Ep. 440: Jeffrey Epstein Didnt Kill Himself


Yeah Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself. Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself. Brian did you know the Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself would didn't Jeffrey as seen do he didn't kill kill himself he was found hanging. Didn't kill himself Jeffrey. FC Didn't kill himself there anything else. Well I mean it's important to say these words. This is a fundamental unspoken truth. No one ever says these sorts of things. It's edgy of to say these sorts of things. I need to pump up the numbers here on. Don't worry about the government. Excellent will you have an. Here's the thing. Here's what's great about this. Just by titling this episode Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself and by opening putting up this show with Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself and saying saying the magic words. I got a whole bunch of people's attention. I probably got some clicks. I probably got some extra lists. I probably juiced up the numbers and there are some people were listening to this show right now and they have no idea who we are. We have identified ourselves yet because we want to hit them. The Hook of Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself. I'm Chris Brenna your Brian Harrison. This don't worry about the government and we're GonNa talk about that topic. Hi Hi Brian. Hey how's it going. Did you hear that a Jeffrey Epstein Kill himself I was just reading about. This is the papers He is dead. Okay okay all right well Glad we we covered the on only have really covered that that. Because you know I think I think there's actually more to be said you know. There's no I mean. So the edgy thing is just just say Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill him I know I did. I said I bet I bet you. There's a government task force. I bet you hey are coming to get me. The they don't want me to know about that because they control the media about what J. E. getting killed. I don't even want to never come. Ge You can text me with whatever. J. E. Means I'll I'll figure yeah right How `Bout Jeff Stein Afri? Oh I used to speak this language right. Yeah I yeah it's Latin. It's a form of Latin. Are Wink wink in right now. Okay all right all right. So here's the whole point. I think we have milk milk. This shit that setup time to move on so I want to talk about this because this is taking holds online online. It is becoming this edgy. Cool thing to say and I I called it her Rumba vacation this week when I was talking talking with remember Mbaye do now. Harambee didn't kill himself then no they definitely they definitely killed. I don't feel like there's any debate about whether or not Harav Romblon was was an inside job. They her on Bay was circling inside. So if you don't remember Mbeya for those of you who are like kind of remember. Mbaye child fell into a gorilla pen with this Roy. Normal Gorilla named Harambee who was beloved by Zoo and Harambee grabbed the child and drag the child forcibly like down along like all water area and it was caught a videotape. It horrified some people and zoo decided to put her on bay down and and I would say I am one of the people who like legitimately disagreed with that decision because by her updated duty thing wrong hurrah. Rabbe is a gorilla that has been kept in captivity in a small enclosure and there are all these dip shit people who like to get into animal animal enclosures in a zoo. And I sort of think you do that at your own risk. We definitely shouldn't take that out of the animals haven't been punished enough by being for their entire our lives but the zoo decided to put down Harambee and there were a lot of people online who kept bringing up Haram Bay. After harambee died I was just thinking about this when fantasy basketball started up again because on my icon on on Yahoo I guess if you ever play against me on Yahu you'll know it's me because my icon on Yahoo is harambee behind like a presidential podium Rhodium because this is a mean that was circulating around during the two thousand sixteen presidential election. I thought it was funny. People kept bringing up Rahm Bay and people kept saying Oh you know Harambee was was an inside job. All sorts of different jokes about Harambee and it wasn't because they were upset about harambee right. There's one other thing and this is literally string even even further away. You talked about being upset Harambee. Who is the gorilla that was killed at the Cincinnati? Zoo you on twitter talk about caring so much about autumn that the life meant so much. The Cincinnati Zoo has come out and asked people to stop using memes. And you've you've used a lot of memes and social media. How is that respecting Harambee by doing? When they're asking to stop in order to honor him I think I have a lot more compassion than most people think? That's why I'm in the drug business but at the same time non-human primates are kind of these pretty precious animals. That's why we care so much about Harambee you know this. This is He's the so human-like and so so oh close to our hearts that I think we should honor his memory and this is a good time for activists to think harder about should some animals you have rights or are you going to stop meaning around. I think I'm trying what I'm trying to do know. This is a short answer. It wasn't like they wanted people to reconsidered the idea of keeping guerrillas in small enclosures for public display to the public. And the idea that maybe these parents were dip shits in shouldn't have been keeping their your kids kind of freely hanging around animal enclosure and lose track them. Such as the child can fall inside the animal enclosure all these sorts of things. It wasn't about that it was about saying Toda mystic word. That's my big word of the day here totem totem mystic word. A word that ah kind of evokes something much bigger with Jeff. Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself. One it's you gotTa make sure you say the whole phrase in the United States the right way. Because it's not about Jeffrey Epstein. It's not about a discussion of the media coverage of Jeffrey Epstein's rather rather sudden demise which had a lot of red flags around in a lot of things that made people very suspicious. What Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself office about or Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself is about it's about a media critique three voted for the president twenty a sixteen year supporters of his? Why do you like him so much? What policies outstandings out say mainly just the no nonsense oxygen specially assistance? Jeffrey swinton awesome. It's about fostering in anti establishmentarian Syrian audience for the person who says it. So you open up your show by saying Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself so that you can really catch someone's ear where you could get someone listen to what's going to come next. After you get done saying Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself. It's like a promising a magic trick. It's actually why structured the whole open of the show. The Way I did today. I thought that out a little bit before I did it. One was straight. What's being done John? When somebody says it something edgy is about to follow? And so the people who are saying Jeffrey Epstein did not kill themselves a lot of them. If you notice Brian all of them are kind of all right figures. It's starting to travel to the left. This Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself thing it started on the right and it started with the alright because it's given them a hook to so that we all kind of have suspicions about right like I do. I think that Jeffrey Epstein Jean died at the most convenient time in the world for a lot of people. Yeah Do. I think that Jeffrey Epstein would still be alive. He wasn't in jail. Yup so I mean. I don't think Jeffrey Epstein killed himself. I think that is a fair thing to say. But that's not the same thing. As when people say Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself. I'm sorry I've been hogging the ball here for a second so let me. He passed over to you. Well I agree with you that it makes more sense for all right to bring it up because if there are any implications to it or if anyone were to ever get connected to it This is once again. Something that the alright all right would excuse from one of their own but also a law and they were totally Doug God it if it was somewhat odd the left or even in the it would implode anyone on the left but they also know that if it were to be someone on the right. They're still voting for that motherfucker anyway. It doesn't matter it doesn't matter them and so they can throw these these screw balls at the public and just let them deal with it because whatever comes out Out It's only going to affect their enemy. It reminds me a lot. It's like it's the Harambee thing. Remember the DC. Madam remember how she kind of conveniently ended up dead onto right same same sort of story at least to my ears where it's like. She just knew too many people secrets. And that's like I think the truth that the medium is trying to get out but it's it's not trying to get at it with harambee getting killed so trying to get a to get this idea that it's it's fucked up that we keep guerrillas and fucking small enclosures in zoos for our pleasure to like look at when it's a defiance of their natural environment and they have a really hard time time adjusting and a lot of cases. Same thing with sea world like that's the reality of animals in captivity in the environment. It's not about that right about saying something edgy. Yeah and what's what's interesting about Harvey Weinstein especially in this. Context is that The movie industry in general is kind of going through a weird moment moment right now and so basically. Unless you're putting out something that involves superheroes or a story that has already happened and you're just regurgitating somehow like the movie industry at large really doesn't know what's going to like bring in money And so I I picture these this. This wall this Harvey Weinstein walls been put up because he's untouchable but that wall is slowly crumbling with every every with every movie that comes out the fucking anyone could put out one of these awful movies writing Jimmy Johnson. Then he makes the next X.. Men movie it'll it'll make a million dollars to people like cyclops. I know my movie numbers really really well movies. He's making millions of dollars and they're super successful. That's good economics but yeah like I don't think it actually. Why don't we need Harvey Weinstein by point? I'm not getting ate any JOE. Shmoe will what what I'm saying is Harvey Weinstein is known for putting out non superhero movies that make money and there are these investors that have been pumping money into movies that they you know based on everything they understood. They thought they were going to get a return on their investment. In in just not working like this recent Stephen King movie It it's it's from what I hear. It's a great movie but it's flopping it's it's not doing nearly as well as anyone predicted and eventually people are gonNA. Let's say you know who knows how to how to put together a movie like this Harvey fucking Weinstein. Let let let. Let's let him back