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The. Name is Kerry Murphy. Christie and coming up on the final lap weekly. We get you also up for a double shot of Pocono raceway this weekend. Get Out your Nimitz Sticks Toby Chats with Greg Stump from off packs paint plus ratty dragging gives you all of your Nascar Fan as he picks. It's all coming up on the final weekly. This is the final lap weekly. Featuring. The latest NASCAR Racing News driver interviews review of opinions, discussion, rumors and more. Here's Carrie Murphy totally crispy. Just, a couple of guys talking to raise. T. F. L.? W. is on your found a place where we talk about all things NASCAR name's Kerry. Murphy MO LONGTIME NASCAR media, member and syndicated radio host of all things, the final lap co host for the show, Toby Christie Nascar editor from the final half dot, com and social media director from all things at the final lap as well as his own website. Toby Christie Dot Com. Whoop, what's going on man? It's been a long time you've been. I mean think we met ten years ago. Now right or is it Taylor this December. That's more accurate. Fourth or something we'll be ten years. You've been doing this awhile, too. Yeah, so that's pretty cool. That's nuts crazy. Time flies man on the program today. We've got greg stump from off axis paint. We always like having him on. The program has audio. Quality is quite good I must say yeah. He's been improving his game. He's been having his own off axis after hours podcast going as well and all right it. It definitely shows the same quality. He's got going on. Almost as if you guys were in the same room, but you weren't right. Isn't that amazing how we just continually do that? It's crazy. It's like you and I. It is. So all so we've got Rowdy Dragon. He's on tap later on in the program to do some fantasy NASCAR stuff so hopefully that'll help you guys out. Definitely definitely I think. I dropped from second like third in points this week, but I think I gained a few points on the leader, so I'm actually closer despite being further was thinking sense. I've heard the clip and he said I'm doing better, so that's good, well Oh. Okay, look at you finally, cats. Yeah, well, you know. Leave it to this weekend at all. I'll go south again I'm sure Hey Talladega superspeedway blood. was last weekend. It was and mass sorta well. It wasn't really on the weekend now. It was actually earlier this week. But a man what a race! Once they finally got this thing going. It looked like there was no way they can get the full distance in. But rain held off and this was an incredible race from start to finish amazing electrifying action all the way through it, and it led to just a wild in the same unpredictable finish. This was a race. The kind of had it all. I'm still hung up on the day before with the the the the jet dryer. Stupid? Thing whatever you call it sliding down the banking have the airtight and I'm I'm asking you saw that video? Yes, I did I did I. IT turns out. The banking is no match for for those rain soaked tires. Yeah, so during the actual rain delay on Sunday posted a video of one just getting sideways a little bit, and that was cool that they showed on Fox, but then later on this week. I think it was Tuesday. Maybe Wednesday I post a video of somebody who had onboard cam one of the titans, watching other one spin sideways and literally just drag off all the way down the banking until it hit. That is funny. Wonder why they chose not to show us that one I, don't know I. Mean it looked pretty cool? Was Anybody hurt or anything? No I don't think so okay. Then why not show it right? That's how stuff goes viral man. I, know trust me I know. All Right? Let's run down ten to one. These are the top ten survivors from Talladega superspeedway Blah Cup series race. Didn't even arrive. No, actually no. Some of them were not facing the correct direction. My kids love that they were like. Do they still finish there? I'm like Yeah Yep. As long as the car fish is, it doesn't matter how. I still like the one time Carl Edwards tried to to. Foot race back, but I don't think that works I think it's the doesn't work, but it was cool that he tried it. Was it was it was a valiant effort? Kevin Harvick there at number four. Sorry, he is number four. He's at number ten. Unconventional going about it. I knew there was hilarious there somewhere. Yeah so pretty good run! He was actually up there mixing up for the win. Come into the white flag, so the fact that he ended up Tenth I. Think is a little bit of a bummer for him, but he still look strong. I know the problem. I know that I'm still angry at habit. Okay I'm I'm angry? That's the problem. Why because he wreck Jimmy? I forgot about that. Yes, sure you conveniently did forget about that. I I was I was still angry with him. So that's I was seething inside where you still in the field position watching him possibly win the race. No no, he was. He was headed for the wind man. I know that was wild. I can't believe it. He a hand, such bad luck bad luck. I around too much. Mr Statesman off the track. Everybody's all nice to Jimmy Boe is strap in. Let's REKKEM. We can't tell any bias here on this show from Kerry Merman. Whatsoever Kurt Busch at number nine, moving in this continues a pretty good season for him. He's been racking off all these top tens and. Eventually these things are going to turn into wins for him. That's how it usually works John, Hunter Nemechek at number eight. That's pretty good, too. Yeah Front row motorsports has got to be elated by what they've gotten out of this rookie so far this season. He's already got. A few top tens, and he's working his way up the the rankings here so it's pretty impressive to see what he's been able to get done got to Alex Bowman lead for a little bit there and then Chris Buscher. Yeah, definitely, those two guys are pretty stout, Bush or looked like he was gonna kind of. Take over the ALLSTON. Stenhouse Monica of being the guy who would get a restrictor plate win, but of course it's taper spacer now, but yeah, didn't quite work, but he was close I. Like how we always have to qualify that I know because I know some. Some jackwagon listening move restrictor. Put any more papers spicer. That just tells you how long we've been doing this. We're so used to restrictor plate I. Know Eric Jones. Wrecking into the wall crosses the line in fifth. Yeah, and as he crashed into the wall, he took. John Check who we already mentioned with him. pretty hard impact for those guys it. It looked like Eric Jones. Had this thing one? The eventual winner Kinda slid up into him causing that to happen, but Eric Jones had the run of a lifetime coming off. Turn Four. He Cut. Hi, cut low key cutback high, and that's when he was wiped out so. Bummer for him. He should have definitely possibly one this thing, but should definitely finished higher than fifth, but did he narrate all that on the radio like in