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GSMC Music Podcast Episode 131: SXSW Canceled


I want to know the latest and hottest music hitting the airwaves. Don't be left out. Listened to the Golden State media concepts music. Podcast issue on the loop with everything you need to know if top Florida and we'll throw in means of your favorite artists concert tour and so much more. Listen you're further because this is the gold standard in music cats. Thank you for listening to the G. S. M. C. Music Potty is brought to you by the MC podcast network. I'm your host Lee Brown. The musical of constantly seeking positive. Let's get into. The Corona virus is all over the news including a music news in segment two. I will list the concerts and festivals that have been canceled thus far but one festival that refuses to cancel is south by South West. The Huge Austin Texas Festival is still scheduled to precede March thirteenth through the twenty second. Despite the fact that major brands an artist are dropping out. Paramount said that while it was keeping its March. Fourteenth World Premiere of the Love Bore The love birds in its lineup. Stars Kumhal the genie and Isa Ray and director. Michael showalter would not be attending as planned. Paramount will be doing press for the movie in Los Angeles in lieu of Austin Lionsgate and their stars network said they were no longer attending as the parent. Company is insisting employees not conduct non-essential business trouble. At this time there was a feature panel for power with Creator Courtney. Kemp executive producer Curtis Fifty Cent Jackson and stars President and CEO. Jeffrey Hirsch. That is no longer happening. There was also a world premiere in activation for stars upcoming series town. Not only our talent backing out of the fest but there won't be a screening of high town nor planned activation lionsgate's home entertainment actually will hold their world premieres. Just not with their talents. Those movies include the Liam Hemsworth Vivica Fox. Vince Vaughn crime filler. Arkansas and Michael Shannon Shea Wyndham cry crime mystery thriller the Corey Rocker as Osborne. Universal Music Group and Warner media confirmed. They're pulling out of their respective slots at the Austin based festival. Osborne was scheduled to attend in support of the world premiere screening of an e networks biography. The nine lies of Ozzy Osbourne. It's two hour documentary set to air this summer. The DOC is still sets Aboul March Seventeenth and the twenty four beats per second sidebar on Wednesday netflixing apple said. They were exiting awesome based festival a day after Amazon. Said it was doing the same. All three companies had content bound for different sections. That now will not be in the mix. They joined facebook twitter. Who had earlier pulled out of the festival? Net flicks had planned to screen fi films the feature uncorked Docu series. A secret love. La Basically they got a whole list of stuff they was gonNA premier On march fifteenth panel featuring Kanye Berries and Rashida Jones discussing their series. Hashtag excellence was also cancelled. Apple's lineup had included premieres of originals Lake Spike Jones documentary BC. Boys story is also cancelled according to the World Health Organization. More than three thousand two hundred eighty people worldwide have died from the corona virus as of Thursday. Eleven people have died in the US. So I an amendment on south by South West as of Friday afternoon. The city of Austin cancelled the annual south by southwest festival due to Corona Virus Outbreak Mayor Steve Adler announced Friday afternoon. Prompting Festival organizers to release a statement saying they were devastated and still working through the ramifications of Adler is decision lady Gaga has a man Gaga shared acute self. You were her current boyfriend tech investor. Michael Polanski is seen leaning in over her shoulder while riding in a jet. Gog captioned the post. I've got a stupid love. This isn't the first time Gaga has posted about Polanski online after speculation that the two were dating surfaced following her pre super bowl performance in Miami got posted a photo of the two cuddling together on a boat letting fans know that the rumors were true. Gog wasn't the only one excited to share her new photo. Bello Popstar Arianna. `Grande left a comment on the stars. Post telling the couple adore you both so much in classic Celine Dion Fashion. The singer shut it down. The New York sidewalks on Thursday in Michael Kors plag- dress with a built in Cape in matching structured beret. She got her stray pose on for the Paparazzi as she served up her latest fashion forward. Look a man who attended a toll concert at spark arena in Auckland New Zealand last Friday. His tested positive for corona virus and is now self isolation the New Zealand Herald reports that the unidentified man the fourth person in New Zealand diagnosed with the Coleman nineteen strain of the virus has been isolated since Wednesday and does not require hospital care just