. I want the chest and then we were all back and forth by the twelve hundred dollars and I said you know what Bill. I think. You need the money more than I do so I spend that on lunch. What didn't just keep the twelve hundred dollars things? No No. No here's a twelve hundred dollars and about a few two years later. I saw him on. He said you know one. Do you use reverse psychology Wiley and and very smart and very quick to deal with all those sort of things. A lot of things go on. They still go onto the road. I just was in Kansas City sort of situation. WHO I? It's it's one of the things you do. Well I mean. I grew up in Winnipeg in Canada and like mid eighties. Everybody was it was so heavy metal. Craze of everybody loved deal it just almost like not knowing the history of Sabbath only maybe eleven when diver came out but but just this deal guy is everywhere. Deal was huge from about eighty to eighty five legit arena. Yep saw Yoda Grau band very quickly right off the first I'll pretty much. He's been daddy. There will be Was Nine years over ten years next year. I still have two and a half million people on the facebook because he he loved his fans they love people use interest when he's and he had an incredible memory like an elephant. Really I mean he would ask you he would meet you Talk about you. What's your name? What's your kids same? Two years later it'd meet you and he'd say oh so and so do remember. I don't know how did that. But he did remember and and he took a really took time to think about what that person was saying and not what he was going to say next but what they really were going to say what they really were interested in you know he he just loved people remember to Like look you in the eye. Yeah absolutely which might not seem like much but really is actually legit interested. When you're saying yeah yeah I remember? Kid came on a stretcher from Mike Michael Wish Foundation and rolling just cook through who've been like he was just morn shook his hands and our next summer to see you on his guitar playing this his mother wrote to us like a year later and said he's up playing the guitar we invited to his wedding harder school so it was You know because he just. He didn't look people that they had something wrong with them. We didn't look at that anyway. Anyway said you know. Are you have to follow your dreams. You can do what you want. If you follow your dreams let someone said Wha- what what something about what music don't you like or something Roney said own music is good. There's no bad music because someone created it you know He. He was a very special person for their. Oh Yeah Yeah. Sorry about Dios. He is gimmick at the time. Where the dragons and the sorcery the lavish stage shows with the fire-breathing drags giant spiders? 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And that's where we really sweet tried to make a Hologram then everyone that Aw that show. We had this crystal ball hanging in the air with Ronnie's heading there and talking to the crowd and we did it with rear projection but we actually tried to do a all around eighty five eighty six and now we use that we do use at the beginning of this. Well we use that part ought just without the Crista Wall token to the ordinance. Would you had like Cigarettes the spider spider was in. That was an angry machines chains. I think it was the dragon dragging all at eighteen foot. fire-breathing dragon on an sacred heart. We had two nights at Laser Sawsan. Listen for each other. Better working drawbridge We had one else that we have. We had a lot of stuff going on there. A lot of owning the laser sword to kill the dragon with him came up with the core wink to everybody last night he had the whip that would you the whip. Oh yeah explosion would go off. Ah You guys never came to Winnipeg is the two never got to see deal in Winnipeg but I the video came out the VHS lasting and there's there there's a lot of lasers like yeah. Theo logo was in lasers so even at that point that was forward thinking. Yeah before technology. Yeah absolutely neurologist. Come such a long way the Hologram you can have fire without you know. I mean we used carry seventeen. Trucks is sacred harsh can carry one truck with with Hologram right. You don't need a pyrotechnic and you don't need a fire marshal gym tests every day. All the fire is there. But it's not real we're talking about you know the the peak of deal and then of course all the other deal is never not popular like there was different levels different levels especially in the ninety s when grunge Cayman. Yeah that was a really bad time for heavy metal people because grunge came in and it was a new thing but those those fans are always very very loyal rare records of that time like it was a strange veins highways through the day. It's actually one of my favorite deal records. It's super heavy. It's not grunge nor should it be but it's not like he just sat down died he just approached it a little different right right so so always. GIGGING and touring is my point. You know so when he passes away like you mentioned nine years ago and you've done a lot of things to keep his memory alive right Karani which will try later and then there's a bowling Gulf of celebrity volunteering rolling and once again because Ron is such a great reputation and so critically and personally Salihi acclaimed. When did you start coming up with the idea to do the Hologram the Hologram? I didn't come up with the idea. Jeff Pizatti who owns I- allusion came to me into fifteen up with the idea of doing hologram and I was not impressed with doing a Hologram. No normal the audio was not why I wanted to but then he called me and he came again and the ad drawings and different things and and he said well. Let's just try you know. Let's just see what happens. And the only one that was two bucks and I was like. I don't know what we talked about it. I'm not with the band about it. Run his band that he played with lost. Seventeen years and This trial let's see what happens so we did we. The Created the first the first version or whatever And that took over here too. So in two sixteen