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Fruit drops at all major retailers including Amazon SICOM cold remedy products Are Safe and effective visit Xichang dot com slash garage to receive a two dollar coupon on your next cold remedy. PURCHASE THAT CY CAM DOT dot com slash garage Jon Benet Ramsey she trained with Colorado murder victim. Jon Benet Ramsey unknown intruder Robert Ramsey parents. Sir John Ramsden anybody has been Ham More and find out who is responsible Argentine fine-tuning what's going on okay. Noteworthy left in your daughter. How old is your daughter important? How long ago was the same ransom? Note here it's a random victory place Okay what's your name. Are you okay. How long she she thinks we do? Tweet I am honey. I take a deep breath told okay. Thank you for the beautiful trailer for this week. Here captain and thank you for playing patsies nine one one call now just to clear up any type of confusion. I think we should jump right into a transcript of that nine one one call so we can all have a clear understanding what is said on both ends ends from the nine one one operator as well as Patsy Ramsey when nine one one picks up the call. Patsy Ramsey says police on one. What's what's going on Ma'am Patsy Ramsey? Seven fifty five Fifteenth Street. What's going on there Ma'am Patsy? We have a kidnapping hurry please. He's nine one one explained to me what's going on. Okay patsy there we have A. There's a note left and our daughter's gone nine. One one note was left in your daughter's gone patsy. Yes nine one one. How old is your daughter? She is six six years old. She's blonde six years old. How long ago was this patsy? I don't know I just got the no in my daughter's gone nine one one. Does it say who took her patsy. What nine one one does it say? Who took her Pazzi? No I don't know there's A. There's a ransom handsome. No here nine one. It's a ransom note patsy it. SAYS SB T sea victory. Please nine one one okay. Okay what's your name or you Cath Asi Patsy Ramsey on the mother. Oh my God please nine one one. Okay I'm sending an officer Sir over okay patsy please nine one one. Do you know how long she's been gone. No I don't please. We just got up and she's not here here. Oh my God please nine one one okay. Cal- patsy please send somebody nine one. I am honey patsy. Please nine one one take a deep breath and patsy. She says hurry. Hurry hurry nine. One one says Pazzi Pazzi Pazzi. At the start part of this call. It appears the Patsy Ramsey is asking for the police. Now we only hear her say police. There are some reports that state that that that is inaudible that we cannot tell what Patsy is saying in that first line yeah. There's some people that speculate that she actually goes to say ambulance and and cuts herself off and says police. She's immediately asked what is going on to which she responds giving her address again. What is going on there ma'am? She states dates. We have a kidnapping hurry please. What I decipher from this? Very quick little snippet at the beginning of the call is I kind of think good and bad when we look at the the scales of Justice in regards to Patsy Ramsey. She's doing exactly what I would expect a mother who is terrified. Ah what could be going on. Her daughter's gone and found a ransom. Note right she is asking for the type of help that she needs police. She is asking. She is stating where she is located and immediately stating stating the problem at hand we kidnapping and then asking hurry please. We've gone through a lot of these nine one one calls over the years. Yeah yeah they drive me nuts. One thing that I've always called into question is when we have a lengthy call and the person is failing to ask for help to respond to the situation until later in the call right here this call roughly is about. I was trying the time it. It's roughly it's a little over a minute. Forty two seconds or something and we have within seven seconds of the call all she is actually asking for help. She's asking for someone to respond to the scene right so I think a good sign for patsy where I say that I think a bad sign signed for Patsy is and this might be just too much speculation on my part but it almost appears to me and somewhat of a manner that she I believe that she could ask for the type of help that she wants police or ambulance. She states where they are located and states. The problem at hand kidnapping happing part of me wonders if she thought that the conversation was going to go any further than that right it okay. Now I'm off the hook. I've made this call. I've told told them to help that. We need. Let's wait for them to respond very good here. We had the nine one one operator asking again. Explain to me what is going on. Okay okay one thing that I will point out that I think is good for Patsy. Ramsey here is unwilling. You mean good good in the sense that let's say she's innocent of any wrongdoing. She goes immediately into we have A. There's a note left in our daughter's gone meaning. Where my first suspicion was that this? This conversation was going to be over soon as she said. There's a kidnapping please hurry right. Then she's asks what is going on. She without hesitation goes into what is going on. She doesn't stumble. You know like I would expect somebody that has has a lot to hide to possibly stumble at that point in the conversation. A lot up. Yeah a lot of us And then there several back and forth about you know our daughter's daughter's gone and there's a note here. She gives a brief description. The at six years old she's blonde. She's a six year old girl down a lot of people label give her a check mark in the and the guilty column for never saying her daughter's name but in fairness to Patsy Ramsey. She's never asked what the daughter's name is. How old is she Karachi your name correct and then we do have a portion here where I find it interesting that nine one one is okay? What's your name? Are you calf so there. Several there are several versions Asians of this call out there right. I find this one to be the most complete one that I have seen and so I'm going with this one. I hear a her. Say The operator. Say Our Cath. which just I find that interesting? Because it doesn't she doesn't seem to know where the calls coming from from at that time almost she's GonNa ask her are you Kathleen or Kathy right but yeah I think it's probably just inaudible and and that's the closest somebody could put down to decipher so I have patsy Ramsey. Of course she's asking for help numerous amorous times asking that they please hurry numerous times throughout this call even in this very short call six or seven seconds into. It is the first time that she asked for our help. And then again around the forty second mark and basically the whole second half of the call is her asking for help or for them to please hurry. Okay so where I always stand on. Those is if we have a situation where somebody calls nine one one and they are not asking for help. Because that's essentially that's all nine one on one is therefore for you to call and request help assistance of some sort. Yeah my issue with a lot of these non one causes is just the the lack of calmness and and obviously that's easier said than done but yes you read the note you yelled for your husband you ran to