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Thomas Rhett On His Dads Biggest Complaints About Him + Bobbys Dog Is Chewing Again + Lunchbox The Parking Enforcer Busts Out The Boot


Hey guys looking for the perfect jeans with the look of Authentic Denham but the comfort and flexibility that you can really move in the new next level air flex jeans four men from American American Eagle are the answer air flex is serious about comfort without sacrificing style whether it's skinny slammed their original straight gene or you're looking for a little more room with their athletic fit air flex genes are available in stores now and at at dot com try them with free shipping and returns new next level Air Flex genes for me comfort style nor moves your buddy Mr Bobby transmitting of America pursue. It welcomed the Friday show more studio morning. Get so many things start with this woman read this in the news and was like Oh oh my goodness because this woman does a hospital like I think it's time in the hospitals like you don't think so come back when senior contractions Gilo more intense. She's like It feels like it's coming though I will be right back so does she goes home has a baby bathtub. Oh my Gosh Yeah they drove the twenty five minutes home but she was like we can get back to the hospital so they got home and they got in the bathtub and there you go the firefighters and they all got babies healthy by she was like I feel like my team tomorrow so they had the baby in the bathtub. Well said if I could do it again I would you sat in the waiting room and not left. We would have pitched a tent. We would've started a fire would have destroyed up can't instead of going home so that this morning luckily they got home and luckily the baby was healthy and it sounds like it came pretty quick to which is great. I have a nine hour birth. I bet if your home in the bathtub and do you turn any water on or just have it in there and it's not about I get it because a lot of water coming out lettuce but the bathtubs talk tough. I know some people have babies in Tub with water the plan right. I don't know if she was wanting to do with water or just looking for a place that was easy to clean abet that smart. Actually they're buddies here. We got a hopefully Ryan heard comes up in a little bit. He has a song song to a TV. That's real good Thomas Rhett or tr his friends call him. He should be on later this morning. I gotTa tell Ya I wake up in the morning and I've been doing this kito for six days now. Kida I wish I did I did slip once not on purpose. Mike D has apple's every day that eats and just like hey is eight apple no uh-huh but and Raimondo our audio guys on key dude you just feel so much like your belly that and they say you can also think about or your thoughts are going to be really. They come to you very very quickly. I'm mark clarity no cloud. I don't know that that's happening to me yet but I can feel it in my belly. Just not not feeling I love have carbs and sugar and I don't think I'm doing exactly right. I'm really following the basic rails of Kito and it's it's not a thing I'm GonNa do forever. I don't even know that it's healthy and not recommending it but I'm telling you like my belly. It's starting to feel pretty good and that's what you wanted. Yes the whole point of it wonderful slimmer. We started American idol next week. GotTa get those clothes feel happy. I'm happier. Thank you wanting to do Kito. Because you don't need to lose weight a little uh-huh. Here's the bobby bones show podcast highlights segment of today so whenever I negotiate my last contract here at work I asked for a parking spot because there's just no parking in the building and sometimes that'd be up here at all hours of the day and when I got a park three blocks over I said well if I get to ask for things I'm an astro parking. They have one of the best spot and have a sign that I think lunchbox got me to sign up for my birthday a couple of years ago and it sits there and says like parking for bobby bones we drilled old it into the wall and you always said lunchboxes have smallpox on that spy. I'm going to boot them and then it's going to charge him fifty dollars to get it off by the way he has his own boot route and he was gonna eat charges them himself. That's always been the theory yes and so yesterday you came up. I came up and there is someone back into your spot and I looked at the car and I was like and I don't remember bobby driving this white car. This is definitely not bobby so I made a video wrote a note and said you are not Bobby Bones Lydia Oh yeah because I need to have proof that there was so important they have video proof. I can't just be boot and people I have to show that. It's there but I don't think you can you just boop people anyway. when you are part illegally you can be booted but do I legally have rights for that. Spot absolute contractually do okay so I wrote them a note now letting them know that they are not bobby bones and they should not be part there and then they have to remove the vehicle. I am going to get the boot. Would you have really boosted them. Yes so I left the note on the windshield I went inside and we have a spare room and here's a video. Here's this is not bobby bones car parking enforcement and I take it very serious. Sorry Bobby so look your not bobby bones so you shouldn't park here. I'm going to boot your car. Respect the sign thanks parking enforcement enforcement and that is me so I'm going to put this here and then I'm going to go on the boot if they're not gone by that time. They're getting the boot. This is unacceptable. People respect the sign then what happened then I went came in here got the boot got out there. They were driving out of the spot. I don't know someone saw me. You put the note there or if they just happened to run in for something real quick but they were in the spot but they escape the boot by the skin. What is it called the hair on on their chin the skin of their teeth skin of their teeth? That's going to say skin and their challenge. You have really put it on the call. I was ready. I had the package open. It was ready to go. I was ready to boot and then I was going to put my phone number. Say Call me when you're ready to get off. Do you think you would have done it now. What do you mean I'm parking enforcement? Try Me what does that mean parking enforcement and that what they're called the parking people. Have you ever watched parking