Hour 1: MLB Opening Day


Good Morning. It is time to get up with words I've waited one hundred nineteen days to say all baseball is back. I'll tell you. Why might really be better than ever? Plus they put together a list of the best and they left. Who off it? It can't be, but it is. We've got all the reaction. And then the latest cowboys controversy can be answered with one simple question. The answers pulled. Decide everything and they're. They're coming up in this hour as we get with you bright and early starting right now and this. My friends is the room where it happens. Major League Baseball's opening day. One hundred nineteen days after it was originally scheduled comes your way tonight with a double header on ESPN. It will begin with the Yankees, and the nationals right there in our nation's capital. Mike Greenberg in Bristol delighted. You've chosen to get up with us. And according to the Elias Sports, Bureau this is the first time in one hundred years. We have gone this long. It has been since March eleven hundred and thirty three days since any of the major sports had a competition in this country. We've waited a long time for it and tonight. It is back. Let's get to it baseball tonight, and as I mentioned, you will see the defending champion nationals opening the baseball season against the Yankees and what a pitcher's duel! This has the potential to be. You will see Max Scherzer facing the newest Yankees as in Garrett Cole. So that's the opener and then the nightcap tonight equally good. Dodgers hosting the giants dodgers. Gangqi is our plus three fifty co favorites to win the world series, so you will see what most people think are the two best teams in baseball tonight and thinking of the dodgers. They made a little transaction yesterday hitting looking bats a twelve year, three, hundred, sixty, five million dollar extension is total contract value is now the second largest in baseball history. Just how good is. Is Hokey bets. Glad you ask look at the company. He meets on a per game. Basis is the seven best player of all time ahead of Willie mays, and just behind Lou Gehrig, so the numbers are extraordinarily Mark Sharon is here. We'll get betson second blisters. Start with this tax as I said. We've waited one hundred nineteen extra days for this. What does opening day twenty twenty mean to you? This is a huge day for all of sports. Major League baseball the players. The fans I'm excited about today because. We talked about it a lot this off season, and through the spring Greenie. We didn't know if baseball was going to be played. And the fact that the players and owners finally got together that we're going to play baseball. Tonight is so special for this country, because a lot of people use opening day in April as time to get excited about their year. It's been a cold winter. It's maybe been a little bit depressing especially. If you live in the northeast like I do, but it's been depressing. Depressing for a different reason now greenie and I think our entire country and baseball fans. All over the world are really excited about tonight. Let's hope and let's hope that it is the beginning of of more good things to come meanwhile I mentioned. We've got the Yankees and the dodgers in separate games in a doubleheader tonight, and they are the Vegas Co favorites this year for those who haven't seen it. What is your world series prediction at the end of this unprecedented sprint of a baseball season? Will Greenie everyone's talking about the Yankees and dodgers and look at their rosters and their stars in the Yankees Got Garrett Cole this off season. The dodgers got bets so I'm going Yankees dodgers and they're just so stacked greeny and Sprint with sixteen games. I'm not sure what's going to happen. There's a lot of crazy things that could happen in two thousand twenty. At those two teams on paper, you have to say they're the world series favorites and you mentioned bets here. Let's get back to him. I don't know that anyone was really expecting on the day before the season began for mookie Betts to sign a three hundred sixty five million dollar contract extension. What was your reaction? First of all good for mookie Betts he's one of the top players in the game at a historically great player, and he's getting to play for the LA dodgers one of the top teams when the top franchises in all of baseball and so men good for Mookie Betts and I. Think a lot of fans are gonNA. Say Oh, well, look you know. Baseball's going to be fine. Players were getting paid, but you really look at why the players were so upset. This off season, and in all these negotiations with the owners is that salaries have not been really increasing with the state of play in Major League Baseball. You look at revenues have pretty much triple. Since Alex Rodriguez's huge contract twenty years ago, franchise values are up seven x in the last twenty years, but yet our top players are still just kind of making a round the same. They've been making for decades, so mookie Betts got a great contract, but I think what you've seen is a lot of teams are spreading these deals out. He's got twelve years right there. Spreading these deals out to stay under the luxury tax. This luxury tax is a problem for major. League baseball players and MOOKIE got his, but a lot of players won't get. There's this off season. That's a different conversation for a different day for today we'll