The 14th Episode


strapped personal. Y'all know what time it is. I'll bring the jack if i have to. What's up everybody. You already know to you. That's why podcast got e in the house was happening. This guest energy on the inter- your dancing and shit like i say we got a very fucking passed out you to the barbecue brisket plate that I got time this time. I got time this. We got to do it again. We had to do it again. While wasn't working in the middle of couch. central knows Joey bet from shut up in refill. Mop carver high be. I'm good man. i'm i'm still kicking. Thank god made. It made it back in one piece from gonzales taxes. Hail hanging out That the tweet about who wants to end. I'm like aurora. If human knocking let me now matthew like apple Dropped in the last one and did cheap plug from shit like man. I gotta give him full. What however long it takes. So i mean we could do another vibe with kobe and all that kind of killed five and because you know what i'm meteorologist did it really. I mean we did one and you know the different houses or what now what we only we could do. But you know we'd like to have the guests. The whole vibe thing was had guests in like vibe with people you know when we didn't have a gift with each other you know what i mean the whole vibe and deal was the vibe with other people and get it going. You know what i mean. Yeah we'll bring in you know she's got her own thing now too you know. Don't make me thank podcast. She's working on that you're right. Yeah yeah that's all spreaker. Okay i gotta find it. Because i was like all i heard i heard the first one. I'm like what happened to that. I guess 'cause like he's deal because the thing was it doesn't go on apple podcasts. So like es. I'll have to open up on spotify and i figured out how to put all that on apple like deliberately put it through apple like the or whatever. Yeah and so. That's all i mess with. The my podcast is is. The apple is apple. I tunes deal. And so yeah. It's it's a video on my youtube. It should popcorn links into description. Yeah man over there done here. Check that out. And if you don't wanna listen to all the random episodes do cup shows in the extra butterfield. That's all the random stuff that's like all the rate like all these entertainment podcasts. They go into detail on like stuff that's like and whatnot. I do the same thing. And like i try to keep it like ten to fifteen minutes. It doesn't have all the nice bugai stuff. You know what i mean like commercials thing honestly with my podcast i dig. It definitely was wink. When cova kinda hit it was just not good. It was no good fun stories out there anymore. It's kinda like blah. And i'm a i'm a real routine kind of person and once i fall out of a routine i just i fall out. I mean i started back again eventually but right now i mean this this thing right here. That's wild i mean. This is my baby right now. So hova if you burri. Ill house comedy Ghassem for you grow because you know twitter's awhile place. Br and i follow a couple of people and apparently there's a video of iraq that's going around. I don't know if y'all y'all follow anybody. It was the neck ammonia time. Are you talking about now on and on and talk about six nine at all about the one that jumped in the waterberg fire. No i'm talking about the dues fucking. Oh what the yeah sequent ready to eat now sequel to read and see people on fucking twitter bre and they're focusing on tiktok. 'cause you're gonna take tax the crazy mother fuckers nine hour taco and shit out this twitter shit and you can only cells with an women you know what i got to say. I think it was awesome. Nfl the but like i was saying you need to bring in house because of your handling. I didn't i do not see that. I mean the wrench and everything. I know y'all got a four-match two topics to talk about. But did you see this shit. premium twitter. Yes the super followers and all that bullshit. Yeah like what the fuck is that shit. I mean i heard it was like you can sell your premium. Onlyfans style ship. I have no clue on regular twitter. You got to download the app now. Has twitter regular twitter. I guess basically twitter is starting to only fans like y'all wanted to anyone. Only 'cause loves really is yeah ueno. Check this out. That might be a good thing. Because if you're paying for stuff then you could probably say whatever you want. You won't get bad. You could literally say whatever you want on that one. I bet there's gonna be some people who are really popular and have a big following and they're gonna make you pay to see their tweet. Oh so there's a win win. I'm gonna say this if anybody follow does a premium twitter bullshit. This is barbara is talking about is fogging blog. I ain't gonna pay to see your stupid ass tweets bro. I don't give a damn about those stupid as video i'll give a damn about your good morning busey damn about anything that you're going to have to promote or save because i'm not gonna pay for a fucking looking through the plate of food i'm meteorite. Now they grow look at the snow in texas. Everybody got that shit. Look out the window not know. How do you feel about fleet i. I don't even think i've used. I haven't either. I have used it once. I haven't. I don't even think i've used it for the damn show either way. Maybe once but i know use it on on a that's bob pocket And i don't even think. I use