wars. I think they're called never watched parking. Oh my gosh you've never parking archy. Wars is so fun. It's like the meter maids go round and they write tickets and people yell at them. It's hilarious they they on the streets of Philadelphia and it is greatness says like like your fantasy I mean it's got a cool to have that power to give you know someone breaks the law. You get to bust them did you. Were they man or woman. I was a math. Do you look familiar. No No. I don't know probably just trying to park here too. Little poor man can't redesign. Oh Wow he can read and it's it's obviously not right so that was not his spot he can see the sign. It's clear as day. No one else parks there. Everybody knows so. Don't give me that I mean they even reversed in so they polled hold install the spot where ruber any parks sometimes no you gave permission. I have the notes of WHO's in allowed to WHO's not to parking enforcement keeps a list and this person was not on that list because that was a stranger. Why appreciate the effort next time? Don't get yourself beat up to get some money. That's what I'm going to get. You're going to split it with me. 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Why do you do a segment about food? I just really love food. She loves it. She loves to talk about food. So that's why we do this right here. It's time for Food World Dome with Morgan Number Two at company company did a study and they put out a list of things that you should never order from delivery and that was based on health and restaurant employee confessions in this segment already food delivered to me. I don't WanNa know because that's the thing to let me get a drum roll. How many are there? I got about eight of them. Okay number eight on things not to have delivered to you nachos our country tacos. Oh I have nachos deliver to me from the wild cow there Vegan. They're so good. I don't know that I would think against Nacho why because they get soggy they get soggy and then the meet starts to get back because it's saggy. There's more like water and stuff album while cout vegetarian restaurant okay number seven stake all beef sometimes listen to me why. Why did they say because it sends out long enough? It can make you really sick. That's one of the me is one of the quick things for food poisoning. Oh wow number six anything with Avocados. What amy would say yeah that's auto and that's obviously because Avocados they turn Brown really quickly? You can see 'em so those go go bad faster. French fries cold soggy could do for co French fries about ordering them. I understand never for for SMOOTHIES. Oh that's what I get sent to me all the time. They meld movies. They still good yes if they're not in the freezer for a little bit. Why what's what's up with smoothies? They're not at their prime when they're delivered number. Two number two is meatball subs okay with that one. What else not a seafood gotta be at the right yeah? The number one is Sushi okay. You know they won't let you order oysters most places. You can't even order them for takeout are always yeah. Can't you have to eat them there. Sometimes we'll even like you know do a show and never run from the venue conflict the shrimp and they won't let me come back like for take down because of that. Oh my friend got so sick off of dollar oysters but at a really nice restaurant it's like a really nice one and it was some happy hour special they were having and so her husband would like Dr Gal this y'all know I know her. Jill it. This is such a moment she oh man she couldn't eat legislation could not she was driving one day pharmaceuticals better she well also had her kids lunch. Fox in the was bad the whole my mind is gone. She doesn't care if y'all know this. I'm just saying it's and then she took the sample to the doctor. Because she's a farm she works in sales into the doctor to see a sick and it was oyster poisoning. Stay away from dollar always the whole story this whole segment went to place. I don't like and that's food world with Morgan number. Two was food world with Morgan number. We're to bobby bones show right Mike. Ds Put together a game called all about that Bass Alright explained the game so it's just just the baseline from a song and yet the name song so the basis for string guitar amy the Big Fat Shrink Boom Boom Boom Boom. This could be tough. It's really hard. It's GonNa be really hard. This is a Mike Mike D Production here. We go special. Let's play all about that bass here. We go just a baseline from a famous song. The first song is alternative song hit it definitely yeah remember the way I got it. Are you okay. What is it smells like? Teen spirit correct yeah smells like teen spirit correct. Yeah Eddie smells like Teen Spirit a few of these guys all right number two. I give you a hand this one's from the seven famous seventies song by someone who's not alive anymore. Here we go no sexwale Aamir answer brickhouse no ballpark but not exactly tracks monster mash more like the Fifties Eddie Office. That's can't touch this. It is not it is but it is ray. Just play the baseline again right. Can't touches ended up turning into that but it's like she's in very freaky girl every can you don't take home to Mama Mama. Whatever that's Super Freak James James Yes do another one? This is is Let's say it's a it's a group Kim and it's a famous songs from the seventies hit it kind of guitar I little so just song title here and what a baseline amy I remember the win. ABC incorrect box Jackson Five ABC One-two-three do three incorrect Eddie. I think it's I want you back. That's correct. I want you guys called. ABC's that's another Oh yeah eh UH 'cause Hey raimodno number six on the list here. Poses closes the no one number six this line now as any of this I'm so close hit. Contemporary fought all right. I'm in any has a Taylor. Swift is what's what's fair enough twenty four karat but only locked out of Heaven Bruno Mars they ended here. It's a tough game but let's do one more. Let's go with number seven or eight to eighty the business. What's the score Eddie's wanting to to one thing? I noticed one. I'm in for the win. Amy beat it correct. Let's rocks through Lark. You're not correct. I got it beat. It made it very nice work thank you it's a hard game. We play that one again but that was still fun. It was still pretty fine winning song. It is a Mike these special there it is they give I used to think that all diet and weight loss