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Going on blue jays fans and welcome to another edition of jay bird watching. We are part of the stadium. Seen dot tv network and we are happy to report that spring training has arrived and we are less than one month away from opening day less than a month until blue jays games that matter before we get ahead of ourselves. I can't forget introduced. My fellow co-hosts. I am joined. Of course by mr brennan pentecost mr craig borden gentlemen. Are we doing doing well. Man broadcast broadcast team is actually here. Just saying that's true. That's a good way to say well on that. No craig list right it right I do want to say this before we begin. I do want to say that I'm really really happy that we get to hear the sound of baseball again. Really really happy that we get to hear live baseball and this time. Although spring training last year we were able to hear the crowd because you know covert had not yet happened in the beginning spring training. But it's cool to see crowds there albeit a little. I don't know for me. Unnerving being florida whatnot wearing masks here or not at all unabashed. it is soothing in somewhat coming to see live baseball again it doesn't matter to hear crowd it's just sort of comforting and it's to me a sign that things are turning normalcy. So i think. I speak for all of us when i say hell. Yeah let's get back to baseball. But before we do before we patch during spring training baseball and get into the nitty gritty of it. I'd be remiss if i didn't mention that. We may be nearing the end of hearing those traditional sounds of summer over over the airwaves or rather the radio waves as we all have known it since at least since i was born since all you were born every everyone sports net recently decided to simulcast television broadcasts and the radio broadcast as one so in other words dan shulman and buck martinez will not only be your television. Broadcasters they will also be your radio broadcasters it will be a simultaneous broadcast all those voices that you primarily have heard ben wagner joseph. It'll once upon a time. Mike wilner even though he's not there anymore. You will not really primarily be hearing them anymore at least for this season so brennan being the resonant canadian here. What are your feelings regarding this. I know the fan. Five ninety is quite big. Obviously in canada when it comes to sports is a temporary measure due to the pandemic or is this a legitimate experiment that may become the new norm. Yeah that's a. That's a tough question answer and don't want it to be the ladder of what you described there. That would suck it really. Would i mean. Nobody feel more bad for the ben wagner just began finally got called up to the bigs like what twenty nine was his first full season. Right twenty nine to two thousand eighteen. I'm pretty sure twenty nine. Yeah so he had one full season he goes in and starts doing some spring training games last year and everything gets shot down and you don't hear him at all last year. I'm pretty sure. He came up to toronto for some of the tv stuff that they started to do as a summer went along with hazel and shy. And a in jamie campbell. And all that. But i was really really starting to like ben wagner as radio guy and i know that that sentiment was shared by a lot of different people. I'm pretty sure the three of us or the two of you agree with me on that one. It's it's a shame because you know baseball's the only sport that i truly enjoy listening to on the radio because it's just so easy to picture everything that's happening like whether it's a hit and they say i'll down the left field line down. The right fit line. As i can picture exactly where that is when you're watching hockey or football or even basketball in my mind is just so much harder to picture. What's going on So you can start visualizing game in your head so it kinda in a way feels like you're watching maybe daydreaming. Hopefully you're not driving when you're doing that but regardless Yeah it sucks. 'cause i always love listening to game on the radio Especially day games during workdays where you can put it on in the background. And just listen to it if that's not available anymore beyond this year understand. Rogers may be wanting to recoup some money. Which i truly feel that this might just be a twenty twenty one thing and hopefully if everything is fine money comes into roger's a little bit more than you get the radio people back but yeah that would be devastating if it was forever say i loved watching not only did all are minor league. Baseball players get promoted. Ben wagner got promoted blue jays and got the big league thing and all of a sudden the buffalo boy does good kind of thing right. So i agree that it's weird. That all of a sudden that he is just not part of this conversation and is really odd see. None of this is the legacy thing no other major league. Baseball team has done this until the toronto blue jays. Just did it. So this is a category. I did not want the blue jays ever to be the first thing to do something. So it's just it's it doesn't feel like baseball baseball. You know. And i'm not that old regardless i grow up. I've watched baseball on tv. Ninety nine times out of ten. And i'm thirty six and i still have that ballpark. Where is like okay. Well is there. There's a big difference between listening to announcer. That's you know for td feed and there's a big difference between a person doing in trying to paint a picture because there is no video to it going over the radio. There is a very big difference. And there's going to be a lot loss in that translation that i don't think people realize and you know i guess we're just that much further away from the vince. Gully bob euchre and whatnot days. And obviously jerry howarth and whatnot for the trump blue jays. And i wonder how much of the fact that they couldn't find the perfect replacement for somebody like him is part of this equation to i agree that ben wagner's done a great job and i love listening to him. They like him even when he got brought in. Everybody's like up easier to be the radio guy. Perfect great all over. Oh yeah by the way you get mike wilner now and then it became a two man booth and he didn't have that in buffalo so he had to get that back and forth and whatnot. And it's just really really odd to me that we're getting to that point where you know podcasts. And things like that are picking up as much as they are and okay just nuke the radio feed. That just seems stupid to me. It's like a whole avenue that you just didn't even bother to care about anymore. Yeah it's a little upsetting in. Look i wanna be clear right off the bat. This is nothing at least in mayan. I can't speak for the both of you. But i'm sure you feel the same way dan schulman's fantastic. I can't bingo. He is fantastic when it comes to the television side. The dude is well-versed when it comes to nominally baseball ncwa basketball. He knows his shit when it comes to sports. I'm not gonna knock him but even he has come out and said that doing a television broadcast and radio broadcasts