hours before her premiere on season. Twelve of RU. Paul's drag race drag star. Sherry pie is already in hot. Water after five actors accused her of cat fishing them in a report from buzzfeed news. Five New York actors accused their former Sunny Portland classmate. Joey Google Meli pies birth name opposing as a casting director over email and asking each of them to send him embarrassing audition tapes of themselves doing a variety of degrading activities. One actor even said he'd agreed to masturbate on camera for the online persona. Now that after was stupid for that I mean that's like acting edition. Roll Number One. Come on now wait. What role was trying to get? What was the part commonsense people commonsense? Okay so Sherry Pie. Went on our facebook page and posted a public apology for the behavior. the post says. This is Joey. I want to start by saying how sorry I am that I caused such trauma and pain and how horribly embarrassed and disgusted. I am with myself. I know that the pain and hurt I have caused will never go away. And I know that what I did was wrong and truly cruel irate so Demi Levato was on Ellen and when asked what made her throw it all away after six years of sobriety popstar revealed that her breaking point stemmed from an eating disorder. That became all consuming. She says it. Let me to being really really unhappy. My Bolivia got really bad and I asked for help and I didn't receive the help that I needed. Levada went on to explain that when she reached out to her then management team questioning her sobriety. The reaction she received was anything but compassionate. They responded with Lake. You're being very selfish and this would ruin things not just for you but for us as well okay. Now who's who selfish by saying that people come on just feel like you've to use commonsense we gotta use commonsense. Why are you listening to other people listening to other people? Tell you to send embarrassing auditions and to masturbate. And you're all you're all about your sobriety and are being a. You're you're selfish. Come on now I understand being young in heave but to a certain extent dimsdale for that but she got it together she got it together so She says an when I heard that my core issues are abandonment for my birth father as a child so when they left they totally played that played on that fear. Ifo completely abandoned so I drink and that night I went to a party and there's other stuff there and it was only three months before I ended up in hospital with an od. I think is important that I sit here on this stage until you at home or you in the audience or you right here that if you do go through this you yourself can get through it you can get to the other side and it may be bumpy but you are at ten out of ten. Don't forget it and as long as you take the responsibility you can move past it and learn to love yourself the way that you deserve to be loved. Ne Musician and composer Brett. Dean has been hospitalized in Australia. With the new corona virus British agent Inter Musica confirmed on Thursday. That the violinist are violinist and conductor was in isolation in. Adelaide hospital with the Kobe. Nineteen illness he was to perform with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and Beethoven Concert at the annual Adelaide Festival on Saturday Post Malone has fans concerned after nearly falling apart on stage. The chart-topping singer was performing his single. I fall apart. You're has runway tour at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville on Wednesday when he appeared to breakdown on stage in the video clip which went viral on Social Media. Posts fell to the ground before tumbling over himself. His voice wavered as he struggled to get back up. Fans took to twitter to express their concern after seeing the alarming video. These clips of Post Malone are disturbing. And it's breaking my heart dude. Wow tweeted one fan while another added. I hope he gets the help he needs if he's hurting. I'd hate to see anything happen to him so I watched the clip. It looks like it's part of the routine for him to fall and deliver lyrics from the floor since the song is called fall apart but he does look like. He was struggling and falling apart while singing the song. Now obviously dude wrote the song for a reason or heathen write it. He chose it because he connects with the lyrics. But fans should be concerned with all these artists dying and self medicating the concerns are valid. I mean but to me. His everyday look doesn't look healthy at all now. Pop smoke was laid to rest in Brooklyn on Thursday family and friends turned out in droves to celebrate the twenty year. Old Robbers live during a massive funeral procession in. I do not know how to pronounce the name. But it's K. A. N. C. A. N. A. R. S. I. E. Happened in Brooklyn. I'm assuming neighborhood in Brooklyn. But a white horse drawn carriage made its way through the streets fans lined up on the sidewalks to pay their respects to their fallen star. The black casket with glass windows and