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Hey girl, hey, welcomes taste Taylor, my weekly podcast. So here's the deal. I have a two hour. Talk radio show the Taylor sucker show Monday through Friday that's available. Live from eight ten t. s. t. and then available for to do whenever you want, but it is subscription based radio show, hey, running live radio show h. e. Honey. I do however realize that some people can or simply don't wanna pay for content. So here's a little bite of what I'm all about for you to nibble on. I hope you love it. Hey, girl, hey, welcome to another episode of tastes of Taylor. It's your weekly podcast with more Taylor striker. So guys, this week, we are pulling a clip from the truck show. Of course, as we always do with the one and only rob shooter, this person is an insane person. And I mean that in the best way possible. So rob shooter is married to bury mantle as his manager, whatever somebody who's super tight with Barry Manilow. And so they had this. He has. They together how the super interesting life, but in his own. Right. Rob is so fascinating. So he was a publicist for a bazillion years. He had crazy clients like Jessica Simpson, j. lo, I mean, you name it, he -rupt them. And then he started to realize that he didn't want rep the stalls because he was a straw, oh, his British. By the way, in case this is your first time listening to the podcast, and you have yet to be introduced to the very fabulous rub shooter. But yes, so key broke off and he started doing his own stuff and he became what you would call a gossip columnist. So he has this fabulous website. It's called naughty gossip dot com. And he is just he's a very interesting person. He's been in this business for a long time. He wore many different hats. And so I just find him so fascinating because he always has the behind the scenes details on everything, and he really can break down this industry, the entertainment industry. Unlike anybody I've ever met before. He also, I think, make. Up some stories, but that's cool. I'm down with that because he entertains me and that's all I really care about. So anyway, him and I when we started working together, I wanted to save him in the eyeballs because he's just so he's so sassy. So cheeky, his tagline on his website is always a pinch, never punch. And I was like, bro. You're like legit punching me square in the face, but as we were together over time, I mean, now we're probably going on two years. We've just like fallen in love with each other and we torture each other. But anyway, we're really good buds now. And so this fashion week he said to me, darling, will you be my date and week? And I was like, you know what? Dude, I will be your date. So we kicked off fashion week the only way to which is going to a multitude of parties and getting wasted beyond belief and we had the best time ever. So anyway, in this clip, we are breaking down our night together during fashion. We, we went to a bunch of parties together. We went to the celebrity page TV New York fashion week party. We also went to the okay magazine party, and there were so many Bravo is there. I thought I would die. Rob from me in the red carpet, and it was just like between him through the red carpet, the way he walked in there like he was like the Queen of England. I mean, he's supposed to drink on me to cause a scene. The man is insane, and I love every second of it. So anyway, so here's a couple of breaking down our night out for New York City fashion week, darling. It's fabulous. Hey, girl. Just want to take a real quick break. Talk about something that's very important to me. I'm going to be at laugh, Boston on Sunday, September. Thirtieth doing a live taste of Taylor show. Yes, Honey. It's a live podcast with special guest and Monday co host Sean Kilby also for all of you Cosmo radio fans from back in the day out there. You know, you love Shankhill beef from y, be your boys show cocktails of Patrick. Yup. It's that Sean Kilby, Sally Sean and I love him. He so great. He's like, he's just he's just so frigging funny and just so Saul in such a nice guy anyway. So he's gonna be. There with me doing my live show my live podcast Sunday, September, thirtieth in Boston at laugh Boston. Now also I may or may not have gotten Matt Ryan to also join me, but that's still up in the air. So I can't promise that, but I can promise I'm going to be there. I can promise Sean is going to be there and you know, I'm a Boston girl and Boston native. It's my hometown. It's my homecoming show. So I'm going to have a couple of friends and family popping up here and there as well. And of course, guys, there are tickets. There's general mission as always, and there's also VIP tickets for those of you who want to get your drank on with me and Sean after the show, and also take a picky or two. We definitely like to play at these show. So if you get those VIP tickets, you going to be hanging out with us. Nah. Now, sorry, don't don't come now because I sang that that was really knowing and you can get your tickets at laugh, Boston dot com or follow me through your bands in town apps. You can check that out. And again, you can get your tickets at laugh, Boston dot com or follow me through your. Bands in town apt. And like I said, we've got general mission and we've also got the IP tickets. So