Episode 313 Detroit SheTown Film Festival


Thank you for clicking play. This is the one and only i t and a d show. We've made it all the way up to episode three thirteen and know who's isn't detroiter pursued 'cause three one three but isn't it kind of you're right guesses sweeping while we did make the last episode the chicago uh-huh episode that's right it was we didn't yeah next week. Seen louis guests this week include mike and mandy there a ton of refund. You're gonna love them. They're from the detroit sheet out she festival to film fest coming to detroit and you will be amazed and shocked the lineup. They have gotten to coming to detroit and show us recall oh cool. It sounds amazing. I can't wait to get to that interview but hey john rimini. He is the founder and c._e._o. Of airspace experienced technology says in michigan revolution russian is in the air to find out what planet doing to help businesses make that possible at planet m dot com. It's planet m dot com dave. 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This is billy's app. Sweep the leg listening to i t. in the d. Show no mercy. I may have to wait. I stay decatur voice professor xavier storm stom- communist off sit on my lap score. You're listening to i._t. And the d. r. we had a break. Yes everybody who's a steady be isolated our man. You're listening to the i._t. And the and if you wanna get your money's worth stay right here and remember. Everybody's got a price the dollar man i already hopes and you're listening to i._t. Nineteen and the nurse out there all right this is over. You lose to a bunch of dirt on the nurse and pretty proud of it. Hey detroit. This is anthony michael hall. You're listening to my buddy bob and dave on i._t. In the soap you're and you're listening to i jayme using you're listening to the i._t. And d shows new the news. Listen canoes snoot games scott steiner break up call i._t. This show is your hookup holler if you hear me. This is robert hays tips jeff striker to my mother when i'm not hanging out with gumbo bar. I'm listening to the i._t. On the show is worse than detroit stays a meat hangover. I love my name is dave. This is jeremy from rats and i'm just wondering how did i go from how floridian sex with brandy spinning to the i._t. Show folks w._w._e. The hall of famer hacksaw jim duggan and you're listening to the i._t. And the de so tough guy ho this is trying to matteo sons. You're listening to the skeptical goal l. Everybody is mentioned easies comic book men. I'm a techie. Manure fell apart after my favorite podcast i._t. Medine hi. This is kelly brought from weird science twelve day. What would you little maniacs to do. I question isn't what are we going to do. The question is what aren't we going to do. Hey how'd you better buckle up. Buckle this ludicrous in what is going on. This is the one and only i._t. And that he show broadcasting live here in studio podcasts he trade beautiful royal oak michigan in episode three one three. I know right. That's you're wrong plus to ninety seven whatever scream i like. I want to say it again. Detroit episode miller's not ha. We're not gonna hashtag anything and knows not going to be special special because we have to special guests always special sometimes that means short bus helmet on that means phenomenal special night of the i team tonight on a very special i._t. This is bob the sales guy barely alive live back from milwaukee that steve the geek radio do the twitter's is doing the twitter. He's done the studio but he'll beer shortly as just across the hall find us online i._t. Not in the dot com and i give us on the socials and subscribe to us everywhere fine podcasts are sold so let's see so ann arbor you missed it <hes> <hes> it was tonight <hes> so you'll have to catch next month if you want to do that <hes> our next event <hes> in metro detroit is <hes> the nineteenth we're going to get him remember <hes> and then before that <hes> not this saturday but next saturday <hes> so that is the fourteenth we will be at the monroe comic con <hes> <hes>. We got booths for hanging out. I am probably let's let's make is going to be there so there's going to be an after party and it's and it's going to be bad things happening <hes> <hes> but <hes> <hes> the voice of pam <hes> an archer <hes> is going to be there cannot wait to like yak with her and just talk about all kinds of refund and kelly kelly well your world. That's that's fine. Hey steven. 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Replaces excel files whiteboards long meetings you can build a board from scratch or choose from a selection of templates and tailored to your own team's workflow automated automated workflows reminders notifications and upload files directly from computer dropbox google drive. You know i got this is something that's been an issue for us for years. I think we just just chose to ignore it but this is sears gotten us on the same page. Do us a favor start your fourteen day free trial by going to monday. Dot com slash i._t. He in the d that's money dot com slash i t in the d._c. You guys could have saved. You got a free trial and could have saved money too late. Alaska is cool good so it is our three hundred thirteen <hes> but more importantly woes today today was today. Hey hey you guys. You guys guys kids back school today. You guys you gotta go back to school today. Hey there when i laugh so every we've been i've been posted. Listen these for what ten years now or soon as facebook came out by kids first day of school. There are a group of labout. I think four people that make it a point talk about how much they hate today. Oh yeah social and none of them like the ones funny one of them that is kids. Now are old enough to go to school. They dropped off. They didn't say they didn't compose the one that doesn't have kids complain the one that posted every three minutes. I'll entire labor day weekend mr mr hamtramck august. You're the one that's complaining about today but i see thirty eight posts from you on labor day but no no today's bad for you right. I get it seriously <hes> no but you know what i for my friends and family writers. It's the easiest way to not you know like most of the lakes were from friends and family like watch. What facebook is supposed to be my guide. Your kids have grown up. Oh my god yahweh okay. That's good seeing oh my god. Last time was gretchen. Choose your daughter's going to be dating soon notion. Ah whatever just deal get get get some kids and then. I'll like your crowd i so i spent <hes> i spent this. I i had an absolute salute mazing weekend. I got <hes>. I got the privilege to d._j. Probably one of the coolest parties that you'll ever doesn't you can't recreate this in in the u._s. Twelve cities of like ex ex german refugees and their families that all come together once a year done labor day weekend and mostly people see each other once a year just completely come unglued get completely drunk. It's a couple couple thousand people and <hes>. I'm reason i'm sharing. This is i need to is a guy comes up to me that i've seen the last party i did and he says do you. You have the johnny depp song i go. What are you talking