back in the fold and eventually the money is just going to bring him back in and all of this posturing about how it matters it only matters so much as How replaceable is he? If you can't find someone to make movies make money you're gonNA eventually go back to Harvey Weinstein because because you think he has some magic and maybe he does. Maybe he doesn't but either either way I think that's a sign of really the the metoo movement it it's real but it's also facing realities. One other thing I think about when I think about the Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill Himself Shelf Museum is that it serving a much more simple function. That doesn't need a fancy word. Like harambee vacation right. It's serving the function of what aboutism awesome so I caught on C. Span the other day during one of these impeachment hearings ahead open phones and you had this caller who called in. If you had the chance to ask a question question would that be your question or is this something else you WanNa hear from the ambassador. Something I'd ask her. If she's aware that Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself and they of course pivoted away from you'll van riches testimony to bring up Jeffrey Epstein but then more notably today John Candy brings it up in one of these hearings. He's as a senator of the United States of America. And he's doing this very deliberatively. I'm going to bring up Jeffrey Epstein so that you can invalidate the media coverage what's going on right now and to deflect away from the situation at hand and to get us back to another controversy. That is the fact that there's a cover up of Jeffrey Epstein's murder for in no one's getting to the bottom of it. Can I put this Christmas ornaments drywall. And Jerry Epstein name three things that don't hang themselves it that's what the American people think. It's what the American people think. And they deserve some answers and I know that you're not in charge of these investigations. But you talk talk to the people who are and I need you to take very respectful message today. Tell the American people what happened and don't rush it so that they don't do a thorough investigation but you and I both know they can make this a top priority and get it done more quickly than they normally would. Let's move from one conspiracy spiracy theory. That probably has some grounding in reality to yet another conspiracy theory that probably has some grounding in reality since we taped the first segment on Thursday president. Dj T took a rather sudden trip to Walter Reed for according to the White House this portion of his annual physical it turns out that the president just had again according to the White House quote a free weekend in the president's schedule and they want to take advantage of it by doing part of but not all of the president's physical this of course scans too many as the president had an acute health emergency and was whisked away to the hospital. I think one of the biggest problems with this whole. He's getting his annual physical store. If we just start right there is that in. The past trump has had doctors come to him to do the annual physical including that one doctor who was like like a big drunk. Ronnie Jackson remember him. I remember his picture. Yeah Yeah and Ronnie Jackson. A whole bunch of stories came out about him being a big old problem album. Yeah he was at the White House when he did that annual physical so it just seemed very weird or the president decided that he wanted to do the physical because he had some availability in his schedule and he is the president of the United States and he's not necessarily known to be someone who is adverse to having you come to him so so why would he go to the hospital to go and get the physical when he could have just had you come to him to give him that exact same physical and the part of but but not all of also just doesn't reek of legitimacy. If you only have so much time it's a partial physial. When have you ever heard of that? And and what part was going to take too long for him to just not finish all all of it with the there are more questions than answers here in it it reeks of of being fabricated And exactly I think the real story here is What specific grounds on which trump found this necessary to fabricate? Yeah I am thinking that what probably happened happened was some sort of low level cardiac episode probably even more mild than what happened to Sanders. But what happened is sanders was. Let's let's not mince words here a heart attack and I bet you trump probably add something along the heart attack type of spectrum which is why he got part of of his annual physical. What is it even? They didn't take the stool sample so they ran blood and they checked his pulse. When the more you break get down the more it sounds like he had blood work and his heart checked because something was not right? Yeah and I. I'd like to just leave it alone whether or not this is alive because this is obviously ally. I'm curious how the cold conversation went down like I. I always imagined trump carr's having this magnificent ego and I wonder where does that ego get disarmed. Along the way of how close you get to him and at what point did his heart condition have to become so bad that he was willing to admit to anyone that he had a problem. Right the other thing that could have happened is she might have fainted. There could be so along Mac type back at all but but something like he got. Light are light headed fainted. I think you're right. This is precisely the type of person who will let otherwise be a manageable health. Situation the faster because it's easier to deny the manageable health situation in the