the right because i look and i was like. That's not even what i try to do. We going to do segment on here for the first time it's called that's wild or make you smile so basically if you seen something this week that was just ridiculous. That made no sense. That's wild or maybe seeing something out was cool like somebody did something for somebody. It made you smile. So i'm gonna start out with When people come to the supermarket for some reason their brain completely shuts off. They can't find anything they ask you for everything. A in example other day. I'm standing on a meat case. I see this dude kinda like look up and down on me case finally looks at me says you guys got ground turkey five feet away from. There's a display with the lease sporty packs a ground turkey. It's got a sign on on everything. I walk up and wave my hands up and down by you talking about this and you could see the look on his face. He's like oh. I should have been able to see that but i'm in my hand on my desk. Wow that you can't find thirty packs of meat dez right in front of your face. People are stupid. I find myself stupid situation like that all the time where it's like. Oh and you know how like without the masking you can show people only lets me with a mask Why am i making the emotion to to signal that. Oh i fucked up this other person. I'm just misers walkaway Saw i'll tell you what. I what i didn't see but it was. Yesterday was the the amount of people that went out to help a community by for those who do listen to be a mess show. Their the boys went up to help the salvation army seeing them out. They're brought in a bunch of other people and they welcome donations and all that stuff so and it wasn't open to the public like he couldn't just walk off the streets and be like. Hey i wanna pack. I wanna package. And i want some water. It was for this little apartment community and it was. It was pretty bad ass. Obviously he's actually smiling. He's smiling like a motherfucker right now. I would say the while. Shit that i saw was my man. Losing his dance with her mother. Fucker notification ever anthony's fallen. You did yo do. I never use use that account. I made a long time ago. I would use it every blue moon. But i'd never really. I didn't pay attention account. So i was like i got start using it now. I start looking like shit. I'll follow this person fall. This person even key keila hit me up. He's like you don't follow me. Power you joan yes. Let's have knit in good right now. So you bike. Whatever now much you've been drinking what's happened hand. Yoda's some g shit right there s They still sell that shit. Yes you find it. You don't wanna go right. can't tim. Handful of he's like sign up for this shit. I'm out you'll zuma's confusing the kids begin to do this. Shit doing their science projects and whatnot. Roy you yeah. Yeah joey man. he's the settlement refill. Yeah and we met up yesterday. Have debbie man. I'm tito pibor was up. Tito nice to meet you nice to meet you. Homie out to me yes sir. You're watching watching tiktok wants to do. That's prime tom. Tv down tiktok all day at this especially watching no kid. It's use it here with you know a little headphone in. And just hang out with an ira. Yeah yeah. he's a fellow he's also new dead. My kids a year and a half old. But it's still it's still new my first of all how many y'all only got working. I'll may kogo one case. Oh shit fucking handful. Oh shit and the only one in here before. He is now the basketball team. Or which i think about if the rock runs president you think anybody who wouldn't vote for the iraq who the can see right just right out. The rock doing is saying everybody here voting for him i would just they fucking ronald reagan. I'm not saying what he's going to be either owner democrat or republican or whatever. I don't wanna talk about the you know damn well. We couldn't vote for biden or huggins who sanders. because they're both in diabetics spoken. Six years ago i might as well noon. And you're imagine if he run for the party whether the general election or the primary between the hulk hogan and the rock and we have wrestlemania eighteen. Go down a should be. It should be a a match where it's a talking metal fucking by the president limitation chamber. Do even those senators jumps off the fuck and top rope. Her joke in shit can happen in the next ten years arena that we go right now that she could have it on record. I'll say all i know is we should just have a six year. One term president sticks years one term presidency so that what if he's fucking up in those six years then we piece them on the with with still teach people all the time they don't get the fuck outta the goddamn white how they still chill yet but see back in the day impeach you forget blowjob. Now the impeach you because you're on ditch. It is beach because he got a blowjob. I dare man house debates though with the rock near light. He such a f- down in a minute. No no real talk. Does the president actually really do anything and make decisions or people. Tell him to do something and he talks. So if the rock is the president of the fuck is talking his ass off. It'd be perfect. The person is just fucking puppet. He's not really making a decision like all those lobbyists. Now the thing is like it's a balance of power you know like you know the house and in the what is the the judges should spend more check and balance each other but you get those fuckers that in there for life like what are the senators or congressmen they have no term limits. They just keep rerunning. Rerunning acid legitimate. Who would be the rocks vite vp. Ooh shit the barbara joan hill. He's dona l. That's a good one young guinea joni because one of them is exactly that doing a hill. One percent Yeah yeah y'all need to send them slowed every year. We got a little debbie. He's got plenty low. Debbie trust meet guiding. You worked on. How many places man was he. Rattler stabat ten source and allowing mature about. Oh shit you. Yeah you see the i wrote. My axle does right by you all in his basement so that makes just one stop delivery like him and happy. Go back to warehouse ago. 