Amy Porterfield Teaches You How To Create & Launch A Profitable Digital Course. Overcome Imposter Syndrome & Turn Your Idea Into An Online Business.


There's this voice in my head that I thought I have sold the joke horses online I know how to make money on online no one can ever take that away from me. I can literally start from scratch again and I think that's what building a business online can give us especially female entrepreneurs them major confidence I was like well, if I can make a hundred and. Twenty dollars online. I can make two, hundred, thousand dollars online one day and it's just but it was messy and it was ugly and it was not the most beautiful thing but it just shows it doesn't matter. You just have to start your just asking all the questions I just die love talking about. So okay really podcast ever for the record I never get asked good questions. Friend of you've been living under a rock and you don't know Amy Porterfield you are in for a treat, and if you do know, amy, this conversation is going to rock your socks. You're about to learn from the og and the greatest of all time when it comes to online course creation, she has had over forty eight thousand students and thirty million dollars in revenue. Oh my Lanta amy as an Educator Seven figure digital entrepreneur and host of the top business podcast online marketing made easy if you're curious about how to create and launch. Your course and do you have questions like am I expert enough what if I'm not Super Techie? How do I sell a course with a huge following or huge email list? Can I really turned my small idea into a profitable course? If you're wondering any of these things, this episode is for you any shares with us how to overcome impostor syndrome, which you know is one of the biggest reasons why people don't launch their online course stop trading time for money and finally make money doing what you love. The Best News Amy Has A. 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Let's dive in with my friend maybe Porterfield. You WanNa know the secret to my success one word energy I'm not the smartest I'm not perfect I don't have a perfect show, perfect feed, perfect content, perfect videos I, don't have all the answers I don't have it all figured out but I do bring passion and energy to every single thing do and especially as a female entrepreneur, who's experienced major burn out before and major adrenal fatigue I know. What it's like to not feel energy and not feel passion, and that is why I am so obsessed with brain health and what I put into my body, and if you follow me on stories, you know that I'm always sharing with you health hacks and tricks and supplements and foods and products that I'm obsessed with right now to keep my energy and my focus as incredible as possible because you guys. As a speaker and a podcast or and creator I am on a lot I have to have a lot of focus, a lot of energy, a lot of concentration and it's a pretty energy rich job. 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Zone I mean the ultimate focus so this is my new obsession use the Code Angie Lee at Nirvana, dot com again, ballitser breen fuel, and a these two favorite Detroit picks right now I know you're gonNA. Love Him. I. Only share with you things that I am obsessed with and that have truly changed my life. So check them out, use the Code Angie Lee and let's dive into this episode. What was the very first course that you ever created? I'm curious. The. Very First Karzai created was how to launch a book using social media. Now, I broke every rule in the book because I was not an expert I had never gotten anybody results on how to launch a book using social media I knew social media while and I had worked with authors but that was results and so I launched this and I remember Jonathan build saying like ooh. ooh. So. Don't really have the. In this I'm like, yeah. Yeah. But I know enough so I launched the course and it was a total failure. I made two hundred and sixty seven dollars when I thought I'd make hundreds of thousands of dollars because that's what I saw everyone else doing and what happened was one it wasn't my area of expertise and I did not have results and to didn't nurture an email list i. don't think you need a big email. List but I didn't have anybody on any molest and it hit my confidence to the core I thought I'd have to go back to my nine to five job and like I'm not cut out for an entrepreneur lifestyle. So really messed with me but really I could have shown something where I have gotten results before and I would have been just fine I feel like the best expert is the person who has just done themselves like. T's it's not a ton of degrees. It's not a double masters in Blah Blah Blah? Like that's so now in twenty twenty, no one cares it's like who has actually experienced the pain that I'm in. I'm so glad you brought this up. So one thing I'm obsessed with is talking about my students versus just me since like I've been doing this for eleven. Years of my students are new at this. So one of my students her name is Maria, and she had a brick and mortar fitness studio for pregnant MOMS or moms that just had a baby in their first year, and so she had this brick and mortar and it was doing well but she knew that a lot of pregnant moms couldn't find the time. To come into her boot camp for eight weeks straight and if they just had a baby they sure as heck aren't going to Schlep that baby and come in and work out. But pregnant moms have certain needs and things they need to be careful of when they're working out. So it was a very niche market which was brilliant. So she took that whole. Thing online and so she catered to moms that were pregnant or just had a baby she instead of doing the brick and mortar, she made it all online and she was able to grow business. So quickly especially during Cova and I tell the story because Maria was a mom of three. So she also was a mom who really got what it was like to. Have a baby and go through all that when I teach digital courses, I always teach this idea of needing the ten percent edge. You need to be just ten percent ahead of those that you are going to teach because they want to know exactly how you got