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the sports fix who says deep to center field you want it you need it it's what everyone's talking about the kevin sheehan show now here's kevin you're listening to we didn't have baseball for thirty four i understand that but wow what a finish last night what a game it had so many pieces to it and that the franchise came from from from montreal this is the first time in washington baseball history since nineteen sanchez or or maybe even corbin as we're recording this no decisions been made on the starter they're going to face saint louis by the way because saint louis scored figure for sports fans in this city what happens moving forward is important the opportunity is huge but nothing that happens the rest of this month will ever then runs in the first inning of their fifth and deciding game yesterday against atlanta to advance to this moment as well another chance by the way that for the nazi get revenge for airing them and and exaggerating them as the greatest things they've ever seen last night though come on howie kendrick becomes an unforgettable all time games that will endure for years to come for sports fans in this city try i try not to get over reactionary to the recent montreal i don't give a shit what did montreal like that doesn't mean anything to me like what washington baseball history is is it goes back to all part of a team that is already destined to be distinguished in our minds as the national team you know that will remember this you know it's like the thing we do in sports in this day and age in politics in this day and age everybody's sort of you know a beholden to recent events in thirty three that a professional baseball franchise is gonna play a best of seven series since one thousand nine hundred eighty three that's eighty six years past playoff meltdowns this the the dodgers meltdown in game five at home and the saint louis meltdown the first time they were in the postseason in two thousand twelve is in all time drew store and moment that ninth inning with guys like pete cosma and discuss also etc so they get a chance at saint louis avoiding by the way a match this and then we didn't have baseball for thirty four years when they're rolling out the expos you know old film of the last time they won a series that doesn't mean anything to me that the and he's going to be helping out today and we'll get to tommy in a moment look this season in everything about the nationals this year starting nineteen now leads to an LCS series against saint louis starting tomorrow night eight o eight first-pitch i'm guessing that it could be sure zor or animal it has worked out so last night's game was really a game that i sort of broke down into chapters like it was a book claude radio show earlier and he's like none of that regular season stuff matters you know the postseason is its own entity in look the nats aren't throwing out their normal bullpen thirty one this surge to the postseason the comeback win in the wildcard game over the brewers with the juan soto hit in the subsequent error in the eighth inning to sleep in a it was a very late night for him he'll he'll probably be in a terrible mood because i'm waking up so early so i'm going to give him fifteen minutes to sleep paul will ever forget one of the great all-time pitchers completely it by himself isolated devastated after giving up replace what howie kendrick did in game five in dodger stadium last night thom he's gonna be with us from los angeles i'm giving him some extra time they've been using starters out of their bullpen dave martinez his approach to this off season to this postseason excuse me i'm has been aggressive and for the most part buehler was excellent stephen strasburg wasn't the second chapter then nats hang in there you know they're down three nothing it could have been worse i'll get back and that finishes off the dodgers to win the game so back to chapter one strasburg really was not very good with atlanta that i think a lot of people would have been concerned about because the braves sort of own the nats this year saint louis won five of seven against the nats this year but i had ray night on is the furthest they've been since they got back to dc you know they came in it came to i hate all the way up all the comparing by the way to what this franchise mueller was dominant strasbourg wasn't stressful could not find the strike zone early on the curve ball wasn't anywhere near good enough that first inning his house it went because there was so much to it it was you know chapter one the pitchers one was really good and one wasn't so good walker a two run lead in three pitches that's chapter three chapter four then is is how kendrick and the grand slam that in a moment but they hung in there with strasbourg still in the game they got a run they didn't get it it didn't get away from them and then chapter three would you sitting there in the dugout by himself with his hands in his head one of the lasting images this postseason one of the real incredible images that i don't think people and let's be titled kershaw wow what a moment soto rendong rendering i sotto second back to back in kershaw the senators and the nationals of the early twentieth century through mid twentieth century turned into the senators moved wants to minnesota moved the second time that too to get out of that first inning was incredibly fortunate how about the way to game starts off the game starts off with a jock petersen what we thought was a home run but it actually went through the door into the bullpen in one soto sought i don't know that anybody else sought soto sought into hitter's up and it's a two nothing dodgers lead and then he walks turner in four pitches and then you get cody bellinger who by the way was just dreadful why can't hearts angeles that was ernie johnson jeff franco last night on TBS last night one of those moments one of those the game on the line bellinger strikes out beatty singles and then strasbourg gets seeger to ground into a double play that's a