E52: The (New) World According to Barry Hearn


Hello welcome to unofficial partner. I'm Richard Gillis. So here's a question for you in a Straw poll unofficial partner listeners. Who was sports business personality. They wanted to hear from most of all during the current virus. Schist does anyone answer to that one. Barry hearn needs no introduction. But we'll give him on anyway today. Mattru is one of the biggest producers of live sport in the world the massive zone. Boxing deal world snooker and Darts through to ten pin. Bowling Ping Pong and cop fishing. The company hosts one hundred fifty events a year and creates more than ten thousand hours of available programming for television partners. That's a big hole to fill and we talked about everything from what he wants to hear from Boris Johnson through. Aj Tyson fury to the wrongness of Karren Brady and that Kassai. At pay per view fight was so wrong impossible to be willing to change because it didn't look when it comes to managing packaging marketing and selling sport. There's nobody that comes close to bury her for the real inside line and helps that he's laugh out loud funny as well so savor this one. It's great our thanks. Go out to L. Mate Gary Link for putting this together for us and enjoy. Thanks very much for doing. This is well. I'm just looking at a picture of you. That's all we're rocky mountains gearing up after salmon fishing all these slippers just passed me this photo by Wasser. That was one of the great ships. And I'll go back there. I get this situation cleared up quickly. He said you didn't go to take a phone call for about four days and then suddenly your son Marines eighty rings up and he said it's the first time he's seen you speechless. Funny Bounce it had been much very very graduated with with the etiquette. Licey WE HAVE WROUGHT. Nutri had talked with Iraqi a signal for the first time old guys and until off. I did on that. 'cause I wonder Raw Eddie White Southerners we send unfair and he said of your lots of what they're like. Bolognaise a woman did. He fell off the fucking record. A complete album stops matches. Only Corradi Strip. Go out to seven hundred horse. So how do you deal with this The current thing there were the USO of not getting dressed till noon tight or USO. A Big Lebowski shirt and tie are times that no one in my generation. Does it come across? Alas Bobby you'd have to compare it to the Second World Wars where we're being bombed in effect but by supposed be called sale. Hit Star is difficult but at the same time north. Guys all these sticks these at least diet awakes. Or wherever we have to do we'll begin with because we're planning constantly all racially and coming up with creative ideas to get Gessler. They travel times a very that. We as a comedy stage around six hundred fifty event dice per year globally. So the logistic operation these point blowing up probably office next to the country had you constantly desperate pipe is because to plant in DC taints. And he's working on scenarios off. Labs if you're not. We got free wage period. Bought this this questions to be austere in that period. What we can call to this. Low-cost is around the world screaming programming. Because they've got nothing droids time people this mental health issues just paypal being bullied abs in humble struggling to Crisis so weary. Expo can help that sometimes looking. You know we don't pen so I don't think we've actually cancelled anything with the spawned everything because what we've done is to serve the weather. When that postponed rearranged I it comes up always inside positional dull. So you have to just have fly. You've paid saying placing with devoting spokes away promote rather will. That's a hell of a logistical problem. Which he's not coaching. Everything else is one of the grace of someone said the other day policy the trend. She's steady nextway because don panic. I mean I'm not perfect but I just tight. Welcome gives me element. We'll see. How many television is that the year? Wait for jobs. Live Events Hall has now's live and generally speaking that goes out as programming too for rap faulty thousand hours of global pro cost so without asking stupid questions. What what are the broadcaster. Saint Oversee Archive is is all sitting and watching clips and various things. But can have you got a hell. Can you help them in this sort of shorter? The eight ball clarification from government until he to central government joking to people. Just things that. I'm afraid Impala 'cause I think I should be orest comes out with the sweeping measures and I think totally justified measures loins like you can only travel to look. If he said Jill of advice for me I need to know what's he saying? Show is essential for your bread on the title for Your Watson Family. Find Your All or is that considered luxury Augusta I most of my spokesman weaving all self-employed whilst mattress deserve a very year. Nice will control as reserves top business in veteran slow as a company as Ed Year on year profit growth for the loss. That's he won. The is so we're you know we're fairly protected in today's world. I'm aware of Welsh mind. -ployees therefore very protected by the love of my life my playas spokesman. David