we showcase to Watkin Festival in Germany to seventy five thousand people and I've played Vakhin before actually just even last year. When you're saying some five thousand people this is the the legit the the the the? The field is huge unbelievable so and these are true. Heavy metal yeah so to debut there was a true litmus tests. I'm sure because people will tell you if they think it's shadowy I suppose it high up on the show. No nobody knew about it. We wanted to do it as a sacred really really did at the end right the. And that's why I said it was seventy five thousand because normally there's one hundred thousand people there in two thousand five thousand. Had gone home for the still Sony after the headline is done. Everything is two o'clock in the morning and you say hey people is one last surprise for your just came out and did it. I was like Whoa that to to me. Working with it had not make a head festival Agai- and then they digitize it and then it's done like almost like I'm like cartoon like frame by frame by frame by frame so that didn't affect me at all. When I saw him the first time up on stage there with the band I just voted completely and the record company? We will always meet you. Everybody was in tears. Was the reaction from the audience. They were like blown away blown away And then we went to Europe and did a few days to see if the fans wanted it and there was there was a market for it but I wasn't happy with with the Hana Graham so not WanNa go out again with this Hologram. I'm not happy. Am I like the way roaring. Looks eyebrows aren't right is has all right so They said might adjustments. I made some adjustments at nor happy so we scrapped completely completely completely new autograph now technology in two years to come a long way so we could do a lot more things which we did And still work to long-term on his hair. That was the the heart interesting. Explain that a bit while. It's just hard to get the hair to move and flow. Because he had kind of the big frizzy. Yeah I didn't want his hair. Looks Different in different phases of his life And I didn't I didn't want it to be the the first one they did. The hologram was more towards what he looked like at the end of his life. I didn't want that. I didn't want him to look like the eighties but I want him more. Like two thousand and two thousand four that kind of error I thought so and also look to heaven and Hell Reunion. Yeah Yeah especially to go together together with the band as well. Can't someone looking eighties. You know when it's when it's the Craig Goldie so we worked walk. Don't worked on and worked on it And I'm very happy with it now. Very happy I'm very happy with the whole show is amazing. It's has to be experienced. I mean I know. There's a lot of NASA's says out there and that's fine. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion but I think they should see it. I if it wasn't criticize always the case is people judge before the and experienced resigned as there is. What's what's dragging him up out of his grave and all these different things they say an if the see the show they'll see it's done sun certainly certainly not done for money because we've spent over two million dollars on create an? Let's start a cash. Grab it cash. Exactly exactly the money bin even the show I mean the show is great. It's it's an experience. It's it's Ronnie is not there all the time he comes in and goes out We've got the band. Greg Cody Right. Scott Warren who with Ronnie for seventeen years and We've got Bjorn Angle. That's been with us for seven years. Yes and then we have the guessing. Which is Tony So Tony Oni Logan. who was lynch mob and Tim ripper Owens from Judas Greece. The voices blend so beautifully together and I wanted people I had to have two singers. No one Replaced Ronnie Voice Auburn could replace Ronnie to augment to go along with the Hologram. So why is that. Why don't you have the Hologram go all the way through less boring? Okay Gotcha I it has to be a show it has to be have ups and downs and everything you know And then I WANNA sing. That didn't sound like running and didn't wanNA sound light. Ronnie money refers like you know the looking cost guy that's got you know. He's one of the most powerful voices on prochet. You said this guy can do anything I can do. Just need some training and and you know it was a very good friend Ronnie's absolutely and then only site. The hippy guy who's got more softer mellow voice. So he does more of the Catch the Rainbow Songs. Maury will do the beginning of. Don't tell you know stuff like that so And then they do they sing together together. which is Great? They do get the Babylon and they do stargazer to invisible the do songs log. And then yeah and then they sing at the end together with Ronnie the three of them sing together They do they do We raw neon lights So yeah so it's it's really cool and then we have all this stuff going on. I mean as much video video stuff going on unbelievable. I mean it would take you on a trip where almost like going lien on. Simpson's Ryan go through tunnel of this psalm. So much going on and off the show. I I've the ones I've been to. I've certain also fence what they saw criticism and they all love to everybody loved and they said you know it's for the people is done with love and there's so much love in the data data from the band to the orders. They they react together very strongly and It it's just an experience and the and the you know it's people who never never got the chance to see Ronnie or it's the people that would like to see him back again and I think this is the first time ever that kids listen to their parents music and so we find a lot of parents bring their kids So it's so funny. I mentioned that I was gonNA come. See The show in Tampa. Yeah and my son. Is that Saint. Saint Peter's yesterday Peterson the play. Whatever it was and my son's fifteen now he listens to deal all the time deal totally diver lots of sacred heart? Those records and one is like why. Where are you finding? Deal is because he listened to this song on Youtube which led him to this song which led him to deal