the results that you got in as long as you can tell them how you got those. Results and given the roadmap to get those results as well. You should be the person teaching it. So just to be clear A, you can create a digital course. I believe everybody has a digital course in them. You can create a digital course if you've got results for yourself or for somebody else, and then you teach you got those results you do not need. To be the expert of all experts in tons of certification in a masters degree in and fifty years of education in order to make this work. So I've got the student name is Katrina you bell and she was a busy female physician. So she was working the night shifts working all hours, not working out grabbing snacks here and there, and while she was A. Doctor, she gained fifty pounds and she was miserable. She's like I'm tired no energy. I don't feel good I got to figure out how to get this fifty pounds off. So on her own, she put together her workout schedule, her own eating schedule that would work for a busy female physician and she lost the way I went you lost the weight a bunch of. Busy female physicians she worked with kept saying how did you do that? Will you teach me how you did that? Like we were crazy hours we have stressful lives I don't know how you did that so quickly. So she started to coach on the side one on one and then realized I, have no time for this. So she decided to create a digital course. This is. A woman who's never done anything online she said Amy, I'm a doctor. I didn't learn how to market on mine. She wanted to create a digital course so that she could reach many people and impact them. She created a digital course for busy female physicians very neat about how to lose weight and she sold this course online and her very first launch she made over two hundred. Thousand Dollars. That was crazy money for a first course. But the reason I tell the story is she wasn't a Dietitian a nutritionist. She knew how to lose weight for her lifestyle and for the type of profession she had and she taught that if you've got results for yourself or for clients coaching client consulting client, you can teach in a digital course that is how we combat imposter. Syndrome you are the person who should be teaching it I think when you can share your own experience that radiates and so it really comes out in that and one more I was thinking about attitude student her name is Sarah this is so great. She is a stay at home mom, but she also did workshops where she would travel like hours and hours to teach other. Women and men if they wanted how to make sour dough bread like the queen of Sour Dough. So people would go to her workshops may be our our long workshops and she would do these workshops and then she'd come home and that's how she'd make her money. She had an eight year old son and she was leaving one day in. November and he looked at her. And he's like you're always so stressed when you have to go and I hate when you leave the house all the time of why you've gone for so long and something just clicked in her she's like I need a different way. So she created a digital course on how to make sour dough bread. Now, the I'll tell you get to the punchline she made seventeen thousand dollars. With. Her very first course teaching other busy moms how to make sour dough bread. Now, the busy mom part is important because Howard obe read I'm not a baker, but you need some kind of a starter like they're some technique in here that you need to prepare for, and so she would teach moms through a digital course made seventeen thousand dollars but the reason I tell. This story is because you could go on Youtube and find out how to make sour dough bread for free I mean we're in quarantine sourdough bread is a hot thing like banana bread right rush. She knew you could go on Youtube in, find it for free but she also knew other busy moms really related to her she got them they wanted to learn from her because. She was living the light and they were living as well. She understood all the chaos and craziness of being a stay at home mom and so even if you want to teach something that you can find for free on Youtube, people will want to learn from you and the style you teach it and they sure as heck don't want to hunt and peck all over the. Web to figure out how to do something they want a roadmap from point a to point B as fast as humanly possible, and that's what a digital course will do. People will pay for that convenience and they will pay to learn from someone they can really resonate and relate to. So I know what I'm saying I get a little bit passionate about this. I love it. Wait. Here Cerrado that's what we call her only goes Sarah's. That's probably the most niche thing I've heard right reminds me that you could create a digital course about anything as long as there's people online searching for it. Yeah, and I'm not a chef. So maybe I'm GonNa go by her course because I probably need that in clay would appreciate it if I could Cook Amen Amen. My book coming out soon is called ready is ally in its around this entire concept that nobody starts an expert. You just gotTa throw something at the wall and see if it sticks because at the end of the day, nobody comes out of their moms womb like a speaker and author a seven figure entrepreneur. That's just not how life works. So what would be step one now for the woman who's listening she's terrified she's like, Okay Amy, do I do market research to see if this thing is even profitable? Should I I at least have thousand followers? Should I have somebody on my email list other than my grandma? Yes where do? Where do you start? The first thing you do is you ask yourself who I want to serve, and really what do I want to do in my business which we call your knee or your market. So you gotta figure out and there's the sweet spot I always talk about especially with digital courses and there's like four quadrants. If you think about it, there's one what are you good at what your expertise your skill set your knowledge do not sell yourself short everybody has knowledge and skill set around something probably multiple things. So once you get on there, ask yourself what lights You Up. What are