just. Just be excited. They coming back to play, and we will check in with you tomorrow morning. Mark as we will actually have major, League. Baseball highlights to be looking at and speaking of highlights. Look what I've got here. I've got actual NBA players playing actual NBA. Games last night were weak from the regular season openers were they tipped off in the bubble last night with the clippers and the magic playing in a scrimmage, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George both played nineteen minutes each in the scrimmage. George led the way with eighteen points. Clippers, one, nine, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety. Look a pool. The court looks you're coming nuggets experimenting starting five bigs with. Nicola Yokich at the point. Two Thousand Nineteen Second Round Pick Bowl Bowl who stole the show in a win over the wizards in his NBA debut, had sixteen points, ten boards and six blocks, so that was fun to watch, and then there's ion. He may be away from the Pelicans, but the team didn't miss a beat in their first scrimmage without him, they blasted the injury-depleted and otherwise depleted nets nine to sixty eight Brandon Ingram, one of five Pelicans in double figures, twelve points and eleven minutes of action, and you're interested in the NBA. We will have Jalen and Rachel coming up. Up a little bit later, first names only for people of their stature, and they will be along in our program this morning with a look at the NBA a week before the season starts what to expect from Zion, who to expect to win and a whole lot more. That's coming up later this morning. Here on, get up meanwhile CNN as you've probably heard. Is reporting that Woody Johnson? Who was the owner of the new? York jets so subject to state, department investigations following allegations that he made racist and sexist comments while serving as ambassador to. To the United Kingdom and that he sought to have the open championship played at a resort owned by President trump. The president has denied these allegations and NFL spokesman said the League is aware of the CNN report and referred questions to the state, department as far as woody Johnson himself. He posted this on twitter yesterday. Quote I have followed the ethical rules and requirements of my office. At all times, these false claims of insensitive remarks about race and gender are totally inconsistent with my longstanding record and values, maybe the best of all of the players on the. The jets Jamal Adams. He reacted on twitter. And you see it there. We need the right people at the top wrong is wrong. Right is right. Wrong is wrong if you don't think this is wrong, you're part of the problem, not the solution so a lot there to unpack. Let's get our football. Conversation started. Our insider Grazziano. was here in the big swag Goo Marcus Spears as well, but Dan I will start with you. What can you tell us about the reaction from the League yesterday in anything else? You heard about the story involving Woody Johnson. Green you when you look at the way. The League handles investigations into these matters. The first thing they always do is they defer to. Whatever the law enforcement entity in question is right if someone gets in trouble with the police player, a team employee owner, the League. Will I let that process play out with regard to local law enforcement? Now we're talking about the US. State Department and obviously according to their statement. The League is going to wait and see what the US state. Department does before deciding whether to take any league. Against a team owner, it's a tricky spot obviously for commissioner Roger Goodell he works for the owners and we've seen in recent years. Owners getting in some degree of trouble here and there and. Some discussion that we've all had obviously about whether. The League's gone far enough, or as far as it would have gone with players in similar situations right now early. In this the league's finding out about it will there be an investigation leak investigation woody Johnson's behavior at some point. It's entirely possible, but I don't think we're at the point yet. Where the NFL office knows that for sure and Marcus through the eyes of an NFL player, and in particular as we see the reaction of the highest profile of the New York jets Jamal Adams yesterday. What did you see in this yesterday? I mean if if it if it's true, Gee, I'm I'm assuming editor, try to be a mass exodus of players are either try to get woody Johnson out of there and I know. Those are extremes, but that is the high emotional value that we have right now especially for stuff like this and Johnston's apology. I didn't think it needed to be said all of that if you didn't say just say, I, didn't I didn't say. Make these remarks and the truth will come to the light. All of these eloquent apologies and trying to save things, so everybody understand it is what it is man when you think about the climate of what's going on right now. A lot of these things are going to come out, and I'm not saying if it's true or not true. I don't know that but a lot of things. If things like this happened in the Pairs, a lot of people are feeling like they need the exposed these things, so I'll be interested to see how this plays out. I'm not sure if you can prove woody Johnson say anything if you don't have it on tape, or if you don't have some type of video