two completely different things when it comes to a television broadcast. You don't have to describe what the viewers already seeing this redundancy there with the radio broadcasts as you guys have already mentioned you sort of have to paint a picture in the new england area. I'm sure you guys don't know the red sox have a a radio. Broadcaster joke leone fantastic super old. School has a super school old school baseball voice. And there's much. Is boston accent ever yet. And there's something super compelling about an comforting like. I said there's nothing. Like and again i hate. The red sox won the only thing in the world that heat. But the jason al. I can always rely going into my car. Starting it up going to the red sox broadcast and listening to that. And having it ray. And i think what separates know brennan. You're sort of alluding to this. The football aspect in the basketball aspect is that there's so much action going on so quickly with those two respective sports whereas with baseball. So much inaction there's time for conversation for illustration there's time to have like little side chats here and there that's going to be sorely missed and i do believe that it's going to become a little bit convoluted if showman and martinez are going to try to compensate for both or just focus on the television right either way. You're going to lose something in one of the broadcast and neither of which are their specialty. So it's very upsetting. I'm hoping that this is just temporary. I really do hope. This is twenty twenty thing we already know. The blue jays aren't happy about it. We talked about it last week but picking up more on that sports net for spring training are only broadcasting simulcasting rather three games three games and none of which were the debut george springer so the sums up. I don't know if this is purely cost cutting but you have to imagine what the hype walking into the season with the amount of revenue that they probably have already generated when it comes to sales alone. They can't be hurting for cash. That bad and i know brennan. You were alluding to this. But i can't see them financially in disarray. Here no no way and they are like if there's any year where they're actually gonna do really really well from a ratings perspective In terms of hockey in some of their other assets this year because all the canadian teams are playing each other and sports. Net is the main hockey network in canada. It's no longer. Cbc it's not tsn is not sports sports net sell. I don't know if this is a. I can't remember how many years ago it was at sports. Net became like de hockey network. I want it definitely no more than three or four years. But i want to say that the raw maybe pressure from the league the nhl maybe to show a show more games kind of correlates with what they're doing cutting back and maybe the pen damage gave it. Even more reason with gave them more reason to cut back. But like i i don't i don't think that's the case i i i don't know like in my mind is no logical reason for it There's nothing better than on a weekend. Where especially in the middle of the summer canadians people in northern united states where summer lasts for four true munson. You get some nice ish. Munson like may and september october. You want to be outside. I spent saturday afternoon or a sunday afternoon. You don't want to be cooped up in your basement and your living room being like a woah. Looks beautiful outside. I wish i could go out there. But i got game to watch. No you can go sit out there. Listen to the radio feed. That's what i would do. If i'm up at the cottage if i want to go for a boat rattle turn up. The radio listened to that I'm just sitting having a beer. All listen to the game instead outside. Enjoy the sun while getting to keep track of what's going on so there's going to be a lot of those missed and baseball while it's great to watch on tv. It's always been radio's always had a very special spot in my heart for for baseball. Because that's the sport. I listened to the most. That's gonna suck that that's still be available but it just won't be the same feeling another thing. Is you know they put all those graphics up on tv. You're going to be too graphic that nobody can see so. I did that point what you were saying. They're being outside enjoying the ball game right anything. There's something to say that you know. I'm sorry to say. I would enjoy listening to vin. Scully describe a dandelions growing in the fucking outfit. Because the guys that articulate with voice. You're not gonna have that kind of thing anymore because like you said that the fact that you have the crutch of you know the everybody can see what you're talking about thing going on with tv. Regardless of the fact that dan and all them full-on have that exact same thing. But if it comes down to money this really. You're talking about your have all the equipment already anyway. It's not like you need to upgrade at. You're really cutting a voice and they're already talking about keeping Ben wagner and everybody on staff what the hell are you really loot now. Where's the money coming back to you. In that thing. I would think the springer jersey sales alone are paying for the frigging radio feed but it just doesn't seem like the the whole picture of it. Something odd is here and like there's gotta be something new coming that we don't have the whole piece of the puzzle to yet or they're really dislike. Fuck it we're done so i can't imagine that they are jay correct. Correct me if i'm wrong. I know we have our our side chats. You know in tech. Didn't you say that the yankees were doing something similar or another team was doing something similar. I was shocked that today for the people are just tuning into this and never watch this or getting into the show with us. I live in rochester. New york and tech of yankee country adam lives in red sox nation and thankfully brennan actually balances out with it actually media actually on this show so but tonight they're the bluejays are playing in primetime right now while we're actually recording this. The new york yankees and their spring training feet is not even being broadcast on the yes network tonight. I allegedly can get it on the radio feed. It's showing up on my Mlb bat thing but earlier. When i went to go click on it. It usually lets you. Just click on it and listen to the yankee radio blue jay radio whoever the hell rate in the app there and we all the channel that game would normally be broadcast on a lot of. It doesn't care about times a day. I clicked on earlier just to see if the yankees trash talking us earlier in the day or whatever it might be and sure enough there was nothing and actually now that i'm scrolling through this. It doesn't even show the yankee feed on the yankee blue jay feet on the radio at all for mlb audio. So some weird. This might be a major league shakeup as far as what. I was kind of alluding to in our text chat earlier and maybe the blue jays were just the ones that you know jumped out in the gun a little too soon because they already had the wilner news he was gone and then