plans were the same well doc not anymore because I found num. Num is a new and totally different approach to losing weight and getting healthy that uses psychology and small voles to help change and your habits so it's easy to lose the weight and keep it off for good neum combines the power of technology with real human support offering as little or as much help as you want along the way and since new is an APP it's always with you and easy to use which makes it super easy to stay on track and reach your goals plus. It's really simple to to get started just go online answer a few quick questions and they'll create a personalized program just for you knew helped me lose my old way of thinking about food and dieting writing so what are you have to lose visit neum dot com slash iheart an oem dot com slash iheart and start your fourteen day trial today like they say change your habits change your mind and change for good with neum bobby bones show from Nashville Hollywood Morgan number over to thirty seconds Giddy. Lady antebellum dropped a new song today. It's called Ocean here. It is on they swim gave crash no frayed taking me taking take Yoga New lady a today. You've also got some new albums out today. Riley Greens different round here Zac Brown band's The owl and Ryan herds e people tonic there you go a lot of new music today so much at times that I get lost and forget the new listen to then I go back to the skinny. There's like nine albums every week so jot those on your phone or what else and then our I heart radio music festival airs this weekend Tim McGraw Hooting the blowfish Zac Brown band and Kane round around with marshmallow perform and you can watch it all on CW TV DOT COM at ten nine central tonight and tomorrow night yes which I'm very excited about because I should be if I know what's up be interesting Hootie and the blowfish tonight which is exciting for me. I never met all the blowfish. I'm diehard. Houdini local kid kid. I Know Darius pretty well. Oh I'm Mark Guitar player but have met Dean or Sony you know all their names already yeah I've met Sony's brother randomly and we were talking in a bar and and he was like a dean's brother and he was like hey my brothers in a band. I'm like Oh my God you do brother because like how did you notice it because you look like on his Co.. Your Psycho Fan and I was yeah yeah the whole thing all right. I already music festival there. You Go Morgan number two. Is that it that's your skinny. It's time for the good news news. Amy Scott was on vacation in Las Vegas having a good old time in the day before she's supposed Costa leave. She leaves her wallet in the back of the cab but they had paid cash so she had no idea how to track down the cabdriver so she goes bligh's homes. I lost my wallet a week later in the mail. Her Wallet shows up and there's a note from some girl named Jim. McNally that was ever a Bachelorette party got in the CAB madder founded on the afford wow and mailed it back to her. I'm assuming she used our. ID's address yeah the Lady Jin McNally from Peoria Arizona found the Hi de and the wallet mailed it back to her and said here you go. Here's your wallet found out on the floor board of the cab by never thought she was in that again. That's right. It's a good one either he also. It's all about that was telling me something good show down head. This story goes with us from Nebraska. A nineteen year old girl was clean Inada closet and she saw all the letters from her ex boyfriend's. She's like man. I gotta get rid of these so she put them in a box took them out to the living room and lit them on fire they can oh no big deal. Only problem is in the carpet catches on fire than the apartment catches on vire. Can you imagine that one brief moment where she realizes that it's gone too afar where she's going from cleansing herself to going oh no now I can't control this fire. That's probably a pretty helpless is feeling when Monica and Rachel and phoebe burn their their letters and pictures of their exes and the fire department had come in the fire guys end up being real high I. I bet you didn't date a firefighter after this. She was charged with negligent burning right. That's your bonehead story today on the bobby bones show now I heard let me hear a little bit to Thi. This is Ryan Song here. He is on the phone to Ryan what this guy got a a new EP out today. Platonic plan to a T. right now underneath us man got a lady antebellum song number thirteen on the chart that he wrote life seems to going pretty good. It's been a cool year man I really I love making music in Nashville Tennessee and I've gotten to put out music under my name Manhattan records that I wrote so man. That's what we always lab at work in Fort Everybody who writes so it's been a really funnier. We're going to get right by the way Ryan has a record today outcrop platonic and talk about that in a second but at such a crush on Ryan put him on his built like a cage like a caveman that also doesn't extra workout even after he's on caving you know what I mean he goes out and kills animals and trees but then he decided to getting a little set of APPs afterward. Yes Ryan heard looks like and so right doing a little bit of Kito Diet a little bit. What do you do that feels makes me listen have a loss anyway but it makes me feel oh trimming great? How have you done it at all? I I can't do the no carb thing and I don. I get angry so I've had buddies you. Do it and I think he's a cool. You know whatever works for you but I if I do a workout or something. I don't have like a piece of toast before where some cards like right after that. I'm like an angry due to the rest of the day so that's yeah I can't Doodo thing so I tried it but yeah it's I've got guys in my band who do it and they they love it. I feel pretty good. I I'm was talking about earlier like my my stomach like I the hardest time of losing weight in my stomach. I think the guys it's like bull right there in those love handles spots do you. Where does your weight go in your your big toe? We don't see it. Oh my but okay listen. My Pant size grew up what happened with here. I was like what my pistol Sydney Moore what happened here. What size waste are you Ryan? I'm thirty four now for the first time entire life. I used to be thirty to thirty four lengths. It's now I'm like a straight up thirty three thirty four so who knows muscle. I don't know man might might be it might it might have been a I had a couple of