about. He's like it is the number one for about the last year. It's been the number one song in germany. Every night. Club plays it twice a night. It's become the new hey baby and i'm like now like was he. Aching your chain. No verify verified verified. I went and looked on youtube and there's like a concert with this guy singing. This song probably two hundred thousand people in the crowd bigger than like lollapalooza ah palooza. This is the biggest hit like there's ever been and i just wanna say i. I love my culture. I'm very proud of where my parents it came from and i w t f i like beer and pretzels but song like it just makes me question everything about my heritage <hes> i don't. I don't even know where to go with it. It's just here here you ready. No no don't and in this song goes on for a little while. I wanna fast forward a little bit and there's like the slow part where like drops down and then they redo the chant depth dept it <hes> johnny depp johnny johnny and you'll be i i i have no words and i can't understand all the words but he talks about how like i need to go back and work socks and i wanna go back talking about like the club and then gyp de <hes> johnny johnny i have no idea and then the guys in the pirate and the video appear at i'm i'm dumbfounded and i found myself singing it all day today at work and it's so stupid it's stuck. It's been stuck in my head all day. I don't know what to do with it. I don't know what to make of it. I know what to do with it and here's the thing we always talked like south park nailed it with the faith plus one. We're like we're gonna sell a million. Records are going to be a christian rock ryan which i always thought it was the key to success right whom he can't make anymore in pop who'd he goes plays country. Who who makes these millionaire again like. I'm going to be a german popstar like a swear to god. This guy looks like this guy looks like a guy. That'd be like the bar after we hang hang out here and now he's like singing johnny depp and his repeats it was some cheesy technical poppy follows. You just passed it on to us now and we were enrolling. Y'all aww you're all going to be on youtube. Look all of a sudden. Yes sales have spiked in the u._s. After some resurgence yeah i don't know what to make of. I see i'm seriously dumbfounded when i went in two thousand and two the ketchup song broke the lhasa whatever yeah yeah i remember. I'm i'm not yet i remember the area and then i was like this is going to make in the u._s. Owes like robe. I was all in never made it here. It was like number ten one time on m._t._v. v._r. Allah whatever this are shocked to death of the sun makes it anywhere close to a border here in the u._s. I mean it's right up there. David hasselhoff has seen that's a that's. It's a fallacy handle hasselhoff like they laugh now. He sucks like only one the only when reagan told him to break down that wall and he's saying look in full free the only time hasselhoff was good in germany and it was downhill ever since the one thing i learned this week. Though kind of going through through going through our stories is <hes> don't ever ever mess with hackers <hes>. I'm looking at this story here. How just learned that this week. We didn't learn this week. I'm just trying to be a for for the sake of story so we we talked a while ago about <hes> like the bounty programs yeah the valve body programs and they hit the. I like kid that made a million bucks so vice drops a story about how hackers basically dropped a steam a zero day after after being banned by by the bug bounty program <hes> these banning him was a mistake you know they basically apologized because the guy probably threatened them but he made the bug bug public anyway well. They said it was a mistake. After after he was destroy it and drop the zero day bug for same yeah and what's hacker one was the bounty program right and they handle the bugs bunny program for valve and the valve elvis's banning and with him was a mistake no kidding <hes> he was <hes> he was prevented from using the reporting service after valve rejected his findings that the problem would not happy fixed and he found a similar bug same thing and then he decided to release it publicly and then abandoned for releasing publicly instead of going through the process but they told him no. It's not it's gonna work but it was an actual surprise. It is right nice and he's like. I realized nothing was going to change. This is what he said to the guy says on twitter and the lowest the notice my last message in the thread only two weeks there's nothing left other than make the report public and they banned him and then okay grandma dropped zero day and good luck the <hes> the other fun place to be is apparently <hes> galaxy's edge as we know it would be oh but well i mean it's fun which the weight lines are up to three hours long already <hes> but holt for the love of god do not by one of the little thermal detonator you're coke cans because the little things that you know laya was holding in her hand <hes> when she was in jobs palace they made a whole bunch of coke and sprite and other do things to look like that and apparently they're popular souvenirs but the t._s._a. Will confiscate them four empty. Both no full i get you can't bring a can of coke anyway. Look like a thermal detonator which is really a real weapon but it kind of looks looks like a grenade and so people get twitchy and do dumb things and yeah but here's the thing that's the one you you need to have if that like if it's a five out of all the expensive shit at that i'm not buying the twenty five thousand dollars or two d to know you're buying three of these right and put on a shelf and you're getting three to your friends because you need to have this. This is like the must have thing for five bucks which is cheaper than a bottle of water at disney. Yeah no kidding and you crooks because status may reverse that what t._s._a. rivers since when oh did they okay okay so as i say that was just this week or last week because fans were quick to ask of removing the cap and would be restored in her luggage and they squash washed the loophole. Oh and now they've finally now. They finally said okay. We can okay well. Then crisis averted. How many people about those not all of them all of them. They got screwed. That's what everyone that's one thing you would buy. If you're going to take anything back from the park. That would be the one thing. Wouldn't it 'cause. I'm not going to spend three hundred dollars for a droid. That's a really good thing the the forty dollar cocktail. I can't take with me because i'm gonna you know pete out a minute right so i want the thermal detonator and i wanna make the noise that princess princess leia makes under the mask which i can't replicate but i wish i could no other her voice exactly whatever that was awful. We'll never do that it again. So we've talked about this. Show jillion times <hes> if you're not caught up or not paid attention to the cobra kai series on youtube <hes> because it was only on youtube premium <hes> season one has now dropped for free <hes> season to the first episode has dropped and they are releasing