they knew they had to tell okay. Well wilner gone. Ben wagner going to be doing anything else so maybe they just had to jump to the front of this a little bit more than ever all these other teams are. This is really weird. And i can tell you right now. I already hate. Listen to michael. K on the frigging. Tv feed now. I'm listen on the radio here in town to kill me now. It's like talk about a wasted opportunity. I know the leafs play tonight so sports. That's probably show in that because it's made week and wednesdays their big hockey night or whatever other than saturday but like how many blue jays fans especially the ones that we follow in twitter and i know that that's maybe a couple thousand that we follow combined but how many tuned into watch semi-in woods. Richardson pitched two innings. Tonight or alex. Now so many. Like i would have if it was on tv. I would have been like guys. We're either record thursday or last night so that we could pay attention to watch the game and the fact that you can't even see it in the yankees aren't even doing. It is mind boggling. I don't want to bury the lead too much when it comes to spring training. Talk but i mean. I have been on record to say that when it comes to spring training games in general i it for me although exciting and i know i hyped it up in the beginning of this show. It is sort of passive viewing for me. I don't really take away a lot. And let's it's something really notable but even with that i'll say things sort of even balance out and you know regress to the mean eventually but for me again. It's something comforting to have the option and when you take it away from me. I'm saying that's not really good. Customer service twenty to fans that are loyal to your team. Now okay maybe you have the numbers in front of you being sports net. That the numbers in front of you when you see look at the juice isn't worth the squeeze when it comes to the ratings and the listenership that we don't get during spring training your bitching about it because it's not there but in all reality probably wouldn't have watched a lot anyway and you being the vast majority of the fan base so in that aspect we're losing money. I could see a business decision when it comes to this and again with kobe compounding those decisions i get it. There's a lot of equipment hall. There's a lot of people. You have to relocate and stuff and i don't know of quarantining still thing in florida probably not but still there. There's a whole lot of steps that you have to take to make this reality. I get it but that does not excuse the fact that you could do this right at the station right. You can borrow other team's broadcast just view in the station and have the announcers or the radio broadcasters being sydell and wagner. Go off that right. You don't have to have your own crew the legality issues when it comes to that but for me. I think we're all sort of saying it. Without saying it. The biggest blow is wagner with this. Because yes he was up and coming yes. He's earned that from buffalo right and y- broadcasting. It's it's an art right and if you take that away. I don't know this is a bad thing for the state of baseball. I know we're going to get to minor league talk but for me. it's disappointing. Hopefully it's something that we can get used to. Hopefully it's something that we can just sort of pick up because you remember last year when the season started we are saying. Oh there's gonna be no crowds. They're putting synthetic noise. This is going to be terrible and then when we heard it we're like it was still baseball still baseball. I didn't think it was going to be as bad as you know. Maybe this it will be the same. Maybe we're underestimating the talents of martinez. And maybe we probably are at the same time. There is something being taken away. And i just don't like it. I'm gonna put it out this a step further. And i don't know i want to see if i can find the recording or not but our friend jesse goldberg strassler who each i think chatted with over the years. He always does a game every year for his radio broadcast that he does it. All school where everything's being relayed to him. And he's making like the would noises and the pop of the glove and everything doing the broadcast. Nobody's gonna ever do any of that anymore. Nobody if we go this direction. You're like i said you're losing some of that. You know that. Clever this to it. The because it's like i said it's one thing to paint a picture as another to have it handed to you. Angry agree closing kastenbaum touchdown. Good no i'm good all right. Well let's get into actual spring training baseball some live baseball albeit games. That don't count all in all it's back right. It's back we we have these sounds of summer. Even though it's just starting to be march the weather. I don't know how it is where you guys are. But here in rhode island. It is just starting to turn. It is getting like incrementally warmer. And i'm just saying oh. I can go outside without a jacket for a little and ten minutes later. Have good t shirts sweatshirt. just put that out there to see. Hey hey blue jays who actually exactly. That's a nice early to nike. That's like kind of when resistant and whatnot on the outside. I'm liking it. Drive it there you go again. There's not a whole lot. You can extrapolate from spring training games. A lot of it is just what we expect Barring any unforeseen circumstances. But specifically what i'd like to focus on other than things that impressed us as george springer looked great in a blue jays uniform even he said it was a little surreal. But he's excited. You want to hear that from your star player So craig let's start with you You can talk about springer if you want you can go into other things so i know you've been paying attention to these games. What stood out to you. And what are you keeping an eye out for. I think i. I'm going to shamelessly self promote our quick hits that i've been trying to every game i possibly can but without a radio feed. I'm sorry to say it's kind of a in the ass. And i'm not going to be that guy that just literally sits here and reads you the newspaper on the morning warning of the show so but i thank you very much of the people have been listening because apparently those have been very very popular so far so we're gonna keep trying to keep doing them. And obviously when the major league season stars we're going to cycle through each of us doing at each day so italy a fun for everybody bought springer perfect gets hit in his in his debut with the blue jays. He loves it one thing. I gotta say about springer as far as you guys know where my stance was on everything in the off season i was like really really get one of those guys that were banging on. You know listening to trash can banging and whatnot and as far as it goes. He has been one hundred percent as advertised class. Act looks like he wants to be main key in contribute to this Locker room wants to win the right way. And you can see him putting the work in thus far and i think that's what's been the most impressive part and he has been preaching blue jays stuff