you passionate about what could you talk about all day long and never get tired of it the third quadrant is, what does your audience that you think you might WanNa serve? What do they need? What do they want when you tell people what you do what are the questions you get asked all the time or what do you see people struggling with the year like I could totally solve that problem because I get it and I knew what they need. So this audience, what do they need what they want, and then the fourth quadrant is what if? People paid for in the past. If you're if your topic is something they, there's books on it. There's podcast on it. Maybe there's other digital courses on it is actually a really good thing because there's a need for it out in the market, you could always be first to market sway easier to to be second or third to market to get out there. So there's these four different things in the middle there's the sweet spot and that's what you're looking for. So you want to do a little journaling soul searching in that, and that's where you start and then the next. Thing you is you start to create content like you and I have done for so long whether it's a blog or a podcast video start getting some stuff out there when you get into motion, you get more clarity the only way YOU'RE GONNA get clarity as if you take action. So that's where you're going to start. I love talking about niche because it's everything I am like secretly in love with Seth Godin you know he's my husband, but he doesn't know it. So if he was on right now, he'd be like, yes, talk about niche marketing because it's everything you know. Literally everything. So when you're starting, let's talk about how the goal isn't to have this lifestyle course that teaches all women how to become their best selves and in eighteen modules and they're all six hours long. Dollars like a lot of women come to Museum Angie. I gotta just put everything in this course I'm a lifestyle coach and I'm like, that's great. But in twenty twenty, what does that mean like? Let's get specific and not try to put everything inside this course. So. True. We've heard it a million times. When you try to talk to everybody you are talking to nobody it really does make a difference. Now, I think where people get a little bit scared as if they get really specific. So we call it like Super Niche. Then you're gonNA leave people out and leave money on the table, but really people can hear you through the clutter in the noise on mine the more specific you are. So I've come with examples but let me give. You another one, I've got this student. His name is mark and he's an accountant. So we're going to talk about a very boring topic, but it gets a little sexier. So he's an accountant and he's worked with big firms. Then he decided no, I'm going to dabble out on my own take a few clients do their tax returns and he got invited on a podcast of one of his clients and the podcast was talking about how did you taxes when you're a reseller at sea? Amazon. Posh Mark, those kinds of sites, and after that, he got tons of calls of people that were these resellers that had berry specific tax questions and he thought I could create a course about this and so he took the leap, any created discourse and he thought who's GonNa, buy course about boring tax topics while when you're super niche like that in your audience really needs you and your speaking just to them. If you're a reseller for Amazon, you have tax questions are you GonNa Buy General? Tax Course you gotta buy one from Mark, who specializes in that specific area it went off like gangbusters sixty thousand dollars in verse launch. He launched multiple times from there but I just want to remind you all that the more specific you get again it's so much easier for people to hear you in the clutter and chaos in noise of the online world. Yeah. I feel like I need. Sour. Dough Clara and I need mark in my life for writers cooking or not my thing. So. Amen to that me, they don't like taxes or cooking. I know I. Feel so bad when I hate cooking and I feel so bad for my husband my sweet sweet husband who has to do it all but I can't do it just. Rem Nazari. Exactly. One of my juicy questions that I know somebody is listening in thinking this is what's the difference between your free content and you're paid content and that scarcity mindset around will people still buy this course when I've technically given that away for free? Yes. Okay. This is a question I get asked all the time. So the one thing I'll tell you is there is a. Difference between paid content and free content although there's a lot of up as well. So the difference between the two is if you created a course, let's do let's say with mark and his taxes for the reseller on Amazon and at sea. When he creates free content, he could just talk about some of the things some of the questions that come up all the time so. He could address them right away. Now, some of those questions that come up all the time, the objections people have about yeah. But how do I do this? Would that work for me and what about this he could address in all of his free content he likely will address that also in his course but get into it even deeper. So that's where there's an intersection. There's always a little overlap. If you were to buy my course, you will definitely find some of that stuff out there for free. But remember, of course, is the roadmap, the blueprint, the step-by-step they're paying for convenience. The free stuff is to help them understand what it would be like if they were to work with you and to get you how do you become that Goto. Source you gotta give them value right from the get-go. So one other thing that I often say is when you're thinking about content to create, but you have something to sell ask yourself what is my audience need to know be aware of or understand before they would ever be ready to buy a course from me like what are the things that are getting in the? Way For them to even get to the point that they're like you know what I think I need to invest in how to do taxes for my reseller business where are they right now and what can you help them with right now that's the free content to move them into