and it's pretty because like the music whatever so we were Gonna go together to the show and that was the show where you couldn't fit the production well it wasn't couldn't fit it actually as a hundred year old building insane Petersburg and the guy was worried when he saw how much white we would carry that the the stage was going to collapse. An and he's he said he just didn't want to take the risk of any know that beforehand when you invest in the show. The show's Times. People don't really pay attention to understand that about rock and roll. Because like I said with like I was talking to Tura manager about this. This would you of advanced as he goes. Yeah but sometimes like you said the not paying attention they just rubber-stamping whatever stage exact. Exactly you not realizing the wait. What is what Lee issue? was there. we we have a hard time finding places to play because uncomplicate clubs because it needs to twenty five foot high forty foot wide to fit it the production and Not Big enough to to go into arenas in the moment so we have to find theaters are able to an along the Sierras owed and the one in Saint Petersburg was over a hundred years old and they were like they were really scared. There's GonNa be a safety issue. Somebody might get hurt soccer about how the music and the live band worked with the deal Hologram because the technology is pretty incredible but it must be really difficult to get everybody sinked up correctly and on the same click tracks. Thought sort of a WanNa hear how all that works solid technology about it but I I want to tell everyone how great deals only diver album album one of my favorites and last line. How they sound on my recon wireless ear? 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I've no doubt in my mind. It might just be a vegas attraction so there will be Beatles we've already seen the Michael Jackson I was sorta Soleil Yak the biggest they use them Michael Hall which is using. ACC Bon Scott Frank Sinatra. I mean you name it I think that you right now. Aw Ten years. Fifteen years from Oregon trace this back to deal was one of the first to do this because the promoter in Orlando. He had it said before that he wasn't really a fan of of the Hologram and when he saw that the show and everything he said to me off towards one day I've just witnessed history in the making and he goes. This is the way an answer because all the innovators are either getting Oaten road retirement age or or they're They're just you know passing passing away. Which is unfortunate? You can't replace it as replacing no deal but no no. It's it's a taste of what it was not. It's not a replacement toy obviously. We're not not saying it's an experience that had some with love and we just WanNa keep his music and his memory alive. And that's what's on my for let me ask you. How do you put together Louis? As far as like the synchronicity of it like is hologram constructed from scratch hologram taken from a live performance. No okay instructive from scratch. And as I said it's done almost like a cartoon Mizzou with the different. You GotTa do you know the Dedom- Odin and head Ado thing. Then you gotta get every low hair has to be pencilled in and done. It's huge expensive. Love it sunlight. We used some of the people from the Avatar as well. Those kind of that kind of thing in its How do you think it with vocal? Though I guess is what is it. That's that's how well we have to isolate slate vocal track and that's taken from different. Different Live. Shows is not one show Biz ones that you had the warehouse I had yep second from live shows and then Samurai drama has to wear. He's as to what the click track. The track goes along with vocal and then the band plays to to that. So Yeah Yeah. Yeah the band's live and they're playing live with that and they can't see running so it really. Oh it. That's that's very interesting. Yeah as a player. Yeah so they can. They can hear him but they can't see him. I saw once once the show got cancelled. Salaam Saint Pete. I went and watched a bunch of it and they stand on the side with Rongai Mental. So I can see that. Because if they're staying at the same kind of horizontal level you're not going to see the projection right. They can hear it but they can't see you can save from the front necessary from the front and actually joined. The baseball is very brave. Rave he goes inside Ronnie but it's complicated because K.. Was All things brave. One that does get Craig but Craig Craig's got. So he's a Lila's though isn't but I actually ripper Nonni win and they've started doing this when we do the corner they they sing together with him. Yeah is the the Hologram created by three. D projectors is it above as below is a screen that comes down to screen comes like this is an angle that he's is projected onto that Any Co he comes in like an aboard the fire and he goes away in in one. It's very interesting and you don't know when he's GonNa come in and out and you mentioned when you first saw this. I was seeing your husband. That's been gone for nine years. They're real but he's not real. But because I've been so involved with it it doesn't affect me The photos affect me more. We have a lot of old photos that go up on the screen as well and I remember the Times that we took and some of the sources talk myself I one of them is Is You can't see the swing. But he's actually sitting on a swing in that backyard. And I remember the day that I took those photos. Voters of that. Really kind of upsets me. The most I know because some- sometimes I forget this he's not there and I forget they all go back and see him and it's like Whoa. WHOA wait right? Yeah I mean even just the the the the wardrobe that you've chosen and all that stuff You know I can see it. It's it's a really cool way to keep like you said the memory alive but also to expose to a whole new generation focus. It's the way of technology now because you know The Frank Zappa one just went out. Oh well that won't some of the same allusion company They went out and did a great great show. And that was that was. That was real. Fun They did that will talking to a lot