early stages of the health situation that it is to recognize it. Admit that your mortal and go and do the requisite things trump again of course famously has really sort of strange concepts of health like he thinks the body has a finite amount of of energy in that. When you run out of the energy you die like a battery? He I mean this is one of the many places where he doesn't necessarily think about health health. The way trained professionals or even the average patient does. Yeah I I wonder at what point where there were his His ideas about health converge with Just make me feel better I think what's it's fascinating is. How bad the cover up story? I the disjointed statement from Walter Reed Medical Centers. Stephanie GRISSOM's Bizarre Bazaar statements about free weekends. I mean I guess the president of the United States takes weekends off. Okay whatever but I mean it's just this is being very very poorly handled and so it makes you think it's it's not huge but substantial enough that a a want to keep this from coming to light and I thought that that was even more kind of brought into relief with the heavy leaning on how great the president's health is on Fox News. I was super human but I do talk to you about what a lot of people are talking about on social media. And that is the president's sudden visit today to Walter Reed I understand. It wasn't a scheduled annual visit. And you tell us what it was. Yeah absolutely we've got a really busy year ahead as you can imagine. And so The president decided to go to Walter Reed and kind of get a head start with some routine eighteen checkups of as part of his annual exam. That's all it was very routine. We had a down day today and so he made the decision to to head there. And there's no true to the rumors that it was something else because the rumors are flying the rumors are always flying absolutely not. He is healthy as can be I. I put a statement out about that. He's got more energy than anybody in the White House That man works from six. Am until you know very very late at night. He's doing just fine. He's almost superhuman. I don't know how anyone can deal with what he's dealing with. It's just I mean I get frustrated with what's going on in Washington. I mean I wanNA throw things at the television But I don't but anyway Stephanie. Gracious so good to have you on tonight. Thanks for being with us. It's almost like there till they have to say it out loud called themselves like Oh trump's don't get trump's doing good he just fine he's just fine if we just keep saying he's fine he'll be okay like I feel like they're so accustomed to selling the message for him that they've gone to this extent to where they're willing to further the message so as to better define the message Everybody and ride the the president trump should give him immunity Horn of freedom award. Freedom did not free Roger Stone. He got convicted on seven counts of lied to Congress Congress obstruction and witness tampering and during the trial trump. He had denied in writing and under o two molar mowers team any recollection of ever discussing wikileaks with stone or being aware of stone discussing wikileaks with the trump campaign. Rick Gates the deputy campaign manager and also someone who was a member of the trump administration. Unlike Paul Manafort Rick Gates testified that he was in the car with Donald Trump when trump was talking to roger larger stone about wikileaks. Now it looks like trump lied to muller so that is potentially at the Democrats choose to do their job on this another article of impeachment each mint against Donald Trump. So that was really bad and then do you have any thoughts on Roger Stone here. It looks like he's going to jail for minute. You know. I don't see Roger Stone as the Guy I think you put it. Well he's going to jail for a minute and I. I don't think he's going to go to jail for much more than a minute. Because are you think trump's gonNA impeach him now. I got me there. I just blew your mind impeached. Rogers stowed okay. You think trump's GonNa part Roger Stone. There's the verba booking for well you know there. There's there's a couple options here. Either trump pardons roger stone or trump finds out. How much of US real soldier Roger Stone is is what do you think trump's willing to find out? I mean this is where it gets really interesting particularly in light of this little clip here. I'm replay from Tucker Carlson so the the president pardoned to people today. I believe that the president also of course signed a law. Not that long ago. That ineffective pardoned a lot crack dealers and also some rapists out of prison and yet. We're hearing that certain people around the president possibly son-in-law maybe not he went to jared. He didn't just go to jared. He went to jared. And let's think about this a little bit further yes. Roger Stone's daughter has a gag order on her but Tucker. Carlson doesn't have a dag order on him so if the stone family wants to get at a message over the airwaves and make no mistake about it. That's exactly what's going on here. One way of doing that is by having Tucker Carlson. Get around the GAG Gordon for them by leading the conversation where it needs to go in. She just says okay and I can't really talk about that but yeah it's been really hard on us are telling him no. You can't pardon Roger Stone even though the person has come out and said publicly. I think that this was a travesty. What what's your view? Do you think the President Will Roger has so much much support he really does. He has a lot of support. He's been around in politics for his in his entire life and to take him away. It would be a huge loss for everybody for Republicans all over the