days of thunder. Did that I'm going to. Go. Wall dropping the hammer. Okay, great and just do it already. My Gosh gear finally speaking Tom Cruise. I watched the trailer for top gun again because I'm really excited that it's coming out this week. Oh, you just keep watching. Oh, that's right. It's not coming out this weekend, but one thing that popped into my head. He's wearing the same maverick helmet. How rank is that thing now that but the safety innovations have come a long way since then you would think you would upgrade. Right or at least spring for a new paint scheme with Greg, stump for something. Right I mean we. We'll talk to him here a little bit. Maybe he can help out old maverick. Yeah, exactly all right, so denny Hamlin had a new paint scheme on his number, two four car, no still not the number four. Number Four. What is the with four? I don't know, but you miss it up two different ways. Now it's great. Wow. Yeah so Denny Hamlin the eleven usually the Fedex Toyota Camry. Fedex opted to pull the logos off the car. Paint the car entirely black and put it in honor of the National Civil writes history museums. That's really cool. which he visited that week he did, and he came back with a lot of knowledge about it, and had a super awesome twitter post about it and I think that drew a lot of attention to to that museum. Good to see good to see. Ricky stenhouse junior managed to finish and not wreck everybody. Okay. Skipped Eric Merola, but yeah, that's right. Eric. Merola, finishing with his car backwards did an Eric Jones one better. Anything crashes car really either. He spun backwards I. Don't think he had too much damage if any, but. Man. That's wild How close it all was because he was right, I mean the top two were photo-finish in that photo you're you're looking at Al Merola backwards so. I mean this was a wild finish I couldn't believe it. After it was done, I just tweeted, but the hell just happened. Right right well, and we haven't even mentioned the huge wreck behind the leaders that was going on Nascar for for this time for some reason decided to say oh, that's okay. No caution well. I think it's because they got about turn three before it happened and so at that point you know you're going to make it to the line without t Boeing somebody and yeah throughout NASCAR history. It could go either way on something like that. That's a pretty good point. margin of victory on this amazing finish seven one thousands of a second if If you look at the video I mean. We couldn't tell live. Yeah, the announcers couldn't tell live. Of course they weren't there, but It was close Ryan. Blaney Second Straight Talladega superspeedway winner, all team penske cars have now had a win the season fourth career win, and he begins with the events before the race. All the drivers on the road. Push above his card. Showing their support It was just an honor to be part of that. you know not only the drivers to. Crew. Members in the fans in attendance suit well mass car. That's something that everyone will remember for a long time and it showed how much we support. Not, only Daryl. Now that was the main. We were doing this for Darrell. But you know everybody that's that's been oppressed, not only the past few weeks, but for a long time. And you know what happened yesterday. WAS Disgusting and I don't understand. The person or people can have that. Hatred in their heart for someone who just looks different than they do. Never saw him all understand. And I it was almost to tears about the told me yesterday. What what happened and You know he doesn't serve that. No one deserves that and You know. I think the good thing is what we you know us. As community came together sport up a not really appreciate it. It was least we can do to the show that we're behind. Understand I'm his Jimmy behind him on a percent. For fifteen years and I hope to make it you know fifty more being behind him all the way and the sport step on the way so. Those definitely special or for race and I am learning who barely edged out? Ricky Stenhouse, junior I think we forgot to mention that other than accidentally giving it away before that He says it's nice to have some back in the stands. Yes, definitely nice. We had people in the stands that you know. They stuck around now after rain. Things like that and we're really lucky. The weather cleared up up sure to run the whole race. They're excited man. It was it was so great to just have fans back in the atmosphere of them cheering. You know before and after the race. That's just you know we love that stuff. We drivers they. We, love, support than we love it shows. Just this see email is five thousand people was really cool to just get that it that Sharon again and see everyone having to get time and that if they enjoy grace so. Lucky, you know the little boy and his father were were really close. On a better welcome back prison. For, FANS Racism. And he wraps up with talking about that exciting finish in lack of celebration. I guess some people were calling him out on that not sure why he's. He's Ryan Blaney. Liv Malone. He wanted to do what he wants. To while celebration, yeah! Yes definitely exciting. I was thinking. Of what I could have done better You know and the twenty nine may contact their. We kind of banged doors and. I'm really need to go up there and bang zone is trying to get close to slowing down I. Don't know if there was someone still pushing air, or or what I saw will aren't little concern on that he was. definitely wasn't by accident. just GonNa Kinda get close. Met. In the military track. Manila. Their head, you know from what race race ended you know we were fortunate to to be the winter and then what? What's happened the last couple of days. I was just thinking about that, too, and no coming up beside me after the race at at. In the mental show sport I was cool to see him after I. Get done with. The start finish line deal so Yeah, just log onto your hands. Man, stop you know it's A. It's a good day. I'm really rare to win the race. But. Now just you know thinking about thinking about some stuff you know that's you know on things like that. And then out of the race ended so everybody sell it. Not Everybody has to. Have Fireworks and slide through the Infield, and take bows and stuff I mean you know Barry Sanders to just hand the ball the referee when it's go touchdown. That's towel. Some people roll man. Oh kinds of stuff. Hey, tyler radic, showing his muscle yet again. One winner that wow he's. He's having an amazing season. Yes, pretty impressive, although I wanted to mention something about seven one thousands of a second victory. That Ryan Blaney had Yup. so you know. He won the race last fault how they you said to Talladega wins in a row. Do you know how much margin of victory was last October identical. Seven one thousands of a second that's. What and the how? They spend all that time hours and hours of racing at it came down