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Every Thursday hostage tells the complicated stories behind the world's most intense hostage situations search for and subscribe to hostage wherever you listen to podcasts. This episode of haunted places contains particularly disturbing and sensitive material, including discussion of torture slavery. And suicide caution is advised particularly for listeners underage thirteen. Pale clear move cast light on the heads and shoulders of dozens of revellers trawling, the French quarter hurricanes in hand their heels clicked us to cut a rhythm on the cobblestones, adding their own per Cussing signature to the brassy New Orleans jazz, spilling out at the nightclubs inside eleven forty Royal St. however, Jamie couldn't hear any of it. The sounds of joy outside became fainter. The further they intruded into the house swallowed by thick oak doors and heavy to mass curtains Jamie, a friend of the mansions latest owners had volunteered to help with their move. The owners were doctors, and if truth be told incorrigible history buffs Jamie's night had been spent packing. The doctors collection of antique medical texts and journals the scent of cigar. Smokes apprised her the doctors didn't smoke, and she thought she was the last friend left finishing up the room she'd committed to but she noticed too light in a room down the hall and rose to investigate in the sitting room standing behind the doctors prized antique walnut bar cart. Jamie saw tall man in an old fashioned evening coat. The man was puffing. What looked like a hand-rolled cigar while pouring himself a drink. Jamie calls out to him, but the Matichon order Jamie always had a bit of a short fuse. It was one of her weaknesses and being ignored made. Her furious angrily, Jamie crossed the room and shoved the wheeled bar side. Jamie had planned to snatch the cigar right out of a man's mouth. But what she saw major stop short as the bar, ROY. Old away revealing the man's waste. She was horrified to realize there were no legs or feet beneath it. The smoking man's body ended in a sort of a wispy Hayes fading impossibly into the pattern wallpaper behind him. The man met her gaze at winked. Welcome to haunted places on the park cast network. I'm Greg Poulsen every Thursday, I take you. To the scariest year is most haunted real places on earth this week. Join me on a deep dark journey to the Laurie mansion where some of the most brutal and shameful acts in history occurred. Some call it the most haunted house in America, some call it's mistress. The most prolific female serial killer of all time to this day. It's haunted. At park cast. We're grateful for you our listeners you allow us to do it. We love let us know how we're doing reach out on Facebook and Instagram at park cast and Twitter at podcast network. And if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening. It really does help we also now have merchandise. Head depar- cast dot com slash merch. For more information, listen to more episodes of haunted places as well. As par casts. Other podcasts on your favorite podcast directory. The Laurie mansion takes its name from its most famous residents. Marie del phen- McCarty Lori and her third husband, Dr Leonard Laurie. I married at age fourteen Madame Delphine, Lori was twice a widow and a mother to five children by the time. She married Dr Lori in eighteen twenty five made vastly wealthy by your previous husband's untimely, ends Delfin quickly established yourself and Leonard as part of the elite New Orleans money society. In eighteen thirty one dolphin used her wealth to buy the unfinished mansion that eleven forty Royal street in the French quarter of New Orleans. She inter family moved into the square gray mansion in eighteen thirty two. Delfi threw herself into decorating the home with no expense spared every piece of artwork. Every item of furniture had to be of the highest quality soon. The lorry mansion was born and on its way to being infamous. Inside tucked away from the street. The mansion was not a home, but a torture chamber. There was only one way for those enslaved to escape Madam Laurie. They said no one had been looking up when the man fell from the third story of the Laurie mansion apparently no-one outside could say if he jumped or was pushed, but Leah heard the yelps in a tone. She knew much too well for her twelve years of age the man had made a mistake and the Madame had no tolerance from stakes mistakes were punished bones broken and reset at or angles mouth is filled with excrement and then sewn up bodies caged birds forced to watch other servants tortured to death. It did not do to displease Madame Delphine. That was what the Madame tilt them a warning as the enslaved women drew warm baths to wash away the blood of their companions as for her husband. He could not care less. Content to smoke a cigar while his wife was occupied outside they shouted for doctor gossip like schoolgirls inside they prayed to God. And whispered