perfectly in every radio media thing. I've seen where he has been. It's not the same thing every time you can tell genuinely coming to his mind while the people are asking questions not just the canned response. So it's been very very fun to see what we can for him. And i'm very excited to see more of him the spring when we can see it would be. But i'm i'm i'm shocked. The only gotten into one game but then then again it is just the weirdness of layer things are in training these these times. I'm going to say though. I am listening to the radio. Feed the other day that was on the pirates radio. Actually which by the way the merits guys actually called a really good game. I was kind of impressed. Sign a very similar to how we dislike goof around the whole broadcast. But i think that's because you know they don't have time to look forward to robbie ray sounded like he was really popping the glove the other day so i'm very excited to see what we're getting out of robbie ray because i think we actually might have fixed them somehow. I really don't know how we did it. He was really baffling. What are going to be everyday starters through two innings the other day for the pirates and he was really pounding the strike zone. That was the thing that impressed me through. Eighteen or twenty pitches or something like that and he threw sixteen or eighteen strikes completely pound and the strikes. Obviously he's not going to do that once. The major league season comes but he said he has never felt his command at that kind of level ever is more or less said is more or less been a long long time since he felt like that after an outing spring. Otherwise so. I think that that's something and then I forget who came in after him but he did really to. The matt wasn't matt mental. Look it up now. I can't remember but either way. It was very impressive to see him doing that. Well in ray. I'm pulling up the other thing right now. Oh it's pearson yeah. He gave up a run in a hit but it sounded like he was really mixing his pitches up. And you can tell. He really wanted the job that he's you know more or less going to be handed to. I think at this point just from lack of options you know. They're gonna truck him out there because he is the highest ceiling guy other than review. But i really was very impressed with the fact that you know the lineup with the weirdness that we've been seeing kirk has gotten a sacked fly rowdy to been looking good. So there's some there's some bright spots in you know what. I find myself doing anatomy. You might appreciate this and other raptors fans when it comes to. George springer is analyzing every single photo and video. I see of them. See how we react kind of like what we were all doing. When the raptors got collide. Leonard like always smiling always happy here all not worry about that as much but i found myself doing that like right before we hopped on bluejays on facebook posted. A picture of lodhi. And you can see george springer smiling laughing in the background of this picture. That was taken them like nice. That's nice to see but yeah. Luckily we have a for another five years after this law unlike kawhi leonard day quite brought the raptors championship anyways Yeah it's it's definitely nice to see george springer starting his spring off. Well craig the lack of games. Has anybody else noticed how randall grischuk hasn't played in a game yet or to oscar hernandez has barely played too. I know today. Somebody said that they have been dealing with minor things but whatever that means there's been this every year though the main usually are like a week behind all the rest of them except for is that might be fighting for a job routier you know or if they just want to get into a game right so yeah it's interesting Who knows what what the real reason is for that whether they're just trying to keep them healthy throughout spring to maybe have somebody swoop in and be like. let's make a deal or whatever it is Be outside springer. Craig mentioned a few of them by one that pitch. I think yesterday and look really good with stephen. Matt's went out through two innings. Gave up a hit and strikeouts three. I was going to touch on robbery as well. Because like you greg. I think he's going to be in for a good season. And i know that we had a segment on ray last week and pose the question. Do you guys. Does he meet match or does he manage surpass or fall short of his twenty nine hundred season with the diamondbacks and we were all pretty favorable entrance of hip. Probably being able to meet it or come close to it. The fact that he started spring so well but pounding zone is starting to make me more optimistic that he could maybe surpass it. Even if by a smidge and that would be huge. That would be absolutely early. Huge for this rotation moving forward so good starts from guys that they are kind of counting on and mats and ray and it'll be swell if matt's continued this throughout spring and kind of ran away with one of those rotation spots to slot in the four five to speak on the taos ker and the great thing I can't really speak when it co or theorized when it comes to great chuck i think would say oscar. Even if he wasn't dealing with minor things. I think human rights field kind of a given. And there's no real need to have them prove it You don't just have a silver slugger come all right. Well you got to prove your your weight on this steve. No he's he's gonna play. I think he's going to be just fine. Gracia little concerning. It's a little curious. But i mean at the end of the day. I don't really care. You really feel about yeah. I don't i don't care if he plays or not when it comes to things that have impressed me. I gotta say and again. I don't want to overreact when it comes to spring training. I don't necessarily mean we have to read. The tea leaves to carefully but anthony k. through some guests to scoreless innings against the yankees jews. Coming out. no i know. He's speaking with bobby and having that new york connection. Maybe he was a little bit more amped up to have a really. Good game against the yankees. Maybe there was some. You know inner inspiration. Because i think that was his team growing up so maybe he just he was super excited. Any that little that little bit. Calm down but you've gotta like what you you've seen from him and again. I know it's just two innings. You can't really pull that into a large sample size. But for me even if he doesn't earn a spot and he clearly is trying to it's encouraging for the depth right. Because you're eventually going to need that. Six or seven starter right. And if he's flip flopping up and down from triple a. Which we're gonna get in a bit. But if he's flipped popping up and down and he's a reliable presence for this blue jays team or can fill the void for knock on desk a long-standing injury. I'm confident and i like what we've seen so two scoreless innings topping almost ninety seven miles per hour with an average of i think like ninety two or they're about that's pretty good and he was hitting his own wealth from the video footage. I was able to gather so anthony came