White. Curtains travel pass a mural honoring pop smoke while fifty cents for Saatchi. Rats Lamborghini was a part of the procession. At one point. Pop smokes music blared from the speaker along. Sign a hearse alongside. A hearse as fans popped champagne and dance to his songs including invincible. His mother waved to fans who chanted woo as the carriage drove past them week in Pop. Smokes family honored him during a private ceremony? After today's procession he will be laid to rest in a Brooklyn Cemetery. The family of Buscher pop smoke Jackson will like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone for your support. The Jackson family said in a statement last month every prayer call. An Act of kindness is deeply appreciated. And we mourn the loss of our son brother and friend so we will take a break and return with tour and Festival News. Always on the go but the date. Just be one without your Hollywood split. Golden State Media Gone Subset Pin podcast. Take care of that and all inclusive look pop culture. Hey I'm andy if you don't know me it's probably because I'm not famous but I did start a men's grooming company called Harry's the idea for Harry's came out of a frustrating experience I had buying razor blades. Most brands were overpriced over designed out of touch. 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More than twenty thousand music events between January and March have been cancelled or postponed in China and Hong Kong costing two billion in ticketing and box office losses. According to the China Association Performing Arts with the disease reaching more than forty countries billboard has compiled an ongoing list of major concerts and events that have been postponed or cancelled due to the outbreak. Now they do have a list that includes January and February but since we're in March I'm just in March so march. I set it off called off dates in Asia on Sunday. Due to unforeseen circumstances and for everyone's safety the ban also cancelled their opening slots for Jimmy eat world on March twelve and thirteenth in Manila and Singapore March. Second Wolf parade cancel European and UK dates for the tour supporting their latest album. Thin mind the first show was scheduled for March second. In the Netherlands March second Luchino coil cancelled their tour of Asia and Australia are home region of Lombardia. Italy is in the midst of a con. A Corona virus break. Everyone's health and safety must come first and this includes our fans March Third Malamah postpones his upcoming concert in line amid outbreak. Italy march third ultra Abu Dhabi. The Middle Eastern edition of the Miami Bass Festival is cancelled. It will set to happen in March fifth or six March third where I carry. His postponed postponed her Honolulu date until November. I was so excited to come back to Hawaii on my anniversary month. But evolving international travel restrictions forced us to consider everyone's safety and will being march third where to singer. Young blood called off a tourist later to kick off in South Korea as well as shows in Japan Hong Kong the Philippines and Singapore. At first I was going to say. Fuck it and calm but we have been advised again too seriously. Not March third. Ultra music festival flagship. Miami Festival scheduled for March Twentieth through the twenty second is called off. According to the city officials slipknot postponed a planned Asia tour slated to kick off a march twentieth with a two night. Not fess were fellow. Hard rockers. Whitesnake sons of Apollo. And Michael. Sh- NECKER FEST OFF cancelled dates March fourth as a result of apple pulling out of this year south by southwest festival along with twitter. Amazon. Tick Tock facebook and other major companies Spike Jones. Bbc's story documentary is not slated to premiere at the event. Nine inch nails has also dropped out of the film. Portion of the annual film are at the Annual Festival Dinesh Nell says. We're sorry we won't be giving our watchman keynote at South by southwest share because we had some surprises in store however it was the right decision March fifth Louis Thomasson tweeted to fans at the president of the Council of ministries had decreed that his march eleventh show at the fabric in Milan had been called off March Fifth Queen and Adam Lambert notified fans that the group's plan may twenty six show at the Acor hotels arena in Paris has been postponed following a government decree and France to cancel all indoor events over five thousand capacity's capacity in France until the thirty first of May in an effort to contain the spread of Corona virus. The Band said they are working with promoter to reschedule the date and will announce a new one soon march fifth organizers of Tomorrowland winter and France and stars that they have canceled the twenty twenty winter edition of the Electronic Dance Music Festival and Tomorrowland winter. Twenty twenty was set to run March fourteenth through the twenty first at the French. Alpine ski resort in out. Bay Day I do not say French word but yeah so. Don't