we got you covered at any price point. So check it out and I hope to see you there. I mean, it's the hometown of Boston. It's going to be bananas. Okay. So I want to talk about our fashion harder because it was so much fun. I think everybody has been waiting to hear what you and I aren't the best social media. And so I didn't post a picture and post I forgot to and I actually have a picture actually, I will pose it. So you'll talent so. So cute started with us what we've got a bit of a little bit of a rough start. So we went to you women's Patino six. Those rain conditioning was broke up Latina, so we'll can spots at s- so obscene you at six thirty, you don't be late. And I said, I want I literally got there at six thirty five late. There was too hot. So I walk in stop says he gives me Beckham up. So what I did so six thirty. Before you did take show up at the? I actually, I'm already so before the before six thirty, I had to meet my friend. Vicki ghost indicate is the best red carpet, like reporter, great nominal. She went to Newsweek, she does. Everybody should delicious. So I I like to back people up into all one evening and get six people out out of the way. One line is fabulous. Then there's enough you either. So I said to NICKY meet me at five forty, five forty, five minutes with Nikki's enough. She would agree, and we will walk with indicate the conditionings broke its writing and hot. It is like a sonar in there. So I said to McKinney constant here, we'll go across the street to the red cats where I know the owners, it's quite difficult to get in, but will let us sit at a table in the back where we can have a drink. You Pooh an appetizer. We're not to do so that Nikki had forty five minutes of Nikki catching up, like like craziness laughing than you went in. Then you came up to the red tap bit of a nightmare. But you finally get that. We sit down pouring rain when I pulled up Tina. And thank God the rain happen. Thank thank God for you. The rain just throw because I'd have an umbrella and I was wearing shoes and I was like, I, I literally said to him, so here's, here's rob. Let me tell that was rob story. Let me tell you my story. So rob text me such a dick. So rob Texas me. Okay. So. So I so anyways, so let me put up by tax it. See. Okay, I got, I got, I got it. I got it. I got it all. So anyway. So I. So you wrote out of a so where, how did it just? Oh, I don't. We did. You send me the link to the article that you wrote or not a Gaza, but my so basically Rob's covering this party celebrity page TV part. Friend was doing the peel fruit and they couldn't get any press. So they said, would you please post a story about the celebrities coming fell? Send me a list and I'll add on the Taylor. The list was very extensive. So rob put himself. I, of course. And then he put me second, listen, Caligula minded. It is no in the title Tyler stricken from the title strict show you your fun. I notice that because somebody a ride just makes you stupid. Actually. Do you'll listen. You'll listen Unidas spellcheck puppets thought. It was funny though Strecker. Okay. So rob shooter, the best telling out who doesn't love him, wink Taylor, struggling Kelly, Rutherford. Melissa Gorgon to rent a badly. Danielle Saab carried Uber. I mean, listen, these are these? Are these. And basically it just goes on and on. But you put my picture as the cover all people, the pale people takes to be about it. They were like is who's to trying to strike up. They Don oak right yet. We say, you say, with authority shot, I stayed. I was like, we thought you'd use like a housewife. Under like who's the pig? That's Titus Strelka. Oh, quite yet. Right. Okay. So this is my friend to strip. OMG you're the best. So we're going to that party and you said, okay, party first and then up to celebrity plumbing, I said, okay, great. You, you said you'd better be interesting because I'm stuck with me for two hours LL at six thirty don't believe, but at the shot with you wear and then you said yours me. So we'll matter kisses. Rule. Many rogue change. I'm at red cabbage Naveh between twenty third and twenty four. And I wrote on my way. I also the way to the right Todd that you out. I stand credit. I literally wrote him when I said here, where those two techs. No, I didn't see the red cat. I'm going to murder you. I wrote that to him. Oh my God. I'm such an asshole. Sorry, you did. Critical. All whether job to the taxi we shut down to the okay party up and down, which is like one of the best clubs, new really cool club on never been in it six, seven o'clock. So we get in that. And then they've got a booth reserved for for the people for Dylan. My boss real quick. You intentionally dumped to drink. I don't know why, but we'll get to the bottom of that. So we number one, we walk up to the party. When you guys walk up to party, there's a line, there's decorum you stand in the line, you get you get them to separate. If you have a PR person with you, which rob is like PR, but slash also talent, so wouldn't even PR person with you like my, I had a publicist for awhile Gabby and she would walk up to her contact. It'd be like, I've got Taylor here. Are you ready for her? And they'd be like five, five minutes. He's gonna take some pictures and you stand there and you wait, and they throw you on the red carpet. And then she