'cause like the stores i have aerobics stored so it just made they like turn into base twelve hour days for damn yet was not fun. That fucking sucks bro. Yeah yeah yeah especially because it's like that happened. Got out of that but in snowstorm so like all the stores are completely empty. So then all some. I'm having to actually work on top of having. Dx door puzzled stores buckner damn do so two weeks of living l. a. Do you got like stores that you like to deliver to stores that. You just don't want to go in there Walmart who said that ever era. Nail the nail on the head I've been in a supermarket business for like twenty eight years. I know is a walmart walmart to give a flying fuck about you to the annetta percent recorded this or is just like zoom pockets. Dan i attributed off. It's little debbie. Ads like a fucking What do you call lou just to be safe. We'll edit out less t. It's actually dedicated to social media like artery. That's why like even on my twitter like after kinda try and be safe and they've actually caught off. They actually started replying much since I'll walk up. They replied you tweets. Yea not there. They replaced by reach -letes so like today. I retweeted their whole like the happy scene of the week and i was like yet. Make sure you need sir cake in there are like that's the spirit knowledge like i'll be in with a fucking You know Mikey crab with the own. I do the fucking dick. Because be honest like i call it the show like three weeks ago and i was like frigging hugging. I was having a rough fast day rough s morning and i call us bill. Massive charter be like. Hey you got her off as sets up in like like it was a rough morning. I think is religious over. They like it sound like the saddest l. and You know the next day. Cody that guy. He called in. And i it was like whatever like i give a rough day. And that's some reason. I broke down on the radio so site. You make fun of me. Shit whatever i do. I'm laughing at kodiak to work with him. So but then but then today trucking. Mikey crabs take a shot at me. Because i wanted salvation army yesterday to me like all the guys because like i've never met them and i think that's cool and i went to go meet them and also like if you see a white f150 fifty with a bit haul behind it That might just be below debbie Yesterday and today he replied to that tweet yet. Make sure you look for the the dude right. I look for the rich crying with his woman in the driver's seat. Wow real real like real rich content there bro. you know. Like cody didn't basically all rate rose or light off. He's like oh you know. Oh the hurt your feelings. Now's like no not at all telling you like you're a bit late. But and he was all like no. I called in wednesday that day. Do like roasts you to just let me through your the reason. They like podcasts. Of y'all y'all debbie man. I don't know if you know. I used to work with cody. I moved to texas for a little bit. I worked with him with three months in. I mean i think cody's i mean is coda was shit. Man that sucks yeah. The obscene might crabs. He's been around for a while they didn't use a bit of fucking gay he's a dig was a heroin addict. He he hold they're like oh. Did i hurt your feelings. And it's like i mean dude. I was having a rough day. Like you've never had a rough day. Have we never ever updates and was really calling into the show that day to be here like actually turn around and naked. Hear it in my voice in kind of like fried into it to where they were. What's going on on world This debbie man was me. Tell you this about my cat. He calls into a lot of different shows. And from what i hear. No one really likes him because he's an asshole. That's what i told him. I tweeted him outside. This no wonder the entire billy. Madison show doesn't like you. I don't know about java human. Jared have big you know. Yeah he way he calls in him in jericho addicts. So like i said. Are you can text. Jared after i got tweets and i ended up lot impact tweeted that out this negativity in my life much less than that twitter because locked him and then i texted her not a message on twitter. Like dude now. I know why you have added on the air because this is a jackass one hundred and it would have made sense if he didn't you know the day after cody did get whatever but he took a shot at me like three weeks later about something that happened when i called in vote sheet. Stay cool dude. Awesome good job. A real quick people are fucking savages and utilize roll with the punches dude. If he's been asshole just like a block on. That's what you do know. Don't yeah. I basically i