eventually becoming a customer. Yeah. I feel like humans don't pay attention when it's only free you. Know they just don't, and what's that corny quote you pay to pay attention it's such a good quote though I totally agree with that like all these freebies that I get that I just WanNa look at to there in my inbox I don't ever look at them. I'm like, oh my gosh, I have so many freebies I've even opted into, but then if I invest. In something I actually, obviously I'm going to watch the videos and do it so true it's so true the so don't hold back with those freebies because at least it grabs people's attention. Yeah. So okay, I'm a Newbie I have a niche I did a little bit of market research to figure out. This is the thing I have at least one follower who's told me okay. I want your help in this I want to learn how to lose weight after I had a baby. I'm a mom. I figured out how to lose weight after a baby. Okay. You've got this course idea. It's super niche a great title. Now what do I do? Yes. Okay. So the first thing I want you to do is I want you to create a quick outline and this is really just in the form of a brain dump I do a masterclass about this topic, and in the first five minutes, I do what is called a thirty minute post party that I challenge everyone to do after the masterclass. So I love office supplies. So you grab your posted pack and you grab your Sharpie and You start to think, okay if I were to create a course about this winter, all the things I want to teach inside of that course and you just start writing every topic and put it on the board every topic I on your wall on your closet on your emir whatever. And so that's the first thing you do everything that you might want to teach, and then you do that for at least ten minutes. You gotTA push yourself if. you run out of ideas to say, well, if I did have an idea what might be then from there, you look at this wall and you should have a bunch of post it notes, and now you start to organize it like what would you maybe teach I like what would be the first thing they need to know. So you put that in the French, how about next and you start to organize all these post it notes around all. The ideas you had, and then the third thing is, did you miss anything to add something that really doesn't need to be in there right now it's like a little overkill, which is what most people do. So you start to prune or you start to add based on what you see. So this is a thirty minute exercise, and at the end of this, you have your very first airy rough draft of your digital course and we always say. Crappy first draft. It may be a crappy first draft of what you've done but you have something I'm the Queen of let's not reinvent the wheel or have to start from scratch all the time you never have to start from scratch again on this digital course you've already started. Yes. So from there, you can move it over to Google doc you can start getting into it even more but the post party all my students. Do this. It's the way just to get the ball rolling remember getting motion get more clarity. Yeah I love that the crappy first drafts yes. You have to do like you almost have to be willing to have a crappy verse chorus before you have a multiple six-figure as he launch now at Amy's help your obviously going to do better than if you just try to yourself but there is this humility and just you know. What you're not going to know until you know what? Until you get there and I think that is depending me of ready as ally. It's like you just don't know yet and I think getting that feedback is so important while you're in it to tell me if you advise people do this. So in the beginning I didn't know this was right or wrong I just wanted to have a pulse on my community when I. Started launching courses years ago I would have the concept have an edge about first thirty percent or forty percent of the videos done, and then I would sell it before it was complete because I was so excited about it I'm like, let me see if people even by this before I put it in more of the work anyway they started wanting it they started signing up, and then I finished the rest of the course. Because once they were in I, ask them for feedback and I figured out what what video would go into what week obviously. So wait sally-anne before it's complete success in. Yes. In funny you should say this because for years I didn't I was like so stressful to sell it and then have to deliver it and you got to like Hustle to get it done. But what happened was and this is like the beauty of. Online marketing and being your own boss is that I watch what my students were doing and they were they were pre selling even without my instruction and so I thought okay. This is what they want and it makes sense when you're just starting out, you want to validate the idea like what if nobody buys? Why create the whole course right? So you want to validate your idea number two little quick cash injection never heard. Anybody. Especially, if you don't have a lot of competence in the beginning that helps with that. So one million percent. So I, actually went back into studio re-recorded my entire digital, course academy program from scratch and we changed everything around where now you presell, you do all the marketing, all the launching, and then once you have a concept that people will pay for. Then you create the course and you just deliver week by weeks. You do one module a week to get it out there, and so I really do think that is the best way to do it. Yeah. Okay. I was like I don't I don't know if this is crazy but murky it's so good. It's such a great idea it works and if you're somebody who needs a little fire under your but to get stuff done, then you gotta sell it because then you have to do. There's no turning back at that point and I think a lot of my students and I remember me too I. Think you that needs to just be like here. Go like push them out and say, just do it selling of course you're not. You're not gonNA give that money back so Happen Yeah. It's a force. For you ladies listening who need force functions to get them. I like that term force function Yup Force function should we? Okay I'm saying we us the collective listening yes. Should