said no party there. It's in full swing face culture taken into flash flash flood. We showed up fashionably. Late taught, don't open. We walk up literally rob walks to the one hole in the entire thing. Like there's like a line. There's a thing and there's a seven, repeat rob walks right up to the seven, repeat he? He doesn't even check in with PR. He just walks right through his shoes throws on, and he says, take a picture of her. She's. From Sirius XM and I knew what you're doing now to give a fuck. I'm like, you don't want fuck them and using. And so so because the second be Taylor ticket hotels show. So I took picture, I'm sure I look like a deer and headline. I didn't have time to even I adjust my outfit. Threw me on the carpet, has a second degree boob my God events. We walk, we don't stop and I grab somebody said we need a booth mmediately that's happened to know. A did. No, you have to be very good friends with one of the head people AM I did the boss that he wasn't the one that David Smith. This was somebody that worked at. It wasn't really quite sure of the name, but I did recognize sort of the face. Right. And so would say, realize I grabbed her that she tried to push us. Oh, no, no, no. You have to take us to the booth, right? So that she is school too, like Shiloh. Did. The booth just walked in like a fucking. I've never seen such confidence. I'm so impressed. I was horrified equal parts, horrified and oppressed. You're like, you saw the monster biting dialup fast site, but, but you. But you go in with purpose? No question. So no is no head. Hi, sometimes I'd take the call if I break my Dallas, I'm going home. Oh my God. So we go in and basically the second I walked the second I walk in, I see Amanda and and Kyle from several houses. She's Hollywood hug them. Rob grabs me. Going to follow. My Gallup don't know about me from my gal was going, then we walked by the real housewives of New York, horrid. We're not talking to me horrible real-estate days. Did they had the they should type. Do you any wild food by the toilet when you need it? So weird wasn't it. So we bonus because glaring outta hell looked durables. She's Sonya was fully lover. Love, love love. There was another really does. So was that care was there? And then we walked back to say, what is way better way better real estate, the wrong club real on the table. And then I see the real housewives of Dallas. I don't know those better spot than what I think knowing how bossy Ramona is they probably wanted to get away from everybody. We'll give you a table by the door away from the people. Oh boy, she's nears gen pop. She's near general population because the party goers are all the main bar because it's only get a drink and we said, we passed them sat down and then we're on a rise which bay, and then that was the president of ads which people you have no business. Then we looked down off. I little stage the summer house said it's had the best state next to a building, say boobs. Definitely the boy in the pants shorts that had been on on them. Flooding said, I don't think this Nawaz what the blond guy or the the the blond guy, Kyle, you loved him and you have people love him. It's I can't. I said to him, I said, I love your show down what's a dime pillow below the day, rob listed every single show wrong show that he wasn't shopping cuts, which makes me snow that you know what you always on because you're intentionally avoiding to show he's on shows you are such. Why do you do that? Why do you do that? Does make yourself? Do you want to show them that you're. Off the road show. You're such a, you're such a show. I basically this is me all night long. I'm getting dragged the arma rob. He keeps spilling drinks and I keep saying to people. I'm so sorry. Sorry, words, the wise if you ever hang us, rob shooter don't wear white. You will be covered in covered covered and cranberry juice is. Thank God I wore black is the key to it. You sit at a booth that already of buffalo Volker on your table. There's a book it of is this crap l. would love it. Quick jury have to ask you because so we go in as quickly as we go with me, go out John. Is that intentional kid tonight? Why? Because I think it's when you leave, you leave. When you arrive, you arrive. I believe and liquid in the hallway never have never will so never have done. So then we decided to leave after forty minutes. He will wait. There's more story in there because while you were busy spilling drinks on me and torturing dollar, Tom Cruise cocktails. Okay. Okay. Can things well you were doing that? I was. So I went off to find Kyle and Amanda because you so abruptly by them. I just wanted to and unlike you, I don't like I wonder Irish furious. So no, you said you said you're going to the bathroom, I, that is a lie and you know it. Okay. Of course you did. You realize it was two three vodkas in a few shopfronts because we were pulling our own. So when you pull your own. You a bottle don't to splash. So we three three-quarters, oh yes, it does all Bunka. So I went and I went to go find Kyle and man. I couldn't find what they had to go back up to the carpeting, the picture in whatever. And so we're talking and chatting. And while it was talking with him, some Grammy's said, oh my God. Are you Taylor? Schreker? I. I saw this. Oh. Second, the first one, the second