be surprised if we hear. Coachella will be cancelled and teen choice award winners. Salmon Colby have announced a thirteen date Paranormal German tour across the US that includes stops in New York Chicago Nashville and more Cumulating with an appearance at the Fonda in Los Angeles on May Twenty Six. That's still set to go. Hopefully it will continue now onto the top. Ten songs played in the United States according to Apple Music. Roddy which is the box is back at number one low baby gonNA heating up temporarily held that spot but I knew radio would be number two LAVAR that way number three low baby commercial featuring losy fart number four low baby ain't GonNa Heaton up number five baby scarred number six little baby. Whoa NUMBER SEVEN LITTLE BABIES. Something approved number eight. Live off my closet. Featuring everyone's favorite feature future again got ever INS favorite feature future and again this little baby number nine bad bunny latiff cell number ten future drake life is good now. Let's compare that to the top. Ten songs played globally according to apple music number one rowdy rich still locally and in the US That's the box number two lows evert that way number three low baby commercial featuring Lil boosie. Burt number four little baby and GonNa Heaton up number five of the weekend lining lights number six future featuring drake life is good number seven bad bunny loudly for cell number. Eight bad bunny. See via Tom Mama. Yano only language I speak is English so I can't pronounce that now. Fighting English could barely pronounce English. Words number nine low baby emotionally scarred number town. Little baby will now. What have I been German so I ran through? Little babies might turn. There is a reason why is all over the top team in the US and globally? It jams I don't have a fall of standouts but live off my closet. That title trips me up. 'cause it don't make sense. I want to say live off my chest or live from my closet but live off. My clothes closet does not flow naturally. But the SAN's slaps forever will low Wayne and catch the sign. I really enjoyed to keep it. Real kid is talented but not really my cup of tea. I may listen one more time I had never heard of G. Herbert until I reported that. His P. T. S. and E. Dropped because he had so many mainstream featured on his album. I listened I have the same cinemas with him as I do. Low baby cool albums by ninety to put on repeat personally but I see why others would now. Princess Nokia is my flavor of tea. This week was the first time I heard of her and her grains and hand song I download it both her twenty twenty projects. Everything sucks and everything is beautiful. I didn't realize that they were companion pieces when I downloaded them. I reported on. Most everything sucks in the last episode. Dade it's dark but the production is buyer. My standout are Harley Quinn. A lay came and Balenciaga. I learned about her extremely dark in painful child in just a kid. She talks about her mom passing her dad being on drugs and her grandma raised her until she was eight until her grandma passed away then. She was adopted or had a foster mother. That was kind of confusing. Wasn't quite clear on that. She says she literally says those adopted but then she said that the woman had Lake ill-intentioned that was doing it for money with adoption. And you've got to pay for a kid. Fostering you make money. So that's what makes more sense to me. But anyways that's a little foggy on whether she was adopted or fostered but other ways some Menas lady took care of her and abused her So she was about being a sad kid so yeah I get why she titled The project. Everything sucks when I heard that final track but then it's a drastic clip with project. Everything is beautiful. The production is sunny up lifting. You can't really label her style because she experiments with almost every project no projects on the same and when it comes to her songs she flinches. is constantly switching her flow And she's dope at it at all styles but I really was thinking everything sucks the most so we will take a break and return with music history with Celine Dion searching vast jungle of podcasts. Now listen close and here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching. The Golden State Media Concept podcast network is here nothing less than podcast bliss with endless hours of podcast from news sports music fashion entertainment fantasy football and so much more so stop lurking around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed to fill that. Podcast is whatever it may be visit us at. Www DOT MC podcast dot com. Follow us on facebook and twitter and download on itunes soundcloud and Google play. Welcome back to the MC music podcast. And let's get into music history with Selene Dion according to all music dot com and I even ally. This has been the longest history that I've ever read but a Selene Diaz may sense so here. We go folks on her humble roots as a french-language teenage pop singer to international superstardom. Canadian singer