to the same exact margin. He has spent a combined like eight hours of racing at Talladega in the last several months, and has won both racist by the exact same seven one thousands of a second. Yeah, I found that pretty amazing, too, so glad. Ricky stenhouse junior actually did have a strong car strong enough to win stage two yeah, and man. I feel for him because he was so close, and that's the underdog team. If they pull that off, he thousands of a second further ahead than where he is, and had that finish line then even further down that straightaway, which they already pretty far along as it is. He definitely would've been winner. He had the head of steam but man really good. Run for Ricky. Stenhouse junior I think he's inside the top sixteen points pretty comfortably at this point. This has been a pretty good season. For Ricky stenhouse junior guy who was much maligned during his time, round racing and finally. Let's mention chase. Elliott spins after. You guessed Joy Lugano. Blocks him. Had a whole head esteem there. Joey blocks. I'm running fourth. Three of Austin Dillon also involved so a chase didn't seem to Didn't seem to blame joey well. If you've ever watched chase Elliott interviews, he's usually not very. He deals with this stuff in his own like he'll, he'll put off the facade that nothing's wrong, or if anybody's to blame, it's GonNa be himself. but then he definitely egg exacts revenge when it's necessary, so this might be interesting going forward because this is a feud. And I think we start getting towards playoff time. This thing could be ready to pop, and we might be seeing some pretty crazy stuff later in the season. There you go up next. Toby Christie Chatsworth Greg Stump's from off axis paint on t. f. l. w. route like us at facebook dot com slash final lap. This is the final land weekly. Weekly this week with a regular on the show Greg Stump off axis paint. How're you doing? I am a regular. It feels good to actually finally be a regular on one show on. Like seven years now I think I've been on this thing maybe and. I enjoyed every time. I don't get to come on. Maybe like once twice a year but I I do enjoy that you call me and and you know value my opinions of the sport. It's nice. We really do so. It's a cool perspective seeing what? The helmet painter has the to say about things the creative mind, the guy who designed things speaking of design so for the All star race. They're moving the numbers on the side of the car back towards the back the the rear wheels. How do you feel about that as a designer? I just saw that actually so I did see somebody on twitter put. We should just have the cars completely blank and not know which drivers in which car until Victory Lane and they get out and I did like that idea. That was me. I think it'd be a slaughter nightmare, though if if because it's already hard when? There's bass pro cars on the shop. It's already on the track. It's already hard to tell so I don't know about that idea. Maybe maybe they can have a bunch of different colors and just let the spotter know beforehand like Nascar. Capacity spot or what color his is. GonNa be in and that's the only person who knows Iraq race or something like that. Yeah, it'd be interesting I think it'd be fun. Though 'cause we would know, we would know nothing. I am a traditionalist. Guess. I do like the old school look numbers and where they are, but that being said. I do like that NASCAR. Try something different and. And just see how how it's GonNa work. You know like the All Star Racist Light one race a year. Where you can do something different, you can throw a different package on it. You can do whatever you want. And now is not probably not the best time we throw packages at these guys who are working overtime trying to make it to a race every two days basically so i. think you know just a different paint scheme is the perfect time to try it out. If it works? Know maybe look into it. You know newer newer fans might like it I think a lot of the older guys are definitely not going to like it, but you know why not try it. You know it's got to do something different so I I think it's cool, and then you know twenty years down the road when we see a picture of a car with the number all the way back to the retirees say it's the two thousand twenty all star race. What was that it will doing? Well Grandkid, this is what it was the whole. The whole country shut down. It was a big mess. And we all were freaking out about where number was placed on the car. Yeah, he didn't want to be a part of it. We didn't care about riots and Cova. Do we care about where the car number was placed? This is NASCAR. This is why we take our mind off the world. Definitely definitely so stumpf I saw this amazing helmet this past weekend on F S One I sought beforehand is well on twitter making its rounds I. Think NBC did a about it. A penny helmet a helmet that looked exactly like a penny stacking pennies in fact. Cools at. Was that you that was me? I almost pass it off to know which is like my right hand, man here in the shop, and he does all the the portrait's and those killer, look and helmets. But due to this whole shutdown. He's back in Missouri with the kids right now and I'm at the shop and I. Wish I know right so I I put it off I. Put it off. I didn't really want to do it. because core is a really good friend and I just I. Don't want to disappoint me. I want to give them the best possible so finally. I just bit the bullet and I was like. Let's let's do this thing, so we've been talking about it for. Maybe you know a month or two now and trying to figure out exactly. How we're going to do it how we're GONNA make it look engraved and just something different. You know than than everybody else run so I finally did it. I dropped it off now. Many people know this, but I dropped it off. Saturday night at ten o'clock at Corey's house and I think he flew out at like six am the next day so you know. The paint was still drying on it, but we actually going to run up for the next weekend, but we gotta done and I said just take it. We'll see what happens and. It enjoy the helmet. And he put proverbs thirteen eleven, which is a a big thing that he he basically you know basis his deal off of stack and paintings, and and doing the best with the little is what he has in that car and it, so it's it's really cool to to bring something like that to life that he can throw on like really mean something, but as far as like taken off socially I. Didn't I didn't expect that at all? You guys have had a lot of helmets. Come out at shop that have done that a lot of Jeffrey earnhardt's helmets. They have the portrait of del senior in the back which I. Think is the one who does those portraits. Is that correct? Yes, that's what I was trying to say like. Nole does all those helmets and. All kind of comes back on me like Oh. You guys did such a great job in this is awesome and I always feel bad for