in fear from the slaves quarters to the parlour was much talk of the man who threw himself out the window on the third floor, dashing, his brains out on Royal street. Some said he committed suicide the Lori said he hit an accident. Leah said quietly to herself at night, he was free. But the lorries told their version loudest Leah's masters were always having parties acting as if there's was a peaceful home to show how committed they were to the safety of those. They enslaved they cemented over the window. The man had fallen from as if there weren't ten other street facing windows on that same floor. When called into the dressing room Leah did as she was told. She picked up the boar bristle brush and began to brush, her mistress's hair extra gently Madame Delphine was quiet and calm now. Leeann new this afternoon, she should be safe. She returned to her quiet thoughts of a man flying free. She continued brushing the woman, silky, stick straight hair. She was nearly done when she pulled an unexpected snarl the madams head jerked backward. Delfi yelped in the same tone as the man who jumped out the window. Leo was already running. She rounded the corner praying. She could put distance between herself. And the whip Madame Delphine kept on the table. She ran past Dr Lori who blew a smoke ring as if to hide Leah from his vision. Lia fled to the nearest window in tending to climb out. She pushed it, but it was stuck. She ran farther past the cemented window and onto another. She tried to fling it open. But it was lodged shut stuck the next window. Also stuck the Madame closer and closer the windows. Stuck Leah feet. From a whip a window. Stuck Leah abandoned the windows and ran upstairs, she wouldn't allow the Madam to cater Leah turned. Right and headed to the roof barreling outside. Leah was faced with a choice behind. Her was Madame del Fien raging and snapping her long whip swearing to beat her senseless in front of her was a four story drop. Lia chose to be free. In eighteen thirty three witnesses saw del Fien attempting to bury Leah's mangled body in a shallow grave in the corner for property this time, at least it looked like the slave who lost their life might have some Justice. The police notified by neighbors. Find Delfin three hundred dollars as punishment and made her sell her nine slaves the police failed however to prevent the Laurie from enlisting her relatives to buy the slaves back for her. There was no Justice for Lia or the unknown man who jumped before her Leah wasn't content with a pitiful attempt at Justice she received and she would make her displeasure. No. Her ghost haunts the mansion to this day. A little girl beckoning visitors to the rooftop to freedom, but she's not alone. 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The women's vegan multivitamins from sugar bear hair contain sixteen nutrients to promote total body, wellness, go to sugar bear hair dot com slash haunted for amazing hair and a healthier you. That's sugar bear hair dot com slash haunted sugar bear hair dot com slash haunted. Now back to the story. The Laurie mansion was a house of horrors, a torture chamber and tomb Madam will Lori was a sadist Dr Lori simply didn't care and New Orleans high-society preferred to close their eyes and have another glass of free champagne in the eighteen thirties an invitation to a party at the Laurie mansion was the hottest ticket in town. A woman with very then dark tastes Madam. Laurie rubbed elbows some nights with princes and passengers and others with the likes of Marie Lavoro, the voodoo Queen of New Orleans, we can't fully confirm the to ever met that legend holds the pair made a deal with the devil. After six girls. It was only natural to hire Marie LeBow. The voodoo Queen of New Orleans to ensure the next child would be a boy the young parents chameleon Louis Matthews breathe size every leaf when Marie Lebowa agreed to perform the rituals to ensure a male heir. But marine knew more than she led on about Louis and Camille when Lewis asked her to provide him with the sun, she had to keep a smirk from her face one didn't earn the title voodoo Queen without knowing everything that went on in her city, even what went on in the tiniest. Didn't she is sharecropper shacks on the plantations lining? The Mississippi River. For example, the shack on the Matthews plantation where two year old MAURICE lived. His brothers and sisters were polite refraining from commenting on how little MAURICE was oddly light skinned, and they refrained from spreading the word that after drinking Lewis would often appear at the door of the shack or little MAURICE lived and Camille ever soft hearted would frequently stop by with toys or clothing for the boy Marie lavar didn't take kindly to liars and secret keepers, the voodoo Queen could have made a living zombie of Lewis with a single potion and here he was asking for a male heir when there was a male child with his is living just on the edge of his property. Marie would give Lewis