annulled because they're self employed criterion gone cubs dollas events subject to government rules. If I'm allowed to do that and if I am out today than I can then take another box. Which is something on. Tv sprains around the world which is live and then signing although obviously lacking atmosphere that most of my veins have we have to live in the real world. But I still advocacy allowed to do that if I had. I'll be ready to rumble two weeks so it just is like watch the spice but give me a clearer indication when I seen the tube trying crabby capable guy to work. Obviously that doesn't fit into overseas suggestion but doesn't fit into his ruling that you Gotcha lucky if it's necessary coming. What is there? That's that's the definition on date in some clear guidance about the next day in the meantime you know we've gone after every single brokaw. Stern Wilder said Erie's ice suggestion of all college. Which is dive us every in from it because we go thirty odd years forty years so whether it's one of our fifth in Andrea boxing show. Who's that year remember? The Pasta might be quite tithing whether it's The molly will coffee she. Because you're pissed off. Stay now you really want to look at people losing big facial something it out whether it's a Sushi sniggered trick shots of yesteryear with a whether it's something pretty just something's happened in the last six months that you this is. There is a an opportunity to low-cost is taking a week on after everyone selected me seven hundred thousand dollars and said this is a viable We're not gonNA kill you because we know you're in a really tough position but we have a big responsibility to the world of sports fans of spoken around the world that sort of from all copies quite straightforward today with delivery technology. We can deliver that. Very simply. Cost effectively and hugs. I guess something of screens around the world which is accurate time. The bigger the biggest autumn. Everything is obviously to relieve the boredom of sin and you radiate SPO- An sinker adults in particular lend themselves to a limited number of people in a High Gini situation Exercising to May to rule that you can still get white with some type of lots of people would find tiny of my mic. The hours died as a little more bearable. What's what's your take on. I mean are we going to emerge from this the same? Do you think the sports business is going to look the same as it did going into this crisis. Is it going to? Do you think it's going to be different was going to happen causing harm Once in a lifetime did you ever come across and generally speaking view is that eventually. But there's GonNa be some casualties along the life clearly waiting look at cash loves whereas we've been privileged around run a business that can away money for a rainy day and got his pouring rather than being right near the. But that's okay because you have to question was money full down here. We also had this doubt in life to be bigger bekcer more financially successful and a spouse combination of big coming up for seventy two avenue a little bit more experience of the world. You don't actually need money as much as you might think you do if that makes any sense so in the shelter. There's an awful lot of paper that the round businesses on the devices. We used to call them cowboys years ago. That's probably a little bit disrespectful. Because they're better than cowboys much Benza. Though Albany companies out there have adopted the Victorian Life Ed technique of looking off yourselves. No matter what's the also is not not that many also introduce you know that we live in a society is cash today and spend Diana. Enjoy yourself and there's going to be an education period. I think they look into the law from this episode that lot. Where like maps come out this different attitude towards is to will spoke to those people to communities in government is not necessarily that tremendous by the shelter is going to be law able to doubt reserves down sightings bins in a one of the byproducts of low interest rate or cashing in your pension up to twenty five which has been the known for the reviews. Now he's that you dumb you tend to live for today you really create all GonNa spend it now because it'll be a lot next year at Youtube. That's that's privileged lots of businesses that we've stayed. I've a Gearan a purchase companies then forward against their assets because the interest is actually on the show saw. It looks sensible guessing. You know you can buy company but then where the interesting the move against you. Alway cash flow stops coming into your business oversight and you had no sustainability and that's a very harsh ESA which is gonNa be a lot of people over the next month. Low Turvy is going to be quite quick. People that were tried in profitably sub late of fun obsessive position where the not tried to toe and yet there are overheads too hard that there's GonNa be a law staff losses. I think the governor eighty percent of is an excellent one to be paid. So if you've not my Dr Sacrifices over the years if you're in a sustainable environment we cash reserves you can fall back on for Riley dies. You'RE GONNA go out business and that's GONNA have effects. Are The people