taking credit for knowles work but. It's my company and I. I have to be the one. To answer to people, so it was, it was finally nice to actually do on and be like you know I, still campaign and I still got it yeah! Well. It looked awesome by the way that was really cool I. Don't know how the hell you made the thing. Look like the Penny is actually popping out at you I, mean it looked like an actual huge oversized penny on the side of his head? It's really really cool any other cool helmets. You guys have coming up that we haven't seen yet that. Maybe we can talk about here and break on the final AP. AP Weekly Oh man, not yet. I would, I would say playoff helmets. We'll definitely have something cool. thought just all or helmet. We've been knocking out of the park for I think this is like our fourth one. So as his daughter. Every year comes in our shop and basically just makes over now you know she's kind of shy and timid, but now. She knows exactly what she's doing. She grabs the paint. Paint guns, and has all these ideas and paints, Justin a helmet and surprises with him every year. He doesn't know what it's GonNa. Look like and Meena's daughter. You know. Make this masterpiece every year and and give it to them for the playoffs. So that's coming up and I always look forward to the helmet. Everyone always asks me. What's your favorite home? It and you know doing that project every year is. Is by far the coolest thing ever. Harper's helmets are amazing. I think they even had a big piece of on her on F s one or NBC last year showing her painting inside your studio. That's pretty cool and It's awesome to see all the cooler things just and always has great helmets by the way, and didn't he do a lot of work on them himself? He's a good artist man, just all around. I always tell if he if he doesn't race cars his whole life He always has a job here because he's a, he says a designer designs a lot of his own all the dirt car stuff. firesuits like he designs all that stuff and He crushed computers too right. Next time you talked to him. Ask Him about that. That's a that's a great story. the he's dude. He's just an all round well round guy I think he can do just about everything and. Not just do it, but do it really well so every time he comes in the shop. It's always cool to you know make him grab a paint gun and do it because obviously the artists in him he did. He doesn't think he's good enough to paint with us. But nays just as good as anybody in here. That's awesome man, so I know you've been on the show a lot, but to kind of give you a heads up. In case you missed the six hundred episode. We had a little while backer this year. Just an Augier is our most frequent guest on this show. He has the record I think it was like sixteen or Seventeen appearances at the time. He's now since then another one which was on last week, so just all. Very frequent on this here show pretty cool to. Catch up to him. I, guess! Yeah so I think you're getting there because you're doing. You're cranking out two or three of these a year, so you're you're getting there. as he should be, he's probably the most interesting people you could possibly talk to, and he has a different story every time like it's it's. He's just going and going nonstop and and he's been. Such a like pinnacle for me you know we both come from the dirt world. Back in the Mid West, and when I moved out here and just been such a pinnacle to to my career here, we both come from the mid. West, you know kind of dirt scene, and and when I came here. He you know He. He helped me. I didn't know a whole lot of people here in and. Just introduced me to everyone he knew, and just such a good friend. Man I I. It's it's hard to find people like that in you know in Nascar or any industry in the in the whole country. He's he's. He's pretty awesome. Who are some of the guys? You talked about August gangs so hands on with painting the helmets. Who somebody that comes in and when you drop something off, you know he touching a Dang thing. He's not to want to even touch it. He just wants you to roll with it. Oh Man. I would say that's pretty trustworthy, honestly Like that all the time you know, he's one of our oldest customers and being with us a long time, so he knows every time we. He dropped something off We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA. Knock it out of the park and do the best we can corey. Would say he's Kinda the same way he's got a lot of ideas he'll. He'll start you out with a lot, but once you get the process rolling you know, he just wants pictures and and see the progress. You know something like the we like that penny. Yet all these ideas lined up and then. Hey. Just let us roll with it so most most everyone's like that except tyler rescued. Thing here for Daytona and He grabbed the paint gun and actually sprayed. One of his helmets and Just a complete disaster so I always drivers like. Just Just let us paint. You just stick to painting racing cars and we'll paint your home. It's make you look good well, so tyler is like a really aggressive race car driver, so I'd imagine he wouldn't be very. Very Finesse full with the with the gun so I don't think that would be as wide open on the trigger just like he's on the guest. No, no doubt. Running running paint into the floor, heck of a run by him by the way over there in homestead. Did you see that fourth finish? It was crazy He's lucky got four he tried to. He tried to quit on the on the way flag. He was opened. Nobody would find out about. NASCAR release the on Ford video of his last lap of the race near the Cameron. It's tough to get around that so now I I'm not surprised by tyler at all. I've known him since he was like thirteen years old, also running dirt, and so I've just seen his career. Come up, and everyone's talking about him now, but he's always been like that man. He's got no fear. He'll put the car against the wall he's. He's just a heck of a racer maze got so much car control, and now that he's just coming in the spotlight and kind of everyone seeing what I've watched for years and years. It's going to be such a cool career to watch him, and he's going to be a champion and and. Pinnacle in the sport man it's it's going to be cool to watch him. you know be one of the Veterans Day yet so cool because you and I have had sidebar conversations throughout the years through Chad on texts and phone calls and stuff like that about about tyler and he guys that coming up through the expanded series, even when he won the first championship junior more sports, people kind. kind of wrote him off. The fluke came back and his dominated the next year with our CR got it down again and now we'll sudden. Nobody's really doubting him anymore now. He's putting all finishes together. It's kind. Kinda cool to watch the transformation of people that Kinda wrote them off to now all of a sudden. They're like Oh. Yeah, he's the best rookie of time. There is