I start with an evergreen or alive course I have my thoughts on this but I love to hear yours. Okay. So I'm going to tell you mine. But if you're totally different promise me, you'll you'll tell me way and you're just asking all the questions I just die over love talking about says, okay really your podcast ever for the record I never get asking you these questions I'm all about the live, and here's why I believe there's magic in a live launch. Two reasons number one you're in real time with your audience they can ask you questions, you can make pivots. Answer Them Indiana where they feel special that you're actually paying attention. So there's magic in the live for your audience, but there's also magic in the live for you as a marketer if you're an entrepreneur and you have a business online, you are a marketer, your marketing online, and so if you can learn to pivot quickly and make new decisions and troubleshoot and the technology doesn't work so you get back up dust yourself off and you keep going you're building a. Muscle in your marketing that most marketers do not have so they're not as Nimble and quick as you I think I am so good at my online marketing business I typically don't Brag like that but I think really good because I have crashed burned so many times the technology hasn't worked on my webinars I used to do webinars with Tony Robbins I deleted all eight hundred paying customers the night before he did his first Webinar like I have made some big mistakes. When that happens, you just become a better marketer I feel like I could do anything now anything come my way. I'm like, bring it on I've handled it all. So there's magic in the live in then if you've got a few live on your belt and converting well, turn that baby on evergreen so you can have more time off I'm all about it. Yeah. I'm with you I've I've been there the big webinars where I sent out thousands of people throng zoom number nobody. Like. Why is just my grandma sue on there was five thousand people signed up. Oh, they don't have. Okay. This is all right. They die but then you just you don't you don't die. Yeah. Thank God this digital and not actually going to die. But I feel like I'm naked in front of a million people. Questions as well as I agree I agree with all of that. I think that. Gosh there can't take away the experience of doing it live and getting the feedback and you know it's interesting. People are saying right now in twenty twenty, that Evergreen or passive as we call it courses aren't doing as well because people now want the intimacy they want the feedback they're craving a human there's just more value to be in live. I. I think it depends where you are in your business. You know if if you're at a place where you built an audience and they trust you, my passive things do really well, but has any I didn't do as much passive because I had to build that trust and they were people are always willing to pay more for service right than they are for just a product. So what's your thoughts on that? You think the newbies. Live stuff, and then once they build up the audience and the trust and they can do more passive courses I never looked at it that way and I one hundred percent agree with you. Yes. Like when I was brand new, my evergreen would never work as well as it works now. So I think it's that building trust that no lie can trust factor you need to put in your time you need to show up for your audience so I totally get behind that. Okay. That's what I thought I'm like I feel like it's something that you earned the right to. Lately passive. Yes. So Okay. One of my juicy questions is, what do you say to the woman who doesn't have a big following and doesn't have a big email? Should she wait until she has a big following an email list laundry course or what the heck you might as well start. Even if I people sign up, this is like the golden question probably the number one question I get the most and it's an important ones. I'm glad we're talking about this. So do you need an email list in order to successfully marketed digital horse? Yeah you do do you need a Biggie molest not necessarily so what I always say because my audience and my students love Marx I've studied this study this with my own audience of hundreds of thousands of people and what I know for sure is that you go your mls to two hundred, fifty people. That's your first milestone that just gives you a foundation. You have an email service provider you know who your audiences still trying to figure it out but you you're putting some content out there you gotta lead magnet people joined your email list. So two hundred and fifty people's your first milestone, and then I always say from there let's get that course going because you can create your course and create your marketing materials. While you grow your email list. So once you get to about five hundred people, you definitely can rick You'd launch, of course with success and and I have example after example, I even have one student. Her name is Eva and she's a stylist and she created her first digital course had a makeover, your closet with one hundred and thirty people on her email list. So she didn't even have five hundred people. On email and she decided to launch she made five thousand dollars, which she probably wanted to make a whole lot more. But she didn't use webinars. She didn't do a lot of bells whistles Kip, a super super simple and she got any. I'm just GONNA get my feet wet here. Five thousand dollars shows you that you could make ten, twenty fifty. That is a course that has been validated and I'm a big proponent of you launch of course once, and then you may be make your marketing better tweak the course if you need to you launch it again and you launch it again, I learned this back in the day when one of my most. Successful courses was called the Prophet lab and I had been in business a few years when I launched that and I launched it to thirty thousand dollars. Now, that was so much money I literally thought it was the richest person in the world making thirty thousand dollars with the digital course but I okay. I don't want to reinvent the wheel and that was a lot of frigging work. So what I did is a couple months