and air. All right, son as he had requested. And she would let him live to regret it. She kept her face grim. As her snake slid over Comey's body wriggling under clothes, and in her hair. Lewis was properly scared. The snake wasn't poisonous. But he didn't need to know that when the ritual was complete Marie left at terrified Lewis to inspect his wife for snake bites. She'd be in danger of she would start bleeding for me warned him. Nine months later. She was called to their home again to help bring forward the male heir Louis deserved. When Marie arrived Camille water had already broken Camille labored long with their son Marie tended to her with care, wiping her bra with a wet rag soaked in a potent concoction of herbs finally after far too, many hours of labor the baby emerged in a pool of blood Marie wiped it out of the infant's mouth while his ignorant. Father exclaimed with joy, I have a son. Camille, continued to bleed through the night soaking through all the towels placed under her pelvis a doctor was called he fought to save her hemorrhaging body until the small hours of the morning as the blood red sun rose over the delta Camille took her last breaths. Marie lavar did what she could to make the young mothers exit from the mortal world, painless Camille wasn't blameless in her husband's dishonesty. But neither was she the voodoo Queen centimeters. That designation was reserved for the liar Lewis whose torments would be far greater. Lewis's nightmare began that very morning when he finally turned his attention from his dying wife to newborn son in the dawn light Lewis saw his son's face clearly for the first time. The rusty tint of his skin the types of vir- on his body. The two bumps on skull tiny horns coming to needle sharp points like two fangs from a snake? Now, Louis new y Camille couldn't stop bleeding refusing to even look at the point Louis ordered a servant to pack the baby in a bassinet and give him to the Queen. His parting words to Marie Lavoro, or I don't care what you do at that devil child Salang as I never see him again. Those were the last lucid words Louis effort spoke driven mad by grief and raving about how his newborn son was evil and carnet he was quickly committed to a sanatorium in New Orleans. Exactly as Marie had planned. She knew exactly who would want the baby Marie walk from Lewis plantation, baby. On her hip all the way to the foreboding Lory mansion in the French quarter. Madam Laurie and Maria VO had an uneasy relationship to such strong personalities were a poor fit as friends but on the spring day when Maria VO appeared at the Laurie match and the orphan baby Madame Delfi in the Laurie was delighted to receive her Madam Laurie had been experimenting with a little voodoo of her own raising. This child was the natural next step. The two women agreed to share responsibility. Marinela VO would formally adopt. The boy, but LA Laurie would keep him and nurse him at her breast. The baby's presence in the opulent. Laurie match wasn't open secret any serve into dared to mention his unholy appearance was swiftly dealt with and any neighbor who gossiped about the child lost their coveted place in the lorries, social circle nevertheless, rumors spread around New Orleans that the two women were using the child in rituals to summon Satan himself. The child grew his screams like nothing ever heard from an earthly infant got louder and louder eventually becoming enough to set every dog in the French quarter to howling each night. The screams infected both women's homes spreading misfortune like our rot in Maria. Vos? Household simple. Love potion turn to poison. For three days. The woman who drank it spoke only visions of infinite darkness and suffering on the fourth day. She expired in marines arms. The next day. Madam Laurie summoned Marie to her mansion. Her eyes were baggy her hair rumpled over mint juleps, Madame explains she could no longer keep the wailing demon child. It had killed and eaten one of her slaves. Madam Lori said with a yawn, and it's endless cries were upsetting. The neighbours Murray was unsure if this was true. Yes. Screams, and cries emitted from the Laurie mansion, no one could deny that. But Marie suspected that Madame had merely taken her tortured too, far and killed someone herself the cries coming from the second floor at this moment could be as have enslaved children. Marie had a feeling that in her later years. Madam Laurie lack the energy to stay up all night with the child, but Madame assisted she'd had enough of do and needed Marie to take the child back permanently. She led Marie to the nursery. Marie didn't want the blood on her hands not directly, but she had no home to give the child either. When Madame left Marie some her favorite snake, a boa constrictor walking in circles counterclockwise. She wound the snake around the cradle. Then she bid Delfin goodbye. The next morning Marie returned to pick up her snake. But instead of the familiar hissing, she heard a baby's coup