one would me are utilized. Sugar said why? Yes, I am. And she said, I love your show. I love your radio show, and I found you on stuff his podcast, and I just think that you're the best and she was so adorable and I love her. You aren't there, and then I came back to you and I would like I would tell you, I recognize because you'd be so you would. You would leave me, shoots, it kicks recognize you out, whatever that get around our way. I never go who was actually working there. She is. So you can tell tell the audience leaving, and there's a lady with a clipboard who I think she a popcorn pup code. Oh yes. Because the pub co sponsor Mehmood taking pictures with popcorn, whatever happens, those pictures. Remember Lindsay how somebody's up sending you shit, not who's that. From the down show. I love from the ups and downs show dick below the from summer house. That's the one you know. Actually she has. So although we would do. Zag was stolen shit. I, we got to lay little by door. The had an open Torres that we have to happen. So I stopped assuming the Dodi, but it did that somebody to to you and they were all your time to strike. We love little chitchat will sit in shadow. Awful the lights of the night, but I loved the okay party. Thank you. Bring me off on. I will Castillon turned up than which in Gaza on the gen boots. Boots on the your Taylor was out party wasn't as good as my Taylor was out of. She could have met us there because Andrea. In Tokyo. Also wildly celebrity page a little bit to do segment. So then no, listen, there's already is okay. We went to their party. I and that was when I went out to Sedgwick, we saw them. We saw Chanel Amari, yes, yes, yes. We're into some of your old. It was eight nosecone and also let me just be clear during a medley showed up to that party. She is like, no, that party was Sean of us, amiss that I know Eddie attend think is bisexual. And I'm not saying that he did and I'm not flattering myself this Adam. So we resist the straight men. Love me. I'm not doing a thirty. I'm not doing that. Something really sexual about John almost too much. And I think he wanted to go into the bathroom allegedly. I think I know, but he was. He was, he was out. He was out to Paul tell you. Go to donate my name like that. That's a good that's actually Harte's. And said, I don't a francesacon calm. I want to move vote, stop able be like you like butter on Monday partake. To written the soap, just that Princess Diana's a stint. You'd have all beautiful. For some reason, the camera does not love the kind of better. The kind of change she's she's cute as a button is your. Doney Hoskin glows has jaylo skin in person and she's like toll that blonde hair. She's elegant. Yes, she really has. I've really something I adore her. I never said I had earned more there because she never remembers me. She always remember that you remember I didn't even bother because she always remembers dossier, and it makes me so fucking about, I'm Fred, you register. Did you say ten times remember? And then I was practically didn't go to the politics. I was like, third, I wanted to go Donald Trump, junior's girlfriend, Kimberly. You wanted to get that. And I'm such a bad person, free thinking excitement to fan of the Trump administration. I'm not a fan of the trumps and I say vocally and I'm very, very honest about Dan, but then put put for me then to go to a politics because the Saudis. Don't do well. I'm proud of you for having morals, and I wish it shows you about climbing though. I said, okay, I and then celebrity page after it's because geography, I should've gone with a new an okay would go to what in the morning, those this is the thing. So I will say this like it was a great night and I really did just so everybody knows so that the celebrity page party cut to round two of rob, not checking in walking straight, pass a person with a clipboard and the woman goes like this. Oh, okay. So you're not going to check in and even people never was like, oh, I guess he doesn't want to check in like you have known even know you're talking about. I am. I was raised on that. I applaud light dogging of I have long legs stuff that quickly. Well, jumbo jets thing call just stop me. Is that Robert? He's so quick. If you wanna stay with you. Reading your little. So anyway. So it was. It was afterwards when we listen to. I think somebody tried to take my photograph Taylor has video of it. We're saying, no pictures, no pictures, no pictures. Don't your in your again. You could see the video dragging me along. We'll can get a cl- you, he'll he'll eat him up. He level you just get me a fuck in harness. I was in four inch heels. Rob you'll full, but mine. I was sensible shoes, half look fabulous, but I did the fabulous and celebrity. Thank you. And you look beautiful, too, and celebrity page was so fun. And we had such a good time and you Bob will really opened up as a person and it was wonderful. I didn't tell you what you are very nice to say. I don't know who she is. Shut up. Social socia- had so much, and I'm happy when page, but I will say this that, okay, magazine party had some real heavy hitters and it was really fun and goes you. And so many gender showed up. I'm so mad at dealing with their and you at rob poo on your face. Full giving you a fabulous night. Yeah, thank you. It was really