to go along with it, but I'm sure it'll be, it'll be. I'm put it like this. It players. You saw Jamal Adams tweet, but his players in the jets organization right now that that believed this probably, and this is players that either want to hear a statement for the Johnson WanNa find out if it's true or they want to get out of there or get him out of there. That's that's where we are now so I'll be interested very interested to see how this plays out, but but in in me and what? I'm thinking I don't know if anything's. Anything's GONNA. Come of it because if you don't have proof of video evidence like I, said is he say she say and that will stand up. When you try to make a judgment well, we'll see so so to be clear a couple of different things here. The statement that Woody Johnson release which I read a moment ago, there is no apology in it whatsoever. There is a very simple. There's a very simple denial if you will of any wrongdoing here in a suggestion that his record. Suggests otherwise Dan what I would say about this. A lot of people were reacting to this and asking me questions yesterday. Could this be another Donald Sterling Situation? And of course it's far too early in the process to know if it will get anywhere near that, but what I would say, Dan is that that became what became because of the reaction of players, and that's where this will come from right Dan, and I think in our experience it will be the players who will drive the reaction to this first and foremost. Obviously Donald Sterling there was audio recording. Everybody heard what he said, and obviously the reaction to that understandable and up forcing him to sell the Los Angeles Clippers in terms of NFL. Roughly similar situations and please I'm not trying to equate any situation to any other, but this reminds me of a couple. One Jerry Richardson, a former owner of the Carolina Panthers. An investigation sports illustrated found that he was guilty of making remarks around the team facility to team employees. He ends up selling the panthers. Bob McNair the late Bob McNair who was the owner of the Houston Texans was found. According to our own reporting, ESPN to have said something in an owner's meeting. About can't have the inmates running the prison. His team reacted very badly to that. Several players storming out of practice and relationships obviously had to be repaired there, so yes, you're absolutely right if there are players on the jets. Jamal Adams trying to get traded. So that's a different matter. Altogether, if players on the jets are players who were considering going to the jets, and this is a factor in their minds. It's very damaging for the team to be very clear. I don't know what he did and didn't say it would be unfair for any of us to prejudge that, but I think that if he thinks that just putting that statement on. On twitter put an end to the story. He's got another thing coming. Meanwhile, we get ourselves started to come back to you on that I. Promise I gotTa take a break. We'll come back to this a little later in the program as we continue on, get up. They haven't been in a super bowl. Since the days of Aikman and Emmitt, and can the cowboys possibly return to glory? We'll talk about it, and he might be the greatest talent. We ever saw if he didn't win enough. Whose fault is that? We'll answer that question and many more as we get rolling opening day. Get up. On ESPN. Back on, get up where we're brought to you by GEICO. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. And back to the NFL the cowboys looking for their first NFC championship. If you're in since the nineties, the the twenty four different teams have played in a conference championship game since the cowboys last did at the end of the nineteen ninety five season, but with a stacked offense, and they're all young. The future seems bright for Dallas, a bright enough that when our ESPN panel of experts put together our future power rankings meaning projections over the next three seasons they put the cowboys as having the fifth brightest future of any team, which of course raises a lot. Lot of eyebrows when you consider just how little success they've had steven, A. Smith in particular was perplexed by these rankings, and so it seemed to me as we bring Rodney into the conversation with Marcus and Dan today a very simple way to judge whether they belong on that list or not to frame the question, this way and rob. Nicovic will start with you in the next three seasons because that's the length of time that the panel was using. Will they break that string? WE'LL THE DALLAS. Cowboys play in the NFC championship game in the next three years. Yes, I think so and I want to start with the first guy that I. Think's GonNa make a change, and that's Mike McCarthy in the head head coach, look. I think he had an unfair shake at the end. There in Green Bay didn't work out that he comes to the cowboys with a young roster and you look at. Back's against the wall on a franchise tag. He's going to come out swinging. season, Zeke kind of feels maybe a little bit disrespected that he's not getting the respect as maybe the number one running back in the NFL, so he's going to be also motivated this season. I think they're built to win. Now you look at their offensive line very strong, dealing with Lawrence linebackers strong with vendors young so I. Think they're built to win, you see. Jones talking Jerry Jones