committee coronas last weekend tumble. He's being humble. Ryan heard his on platonic is out now hey so what would you name in a platonic for. I know there's a song called that why would you settle on that. As the title of the record that is thought it was really cool word when you write songs like right all these titles in your phone and like everybody shows up like what you have and I had that one picking her up ahead and didn't really know how to write it but I was on my bus. We wrote that one on my thoughts and uh there's just very that's already felt like there's not a whole lot too and it's just it's amazing and I love just like the tell somebody like. I can't just be friends with you and that's the song is about platonic is like a friendly relationship right and the hook. That's on there's no way we can be platonic because I'm understanding you so it just reminded me of like when I started you know Mary and I started dating and we started out as friends and then all of a sudden it was like you know this isn't this isn't GonNa it works so and I'm really proud of the proud of that song. It's been really fun to put out while we're still working to a T. So yeah I appreciate appreciate you giving it a listen and tell people about it. That's awesome of you. I'm GONNA play a little bit of platonic while you're on and I'd like to before I play club. This dedicated to Ryan heard from me. This is platonic. Let me hear a little bit of this bad bad man. I'm Really Happy Begotten Music out like all seriousness a big fan of of your music and your writing and even you as a person man so I'm super pump for anchorage all of our listeners today. If you're you're out streaming music checkout platonic from Ryan heard good to talk to you man. Thank you very much manual for supporting my movie can be good friend. It's awesome to get to be on the show today. Thank the same east pile of stories on Friday. Let's go okay so did you know the first passengers in a hot air balloon. They were. I mean is it. Should I figure this out. That's fun fact. It's gotTa be somebody famous Baber just sending Babe Ruth No okay so the first flight was in France in seventeen eighty three and they were kind of scared at what would happen to people with the altitude dude so they sent up a sheep a duck and a rooster animals that makes sense eastern canaries into into mines. Yeah that's true Golic Yeah so there you go done that. It's the dumbest thing you've done for like what just fun work made in my early days that got crazy promotion dropping with some listeners and travel and see if you die this terrible idea. It was not fun. I mean you're literally early in a basket in the air. there's nothing to hold you up there depending on a balloon to save your life and then you just land wherever they find a spot. I like like any of that what else they talk to your dog same same voice okay I'll be like Yo bulldog's come home and his name Stanley but I call them bulldog times and then sometimes like early in the morning. I'm like come on man in the bed. I talked to sleep Iverson's. How you don't do the thing that most of us do every once in a while? I'll be like through future. Research shows that dogs actually like this silly high pitched voice owners. We talked to them in it is why don't we do that to our dogs babies dogs we do that but hey they like it so keep doing it. Don't be ashamed. Do you have much Jon Heder got paid to play Polian dynamite. Originally I'm going to assume very little because it was so independent of a movie. Yeah I shocked when I saw that but thousand dollars for the whole movie yes he she was lonely paid one thousand dollars a player Napoleon dynamite however after it became a worldwide success he renegotiated his contract got a bigger paycheck but in the beginning thousand thousand bucks well. I you take what you take when you can take it. He's not getting paid much to do anything so I understand him taking that little money to do especially going to be an actor actor yeah I mean that's about what I made. My fears and radio combined one thousand dollars all right what else here's the facts. That's a good tip. I've heard this from lots of people. Drinking cold glass of water in the morning will wake you up faster than a cup of coffee like wakeup Gift Cold Water Chug it also an apple will do more than coffee to unless you're on key to Oh yeah and you can't have water. That's true. They're only water. If it's flat or you can have water ray says that there's a he order some especial Kito drink from starbucks don't water now. It's like Redmond offie yeah. It's just the it's the Kito version of the Moshe Kito no not they'll make fun of people who pronounce things wrong. I read it I I but everyone knows go navy. Read it. That's why you don't make fun of people who pronouncing long. I'm going to be like I'll take that Kito Macho. That's a kind of coffee guys okay. We're not great but people want to know because I feel like a lot of people are Kito and I think it's cool that you know oh that starbucks it's like a it's like a special drink you just say low-carbon anything and they'll drop out and it'll be Kito now they they take the all the sugar saw out of it all right what else amy okay so moving on fun Bax. Do you care if you go gray like. Are you worried about your going gray. Do you think when it goes great or you'RE GONNA die. If I'm with a girl it's my wife. I don't care anymore. I'm still trying to peacock a little bit. I won't diet now. I get a little bit of my sideburns. I don't die. I do cut it off a little bit. It premiered I get a little bit of my Chin and I don't love it but I'm not right now trying unless he makes fun of me like my forehead. I'm okay and I'm not trying to fix it. Okay well. I thought most of US according to a survey don't really care like more than half of people don't mind just going gray not gonNa care and and and other age related news things that we're looking forward to when it comes to getting older retiring having more of a choice how to spend our time being able to travel spending more time with family and not caring what other people think that's the big one. You should be able to do that way earlier but we I know we don't that's why that was. The main thing that stood out to me is like I wish we learned we only get it when it's time onto die when it's not even not much use for it okay. I don't care what he did all right. What else okay so according to a survey? I have