later I, decided I'm going to update my Webinar make my marketing copy a little bit better. I'm watching that thing again and I did and I made over one hundred thousand dollars then launched it again, we got into two hundred. Three hundred thousand dollars I launched it multiple times the same course over eighteen months. The last time we launched it, we made nine hundred, fifty, thousand dollars with one course same course I had launch eighteen months ago, several times throughout that period, and so I just feel like let's stop creating new things and chasing shiny objects. Let's double down on what works and that's how you get known for something like I am known for list building in digital courses because I stay in that lane and I think there's something magical about that. Yeah less is more I love that why not just double down on what's already working versus trying to create a whole new course. which you know as a ton of time energy resources. So you may as well just clean up what's already working you know yes, I need love that philosophy it's so funny my first course I'll call it. Of course, it was like a really ugly pdf eleven years ago I was in college I was a fitness coach it was hosted in a facebook group. I had no idea what the cheese balls I was doing but that's where you start and I remember like two girls by it. It was sixty dollars I remember calling my mom like mom, I, just one, hundred, twenty dollars on the Internet I got you. You have made it, I, get it I. Only I was like, I'm twenty one years old I just made two hundred bucks from the Internet I. Think I'm set for life guys I was like, wow if I can make one, hundred, twenty dollars online I can make two, hundred, thousand dollars online one day and it's just but it was messy and it was ugly and it was not the most beautiful thing but it just shows it doesn't matter. You just have to start you bring up a really great point I don't talk about this tons and tons, but I I used to. Be, in a partnership in my business and it was with another guy, it was like halfway into my business, I decided to take a partner and we did amazing things together huge success. It was great. But I got to a point that I was ready not to have a partner anymore, and so we had to go into negotiations to break this partnership and and that's scary and there's a lot of factors evolve when you have a multimillion dollar business that you need to separate a partnership. So at one point I thought I might. Lose this business. We might have to dissolve this because we can't come to terms like we're we're on different pages now. So I got really scared and went to a really dark place for a few days that this baby that I have created like I feel like I, birth this business I going to have to lose it. Then there was this voice in my head, and this is why tell the story right now because I want somebody to hear this that really needs it right now, there was this voice in my head that. I thought I have sold the courses online I know how to make money online no. One can ever take that away from me like I can literally start from scratch again and the second I told myself. Okay. We might have to start from scratch and I can do it. It was like this food this huge confidence in me like I am never getting taken down no matter what and I think that's what building a business online and learning how to sell online can give us especially as female entrepreneurs. That is some major confident. Off gave me chills I didn't do well in school but I figured out digital marketing because I stayed up till two am watching youtube videos and no. Just. Figured it out and I think for the woman who's listening who also didn't do well in school and you think you're not smart enough or you're not expert enough just knowing that the women who are doing really well online I don't think we're the smartest people in the world I think we're just in Asia and we're just figuring it out as we. Go I literally think that's the secret we don't give up we figure it out and then we realized like I can make this happen. I'm just never going to give up and so I'll never ever ever fail. Yeah I WANNA geek out a little bit on the tech side because this is something that held me back because I'm not techie at all so. Much. Like in many ways just for the record. Are you not techy? Oh No no, no, no no what. Okay. Okay. So you guys look it can look like someone is tacky you. Know. Totally this this lighting and such came over to my house to fix this. I'm looking in no idea how to use it. True Story I. Love It like I still I I understand dropbox but I'm like what is this cloud I? Don't get it but I do get it how evaline money and I don't understand dropbox. I, know true. What scared me in the beginning was tech I'm like, oh my gosh I don't know how to use a camera word by host the videos what even is a crm Oh my gosh I give up this is for girls who understand tack obviously, not smart enough for this but. I was so passionate. So I was in this pickle of like passion, but I'm not techy. So I know you use CA-, job as well. That's where I started years ago because it seemed like the most simple one I've been with them now for years. But what would you say to the Newbie? WHO's like amy? Can I just hosted in a facebook group? Is this I mean you teach in DCA like because I think this is what stops a lot of people I do to a one hundred percent. We always ask people like what? Has stopped you from actually creating a digital course the number one thing they say is I don't know where to start the number. Two thing they say is the technology like it's very overwhelming and so I to mcabe Fan, and we chose Kajuahar course platform because you don't need a Coder, you don't need a programmer anybody on my team can upload videos, PD s and change things around and put descriptions entitles, and that's what I wanted I. wanted it super simple, and so we teach that inside of course academy. The funny thing is because. I'm not techie. I hired a guide I've worked with them for years and years. His name is Dave Kaminsky. He has these smoothest patient voice that I've ever heard in my life and his job in my program is to walk us through click by click by click how we do