man. Shout out to you bobby. Listening shutout to your bro. I think we're in for a treat when it comes to him. And i do think he's going to start off the year in triple a but it would not surprise me around maybe june july. It would not shock me. He was fifth starter. Something about that. I agree i agree with you. That it's almost like the Who was it in two thousand fifteen. It's almost like the sooner castro story out of like you know twenty fifteen right. They didn't even have a place on the team. We knew where they were talented. But hey by the way guess what. Come up north with us and they ended up dominating the yankees for the first week of frigging this season. Yeah that was fun to watch. I think speaking of best shape of your life candidates right. Obviously bob anthony's done something with his arm. If he's beefed up a little. Bit to the point where i think he was. Matheson was saying he was throwing around ninety seven air in that game. That's ninety yeah. That's a little bit. More than i remember i was more like the ninety three ninety four ballparks of little bit extra velocity makes off speed stuff that he was already doing really well. Carry that much better. You know so that little bit of separation like you said is probably the difference in the world for being probably our eventual fifth starter. That's what i'm saying like don't you to me. It's not outlandish to think that he could eventually beat out. A guy like roark. Fish doesn't seem outlandish. A beat himself though cats. So how is he not gotten into a game yet. They probably know. Does you think if he's got a whole the spot down in the rotation you gotta be out there competing with the rest of the guys. It's not. I wonder what he's telling you. You're with the lack of broadcast to be the best time they won't hear vermont. meanwhile tonight s w aren. alex minnow are on the mound. So far verse. Nine as in the world's fricken lowest-scoring hitting game so far only one hit a piece on each team. And i would love to be watching that right now early. Swr was really good to n no. It's been really good. And i know he was pitching. So that was that's another that's a bonus that we're all missing that we could have if we have broadcasts so yeah. The blue jays have one hand. There's a double by santiago aspinall who's also been looking pretty good just saying before two in the did last year correct shown them more on defense side so far this spring from what i've been hearing on the radio feeds. That's i think. I might be as i hit a double down the last in week of spring training games. That's pretty good stuff. Not everybody can can be put roddy till as is done and has to. rbi's already rod scored two doubles something like that. Another thing that stood out to me. And again i i'd be. I can't go up. Podcast episode without mentioning him. Kevin visual pretty much. Look good at third okay. I don't care what anybody says. The arm looked fine. thrown third. okay. Even i was skeptical. But if he's gonna play some third base sign me the fuck up. I am not scurred of the jail. Go yeah he has very. It's all about footwork right. And i think he actually said it when i was. Did you guys watch the thirty clubs. Three days stuff. The other day. I'll be network. Dive through. Twitter are mlb network and find it. He kevin did an excellent interview where he was talking about the whole move and they had talked to mark his son. Marcus semi right before that and you know what do i do with all these guys around me. I'll i gotta finish somewhere and here. I'm busy oh talk about that. The footwork is been very similar to what he has used. And don and whatnot at second base. It's just on a slightly accelerated thing because obviously the high corner. The ball is getting to you that much quicker but him being a younger guy. He's got good reactions. Be for the most part anyways so the big question. Obviously adam you just pointed out the arm and honestly he looks fine and he had a couple of weird balls in that game to. They had to run in on and whatnot to that. Were on the move one similar to second base but i guess the pro that he's getting a little bit out of that now plays in front of him. He hasn't the worry about you. Know coming back. I or anything like that. So there's some pros and cons but it was very encouraging be interesting to see move forward. Obviously if he can continue that but just how that what that means for. first base. what that means for vlad what that means for d. h. And the four outfielders at the currently have on the on the roster. Because i mean if cavin primarily placed third than vlad vladan rowdy in antioch oscar will cycle through first-base. Latch d. h. With obviously kiosk are being the one in the outfield with three. Other guys sell again like maybe the slow roll to play critic or the slow roll to play t as if trade comes along and i hope it's not the oscar. I really hope. They find a taker for grischuk. Because that can open something up for jonathan davis and by the way the few innings they watched on sunday. Is it just me or this. John davis looks like he's put on some muscle. He looks chat. i remember. It looks like he's the size of alfred who was know as far as that goes alford. Frickin took robbie ray and the only bad bitchy through the other day for four hundred fifteen footers so i. It's encouraging to see that if davis is putting in that kind of work brennan. Yeah i hope he can find a way onto the roster and beat the fourth outfielder because that means grischuk is hopefully the one. That's out the door. You're you're upsetting. All the blue jays moms out there. They love brand. Why do i feel like we're gonna if we knew they knew we were going to be hitting our houses pub pummeled with rand. Paul's sexy randall. This say that manila finished two innings. He gave one hit and struck out. Four batters and this rotation the he space in the everyday yankee lineup right now. The judge hicks stanton torres. Garner gary sanchez. Of a jay. Bruce citing and danny dietrich right. So that's a good lineup. Any day normal regular game season so mote manolas running through those guys. yes i know. It's early spring but that's very encouraging for where he could start this spring with minor league club. Luge legend jay. Bruce yes always oregon napalese right. Yeah jay bruce rumor every season because alexandra tiresome which is hilarious because all those years we could've traded from them. Those were clearly padded glory days at that point right now. He didn't do any teams. I know i know but a topless loved them. All right Speaking of clogged outfield. Let's talk about you. Wanna cesspit us. I remember i was last night. I think the score tweeted it out saying that eleven clubs were in attendance to view a work out for you one assessment us and i re tweeted it saying without looking willing to bet the blue jays are on this list. And my buddy rauner. Yeah conner's monitored to me. It said while looking. I can say you're right. And of course they are because the blue jays are kings of due diligence. Now and then everything everything right. And i don't want to overreact. Of