Celine Dion became a multi platinum. Grammy Winning Crossover Success in the ninety s after breaking into the English language market with Heartfelt Ballads. That shined a spotlight on her powerful and in middle voice in addition to winning first prize at the one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. Eurovision Song Contest Dion also scored multiple grammy awards including album of the year for Nineteen ninety-six falling into you her award. Winning contributions to film soundtracks helped expand presence into the pop culture mainstream most notably would songs like beauty and the beast from Nineteen ninety-one Disney animated film and the blockbuster. My heart will go on from the Nineteen ninety-seven box office smash titanic decades into her career. Her status as a beloved pop icon was further cemented with a record-breaking Las Vegas residency at Caesar's palace making her one of the highest grossing artists of all time born on March thirtieth nineteen sixty eight and Charlemagne Quebec. Selene Marie Claudette Dion. One of fourteen children dam in a large family. That fostered a love music. She started singing at a young age performing the families. Piano Bar Piano Bar. Okay Damn get it family and at her older brother's wedding pursuing her dream of becoming a singer. She wrote her song. Daig again Yano English. I'll say it in English. It was only a dream and nine hundred eighty with her mother and brother released in June nineteen eighty-one the single peaked in the top twenty of Quebec singles chart and landed her the debut. Full length. La Hoya Juan de Yala just GonNa have to use to meet your stuff during his one which was released in November of the same year under the guidance of the producer and manager Rene and Galley Dion went onto win top performer. The best song at the nineteen eighty two Jamaa World Popular Song Festival in Tokyo in Multiple Felix Awards in her native Quebec for her third effort. Element is Jay Damore which won best pop album newcomer of the year and female vocalist of the air. The album was certified platinum in Canada while leaping to France where were also became a hit a steady stream a release followed into the late eighties including four studio albums a handful of compilations and a pair of Christmas collections which helped make her inroads into international markets like Belgium and Switzerland. In one thousand nine hundred seventy on receives a full pop makeover on her eighth LP economy toe the double platinum set spawned five hit singles and was promoted with a Canadian tour that included a multi month residency at the Saint Denis Theatre in Montreal in the midst of income needles whirlwind success. Dion one thousand nine hundred eighty eight year vision song contest. representing Switzerland with knee parts Whatever again poised for greater international exposure dion finally made her move beyond her French language. Canadian release taking aim at the US. Pop mainstream at the turn of decade great. Hopefully I can pronounce the rest of the stuff from here on released on Columbia records in April. Nineteen ninety. Unison was the first England's English language album following a concentrated effort to improve her language skills and we'll training. The leap paid off in unison was a massive success. Massive success selling more than a million copies in the US IN MILLIONS WORLDWIDE. In addition to singles have a heart in unison. The album also included billboard hits like the last snow if there was any other way in. Where does my heart beat now? Which peaked at number four on the hot one hundred and number two on the adult? Contemporary Chart unisons performance dion attract the attention of Disney and she was recruited for Nineteen ninety-one beauty and the beasts a duet with Peabo Bryson from animated film of the same name. The valid was top. Ten hit winning dion a grammy for best pop performance by a duo or group with vocals. Her second English language album arrived in one thousand nine hundred to reading the success and beauty and the beasts included as the sets. First Single Celine. Dion made confidence steps. Made confidence steps away from the youthful pop of her previous. Release presenting a mastery branding for the singer on yearning ballads and confident. Rb inspired dance numbers the self titled Effort in entered the top forty of the billboard. Two hundred eventually out selling unison. It included hit singles if you ask me to nothing broken but my heart and love can move mountains. Meanwhile away from the Public Id on and Geli began a romantic relationship. Subtly unveiled a nine hundred ninety three in the liner notes of her next album. The couple would wed at the end of nineteen ninety four issued in November. The color of my love topped charts across Europe and Canada entering the top ten in the US and even Japan. It was her highest selling effort to date with over. Twenty million copies. Sold the Juneau and grammy-winning our meal Romantic Eights. Lake Clive Griffin Duet. When I fall in love from the sleepless