things because that's what I wanted and did not have eleven years ago and so yeah. If there's any tech involved in creating a digital course doing a webinar recording videos, editing videos, we actually show you step by step by step in how to videos so that Is a reason why you don't create your job horse a high need him in my life to right everyone needs days. is going to be reaching out to all of these students. You had all these resources that you have their wares this dave guy I needed. My students have hired him. That is so funny that you said that Zilog, we hire Dave. Perfect because he's brilliant. Okay. Friend is amy totally pumping you up to launch a course but you're confused on where do you host your course and how do you keep it super easy. If you're not super techie listen, that was a few years ago because I want to keep running online business simple want to keep it simple and I want to keep it in one place and that's exactly why I use job I've been using. Kochavi. Now for over four years. Yes. Four flipping years I've been using Kobe to host my courses. My website, my email list I, use it for everything I wanted a one stop shop to run my business the best news you get to try it out for thirty days free. Yeah. Completely free for an entire month you get to test out Kochavi head to any DOT com slash jobe to test it out and to start your trial again, that's angie dot com slash job I know you're gonNA love it. If you're ready to finally turn your idea into a business and you WANNA keep it easy then job is for you It's really true and you know this is one thing that's hard for me to say but I have to it I'm a systems kind of girl I teach step by step by step and I teach how to do webinars headed. You email marketing how to create your core. So it looks really good and professional. However, I did a livestream last year when I launched this. And I had a bunch of ladies come to San Diego and I got to interview them about their success in. There's one woman deniro she lives in L. A. She's a mom of three and she's a baker and she created a course on how to do Caramel candy apples and she teaches other bakers and our dough and candy apples come on and teaches how to make these caramel candy apples to bakers and other hobbyist that WANNA make is beautiful design apples and. When she when I was interviewing her I was like, okay tell me about all the webinars you did in the email marketing and she made sixty two thousand dollars more than she had made as Baker that year. So she likes surprised herself, and so I wanted all her strategy she started talking about what she did and she used my program but she didn't do the Webinar and she put everything in a facebook group and she recorded videos on the fly live and She did not follow every single thing I taught and the woman made sixty, two thousand dollars, and then she launched again and did the same thing. So I tell this story not to say my course at work but you don't have to do every single thing that I teach you to still have success with the digital course. As long as you know the core formula and you stick to that, do you do what your way make it simpler? I'm all about that. Yeah I. Love This. This is like inspiring me to go create another court. Get it out there guys. Let's go get into. Let's all just create courses. I'M GONNA make one on sour dough bread maybe you shouldn't do that. I know how to make Sushi rolls actually that is a thing seriously people pay for that. That's an art I'm going to become a millionaire in credit amy for my role course I would die. Oh, my gosh. Well, we can't and this without talking about both of our favorite topics which is marketing. So yes, what are your top three tips on how to market once you have the course somewhat ready started the videos you're like, okay this is a zillion dollar idea. Let's or at least hundred grant idea. Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay. So the first thing we talked about it, you gotta grow your email list. It doesn't need to be big but you definitely want to do that. It just makes everything easier. So don't keep putting that off. You could do that. Well, you're marketing your course while you're creating up the number. Two thing is I am a huge fan of Webinars I got interviewed yesterday about Webinars and the guy that interviewed me said our webinars kind. Of like old school like people were doing those many many years ago they still work. I was doing webinars, eleven years ago, and I am still doing webinars today I have built a multimillion dollar business doing webinars specifically to sell my digital horses and why I think they worked so well is because webinars allow you to one grow your email list. So let's say they sign up for your Webinar and don't buy they're more likely to buy the next. Time you promote and number two webinars allow you to give before you ever ask for anything in return. I have this motto when I get on a Webinar I always say this out loud before I go live I say no matter if they buy or not they walk away today filling inspired driven and excited to take action and I'm there to serve and I teach my butt off on those webinars so that people walk away either buying or spill. In really good about what they just learned. So I love the teaching part of a Webinar and now people tend to throw on the videos. You don't have to have him on the whole time, but making him a little bit personal kind of changes. The dynamics of webinars are alive and well, and then from there just showing up on social whether it be facebook Instagram I G. T. V. I do stories I have always been a kind of girl that. Video, because I've been around so long I remember the day facebook live came out and I hoped that it went away like police don't make us do tons of video I always felt very awkward but I'm a competitive kind of girl and I realized OV-. I'm not doing video. My competitor would very much like to take my audience do video for them and so I kinda thought I'm just showing up like I don't love how I look sometimes or how I show up I. Feel awkward who cares the world needs to see you and you gotta get yourself out there. So anytime, you could use some video even I g stories like fifteen second videos