Good. Morning. I'm Karen Boorda. It's Wednesday August nineteenth and hear your headlines from CBS eleven news. A massive is burning at the polly America manufacturing plant. In Grand Prairie this morning it started burning shortly after midnight when a high tension power line fell under rolls of plastic sheeting being stored beneath it huge flames and plumes of thick black smoke can be seen for miles. Fire officials say they fully expect it to burn until tomorrow afternoon their biggest concern are the transmission towers beneath the flames. They say when they fall, it's going to cause other towers to fall up to a mile in both directions. Prosper ISD says three people have tested positive for covert one, thousand, nine, hundred since school started last Wednesday one was at Central Administration one at Hayes Middle School and one at Hughes Elementary. The district says parents and staff at each of the campuses were notified. Contact tracing was completed and anyone in close contact with those who tested positive were told to. Start the quarantine process and starting today forward based American Airlines is banning facial coverings with one way valves invents. That's after the CDC urged people to avoid those masks because unfiltered droplets might be exhaled possibly allowing the wearer to spread the virus passengers refuse to comply can be denied boarding or may be banned forever and face shields alone are also not allowed. Now here's meteorologist annelies parks a quick check of your weather good Wednesday north Texas. We have a very nice forecast on the way today temperatures cooler this morning by five to ten degrees and we'll have average temperatures all day long sunshine light northeast winds up to ten highs today topping out in the low nineties. The one thing that's not so great is our air quality. We do have an ozone action day in effect. So high levels of ozone air pollution are expecting in mind you may want to limit that outdoor time if you have respiratory issues. and. That's the latest for CBS eleven the ones for Texas.

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