sent. Smd is he is just people making noises with their mouth. Don't let them get you pissed off. Who cares you know who you are. They're not quick. You know what. I'm thinking we don't need to what was happening was fucking off audience. He's come then. You grow dude but e you miss them willow. Debbie dan lewis man. He is a little jobs serious. Joe estranged cake boss for light that thinking about you know my wife's in the other room laughing morass as the man out on twitter at has dope shot a oh. He said sat up yang twitter. You're thinking for now. And we do these podcasts. We have we have guests with us. No more topics just fucking talk. Just fuck entire wiegand. invite me by me. This is the first time downloaded zoom. And i'm down for this listening. I send the link out. I don't care who joins me for real. Why measure only person pat abidi merode. I said i don't have a backdrop professionals in color as my leg. I do i do it on twitch joe backdrop fucking alcohol problem that you need. Yeah room here these. I started recording again. I just started because we gotta guess. I sell shoes. What's up royal perth. I realized that he's fucking out. Josh how you doing good not bad for right now. What state you in tennessee. Oh what was damage around there City right now at all last week. Go back at this week. It's been creo. Que was temperature is like three phrase welcoming just like jack buck. The cold temperature was it. Three marie three degrees. Why you still there. You should move. The florida is way better here because hurricanes and stuff as you say hurricane coming you drive away georgia you chill. He don't wanna move to the nation's pena's move to florida even wanna move there. Gotta worry about florida man coming in your fucking backyard and do some great. So how'd you find the link. Just follow them or is it somebody else you re tweeted. Or what's up the street and support threads. Yeah that was me. I sent that out there. That's why podcast is sir. Can you got a podcast. Do associates from the hip. Oh okay yeah. I think we've followed you know again. I think we fought follow back. Yeah yeah okay. Yeah that's how you do it. May you gotta network and jumping anytime whenever you see the opportunity. If it's out there jump on it as soon as you guys would have been done by now. The linguists rely an hour. Or something. I go i go ahead and promote your podcast man. That's what everybody does and they come on so i host a show celsius from the hip. You can find it. Wherever you find your podcasts. Mostly talk about a pop culture black culture and the griffin between off shoots alison. Let me ask you something are you. Won't you're using anchor or anything to monetize your podcasts on my pocket. It's not montage I've been using a bus routes hosted. Okay hey when you use you. Mike what mike are using. So i a blue yeti. But i'm at work right now so i don't have anything is to have a blue yeti man. I ran into abortion problems with windows syndrome. Like my body stopped working. I a usb One for the xlr. The the used you want better. But it doesn't go tomorrow castors castor. Yeah i hear good things about that. I i gotta zoom patrick or like the cheap little brother version. Caster robbing for real podcasts. May not not that. You're is not real does not black. You ain't insulted me. Yeah we ain't getting no money I bought a about a cameo. From vince russo. I don't give me that. Like sounds just a levels at record. Three or phone or your computer Andrew mike at once it is pretty good like i really enjoyed it. Super guy got one is. This makes a lot of the setting up easy. You know like most computers are not really meant to record on directly. You know sodas the Good you can take you. You don't have to be computer. Whatever i started off with a sure m plus a usb. Lightning hooks up to your iphone. And i use that from the beginning. But for some reason i felt like i wanted to do more like i wanted to take on calls and stuff like that i got a zoom h one of our the h or in or something like that consumer quarter and i mean we tried it with the auxiliary cord steamer exoo cable. It was Never it was using bluetooth and it was choppy. Then i invested in the contract p four and i can just hook up to that end right now. I have just how my is being hooked up on the computer. It works fine. I haven't had no issues. But like i hear a lot of good things about the roe. Caster i mean how many you got the i like the soundboards like on the i got four slots and so have to pick and choose what i want to put on there and and what i what i really liked that feature of being able to call like use the phone have to go back to work but It's just the guys all. Yeah man it was awesome. Bro pre said good meeting later. I may have a good damn every motherfucker know. Shit what did i do. Shit run out. I would tell you right out every zone the book when we started talking. How big business other listening only ever like. I got his punk. You've heard he heard zoom. He thought i was talking about the damn lucky conference call yards jassem dates. Okay i i know you know some of bubba. My headset works in. Yeah so. I don't even know none of that. Other moves get in in win i cool. That was cool. liz. Liz is do did. Somebody gives information. I want a half base iphone. Joey yung killed dated shit.

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