fabulous, but it was. Next time we stay at the other party long. I am nosy. I'd like to know mass. My crazy for NATs came to a k. and he'd come from celebrity page and it was like, don't go to every page. This is better on us. I don't trust months opinion. I should have trusted like, well, in the future, trust my opinion. The second one, you got all the broadcast members there. That what can we could've done then? Does it end up with Dylan? Oh, and we would have been sitting is the head of PR Bravo and Jen wouldn't sit at the high slot type. It's too bad. It was terrible place. So Jen sat at the table, which was the best I think should be the best time, but it's Paul to what was it you the potty reality. So with right, tell me the hierarchy of parties like that. So we walk into, okay, okay. And there's like there's a bollocking get to dodge as the schedule of makes can get to Dylan's. Daddy is the boss of all this. Yes. Yes. To drink. So Dillon likes to go for drinks downtown Dell exploded because AM is by my apartment. So I'm Dillon Liz by my partner neighbors yet has placed done tonight. I think I think I think he would like to have sex with me and Taylor. Yes, I think he would. I'm, he's a. He's a. He's a very doors doorbell, Australia, naughty as all get up at. If I have ten percent of Gaza. Yanni you guys. He's like straight rob, which which is ten straight men. I love straight women. Straight men might be a little scary. Let you Anthony who have a crush on to build the bulk of the Plymouth fucking builder. And you know it was a Bill to yes, diploma. I'm not talking. So Anthony. You have a crush on him from a distance in person. I would be. We it around onto next Reitman. Scads a little bit does not. It's not my thing. That's good. I, I don't know how to make women love me. I know how to make game and love me, but I don't always know how to make men love straight men straight so interest. I think I turned some straight mental. Straightening is not good. So I was at with Dillon with dad's great with good with moments dot Socia, but hates, yes. Peter, my teeth practice about talks dentist. You'll year cheese. Get the fuck out. So we'll have it Drake's. I two door like to the point where I got to tool, he puts on the show full news. He's he pulled a straight friend of his from a stray Leah who's in time visit. And he was like, I'm seeing shooter which is say straight to last night, and I was like, mischance straight man. Shoots a, I said to him. So there's shooter miss, shoot this shit too. You don't put it out. Well, we showed. Cohn join us. And then this like another stripe. My books said, I, maybe it's because the restrain Elliott. That was so cute at Doral. I sat there then they like straight boys, single. They don't matters. I think you'll started to will pass and then slowly kills came to join us. And then it's like I felt like like the party. Expedition watching people mates. Okay, wait, so okay magazine, just okay. So I want to talk about the hierarchy because you walk and you see celebrities. So let's again Roney was there like majority of the cast members not happening? She never showed not. She's better than she likes. And then there was also Dallas which I've just recently got so fucking excited. Leeann lock him with all their goal, full charges and then all of summer house their behinds. Yup. And even former classmates reposited details. Okay. Does I think about too? It's a great party of the great club with free booze. So if you put celebrities in a good environment, other celebrities are going to be there. They like go with each other. I walked by Stephen and I was about to reach out and say, hi to him, and and he was actually talking to a housewife, Dallas, I know how to put together. They put it in the great ball, and they also to quite strict about that list. Even though we joked that I stole man, they do really know me like a stranger I couldn't get in and putting the poets. It's like, it's like a recipe. They can get cake. You need a little. If you weren't on the list you get in. You're, you're, you're begging out of a guy. You delegates animal. I'm very fake. Oh. Let's talk. Todd. They put together quite potty, they know the recipe that before. So who's invited. So it's it's trust, but but you are Pratt, working precedence work to come in and do the call. Pitt like photographers, Columbus, timer cruzi Tebas there. So it's working with the party famous to me, how could they mysterious? This is Dr. This press the invite of celebrities people in New York who big matters because I think too because I'm paid six, not a lot, but occasionally it makes you is called in New York, a bold face night, which means you name is bolted on page six. So it's that simple, a bold face name. Okay. So they so they, they scour our event. People skyler page six gossip sites for months. And when a new name pops up upon those parents. You pop up, then they'll put you in the database, so Google you, they'll see who you all I'm getting invites because the pay. Six. I got an invite to a Victoria secret one day. What I want to. What I want to pay less. This should be a less. They know what the. Title blue. We talk transgender people by. I was at Victoria's Secret show. They put the cameras of the televised one camera to kaitlin, and then Debbie, Harry was there and one time or