another episode subsequently every week so if you've not checked it out check it out. It's a damn good series. They've done a hell of a job with it. The only catch it's not ad free so we're gonna have to well heaven. Forbid watch a couple commercials. Ooh <hes> echoing dave's comments <hes> it couldn't have been more perfectly written they had every every avenue to screw this thing up roy absolutely <hes> and they made it they gave enough twists and turns and great writing and nostalgia moments instthat. It wasn't like episode. Seven member bury's <hes> on. It's not the footloose remake. It's not the yeah it's not a remake. Its continuation which which i give the past hollywood. If you wanna like again you wanna do mad max continuation awesome robocop review kiss my die to find a grease fire right up doc but yeah no if you haven't checked cobra kai yeah go go and then the other one we've we've talked about <hes> because the story is fascinating and will not die <hes> fire. The festival is back in the news yet again because they are ceiling <hes> the the estate or the the organization. That's still holds fire festival symbol as thing has sued blink one eighty two to return. There are five hundred thousand dollar appearance fee. How is the fire. I was even exist exist like what exists well. I mean there's the organization that everybody is suing. There's still several class action lawsuits pending against fire festival as a thing which made me laugh at the other thing that broken the news last week is that apparently jar rule is throwing himself behind another music festival l._a. Dude isn't it really isn't he. Broke just which is probably why he's throwing himself behind right festival <hes> just to just take the hit that you took and move on alleged do not i mean we heard the story that puff. Daddy has to pay sting like six hundred thousand dollars a year for the worst song ever missing you. You don't thing like joe royle's making money by doing that seventy three times you think how much money he's gotta be making not an update. He's making six hundred thousand from missing you which uh haven't heard played in fifteen years. When's the last time you listen to radio but i kind of five one one seven. I listen to all the time other than yeah yeah. I don't. I don't have serious anymore. Accent travels much so only throwback channels nothing else guys <hes> so this one i want. I'm talking to this the talking about this story a lot with people this weekend <hes> because there are a lot of people that that use these hippies apparently there are there's a whole market out there for counterfeit <hes> <hes> we'd vape cartridges <hes> that will fit in your jewel or will fit in your you know whether it's a bay or any of the ones that are out there basic is a._b. His kids just like selling oregano in the seventies. We'll know here's the problem <hes> so a lot of these counterfeit cartridges are putting people in the hospital with really we really serious bad lung conditions <hes> and there's been at least a couple of deaths reported about as well who is buying vape cartridges from the guy. I down the street dude. A lot of people apparently a lot of people or like well so that's the thing so it's not even it's so it's like you go to like a you know a a market you know whether so you know like rust belt or eastern market wherever you go to market and it's like you don't necessarily like people buying them. Don't necessarily know their counterfeit because it's the brand names games that are out there that are legit retailers but they're counterfeits. <hes> you know kinda like you know you know. It's not really any bag that you're buying in chinatown. I it's really not that's yeah real. No no certainly not louis vitton never made us wetsuit swearing up and down that you got the louis louis. No blacks are l. A._b._c. ks no but no so but it's a it's a real serious thing so you know if we've talked about this before bulow vaping so much healthier a no. It's really really not because you're pulling this shit on a water rayburn. You're giving yourself pneumonia anyway <hes> but pay attention to what the hell you're buying your cartridges from if like i get it you know people want the we'd the pens and the weed cartridges and that kinda shit but it's not way too many people are winding up in the hospital was super serious conditions. Just chill be smart so speaking of speaking of things that we don't buy weed speaking so let's talk about something we'd like tech crunch email than article and stuff like this it it hits the news at bothers me like it says now facebook says it may remove like counts now a why would this make the news because the because it happened and like so somebody at it and i've noticed it <hes> they're kinda getting away from how they've done things with at least the android version of facebook. Where are you don't necessarily see how many likes you've gotten something in your notification feed. It's in a different place now so like if you go back to your post and take a look at that you might see it but like he's like you know hey you've got you know so and so and thirty other people like post. You don't see that in your notifications feud anymore so the reason why it broke because somebody saw that started digging and realize that it's availa- you know that's happening here but not for all android users and i don't believe that it hit the iphone platform yet either well. It's the idea he has to prevent users from comparing like the bigger weiner principal like oh. My god is personnel. Fifty lakes in this is the thing that my kids do. I i yelled at him about it but they were deleting posts. That weren't getting enough likes in a quick enough time and i'm like posed. What do you want to boast right here. Take me about the reaction. You need affirmation but that's but that's what this become so now if you take it away you basically. I think you're killing the platform because that's the whole point isn't it. It's like oh who did who liked to check on your crib everyone does i don't care like you know i mean like even with facebook's generic genetic algorithm like i'll see stuff that people posted two three four five days ago and it'll be my first exposure to it because someone liked didn't bubble it up yeah or whatever dum dum not a fan. Someone's gotta come. Someone's gonna come up with a better mouse trap. You know what i am a fan of though was and i'm just i'm just going to put the south generically <hes> bang bros. I'm a huge fan of bang bros <hes>. I didn't even realize they were still relevant. I who knew like it was like a thing like in one the main aims area to i've ever but so apparently there was a website out there porn wikileaks <hes> that maintained basically dachshund porn stars and giving out like their real names really real phone numbers real all that stuff <hes> so back rose went and bought the site <hes> by and bought like audio like do they like do like fake by like. We're like interested in your and like we're going to pay like we're interested. Party didn't come as were bang umbro's sure. I'm sure it was like a third party thing <hes> but basically bought the when i say they