the top things that parents. It's worried that their kids aren't going to be able to deal with and do in life and say oh my gosh I think about this stuff all the time. I don't know if Eddie and lund frogs have this but like how to pay bills how to drive a car how to deal with stress how to budget how to deal with a broken heart. How did change entire adult yeah but I mean I worry that they're never gonNA? I picture them eighteen and I think they're never gonNA make it. They're gonNA live with us to thirty like this is just going to be bad and like how are they gonNA. They don't even understand money. How are they going to save money how they GONNA pay bills? I don't know I just how to be independent all the things though don thing that on the list that doesn't really about how to change a tire because these days there's an APP for that there'll be an effort all that by the time they're adults but they also are at a bit a bit of a disadvantage because they just moved to America naval on a new culture at the same time. I know there's a lot happening there. I think so with mind. That's why I'm a little worried but the number one thing is yeah. It's it's stress which also makes me think he would just want to you. WanNa raise healthy children that know how to process things. You're responsible for some of their actions later in life like I don't want them to do something later in life because it's something I did like they end up in jail or therapy and like well. My mom used to this great never fear that your kids might make that decision can't do anything minority minority serving ten to twenty doing life without parole. I don't want to mess anything that causes them Juvie jail all right. I mean that's my pile. When was the last time you watched your home movies? If you're like most there's a box in your closet of videotapes film reels and photos that don't get watched touched worse. They're degrading hi. I'm nick and I'm Adam ten years ago. We started legacy box to help families convert their aging media to digital. Here's how it works filled legacy box with your camcorder tapes film reels and photos. We've professionally digitize and send them back on. DVD's thumb drives or the cloud ready to watch and share legacy box is the the world's largest most trusted home movie and photo digitize her over four hundred fifty thousand families abused legacybox and we've been featured on Good Morning America Rachel Ray and the today show dust off those recorded moments and preserve your family's history so it can be easily passed down for generations experienced peace of mind and enjoy reliving the glory days or your legacy because see box today visit legacybox dot com slash forty and for a limited time get forty percents off your order. That's legacybox dot com slash forty for forty percent off legacybox dot com slash forty. It's time for the good news so this girl Abby thought she was sending texts to a church friend about bringing dinner to their family because their son Noah is in the hospital only four years old well. She didn't text her friend from Church. She accidentally sent a text message to some guy named bill will then she was like Oh wait. The you're not the right person sorry Blah Blah Blah so the bills I was like Whoa Whoa Whoa tell me more about this family and this little boy fighting for his life like I want to know what I can do so then this guy bill doesn't know them at all totally got involved started raising money on facebook asking for cards blood donations and money to help the family with medical expenses and totally crazy and the main main thing he wanted people to do within the boy cards that when he woke up he would see himself surrounded in love from their community. Wow didn't even know didn't even know him but bill. L. said he's trying to teach his son about helping others and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do that so turned random text message into something cool. I get random text up here all all the time to our station line text line. Here's one that just came in haven for lunch or dinner if dinner on old place on Atlantic Pompano everybody loves it. I don't even know this uh-huh random all the time up here. We're there's a great American restaurant in coral springs large menu immaculately clean in the foods outstanding your call wow these big words like okay meet you to clean up our aim. That's a great story great story. That's what it's all about right there in that was telling me something good buddy miss the Bob transmitter across America We should talk to Thomas Rhett in just a few minutes. Let's go over to amy with her morning. Corny I morning corny. Why was the mermaid wearing seashells? Why was the mermaid wearing seashells else because she grew out of her bichell's pretty funny? Oh got me. ABC's it was morning Loris game. I I think bras or risque saying my normal content doesn't really go there. My dog is chewing again and just to give people I know he went to school for that. He did and he came back. Grade is is not not staying with them just chewing and so oh I have been like no and I had this thing that you stick a sprayer to get him to stop. I it bothers them and it's like it's framing. I don't care and now he I've done the coins in the water bottle you shake which doesn't care if I cared about all this stuff and he just immune to it and it was like give me more and his nose and at first he's like that's bothersome and now he likes it. I don't know what to do anymore. And I don't want to just like hit him. What is he chewing on? Mostly Human Flesh Jimmy V. Some of that Nail Polish puts Ramadi it myself from head to toe in. It worked for her but I don't know where he's going to eat me yeah like any of my feet I don't know what to do. He's a bowl. These bulldogs are really stubborn and so I'm working we're working. He just loves to chew on humans and shoes a little bit. His whole thing thing is to like you'll see issue and he won't shoot up to run and hide it so you'll see it. Grab it in if you don't know see where he goes you never see the shoe again. That's a little dramatic you find it eventually for Awhile it's Gone Sapir going and he can walk in any room and take it. He's like where's the shoe and he won't last yet. He won't take you to it. Take you take me to my Jordan. Jordan want whereas it nothing's mining's been hiding stuff in the couch cushions and I thought at first husband no I swear. I don't know how it's a skill. She's