huge moment in this game with just allowing one run meantime bueller is just mowing everybody down except for strasbourg who inexplicably walks in the top of the third if soto hadn't seen it would've just been a rule rule the homerun now turned out to be not a big deal because muncie hits a home run in the next at bat australia if you're when you're watching this i'm thinking this has four nothing five nothing written all over it in the first inning and he gets out and it's only to nothing would hold up you know who knew that when the dodgers got three runs in the first two innings that they wouldn't score again they wouldn't score the rest of the way that was really the first part of this game last night bueller great strasbourg not great and then came the second part of the game and that was the nets hanging that is a huge get out of get outta dodge before strasbourg is replaced because it could have happened third-inning second inning here comes hernandez in this series the national league presumed MVP if if yellow cheese and and i think we're now learning renaissance the best player he's a better player than bellinger with with with you know but buehler's got his stuff in really three nothing in that moment net first part of the game it felt like it would hold up it felt like it leadoff homerun in like two pitches all right then you get peterson backup in the second inning he singles but strasbourg gets out of the out of that inning in their you know strasbourg starting really pitch well you know he gets through the third with giving up you know he gave up a one base runner because of another kendrick error but he gets seeger to strike out again then he's really good in the fourth in his first one two three inning then he's really good in the breath in another one two three inning strasbourg keeps them in the game now there was a moment in the fifth where the nets are down three dave martinez wasn't going to pinch hit at that point with cabrera or matt matt adams or someone for strasbourg you're down three nothing at that point out he's gonna use them to sack but those runners over and strasbourg tries against bueller and is unable to do it and gets out he bunted foul nothing it's the top of the fifth suzuki walks bottom of the order taylor singles to right you've got two baserunners on with strasbourg do up who didn't think that the normal bullpen rotation for the seventh eighth and ninth inning but that's not what dave roberts decided to do roberts decided to bring kirsch been and i'm going to talk about this game here momentarily aaron is out claude jennings's in it's good to see you club kevin ever look kershaw in all capital letters because it is one of the moments that baseball fans are never gonna forget a hall of fame pitcher a first ballot hall and when he got eaten there was this huge sense of relief that kershaw had come in gotten a huge out and now they could go to my ada or they could go to somebody you're in the fifth inning already you gotta get runs in dave martinez says nope strasbourg stand in the game and maybe because the runners on first and second with nobody shaw coming into the game a lot of dodger fans and i was following it on social media a lot of dodger media people they didn't have the faith in kershaw it's not the same kershaw anymore israel to create a run with the heart of their order the rendering soto connection was brilliant throughout i mean what what's what a series both of them now here's the talk it's gonna be kershaw at some point you see kershaw out in the bullpen and that brings up the third part of this game which you would just title if it were above the theme pitcher who came in keep in mind he comes in in the seven to face eaten with two on into out four taylor to fly out and then here comes corbin a lot of people didn't think corbin was going to be available and remember his last outing six earned runs in game three although ray knight told eighth and here comes kershaw now i was surprised because i figured he's going to come in with you know and flies out in the fifth inning opportunity is dead they get nothing out of it and i was thinking in the moment i think davies you know mess this thing up should a pinch it for iceberg needed the runs but davey was right because strasbourg still had a lot left in a mini shut down the dodgers and the fifth shut him down in the sixth meantime the net ruler and he gets eaten on three pitches and if you saw him when he walked off that there was a lot of tension by the way there was a lot of angst with kirk had what games they had last night and they got that i run in its three to one in strasbourg gets out of the six the nets abbas shot now but think i heard last night maybe it was from scott on the radio show van pelt who join me on the radio show today that it's the longest home run ever hit hit off kershaw in simply now he made one bad pitch in that game three game three to hernandez who clocked a one you know that two run double but corbin comes in and aw back for the eighth to face the heart of the nats order starting with ren d-o-n and then soto and by the way in the bottom of the seventh that started the i put it on dave roberts i don't think that he should have ever pitched a soto forget the lefty lefty crap you had caloric the bullpen who was the get soto out guy me and i felt the same way that he didn't pitch poorly i know it's hard to say you give up six earned runs the you didn't pitch poorly they just made some incredible play's authentic oh you gotta lefty coming up in soda it's still a one run lead for the dodgers and you've got that guy caloric in the bullpen who's been used as the get soto out guy and it's keep him in the game and he got to first base without creating it out anyway he ends up fouling out on a foul with two strikes turner strikes out is that really are gonna never be forgotten baseball fans for dodger fans in particular it's probably outside of washington the biggest takeaway from in the postseason he's got a very difficult postseason record for a hall of fame pitcher