code today because she's over seventy. Talknet on the road they could Donald Trump is that they could to him before he's president and, oh, you gotta be young or calls back caught me a transgender old lady, or you can't be an old lady will Caitlyn Jenner funded sign. Old lady should know shoot like that or copy Debbie, Harry Hawaii to antipathy. Harry opened the show singing Coleman. They cut it out of the TV social rudrud route. So there was a hierarchy said they embarrassed, but then also there's the business people that are. We publish series throws a lot of parties. They always did, and it's like they've got their on air talents faces. They also about like big, big big celebrities aren't that our guests and then, but they always have management there. So that's my thing is when we were looking through, I was looking at the real estate. I e like a Bank cats, insults it, and it's bottle service. So like gen pop is like, like if I were to go there without you, I would probably be sitting in gem pop. Yes, on until I saw my friend summer house, and then I'd. Run over and then the next level of them literally above that their table. Right. So we were sitting at the highest, just the best ace to stupid. You're so stupid. And the people if would stay the people that have come to that table would have been the top executives on the top advertising. So mad at you right now that I'm so Sandra podcast channel those. So anyway. So we're sitting there but so are the us is so do the do the problem liberties know that the people love them. Small wants to so Bethany. Had she been the, she would have come up and said, Hello. The silly celebrities alike were famous. You come to me me and you sitting there and I'm not joking. Please confirm this island has crawled over a Bank cat. Yup, to come and say Hello to us, she knows right. But then that's not because I'm charming and delicious chanting so I can help. But I did say I'm gonna go say hi to Lindsay, and you said, no, we'll come to. She'll come to us. True wrong shoes off of school to drink, whatever we'll. I did it happen to happen. She came Chikan Bill comes was fell on the hassle come over, they'll come to us. And so the mistake, the really small to the really sponsor one of them, the really small celebrities reality or not, they know then the star of the room, the star of the room is the person that's paying for that politics. Got it. And so always follow the money always sniff around where is this coming from an, it's never the star there. The fringe decoration there, the ornament on the champion. True, right. Who is the tr- I'd say still, it is Dylan in. Tonight's, I love him. Tell him. I say, I'm not talking about you anymore. Okay, Greg, when we get back at your fixing six, I'm rob. You're on man. Nothing you have the entire time of. Yeah, right. It's something so quiet time to talk and there you have it hope you enjoyed that as much as we enjoyed talking about it. Oh, I hate how much I love him and it drives me crazy anyway. Great night. And I also love how rob gives kind of like the breakdown of these parties. He whether he's telling the truth or not, I really don't even care, but I do believe him on this one because these parties, what you see is actually not what you get when you've been in this industry as long as he has. I mean, because he's eighteen thousand years olds. Ha hoc- I had to take a job, but would really when you've been in business for so long, especially wearing, especially having so many different types of jobs, you really see the entertainment industry at a three sixty perspective. Yes, circular all the way around. So this guy, I mean, he, he can really break it down on the real wheel for you anyway. I love that. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did and you guys should follow rob shooter definitely check out his website, his gossip website. It's called NADA gossip dot com. I put a lot of my News Radio show the Taylor Strecker show there and also check out his podcast. It's called straight shooter, which is totally ironic because he is super gay, but it means like streets shooter like he gives it to you straight like all the gossip and all of the all of the Scandi. So check that out as well. That's just on your itunes. You can find it wherever you can find podcast, and speaking of podcasts, police share taste of Taylor with all your friends and your family. And once they do join up, make sure that they subscribe make sure that they leave comments and reviews and make sure they star it and then tell them to keep spreading the word come on. I want to take over the world and that's the way it's done in the podcast day world to share share share, like like like, subscribe, subscribe subscribe. And also if you want a little bit more, of course, can come. Over to the Taylor Stricker show where you get me times like Gillian anyway, have agreed when guys and we'll see you next week on another episode of taste of Taylor, hey, girl head. Did you love this taste of me want more then make sure to tailor Strecker dot com. Subscribe to the Taylor struck her show for hours and hours of me. You'll content with just nibble. Well, then I'll see you next Wednesday and make sure subscribe to this Taylor podcast and follow me on social media at Strecker.

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