of other people and I know the royal rescinded. One tap awfully. Yeah and I think they're doing buddy holly with the Roy orbison now they're just making just old announcement now. I saw one. They do Whitney Houston and I saw one. That was going to amy. Wine else. Believes are endless. Endless yeah But you mentioned you how to put a lot of money into this. Oh Yeah Oh yeah would every person and every one of those personalities but I guess I would wonder are people calling Whitney Houston sustained going. We'll do this for were you whereas you actually said I want to do this. I want to start just so my. It's IT'S I lose jeff for a lot of money into a lot of money into it I put money into into it on. Its Abbas. Put money into it so what you put money into talk. This starts to work is kind of deal deals co-managers no no. No no he's he he had Mona. Have we deal but we worked together so long so many times and running and Lemme were such good friends and taught is such good friends. So He's Guy Yeah he's thirsty possibilities Ronnie and Lemme find the right running Lemme buds. I'll absolutely actually Ashi when when Lemme passed away We did we did the funeral for him and And taught posted something that somebody had sent Auburn it had had caption of Ronnie Green Lamia say Biz Biz. Oh this was because when you talking about like the seventies and eighties and those those guys back in the day all of them but it was a very much of a party atmosphere not so much the same now but was was Ronnie super involved. There was just just kind of. Yeah well we did a lot of tourists large mode ahead of Scorpions. Judas priest Rob Alpha's great friend. You know real good friend. Actually he's playing on Riverside this same day we were playing in Wilton and we were going to play Vegas Was GonNa last show and then I saw they're just pieces plane and Paul McCartney McCartney. I said well we'll wait a minute. I think I know right. Yeah what's your overall plan for this. Then I I'm hoping to use to another toby. In the fall they'll go up the west coast and across Canada and at she do a New York City Day. Because we did New Jersey Damage Long Island but we didn't do actual city Dayton and then probably Europe but Those are something that you think could have legs or is it you see at once and then you've seen it or could you update updates. I plan on updating technologies coming such a long way. I'd love to have like tigers and dragons walking out in the audience. I mean there's so many things I'd love to do I saw a photo of Ronnie just a few days ago and it was Him Holding a crystal ball. I thought well we should do that. Running inside the crystal ball. Like you know there's so many things you can do with with this and we have a lot of fire of course in it and we have stuff going on all the time is so so much stuff you can do. And and it's it's it's amazing it is mind blowing. Actually have you heard from any of Ronnie's peers at all opinions about our congratulations. Yeah I mean we people that have seen it. I'm loved it we had One Guy I guess on facebook that was got in a fight with Greg. Cody and said this is disgusting. This is awful this on Craig goes one come to the show. And he went to the show in Atlanta and he was Blew his mind and he wrote a whole thing and said how fantastic it wasn't completely changed his mind and he saw that it was done with love and respect and a whole tribute to Ronnie always loved that that when people like your your band sucks. Have you ever heard any songs have to listen. I don't have to listen to. Your son is just listened to one. Yeah it's actually. It's actually pretty good. Yeah yes exactly because you actually have experienced it. I'm cool with it that's fine. You don't like it because you don't like the concept of it within your see it before you listen to it you know before you judge right right right just something that you don't know what it is sure because this is kind of the next step no because you did the band and you talking about this plane was going out. Touring as the disciples yet which was kind of another way to keep Ronnie musical gone now. So they're going. This is yeah this is bad and she. I'm recording I'm I am recording it because it's It's live tracks of Ronnie Irani's that he never been heard before him live is playing with his band on those tracks drawn was not any of those before And then you've got only and Refer on so I am she coordinate and I am going to put it out. I think the BLU ray. DVD Yeah no no. No I don't want to. I don't I just I don't think I mean I don't want to video video it because I think that you have to experience it and I think if you video it people might just by the video. I don't need to go see the show of just by the video but it's totally different experience to watch it live. Yeah you're right because I guess in watching the video and the spectacle it was amazing but I would love to be there either and feel field is it's like it's really like it reminded me of like when you watch a movie like the polar express or something very very intensely animated almost like Tom Hanks. It's the real Tom Hanks. But it's not right. It's like that like that. So deal in warm little motion where you raise okay. It's the whole game. I don't WanNa see an actual dio because then it's Zombie rights the Hologram. Also you must know this yourself though when you got a great show going on That atmosphere and how you feel the audience and how did they become one. You perform a new audience and it's just such a high bye bye bye the womb in the theater and and that's something you can't see on a video new. I mean you know that yourself when you got into a great show oh and the orange insists Aaron. It's this is just amazing. Literacy is Yup. You've done a great job of keeping deals legacy and music alive windy and not just through Hologram. AM Tour attributed albums. You'll do some great charity events to raise money for the do stand up and showed cancer fund. And I WANNA talk one of those events. It's coming up tomorrow night. The fifth annual Bowl Ferranti APP pens bowling center Los Angeles but before we get there. Everyone listening knows it wouldn't be able to do this. Show at all if not for our og sponsor Diamond Dallas page and DWI program not completely happy with them after he and Cody's gang beat the crap out of my guys a few weeks go on Awa dialect. But I'm putting that aside as a businessman event because I want you to know it can do the same thing for you. It could make you pain free. Get rid of all those aches and pains make you feel better. 