and last night was his worst moment by far back to back home runs while on his sixth pitch he actually was ahead in the count it three one and i remember thinking he's going to get a pitch he can button right here on three one but i think it was jeff franco who's last night's game was the kershaw meltdown for baseball fans you know and most of them would say how did dave roberts put him in that game he got the one out he had the russia but the sodo slider that he leaves up in hanging soto homers he demolishes the ball four hundred forty nine feet i RBI's in this series he was brilliant and by the way completely outplayed the MVP candidate that is apparently above him in the MVP race at that point dave roberts had to think oh my god why didn't i just come out with my asia that's not second guessing there was a lot of i guessing on that stuff corbin gets four straight outs in relief and an amazing four straight outs in relief another starter coming in for dave martini in the postseason to get big outs corbin didn't do it on saturday or on sunday excuse me in game three but he does it last night and then you get to the ossis of the nationals relievers rainy gets an opportunity to come and faced two batters who wasn't nervous about that and he gets smith the popout he gets why is or majeida right there i mean my aid is the guy that they could not hit in this series and he comes out with kershaw kershaw is at the home run into pitches to run down now dorm that soto can't hit it still a three two game are you serious you're gonna leave kershaw after rendong just drilled one and two pitches on the game said you gotta take care what if what if what if bueller walk strasbourg now you've got the bases loaded and you didn't have to worry about pinch hitting for strasbourg and you get the has gotten him out three times to one strikeouts and once on a groundout and he leaves kershaw in there by the way the the rendong homer was not a bad pitch by kershaw that thing dave roberts was a big part of the storyline last night a huge part of the storyline last night he did not manage his bullpen well at all again after the MVP ended up in this series whereas it here i had it here for for nineteen not good enough for for nineteen no kershaw ends up giving back to back home runs a three one lead in the images of him isolated that dugout with his head and hands are images of off of hudson who had come into the game and everybody thought it was over that ball was apparently gone out you see the dodgers players coming out of their dugout last night that the opportunity for the dodgers when the nats had tied that game up was in the ninth inning because if they didn't get it in the oh season game four hundred forty nine feet kershaw had never given up back to back home runs in the history of the regular season for him he did it last night for the second time confidence you've got my eighty they couldn't hit him you've got caloric for soto after ren don't homers never got to then my ada comes in and strikes out the remaining side you're listening to the crowd or listen to the announcers obviously and that one all pointed to this game's over and it stayed in the park and it was and he's still has guys like bias he's still has kenley jansen is closer at about to face eaten ren donen soto he leaves kelly go five for nine three RBI's sue wren don in the final two games of the series down two games to one four for seven four off of them and it did not pay off the re the soto in the wren donen soto backed back the two of them last night you know combining the dodgers and it was going to be advantage nats and in the bottom of the ninth you had will smith catcher take one deep to right field off out there that's a killer decision for them he walks eaten ren don't hits the ground rule double they intentionally walked soto and they leave kelly in there to pitch spazzy stole two bases last night he had an incredible catch on a deep shot by kendrick early in the game but overall in this series cody belen climbing over the railing to celebrate you see in it's one of those things when you're watching it on TV you're not exactly sure usually look for reaction from the outfielders to see if it's gone last night guy who has struggled in this series but has always been clutch and he did it against his former team what a moment i'll tell you just one than most people on social media in particular were saying what are you doing you've got my ada you've got caloric in there the left's the end of the lefty that throw side the first grand slam in extra innings in a decisive game on the road in major league baseball postseason history howie kendrick forever now in sports fans memories for an unbelievable moment that surpasses the jason worth walks i think they're going to have to face ren d-o-n in soto again in the tenth and that was in the moment last night given the way they were seeing it that was going to be a problem thought he choked in this series i thought cory seager choked in this series and then came the final chapter of last night in that his howie kendrick you had to know RBI's for cody bellinger cody bellinger by the way his never hit a home run in a postseason game in dodger stadium for a guy that good that's remarkable open and the play typically is you've got first base open intentionally walk especially when somebody like soto but it is no outs and cody bellinger who did have a very good last at bat and when he got on the error or a base it he was a an absolute monster on the bay off in game four of their first ever playoff series against saint louis it surpasses what one soto did in the wildcard game how kendrick is an all time a lot and it was an out and then this guy taylor comes outlines out now you go to the tenth in its advantage nets and he brings in joe kelly after kelly at pitched in the ninth dave roberts did as a fastball low and outside and ren don reaches down for in strokes it out that's greatness by ren down and that was not a mistake pitch by fascinates not hyperbole that's a grand slam in a fifth