its horns were stained with blood the child had killed her snake skinning, it entirely and using the skull rattle. They'd have to dispose of the demon another way. At midnight. Marie and Madame Laurie entered Saint Louis cemetery. Marie brought a shovel Madam the baby and a small black hatbox. It took less than ten minutes to bury the thing a lie. With that the demonic wailing finally stopped Marie felt that tension and the rotten lift from her spirit and her household the pair walked home splitting up at urban street. But as Marie walked she heard something. A subtle. Marie ran the rest of the way home. After the burial. No one ever heard the devil baby of bourbon Street Cry again. But every so often Marie saw slithering flash in the corner ver I she pretended. She didn't notice the large snake following her with its unstable bloody horns. In the late eighteen hundreds residents of New Orleans fashioned devil baby dolls made from gourds hanging them on the windows and setting them on their doorsteps, supposedly the devil, baby. Dolls would save them from the real devil baby and his food who curse however by the early twentieth century, a new legend had started the very dolls that were supposed to protect their owners were themselves cursed. Up next a woman summons the strength to fight back against Madam Laurie. In late October nineteen sixty seven a young naval Lieutenant prepared for his twenty third mission over North Vietnam. His strike operator told him to be careful as he boarded the four east guy hawk dive bomber the young Lieutenant assured a superior that he'd be fine. But he wouldn't be John McCain ejected from his playing after a surface to air missile sheared off his right wing. He landed in a lake he broke his right leg left, arm and right arm in three places, the North Vietnamese would then take John McCain hostage. He would be subjected to malnutrition, beatings and torture through sheer willpower and determination, John McCain, endured, what would have killed most soldiers. He was finally granted unconditional release and was allowed to return home to the United States to be with his family. But John McCain refused and would be held hostage for four and a half more years. Years. If Thursday hostage tells the complicated stories behind the world's most intense ausage situations, highlighting the moments where things went tragically wrong as well. As techniques that miraculously saved lives. Search for instance, -cribe to hostage wherever you listen to podcasts. Now back to the story. The lorries marriage was not a happy one and Madame Delphine took her marital frustrations out on the people in slaved in her house and her plantation over time Delfi grew more and more mentally unstable. Her moods shifted rapidly her own children and husband didn't want to be around. Her paranoia consumed her. She refused to feed the enslaved people working for her believing that they would be more obedient. If they were hungry and the irony of cooking, lavish meals for the Laurie dinner. Parties was not lost ten the starving people. They enslaved. Born April night in eighteen thirty four Delfi was throwing another one of her marvellous parties champagne in hand, she toasted the elite of New Orleans the very same people who gossip Dell fiends habits behind her back smiled up at her and raised their classes, despite the charming company and party atmosphere. They'll Fien couldn't help but feel a sense of overwhelming doom excusing herself from her guests. She made her way to the kitchen. But as she rounded the corner, she saw small white hands snatching fried oysters from the silver platters prepared for the guests. But the oyster didn't go into Delfi daughters. Mouths, they went into their pockets. The girls looked up their mother feigning innocence, white hot rage welled up within Delfin. This wasn't the first time. Her daughters had stolen from her. This was supposed to be a happy night. But here her two youngest daughters behaving like nasty slave loving feeds. She commanded them to turn out their pockets and fried oysters Bill to the floor. The slaves were so hungry the little girls cried. And there was so many oysters delcine stumped her heel over the food grinding it into the floor. Then she smacked them each across the face Delfi rated them. That's only at taste of what you'd get. If you fed my guest food to the slaves up their strength, and they'll murder the both of you in your beds, and me to would you really kill your own mother as they whimpered she recalled that they were only children the true criminal was the cook. Who allowed this to happen? This. Woman meant to start a rebellion. So Delfi made her daughters watch as she did the proper recourse and change her enslaved cook to the stove. She told the cook she could expect to spend the rest of her life. Here dragging the short chain between pantry and stove cooking. But never eating. After the monstrous Madame left the kitchen and went up to bed the cookley awake on the kitchen