bought the site i mean like they bought where the site was actually hosted <hes> because because they got the hard drives and then torched them live <hes> in their first two safer work video that they've ever done and that's amazing like that's a super super cool thing see. Here's here's what i don't get a lot of things i like and don't like for the most part of eleven light live guy. Everybody knows that <hes> if you don't like porn lake i don't wanna be the door. Don't you change the channel but dude. You're gonna like put people's personal information online. Help people do harm to them like who is a special place place in hell for you like you know yeah. That's that's one of those things that i've never a- and i don't care what the circumstances are that that whole thing of you know of dachshund. Somebody and hey here's their home address and here's our home phone number and here's dude just there. There's never a good reason for that like. I don't care if it's a porn star a white supremacist. I i just know it doesn't matter at that. Let the court steel within like jesus christ yet. 'cause i mean especially. Do we all know what people order online and an and that turns into a mob real quick which turns into like you like what if they put the wrong address in there for somebody and then you wind wind up you know it's like swatting you wind up storming somebody's house. That's not even affiliated with what you're whatever. Dumped stories are coming out once a week. Now these swatting swatting stories it's so <hes> i guess a apparently there was a form that at three hundred thousand postive in most of them. They're basically said screw <hes>. It's now gone dezso all that time. He spent <hes> but again i we like to find out who they are not necessarily just like if you come out doing anything else just band. You're shit. Yeah you dead to me now for sure people stupid so i'm not gonna lie like this one. I kind of understand this because i'm in this boat like so. They're trying to figure out. Why did you buy a boat. Never <hes> but like smartphone payments are micro transactions are not catching on in the u._s. at all and they can't figure out why <hes> on because they said it was like eighty four percent of adults in america have a smartphone <hes> but you look at the adoption rate and china is at like eighty percent of adults smartphones us like hey samsung pay apple pay whatever with their phone in america is under ten i i i don. I read this and i don't have an answer for it. I know i've never i don't like it. I don't want to do it. I have no issue. Here's the thing if you wanna make my life easier. You're like i'm all in. It's not difficult to open up my wallet and put a and pull out a car a lot of card that they'd never once. I said oh <hes> so difficult like it doesn't save it. Step by tapping your phone. It really doesn't and then i don't get to like pug your put. Put your pin in. There's an extra level security when you're putting your pin in sixteen fifty three is that okay like i'm agreeing to like. They could put the thing in for i remember once. I did a square at the dc a._f._c. game. I bought a jersey or a whatever for my kid and he didn't give me a receipt and i go to charge me. A thousand bucks like i know i'm getting the email right now. Sit and wait until i get it yeah but like if you're tapping your phone you don't know what the transaction toe tapping your walk it so they got a lot of people as security minded be. It's not doesn't make it that much easier. I don't know yeah i'm going to say about. That's why i haven't done it like i get that. It's a digital in theory. It is an additional layer of abstraction between the point of sale system in your cards. I get it if you want to change things. I talk. I'm going to bring it up one more time for the eight thousand one time. I brought it up on the show yeah when i buy something. Give me a like when you do to f._a. Microsoft and you get when i signed into goal yeah and you get to pop up on your phone my phone inside of a second second yep that says is this you yes or no give me that and you will decrease you will eliminate the whatever billion dollar fraud market that exist exist today and that personnel spent eighty dollars on gas at kroger who they'll buys eighty dollars with gas wouldn't couldn't have done it with my card. If you just do the yeah yeah a two if a pop up it's as yes or no you go do very true doug song of your listen this from duo security. Will you pitch the damn visa. Visa banks do or cisco now cisco whatever they bought them. I don't even wanna diamond royalty for whatever go do <hes> and this is what i love to this the the fact of the title. It's so stupid that the <hes> the twin the c._e._o. Of twitter is twitter was hacked. Talk which really kinda. What's that twitter's fault. It's the cell phone provider so because you know twitter enables the you know you can tweet via taxed so you can t you can send taxed to a number and so that what these guys is did is they actually did because we've talked about this attack vector on the show a couple of different times before where they basically get a sim card they get a new card swapping pop it into a phone and then convinced convince the phone company that you are whoever you're trying to gain access of their phone too so basically like to me. The more important part of that story is they convince somebody that they were the c._e._o. Of twitter and took over his phone. I think it'd be very easy twitter account no. I think they'd be very easy to say. This is his admin assistant assistant jenny or billy or whatever i mean jack dorsey is not you know what i mean. I mean he might for crowd. I mean no no hello. Hello mr darcy's new phone you right wait. I've ordered a new you know and i need access to his you know from the hacking with it was anything no they started spewing like of course like anything anyone anonymously spew racial slurs anti semitic tweets and offensive content before everything was removed so what's your first thought like i'm jack dorsey would like what's your. I thought oh anti semitic racist to say like. I just put my pants or something right right. Yes the the anthony weiner defense i was on. I was drugged at the time trump actors ago yes every day every single final day but yeah apparently <hes> i think the service providers need a good <hes> good do canceling so that's <hes> there's there's like i said to me that was that was the bigger part of that story. Kinda got glossed over right. Hey so. When are you <hes> when you go and zip-line shooting dude i this was this. This story is so just merka so if you're bored with shooting static targets and you're bored with running gun courses there is a guy i who is now built a shooting range where you get on a zip line and as you zip-line as zip down the line you are shooting shooting guns at targets vegas yeah what could possibly go wrong on looking. I'm looking at the youtube video right now at m._g._m. Iron man yeah what what can possibly go wrong. He's load the thing too and he's got a site on it. Oh yeah and he just targets are all my god. That looks so much fun. I look so bad. It's go like this is