yeah, right. Definitely Stopped him that second year, and that that was cool. I think one of the coolest things about Tyler and that team that you don't really see any more is that he pretty much brought his entire expanding team up to cup. With him, you know Randall, and all those guys and Derek Spotter Pretty much, the whole team came to cup and you really don't see that anymore. You just Kinda see. An extended driver jumped a cup and they say this is the crew chief of this car, and and and this is the team that's been doing it for five or ten years. You know so. It's really cool to see that chemistry translate over. Because sometimes it's it's. It's a big walk between those two garages. It's a very different worlds, so for it to translate and for them to have success this this early on and quick. It's really cool to watch man and I I. Get to spot for Tyler for. Some of the night companions and road courses when when he can't have normal guys, and it's by far the funnest and coolest team I've ever been able to work with, and they're so laid back and Everyone just knows they're putting one hundred ten percent in, and no one needs a question, anyone and when something happens, Tyler. Letting off on the on the white flag it, they just brush it off and go on. You know they they know. They know they everybody back that team and that's that's what's going to be cool to watch. Yeah, definitely, and so you did bring up a great point you know Tyler Radic is really impressed in our CR equipment, which people didn't think was super, incredible, and then you've got guys like Cole custer, who were kind of underperforming Stewart Haas? Racing equipment and a lot of that could be the chemistry. You're talking about back in the nineties. It wasn't uncommon Dale Junior brought Tony your senior with him to the Cup series And pretty much the whole crew and back when Matt canceled, was there with them as well? They brought Robbie reiser the entire crew, basically with him as well so maybe there is something to that. Maybe we need to start kind of going back and looking at doing that for some guys. I think there's a lot to man Scott confidence is such a big thing in the sport, and if you're if you're driver straps into that car, and he has complete confidence in his team, and it's not you know somebody that they're learning or they don't know all the names on the. You know the guys working on that car like. I think that every time tyler gets by that Williams such good confidence and knows exactly that you know him and Randall Trust each other so well, That's that's why they have so much success and Tyler, it's just a wheel man. You know so. they know exactly I. IF tyler is being loose, Randall knows exactly what to pull out of that car or vice versa so I think it's a huge a huge advantage for tyler, and for those who kind of new to the sport. Maybe there's been tuning in the last few weeks or maybe football, fans or something like that. It's like a head coach. Twenty drafts. A quarterback has a game plan based on a different set of skills so like he's got a quarterback just drafted. Who's really good at running the ball? But maybe not such a prolific passer It's kind. Kind of the same thing if he doesn't change the game plan, to suit that player. It's not gonNA go well so a lot of this chemistry that's already been built up and they extremely series. When these guys get their it really obviously pays dividends as we're seeing with Riddick early in his rookie season. Now stuff. We've got a amazing change coming up in the next few weeks. The All star race will be a bristol. How do you feel about that? And who do you like to take the second ever? All Star race to not be run at Charlotte Motor speedway. I didn't notice the second. That's news to me, Dang it I should've I should've had this answer to go. I think. Obviously I'm going to go for him because he's team off axis and already won a race for us Martinsville so I. Don't know the Penske cars are really good there. I would hope you know. William or Alex can can get it done I. think would be cool for Hendrick to go when when an all star race I feel like every time you run in all star or Or the clash at Daytona Hendrick always does really really well at the the non points races they bring. They bring some good cars, so I in any of those three hour. Be Really pumped to see or Or would brothers you know with the Benedetto in the twenty one? He's really GonNa Bristol. Bristol you know so, if he if he got in and won that thing, it'd be awesome. That would be really really cool so there you go. There's Greg Stump's picks for the all-star as coming up next month. That's going to be exciting. Greg I know people can follow you on twitter at off axes paint. They can listen to your podcast. The off axis paint after hours podcasts, which is really really cool. totally different. Maybe tell people a little bit about that. Yeah, so right now. usually have drivers coming here, but you. You can't do that because everyone's quarantined for Nascar, so lately I've been having musicians from You know just had just a drummer on Some some hardcore drummer under from under oath. Aaron Gillespie And they're all big. NASCAR FAN so. It's cool to see our industry from another perspective. And kind of get it all there because you know being a Mooresville. Get jaded to it and it's. It's the same stuff every day, so it's been really cool stories. Telling tour stories or anything musical, and how it kind of ties back into NASCAR because. Country Music and NASCAR they go hand in hand. Definitely, definitely they really do in your show is definitely different. It's something I. Think a lot of people would like to tune into just because it's not like all of us that tell the news so think that's something that people should check out after this interview. Interview is over with and Greg. We WanNA. Thank you for coming on again. We're going to try to get you caught up to Justin. All carriers totals at some point, but you're definitely working your way at the list of people on the show, and we appreciate it one day. Yes, and we're definitely not journalists, so that's why our podcast so different but if you're looking for a good. Night, ow! Instagram live. We're usually live in the paper with two am you know working on deadline so definitely. Check our instagram out I. think that's the that's the best follow. You can have excellent excellent Greg stomp off axis paint. Thank you so much for taking time out yet again for the final weekly. Dot Com. Weekly back. Here's your host carry Murphy. Toby Christie just a couple of guys talking racing. Welcome back to the Final Act Weekly My name is Carrie longtime? Nascar media member and syndicated radio host of all things, the final APP are co host of the show Toby Christie Nascar editor from the final out DOT com. Music. Fans do your part to help those in need with rock for relief on July. Third Rock for relief is an