your husband. You had some kind of conversation with your husband. He reads the note and he says AAC Copley's which one have the two individuals. We know which ones calmer John Ramsey. So maybe you should call because like you said after you asked for help. Maybe that's that's where you think it should stop. Its where it doesn't stop so nine one one is going to keep you whoever calls on the line as long as they can unless unless you have really good reason to not be on the call. Yeah this this call also gets put into question because I would think when you start talking to somebody and saying hey we have emergency. Here's where we're at by me talking to you. The reason why they keep you on the phone is to start calming you down. So as you as the call progresses. Patsy doesn't get more calm. I think this this to me is either a sign that she's faking it. And she's a drama queen or this says happening in real time on. This happened so quickly and as they're asking her questions she still processing the fact that her kid is gone on. And what the hell are we going to do. And one of the things I find really interesting. I believe John. Douglas talks about this. This is one of the key things that he believes that she didn't know much about the note and go get to the note later. Ballade people speculate that she wrote it while she wrote it and they said WHO's the note from that if she was really familiar with the note she she would adjust said as BTC. But it's almost like she asked flip to that part of the note and then she reads from down to upwards reads S. B. T. C.. That makes no sense so she goes to the next word to try to find the answer S. B. T. C.. Nope that's not a good answer victory. Oh that's not good answer either she. I'm saying so. If somebody is more familiar with the no they probably went out. Read from down to up probably when it had to flip to the back To the third page aged to find the answer. That's assuming that that she's doing that. But it sounds like the way she's describing things on that nine one one call. It sounds as if that that is in fact what she is doing. Yeah it'd be very good acting. I would think if she's faking. That you said Drama Queen. I do believe she took some trauma courses. This is the in high school or College. I B here's what drives me. Nuts is like on the where always constantly going. Well here's how I would've reacted or this is how I think somebody should react. Where because if you did if John Ramsey called and said my name is John Ramsey my my daughter Jon Benet Ramsey's missing? She's six years old she's blonde. She's about however tall that they would persecute him for being into com- Not being emotional enough right well I to me. I don't try to look too much into the to try to figure throughout the emotions of the person making the call. I never do that. My whole thing is just I always question win. They are finally asking for help. Because that's that's what nine one one is. It's truly a life line. It is their only to be asking for help and Dan when somebody is in a situation as severe as this. I expect them to be asking for help very quickly in the call and the reason why I always reference that is because if it's a put on if you're only calling nine one one because you feel that that's what you are supposed to do or how you are supposed to act in the situation and you in fact it something terrible then really. You don't want help to show up inside deep down inside you. You're hoping it's delayed as possible because you don't want to have to explain anything to anyone right because you don't want them to know what you've done so I always take that into account when I when I listen these. I never tried to listen to the emotion because as you very Very well pointed out. We don't know how each one of us would behave or react to these different situations. We there is no right way to act or wrong way to behave on these calls and the car gets a little more interesting at the end because there is no okay. See you later or will be here waiting. There's no and end and that's where I believe possibly at that point. John Ramsey is trying to tell patsy Ramsey. Something there's something going on at that House that is pulling her attention away from the phone call in that point. Gone that minute and and forty some seconds on the phone to that mother could have felt like an hour so she might have been like look. I said all I need to say now. There's stuff going on here And now I'm talking to these individuals than the phone hangs up and it's always been kind of a mystery what it has been said at the Ed this is from a two thousand sixteen story on Bustle Dot Com. There's long been debate Over what exactly happened at the tail end of the of the recording was some arguing. The call did not immediately disconnect after patsy hung up the receiver and that a third voice can be heard the nine one one tape has been analyzed nine times nine different times by everyone from the FBI to the US Secret Service to professional audio laboratories to CBS to an amateur Internet sleuth neither the FBI or the Secret Service have reported hearing third voice or any other extended conversation. Now if we back up a few years before four this two thousand and sixteen story on bustle DOT COM reform. Steve Thomas's book. We have this from page fifteen. The telephone call gave us a cornerstone of evidence when he says us he means the boulder detectives working the case. Not so much for was easily heard but for what was found when experts washed out the background noise it has been my experience as a police officer that such emergency calls calls are virtually unchallengeable. They are tape recorded and either something was said or it is not right. Tapes can be so powerful awful. The prosecutors regularly play them so a jury can hear the actual voices and emotions of the participants in preliminary examinations and detectives thought they could hear some more words being spoken between the time. Patsy Ramsey said hurry. Hurry Hurry and when the call was terminated however the FBI in the US secret service could not lift anything from the background noise on the tape as a final effort several months later we contacted the electronic wizards at the Aerospace Corporation and Los Angeles and asked them to try to decipher the sounds behind the noise. He's their work. Produced a startling conclusion. Patsy apparently having trouble hanging up the telephone and before it rested in the cradle. She was heard heard to Moan. Help me Jesus helped me. Jesus her husband was her to bark. We're not talking to you and in the background was a young Sounding voice what did you find. According to Steve Thomas he says this young sounding voice was job as brother. Burke the ramseys would repeatedly tell us again meaning the detectives that their son did not wake up at any point throughout the night of the crime. He says as we knew differently. Yeah but there's there's so many problems with all this I mean. CBS Did an analysis on this to to eliminate all the background noises nearly impossible. So I don't care what kind of state of the art system you have It's that's just. Not How audio works there's distortions and and and things that are happening naturally because it's a phone phone call that you're not gonna be able