course if there's someone that can make your team better you worry about the positional disarray. Later and you just wanna get better But look outfields clog. We were just talking about it. You players are not even playing in games whether it's due to injury or just the situation d. h. is rather clogged and montoya's notorious last year to not use a traditional h. More often than not he did but now given the fact that there is so much you might have to utilize that position for someone that isn't stereotypically fit for a position. I don't know. I just i don't necessarily see the fit when it comes to cesspits and this may be just due diligence. But i've been wrong before in the jays do sometimes have legitimate interests in players. That are beyond me so brennan. let's start with you. do you think this is legitimate. You think this is just due diligence in. Do you think there is a fit for unisom on this team. The answer all your questions. No yeah and. I don't even know if i need to expand on any of that for all the reasons that you said. There's no fit at this point in his career is only a d. h. He could not play in the outfield. And there's no there's no room that's what it comes down to. I mean unless this due diligence just in case some crazy trade happens and the need to add a bat towards the end of spring training maybe but other than that the way the currently constructed no. I just don't see it is only thirty. Come on on that. i'll put it this way. I think is going to end up being like nelson cruz. Reincarnated like idea finally put them at d. agent is let them fucking mash. Because you all know that suspicious can destroy baseball's to me. This screams oakland as they have him to be the d. h. again. And why not you know. You lost semi in and They didn't wanna pay him what we ended up. Pay 'em they need a little bump in that lineup. So it's going to be somebody like that. That's going to be like okay. This is the difference between having a twenty home. Run guy that can drive in. Probably even maybe if he actually is legitimately healthy maybe thirty. You never know that. Could be the extreme but when people like unwed encarnacion still have job that the d. h. spot. Honestly the major league baseball people made the dumbest idea for megan baseball interesting again by keeping the h. Out of the equation. Because that's two guys right there that we're talking about that would have full time jobs. Easy on any of those teams and honestly. The mets probably wouldn't even parted ways with him if they actually had a t. h. spot so as far as the blue jays aspect goes i Unless something does shake up to the trade where we actually do have more at bats in the d. h. Spot doesn't make any sense because right now i'm sorry to say if it came down to roddy versus beddis. I'm taking rowdy because he's left hand bat and helps us. You know as far as offensive prowess. I think it comes down to the same kind of idea And i really don't know how to slice it. There's just too much stuff already going on so unless somebody gets hurt is gone. Whatever it might be it is what it is. As far as why running those other guys go to could clean up our logjam. I think it's gonna take somebody getting hurt on another team that is going to all of a sudden be desperate for a first baseman outfielder. Happy and the blue jays are sitting and waiting on that. I think i don't see fit for the blue jays. And i don't for all the reasons you guys have said and craig moral agree with the notion that i'd rather have rowdy Taken up those. Da spots ahead of cessnas. And i also know that as we've discussed a lot of that d. h. positional on need on a daily basis is going to be spread out right. It's not just going to be rowdies. Job exclusively they're gonna have them play first base here and there just to spell other people when they need rest health. Spring is probably gonna play some here and there. It's going to happen. Which is a nice thing. I'm having jonathan davis brzeczek. You'll leasing in center field and you won't lose anything defensively so but it was. I just popped into my head about the whole writes d. h. Remember the year. That brad former all of a sudden had is a blue jay. Yes it like thirty. Six home runs batted. Three hundred and had arbi is all sudden. That could be ready to lead this year. You hearing rising i. There's something brewing. It's it's not just because he's just been just came into spring this crushing baseball's you see how hardy hit that ball on that yankee game when we did highlight yeah it was just. He just raked this thing and lying. That hit leg maybe mid chest area high on the wall are just and then the the one he hit the ground rule double spiked into the ground. Right before and bounced over. So those two doubles have been just frigging mashes. So maybe i. I just think that his bat speed or something he actually figured it out last year and it was just enough to get them over that confidence hurdle that he could go off december season like that. But i let them do i. I think that's where the blue jays aratu really wouldn't surprise me as you mentioned craig. Six of these eleven teams are national league team so there's not really d. h. positional depth to them to utilize their fear. And i don't know if there's a i don't think it matters the raise ghetto and he's just gonna matt. I thought you were going to go. Yankees d. h. On me or something like that because just because the yankees they throw money at brett gardner and they're hoping to ask him though. No i think that was just a thank you for your dedication to the yankees lifelong yankee. The he fits that mold. The bluejays are all about a character or so it seems when it comes to your assessment us. I think it was last year that he was literally missing. People didn't know and then he just toys to tell the team. I'm opting out i'm done. Yeah he walked out. I don't think the blue jays are about that life again. I think is just due diligence but the rays were one of these teams that watched them and if the race pay. There's da hostile around with the raise. They'll find a way they had. I think fifty nine different lineups. Last year they'll find a way they'll find day that they'll be the worst hitters on the team that he can play left hand left field or something like that to rely on. Canon of armada catch like god. He's there and if he racks like twenty thirty home runs the. I can hear blue jays fans right now. Why do we sign this guy. We'll there's no rules. Don't room but i can see the rays being a team that scoops up and utilize them. Well yeah yeah. That's so easy to picture. Turn the trump trump into thunderdome. Like with a wwe that dude. That's my fear. So if again no inside knowledge but if this time tomorrow or maybe after we record this podcast we see that the rays assigned you want. Assessment is cheap deal. I don't want to be the ones they. I told you so but i think that's the most likely destination to me. It just fits. It's everything that's going on and he. I'm sure he wants to play for a contending team. What better contender the team. That made it to the world series last