that you employ and the society in which we live so I think my own so long winded asked you. A question is in the long run. I'm sure things will be ten to talk of normality but perhaps with better principles to go forward with in the real world instead of the show. Tub world by in the showtime. That could be three months to six. Months is going to be a law. Pine FOR LOVE IS A. There's a I mean is interesting. Your Business and I've heard you talk about. Before the importance of selling tickets getting people in venues Rather than the more sort of other ISA teric you know finding sponsorship or or you know media eyeballs all of those sort of abstract proxies for success. There were interesting moment. Because there's a lot of companies on the media side not just the traditional broadcasters but Jane to Amazon's and design own and ESPN with Disney. You've got a lot of people chasing sport. And it's great if you're producing high quality sport and there's a lot of money flushing around the the marketplace. But but how is that going to pan out because how many subscribers? How many tickets can people bear the you at the fan end of the spectrum because on the one hand as we're running numbers at the moment he's getting to compare the situation law boss situations because this is another level of Wayne? You postponed anything. Generally speaking not too many people prepared to white nothing that China shopping. When you postponed events health he pulled. All Oblique is gonNA happen. But they're doubtful because of the sense in the world the more lightning society when you when. I think he's really going to happen to credibility whether it's GonNa Happen of Abai game but it depending on need the money that initial kway bouncy stemming latitude intends with people don't have the money to Spain in the business slot mine various weird vote we twelve exposing different coastal customer promos. Somma much more they bought. Tv revenues. The only especially a law in possibles pain palm pull hem voted most hospitals of the massive crowds side. They're relying on dominantly television in a secondary on so she pinko now other folks in dots he is a high percentage of your income comes from actual ticket sales so it is different adjustments for Christmas. And YOU HAVE TO BE PREPARED TO LOSE MONEY. W. After hours we are looking at now. What's effects on that car? Financial Year Ward pulled me because the effects on issues really beautiful woman wants the effects on Halloween. You an event is if we're not doing any pains we have no business therefore we had created behind closed doors and see in today's world or every Chinese. You what we could create. That feels avoid in the brokaw spectrum. Under the Caveat Wall we allowed to do contract back. Some are reasonable point hall. Chirac what we are in the his is a typical bodice night to this low absolute right and wrong wise doing things because spoke different speak. Boxing shows and announces Joshua against the end June. Talk clearly. That's very very unlikely. We haven't even gone south. I smelled really comparable with that. You'll look to respond Joshua Productivity Energy Law and then it comes to stage me. Think we're what off to that is. That was not possible as that. He's in the way of Rav ably when he had to stay out of your in camelback shug comes from guys who say's when we postpone a everything will pilasters from Djibril. We can reschedule that whenever because ninety percent of the funding of that comes from television and comes about the Mug with the television income is contractual and WASA television. Business does another issue around the world. We'll group fine dust this the worst thing about these forests. He's healthy intensity opium. That's bad enough. It's not having that shed. Joyce we usually expect ally where we complain because planning is subject to subject to awareness for said yesterday these restrictions of history weeks That's something of of of three weeks by the plan to the best case of being paid for the worst cuts just switching slightly. When you're looking as you say you're in multiple sports and what are you looking at new sports now looking at things that you think are currently undervalued that you think actually they could be done better? I mean I'll be challenging. I mean in the playoffs. I've been doing this since non settings off so call time I'm still only used in. The policy was very much. A question can do it better than this. Currently being dot on Detroit's betcha on its anoc enrolled the participants Benson. That was quite ways. He now what can we do? What's the dream about dreams anyway inside and outside of list the plight of combat but today's welby sloppy walls? It's different because we dating different talk to own hands with anyways. Different view inhabits. We're dealing with different technology so whereas when we first ocoee we look at what the incumbent costs of doing the safe is. He's not good. We can do bags up guys. How crude to be very very successful day. We looking at different talking. Balkan side we have to take into account that devolves desires of his target market which is dominantly a digital strug social media. If you want to group that together with people. While the biens