like she's mastered. It and I finally figured out was her. At first. I thought my my son had put I found a muffin like in the bottom of a cushion in the back side and I thought it was my son that left it there and I was like was in the living room and I basically got got got mad at him but then I started finding his dog bones and then a tennis ball there where he's going hide stuff and it's him hiding the food there. If he gets a hold of food he goes in digging a hole all and putting it in their home he knows it's like a sweet spot for him and now I have to go check it for things sometimes so I mean if I finally found the spot so maybe you find the spot where he puts as you know. They're all over. He runs so I'm just trying to get stopped the chewing in the biting because the last two to one person the wrong way that comes now's and they call and they put the dog down so I'm just trying to nobody calls my house anymore. Just shut it down. Oh cute dog don't touch nobody enters the door. Thomas Rhett coming up next. We'll talk to her now. Yeah all right. We'll talk to Thomas Rhett by the way if you want to go to facebook and let me know what's up and you can let me some advice on his dog feel free. I've read every blog but I still take listener tips. I just go over to the bobby bones show facebook page Friday morning conversation with he's on right now I I wanted to oh. He's I think he's he's drive-thru. Thomas Rhett on Dreitzer. Hey what's up there. Hey Hey I know he's super busy too. I I wanted to have on because for me to see this guy get recognized as wanna see and artists of the year which is at upper upper echelon like we just wanted to put you on the Eric Clapper you in person sennheiser. Thanks appreciate that yes you John. Thank you very much. What's what's? Where are you right now man? I just got into the Car New York. What do you what do you do in New York in the morning like like what'd you do today? This more in my daughter was up at five o'clock and trying to get her to go back to sleep until at least seven and then drank some coffee card and pretty pretty typical morning. I guess debt a bad morning morning. Hey Good morning. We had your dad on pretty recently and with me in the car right now oh well he came in Lemme voice some of his complaints for him that okay okay can I that. He said he only gets fifteen minutes to perform and the only gets one merch item to sell at the show. They're you know you get seventeen minutes to perform. Don't you get seventeen minutes. It goes on at six fifty eight and he does get one march item but he's crushing out there. He's I only get to sell won t shirt. Hey you are not my decisions to Mike but the fact that he's blood that doesn't he doesn't get like a can't sell like a neck act lesser. you know something yeah we'll get. We'll give him the net. We'll give him a necklace next to yourself well. I didn't know if he had voiced that with. You and I wanted to share you know because Yeah I really liked you dad. I thought that was you know we had a good time up here. how how long she's good man they learned up here doing running around doing some stuff and kids are up here are entire families are up here. I'm playing headlining disregarding for the first time so I got everybody up here that that's a big deal. US deal you like soap opera. That's one we have people. Come and take pictures like all during you can have later right exactly Madison Square Garden Albany Albany on the twenty-first and not Louisville Nashville and that's pretty cool well dude. I know that you're in New York. We really just wanted to have you on knowledge the fact that I was superpower for you when they when the of the year announced there there are like the big award for cmt that you are one of them and I really appreciate that man thank you for thanks for the call and and it really means a lot that y'all even said anything about it so I appreciate it and everything's good. Do you think for me for me. No that's not the question. Do you need to go by water the plants while you're gone anything like that. I would love it apparently bobby. He does give that's the way he didn't ask for like a pair of shoes. He has for the biker the treadmill the bike would be good. I just you know you're investing in my health. That's true because if he stays healthy and he continues to make great music and then I play it and he comes up and ratings continue to go up then we both they got some new competition. y'All can now ride against each other because Bob Alright. Let me see what I can do. All right. Dairy is one of the clients various Thomas Klamath Square Garden tonight and all right. We'll let you get back to the drive and the ride and tell everybody okay. We said Hello we'll talk to you soon. Bud will do thank you all very much. There is Thomas Rhett Talk. Hey I'm andy if you don't know me. It's probably because I'm not famous but I did start a men's grooming company called Harry's the idea for Harry's came out of a frustrating experience. I had buying razor blades. Most brands were overpriced over designed an out of touch at Harry's our approach is simple. Here's our secret we make sharp durable blades and sell them at honest prices for as low as two dollars each. We care about quality so much that we do some crazy things like a world class German blade factory obsessing over every detail means. We're confident and offering one hundred percent quality guarantee millions of guys have already made switch to Harry's so thank you if you're one of them and if you're not we hope you give us a try with this special offer. Get a Harry starter set with a five Blade Razor waited handle shave gel and a travel cover offered just three bucks plus free shipping just go to Harrys DOT COM and enter four four four four at checkout. That's Harrys Dot com code four four four enjoy. It's time for the Good News Sergeant Jeff Turney of the Glendale Arizona Police Department recently responded to a call the call was from Howard Vincent. He's ninety four years old he was moving to an assisted living facility in Fort Myers Florida and thought he could drive vehicle and a full trailer of stuff across the country on his own again. He's ninety four. Wow Dr all this stuff cross country. His kids who all live out of town called police hoping they could talk him out of it. They're like please talk ninety four year old data trying to do this so he gets there. The Sergeant Jeff Does in realized there was