and deciding game in october against the dodgers dodgers stadium by a guy who had another error kendrick and he knocks it over sent the centerfield wall four hundred ten feet game over grand slam seven three all time postseason moment he didn't do it anyway ups at that point down seven three after the grand slam he still didn't bring in he's still bring in a kenley jansen unbelievable tenth had it worked out that way and it didn't but what a baseball game what a sports moment for washingtonians and we've needed one here you had my ada who you should've started the inning with this isn't second guessing this is first guessing by a lot of people dave roberts put kershaw into that position sounds imerman who would have 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i didn't i was just speaking to the age difference i didn't the quality between the two co-hosts in the situation one goes hand in hand i would sometimes that's true i don't know how good was it to be their last night tommy seriously i just finished sort of the open and that was so much fun so compelling so dry well i'll be okay i mean i got two hours two and a half hours sleep and i got up just to do this podcast here the quits you're complaining how good matic at you know typical of postseason baseball and then on top of it it's it's you know our favorite team and you want him to to advance it was just the tenth inning grand slam open wow three the former dodger you know what you may have to become one of those columnists that can't leave your house you mean you mean like basically saying that well here's another one you know to add to the list and then have that crushed by anthony riendeau and wants i mean and nationals have their own story which is compelling the first round exits and the dramatic way they've exited in so but but they they were just elated and it was i mean for for washington baseball it was a historic moment i was glad to be there yeah exactly i'm not a columnist though i'm not a robert or am i a columnist going to be that kind of guy having sat through all the failures in the past and having written a story when they were down three to one i i asked scott what was the bigger takeaway in terms of the bigger story at a last night the the the nats winning and the kendrick grand slam or kerr sean he said there's the perspective we have as nats fans nats media members and for you you know on the beat will as a columnist you know covering it dear two hundred six games they went to the world series the past two years i the the dodgers are high profile franchise and nationals or not as as the wildcard here's why because the the visiting locker room at dodger stadium is small so they didn't have enough room the dance it really was i i'm i'm curious scott was on with me on the radio show this morning and he came on he was actually at the end of his sportscenter show last night and i said obviously it's not even close it's kershaw if you're writing a national story would you feel the same way yeah because the dodgers national team dodgers search for my and for dame martine and it's i'm happy for both of them the celebration celebration wasn't as good goto and really crushed by howie kendrick grant flower was a great moment i mean it it was i mean is like they did it really hit home locker room yeah it's a small clubhouse and and these guys like the dance they like a conga line all around the room and free for those first rounds with with bizarre circumstances but the the dodgers are they're they're the dodgers four million fans this year you know that's so yeah they're the bigger story and almost anybody and kershaw that's going to be hall of fame that's the part around much worse you know to get out of that first inning with only giving up two runs was fortunate you know part of the fortune was cody bellinger was terrible the one thing that i wanted to mention about going back to strasbourg is that it was an interesting start because he really was on the verge of getting battered this series and he had an opportunity to really do some damage in the first inning but strasbourg in that first after giving up devastated over what just happened well you're assuming too much because the only thing i'm looking at that point is my computer screen writing the two run shot by the way after the peterson ground rule double that everybody thought everybody thought was a home run thank god sotos sawed 'cause i don't know anybody else that would have seen it for dusty because jason were didn't do what howie kendrick did but that's the philosophy and that's not an analytic that's something they will stick with a veteran player and it's usually managers who spent a long time in the major leagues on their own like dusty did like david play mentioned at the top of the podcast is that this game for me we sort of like a book with four chapters like the first chapter was the pitchers one's really good in one's not in the eighth inning because it was clayton kershaw on he had a hunch and he had a heel and he'd been through so much with him in that one didn't work out and by the way stretch the game that will be unforgettable you know for for the the back to back homers from brendan's in in soto and then the last chapter being a grand slam by kendrick so good the second chapter is held nets hung in there with strasbourg pitching well after the start and soda in rendong generating a run to keep them in there and itself and you know he he owned up to it but and he'll he's each put maybe the greatest pitcher of his era but it's supposed to be but he wound up celebrating for yes i mean that's true and you could almost flip it to the other side and say that that's why dave roberts put kershaw back out there he kept pointing out there and we're thinking what's he played at that point we didn't know there was a hole in the bullpen cents exactly look even watch it interesting what what they be eighteen has did is the same thing that dusty baker did with jason worth see certain matters they they will personal yeah that that that that they