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Don't risk your safety. Because of poor visibility let the professional parts people reilly auto parts help you find just what we need a reilly auto parts better parts better prices every day be Denigrate Java convention of of Keeping Memory Alive even before the Hologram talked with some of the other the things he's done I always hear the ride for Ronnie Eddie Trunk's out here. Every year for attack explained the concept behind that. Okay so yeah how that started. I us our morning. Post away Plus we from prostate cancer stomach in someone can system we come with cancer and Everybody was like warning. Give money to charity or something in our site. Well I'm kind of I kind of get upset about some charities because there's such high administration costs so I said okay so I got together with fourteen of Arnie's very close friends and We formed a run gem zero San average out canceled on and We did the memorial of The first year we did a memorial and we have bands playing everything and then I found out that people coming for Sweden and roll over to take part in the will move should do some things to Occupy them while they're here so we decided to do bowling on the Friday. And we do the the ride on the Sunday and we did a lot of never do the three again together but it went off so well that we decided well. Why don't we just continue with the ride? Veroni and the celebrity voted so now we We do the The ride for Ronnie Close to Ronnie's memorial closers positive and that is Holiday since sponsors us and we ride from Harley Davidson in Glendow to lawson seen LAS encinas paw aw which is historic parking encino and we have bands playing and we have. Oh there's lots of vendors selling stuff we had food trucks have alcohol. Oh we have. We have a lot of fun. It's a family day With our fun and we raise money for for the charity and The motorcycles we have about three hundred. I'm fifty motorcycles coming. I mean it's amazing. The police escort on either side. Going does really fun to school. And then we tober November. We do the We do the celebrity bowling and we've been very honored to have jet black vote for us. Tom Morello Day. Doug orders you name. They're all come out and it's great. It's always sold out which is great so and we might. We know we raise the money for a good cause have fun night but it raises money. Also awareness for early detection saves lives so let. Let's talk with a member. Do you buy the system. I think actually deal was even talking about it. After he was diagnosed as they go get checked. So what exactly how. Ah Sorry stomach. Cancer eats away. Your stomach would exactly okay so what we support for. Our research is Gastric cancer cancer. Was your stomach. Cancer Pancreatic Cancer and colon cancer the most immense Noise man but mostly men's diseases very hard to detect until it's too late A Lotta men. Don't like to go get chet. Women are pretty good. Men Don't like the way that been checked they don't like the finger the buffs We are working now with our daughter one at UCLA and his developing saliva test. That would give you very early detection. So if when it when we when it's a on the market where you go to your local. GP take up and they swab it. Send away and can tell you very early stages if you are suffering from one of those diseases therefore if you got it early it can be cured. But once it's in stage four which was running some cancer. You is like indigestion get in. I took Ronnie seven news before he passed away to a specialist because he was having indigestion problems and they gave him a heart test. And all that. So it's just a gas bubble. Had I known what I know now now I knew nothing about cancer then I would have said go and get cost me. You've got an ultra sound bloodwork. Anything you know and the end Ronnie just went to his local. GP or WHO's now on my board Dot Sand Sandy ca poor and he gave him a blood test and he said something wrong here and he said let's let's get the the older tests done and by that time it was socially stage for it was too late. Wow how long was that diagnosis. Until He. Until seven years. Okay he had stomach cancer for seven years. We didn't know okay. Boom when he got diagnosed. How long it well? He got diagnosed with it on the thirteenth of November. Two two thousand nine and he passed away on the sixteenth of my two ten. Whatever right whilst? Let's unbelievable think that he was living with this for seven years. You just had this. It was aiding Dean role as in Thomas like going out Sony at these stomach cramps and things like that. But you know that's listening if you're having cramps are constant invasion. Even that just got early detection. Yeah you can get tests very easy and if you're over fifty it should be having a colostomy anyway once a year You mentioned Jack Black. It was really cool to kind of see big tenacious. Defendant of went to pick of destiny. Didn't really know what's going on right at the very beginning because he'd already done the song called. Do do does save us on the poster. I it kind of gave a him almost a little. Bit of a career resurgence to be linked with that and Jack Black beans such a deal fanatic an attic right right. How did that come about it? Came about because There was a Song Cord Pasta Torch which they say was written about Ronnie right and everybody is scheduled to play it to running. I played running. Oh that's great. I love that I want that guy my video so Aswan rathers to track them down and on On which was killing the Dragon. I think There's a sunken push and we did a video for that and Jackson. A busker outside A store with that and changes all the lyrics round and everything