talking about he wants to win now. He doesn't know how much time he's got left to to win again back the way they were in the ninety, so they want to win now I think that they have a chance to do it. Maybe this year, because a lot of guys are motivated and you got Mike McCarthy's your head coach all right, let me turn my former cabinet and the panel marcus spears, yes, or no cowboys championship game the next three years. No no and it's tough for me to say that. Because every year we pick the cowboys to go deep into the playoffs. Here's my issue. Number one is defensively. This team is ranked eleven sixth and thirteenth. Then you would look at that and conventional. Man That's not bad, but if you look at them against top tier quarterbacks, they've struggled mightily and that that is my issue Aaron Rodgers may not be in green. Bay, he may go to a better team. That could possibly be in the NFC. Let's not forget that we what was going on with Jordan Love Russell. Wilson Seattle getting better and by the way they just signed Greg Olsen. Tom Brady is in Tampa Bay drew. brees is still in New Orleans. We don't know what Matt Ryan and the Falcons are going to do. They can jump up, so it's not necessarily that the cowboys aren't good enough. They just haven't proven that they can win. Those type of games to get to NFC championship and three years is a long time and I know is drawn out, but defensively is where I think you have to come a big and make plays I go back to the Patriots. Game go back to the jets game last year. Those were gains for. For the defense to themselves and people look I'm a defensive guy like meet and I'll look at this offense and this prolific, and these guys can play. They had all of those stats. All does yours last year and win eight so I gotta give him a boy some tough love, and just say no I. Don't see it because they haven't shown that the past three years when they've been a very good team. tyran Smith is getting older, Travis Frederick retire. There's a lot of things that they have to fix in the NFC championship in the next three years. I've won Novo Dan Grazziano. Break a tie. I'm voting Yes for a couple reasons one is a team. That's always kinda right there right I. mean the they've had only one losing season in their last nine, and they have a quarterback situation that right now at least is is stable. We'll see how long Dak Prescott is there, but they believe he will be and then the other thing green i. it's not that hard. I've covered the NFC championship game five years in a row, and for those years it's been a complete blow out. You don't even remember the team that lost the NFC championship game to the to the Carolina Panthers to the Atlanta Falcons, which by the way it was a Mike McCarthy packers team. So I'm saying the NFC championship game, yes, they can get because there have been some teams net game recently. That really weren't all that memorable, so even if you don't think much of the Dallas cowboys over the next three years I don't think it's crazy for a team that has always five hundred or better to find a way to win a playoff game or two at some point and get into that game. Here's the part I'm concerned about and obviously this remains. Remains to be seen, but if they don't work out some sort of long term extension with Dak Prescott, then all of a sudden keeping DAK Prescott becomes a financial burden. He's going to cost them a fortune. Every penny of it against the Cap Graziano, so if this year made the point, this is the year to do it. If not this year, do they get in trouble or are you? Tell me you believe he wants working out an extension. That's more cap friendly. Faces around the world. Today isn't a restart. It's a rethink that's why they're partnering with IBM to Change How they from supply chains to customer service. Let's put smart to work visit. IBM Dot. COM SLASH SMART to learn more for businesses around the world. Today isn't a restart. It's a rethink that's why they're partnering with IBM to Change How they from supply chains to customer service. Let's put smart to work. Visit IBM. Dot Com slash smart to learn more. I believe that he's he stays in Dallas. Is still there plan long-term. Obviously, it depends a lot on whether it's his plan long-term and the ball is kind of in his court right now given as you mentioned the significance of another franchise tag on their salary cap next year, but I do believe at this point we can forecast back Prescott and Dallas for the much. Much is this. Go Make Dan Orlovsky Happy Carson. wentz is still going to be in the NFC wail, and the Eagles and Doug Peterson over those next for years, so the only person on our panel. Cowboys Marcus Spears who was who was touting the evening I'm back. This was a day. I did not believe I'll put this situation all right. We will continue rolling here. We can't cheer Marcus up a little bit coming up. Is it possible to have a list of the best quarterbacks and leave the greatest of all time off it? It actually happened. We've got the reaction to that. Coming up on the way, and we have a little sneaky Hembo, time busters going to jump in here on opening day and trying to answer this question, which pitcher started the most opening day games. That's the question. The answer is coming up on an opening day addition. Get up on ESPN. Finally we've made it a day. That looked like it might never come and opening day like none ever