Italian differently they want to view differently. They view on different appliances. That don't want to say I will. The sets even dad those days of them. If you can be more creative and you can do programming. The trach five years ago you would have considered. This is something. We talked about out to be optimistic in this. Go ahead on. I'm quite excited about because I've got the best hand probably in the world working because that top company that we attract the very best. They're all very creative. They're upset now with the Bible on game daily updates from everybody in what they do he thinking things and planning things. And what about you? I love this comes in the new world of social media that Eddie and his sipping these boxing extensive battery bounty spos- stoneking. They're thinking a little bit. Different out of the box. In the Laura can only be beneficial. What's the impact of in if you look boxing? You've got this what you're touching on there is. I mean this question is about Kassai and Logan Paul and you've got a moment there. I'm just wondering what the impact is that. That has been more broadly on boxing but also on the way in which people view how sport is marketed. You gotta remember the A lot. People Living Goldfish house above. Looks message to a Goldfish in a bowl win? The bigger will tiny and box. He's tawny terms of a global now is massive when the really big ones coming out. But he's actually the incumbent promoters of which I was one of many he is a filed to deliver to the targeting. All here's the product Eh. Watch whether they light out. No I really don't give a shit 'cause it's true. They're all very spoke uprising. The bigger picture of the world. We have to look outside saw that Fox and Goupil was an example of old fashioned thinking new life thinking you know what he said. I'm going to do this to your treatment as I've never heard of an offset buckeye around business. Somebody while they get do he said well. We're GONNA turn pro. They can have a six ramp fall then. Okay that's that's pretty harmless. I've been called me what we were going to pioneer defending champ. This is a six five three two is that look really quite is yes and billions of dollars when we don't really pay hasn't had much comparative Harrison of boxing traditional boxes because we decide senators Los Angeles. I'm GONNA be around the world. Tell me fell out this is. She's I against everything of it. And to the extent honest out mortified also announce a numbers of the Greysteel. Numbers is so much better than people because number of law bullshit is. She's why is at the top of the cavs it as a man who would otherwise prepares spreadsheet on his way to a spreadsheet a love mumbles. Been disappointed people occasionally. They don't tell trims they've got their own vested interests. Numbers a clean McLean. I sat there looking at me and my little by little ads that we showed me the paper you saw up throughout the world. I don't do what I wanted. Yemi and I now and tens of thousands of the welding other countries like Australia Scandal. Night job and then. I'll realize we're in a new well. These people I mean. Pitch Owners beyond the cartoon. The diesel won't Fly David. Hi New People including still think he could be the next thing. Khustar out there beyond the Colorado will talk fence post that she's really to be brutal on the world tuned into two guys on the other that what do we love that blessed as you. Listen listen to your older. Is You have to listen to you. You have to come out from behind this goldfish Powell project looking at the whole world then you realize that more people tuned in on sky with that five four vote then cheer Dean Trentini Juncture. Get his anti Rua's Madison Square Gardens. Payment America signed up to Zahn that pot who signed up for the lost canal. I bought the viewed on tight not so challenging marketplace. My friend you'll out that marketplace speakers you yesterday and Fortunately People Are Idiots. Fission Paul Debate and serve me. Hobbled and the other so-called moten. Boxing authorizes their APP and they also taught me the bigger picture. And you have to cross that opportunity. I'm what it means is suddenly stop professional boxing coast. Now you incorporate different attributes of misspoke. Maybe look at them. I in a different lot might be. Usa Model has done super. Because I listened. A boxing didn't so we're in a Chinese world but as long as it comes down to we're in a painful business we're in we're in a business web people by the business happened through their own creativity but I ask them to the people that WanNa Watch that is it is it does it. Just go back to your. You know you built stars around snooker around boxing and nearly so and one of the one of the things that is happening to sports stars is the sport sciences. Making them a bit less interesting. It is very hard to have. You know to have the lifestyle that we will lavas punters but also win And I'm just wondering if the influe- The rise of some of the influences is a sort of antidote to that because actually we're saying we don't care they're less talented sports people but we know them as people saying giant ability is always going to be in pole but being famous. He's actually more