martinez he he took he invested in halle kendricks experience and he almost paid the price for it so i mean there's a lot that you see wind up seeing that i don't see you know because i'm consumed with with writing my story and then getting down to the club after basically all those cratering in strasbourg the old strasbourg that's a six nothing game you're one hundred percent right in one of the things if you don't love this stuff is much but i'm wondering in the press box if in the fifth when suzuki walked in taylor singled at the bottom of the order on TV you had no idea what he was pointing to and i'm like did the ball gets stuck somewhere or what but i i don't know that if he hadn't seen it anyone would have seen it but strasbourg the records i mean it's it's it's the opposite of what like a curt schilling or even a stephen strasburg who wound up pitching them pretty good game for them damn right after and by the way rainy coming in and getting to two key outs in corbin getting four outs and then the third chapter was titled kershaw 'cause that was the else and and and seeing the celebration getting quotes and stuff like that that's why i didn't see that phyllis morning the kershaw on the on the bench bye bye but he hung in there and he pitched great and corbin pitched great and they hung in there and it was just it was incredible you know there was some really interesting moments i know you i to get soto out sitting there or majeida whoever you want to go to and to have kershaw face soto in that spot was was the he was i guess basically the bryce harper replacing hearing washington and and some circumstances deal to different lives through different circuits strasberg's coming up and it's the fifth inning and they're down three nothing did everybody up there think that data was gonna pinch hit for him dances bryce harper was what's considered a star you know when he was like a kid he's on the cover sports illustrated when he was sixteen eighteen years in the major leagues so he sees guys like howie kendrick and he sees himself just like dusty did with jay they did the work ah go to who i mean corporate that early i don't think anyone felt good about back again i mean i mean dave roberts the homer to muncie then he walks turner on four pitches and you're looking at you know i'm thinking is four five nothing he's added a game possibility the guy who who who brings the fun to game it's so style his his it's the people figured that strasbourg would execute the button and get them over at that point and he didn't he didn't execute it no no and at that point respect right well he managed aggressively but last night and i know you hate to do this but whatever it's the actual part of the game six he is so calm and so smooth and really i mean he's a star tommy and he completely out per i hate to do this but fans love to do this it's how they keep score dave roberts got out managed by martina there's no doubt enjoyed most it there there was no second guessing dave roberts there was i guessing all night by the way just as an aside ray knight we shocked that strasbourg wasn't pitch pinch it for who had another error last night you know terrible series it had yeah but what was really 'cause he said buehler's almost impossible to bunt off of insys zouqi can't run anyway and he he was really really in the moment he said very surprise hi it i mean i writing when they lose initially that they went down with a whimper you know when they tie it i'm writing a story they see people wearing sir and soda yeah i mean th the bryce harper conversation i mean people are having it is it thought it was really the wrong move at the moment that you needed runs at that point down three nothing but anyway that that's as an aside but dave roberts leaving wants soda was an undrafted free agent from dominican where everyone's trying to hit their way off the island in poor circumstances but what tiger ah personally don't know if they would have done any better or any worse with bryce harper here because the truth is in the postseason harper actually came up as big as anybody else did but you're a hundred have to have these moments to become you know a huge baseball fan with your own team like these october this kid is and it's hard it's not fair it's not fair to bryce harper it's not fair to soto but it's hard not to compare to him because he thing and you just you're seeing the closeup as you're watching tv he's completely unfazed he has allotted he has like forty six i did not follow your twitter beef which aaron told me and a couple of other people told me about the crowd for game for you can talk about it if you want here in a moment but you know you have it's the milwaukee game the comeback the tension the pressure pitch by pitch we had that last friday night that game friday night the strasbourg kershaw game would corrupted and then last night you know these are the kinds of things baseball in the post season is addictive for sports fans it is high eighty two or three stories at the same what were the two or three were writer well i'm writing i'm writing that they lose you know in that story that civil to get out no matter what the count was you know no matter what the count was in the in the in the tenth on that ground rule double he fell behind to as a muncie and then he walks the guy they walked the guy in four pitches was was incredibly compelling the sixth inning in game three where the dodgers yep which is true if he hit a home run the score was tied if the next guy hit a home run the game was over i'm still walking yeah i agreed with that a hundred percent the whole nature of their the six games that they've played there have been so many of you know we've talked about this a lot and we didn't have a chance to talk the other day i high drama in so unpredictable which makes it so great absolutely and by the way i would have walked muncie every timing i don't think i would have loved to have been talking to you in that moment to see if you're being honest that you totally or what work because the matchup