to eliminate so and I again. I think it's one of these dumb points that okay. If you prove move that she saying he Jesus Jesus help me Jesus or whatever and then you hear in the background which I hear something like that then I also hear some other noise which they're claiming is John Ramsey and he's saying too then burke and when you watch the CBS special. I think they do a good job to go. Okay that's possible. There was also speculation for a couple years. After after that that she was saying What have I done? So there's there's been all these different accounts of what she's saying okay. Let's just say that you're saying what. CBS CBS is saying and and what what the detectives are saying is true and then they came to you and said that while Burke was coming up so we don't know what we know that Burke had to wake up at some point and we know that burke was a wake by the time the police got there. So what does it prove other than their miss remembering and there's plenty of detectives and plenty of law law enforcement and plenty of FBI agents. That have looked at this case. and Said you're just. Let's take a step back when patsy Ramsey says why check in on Jon Benet and then I went down the steps and then later changed to. I went down the steps all the note that I went to check on her. That could be in that moment of trauma if she has no involvement and her daughter going missing she might never remember which order happen. She is just telling you the best of her ability. What she thinks happened? So take that same scenario how burke wasn't up when I was on the nine one one call while maybe you're miss remembering may because of the trauma because of all the stuff going on in your head and in the House that Y- he wasn't up when you went to make the call he was up up when you hung up the phone will continue along on the time. Line as we go here but according to I witness reports Burke Ramsey Ramsay did not wake up until after police hood arrived on the scene. I want to jump back here captain before we get into this time line a little more because I want to really focus focus in on something that you said regarding that that tail end of the call what his been called into question and has been a debate of what what was said if something was said and what was really going on. I think there's good reason to debate that. I think there's good reason for people to question what they believe that they're hearing part of it is the reports that are out there depending on who you look at depends on what report you get on. What is if in fact anything at the tail end of that call right? I personally cannot hear. I hear something. I can't hear the words that later said I believe what I'm hearing is at least two different voices. But I wouldn't say but to get that my I wouldn't. I bet the title of my vehicle on that. I'm hearing three different voices. I think I hear three things going on but I don't know that for certain that I hear three different voices says so the way that this would work out is that patsy didn't hang up the phone all the way and then these words are spoken again. I find it interesting that we have so many different. Let's call him. Scientists for lack of better words right so many different scientist is coming out and saying. Oh we did this audio. We did that. The audio and this is what we hear all. We didn't hear anything. We can't clean it up. We did clean it up varying reports according to bustle dot com at least nine different agencies. Took a look at this regarding Steve Thomas I find him to be. I believe believe him to be is what I should say a reputable detective if he says this is what they found. I do put some weight to that where I won't go. All in on his statement is this has never been presented in the court of law and therefore therefore I have to go with his word but at the same time he saying that all these other different agencies couldn't find anything or couldn't decipher what was being said right and I like I said I think you could start saying that you you hear these these words and then you start hearing those words and if you take a different term then maybe start hearing that term and the audio is just not clear and there's just not the technology to clean it up to the point where it's definitive that there is another voice. I also again or at least to the point that that it's been played in that manner for the public right but I don't understand what that Gotcha moment would be that. If they actually moment I would believe that would be that burke was awake. That is a very. That's a very pivotal moment. In this case I leaving his but why would they lie about that. I'm not saying that I again what I have read from several several FBI agents when they say this Miss Remembering or switching up the order of which you did something might not be so nefarious. Oh yes it just simply might be be you have blocked that out that people. Sometimes when they see their their child dead for for the next couple of hours it's all a blur and that's very. It's a very good possibility in this case and so this the idea where people go. Bomb Burke wasn't up well at five fifty two. You check on him as possible that there's commotion He Comes Down Says Something you tell them to go to his room. Whatever and you miss remember and since misremembered then you double down on on this? 'cause we know that we know at some point they become a suspect and then it seems like they doubled down on a loss a lot of things and I'm just saying what does does it prove. I don't think proves anything other than the possibility that they are lying. And I would really call into question. What is actually going going on in that household? And what are they pretending to be doing or pretending is going on if they are in fact lying about burke being awake yeah but to me it would matter more if it was something where it's like we kinda here third voice saying hey did you find my sister. I killed her. You know something to the effect but a kid go on our to define this again. The only thing like you said which I I agree it very difficult. I find it very difficult that they would miss. Remember this I find it more so that it points out that they're lying when you have have sun something that indicates possible deception. You then have to call everything else into question. It doesn't make them look so credible going and forward the other issue that I take with this is then it calls into question. Well if in fact you are telling the truth and he slept through this whole thing. Why didn't you wake him up to ask him any questions? 