important financially. So you can be the best in the world of what you do with your secret in today's commercial world you Mike. Any money amiss goes back to the personality. Let business when we started. Religiously alt-right on the vices of everything was everything was coronation street and today's Willoughby's just extending from that so everything's reality say isn't it. People are fighting for being famous in the sponsor well being goodwill. What's clear now is he's not just being good. It's being good at being famous whereas today's athletes and spoke little women around the world of definitely better trained better lead better nutrition better coached. Benza. Facilities Battery equipment is not how old enough it's not necessarily two blocks component of Coke's people wanNA watch excellence. I mean wh if you'd is will Marshall came down. Never been to this world. Before and swollen spoiler professional dots for example anything do this dots was a pop. Guy House right back to medieval arches. And suddenly you stay Kratz take fifteen thousand. People can't even see the stage watching the big strains while they're having a faulty. I wonder whether we think that was rusefel. But you say the traditionalist. Yesterday's news and the purest the talk about Jive all is dot. Za rusefel because it wasn't in the Olympics. I all yesterday and that all day in because they spoke this me right I'm GonNa Finish with the Football was Karen Brady Ri- should they stop the stop? The season now and and stock in our Brady was so wrong. It's impossible to be will host when you will go difference about the rent a guy you should. I mean Ahmed Believer in self interests. I understand human nature to stay will boss by our own personal situation. She should've cakewalk because they didn't look with field his I'm about a potentially market renegades. Let's void the seasons of Gripe glides ago about things even though what she was citing had some troops to if the season called British. But what everybody's busy season is not over Islam? You always know in the Fat Lady sings down a seasonal over to the season. He's a new season. Doesn't start to the previous season as a basic rule of law integrity. In both you have to apply now whether you apply beyond close those or whether you're just GonNa White and say otherwise. The new footloose as a as a stop to said ten October November. We'll live with it and we'll work around it and we'll come up with some solutions in the meantime you don't start a new season until the SE sneeze down otherwise you lose the credibility of the SPO in the binds and hawks of the people that follows care of lesser cotton subsidies. A Very Young Lady. Very broadly entirely. She should've catch a NASA astronaut album. Kate Amash out not by the been happy mind. Too often so hypocrites well look at the overall integrity Livable ultra moment. Would be a disgrace. Unfavorable things that they'll get relegated because for one reason of the season was declared null and void. Where does that come? Season is not numbered. Season is unfinished and we stay until we finish last question. Aj versus Tyson Fury. What's going to happen? How is when can we win? When are we going to see that? We going to say anything. Toss Jerry's got William stood much. We'd be on Wall Patino clearly. There's a lot I was. I thought he's managing gets. Both did. Same situation applies food of ways. We're cokes but citing into uncharted wombs. He and there's always always just magnificent his knees just Saturday enjoyment such a passion because comes up and keeps you in the nuts just when you done expected we expect ruins to Joshua at Madison Square. Dobbs that'd be Ridiculous Authority restaurant other light to eat. Oeste all was a disaster because the rematch was probably the highest price. Gross making money biking. Heavy Whitehall talk tossing during lunch happen again. Send Joshua will be without the highest grossing anyway. Talk their obstacles drive account the fact that we're discussing shows. His interest in boxing particularly in the heavyweight saying awesome period character. Antony gesture is a hero if they're white role models and knows what's going to happen. I think Joshua Wins Fury Wilson. Fury fans will have their site. Had we're talking about is the only thing that is because that's what keeps alive? What will happen? Crystal clear is a little bit in July August at the September. Sometime we're going to get back to balance on those mandatory buys will happen because they're contracted and they might be delighted by by vice if the phonebook for one sleeps up to his reputation Russia read your wings and without doubt in my mind because I think he's such an easy ought to buy the out of the weeds out especially in today's club. You just throw them on these middle off guys here offense the Joshua everybody's happy I'll be getting the file wary staged who knows is it is less. Vegas is Saudi is somewhere else is it will vote because there's no atmospheres with as you. It's going to be a spectacular. Not Boxing and Bob Related will happen within the next okay right place to stop. Thanks very much very few time. Really appreciate it and stay well by.

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