wild. West is like shooting things on a horse i i it's all because he's yeah you're going left and right and the i want to do it. I i wanna do that on my heart. I'm trying to picture ed no no. It's a hell of a strong zipp speaking of being on a horizontal zip. Take a quick break. Welcome back mike and mandy talking about the detroit sheet town festival. This is the i._t. The d. show hey we'll be right back. I see in busy reads leads meets listen networking detroit's one bay at the time this john schneider from nip tuck smallville the haves and than have not so dr quinn hot in cleveland civilized american teenager and just about everything you can possibly imagine and oh yeah the dukes of hazzard. You're listening to bob and dame see i the d. show i._t. In the dot com welcome back segment to episode three one three. This is the the i._t. And the plan all abs favorite hits this week. I did not mean that hanging out here in studio one cassie trading beautiful royal oak michigan baba sales. Hi dave the gig randy. I do the twitter's fine us online i._t. Dot com you wanna know why 'cause we are i t you you still not we still love you me me moi. Hey like we mentioned earlier. We got up mike and mandy in the house. They are awesome. They're from detroit. She town festival. How are you guys doing tonight thank you i was just reading a little bit and there's you know people look at the word detroit. She town festival. No no there's actually a pretty historic back story to that name. <hes> let's start talking about. What's what's the back story on on the name well it kind of originated from the twenties and the thirties thirties <hes> when <hes> a male auto workers were kind of upset about women in the in the workforce taking over when of course the boys went to war a lot of women came in and when the boys came back home from war <hes> they weren't exactly offered the same jobs back because women were making next to nothing for the same amount of work and the term sheets on a i'd really hoped by digging through everything that i could dig through to find maybe an organization of she town people women <hes> it wasn't it was just a term that journalists coined that <hes> kind of looks like detroit's becoming the new she town because he's boys can't find work so yeah and <hes> you know oh since the film industry which you know this kind of what mike and i are are part of <hes> you know we're seeing kind of a revolution and seeing more women in better positions and wanted to put more of a light on that so that's what we decided to name the the film festival was off of that awesome lake ticket so this is going on september twelve from seven to ten p._m. At the detroit shipping company well. That's the opening party mixer. Yeah got it and that's open and it's free to attend attend and you so you're telling so. I guess let's jump into it. You start listing off all these people that are going to be here at first thing. I said he was like oh. How how in the blue hill did you get all these people to come to detroit for film festival well. I guess unless you want to let you know let's start with that. Then i'll jump back to the origins of how you guys even decided to do a film puzzle here a lot of people from outside of the state. Just really they really wanna come to detroit. I mean that's really you know they the name detroit in our festival. Has you know just excited people. They really you know they read a lot about it. They hear the good they hear the bad and they wanna see the good in there you have the facts thanks bye-bye and so they want to come here and they wanna see it and <hes> you know flea provides a great networking opportunity for filmmakers here to get to meet people you know and filmmakers and those who they wouldn't just get a chance to meet otherwise well and i guess that's that's a question like i one would assume the detroit right. Filmmaker community took a hit when all the incentives went away right like i know that was like all the you know we dealt with it out of the russell batman versus superman film on their transformers one of them film down there <hes>. There's a lot of stuff going on and it's still gone. It's still gone yeah yeah and a lot of really quality filmmakers and people who are you know key crew went to the places where they could get work. You know whether it was l. a. or it was atlanta new orleans. Sir kinda left a void. Definitely <hes> ended still avoid so you know. I think that you know there's a lot of filmmakers who hit it heavy and i i mean i'm always of the opinion if you can make it in detroit. You can make it anywhere so i didn't. I feel a lot of filmmakers have cured. There are partnered up. They've also worked in commercial and they've worked in corporate and you know hone their skills and also tunnel a freelance opportunities for that and detroit one. Oh one absolutely it's all about the side hustle in that you know people people get to know each other and they get to work with each other and we're all creative so of course we have you know things in our minds that we want to see on the big screen so you know these he's creative projects that come together what greater place to show than here and what greater place to bring everybody together. That's interested in this and wants to collaborate. It's it's it. It was positive last year. I mean definitely so. When did you have the big aha moment that we need to do this just curious. I i know for me. I'm i mean i've been a filmmaker for better part of a decade and i've been to hundreds of film festivals and there's there's always been it's it's a completely different experience when you go to i would say just a regular film festival versus something that's specific. That's a women's film festival when you get a bunch of women in a room together. There's like a crazy sense of camaraderie. <hes> and it's just a different experience and that's what i thought i went to a film festival. A women's film festival in toronto and i just knew we had to do it here. Man and you didn't see very many you didn't see u._c._l._a. You'll see it in new york. You'll see hidden in toronto bigger cities like that <hes> but there's a saddened in here and we want to really bring films to audiences to write <hes> you know it's just it's a lot of short films from here ear michigan from across the u._s. Internationally content use really wouldn't get a chance to see otherwise and <hes> you know bring that to audiences and and you know we we didn't wanna create just another film festival right. There's already a lot of those out there right. We wanted to kind of you. Know bring those voices and bring that hopefully uniqueness to to the to the project so that's where i was going to ask so when you guys announce something like this like. How many submissions do you get their second year. So <hes> submissions went up by about forty percent forty percent this year <hes> so <hes> response is really been great <hes> essay some other cities. You know do something similar lanta boston right and things like that. This is the first here in detroit <hes> that we knew of and <hes> we hope we can only grow bigger as things one so so. Here's a guy the senate has