no stopping this guy from going ninety four at my that he was going to go. He said hey what and if I just go with you in so this police officer drove with most of the way two thousand miles and drove him there and it's like I would have a hard time writing passenger but he drove him okay. Almost you use vacation time to make the long trip during the forty. I thought work maybe it was like okay this. This is part of your duty as a wow use vacation time you learned all about the ninety four year. Old Guys live his service in the navy during World War Two his anxiety about moving into assisted living they made it the became friends and the older gentleman says. I can't think that guy enough that's cool. That's pretty great it's all about that was telling me something good it over to Logan in Nashville logo. What's up Dude No? I'm a girl allergies. What's going on no problem? I need you to be the morality judge for a second so I have a co worker who has been burning this Tandel at work when she first got it. I realized it really gave me a headache when it was burning and so I asked her I was like hey can we get a different candle to this really gives me a headache and she said No. Everyone else likes it so abducted up for about the last three months and finally yesterday when the candle was burning and it was getting low noticed it sitting really close at her desk and so I just kind of accidentally and quotes from her desk and the candle fell and is is now broken and can no longer be burned I was just wondering if you think that I should replace the candle or if I've suffered long enough and the candles does she just go into the trash well. I'd like to say first of all that two wrongs never make a right you know and if your head is hurting hurting and she doesn't pull that candle that's not the kindest move by her. I think of someone came to me and review candidates that hey you're delivering really like making my allergies allergies of work in a way that I would be like okay. I'll change for you because we're in close proximity but if I didn't you you couldn't do anything think about it right and so as Logan that's a bit I understand but it's a bit childish to knock off a candle. Almost dawn had one more day burn's and even though you had a conversation with with her right three months ago how yeah and she didn't pull it. I think that's just something that if she's not breaking a rule is just something you have to deal with what she has purview on that is making in your eyes water or you don't like the smell of it you can't go up and just start washing her or push a double water and I think that yeah I don't I like it I like you. I think it probably a nice person because it's weighing on you. You Call Mr Morality me and she wanted to know. I'm not on your show. I like Logan again. I'm not on your side. It can't be here because I think you can't go breaking other people's stuff because you vigilante justice not real justice vigilante for everyone. Well everyone else liked. It probably not probably not this is what I would suggest Logan's okay you does. She knows you the push it off the table no amy what do you think she's got to go and replace the candle yeah but you may not be able to find one. That doesn't give you a headache. This is what I would do if it were me in this situation because I also mess up sometimes in and go. I wish I wouldn't have done that sometimes in my life. I'm trying to learn to respond not react because reaction. Immediate reaction isn't good you decide to do something. That's a reaction or response as you can. Gather make responsible decisions sometimes when you react. It's not positive and you gotta fix that so my response would be to this is when she's he's not in the office. You go get like three really nice candles that don't mess with your nose and make you sick and you don't have to say it to you and put them at her desk and pulling out on us. Hey sorry I I knocked off your desk from anonymous but here's three awesome candles. I'm really sorry about that then. You just live your life if she gets another candle. You can't knock it off again but you have to over. Replace the candles that you broke. How do you feel about that amy and solid I think and then she'll feel better about what she did because she knows it doesn't matter she didn't do anything wrong? I I know I know but I feel like that will help her. Feel better and I think yeah I like your vice about responding not reacting because man. I'm a reactor we all reactors. We are built all to react when we learned to respond that we actually grow and it's it's Eh currency for us you once you gather your emotions. You are your money any man. That's awesome okay. That's what I say Logan. Can you do that by a really three. Really Nice candles leave an anonymous note. I'm sorry you can't was broken. Replace them three candles on me. Thank thank you can you do that acne absolutely do that. Call us back and respond and let us know goes okay. We'll do this logan everyone all right rock and roll although we are living in complicated times I'm seventy rule. MSNBC ANCHOR AND NBC News correspondent in my new podcast modern rules. I'm I'M GONNA be spending time unpacking. Some of the hairiest of today's top decided I was going to be a survivor survivor fights. He will board they want new. If America DOC listening subscribed to my new podcast modern rules on apple podcast the iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcast aw Ramon who has this game go to the Games called spoken word songs game. I have a list of songs that have spoken spoken words before the lyrics star okay. Give me an example all right here. You don't turn it up. We just hear the turn it up before it starts yeah that which right there that would be sweet home Alabama singing. They're speaking the word speaking okay so you're going to play a clip force or are you gonna I'd say it I can say at Oregon clip up to you. I guess it depends on the clips going to give away too much because sometimes the way before. You don't know what the what the songs on right invented ended the game. Okay Okay Amy Production. Okay let me special whatever we all say planet. You guys should be able to get it if yeah I read it. There's no way in heck. You're GONNA get reading. Hey give us one and we'll do a reading. If it's too hard. We'll come back to read it. Hey keep your chin up. Hey I got it is that hey I thought I had it. I know the band. Hey keep your