Friday-The Complete Shutdown of The Murican Economy MUST End Now Before The Destruction Is Too Great To Repair!


Back to the Wall Street Journal. If this government ordered shutdown continues for much more than another week or two the human cost of job losses and bankruptcies will exceed what most Americans can't imagine. This won't be popular to read in some quarters but federal and state officials need to adjusting their anti virus strategy now to avoid an economic recession that will dwarf the harm from two thousand two thousand nine. Where have I heard that before? Here is my Arctic Hal. Yesterday at the daily caller DOT COM church coronas virus lockdowns are ultimately assaults on freedom. Gee I never would've imagined it. Do you know and they told me this yesterday editor. Hey I started to tell you this and I got off. The subject told me that this is supposed to be on the front page Biz. Another gun. Slinging shutdown owner was going to write the counter argument about the wonders of the shutdown chicken. Down he sends me an email yesterday afternoon. Goes a King Dude? I'm just GONNA go ahead and run this because the author that was going to submit the the opposed opposing piece has pulled out. I'm like why do you think that is because it's a dumb idea? That's why who in the hell wants to be in a position. Unless you're Steve. Sco Jack who the hell wants to being the position of promoting and defending this it's indefensible. Let's not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Let's let the perfect destroy the good. That's what's going on here. Folks are calling on line telephone for four or five to seven eight seven. Two three the journal continues know. Put the link to colour in the chat room there. If you want to click it. This won't be popular to read in some quarters but fertilizer state officials due to start adjusting their anti virus strategy. Now who told you this beginning when last week I told you this there is a reasonable rational. Not Irrational human centered with care towards those who are going to be economically and that means in their ability to care for their family and the same geezers that There's a they're trying to protect. There's a way to do this without breaking the bank as they say. Is anyone listening to the King Dude? No maybe they'll listen to the Wall Street Journal editorial board the vast social distancing project or the last ten days or so has been necessary and has done much good warnings about large gatherings of more than ten people and limiting access to nursing homes will save lives. The public has received a crucial education in hygiene and disease prevention. By the by I have something to say about that. That's not correct renegade into that and even young people may get the message with any luck. This behavior change will reduce the corona virus spread announced in our house. Hospitals won't be overwhelmed with patients. Anthony FAUCI SCOTT GOTTLIEB another disease experts or buying crucial time for government and private industry tomorrow resources against the virus yet. The cost of this national shutdown are growing by the hour and we don't mean federal spending. We mean a Su- Nami of economic destruction that will cost tens of millions to lose their job. I told you this I told you I told you it. Look I'm a genius? Makes Common Sense Common Sense? This will cause millions to lose their jobs as commerce and production simply cease. Many large companies can restraint a few weeks without revenue but that isn't true of millions of small and mid size farms firms even cash-rich businesses operate on thin margin and can bleed through reserves in a month. I it will lay off employees. No no they can't now you can't lay a mock you lay them off. You GotTa give them thirty days families seeking medical lead. You can't lay them off. That's the worst thing you can do. Thanks trump for signing stupid bill. That Pelosi sent you then. They will shut after they do the layoffs there no shutdown another month like this week and allows will be measured in millions of people. Hey Wall Street Journal. It's not going to take a month. You got about five six days to fix this governors. Don't come to their senses and start altering these policies in five by the by this time. Next week you'll have unemployment through the roof. Millions will already be out of work. Did you know that the governor is actually telling me waiters and waitresses and fry cooks and hostesses and Bar Bax and bartenders than anyone else that works in the service industry notices are being sent out through their do their restaurants. And what have you to go ahead? And file for unemployment benefits. He plans to keep them shuddered for months. They can't survive this. You'RE GONNA put two-thirds of every restaurant and state of Louisiana out of business if you extend this beyond a couple of weeks they were simply shut down and they won't re-open they'll be buildings it'll be. It'll be driving through town. There looked like a ghost town. I have an anecdotal tidbit. Add this this morning. I've been doing a little sensors in my head. Every morning I pass a very popular very well visited gas station slice subway slash cre crispy fried chicken joint on my way right when I get on I twelve. It's called the joint is called on the run. They got two restaurants in their kind of built into inconvenience store gas station right so I don't know how you treat those restaurants. I mean everything is kind of take out there so I would imagine there's still operating it. Actually shut down their sandwich counter But their fried chicken is still open and they do offer breakfast biscuits in the morning. But that's it. It's not the bigger ray that they normally have. And you can't get fountain drinks anymore. They've closed down all the fountains. Everything just manage disclosing everything so I been doing a little sense in my head on Monday. There were seventeen vehicles and of Oregon lot today zero zero Tuesday there about fifteen Wednesday. There were still still double digits ten or so yesterday five today. None Matt a car on a Friday. You KNOW PEOPLE WANNA get up early. Go to work early. Get done early kick in to slide into the all weekend right. None Zero Point Freaking Zero Wall Street Journal. The dead weight loss and production will be profound. And we'll take years to rebuild in a normal recession the US loses about five percent of national output over the course of a year or so in this case we may lose that much or twice as much in just a month. Are Fred at our friend. Ed Hyman the Wall Street economists on Thursday adjusted the estimate for second-quarter to an annual loss of GDP of minus twenty per cent. I think that I think you're low ball on it. I think it's closer to sixty to seventy percent treasury secretary Steven mnuchin assertion Box Fox business news Thursday at the economy will power through all. This is happy. Talk of this continues for much longer. Can you tell? The Journal's editors are starting to get nervous after all they do cover Wall Street Wall Street Journal. Does it sound like they're still singing a happy to endorse.

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