never been to a film festival. I get it. I love movies. I just like everybody else and i had this conversation with a buddy of mine in the car this weekend when he was telling me we know the joker looks really good and we're arguing trailer. Look good and he goes. It goes last film festival. It was added got got a standing ovation. I go because we've got a film festival selana stupid. Tell me why tell me why i'm doing like. I'm dumb like those my first inclination someone. That's what i'm trying to do knows. It's just a bunch of felonies that our beloved no just like no i want you. I'm trying to get to the people that are on the fence about going. I wanna say like okay. This is the reason why you need to be so you know what i'm saying because i mean the general perception when you hear film festival you typically think avante guys serious or dark very new are are very you know it's for the people that like to sit around and smoke cigarettes dark rooms and dissect yeah <hes> <hes> <music>. I think we were pretty clever with the programming with us. There definitely are some subject matters that are quite hard hitting and they're all from. They're all from a woman's perspective so i feel like a lot of these are the subtle context of some of the female i on these films is phenomenal stuff. You don't usually z. stuff. You don't usually quite think about <hes>. I think that as far as far as the program goes though i think we've mixed it up with some great programming was like animations with some comedy and with some you know some documentaries that are thrillers sifi like there's there's john was all over the bar yeah and it's not you know a lotta people base. Maybe movies on like i'm gonna. I'm gonna move. You got brad pitt or something bad. It's not it's not blockbuster thing right but it's a lot of different voices a lot of different content that you know and and you know for now. All we're doing programming. Short films gonna ask what is the definition of a short wealth to us our parameters or anything from two minutes to twenty five <hes> and we just we don't program features just because because we just haven't decided to yet i guess we're both short filmmakers and loved john. We love we love that medium <hes> and you can put a lot a lot of programming in a two hour block like what you would see a feature for an hour and a half two hours you get to see eight ten movies like it's completely different and it's is kind of a neat. Little certain features are harder to program. You know trying to get that audience. Real film festivals like short blac program and they'll have like a couple of features and i always feel like the short film <hes> filmmakers kind of the raw end of the deal because a lot of the promotion goes into the <hes> so this is you know again not only a festival for women filmmakers <hes> but also i short filmmaker so i guess what makes the cut because about violent movies obi's i think everyone's such a wide variety of likes and tastes in movies everything from like john wick to the traumas dachshund ventured to like ben hur doctor zhivago. I mean i mean we all love movies so i guess what makes the cut and what doesn't make the cut good movies. Yeah we have a would you follow what i'm saying like. That's if you watch it and it rocks you to your core. If it makes you laugh war it teaches you something or we ever selection panel right. It's who's weekend's upon weekends on weekends going over. These movies going back over these movies a lot of times. You'll say like you wanna see some grabs you something you haven't seen before. They don't want to say like oh. That's exactly like the matrix meets die hard three. Isn't that all the movies yeah right but that's what we don't wanna see right. We wanna see those is unique right yeah and hopefully we. You know we achieve. I definitely think we didn't ghostbusters but now is with women's. Let's be in a women's women's velvet. If i get ghostbusters that'd be super threw me to ask i'm just i'm just taking a quick cruise to decide identity and i and i 'cause. I was kinda curious. Your criteria not area was had to have at least one of the following it had to be heavy female lead actress role <hes> a female centric story or documentary issue <hes> female director or cinematographer <hes> female screenwriter editor female producer or co producer so i think that was being an exhaustive list yet interestingly jedi. I was like no one of like yeah you're asking for. Just one not and i would think that every movie no no really yeah really i would who submits fellows those criteria but i'm shocked at that's not every movie. No wow no this is why fared yeah no no. It's fair because again. You're bringing things in the light that people that don't see the light because again. I would've thought of you to read that off corner. That's absolutely every single movie that the allows in it. Can i spell the test now. If i had in front of me i could go their certain certain criteria and you would you would think that that would meet meet that and they don't. They don't know what i mean. Katherine katherine bigelow was the last female to win best director and there hasn't been any sense right so for her locker so we started thinking of those high level positions and this is kind of the purpose of the festival to in the networking you you know if you unless you start seeing as a one woman filmmaker. If you let me start seeing people do the things that you want to do and you have some idols. You know some ensure look up to and go. Oh my gosh. They can do this then i can do this. You know unless you have that you're not gonna feel like he can be a problem when guys like me just assume that it's there and it's totally not closet over because i don't think it you know what i mean. No no this is i dig that. You're bringing this out. No because i think about other conversations we've had about women in tech. Yeah sure similar thing and it's i'm glad to see where it's going now and i'm glad to see that there's attention being brought to it and i'm glad to see that there's programs in place to make sure that you know women can actually have some mentors have have a voice and he wrote to at these industries because it's so important that was kind of like when black panther came out african american kids like like i have someone now i can look up to and we again the david. I growing up. We didn't think anything of reaction. You're on your woman right. You would not believe i didn't even believe my reaction was we grow up was one woman in the seventies ziauddin exist for forty years done right exactly but to see it on the big screen woman embodying it in live movies glorious to glorious and i mean gene literally wet like try to control myself wet right now that we always dressed up as superman batman the but we didn't think like hey what's a little african american boy. What's he like gupta dressing up a suit and now comes out like now. You got someone like god again. You don't think of it unless you're staring at it. You know what i mean. It's you know oh. I like i said i'm glad that this is the way it's going because it's been the way it's always been is not the way it