before the starting line for a sixty game sprint to the postseason designed baseball's best entered it all begins tonight as four teams take the field. Are we witnessing the start of a dynasty in DC? Nationals have their work. Cut Out for them. Yes, they were able to overcome loss of Bryce Harper, but now Anthony Rendell has gone to so who's going to lead the nats affects one soda hits it. A ton just looks like a superstar. In the twenty one year old phenom is getting on base at a rate similar to Ted. Williams Mel Ott and Jimmie Foxx. Fancy company combined his. His Bat with perhaps the Games best pitching the naps may be able to relive the magic of twenty, nine, thousand nine, the Yankees on the other hand, try to leave the two thousand nineteen postseason behind them, and they turned to their former Fo- to do just that signing Garrett cold to three hundred twenty four million dollar contract, but will three twenty four equal world series. Number Twenty, eight. Meanwhile the dodgers hoping an off-season move of their own, we'll bring them their first world series, since eight may begin to as the definitive and L. favorite to make the impossible happen one boards time the dodgers archrivals in San Francisco where certainly hoping Ryder days after three straight losing seasons offseason filled with dollars and cents, tattoos and trash cans trades Sinek and so many questions all the answer tonight. The Twenty Twenty baseball season is here label. And no better way to start. They went sneaky Hembo trying to get one past. Robert Stanbury only the third roster. Here's the question which pitchers started the most opening day games. You know there are better ways to start my day. Go run around the bond units here in Washington could do things that make myself feel better about myself, but instead of going to answer this question and say Roger Clements and be wrong, Roger. Clemens, is not a bad guess. He's three away, but it is wrong. The answer is Tom seaver. SEAVER started sixteen opening day games. Eleven a met three is a red to Chicago White Sox Roger Clements Thirteen Jack Morris Walter Johnson Randy Johnson Steve Carlton Fourteen, so all Hembo will remember busters that you got it wrong, but opening day is upon us is a bunch of storylines here. One of them is the Toronto Blue Jays who are not going to play in Toronto this year are now also not gonNA play in Pittsburgh this here. The State of Pennsylvania next to that so how are the blue jays going to handle home games in the season of twenty twenty? Yeah greedy, they are scrambling now. One potential option would be to play in Baltimore, but the same dynamic wouldn't be there as there was in playing in. Toronto and playing in Pittsburgh and that the governor of Maryland may decide to nick sat out of concern for the health of folks in his states, another option to be played buffalo, their minor league affiliate, but the players have told the front office. That's not something that they WANNA do. They prefer to play in major league parks and the absolute worst case scenario, but it's a very. It's a distinct possibility is that they play their schedule, but? Play all the teams under schedule, but when they go to Yankee stadium for some games or Fenway Park Day would play as the home team, which would mean, they would be on the road for sixty six days, so they literally would not have a single quote, unquote home game, even though they would have the home team rules in their favor, but they would play all of their games as the visit or at least in visiting ballparks, so it's certainly something we've never seen before, but as I've said many times in pandemic, you do what you have to do, meanwhile, baseball and the Players Association. I was following this on your twitter. Yesterday are expanding talking about expanding the postseason from ten teams to sixteen teams this year. There's obviously a clock ticking down to the first game tonight. Where do we stand with this? Yeah the expectation is this is going to get done. They talked about this when they were having their financial scrap. During the summertime, they didn't reach an agreement dad, but it makes too much sense for both sides at a time when they're trying to find ways to increase revenue in a year, in which so much money has been lost, and you talk about potential excitement in those first days of the playoffs, because if you have sixteen teams in all likelihood, the first round would be best of three matches. Between the teams in each league imagine an eight seed against the one seed like the Yankees and the dodgers will be playing to their lives right off the bat. Absolutely something they have to. If they're going, do it. Do they absolutely have to do it before the first pitch of the season tonight? Yeah in theory, I mean look, these are two sides. It could always break their own rules and rewrite as they go, but the aim is to get it done before the start of the game tonight. Keep a close eye on this this. This could be huge news at some point during this day and then speaking of huge news. What was the reaction you heard around the sport yesterday to the mookie Betts contract that comes down the day before the start of the season, three hundred and sixty five million dollar extension. Greenie people with other teams absolutely shocked. By the timing of this given, what's going on with covert given the fact that even know when there's