year and that needs runs they need reproduction. Rate and not that they can't find it elsewhere but again if a person is gonna make you offensively that much better all you need them to do as rake. Cessnas could be the guy. So you're on the air making greg m singer at the mlb network for the blue jays. Thirty thirty thing the other day. You're ruining his projections of them. Blue jays actually winning the alias. You know that right Yeah that was a that was his bold prediction. They said there's going to be an injury. The yankees won't be able to recover from. The change will be the death of them. They won't be able to fill in the pitching as much as they thought they would be able to was. Their downfall is what he said but the fun part about that wasn't this one. I think actually can happen. Dan police access boba. Fett will hit thirty home runs. All i believe full and sixty two. He does for sure. I can see it. That'd amazing yeah at that point fox espinosa's yeah take 'em raise lies just all right. I want to close this off. I with the final topic. I sent this to you guys last night. Last night being tuesday jeff passan of espn issued a report. That stated that alternate sites are returning for the mlb at least for the first month's first month rather and this will cause the minor league baseball season to be delayed from april. Six until at least a month could be longer but at least one month delay for the minor league baseball a series or sorry season but the the key to this is that they're looking to extend it into september so the minor league baseball season usually ends around labor day here in the. Us it's going to be pushed until mid to late september so that's good news jersey in the minor leagues to make up for lost time. Then i'll be however will one hundred percent be starting on time on april first as we mentioned last week first game of the year yankees versus blue jays which is going to be fun craig. You're the minor league guys this spell trouble for the minor league season in general right so to me. It's just it's really peculiar. The ammo visas like just push it. Push 'em ilb. Whatever it's fine they'll figure play at all this year. Faulk built the taxi squad again for the first month. They're used to it right. Is this the beginning of something more dire for minor league baseball or is this just a necessary evil given the kovin protocols and the weight vaccinations. And hey it's just the brakes and again they're gonna make it up on the long run on the other end of the season so games are not going to be lost. Checks are going to be lost is just a necessary evil or do you think this is the start of something when it comes to the. I don't wanna say misappropriation but taking advantage of a minor league system. yeah. I don't know if anything's going to change because we've already noticed that manfred doesn't give a crap about myrlie league baseball with all the teams that are now unemployed basically in are going to have the reform their own independent leagues and all that kind of stuff and how we've talked about that extensively on this show as far as how more or less there's like no teams like the middle of the country anymore because he just wiped out a bunch of maya leaked small town rookie level teams west. Virginia doesn't have any teams anymore. Things like that so it was kinda like what do you do. So i think the pushing around isn't gonna stop. But i think this actually is something that was born out of something that worked at the major league level and actually could benefit minor league. Irked here like four quadruple. Egg is because now you've some guys that are traveling with the team that are practicing with eighteen back and forth. This is more or less the reason we are even getting the benefit of seeing alejandro kirk right now and a blue jay uniform right guys. He wasn't even on anybody's radar. He would've been twenty twenty league limbo for all the season. It probably would have raked and we probably wouldn't even having this conversation about him. Being a part of this club until maybe this season or next season right now. A little further down the line they. They're getting extended audition for guys. That could be good. Are guys like john davis that are on that tipping point that they are getting the still train with a major league team for another month instead of goofing around here. They're all these other kind of places and not to mention guys. You all should not too well. Whether fucking sucks in the national league for aaa this time of year when they're getting so this is a month that they're not going to have to worry about their own guys that are in triple a. worrying about crappy buffalo weather and getting hurt just because it's two degrees below zero out so i think it's a necessary evil at this point. I don't like too much. But lawn is the teams for triple a. Baseball and minor league systems in general are not losing games because the other catch on this thing. Is my team here in rochester. Rochester was hurting until the washington nationals. All of a sudden it gives the twins wanted out so that being a point here that was all revenue that they would lost if they just pushed it back and didn't make up for those games. I'm still gonna be here in october. Watching games laws. You know you know. There's not anything else. That's drawing my attention. So but that's still that's fine by me if they're going to still make the games because last year not having any baseball here in town is just kind of the weirdest thing on the planet because that was something we did you know every other weekend or random weekday here and there we always used to have a fancy baseball kind of get together in the you know like seats and goof around and yell at each other and drink way too much beer and then had to take uber's home but it was exactly so it's a sense of normalcy a little bit you know they've been saying here in new york if the almir leagues is going to be ten percent attendance which is still better than no attendance for minor league baseball teams to get some revenue in town here. I know the silver family that owns the red wings has got to be super super happy that they're going to be able to sell hot dogs again and i'll let alone any merchandise or anything so i think that as they keep that going. They're not taking things away from the minor league system. I think that this is a better compromise than the no. Sorry screw guys crap that they've been getting up into this point. Yeah yeah you wanna combine the news yesterday with the news. That joe biden said that every american has access to a vaccine by the end night. Lose you guys. I don't think it was a result of that announcement yesterday by the president but same time may have major league baseball. Had no idea that that was gonna be an announcement that dan. We made a good decision because there will be less testing to worry about. Hopefully if everybody getting at least one the helps curb the spread of the virus like crazy. That will help. Save the money quicker than not. Yeah i mean that news. The news in canada. That's likely to come