he wanted was smith they walked him on four pitches but anyway we digress there right right about soda but let's talk about ren don't here for a moment because rendon in into doer di games went four for seven with four RBI's was nearly impossible aww is remember when bryce harper initially in his first year or two said he wanted to make baseball fun again yeah that was one of his clothes here for that by almost every yet yeah it was a tough that seems almost insane and what about soda what what what a star smart soccer men next time i said it way before that you're gonna walk muncie and bring the win and look we're entering a different time zone now okay and that's a seven game series and this little magic trick ah kirsch having kershaw face rundown was chancy to begin with but then after that home run when you've got this guy caloric who has been the nick of mixing and matching starters the cover up the hydra ice bullpen that's not gonna work over seven games so does that concern you it turns out to be the case now you've got to their first league championship series it's amazing it is actually you know in the assures her on short rest corbin yesterday would have been his bullpen session which is essentially what he ended up pitching last night in the this was probably anthony until last game washington national because he's looking at you know free agency on the horizon when they i need sanchez to go seven they need their starters to go seven now sanchis in september three of its stars he went seven or more innings right so he he what else from last night like first of all tommy where do they go tomorrow night who's gonna start tomorrow night it would seem to be between annabel sanchez made washington that clubhouse fund he's made going to games fun when i sit in the stands there's two the two most juries you can't do that you just can't so i mean i'm not optimistic about the second game series i don't know i haven't paid attention to the cardinals capable of doing it and he did it a lot at the end of the year so but that's the key for them pitching wise is for star as to get born bellinger in this series yes he did yes he did it and you know when when in situations like this before about the matchup with the cardinals gordon will bite him in there in the ass finally in this series yes yeah i just don't think you could ask that much of these guys i'm from it yeah i taught for may not be able to do that because of the burden of being bryce harper it just may be too much but for for soda sell it oh as if well they fought hard but that they lost and then i'm writing the wind story you know so you're right a lot of things before you get to i went four two in hudson had the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth in davie martinez walking intentionally walking the winning run to the plate because he doesn't want to eventually the postseason the eighth inning it's been they're lucky charm yeah exactly before we segue to the much i don't know what they're capable of and what they can do and what their bullpen situation is for the nationals the success is starting offense not going to sleep and and particular there lay dating offense which which is really been tremendous of late and the i think they really feel you know you know thoughts that you had people that you talked to what else you got on last night well i didn't i got down to the locker the right thing but like you know i mean there's still story i'm writing down for him this was his last game and you lose her in town the redskins and the week that's been because we haven't had a chance to catch up together on this any any lasting locker room batters faced who who starts tomorrow night because that news hasn't come out yet sanchez starter you're do you know that for fact okay yeah it'll be annabel sanchez who pits well for them did in his one appearance that he made in the series then pitching stretching out the second and that offense and soda don't wanna sleep three basically three four yeah basically yeah martinez as as he was walking to the interview room and i felt i felt good for him i mean this is a guy who was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago which if it goes to the game what they really need now they need starters to go seven that's what they really need the he never ever changed he'd he'd been he'd be passed over for seven managing jobs and and for for this for this i like like a heavyweight balked like like a championship boxer like they call the championship rounds you know like ten eleven he he he took over a team that had that had a popular manager dusty baker had been to the playoffs in the previous two years and were paid why can't bring finisher and relief the first game one game two and they robert said that that surprised me so you've got these kids that i don't know what they do but they don't go out you know so you know there wasn't much and i think most people would prefer that versus watch matt williams back there with his calculator trying to figure out what to do and not feeling the game series short you know you're like like eight martinez said they weren't playing a five game series they were playing one game series well you know in a seven game series did i eat sitting you know with their starters intact because i just don't see how i mean over five games off i think the max deal which is ironic because the eighth inning was there horror story i out of the bullpen this year but happen to him a as good guys you'll find a baseball that that was a great moment seeing him and seeing him smile and how happy was at the game released so often throughout the six games that they played in milwaukee game and then the five against the dodgers any stories about l. a. so happy for him and especially with the you know the personal scare that he just went through as well i hope he's healthy that was so nice 'cause he really ah i wasn't the only one because the manager seem yes well you great minds think alike clearly but i will tell you this it really did in california about the the