online event to benefit feeding America with the effects of Corona virus, fifty million Americans, including eighteen million children are facing hunger and wheel, raising awareness with help from friends like Alice Cooper Joe. Santo Yanni, Gavin, Rosedale Corey Taylor and many more logon. Enjoy the show and donate what you came for Info head to rock for relief dot net. And Social Media Director from all things at the final lap Thank you so much. Toby for an cooperating your posts into facebook dot com slash APP. I think it's working out a lot better now. I think so, it's been generating conversation which has been nice. Yes, conversation, it has been generated absolutely that of course Toby Christie of Toby Christie dot com fame. Famous I guess we'll. Wait for you to to have that on your license. Your driver's license Toby Dot Com. Yeah, that's your name. This changes. The whole thing, yeah! That'd be pretty cool. That would be different. That would be different hey Let's get into it news of the week cue the music. Okay so toby and I could probably spend. Five six hours on the events of the last week with Bubba Wallace and the finding of the news and all the various statements from NASCAR RPM the FBI. BUBBA himself the legions of fans I mean it's I mean my head hurts to be honest, even thinking about it. There are so many different opinions and conspiracy theories and lines of discussion, and it's just it's mind blowing, and I like and we. Toby and I could probably spend hours and hours and hours. We just don't have that kind of time on this year program. And at this point, you've probably heard most of those things well, that's the thing is. We've kind of let this hash out online for the first time. I think ever I let my thoughts be known usually I. Don't do that on. facebook writes for the most part the weekday radio show is. Here's the news and that's it. There's no opinion there's none of that. We usually reserve opinions for online stuff and for. This program but it's just so mind numbing to kind of compartmentalize everything that happened in the last week. I JUST WANNA. Say this the one thing. I take away from this whole thing, good bad or the other is the fact that all the drivers rallied around Bubble Wallace the forty three car Richard Petty flew down during. Kovic hasn't been to a race since that whole started, gave his driver a hug very emotional on pit road to see the support of the entire NASCAR. Community come to bubble Wallace and support him was. That should be the story that should be Where the sport is headed and the future of the sport and the fact that we saw all that stuff. Play out on mainstream media, and it seems like that's what they took away from it as well. Is Very encouraging. Definitely definitely, it's one of those things where sure it might not have been what we thought it was, but we know how everybody would have reacted. had been what we thought it was. which is really really good. To see that for the majority the drivers and crew members for sure We're doing the right thing that a big chunk of the fan base was the correct thing as well. There are some people that were saying things. I think they wish they wouldn't have said now at this point But the thing I want to kind of do with my time on. This is a lot of misinformation being shared out there and a lot of people just don't seem to be getting their information from creek sources about what the heck actually happened why things got so confused, so I wanna clear some of that stuff up. I'm seeing memes going around saying if you can't tell the difference between this, which in the picture is a news and this, which is a knotted loop. Then you need to get things figured out or whatever whatever the breath was. People were thinking that the new self was not a noose, and that's not what the F. B. I. stated it all. The FBI stated that it was in fact a news. The reason that we're no criminal charges or no federal charges as well is because it wasn't placed there as a hate crime towards bubba Wallace to the news had been tied the year before, so it was in fact a news. that. Somebody had fashioned out of the end of the garage hanging hanging rope sits there. As a way to pull the the door down, but unfortunately that news which had been there since at least last October happened to be the garage style that bubbles was assigned for the weekend, so I totally weird misunderstanding but for those that don't think it was a news. There was a news that was tied there, and you can even see it I think Bob. Parker's actually posted a photo. From his camera roll from last year. And you can clearly see it's definitely a news with the the wraparound rope going up up the the length of the rope but so it wasn't news for people that are wondering on that WHAT OTHER MISINFORMATION! If you've been seeing, carry that we can kind of clear up. Honestly, I'm just kind of glad that this wasn't somebody from within. That did this on purpose. That's huge because that would just deflate everything. Yeah, and that was the startling thing when this when this. This statement released Sunday evening was Oh my goodness somebody in the sport first off dumb enough to do this during this time anyway and then sat enough on top of that may've maybe racist enough like there's some racist in the sport that has done something that they should not have done here but fortunately after the FBI did the investigation. They realize that that news has been up since the year before, and that wasn't the case, so that is the big takeaways that. It's a relief, you know. Yeah, exactly all right. Let's get into Pocono. It's the tricky triangle heading into this weekend. There's no fourth turn. You can look and look all you like. There's no fourth turn. Yeah and I think there's limits to Nimitz sticks to be had what we're GonNa talk about that in a second, because apparently, some of our newer fans don't know what a Nimitz stick is, and you can only find that on this program. Yeah, that's right. That's right. It's crazy. one thing that I really like solar farm, powering one hundred percent of the facility. In the surrounding area. I think it's like off. Turn three very very cool. It's two point five miles in length, and toby has some history with each and every of the three turns. I do I do okay, so banking interns one. Turn. One turns one is fortune degrees, and it's based off the old Trenton speedway in Trenton, New Jersey correct. That would be my guess. Banking intern to is eight degrees, and that's based off Indianapolis Motor speedway. And then Behan turn three, which is six degrees, is based off the Milwaukee Mile. So that's really cool, so lots of. Legal drugs to be had by the crew chiefs advil Tom's that kind of stuff up there on the box Somehow they'll have to sneak in. Under their their mask, wear a mask. Folks wear a mask. Folks all right. So what exactly is a Nimitz stick? Well? First of all I keep it out back. It's