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Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to this year's Beer Fund and happy holidays out there to everyone in the garage army after the nine one one call the ramseys call fleet and Priscilla White Eight and then called John and Barbara Bernie. There is some dispute about who was called I but regardless due to other events and this time line we know Oh that the calls were made before five fifty nine. Am as we go forward with the timeline. Let's keep in mind that there are different reports. Having different details within the time line there are a lot of moving pieces and a lot of witnesses providing information to fill out that time line so we will try to deliver this portion in the most clear and concise manner that we can at five fifty nine. Am Boulder police officer. Rick French arrives on the scene. He arrives at the home of John and Patsy Ramsey just before six a. m. and A. B. P. D. Boulder Police Department marked Takhar. What is not in dispute? Is that the fact that officer French was the first law enforcement officer to arrive at the Ramsey House. Most reports would have officer French arriving at five fifty nine. This is based around him. Arriving seven minutes after the nine one one call which nine nine one one logged that call it. Five fifty to some reports have French arriving earlier and he could have but that would have to mean that the nine one one call log is not correct at approximately six. AM officer French. Reads the ransom letter and a story based on in reading the police reports Newsweek reporters claim French read the ransom. No and later conducted a quick search of the house. In contrast contrast other reports claim French did the house search first and then read the ransom. No French himself stated in Vanity Fair. The interview that after being greeted by Patsy on arrival John Ramsey directed me through the house and pointed out a three page handwritten no which was laid on the wooden floor just west of the kitchen area sometime after six. AM officer. French searched the basement another report states. French immediately searched the house looking for a point of entry. Only after he did that search he read the ransom no detective detective Steve. Thomas is account is far different in terms of timing stating with detectives. Finally on the scene they arrived at eight. Ten Am according to Thomas to handle witnesses. French checked the garage and lower levels of the house looking for places through which the kidnapper might have carried off the child while he found none the house was messy but he saw no sign of a struggle. That last account comes from the leading. Detective Steve Thomas but let's keep in mind while he was one of the leading detectives on the case. He was not present at the Ramsey home on the day in question regardless of the exact timing of this search it is important to know. According to police reports that during the search the officer fails to search what Ramsey's Ramsey's and later everyone else would refer to as the wine cellar room from the police reports and French's search of the basement unquote. He came to a door secured with a wooden latch. He paused for a moment in front of the door but walked away and quote. He does not enter this room. which would would later be called into question in the police report French filed? He says he didn't open the wine cellar room or because he was looking for exits exits. The kidnapper might have used this door. He deemed to be secure. He noticed the latch was on the wrong side of the door. This meaning for someone leading out of the house by so he kept moving. This is the windowless room that is referred for two as the cellar. Room and French does not know that. There's no windows in that room. That's not why he doesn't open that door. What he determines is is that it would be physically impossible for someone to close the door behind them and secure the latch once in the room right because the latch would be on the opposite outside of the door? While this is all going on Sergeant Breitenbach arrives and conducts a search. I want to go through this a little bit here your captain because as said there's a lot of moving pieces and the timing of all of this stuff seems to vary depending on who you talk to. What I think is important important to know going forward is most of what I would consider to be the key events? I believe them all to have actually happened. What you would call into? Question is the timing of those events right not if they occurred or not it seems like all of the all of the possible. Witnesses would claim that all of these things do in fact happen. It's just in what order and win right so I put in here. Sergeant Reichenbach arrived I and conducts a search of the home. The reason why put it in here is because if you go from John Douglas Information he he states that both Sergeant Reichenbach and officer Franch searched the home before this next event happened. This next event is marked at six. Oh three A M or minutes. After six this when France fleet and Priscilla white arrive at the Ramsey House within fifteen minutes of their arrival. According to Mr White's later testimony he alone searched the basement event fleet white said when he went downstairs to look for Jon. Benet Ramsey. The lights were already on the basement. Fleet white then searches the the train room or what he would call the playroom. He testified that a window in the basement playroom or train room was broken under the broken window. Mr White States. There was a suitcase along with a broken shard of glass. He does not however remember whether the window was open or closed I. There is a report states. Fleet white moved the suitcase and placed under the window. Some reports state that this window was opened. Some say it was closed. Fleet white also opened the door to the wine cellar room but he could not see anything inside because it was dark remember. There's no windows in this this room and he could not find the light switch. Anybody that's familiar with this home in the layout of the home one thing. That's always been called into question. Is that the light switch for this wine. Cellar Room is in a strange spot. It's not in that Goto spot. That one would immediately turn to naturally to flip on the Light Ram. He doesn't see anything and he said he closed the door and secure the latch. Now according to Steve Thomas he says at six six thirty a m fleet white searches the basement same incident with a slightly different time and description of observations Thomas's notes state that within approximately he ten to fifteen minutes of his arrival fleet. White searched the basement of the ramseys residents. He noticed that the lights were on saw the broken window in the train room and looked for broken glass and found a small piece of glass. The latch on the window was in the unlocked position and his impression was that the window was closed. He looked in the wine cellar but could not see anything and went back upstairs as six ten. Am Boulder Police Department officer. Karl each each response to the scene. Captain we do need to point out here that contrary to normal protocol the police did not seal off the home of the Ramsey's yeah they missed a lot of things with protocol. Yeah and other words. Any person in the Ramsey house could and did move freely throughout the home home at this time this includes officers and the ramseys and the whites as we know flight at some point. Even though in dispute of the exact Jack Timing did search the lower level of the home while anytime that there's a victim that is that young age and then you have a ransom awesome note or kidnapping situation. What I've heard is that you're supposed to go? Okay less prove this theory. I that the that the child is not in the House that something to happen this in this house and we're not trying to cover it up with with with this tactic and obviously we. They didn't do that. They just assumed that this