always should be sure and so the people that make the short films just i'm just curious like where do they typically yet distribution where they typically get eyeballs outside these festivals like are eh distributed like are they saying hey watch my movie on youtube. Like where would you be able to see some of these short films because again. This is another thing that i'm not privy to manjula ooh well one of our <hes> filmmakers from last year she <hes> she won best in festival <hes> she had a great film called lady hunters <hes> <hes> she got distributed through amazon prime and it was part of lake an anthology of similar. John rudd short films seen black mirror. It's sort of like that but through amazon prime now so she's part of this kind of cool and was on prime on fiery now i know about awesome awesome still out and that's kind of the great thing about getting into short. We got that question allow. Why why do you do this. Do you make any money and you know. There's a lot of different reasons. Why people make sure it's you. You know i mean calling the craft. Call it a demo reel if you will you know i do this so that i can do tv series or what have you but if there's distribution russian going on tour which clearly there is. I want to see more of that. What is some of the more famous ones because when i think short film that comes to my mind is when i was a kid bambi meets godzilla the famous like see. I was like so that i mean the film festival i went to d._c. With spike and mike if any anything you know the <hes> the ability to have well not just cameras on your smartphone but the ability to have cameras and equipment at a decreased bracing racing level has really leveled the playing field in terms of the content. That's out there so sundance film festivals the biggest film festival in existence every a year now they get over. I mean the mind boggles they get over nine thousand short films in which they take about seventy so that is yeah so i mean just so the the playing field is really been leveled a lot right used to have to buy these expensive cameras and these tape decks sure hearings always for tens of thousands of dollars for free so maybe maybe not that says popular. Maybe perhaps but that it's you know democracy is i think that's the the flip side of it too late. You were just touching on as it's not just the leveling the playing field on production. It's love at the playing fields a lot wider when it comes to distribution you know you're you're not dealing with a._b._c. n._b._c. c._b._s. You're not just dealing with you know paramount universal that are you know you've got netflix agreement. You uh-huh well. It's been an it's an evolving thing to you know i mean there's just so much content out there and there's so many different ways is to view it so it's trying to figure out what what road you should go is an experiment itself so i guess going back to my one of my first questions. I asked you when when we were sitting in the waiting room was the list of people that you got and i'm like how you handled it very funny and i kind of left the show i'm like how in the hell did you get this. Many people to come to detroit for this. Thing word of mouth is yeah. I mean that's impressive as all hell. That's what i'm getting at. We'll have about out we'll have about between yeah forty to fifty filmmakers coming from michigan and from the u._s. internationally yeah so yeah so they'll make coming over from australia area. There's filmmakers coming from l._a. New york all around all around the united states from canada physically coming here. I mean just one little quick. Need story was three filmmakers from l._a. Who met here in detroit who all lived in l._a. But never met met here and now they're working on on a new short film project together because they met here but they were doing hozat rights and they've never would've met out there that they all lived there when mike and you're you're. I think you're looking up i._m._d._b. Or something and you're commenting on how you're gonna. You're completely fan blowing out lewis. Who are some of the quote unquote people. You're standing out for that. We should <hes> security to keep you away from. Maybe we should talk real quick about just like our breakdown of like what's playing what night perfect perfect or just because you've got going so yeah so thursday night this thursday but next thursday the twelfth you've got to kick off event over detroit shipping happening <hes> which which great we've got a we've got our studio. They're probably to try to get us. Maybe another show or to there to interview folks that kind of stuff but then starting friday you've got panels thousand showings and events and all that good including after parties at old miami yeah no. There's a there's a the taste is she town as always our kickoff every friday dates <hes> a multi genre block <hes> lot of the filmmakers who have films are coming <hes>. There's also a panel of directors panel the the preceding that i should have led with that <hes> the thrillers friday the thirteenth. Why would you not have a thriller so there's some great films in that <hes> including <hes> there's there's a local one called knock knock that's been killing it in the michigan circuit by the way <hes> desert prayers and amazing when when you were kind of fan growing yes blair who was in detroit becoming human <hes> the bureaucratic and her husband are both going to be there friday night so they have a very large detroit detroit fan base <hes>. They're gonna hopefully get a chance to to meet with so. We're one of the things that's going on. During the taste of town friday night <hes> girls rock detroit. I i knew that name because they've done fundraisers and that kind of stuff at smalls in hamtramck and some of the things i've gone to very cool organizations which film all about them yeah it's it's just <hes> of quick seven minute short documentary about everything that they do within the city of detroit and it highlights <hes> you know their their mission <hes> along with a lot of other really great films that are in that in that block you know it's one of those multi genre blocks which majority of these are <hes>. You know you'll get some. You'll get some comedies. You'll get some doctor gets a nation in great dramas films a couple films that have premiered this year at sundance south south west and to tribeca so so come spring so is there any it's totally out of like <hes> i'm trying to the taste level or like just this the worst the grossest thing because i mean again begin to some people that might be. I'm just wondering where's the line. Is there a liner as women filmmakers when they do horror thriller. It's <hes> it's never ver- overly gross <hes> you know and indie films. I always think trauma wilpon vs aliens. That's the line. I always drew yeah. It's i just feel like a you know it's more psychological horror so easily and it was more in your brain messing. I'm with you yeah. Ali-aliens was there's some pretty cool special effects and we have some zombie films. We have some lake. I mean the special effects that these women are putting together pretty friggin impressive impressive and