you know the fires and they've come to the conclusion that some kind of electrical sparks from it room late and they were still celebrating but it was hard i wasn't gonna get soaking champagne and beer to be honest with you because i who am i gonna hang out with listen i need your driver you need me to be there that's what i need in the old days you know to be saying you're going to bring the the winning run to the plate in a in a four two game thought that that was the right to it paid off although really liars he'd go out you know go out well nobody does anymore you know it's it's it's different it's a different era l. carousing around los angeles here they're about their shut the power off here in LA today wonderful because they're everyone's of male anywhere you want to send it once you're males ready just handed to your mail carrier drop it in a mailbox it's that simple now with stamps dot com trips to the post office and it saves you money it's one of the most popular time saving tools for small businesses it eliminates all those trips to the post office post office real quickly tell everybody about stamps dot com if you're a small business like the kevin sheehan show podcast you stamps dot com it saves you time it eliminates as you money and it's really easy to use you simply use your computer to print official US postage twenty four seven for any letter any package any i've been my promo code kevin DC that's k. e. v. i n. d. c. stamps dot com kevin DC since we did not do guinea you're going to get five cents off every first class stamp and up to forty percents off priority mail there over seven hundred thousand small businesses using stamps dot com three postage and a digital scale without any long term commitment just go to stamps dot com click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and he is a really nice guy and he managed to win brother in this postseason he would if he was going down he was going down aggressively in with his best you buy myself a little bit later in the show or at the end of the show if you didn't see it but let's go back to monday grew gets fired hardly a shock and then was show together on tuesday we should go back to monday with jay gruden being fired and then that gem of a press conference he was delusional he was arrogant i went back and looked at some of the times he spoke to y'all in press conferences before my good if they were runners on base he supposed feared hitter in that line of stand that on friday night if he if he was the most feared hitter in that press conferences he talked about the draft and how good the draft was back in two thousand fourteen he he uses the same crutches from the power grid coffees fires that got you know burn half the state so they had a power outage out in california i think the bruce gets up there tommy and describe what your reaction to that thing was i think redskins fans saw that leading accountability the the organization it just doesn't exist yeah it it was unbelievable it was it became so obvious that the time and time again and you know i mean he has no personal accountability so there's no accountability period people you know an axe cut jay gruden in half on his way out in the same way did they did with scott mcclellan and mike shanahan that's you know that's what they do i said ginning what they were doing they were doing their thing they were not being accountable they were being delusional they were blaming somebody else you know so obvious with the car i and if you want to use it you're going to get a benefit from being my listener and here's how my listeners right now get a special offer that includes a four week trial plus two thousand fourteen and the famous winning off the field press conference he was asked about the culture dead too and he basically gave the same answer worried about his heart and his life it's exactly yeah so i mean people have fired you know he there's actually something worse than watching his team play and that's what's debris down in the press conference i mean he was they'd bring a round one like beat writer so you sit as they bring raincoats with them yeah you know and stuff like that and i didn't bring anything like that but i saw are they in this little world out in loudon county at one loudon where you know the harvest fest crowd in the draft night parties in you know the road show that bruce allin on that particular day and then later on callahan and i don't even know if you heard callahan yesterday but that's that's a segment on its own which i can i've been out there twice now in the last week no not a lot anybody that you get those states i mean he wasn't as big as it's a damn good culture but he basically gave i mean you go back and you read some of the quotes on his pants on the show yesterday that press conference is your mir into the minds of bruce dan it's never their fault it's always somebody else you know now that jay's gone we're going to be great the lack of self awareness of these of this organization is mind boggling as direct as the hatching of jay gruden and putting it on somebody else once again you know even had the nerve suld by bruce allin but then i think to myself disapproves even really know what the truth is like is he just flimflam ingham or timmy confirmation that bruce saint going anywhere in that bruce has flimflam the owner the owners being sold you know they say you to admit that you might be the one that is the problem you're the one that's making the mistakes it's always someone else's fault it's unreal pete this this parties when they go to a city where people haven't seen him in years and they get duped into believing that that's like really their fan base i it's it's air comments about you know doug and kyle done a great job with the draft we got a really good roster and bill is gonna come in here and he's gonna put new plan new sky i mean just basically took mistake after mistake and the arrogant part of you the narcissistic part the the in by the way combined with the lack of self awareness never allows you has couple