start doing a little bit more of that. I promise you. It gets easier. Yeah. Video is everything you guys honestly you could have an okay sales page. If you are super active on video or your audience has gone to know you, it can expedite this sales process so much people by for me who`ve I'd I didn't even have a sales pitch at all. You got like thirty I love because they know me. So it's like that's just the most grassroots thing. Right and so I think almost taking the emphasis on the perfect font on your sales page and instead asking yourself are you even showing up on video because they buy from people they can trust. So Gosh get on video more than focusing on the perfect looking sales page. Right for sure I back that one hundred percent. And I look at the people that I admire like I'm always like, what are they doing this really working for them and I, think of all the female entrepreneurs that are crushing it that I'm friends with and I know behind the scenes they genuinely are successful every single one of them does video and let me tell you they're not all super thin or gorgeous or like always look pristine like a lot of them are jumping on video with no makeup top not like hey. Let's do this, which works probably better than anything professional. So you don't need to have a polished video in order for those videos to convert. Yeah, and you're so good on video. So I think that's so interesting that you didn't like it. I'm like you're so good you have or I hate it so. Yes now, I have embraced it but I look at people like you and I'm very sure that you've always felt comfortable on video and I envy that like how did how did you always in my right about this? Like did you ever video? Why did you go to school for broadcast journalism originally so yes, I wanted to be Katie carragher a news reporter I don't. Even know I don't know but it's interesting because I think I did it because I knew that that was the strength that I could play on because I didn't know how to do a fancy schmancy sales pages in finals and stuff I was like I know how to get on video and I know how to talk to people. So hopefully this works and ended up. It was a mistake so good so good. Oh my gosh. Before you tell everyone about DCA because I want you to tell them all about it. If you were to start over tomorrow I'm curious like a little fun question. If you were to start over tomorrow, you have a thousand followers a thousand people on your email list. You're a little terrified to go on video. What would you launch like? What would your correspondent? If I were to start all. Industry you want. To. Be. In. Well. Okay. So let's pretend I didn't have all the knowledge I. Have here I would be a professional organizer is my favorite thing to do. You should see my closet, my medicine cabinet I'm very proud of these things, lots of labels, lots of boxes that are super organized. So if I was starting over and I didn't have the skills that I have I'd be I'd be creating a course on how to organize your closet and how to organize your house and I'd be in heaven for the record. Okay. Guys, amy lives like thirty minutes away. So I'm coming over I'm getting in your closet. Let me add. I'm going to pay fifty thousand dollars today and you're going to come over and fold my socks because I don't WanNa do it tell us about digital course academy? Who is it for? Who is it not for if they're listening right now and they're like, oh my gosh, I think I need this. At home. I. Appreciate You asking because I'm incredibly passionate about digital courses. I believe they create freedom in terms of financial freedom and lifestyle freedom work where you want when you want and how you want because a digital course allows you to create revenue year round when you're launching it and more importantly, it allows you to reach many people so you're literally helping making. An impact on a really high level. So if you are a coach, a consultant of service provider, you do a lot of one on one work if you love it great but you always know there's clients you'd like to say no to there's only one of you. There's only so much money you can make. So creating a digital course so that you have. The one on one work and digital course is an amazing fit or if you're like me, I hated the one on one work I didn't want to be a consultant anymore. So I moved solely to digital courses eighty eight percent of my revenue is just from my own digital courses I double down on that. So you have a lot of options here. But. Let me tell you. You are somebody who has gotten results for yourself or somebody else I have no doubt in my mind and so because of that you are a good fit for a digital course, and now you just need to figure out how to get those ideas in that road map out of your head and onto paper so that you can. Start Teaching it. So I cover everything from literally from scratch all the way from coming up with the topic coming up with the title, putting your Webinar together slide by slide by slide all the email marketing, and in creating the course in pre selling it getting out to the world no stone left unturned. So that's digital course academy. Wow. It's like everything. You need. Yes. So it opens on September ninth but I'm doing a master class where literally take you behind the scenes of five secrets that I have figured out over the last eleven years to get started with your digital course. So at the end of my masterclass, you'll know if you are ready to create a course or not. So I encourage people to. Get masterclass I know you've got a link for that so that you can kind of figure out if course is a good fit for you in your expertise in your audience. So I promise you I will make it worth every minute of your time. All right friend did this episode get you so excited to launch your course if yes, amy has completely. Free Masterclass Covenant on how to create and lodge your profitable course from scratch. So if you are eager to launch your course but you need more help head to NGO DOT com slash amy amy, the goat she is the greatest of all time when it comes to course creation. So you do not want to miss this free masterclass Angie dot com slash amy.

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