a vaccine. That's GONNA. Come in. They don't know when fans are going to be in the stands, and so there's surprised that the dodgers spent this kind of money at a time when there's so much uncertainty, look. A respected player, everyone knows why the dodgers WanNa keep them, but the expectation had been among other teams that they would wait and play it out into the off season, and the thought is that maybe they were far down the road in terms of talking about an extension when Kovic shut down the sport, one way or another, he's now got the second biggest contract in the sport buster. Only do a rain dance. We need baseball tonight. I know their. Major questions about whether we need these games tonight and we will see them here on ESPN Max. Scherzer and Garrett Cole tonight. Nationals Yankees -buster will be a part of the broadcast at seven eastern followed by Clayton Kershaw on the dodgers. In the giants tennis turn both Games are here on ESPN ESPN, two deportees, and the ESPN, APP. Back, to the NFL talk about Aaron Rodgers, he has one hundred thirteen career wins second to Brett. Farve in Green Bay history third in the League, since he became the team's starting quarterback in two thousand and eight under Rogers, the packers won fifteen games in twenty eleven that was the most in team history. He led them to thirteen wins last season, which was tied for second most all time and of course Rogers did lead the packers to a super bowl forty five win again the steelers at the time. Time that gave Green Bay. It's fourth super. Bowl win its first since the ninety six season. They won one with Farve. They've won one with Aaron Rodgers and only that one, and despite having just the single super bowl appearance, pro football focus graded Aaron Rodgers as the best playoff quarterback of the last decade. This barely beating out Patrick Mahomes. This is a list came out the other day. I just take a moment and look at it here before we take it off the screen Rogers Mahomes Nick foles. Eli Manning Russell Wilson, so just sort of put that in the back of your mind cause one very named one name that is very obviously knocked there that we're going to talk about a little later in the conversation, but I want to start with this notion of Rogers because we brought this up a little bit yesterday and I've tried to bring it up a number of times that we've never really been able to dive into going to do it now. Rodney Vich. You're talking about pro football focus telling us that Aaron Rodgers was the best playoff quarterback of the decade. Almost any of us who watch the sport we'll say he is as talented as any quarterback maybe that we've ever seen. So the question is to have made to just one super bowl with him. Would you consider that an under achievement by the packers? Yeah of course, I mean look if if he is the according to pro football, focus the number one quarterback in the postseason. You would think that they'd have more than one super bowl appearance I mean think back to two thousand fourteen onside kick we should have been. The Patriots should have been playing the packers instead of the Seahawks, so you can't blame it all on Rogers, but I think that the organization should definitely have had more than one appearance in the super bowl, since Rogers has taken over so yeah, definitely I think that they should have one super they have. Have two three at least appearances, so they definitely underachieved with the talent of Aaron Rodgers yes. Yes. We could we have a different discussion about whether how much of the blame goes on Rogers himself, and how much of it goes elsewhere, but generally speaking marcus spears. If you have a quarterback that good for this long, and I would even add to it. They had Brett farve before that they've basically had first ballot hall of fame quarterback play for the last thirty years. They've made three super bowls in that time in one two of them. The you consider that an underachievement. And it's not even close. Listen when Aaron Rodgers think about this right now right now. This climate that we're in what Patrick Mahomes didn't we say all about air rouses then we say Raja's William. Multiple Super Bowls in Green, Bay as long as they kept people around him. I remember playing some of those Green Bay teams with the great defenses with Matthews and B J Raji and all of those guys on the back end of Woodson. was there like? That one team got it done, so it's not like green. Bay hasn't had guys around here Raja's all at all times. They haven't done a lot of things that you probably should do when you have a talent like Aaron Rodgers. So Yeah underachiever that is that is at the baseline of what Green Bay. Problems have been I mean. People have had this conversation to your point. Jiabao Brett Farve as well like. Shouldn't we have one more with some of those teams with Donald driver and all of those guys? They had as well throughout his tenure, but when you look at Aaron Rodgers ability to play this game. At the high level like he does at quarterback. This is whatever franchises looking for. Every franchise wants a guy. They feel like they can win. The Super Bowl we every year and Green Bay has had that for number. Using couldn't get it number once very quickly before I bring Graziano in here because I think he's going to take a different position, but marcus you play in the NFL longtime. He plays defense. He played against a