in Seattle Sanchez soundtrack the UK Chart Topper. Think twice in the International Smash Power of love a cover of a Jennifer rush song that went on to win the Grammy for best instrumental arrangement accompanying vocals as love became dion biggest album to date. She shifted back to her French audience with another blockbuster following the release of live album here we go again. Allah Olympia recorded in Paris in September. Nineteen eighty-four Dion issued. Daewoo released as the French album in the US. In one thousand nine hundred five the set included chart topping singles. Like some French snuff. I cannot pronounce which bulk shots at number one in France and Belgium the album itself state atop the French chart for a whopping forty four weeks becoming the best selling album of all time. Her months a French chart dominance came to an end. In nineteen thousand nine hundred six when she was toppled from the top spot by her own album falling into you returning to the English language output. Dion hit another career high point with falling into surpassing the success of previous efforts the L. P. found dion at a peak in popularity extending her chart dominance around the world with platinum singles. Leg It's all coming back to me now and the grammy winning. Because you loved me from the up close and personal soundtrack. Frequent collaborators Diane. Warren and David Foster returned to the work to work on the project which won Grammy Awards for album of the year and best pop album while becoming one of the best selling albums of all time and supported the effort. Dion embarked on a world tour. That lasted over a year hitting spots in Asia and Australia mere months. After the tourist final date in Switzerland Dionne returned to the top of the charts with a follow up. Let's talk about love arrived in late. Nineteen ninety seven gusts like Barbra streisand the BG's Luciano Pavarotti Bryan Adams. Diana king a whole lot of people were enlisted for vocal duets in songwriting in addition to hit duets. Tell him in immorally. Let's talk about love featured. What would become dion signature song? My heart will go on. Which was the blockbuster Film the theme firm the Blockbuster Film. The titanic with this unmistakable Flute Melody and Cinema Matic scope the single match. The film's cultural dominance becoming a ubiquitous ubiquitous radio staple in topping charts in Canada Europe Australia and the US after winning an Kademi award in one thousand nine hundred seven for best original song my heart will go on scored a Golden Globe in one thousand nine hundred eighty before sweeping the nineteen ninety. Nine grammys with winds. How does she win? From Ninety seven and ninety eight she wrote the Song Ninety seven then it should have won a grammy and I learned ninety seven at least the latest ninety eight nineteen ninety nine. That'll make no sense but anyways before sweeping the nineteen thousand. Nine grammys with wins for record of the year. Song of the year. Best female pop vocal and Best Song for motion. Picture or television while touring in support of. Let's talk about love. Dionne issued the holiday albums. These are special times a greatest hits compilation all the way a decade of Song in another French release that I cannot pronounce. She kept off the decade by receiving the titles of officer of the Order of Canada for outstanding contribution to the world of contemporary music and officer of the National Order of Quebec after her unbroken run of nineteen ninety s of run of nineties after her unbroken run of ninety s chart success in international touring. Dion took a well deserved break to focus on her family prompted in part by a cancer diagnosis for angle. And the two thousand one birth of her first child. Dionne returned to music in two thousand with a refreshed. Pop Sound on. New Day has come another multi-platinum chart topper. The album was inspired by the birth for sign and the September eleventh attacks which push dion to focus on love hope and fresh beginnings while not as globe conquering as her late nineties releases. A new day manage to yield uplifting hits leg a new day has come and I'm alive a pair of sweeping tracks that highlighted her new millennium pop confidence dion quickly followed with two thousand. Three's one heart home to the urgent dance. Pop single. I drove all night one heart stylistic shift was met with criticism becoming her lowest selling english-language effort in over a decade yet even with this seemingly commercial disappointment the album was so certified plan in sold over five million copies worldwide. Why because she's signed? Er Two thousand four. Also saw the release of a new day live in Las Vegas a concert. Recording of her multimillion dollar five year residency at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas occupied by these live shows which had dion books per nightly performances. Five days a week. She released a comprehensive greatest hits collection on changed pa. I'm sorry all I even took French in high school that's pretty sad