else is really fun and then Jack Rony became kind of friends and then Jack invited Ronnie to be in his movie. Yeah that's Great Song Kickapoo. It's your Ronnie and MEATLOAF and I did a tribute record winge. Everyone did and Jack and Tenacious d actually we grabbing lost line on that with autographing for grammy for that Flute Solo. Uh What's the guy's name passed away. Was Dean Dane Chat Town Own. That was terrible. He's with me. He had actually talked about doing something on that record. Yeah Oh it was terrible. That was really terrible. He's only forty nine years old. It's amazing just car. He had a heart attack boss away but that was very bad. I'M GONNA have my record label at the time. And he was running out for me And then after he passed I just forgot the label able because it's too much work on the Lee was he was doing that. Label nowadays. Yeah well I signed I signed now with BMG and they're releasing a lot of stuff with bonus stuff with finding lots of stuff that no Renault before and that's coming out in September that comes out on October and then Rhinos were released and a lot of stuff on the black Sabbath stuff. So this most of coming out we always bonus material to so when they're doing the cyber stuff if you're talking about like mob rules in heaven evident Howler or even like to have a record of Komo was called Bible. Black was the song devil you know is that the calls are used to working quite closely with with with Tony and they come to you and say here's what we have an idea of lifts in England. So what we work together with his manager and Gloria Butler Giza's manages a very good friend of mine. she on the same street. Tehran and Ryan fact. I'm doing a documentary and On his life and I just started doing that on. The first interview was with gays Yeah well I WANNA run running him with very very tight Tony on the show. I get a real sense that like once again. They just loved you know might have had ups and downs over the years but just loved working and being one of the things I really Very happy about before. Only paused Was the fact that they got work together again and are no drugs or anything things involved anymore and everybody was just great and they were playing amazingly together and They were just really on a high and really just love each other and planning to do a lot more stuff in the future. What was the relationship with Ozzy and dio was always would hear stuff like argued? You know what I mean like you know no I mean no. It's is the kind of run in different circles but Before they sort of they would say Hawaii doing what's going on. I mean close friends. There was no no issue issue. The history of yeah. Of course I mean Salva third. Cy I mean it's like two different bands the two different errors but we can't say one's better than the other You know I mean Ozzy was an the innovator in am black Sabbath and was was probably one of the best frontman ever And that period red and then Ronnie came in and he was just wrote different songs and it was a whole different whole different thing. It's one of the rare bands that that when singer singer one replaces singer to that. They're both just as good Absa van Halen or a CD black Sabbath would be in there as well exactly exactly. I didn't because it's funny because in both singers managed by their wives by the time when I I was managing the beginning. It was only showering. Roy was nobody else around. It was a female. Now there's a lot more females and I think he was so good because it's kind of you have to kind of Oh God they're like children. We have a pretty extensive VIP program with Fawzy. And I always insists on having a female run it because guys especially will listen to a lady more than the listen to a guy if a lady of a strong female says line starts here single. We'll file right or some dude says it Kinda struggle lady says they'll come on up. You know what I mean you have that whatever interesting did you ever talk with Sharon about that now is interesting. I thought I thought like what a great great On the view or something to get you the only two that fast but it's a lot more managers are Susan Tate. No I think. There's a lot of managers talking just kind of as we start to wind down here. You're you're talking about kind of those first few. Do Tours how. How would you put together tour? We mentioned you don't have a cell phone you don't have a computer. And how would you run the day to day. Well you have to. You have to play out a lot as a lot of it's word of mouth you know. And and hopefully you can get on the radio stations which we have magazines then had a lot of magazines then so which most of Garner in Europe they still have magazines the steam in Europe. Yeah no here and I miss those magazines. I I really do. Miss those magazines Obviously you just had a play lay out more and get you going and I did something in In the early days I had a some of that work for me. Go two weeks ahead of the tour and visit the radio stations and invite the radio personnel down to two shows. Go the record stores might sure. The album album was in the store. Make sure giving them posted support up and things like that. Those are the things that I did would you. Would you tour manager kind of like I'm envisioning thing like a big Kind of a binder with full Scott paper that you're taking notes and writing down the two writers and photocopying them enhancing host to. The Guy is well. No we didn't photocopy. We have proper itineraries and we would make him. But I think I think the the difference now is definitely with a cell phone so much easier especially especially somebody gets left off the bus. which happens a lot as I'm sure you've you know now now you just call them when they come back acting cool one time? Two o'clock in the morning one poor guy he just started he was trump tag and he got go out to go to the bathroom. I guess talk and get back on the bus. I gotTA call it two o'clock in the morning and he was in his underwear left in the middle of nowhere and I had time to arrange to get caught back up with vans. Always tell the bus driver. Oh yeah getting account till the bus