floor. She had spent seventy years working for cruel masters. But now, she couldn't even walk the ten steps across the kitchen to look out a window as she felt cold kitchen tiles, heart against her aging bones. The cook realized there was one freedom that Madam Laurie could never take from her. As dawn broke. She struck a match. She felt no fear that she watched the fire began to catch first firewood, then on the wooden beams of the kitchen walls themselves. The cook had lived in the Laurie mansion long enough to know several fates worse than death. On April tenth eighteen thirty four. The Laurie family woke to the scent of smoke. They ran screaming to salvage their favorite possessions from the fire as the fire raged. The neighbors gathered outside the small crowd soon became a mob. As the neighbors realized the lorries were leaving their slaves to burn judge cannot a local magistrate was woken by the noise. He ran downstairs and was a costed by infuriated neighbors who begged him to intervene. The judge politely asked Dr Lori to unlock the slave quarters. So that neighbors could rescue slaves Dr Lori bat in the judges face and ordered him to mind his own business. Judge cannot gave the order to break down the door strongmen batter. The door the slave quarters until a gateway when it did. And so they burst into a scene so horrific it made the newspapers across America local newspaper at the be reported the rescuers found quote, seven slaves more or less horribly mutilated suspended by the neck with their limbs stretched and torn from one extremity to the other and quote. Rescuers lifted the torture victims on their shoulders and brought them out of the slave quarters removing them to city hall, where newspaper editors were invited to examine them. Reporters observed the dismal condition of the men and women laying moaning on the floor of city hall every soul present was covered with scars from being beaten relentlessly with whips. Several wore iron collars with spikes facing inward, which would impale them if they lay down to sleep all were painfully thin with distended bellies reminiscent of famine victims abroad. One poor man had a hole drilled into a skull. It wasn't recorded. How long the whole had been there? But it was reported that it wasn't dusted with maggots eating away at the living man's brain. When word of the lorries crimes spread across the city, an angry mob approach to tear down what remained of the mansion? The Laurie mansion was ransacked from top to bottom dill Fien sections had publicly exposed the well known but little discussed dark side of high society indoor monds, and now it could no longer be ignored. But Madame Dr Lori were warned about the mob coming for them by the time. Anyone went looking for them. But couple were on a steamship bound for Europe. Madam Laurie is believed to have lived out the rest of her life in Paris. And despite the fire and the mob the house remained standing. If Madame Laurie header way death would have brought her eternal peace, but in the dark and mystical New Orleans, a murderous like Madam Laurie cannot expect death to bring release from pain to this day. She remains chained to the scene of crimes as tightly as she wants chained to remain. She aided seventy year old cook. To the stow, the ballast rods and galleries she so adored in life have become the walls of her prison. If you pass by the mansion on a moon Lewis night, you may see a light on in the attic and spot a woman's face peering longingly toward a street. She will never walk again. For husband, Dr Leonard Laurie has also been spotted in the house always full tales smoking, his telltale cigar careless to his wife's not Tross ities with these coasts and others in house. The mansion continued to be the site of tragedy. No matter how many new owners attempted to renovate it. The year was eighteen eighty two and fourteen year old Victoria, couldn't be happier. It's her parents had finally agreed to enroll her in the prestigious new conservatory for music and dancing operated, by an English woman who's tutelage attracted the finest families in New Orleans. The conservatory was housed in an old mansion in the French quarter located at eleven forty Royal street. One formerly owned by the notorious Madam Laurie. Victoria's brother Greg or had laughed at her for wanting to study violin at the Laurie mansion everyone knows he had said it's cursed or haunted or both. She fired back reminded our brother that all the best families were sending their girls. There would they be doing that? If it was haunted. To ensure a positive first impression Victoria arrived early to her assign classroom and found she was the first one there. It was a cavernous space that had once been a dining back when Madame Delfi the Lory lived there. All alone in this huge room, the Toya suddenly felt very small. It was darker than she expected. She had never been very comfortable alone ever since she was a small girl to banish her nerves. She began to warm up her. In