of days purposely and now they've got to have it here in LA is hoping they'll do that before i gotta town let's get to the redskins i said to you before it's arrogance and incompetence in combination there's nothing worse than people there's nothing worse than a business it never ever works out well because you make often that the easiest person to sell as a salesperson and dan's apparently a very good sales person he's the easiest guy right now he's being completely bamboo where's the accountability or he has no personal accountability so i mean why would you expect the organization to have any accountability or him we blame the fans for selling their ticket yeah what kind of is that that that to me was the least of it because it wasn't nearly as have more of them at this point winning off the field were close and now we've got a damn good culture that was such scott said in his thing he we're we're drafting well which by the way they're really not drafting that well no they're not and he said the same thing five years ago about how good their drafting asked about the patriots fans in the stands for play the fans for selling their tickets are on secondary markets i mean that's what he did he basically can you ever fix it if you can't recognize what the whole world of sports recognizes that dan is the worst trying to pull the wool over everybody's eyes if everybody's stupid maybe the owner is completely buying into it or if they really believe it in that little bubble owner in professional sports or certainly one of the three or four worst in bruce allin shouldn't be running a car wash let alone NFL team it's really remarkable you know by the way one of the things i i'm not sure i had the answer on the following if he's just flimflam everybody you know in in he said he couldn't have shown more lack of self awareness if he walked to the podium nude then that particular line that he used in nats have a damn good culture and and the the the bottom line is is you know he's become vinnie surata with the sound drops he made and you know t- tommy it's also you know and i don't know if i even mentioned this yesterday i probably needed you to make me think about it but it was of it on the images of him and i'm i'm assuming you're seeing the same cut aways of him isolated in that dugout with head in hands you see in that way that's part of the flimflam with dan we were six and three last year and then we had all the injuries we have a really good team dug in they were okay but i'm going to give it a little journalism diatribe here and particularly if this team and missile defense yeah it's you know in and of course the famous line last night by the way i tweeted out late in the game i tweeted out the what did you think of the questions at the press conference well i thought that they were fine i thought they were they were they were this guy in particular this notion out there that if you cover the team every day you you you can't to basically answer david aldridge's question about sort of this notion that they're never close and he's in last year all that they're in i think part of it is that they really do believe this you know that they really do believe that it's not them and how it's show on repeat yes it is it that's exactly the case you hear the same story every time i mean how about the nerve when really go on attack mode with management because you have to talk to these guys every day i hear that constantly and that's a fallacy that is absolutely not true i mean if you are worried that you can't hold bruce allin feet to the fire one of the things they consistently due to the local media core is burn them by giving and leaking stories to national people you know so why medium your medium when you're on radio is different you just say what you feel and you know hopefully you have a lot of data to support the way he feels not everybody does it knowing what i know knowing what you know knowing what the press corps in as a whole knows there's an absolutely no benefit you get from this team from media core and and we're at the point now where you shouldn't fear being shut out by anybody oh well being nice now there there there's no benefit these people are not sharp when it comes to public relations they would mutt the ability to hey if i wanna get them for the big interview every once in a while you know i'm going to have to promo something they're doing and put somebody on that i can't i can't drop the hammer on them all the time or else they'll shut me out there then you're you've lost then you've lost they need where are they every other day you compare the tone of the coverage of this team now compared to rick snyder when he was at the times the people who covered his team they need to keep the heat on all the time bill callahan needs needs to be appeared jim zoran to be fired or dan did you know back off now our personal styles on radio anyway was was not a person never told but we could say or couldn't say we never once where we called about anything when we were highly critical when we're calling for vinnie syra serrato to be fine donal attacking style it was more of a professional attacking style we're never told to do anything but i do recognize the you know the the can't really hear any of those questions in that press conference that would have led me to believe that somebody walking on eggshells one but the point is were they put on the hot seat every time he steps to the microphone every time you know i completely agree throw on them on the very first podcast that we did said about brian lav amina i hope you didn't buy it was meant to be and they never said anything but i don't know why you would ever think that there's any benefit to give them an occasional break they they don't get when they owned us you know i was doing the pre-game show i was part of their radio network for thirteen years and on pregame shows i would be critical at times when because you rented because once you admitted that there was no season ticket

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