driver. I'm getting off. Yeah Yeah Yeah. The thing about deals band to is like Ozzy's band or the ban has been so many cast of characters in every musician that's in the. The band is so good. Who was the biggest character? The ever was in deals band. Bang Bang Court and yet nap neck. Pain Jimmy Bain. Yep Lots of Rock and roll stories with him. He joked Jimmy. Everybody loves Jimmy. Gyms Damaris is just Jimmy. What do you think of the last in line project? I think whoever Scotland music out there and promoting money's music it's Great Motomura and all I mean it's a tribute to Ronnie. Yeah it's cool they maybe you probably know the inside story. I don't WanNA get into it. But I like the fact that that as a longtime fan. Obviously obviously the Vivian Campbell records. They're classic the fact that whatever issue there was at least in his mind he resolves it enough to take this project and play some of those all songs again talked to you about doing the last line thing. You don't talk okay. Well that's all right like you said the music is still out there so I guess last few things you WanNa continue doing this Hologram from the reaction that you're getting now. Do you think it has legs is uh-huh absolutely absolutely. I think it just has I think people more what people that come to see it love it. I'd like more bums on seats obviously but As we order but but I think the more the goes out when we all the innovators of it. I think the first people that have done it with lie banned But I think the more it becomes a norm at more people come to see it. I like what you said about a you know. Why isn't Ronnie onstage emphasis boring? If I went to a Buddy Holly Roy Orbison uh-huh unless they have a live band plays I don't know but if it's just the two of them that you would yet kind of a little bit stale but without having the live element the energy of the live Aron and we have chopping and changing engine like Oh new songs are reporters songs odor songs together. This stuff going on and we've got so much things you have pictures of Ronnie all going going on all the time you've got dragons coming down tigers you've got all kinds of stuff going on the whole time it's like you. Maybe have to go back again to see everything that you miss because you can't on sale at once you can't keep your eyes on stage on running on on what's going on a cruise last year. Chris Jericho's crews and we're doing another one this year and I knew who I would lose money at the start. Wasn't there to make money. My idea was to create an annual destination vacation rock and roll wrestling transit. See First one kind of sold out. Second we'll sell out and building a brand. I is it the same with you. SIT building the brand. Exactly what it's about two million dollar investment Seattle battle year two years. NO NO NO I. Of course I WANNA make more so the more we do the more you know. I'd like to make an Do more songs different songs different outfits different different That tricks different scenarios. That can envisioning like do you. Actually in Medieval Dungeon fighting a dragon. I liked to have light tigers. Oh because it's a ride the tiger You know In and I'd Zyppah Tigers Dragons will down the aisle show. I would love to do that thing. Have Interaction with the audience. Actual kind of Vegas Type Siegfried and Roy Hologram yea autographs. Yeah exactly. That must be exciting for you. To like as the Keeper of Ronnie's estate not just at home not that you are but I mean this gives you probably real purpose. Oh absolutely absolutely I'm really really busy is with with the Ryan for owning the celebrity bowling. I'm I'm doing We finally finished the book. And what can we make wall You know make won't yeah Because we started writing on the book written up halfway playthrough Rainbow so Thank God he did his childhood thing because I know that Malta halfway through rainbow. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeh Eh owners still through Ronnie's I WANNA find lots of interviews of those times that he did. So it's kind of STU. In his way right Adams words yeah and also talked to people you know were played with Ronnie all peoples up supportive radio or His peers no L.. Different people like laws and stuff. The laws must beautiful beautiful. He's a great writer. He for Ladder to Ronnie often. Passed away After you've asked Yeah Yeah really beautiful just to you. Yeah for private sort of yeah. That's really cool there. Track on that Oh believable on unbelievable. They couldn't do. They said they couldn't do one to four. I mean killed a king at sounds like something that they would have done themselves. They made it. They brought it up up modernize the most amazing that they picked really bands. Like metallica too. Yeah I mean I I could imagine a mosh pit right. What's what's going on here? I think everybody did a really great job on the scoping. Sounds like it should have been his skull fans saw the gates for the. Do you buy one or something. Something like him would sunny Johnson. You're right that was great to What would you ever get like strange like Chris? Jericho ice cream bar in his Chris. Jericho Bowling Golic. Do you ever get people that still try. And like WANNA deal. Oh yeah the SLURPEE Cup or whatever finds the stuff that they wanted to do some of the ones you just say we know too. Yeah let me say no to. You know a salon of weird stuff that they sometimes people wanted to like anything that stands out just trying to sing We get so many requests look. I'm just trying to look up the Scorpion King. Yeah it sounds tackling when you're talking about the State is Ronnie still like in this day and age with streaming but heavy metal still sells records disease still sewing lot. Download the street. Absolutely absolutely as I said you know what I mean we we we still have two and a half million fans on facebook and At t shirts. I sent the t shirts on the road. And we just not shows really cool and I found this fabulous photo of And it's funny because I was just in in the fall and this wasn't even looking at photos and this photo connor just popped up and it was one of Ronnie and Rainbow in