kidnapping typical kidnapping and and you were trust the parents on this one and move forward. So there's a few things in that very same regard that I find to be interesting based based off of witness statements and this includes law enforcement and civilians. We have the two officers that Douglas's searched the home before fleet white. Both of them state that they're looking for exit points from the House. So that means you're going to be searching. Probably the basement and the ground level this might lead them to have no reason if that's in fact what they are searching for this might lead them to not have caused to search the the second floor and of course the third floor right the other thing we have fleet white. He states that he is looking for Jon. Benet Ramsey. He's he states that his purpose purpose of searching the home was to look for the little girl. This based off of a real life situation that he experienced where I believe it was his daughter. Water was missing and she was just hiding somewhere right. You know. It was just one of those parental scare moments. That people have the difference here is. There's a ransom note. But I don't believe if you believe fleet whites account. He very likely would have no knowledge of this ransom note so before he went off on his search right the other thing though captain where you talked about protocol and in the missteps by the Boulder Police Department in the ransom note says do not contact the police and one standard bit of protocol. I would guess here. I'm making an assumption. I do not know this to be true. It seems very strange to me that when you are reporting a kidnapping with a ransom note coat that boulder responds by sending a marked police car to the scene. That's the first car that shows up it. It seems to me like it would be more beneficial to that exact situation if you would send at least detective in an unmarked car right so a lot of things going on here. I say all that but I also question current day present day even nineteen ninety-six. Fix How much experience would a police department have with a kidnapping and ransom note. That's kind of an old school. It crime I wonder how often the these protocols are taught. I know that they have kidnappings and they deal with abductions and missing persons cases but one in fact where there's a ransom note saying. Hey his person's going to die unless you give us this money are just find it so strange. How many hey people the parents called to say? Hey Look Jon Benet is missing. Come over come to the house yet just after ten. AM is win. Family friend. John on Ferney arrives his his wife. Barbara Fernie came later and that's reported as just before six twenty. Am So we have fleet white. Priscilla White John Fernie Barbara Fernie all at the Ramsey House as of six twenty. Am this is about a half hour after the nine one one call is placed right. We also need to keep in mind that not only do we have all these extra civilians in the house but we also have several officers that have arrived there trying to assess what's going on there talking to John they're talking to Patsy and what John says is that after. He was aware that something was wrong that he did check the first floor doors. He found them all to be locked. He says that the Ramseys in fact had a security system but it was not engaged and that their dog stayed at a friend's house that night. The dog was not in the House the night in question. John said he saw no signs of forced entry. And the Ramsey say they heard nothing during that night. Ah this is where it gets kind of messed up though. 'cause you have a situation where a police officer sees marks on like the kitchen door or or like the the outside door that would go into the kitchen and they look like fresh like like this is maybe maybe attempt to break into your house and John Ramsey kind of dismisses these like well I I don't know if those are new or old because he has this habit of one forgetting his keys and just breaking stuff to get into his own house and not fixing and so that makes us situation even more difficult. Yeah and I believe they find those marks the the following day now just before six forty five. Am John Ramsey calls. The pilot remember. They're supposed to be getting on an airplane. John Ramsey leaves a message for his pilot. This this is Michael Arch Aleta who then returns the call. A few minutes later in Patsy answers the phone. I don't have record of what was stated I'm guessing Based off of things that Michael Arch Aleta would later say that it was simply a call to say. Hey something's wrong. Something's going on here. We're not making that that plane right at six forty five. AM officer sue bark. Low arrives at the Ramsey's house about the same time victim advocates arrive at the Ramsey's house. They are called in as they are advocates trained in helping families through traumatic situations since when they arrive apparently they arrived with bagels and Coffee Priscilla white about the same time calls her niece. Who is back at the white the house? We will know what that call is about in a bit and six fifty a m officer Weiss and officer officer bark low were photographing and fingerprinting areas of the House officer. Vh had collected the ransom note at seven. Am Burke Ramsey is awakened and dressed. There are two different accounts of how this went down. But they're both very similar one account states that it was John Ramsey fleet white. and Mr Fernie right. Who Woke up the young boy and got Adam dressed and got him ready to go? The other story states that it was just fleet white and John Ramsey as seven thirteen. Am Reverend Reverend role. Hosver stock from Saint John's Episcopal Church arrives at the Ramseys home. This is their reverend. This is the church did they attend after the Reverend arrives nine year. Old Burke Ramsey is taken by fleet white and John Fernie to pick up the fernie children presumably at the Fernie home and then taken to the whites home. There was some interaction action during this whole movement of Burke. Let's call it right where police want to ask Burke if he saw anything remember right now we are investigating in a kidnapping of a little girl. That occurred inside of home where there was three other people that night. Three potential witnesses his whether they saw something heard something right. What the officer is told from? All the I'm using air quotes here captain. General accounts I that I have seen states. That John Ramsey instructs the officer that burke was sleeping the entire night and he saw and heard nothing basically. He has nothing to offer to this investigation at an unknown time. John Ramsey apparently searches this debasement. Mr Ramsey also searched this basement area alone according to some stories. He testified that he found the broken window. A partially opened under the broken window. Mr Ramsey also saw the same suitcase seen earlier by Mr White. Mr Ramsey testified. Did the suitcase belonged to his family but was normally stored in a different place. Mr Ramsey then returned upstairs in his nineteen ninety eight testimony. John Ramsey provided several different times for when he searched the basement on his own he first states quote. It would have been that time period seven seven to nine and later reiterates. It was