getting a little, dusty, little rusty. Last year I actually threw my back out trying to lift the thing. It's pretty big. And so it's a giant stick and it's measured exactly to the length of a Nimitz Class aircraft carrier right so pretty long. You should have that thing where it's like retractable, so you can store. It places easier you even still. It's really heavy So we measure the front stretch. In Nimitz sticks okay. So how many Nimitz sticks do you think the front stretch is just the front stretch? Oh, man, you know we've been doing this. Measuring with this for several years I, don't remember off the top my head but I would say probably at least two and a half. Well it's it's almost three and a half. What it's three point four two full sized Nimitz Class aircraft carriers can fit on the front stretch alone. That's that's quite a bit. Three miles. That's with three miles no! Trying to tribute to test me. So it is enough a bathroom break, we have tested that in the past. Yes, and making a sandwich. You can do during that just the Fred stretch. Yeah, so that's how long a Nimitz stick is, and how we measure Pocono raceway. It's the only track on the schedule that we the we measured Nimitz sticks for that so anyway. The French stretch is thirty-seven. Forty backstretch three, thousand, fifty five short stretch of can call it. That is seventeen eighty, which is actually longer than Richmond like biological. That's that's pretty crazy when you put in that perspective two races this weekend. Woo Woo as exciting and thrilling and amazing as Pocono is, they went ahead and through into races in one weekend and we get to enjoy that. Yes, that's two cup races. There's four total if you count the truck and Xfinity as well, that's true lots of tricky triangle goodness. Am I selling it well enough. I think so. I feel pretty jazzed up about it all right Saturday. Here's what we're looking at one hundred and thirty lap event three hundred twenty five miles stage one is twenty five lap stage to for some reason, fifty two laps, and the final stage is fifty three laps now on Sunday. They mix it up a little bit right, but between their carry. You're missing a very crucial important thing what? The drivers are using the exact same car in both of these races on Saturday and Sunday ooh. Now that is interesting. What I was going to say is how does this? How does this mess up strategies with the different lengths and stuff right so I mean that's that's weird anyway, but you're using the same car at a track like Pocono where you pull out of RPM's going down the straightaways with the the really long straightaways. Yeah could be trouble for the for the engine components. There I was GONNA say so same engine then to. Everything, it's all the same all right so then Sunday you got the extended series race before the Cup series race, and then cup race one hundred forty laps three hundred fifty miles on this one. Stages thirty, fifty, five and fifty five for the Sunday event right so obviously we won't have practice and qualifying. So the COQ six hundred usually has those things in a real life setting so, but this is six hundred seventy five race laps. That will be on these cars. That will be the most that any. Six hundred seventy five miles I'm sorry. race smiles on these these motors, these cars through an entire weekend. That's the most we ever see at any race track throughout the entire season one weekend on the same car, and by the way we should note this was not. A scheduling thing because of Kobe to try to make race. This was planned. This is this is how this weekend is supposed to go. Yeah, funny enough. This was kind of supposed to be the test run for the weird things we've been doing for Covid to catch up was to see if this would even work and of course we haven't aiming to this extreme to this point in trying races up, but this will definitely be a pretty good test. Run to see how this would work. All right last year's winner was kyle, Busch in June his teammate, Denny Hamlin picked up the win in July. Check out all the edge of your seat pocono racing triangular action twice this weekend Saturday three thirty PM eastern on Fox Sunday four PM Eastern on. F S One. Fox emphasis on drivers. Fantastic at the Pocono you spelled fantastic with P.. P. H. Actually I've trying to get away with it. Okay. We begin with Joey Logano has a win four top five top tens opole. A couple of them, actually an average finish of sixteen point eight about brag his lousy. He has a win here this track ten top five twelve top tens and a pole average finish eleven point Oh Kurt Busch three wins fourteen top fives. Twenty top tens wow, two polls average finish of twelve point eight. How about Kurt Busch Brother Kyle Busch his younger brother. That is the number Joe Gibbs racing Toyota Camry. He has three wins this race track including last year in the spring or early summer like we mentioned earlier, eight top five fifteen top tens and four poles average finish fifteen point six. Okay He's not at the bottom of the list, but he's pretty close I'll take Jimmy Johnson in. In the forty eight car, three wins at Pocono Eleven, top fives, twenty top tens three polls, and his average finish is thirteen point three. That's pretty solid. That's pretty solid, but how about this guy? This Guy Kinda stands above the rest. When you think about Pocono heck as a rookie, he won both times he swept the season at at Pocono as rookie. We're talking about Hamlin number eleven jobs gibbs racing, Toyota Camry he has five wins. This race track eleven top fives, eighteen top tens, three polls and defensive eleven point nine, six four, and as we mentioned moments ago, he is the defending. He's the last guy who won at Pocono in the second race last year, so he's looking to defend that. Crown this weekend. And if you didn't think we did a good enough job getting you all prepped for Pocono. How about from the driver's perspective? Three time winner? In fact, WE'RE GONNA. Hear from Kyle Busch on Pocono right now. I think you will have to make some changes to yourself I. Think the first race. You know there's only going to be the truck series Roberts only sixty laps, so they're just going to be a little bit down and then we're gonNA. Put a lot of rubber down with our race, and then you'll have the opportunity race next day, and then you'll have our race so over the course of all those miles and you know I think the the main similarity between the two days is going to be that. They're just that they're. They're a day of art rather than a month apart. There's a difference between the pocono racetrack when it's. It's a month apart day one day two. There's going to be big differences in day one today, too, so you've gotta take a lot of different things into account every time you go there. It's a bit different you know the bumps change. The characteristics change where the bump star are they getting bigger early? Getting worse or is