chin up got it. You gotTa Bounce Yeah. How about this? Do you WanNa get two points. If you get it spoken love but once you're in you're in you can't player in with the spoken. Are we making this Cantu art. No people to carry along. I'm in right now. Listen to this booking. Hey can I might have the wrong. I don't think it goes it goes. That's it you sing it to me. How you thinking I think hold on I think it goes? Hey keep China. I think it was like I gotta do the exact melody and I think that yes yeah. I think it's old dominion no such thing as a broken heart. You're going to play it. I play just a clip yeah. I had Bob Marley. Don't worry don't say hey don't worry. Don't cry not not not a thing yeah. I went with singles off but didn't work out Eddie. I wrote break up break up with him. That's the one I was thinking. That's who I thought it was the second one we'll do a clip. I'd give it a second one. Go ahead the talking part of the song I got. Hey girl project yeah. I'm in for the win all right good time's up. I have country girl shake it for me. Luke Bryan Amy Country Girl shake my Kinda party Eddie my kind of night Eddie Miss Shake. I'm struggling my winning. Yeah Yeah one all right. Hey Raymond spoken only here on this one all right make you WANNA dance. Don't it baby wow he said baby so now. What Song always make you WanNa the dance? Don't it baby make you WANNA dance. Don't baby baby baby right. Do it again like the song yeah all right on a baby right right into it. Yeah I know the artist yeah I got it nailed the artists Reagan you go first Curry's Florida. I it's not crews cruise on Sundays. Lunchbox got Florida Georgia Line holy crews all right make them dance good my level all right. Let's do well. Let's do more did sleepover yeah and if I'm in and this is a good game by the way you like it. I'm just not good at it right now and I'm in the wind. It's amy go ahead. Purple Rain Right Artists Drawn Song lunch. Mike Slash dance at Dr Strangelove I have let's go crazy. One more would just a word spoken ray. This is what a woman wants might have to hear it. No I know we got it. I got it. I I have four by the way I have. How good is this game? When you have zero I love it you unless Fox has denied any good? I like this up saying that. Why was the word again? This is what a woman wants a woman will. I haven't not one hundred percents. I got some a woman yeah. I haven't answered on the No. She's a girl burch. I mean he says that I'd met artist toby. Okay man I feel like I have thought that was not man man. I feel like a woman okay. NFL like yeah. I don't know is that it was any man of mine. My guess is t-shirt here by Thomas Rhett. We all miss. You guys got cocky. We did manage tonight. We Okay Nice work with the idea of Mike with putting it together with hosting it. That's how I remember women made for winning. Thank you very much about winning song there. It is his platform erase my winning song you go there. Yes he's searching for any clip to hit right now because I don't have one. I just hit a club on the button bar. See what happens and Sir. Thank you dome dome. Let's go over and talk to Valerie in Indiana. Hey Valerie Sir hi guys what's going on with you. Oh you know I just called in then few kind of say Hello Joel and tell you how much I really enjoy the show. So I listen. I used to live in by Wichita. Oh Kansas and we could listen to you every morning. You were my morning show. Then we moved a couple years ago back to Indiana and the only way they can listen to y'all is through iheartradio every day. I have on iheartradio headphones at work and I listened to the replay until I listened to. I usually listen to life so I was like everything he does this only because I like it so much and my coworkers think think I'm crazy because they can't hear the show and I'm just sitting at my desk cracking up. Come on come on. We love that thank you. Can I make a suggestion because is I'm so I'm so grateful and so appreciative that you listen on iheartradio which by the way if you WANNA listen to the show live you can listen to the iheart country channel like live. That's what you should listen to our country or after the show you can find the podcast on iheartradio but I guess if instead of listening twice because listen I take so much of me. Even amy has a great podcast broadcasting call four things with Amy Brown. I have a podcast called the bobby cast where I talked with a lot of country artists and we'll talk about music and entertainment. The guys have a podcast called the sore losers so just in case you don't have to listen twice. You can listen to one of our one of our side shows. How does that sound that sounds fantastic because afternoon afternoon ahead find something else to listen to all therefore you well? Thank you very much for listening because if I missed anything because people kind of go into office all day long like oh I gotTa make sure that I have the morning corny and I have to make sure that I have to tell me something good when when Tom Comes on for the Jingle I'm singing it at my desk and everyone's like Oh. My Gosh does but that's okay. I like it well. We appreciate that thank you so much. uh-huh or have a good morning and hope hope your weekend is great and thank you so much we shall go now. thank you for being here. Thanks for being our friend. Thank you for life. Thanks for letting US pay our mortgage by coming on and telling dopey stories about ourselves and pop culture and country music. Amy What's going on with you this weekend. I am going to be hanging out with my dad. I won't be in Vegas with all of it hanging out with him. Which is where I need to be in Vegas and Vegas? We are says Yoda yes uh-huh in Vegas we are are I Heart Radio Music Festival's happening tonight and tomorrow night tune-in if you'd like to watch live on the CW APP and CW TV DOT COM so starting at ten eastern nine central seven Pacific both nights backstreet boys tonight hooting blowfish tonight Tim McGraw tonight a so much much more. Thank you get to work over here. Doing that and we'll see you that'd be good. Thank you very much and goodbye everybody. My Name is Dan Shapiro and I'm the host of family secrets a podcast about the secrets kept from US secrets. We keep from others and the secrets we keep ourselves. Family secrets is a show where you can hear powerful stories of heartbreak healing and hope listen to season to a family

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