probably sometime between seven and nine when asked whether it was before after the whites. Bernie's arrived John stated quote. I think it was after because they came fairly early. He then reiterated quote the Best I can do is it was as I believe after the police came because they had gone through the house before. I figured out what I'm going to do. It was before ten o'clock they they had already done some preparation before that so it would have been before probably before nine so then somewhere between seven and nine but when reminded that the ransom letter said a call would come between eight and ten a m right. John is basing these answers. There's off of that. He was Miss Remembering that the call was going to come between ten and twelve ten. AM noon right. As he had supposed. I John made clear that he had visited the basement prior to that time since he states quote when we are ready for for the phone call. I was prepped about what I was going to say and I was getting the family ready and so between that period of time we were just waiting for the phone call all and I was near the phone and I was either in the study or on the first floor. I was just waiting for it referring to the call. This is one of the biggest problems with the whole damn case as the missed remembering in the eyewitness accounts from everybody. It's almost like you have to Kinda Anna throw most of them away because they don't line up with other people's accounts And and but also this is because you I. I have to go into the scene and determine whether or not it's kidnapping they would have done their due diligence there. They would have found Jon Benet Ramsey and the wine cellar once. I'd say. find her in the wine cellar. Now you have to lock off this scene. Now it's a crime and now what we need to do is try to. Because we know it's like twelve twelve to one that somebody that young if not more Percentage is higher that somebody in her family. Kilter sue so now you have to separate the three that were in the house and start questioning them right away and this is not done by law enforcement. Yeah there look and I hate to come down hard on Boulder Police Department because this is a strange situation nobody nobody can doubt that after we know what we currently know. It's going to get even stranger but where I kinda fault them is captain. I feel like me you and some of our garage friends could have showed up to this home and done somewhat of a better job just being uneducated aided individuals that are just guessing as we go. Yeah I think the difficult thing here is that you have quote unquote grieving parents. And so therefore again it becomes one of those things whereas easier said than done where you have to assume that nobody is tone you the truth from the get-go and and let the evidence tell you what to believe. But I think that's hard to do when you have this mother crying and and kind of causing a scene but there you're giving us too much credit. I'm not even taking it to that level of sophistication. I just mean if you show up to what is deemed or believed to be at the time a kidnapping then I feel like there are already missteps just just for just for that kidnapping not even based off of anything else that we will figure out a fence to come so I do want to point out by this time and it is reported again. I apologize to everybody but I can't make this stuff up. This is what's out there. This is the information that's out there. This is what we we have to deal with their varying times on this statement as well but I believe that by this time I believe the earlier statement that by this time in our time frame. Roughly we are around the seven ish to seven thirty mark by this time they have done don one well two things that were very smart and that you would do in a ransom type situation by at this point they have set up a trap and trace on the Ramseys home phone and they've also stopped all police radio radio communication regarding the kidnapping. This is important for several reasons. We have individuals that that did claim or at least the note will claim they want a ransom for the safe return of this little girl they very likely could would be monitoring police scanners listening into what calls are going on to see if the ramseys fact did contact the police. He's and what the police are doing. What is their movements? What is their strategy at this time so they cancelled all police radio communications and now they are going to communicate via phone? which is going to complicate matters because they're not used to doing that? and not everybody has a phone on their person. But that's what they have to deal with now going through all of those things that John Ramsey Ramsey said about the timing of win. He searched the home on his own. Search the basement on his own. We go through that. It's a bit tedious but you have to go through it because there's going to be a lot of questions about what he could have been doing during that time or when he in fact searched the home by himself we included all of his words. So that you know that we're not just making this up this comes from actual words. This is from evidence. This is from his statements that he put out himself now. If he's giving us a two hour time window when he believes that the ransom call was going to come in between ten and twelve and saying well happened before that it must have been between seven and nine. You almost wonder if you have to back that up a whole hour. Because he's off on when the call supposed to come in 'cause post come in between eight and ten and he's saying that he's being. He remembers being prepped at some point and this would be in his recollection around the time that the call was supposed to come in. You have to put the guy before the call comes in right all right so Louis simplifies some of this. Roughly about seven o'clock they're gonNA wake up burke they're going to get him dressed they're gonNA take him to the whites at the same aim time roughly the same time about seven o'clock to seven thirteen. We have reverend showing up so he's going to get to the house and then at some employ between seven and eight probably closer to seven because John Ramsey has to be prep for the call which should be coming in from eight not ten. He searches the home heat surged his home in his own words. It's just the timing. He gives his weird and wrong because of two things. Thanks one of two things either. He's not remembering the events clearly or he's lying or he's lying right by either way. This would put his search before the police officers search and so now roughly about seven thirty and we're looking at Thirty minutes before call. Possibly we can come in. The ransom. Amount is assembled they collect a one hundred eighteen thousand dollars at seven thirty three. A M A canine unit is put on standby. This is interesting captain because they never use this canine unit. They just put one on standby standby. I don't know if they were waiting for the ransom. Call to come in before they utilize this canine unit. Or what was going to take place but you feel like like if you know the child was sleeping in her bed at some point that you bring in that Canine Unit. If you're trying to figure out how the kidnapper got out of the home bring the dog in. Let them sniff