there more adding you know that turned to tunnel turn is always a culprit for the in for the harsh winters up there for really changing the the race track a lot, and then you know what happens in turn three where the winds blow and stuff like that is is always kind of. A convoluted piece to to Pokeno, and how you get through three versus turn versus turn to so with three different distinctly different corners. There's definitely going to be compromised. Certainly a lot of things over the years that we worked on indefinitely at find to non and gotten a lot better at the starting twenty, thirteen or twenty fourteen, and then ball with Adam Stevens being the crew chief since two thousand fifteen, as well to where we've run run really well there, so it's a it's a good track for us. learned a lot from my teammate Denny Hamlin there certainly working with the furniture row. Guys with Martin is also. Brought on some fresh ideas and such, you know it's been a good good track force, and hopefully we can carry our. EMINEM's Minnie's colors to victory lane there next weekend. Looking forward to having them onboard for the first time with with ourselves and our number eighteen Toyota. Alec interesting to the final. Weekly getting you ready for this weekend's. Credence final lepers. Thanks for hanging around for the final. Fantasy segment of the show I am Rowdy Dragon today. We will recap Talladega superspeedway. Blah and take a close look at. Pocono raceway get those Nimitz sticks out all right. Let's take a look at what happened. At Talladega the first stage winner goes to what the F. and shout out. What the F.! He is last season's champ, so it looks like he's pulling it together and making a run for the front again. A segment to goes to ut. Steve Seventy seven cajal Velez and the winner at Talladega superspeedway for the fantasy league. Was Kiss might what I've got to give it to you people. There's some really interesting names out there. Okay. Rowdy Dragon. I finished third place at Talladega. Finally, a good week for me pulls me back up into the top ten. Toby Christie with the fifty seventh place finish. He maintains a good spot up. There tied for third Kerry forty-eight. Fan Boy good week for you as well, he bet a seventy fourth-place finish, and you're starting to climb up the ranks, one hundred and fifty second place at this point. Okay, folks. We made it to mid season. We've got thirteen races left on the schedule, so it's time to take a good look at your list. See who you've got left in. How many allocations your drivers have don't forget. The reset is when the chase begins. Begins his take a quick look at who might be a good pick for your lineup for Pocono raceway haven't been talking about these toyotas too much, but I cannot pass up Cobb Bush this weekend. He's got two wins in the last four races here and two hundred laps led. That's a lot of labs lid Pocono, so he seems to have found his groove a second car that I might look at as well another Toyota the twenty car of Eric Jones. He's got three top fives in the last four races with an average finish of nine point seven five. That screams bonus points so he's worthy of a look in your lineup as well. and. Also I'm going to give you a dark horse here today. If you need to spread your allocations out and you WANNA. Look at some of the rookies. I would take a quick peek at Cole custer. He's got one cup race under his belt. Here That's more than the other guys do. He's had a twenty sixth place finish. They're not bad for your first race here. And in the extended the series. He's got one win. Two top fives three top ten's. He's possibly a good guy to take a look at maybe. Stick in your garage. Now. Don't forget. We've got to racist. At Pocono raceway this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, so don't forget to get your lineups changed between races, or if your lineup does good, roll it over, but don't forget those stage picks. They're very important. Bonus points. All Right? That's all I got for you this week. I'm hoping this helps you up for your lineups this weekend. This has been the final AP weekly fantasy segment of the show and I rowdy dragon until next time all right. There's your fantasy racing. NASCAR picks from Roddy. Dragon thanks so much for being on the program as well as Greg Stump from off axis paint, always awesome to have those guys on the program. Definitely, definitely, it's so cool to have ready dragging back yet again, and then of course correct style he's he's trying to rival all for most appearances on the show I heard that I heard that. I don't think it's possible, but I heard that. Chequered flag flying on this show. This has been the final weekly. Catch US next week. Right here when we will recap the racing at Pocono and Pocono and preview. Indianapolis, isn't it what I think it is? I think you're right. Wow, that's fast. Just me. Being right is really weird, but toby you and I will chat next week. Will Man. That's a wrap. Another final lap weekly is in the books. The final lap weekly is hosted by Carrie Murphy along with Toby Christie, proudly syndicated by United Stations Radio Networks in New York. City city executive producer Kerry Murphy Kerry Murphy. Designed by Russell Nash at Audio Director Dot Audio I'm Tom Mode some Tombo DOT com. Thanks for listening. Toby chats with Greg Stump from all of access paint stuff. Hey we've had a rough week. we appreciate every single patriotic member despite US some some of US having differences in opinion that doesn't matter. We all come together. We like racing like NAS car and we appreciate you as Patriot. PEOPLE PATRIOT DOT com slash final. That's one of the beautiful things about the entire world and society in general carries it even though we might not see eye on every issue with everyone in. This community or even the place you live wherever you're at. It's really cool that you can still find common ground. We all love our theme today, so at least have that no matter what and we can have civilized discussions about what we think is right. What we think is wrong and. Just kind of go from there. You gotTa List for me Kerry. We've got lots of people who contribute to the show. Though and we really do appreciate them. How our dear buddy here. David Letchworth I think he's one of our newest patrons on the group, but he's still been here for a while now at this point to so if you want your name to be the guy who's the newest, join join the Patriot and group here. Josh Meyers I with this guy from time time I haven't had much time to do here recently. But it's cool to see he's still in here. With US rally figured Peter Johannesen Abe Schmidt David. James Maples the second Jeff grumbrowski Morgan slagle Joe Bike. How about Dave lightfoot from across the pond? He's a huge Martin Church junior fans awesome. See Him in there Joe Knowles. We wouldn't probably be here without you. 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