black and white with his star Moon Pants on and I was like Oh. I was looking to see who the photographer was. And it was Kinda scuffed out and it just said brave. I Rish Gailbraith. I remember Michigan Right and so One of the guys in my office found him on facebook. I wrote to him and said we'd like to use this. Can we license this from you. uh-huh and the guy was like. Oh absolutely so. We made a great tea. Show that school and we have that on an I sense. Then we have another one that mark. Sasso who's a a great little straighter he did Illustration and all we put over dragon and we put that all out and I sent just a few who on the road. t-shirts twelve dollars. A head unrelievable was the tour imposed. Looks really cool to that. Yeah yeah stay over tons of yet lost two questions for you first off. What's your favorite deal? Song has to be Ray. The bill is because he wrote that about me. Really no kidding. Yeah what is that on that Song Rainbow Rainbow Song. Oh no kidding him. Do you always global rainbows and even in L. Feel. He said that was good luck. Even an Alfa L. songs as always on on each Al-Nasser solid Scott Rainbow it written in and so he starts his kind of his signature thing. Bring Boys about you. Yep Yep Yep my eyes change color do you have a favorite Ronnie memory so many I I I don't know I mean he didn't like to go out a lot because because he was on the road all the time And just sitting with his guitar on the Couch Right Amusing and watches sports shoe words oats votes fan really shoes sports. No Kidding Oh yeah yeah your guy right yeah. It was his favourite giants giants giants and the The team The Yankees Yankees Yankees because MONTBELIARD says he was to come to the shows and stuff and he's a mess now the giants fan. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah and the other guy is to come in Arizona. Who was all offer? Aw Forget all Guy Randy Randy Johnson Renaissance Fangio's to come all the time to the show is to I'll leave you with one last. Do Story so We had summer slam in Phoenix. Two Thousand and three I think and it was when it was Maiden Dealin- win motorhead. All right right. We're backstage hanging out and I take a picture with with Ronnie and had a glass of red wine. I don't know why had red wine never drank. Read one thing because Ronnie he was drinking any wine Guy Vodka guy but he would give me a frigging wine so I went to put my arm around him as I put my arm accidentally my hand turned my spilled red wine all over like a black typical deal long sleeve pirate type thing and I was on my Gosh so sorry rated to spill the wine on he goes. That's okay cut. I thought might put a curse on me. He Goes Hattie. No I won't and then he went to deal subject to it was a wizard. He's laughing about right the Malloy is melodic. It's the old. Italian sign goes back centuries. It's a to either whichever way to either ward off evil or to give the why and his grandmother used to watch his grandmother. You know like five. Six seven years old will canal. Straighten should be doing this too as well Malloy. Dil Harms Cossio was the peace sign So Imani Was the south. I don't know he said suddenly he just did it. One day and just took on. Gene Simmons will tell you that he invents. Oh No. Don't get. Let me on that one so much. Wendy thank you so much. Thank you for your continued support really appreciate it. Couldn't do it without you. Guys my pleasure you WanNa Complain Unplanned Bowling Tournament. Oh yeah he's wrong search. I could beat him. I just talked. So is there for this. One guy that comes is just nobody is. We have the highest scores scores while we have to. We have awards for for celebrities. Why but the highest score over this guy? Nobody's been able to beat him. He's every single year but the best bowlers are actually are Mount Ferrari Killed brought his cousin Rob Feinstein they can find so you know. Oh him from the rods rods using those two. If they're on the same team don't beat him but he didn't come last year and they lost because they're usually usually on St Louis. Your Star yes you should be on the area's taste. Yeah because he's got the All star celebrity bowling and then we and then he always always comes in. Es Area All star celebrity jam band for the Which Dave Grohl came? I heard yeah. Everyone loves deal just stepped opt-in and that was great all right the fifth annual bowl for Ronnie Celebrity Bowling party to raise money for the. Do Stand up and shout. Cancer Fund happening tomorrow night. November for seventh at the Pins Bowling Center in Los Angeles the Foo Fighters Dave Grohl will be bowling. Talk is Jericho alumni rudy SARS Steven Adler of guns and roses. Fame will be either Matt Dunkin from armored Saint. I think Eddie Trunk is going to be there so many more bowling to raise money for this great cause and to honor Ronnie James Deal. Actually I think that's Jeff Duncan from armored saint. Skip that right. You can get your tickets and bid unsound auction items at deal. Cancer Fund Dot Com Deal Cancer Fund Dot Com. Go do it now and help about Ronnie James Deal Great Guy. Speaking of Greg is ric. flair is going to be Chris Jagger's rock and wrestling. We set sail January Twentieth Twenty Twenty and thanks. Thanks guys were completely sold out. No more cabins left. The wait list is the only chance to come hang with this. Great Line of talent. Go to Chris. Jericho cruise dot com for your chance to join us. And the Bureau Scott Hall Kevin Nash Xbox and to be there jake the snake Roberts Booker T.. MVP Gabriel Iglesias. It's going to be there fluffy hilarious. Craig asked Linden some comedy. Bruce Jingles is going to be there. Vickie Guerrero Schaal Guerrero Chabot Guerrero. EN WE'RE GROWS GONNA get on your Jack Slade Red Cup Jeff Conrad Thompson Eric. Bischoff Fayza is going to be there. Kick axe killer queens the best female cover band in the world. The only one Rubik's cube great eighties cover band for. Yeah well to fear a dark sky. Choir Dave Spitak Project Light The torch Boy Howard Jones Jared James Nichols is going to be there. Do not miss out on this

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