the big empty room. The toria thought the strange sound was an echo of her playing. But when she paused her bow it continued. It seemed to be getting closer. But in the dim room Victorian could see nothing. Her pulse. Began to race. She told yourself. It must be somebody moving furniture in the next room or perhaps a dancer with squeaky shoes. She ran to the door to look. But there was nobody in the hall and from that vantage point, she could clearly hear the noise was coming from behind her Victoria struggled to contain her nerves. How could she be this unsettled by a little noise? The teacher would be there any minute. She was sure of it. Then she heard the child. Victoria, spun around and saw small thin black girl in a blue cotton. Dress facing the rear wall at the classroom. The girls hair was tightly braided and her arms moved methodically. She polished silver pitcher, I was relieved perhaps this was the daughter of teacher or of a servant in the schools kitchen. The girl cried softly as she worked. Of course, Victoria wanted to comfort the girl she called out her. But there was no reply. The child was engrossed in her chore. Entertainers, Victoria, protest, the little girl and reached out to tapper small shoulder, but the girl ran from Victoria, dashing across the room to adore and there we are the classroom the door opened onto a wrought iron fire escape and the girl dashed up at breakneck speed toward the roof, victorious, heart clotted or throat still clutching her violin in one hand. Victoria chased the child upstairs as she reached the rooftop Tori saw the little girl at the very edge of the roof. Wait, she shouted. It's not safe. Come back. Victoria could hear the little girl weeping from across. Who've she carefully tiptoed toward her. She wanted to comfort her, but was wary of frightening. Just as Toyo reached the corner of the roof but child turn to face, Victoria, were her nose. Should be was only a bloody hollow bid suffer orbital bones protruded from her forehead one nine dangled grotesquely from her skull. She opened her arms and leaned forward to embrace, Victoria. The toria reflexively backed away from the bloody arms her foot slipped. Her arms flailed at her violent flew into the air. She tumbled from the rooftop. Victoria's parents were told she committed suicide outta things ICTY about performing for her new renowned teacher, but Gregoire Victoria's brother knew better than to believe the coroner's report. He had heard the stories of people falling from the upper reaches of the Laurie mansion he had heard of twelve year old Leah who one day made the mistake of yank nece snarl while brushing, Madame Laurie's hair. He knew she was only one of the many ghosts who had been enslaved at the Laurie mansion. We can only guess at how many of the disturbing incidents at the school where Leah's work many could be pinned on the Madame taking out her eternal rage or at the doctor turning a blind. I'd tragedy or the devil baby of bourbon street bringing bad luck to all inhabitants. But we do know that each of the three times someone has tried to turn the Laurie mansion into a school tragedy. Soon followed in fact, each and every incarnation of the mansion as a commercial enterprise has failed in dramatic fashion from criminal allegations to sudden bankruptcy. It's seen ruin has a bar of furniture store and an apartment complex shortly after buying the Laurie match and in two thousand seven act. Her nNcholas cage based financial devastation and lost the property to foreclosure, many say the mansion is cursed after all since Madam Laurie. No one has been able to maintain a residence in the mansion for more than five years. Perhaps it's best to let the mansion stand empty as a reminder of the culture of cruelty that lay beneath the glitz glamour of at to Belem New Orleans. Thanks again for tuning into haunted places. We'll be back Thursday with a new episode. You can find more episodes of haunted places as well. As all park casts. Other podcasts on apple podcasts. Spotify Stitcher, Google play or your favorite podcast directory. Several of you of asked how to help us if you enjoy this show the best way to help is to leave a five star review. And don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at par cast network. I'll see next week. Haunted. Places was created by max Cutler, it's a production of Cutler media and is part of the park cast network. It's produced by max in Ron Cutler sound design by Kenny Hobbs with production assistance by Ron Shapiro and Paul Moller additional production assistance by Maggie admire and Carly Madden. Haunted. Places was written by Devin Schwartz. I'm great Poulsen. before he was a US Representative before he was a Senator John McCain was a hostage. He would endure malnutrition, beatings and torture. Hear the story of his captivity on hostage searching subscribe to hostage wherever you listen to podcasts. And don't forget to rate and review.

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