soon is that they are changing their vaccination rolette strategy where they were all. The numbers projecting canadians about half the population being vaccinated by candidate with two vaccines now with studies saying that you can be cut pretty much covered off one vaccine for four months before you need a second one. They've changing that to all right. Let's get everybody one dose as much as possible before then so with both of those developments in both of these countries. It's a good sign for baseball as a whole and if minor league baseball can get back to get back on track visor back the red wings or back any mid minor league baseball team look. I was talking about this with some friends over the weekend. The intense socialization. That's going to happen when everything is back to normal because everybody's just cravings go to a game and sit out and have drinks and go to bars and do whatever minor league baseball could see a little bit of independence boost in some of these ounce because people are going to be like. Hey let's do this because we didn't do it before we miss it or just. It's something to do so i fully on board with them doing it this way and yeah it could keep people like swr and manila around the alternate side a little bit longer and if they impressed or there's an injury maybe they get their debuts a lot quicker than we would have anticipated. I'm hoping that this is just a necessarily unnecessary evil. When it comes to the the vaccination will allow and just the the safety protocols that the game is implementing at least for the start of the season I i don't think there's much to fear. And i know i sort of laid this out. There's a conspiracy against minor league baseball. I don't see that. But i do see that the mlb does sort of take advantage of what little power the minor league baseball system has because they sort of have to bend the knee to the mlb because their king I don't know. I do think that given the fact that there's going to be a bunch of people vaccinated knock on desk hopefully by at least june because you know not to pick apart what you said. Brennan is all very accurate. But i like to hang on things word for word. What presidential people say or people in government say what biden said was there will be a vaccine available for every adult in the. Us and my wife was quick to point out. That doesn't mean every adult will be vaccinated. Right have it available for you and after you make appointments and stuff. You might not be vaccinated until june. For instance fair me healthy jackass in our mid thirties. Are the bomb the line. So that's home saying boy that doesn't mean that with the rate of production that they think they're doing like three million per week or something with johnson and johnson and they're working twenty four hours a day to make these vaccines. It could be even quicker right to have those available so the with the acceleration rate. It could be at the end of april. And people like me and craig craig i rather could be vaccinated by may by the beginning of may. I don't know but having said that if all these things work out according to plan yeah we'll be able to go to minor league baseball games. That would be really fucking cool. Just imagine we could actually do that. Cooperstown trip that we were talking about all right now the us will. It's going to be the total reversal last year. Where canada the border close to keep americans out now. Americans go out the border close to keep the canadians out. Because we're the rollout. I'm so sorry. Join you shared true. That's true it's gonna it's gonna be crazy 'cause you know. I think this is sort of a side chat talking to my buddy. Who's a big disney fan. He's i don't know. I think the halloween season dizzy is going to be crazy. Mike dude you fucking kidding me there going to be people thirsty to go out and just do something. It doesn't matter what it is. I think it's going to be busy everywhere as soon as the places. Allow it to be it because people are going to be dying to just go out. Like i'm just craving giving someone a hug that i hadn't seen literally year and i'm probably going to break down into tears because i haven't seen you or people it doesn't matter so long isn't quite doing it for you. Our i know you're craving a high five. Let me try to for me. It's there's something really really encouraging about this. And if this helps make the minor league baseball system as a whole thrive because people are going to be the college nights to go out to a of a single baseball game whatever. It doesn't matter that's great. That's really good news for based on once things open up for the major league baseball on even in toronto to have people in there for the stands hopefully for postseason run an mba. It's gonna be amazing so hopefully this doesn't spell bad news for the minor league baseball system. I think we are in agreement. That might not necessarily be the case although you gotta give them credit because to me it seems like they're just keeping their head above water. Yeah i would've leaning on their major league clubs a lot more than they were you know few years ago. Yeah all right well. That's all the things. I have lined up in terms of the outline. Craig i don't know of anybody has reached out in terms of questions. Nothing not it's been radio. Silence just like are named today. They must be busy watching a. They can't walk. They must be listening to the own of now. Maybe they're getting paid to escort a run but the yankees scored. Three wearing train. Doesn't matter tomorrow. I'll wake up. The blue jays played last night. It never happened or we can stat pick. Yeah while if it makes you feel better. We're already far enough in that. Most of the regulars are going out and breakfast areas the one that i scored you know. Rbi single natural naturally sued all right. Well that's all the material. I have as i mentioned. We'd like to thank everybody that tuned in as a reminder for at least the interim we're going to be doing this every wednesday during the regular season. I don't wanna get too much ahead. Things will fluctuate as of right now still wednesday nights at seven pm. Eastern time is when you can join us live on video on twitter twitch youtube facebook anywhere you get your video pleasures from. We are there so please join in on the conversation to have have a few questions for us while we happen to answer them. But if you're not watching us live and you're listening to us on the podcast feed. We appreciate that too. Were on apple. Podcasts google podcasts. Spotify anywhere you get your podcast picture on there. Tell your fellow blue hands about us. We'd love to interact with you. We love love. love the interaction. So can't thank you enough for listening on that being said again we are less than one month away from opening day. Guys listening less than girls if you if you believe in manfred which does but if you believe him we are one hundred percent gun to be there. So that being said let's end this we normally do to collapse and ric flair blue jays. Let's go blue jay.

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