Lotta. Great quarterbacks and Brady is the goat. He's the greatest of all time. That's not debatable, but was Aaron Rodgers best quarterback. You ever played against. How would you describe what it was like playing against him? No question, best quarterback I've played against the best quarterback I've seen in person because I haven't seen patrimony person lined up across the line of scrimmage from me, g his ability to run his ability to throw the ball in any type of window. And just his improvisation. was playing in Raja's eat. He was out running linebackers and secondary guys to pick up yards plays broke down and the like all of these things that we see for Patrick. Mahomes Air Raja's was doing net is not is not that much of a difference between what Air Rogers had the ability to do on the field as opposed to what we're seeing Patrick Mahomes. Do Right now. The game was different, but listen. He's the best I- of a across the line of Scrimmage Harry Graziano. Do you agree with this idea that it has been an organizational underachievement to only to one super bowl with a quarterback? This good this long. I don't agree green and I'm disappointed that I'm on a show with two distinguished former NFL, players, and I have to be the one to make the point that it's really hard to get to the Super Bowl the Tom Brady Rob Nicovic new. England patriots have ruined it for everyone because they're the only team that was able to consistently get to multiple super bowls win multiple super bowls. The colts underachieve with Peyton manning because they only won it once. Have the Seahawks underachieve with Russell Wilson? Wilson 'cause they only want. It wants I mean look. These are great players and great quarterbacks, but the fact is you cannot engineer a roster build in the off season that ensures a super bowl title. All you can do is build a team that consistently wins consistently gets to the playoffs. That's what the packers have been. Rogers been in the NFC championship game four times. Somebody referenced the midst onsides I mean this is the kind of the playoffs are casino if you go play Roulette. You keep betting on red and keep turn up black over and over again fifteen times in read underachieve. No, you just got some bad breaks, so I think it's. It's foolish to say. They underachieve when you're looking at a team that has been to the playoffs as much as they had i. really disagree with that and I know that Marcus does to go ahead. Swagger who? Growth. You, your heart-to-heart. You don't believe that. This please tell me you don't believe that. Breaks to win the playoffs. That you need some. But. If somebody told you go ahead. Z. Y. Hardaway I believe is what I'm going to say. I'm going to say when you look at the all time. Great quarterbacks and Rogers to me is as good as any of them. They make it to the super bowl a lot. I mean that's what these guys do. It is so noticeable that Marino didn't because the rest of the did John Elway got to the Super Bowl repeatedly. Great quarterbacks if you just go back through the history of the sport that great quarterbacks, well, there's a big difference four and one. You're holding up four fingers. I actually got there five times. I think he lost three, and then won the two at the very end. I think if you have. Manning into Andrew Luck disappointing not to get there more than one time. Go ahead, so I go. How many how many times did you go with the broncos to? Do, so he went to another till Tacoma net in that period of of no logo plan with the colts, and technically under a team because he was there for so long he went to Denver and went to two. And Will you tell me air? Rogers been there this loan and he's been the one, and that's not underachieving Russell Wilson Been Tool, even though he lost one two, and he sent a lost that one if they handed them ball off the marshawn Lynch, but he's been to like Carson Winston. For All intents and purposes has been to a super bowl. Has almost been. The two had enough been a guy lining up all sides couple of grass, one super bowl I arrived. underachievement. Almost I do want to get one moment. However, we're going to have to agree to disagree on this. We gotta get one moment in if we can for our friend Mr Gingrich on on the elephant in the room. The list is an. Exactly what to say about a list that grades the best quarter postseason. Decade that does not include. which we're former teammate, Tom Brady who owned the decade of the twenty tens, and won multiple super bowls, and made it. Every year made the playoffs every single year. What do you think of the fact that Brady is not in the top five? Nine Super, Bowl appearances, six wins I mean does that even make sense? The most highest winning percentage of wins yards touchdown passes. Does it make sense I? Don't think so certainly doesn't and again this this only takes into account the decade of the twenty teens, so it's not all of those Super Bowl appearances is not all of the championship sort. There was a run during this decade in which he made the Super Bowl three consecutive times one two of them and the one that he didn't win. He threw for five hundred yards in his team. Never punted, so it's very hard to suggest. He was the reason that they didn't beat the EAGLES THAT YEAR SO I! I. Like Pro Football Focus a lot and I find a lot of what they do fascinating, but I need an explanation niche. We need an explanation of how