Which compiled her french-language hits from nineteen eighty one to two thousand five and two thousand seven after the release of another French album the LS an ambitious concert featuring concept featuring songs written by French female authors Dionne returned with a course correcting follow up to One Heart. Taking chances arrived at the end of two thousand seven it comeback of sorts the LP included. The said Seoul hid taking chances What else alone. And Yeah okay look featured. Despite being one of her lowest selling English efforts taking chances was supported with a record breaking international tour that made stops in South Africa China Malaysia and Australia. Becoming one of the highest grossing tricks of All Time Y. because she is selling another best compilation. My Love Essential Collection which collected hits released after nine hundred ninety nine all the way kept dion charts following the conclusion of her world tour which was commemorated on two thousand ten taking chances. World tour. The concert recorded in Boston and Montreal. She also signed on for a second multi year contract concert residency at the Coliseum as Caesar's palace which had a plan to run that extended into two thousand nineteen. Meanwhile she issued another French album Suns Atop Andrei in late twenty twelve topping charts and worldwide French markets and. A lonely eleventh. English album loved me back to life followed in two thousand and thirteen in addition to the pen title track loved me also included duets with neo. Incredible and Stevie wonder over joy in two thousand fourteen. John's Vegas residency. In Asia. Tour were abruptly halted after Anghelis. Health began to further deteriorate although her performances resumed a year. Later in the summer of two thousand fifteen they were once again halted in early two thousand sixteen with a tragic deaths of both and Galley and her brother Daniel Dion which came within two days of each other. That's hard that is hard that's terrible. I remember lot tune. That's terrible devastated. Took time away from the spotlight for a month down really on. It's hard being Celine Dion. She definitely needed more time than they're returning to the stage and February. That's some are release. Encore on sore and introspective set of uplifting pop that peaked at number one in Canada France Belgium Switzerland notably notably becoming Diaz first french-language effort to chart on the billboard charts. Encore was home to singles like the title track. Lay a totally. I don't know She returned to the world of film soundtracks in two thousand seventeen. Reuniting with the property that helped break her into the American pop culture landscape over twenty five years earlier she contributed. How does a moment lasts forever? To Disney's live action remake of Gideon the bees which makes total sense. She was on the first one day. The second one The song tops the charts in even entered the top ten across Asia in two thousand eighteen. She contributed to another though. Slightly more Unorthodox Soundtrack Deadpool to it. I don't call that okay. Ashes landed that may accompanied by a music video starring Dion and the tits in the Superhero and the Superhero. That quickly went viral. I don't know if I remember that. The following year Dion released the club friendly anthem flying on my own as the first track from her twelfth English language album courage a triumph of spirit. The set showcase a revitalised dion who was aided by pop in electric guests. Such as David Guetta. Sam Smith in scholar grey. The album topped the Canadian and US charts who hurry. I told you I was. I was going to be a long bio but it's I mean when I think of Celine Dion I think of one of my hobbies I think of Shawna she we actually we're infringe together in high school. Whenever we have to do a French project on a person she would always do celine dion and she loves her Cellini on. So that's an of course. I know like her movies scores. Or You know the themes for movie soundtracks but other than that. Besides her being a diva. I remember her being on the divas. Lake every year Besides I I mean I really don't have much else to say about Celine Dion other than she's legend. So I definitely appreciate your time. Thank you for listening to the. Gmc Music podcast brought to you by the GS MC music podcast network. If you like what you heard. Subscribe to our podcasts. And until next time I'm Julie Brown. The Music Lover Constantly seeking positive music. You're listening to the golden state media. Concept's music podcast part of the Golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others it at. Www DOT GS MC podcast dot com download. Our podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud and Google put just type in Jesus Mc to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast networks from movies to music from sports entertainment and even we are games. You can also follow some twitter and on fixed thank you and we hope you'll join space program.

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