around the bed and see if the if this canine unit is going to lead you through the home right but that makes some sense and and this case has none the boulder police department does not seem to be in the business of doing things that make sense no at eight. AM neighbor Scott. Gibbons I got up and observed a basement door to the Ramsey home was standing wide open. There's been some debate about this open door. Not that he saw it and not that it was. Open it just by this point you've had so many people moving around through the home and checking doors and going about police business business. Or what have you won. This could have left the door open and this is possibly the door that has tone you and one of the reports. I saw where the cops found a back door open so this could be that back door that you're talking about correct so this is where I think think we can back up John Ramsey statement of what time he was searching the home by himself or the basement by himself because he seems to recall even though he can't figure out the time that it was before he would have been prepped for the ransom. Call the next item on our time. Line plays to that so so at eight ten. Am We have detective. Patterson and Detective Linda aren't arrive at the Ramsey. Home aren't as crazy is yes okay officer rick. French gave them an updated briefing at this time. We have Steve. Thomas notes that states that the two detectives arrived left At this time as well so this seems to be generally confirmed or at least believed by multiple people on the scene. Detective aren't monitored incoming calls to the ramseys residents. That was her first duty afterward. Detective aren't instructed John Ramsey regarding the call all the instructions were how he should handle the call when it comes in I to keep talking or keep the caller talking long enough to trace the call and maybe even more important demand to talk to Jon Benet but why this is all going on. We have the Ramsey's friends that are over to try to help them out. They start cleaning the kitchen. Yeah some of the notes state that this was the victims advocates. They were cleaning the kitchen. Either way it's it's a big no-no especially if it would be the advocates that were brought in by the Boulder Police Department at eight thirty six. Am John John. Andrew and Melinda Ramsey board a Delta flight to Minneapolis at nine twenty seven. AM detective by field. Contacted Gary Merriman for a list of the employee's and access graphics. Yeah basically by doing this. They're rounding up people that they think are possible suspects at ten. Am No one including the RAMSEYS. Mentions to detective. Linda aren't that. The suspected kidnappers failed to call during the designated time period. Right Steve Thomas very astutely points points out a very interesting thing here that that that's very kind of difficult to put your finger on and that is the letter which we are going to dive into the letter states the we will contact you tomorrow between eight. AM and ten. AM The problem with that is we do not know what time Jon Benet was kidnapped meaning if the letter was constructed and she was kidnapped before midnight then eight. Am To ten am. Tomorrow would be just that very day on the twenty sixth right. If it was after midnight the kidnapper may have meant eight. Am And ten am on the twenty seventh. It it's this this him. Make this stuff up about this case regardless what I find interesting here though captain is if I'm one of the parents of of this missing girl and I've been prepped on a ransom call on how to handle that call when that time expires. I'm going to be ED panicking. Why didn't they call? Why didn't they call as they know? Paul Yeah I'm not GonNa put any thought into what day they were supposed to call or what they meant. I'm going to go off of. I'm panicked I haven't heard I'm supposed to get some instruction on how to get my daughter back right or I'd use my brain and say okay. They didn't call so I'm a little worried but does that mean that they're going to call tomorrow is you know is the note stating tomorrow. I mean like somebody should mention and something According to Steve Thomas's notes At Ten thirty at approximately ten thirty is exactly what he states. Detectives Actives Linda. Aren't and Fred Paterson. They sealed off John Benes bedroom about time. Yeah it's about time to jot down that way to go pat yourself on the back at ten thirty A.. M. After doing this all additional police officers and the victim advocates. This is everyone law enforcement. forcement sent to the home other than Linda. Aren't they leave the Ramsey residence so that means we now have Linda art at the home. One detective one member of law enforcement one single person with Patsy Ramsey John Ramsey the Weitz the furnace and the reverend while the ramseys really liked her though even though she has crazy is the ramseys. It seemed like they felt comfortable roll with her. Well I just wanted to point out that we have one law enforcement member here and seven individuals seven civilians liens in a big giant house. There are things working at the police station during this time. However how could the officers in the other detectives -tective there's a sergeant amongst them all decide to leave and only leave one officer there with seven people? This to me seems like pure insanity on behalf of the Boulder Boulder Police Department and totally unfair to one of their own unfair to detective. Linda aren't yeah but she's GonNa tell two different stories so I don't think we need to get into too much detail but it seems like initially. She's like yeah. There were cooperative and I was trying to help them amount and they were talking to me then it seems like years later should change his her story and that that that's where she has famous interviewer she's saying and I was holding my gone and count in my bullets. You know and it's like one. Why you kind of your bullets? While you afraid none of these people have guns. Yeah I just think it's that whole move is totally unfair to detective aren't by her fellow officers to leave her there by herself. L. To be fair number wanted to be seen with her crazy is it's too much for one officer to handle. We got seven people moving around a crime scene but they're not right but and then on top of that still has not been doesn't need it a crime scene by law enforcement. I mean they yes they blocked off. Haven't we read. That's one of the problems. Yes big pro. Yeah that's a big problem. Here's continued another misstep side. The Boulder Police Department. Now we're GONNA leave just one of our officers here too. Yeah okay so the thought at at the time is yes. There was a kidnapping. Maybe she doesn't need to be monitoring everybody inside the home but maybe that should have been consideration one and two. We've cut off Radio Communications Yup. What if the ransom call comes in? You've left thirty minutes after the call was supposed to come in. It just makes it makes absolutely zero. We absolute zero sense. We have one officer there. She'll handle it makes no sense between ten forty A. M. Around noon. John Ramsey is unaccounted for what this means is. Linda aren't the only officer Sir on the scene does not know where this man is during this timeframe does he go to check his mouth or