hand. All the programming blocks are unrated so yeah we have our that so bring your kids if you want to if you dare dare for they are unrated as most film festivals right yes but there's a yeah there's a great great documentary block on saturday which is a real resurgence. Yeah documentaries are huge every turn around. There's another one that either netflix hulu bluer prizes like hey be seeing this yet no but but i wanna way i'm about to learn. You're gonna learn some things now. We're the we're the films being shown show-me. They're being shown at cinema detroit midtown. Okay cool yeah. It's a great little venue and and i don't know i just i i dig it. The filmmakers dig ticket and one of the hatch contestants. We had him nope. I remember vividly no. I don't even know what that means. I think they might have been one of the hatch detroit. Final four one year now has he carta said <hes> sponsored by comerica bank to give money and legal -portant accounting support and to try to launch shit because they're doing an incredible edible job at bringing independent films the independent film art house. They're the only wear you swear a lot i do. They're the only troy besides sides the senate. I was in a i thought yeah magic johnson will solve on cineplex that for like fifteen years i mean there was the g._m. Ranson for their wise movies in the rest in that oh closed house pre d._m. Though wasn't it it was out in the two thousands. I i may have snuck off and watch the movie or to their dogs. We hang out there when we were before we go to the bar that would let's rent center. Walk around to the last film film basically like programming venue standing so now what's the what's the cost ten dollars for a program <hes> the thursday. Yeah i know working parties is a film. Everybody's for that. We have you wanna talk about the director panel on friday night. <hes> director's panel is free also <hes> <hes> that's going to be <hes> moderated by one of our alums from last year <hes> and <hes>. I don't have who's who's going to be on the panel yet. I'm waiting on confirmation from one more <hes> before we release that but that will be on the website but just a great discussion with some of the directors directors who have films in the film festival who are moving and shaking in the industry and i think we'll have some great conversations with whoever comes to totally ten bucks you can sit there like all evening ten bucks for yes for each of the programs so each of the programs are two hours long episode fifty five. I will direct you towards that. That's when they were on the show. I was not there. Yes you were. I wasn't i love. I love how when you like. He's he's proven wrong or something. He'll go away for like twenty minutes. Google's completely ignore the show and then come back with this answer for a case. I did look at me the win fake news fake yeah. All the programs are ten bucks. <hes> there's only there's four programs that are john rhys specific so that would be the thrillers documentaries comedies and there's an l._g._b._t._q. <hes> block also but ah <unk> twelve programs in total twenty four hours programming it works out to about one hundred thirty some films yes and those they're all mixed genres so it's every every program is a cool experience and your websites got a ton of contact because that's the other thing i was clicking around. You like going to your site. <hes> detroit she town film festival dot com <hes> like you've got links and trailers and bios and see everybody. Every every director who provided ahead show has is his debuted on there the bio for them <hes> the description of the film what kind of you know when when it shows so yeah if you're curious and you wanna poke through tracy. Tom film festival dot com. We'll give you just go to the schedule. Yeah yeah yeah this one point yeah and also on their debut. It also shows <hes> all the premier's. We have six world premieres this year six the u._s. Premiers in thirty three michigan premier so lots of films that people have not seen here so i mean obviously this is a press like who who covering this thing like how how many from different genres like magazines and preston news and websites looking all right now decided. It's just curious just asking yeah yeah we're looking. We're going to <hes> yeah we're looking for. If anybody wants to reach out and talk about being on the you you know podcast with four listeners. You got that here but ride. I'm kidding. Hey if you wanna know more detroit she town on film festival dot com september twelfth through the fourteenth fifteenth. Yes see i'm a day off do chick-fil-a schedule. I don't want to work on sundays. They work on sundays every day. Mike manny any look forward to <hes> to the sounds awesome. I love the mission. I love the mission of <hes> everything you guys said seriously. This is <hes>. This is very cool stuff. I'm gonna light myself myself. I'm going to hang out. There's just no. I'm in i'm in <hes> the other detroit sheets on film festival dot com <hes> mike manny appreciate the time spent and this is going to wrap wrap things up for episode three one three the detroit up detroit episode of the teenager show <hes> relate to thank <hes> planet. I'm dot com and also like to thank monday dot com thank you for keeping the lights on on behalf of bob and dave and the gosta randy do us all a favorite drink up your drinks never in the studio with elliot's tweeting from getting notifications the case you tweeting. What the hell is he drinks. Get your phone numbers. You don't gotta go home. You just got to get a hell outta here. Dr careful being dig as i forgot be safe they did. I know you always you say drive careful. Get the hell out of here a fine whatever by the emergency the system is now what is best in light crush your enemies even before you they had eleven in days of women i have come here to cuba bubblegum all audible mass shootings but today murphy wrong the raw game over. It's over johnny. You just don't turn it off. I just i can't say no to yourself especially with the back doors open out. Take jail your need to cool that. Sit it out and that's double barn loves at the camp. I hope that this trend for you. Is it was for me. That's why i like it in the camp all his own jeremy her her job is to make sure this program is morally upright and yet at mindy jeff shut up mindy d._m._z. Why would like buick put their cars next to like bentley's marketing <hes> <hes> the alphabet. It's really a that position. Bet analogy sucks because right because you're getting your eight track to break. Yes yes just just like doing like stupid stuff to make me laugh. Venture capital is not the end game claiming in january ignorance spots my shy could say what i want twist this my ass go home on plug off the guy him internet. You are everything that is wrong with the internet right now right now the guy in the room. Just explain it to me. I loved the city postbag really. Should we talk about this tax bellinger today sat but can i just say it's been great being on a show that talks about mickey rooney dying for twenty seconds and then poop for ten minutes.

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