Brady is not in the top five postseason quarterbacks of the decade, but Nick Foles Eli Manning are all right. We'll leave it there for the moment as we continue cutting up, would patrick mahomes struggle if he switched places with Lamar Jackson Ninkovic said something that made. Marcus Spears head explode looking. Let them discuss this. As we continue next and much more on opening day, it's get up on ESPN. Padma homes on the Ravens in the mark. Jackson on the Kansas City chiefs Lamar. Jackson would be back to back. You out of your Damn Mind, Pat Mahomes struggle in the ravens offense. This should never have been a swag, says this was robbed. Playing to have this swagger said Swag and Nicovic together. Tomorrow on, get up. That should be a lot of fun. And tomorrow is now today. Let's see if it will be fun so here. We have these two dear friends who clearly have a disagreement so the other day and you saw it there rob which suggested that if you flip flop, Lamar Jackson Patrick mahomes contrary to conventional wisdom, it would be mahomes at Jackson. WHO WOULD STRUGGLE MARCUS? What's your reaction to that? First of all I don't know what to say. I think rob did. Know, me and you know that. I'm online when people say things like that first of all rob, let's go football right. We would not see the same offense in Baltimore it Patrick Mahomes was the quarterback, so it ain't as simple as flip-flopping them and the same things are happening I. Don't think Lamar Jackson was struggle at all. In Kansas City's offense are if rain and the recreated around him? But the Mark Jackson no need his legs in Kansas, city offensive as much as he needs in the ravens, all fit and would would off grid has done over there. I have no ideal okay after watching two years with Petro MOMS. And two years a Lamar Jackson. You cannot say these guys get flip flop and beat the Saint. Patrick Mahomes is a different animal brewing the ball. He is for eight of the more Jackson. When it comes today, you can give me. Statue can give me numbers all of that we watch Patrick mahomes throw to football. Is owner level unlike we've ever seen that does not be la more can't throw the football and vice versa when the takes Iran's, he is not there has never been a Lamar Jackson, ever athletically at the quarterback position, but flip-flopping. Those guys rob you OUGHTA. Go ahead nick. Marcus is Kansas City's offensive skill position. Better true false is Kansas City's offensive scope. Better Ravens yes. Lamar Jackson Excel with the offensive weapons in Kansas City. would be up with Lamar. Yes, he would now if you take pat, mahomes have put him with the Ravens with they would. They had the same offense. No, they'd have a different offense, but would you have the same weapons? That he has in Kansas City. He doesn't have tyreek Hill with the Ravens. He doesn't have Travis Kelsey with the Ravens so what I'm saying in Kansas City. If you put a quarterback like Lamar who can move in the pocket, who can get out of trouble and throw the ball down the field? Because let's not get it twisted. Now. He could throw the football and I think this year he's going to. To throw the ball down the field, even more and be even smarter in the pocket and get out of situations with his legs, and told the ball down the field. So what I said was look. We switch these guys and we put this quarterback. We put Pat. Mahomes on the Ravens in you. Take Lamar you put them with Kansas City that I think Lamar would take those weapons in Kansas City. And be the MVP two times in a row. That's what I think probably aware it's Marcus. Course. Do you think do you think Patrick Mahomes in that offense with the Ravens lose to the titans last year. Oh! Yeah because it's is running the football all over them, so yeah. Okay? You too low raw. I thought you. Thought you had a knicks really handle of wealth through this whole thing. And I thought you had it was like that moment at the end of a legal drama where the lawyer asked the question. Stand for a second there. I thought naked couldn't handle the truth all right. We'll done meanwhile. Some other. State well, guys get up ago Russell. Westbrook says he's quote thankful and blessed after participating in his first practice yesterday since recovering from the coronavirus, it's not been determined yet whether he will play in the rockets scrimmage on Friday, but he is in the bubble, and the is doing better. Meanwhile, the Pelicans announced that there is still no timetable for Zion Williamson to return to the bubble. However, he quote fully intends to rejoin the team. He's been getting tested daily for covert nineteen while outside the bubble. Rachel Nichols Jalen rose in. In our next hour. All these NBA notes and then Baseball Mike Trout initially hesitant about the plans to stage a season now expressing optimism with the opener approaching, saying quote, I'm playing his wife. Jessica is due to give birth to their first child on August third, but he says he's playing. As the season gets underway being today on ESPN our Syria. Coverage continues with a lot CEO hosting powdery. That's coverage today starting three thirty eastern on ESPN and the ESPN APP by Kirby bold prediction on Debt Prescott that if it's true. Change the landscape of the NFL for a very long time, and you know what I think. It is here at the next hour. Get up on ESPN.

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