something that his that was the rumor. That was the story that came out early in this whole big mess because a sh- shit about your mail. Well that's what people point to say. This man did not care that his daughter was missing at the time did not care that a ransom call could come in because he left the home to check the mail Linda into art kind of makes assumption. Here remember she cannot account for him. She accounts for him around noon. She says when she sees John John Sitting by himself and he's reading some type of correspondent. Some maybe a letter or something. She makes the assumption that he left to go get the mail. We know years later that that is in fact. We can't say in fact but I guess very likely untrue that he left the home to get the mail the mail slot that was in the in the front door. The mail come into the homes. You don't have to leave the home so he could very well picked up the mail or just pick something up from his desk tried to occupy his mind. We don't know what we do know is. He is unaccounted for roughly for an hour. She doesn't know where he is. Linda does not again that look. That's not the fault of the family. That's the fault of law enforcement for leaving one officer behind not be all to keep an eye on everybody but it's interesting because the other adults in the home are accounted for. During this time now we have Linda Art. Who is left with a cell phone? This is her method that she's been told she needs to use to communicate with her fellow officers during this time. She feels like she's losing control of of all the people they're losing control of the scene. If you WANNA call it. That and she samson choose roller eyebrows. Denies She sends two pages to two officers requesting backup that she would like for them to call you. Send a page they respond. She was going to tell them. I need some additional. No officers here. I'm outnumbered and I wonder what made her look. I'm not saying that she's telling one story. And then Sane Sane enough. That's what I said before. But what but that's what kind of seems like but maybe there was something that happened happened during being there by yourself that she went wait a second. Something's not right here. That's when she started calling for back-up yeah twice. She called well. She sent a page page both times they went. They didn't respond to them. She never had the opportunity to ask for backup. She's asking for backup captain because she feels. She's lost control all of the scenes. She's lost control of the all. These were there all. She supposed to babysit them. She knows for a fact that one of them John Ramsey is unaccounted accounted for search for a certain period of time around. One o'clock Heather Cox. She is at the whites home. She answers the phone own and she is told by Priscilla White to bring Burke Ramsey back to the Ramsey home Now at around around twelve thirty again. We have John Ramsey. According to Linda aren't sitting by himself she decides and again. There's I apologize. which is there several different versions of the story? But she says that around just before one o'clock she wanted to give John something to do so she asked John to search the house. Some story say that she approached fleet white and asked him to get John to go with him to search the house. I actually think these varied stories in this particular situation could be extremely important. Based based off of what people's suspicions will be because of their movements and what people will come to the defense of John Ramsey and those suspicions suspicions. Yeah but really. This case should be called Jon. Benet Ramsey close enough good enough for jazz right make us. Every story has a combating story. Because the people telling you the story other than us they all seem to have an ax to grind right. They've -cluded what happened. They figured out what has happened in. They're going to sell it and spin it to you in that manner. We're going to try. Try to give you the story from all different angles and let you decide what took place. Yeah now I'm going to really try to sum this. Hello I'm not GonNa let you decide on her crazy is definitively she has crazy is to sum it up here. Captain in the shortest form either aren't asked fleet white to search the home with John or she asked John and then John took doc fleet white with him. This is interesting because of what we will learn. And we'll get into that eventually regardless of how all this goes down of WHO ASKED WHO Steve. Thomas says that they were instructed to search the house from top to bottom however John opted to head directly clea to the basement instead. According to Steve Thomas's notes. John Ramsey led fleet white to the basement where they I went to through the train room and examined the broken window and John said he broke it a few months ago. They searched for glass on the floor. The men next search a shower stall located in the basement. Mr Ramsey then noticed a fireplace great propped in front of a closet and Mr White moved the great so the closet could be searched upon finding nothing unusual in the closet. The man proceeded to the Wine Cellar Room One oh four PM PM. This is the time given in Steve. Thomas Notes Mr Ramsey entered the room. I turned on the light and upon discovering Giannis dead body eighty. He shouted something in regards to that discovery. There is another version out there that states Ramsey shouted actually before turning on the light right. This is called into question because remember we have fleet white who says he went into that very same room earlier. Couldn't find the light and did not see anything. Job had black duct tape covering her mouth. A cord around her neck that was attached to a wooden Gherat and her hands. Were bound overhead. Ed in front of her she was covered by a light colored blanket. The blanket covered her torso but not her head arms or legs. John Ramsey ripped the duct tape from job as mouth and attempted to free. Her hands of the bindings fleet white came running up the stairs. Yelling call nine one called nine one one. He then runs to the back office located on the first floor grabbing a telephone but remember we have detective. Linda aren't is is still in the home at this point so using the cellphone. She calls nine one one and John Ramsey which is carrying jon. benet up up the stairs. He then sets her down and for some reason. DETECTIVE AREN'T GONNA pick her back up and carry her into a different room. The Living Room mm-hmm by the Christmas tree. This is where John Ramsey kneels beside the body and repeatedly says something like my little angel over and over again friends had to carry patsy Ramsey. Because she's too stunned to walk over to the body and the next part I didn't believe actually had a here at from patsy Ramsey's mouth herself but she actually asked God to raise her daughter from the dead saying you raised Lazarus from the dead. Raise my baby if you want more of the garage garage make sure you check us out on the very free very awesome stitcher APP and for our other show off the record check us out on stitcher premium for everything. True crime check out true crime garage dot com. Join US next week for episode three of Jon Benet Ramsey until then be good be kind. Don't let her

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