world. He thinks forty steps of head of most political analysts out there. That's why he gets invited to go to Harvard and Oxford to go and and speak about what he knows about his skills and it would be it would be a loss not only for family but for everybody. This holy fix this is wrong. I mean this is a travesty. The president said it today and I and I think I honestly do that after watching a series of people. Some of whom are not deserving it all get pardons from this White House in effect or literally you know I think people we're GONNA watching carefully to see if if your data's pardoned I'm I I can only I can only ask. I can only ask and I do and this is this is if he can donald trump. If you can hear me at please save our family. He does not deserve this. Nobody nobody deserves this and after February when everything is said and done I would like a lot of people to look at the money trail and where the salt started did. Because this shouldn't happen to anybody nobody should have to lose their life to what we have just experienced for supporting the wrong. And there's a lot more to come out but obviously can't talk about it. Thanks so much for joining us today. Thank you for having me. I so appreciate shaded thank you. God bless that was Roger Stone's daughter and she's going on Fox News during the trump is definitely watching timeslot slot of Tucker Carlson and demanding not demanding put asking for in a fairly forcible way a pardon for her father in the clear underlying message has to be Roger Stone has known you Donald Trump for upwards of thirty five forty years. He knows where all the bodies are buried aid. And if you don't get Roger Stone Out of jail this is going to be enormously painful for you. Donald trump trump. And if there's ever any sort of moment when the gop at large is pressuring trump to do things is there way. Imagine how much dirt Roger Stone has just on the whole. Gop Machine and how vulnerable honorable the GOP at large is irrespective of trump. I do think it is fairly likely that was sentenced and facing the painful full reality of a long time in jail. Roger Stone is going to be thinking very very heavily about giving up dirt not unlike Michael Cohen. This isn't unprecedented stuff. Michael Cohen was not loyal to Donald Trump and it was four. Frankly more noble reasons he wants to be with his family Blah Blah Blah Kristoff self invested for sure but Michael Cohen he- also dropped the dime on Donald Trump. Because there's no real friendship there. There's no rule loyalty there and I'm sure that's going to settle in for Roger. Stone stone believed on some level this hallway down that this was consequence. Free that's why he was going on Info Wars. That's why he was doing his own podcast in doing spots on whoever would have him on he liked doing the TV. He thought talk being on trial was kind of fun. I don't think that the sentencing is going to be light and I think he's going to be forced to make some real decisions here on whether or not he wants to go to jail for the rest of his life for Donald Trump. Yeah maybe the reason he was so casual talk about the circumstance is because he knew when loser draw. He's GonNa be okay because I think that's what he thought. Yeah that's true. Yeah I don't I don't think he knew it. I think that he thought that right right now. I guess what I'm saying is he knows does that. He has enough against people to where someone's going to give him a deal in exchange for getting out of all this like as long as he's willing to talk or not talk is going to get out of this just far. Yeah I mean I think he can talk a little bit more even on selective active things like things involving wikileaks and the trump campaign and really dig the hole deeper for Donald Trump when it comes to impeachment Article Magin imagined the GOP circumstance. Roger Stone has been in the billy of the GOP beast since the mid eighties since the early eighties. Yeah he was involved with Bob. Dole's campaign yeah. Yeah so If if you are if you are a high up in the GOP machine do you really care at this point if he undermines trump so long as he doesn't doesn't undermine the GOP spilled spill the beans about things from years. Gone by like design. Even bother you. I think they want Roger Stone to go away. I think that that would be the biggest thing. They would rather stolen and trump hurdle each other off of the edge of a cliff. I think that's probably the best outcome for people like Lindsey Graham Mitch. McConnell some of the people in the leadership class ask who were there in Nineteen ninety-two under the Gingrich Revolution. Yeah I can see that. I just don't see Roger Stone. What is happening the motivation to Go Down with the no. I mean I for Nixon for his beloved. I love Richard Nixon. I think to your point is going to become painfully clear to Roger Stone Stone on the day of the sentencing that this whole Donald trump cost play of the Nixon presidency. That Roger Stone is getting do in a more high profile way than he did for Nixon right like when he was doing for Nixon he was just a boy. And there's so many things you would have done differently and he could do it this time for Donald Trump. I think that whole costs play that illusion built around trump for him is going to dissipate on the day of his sentencing. I think he'll be looking at the judge facing. I'm I'm guessing ten years probably more than ten years and realizing that at age seventy ten years in jail. If you get out you're going to be very very old not have much life left to live and Roger Stone's a guy who allow me to be crass or for just a moment Brian. He likes to fuck. He's a heathen hedonist for sure Z.. hedonist and the thing about being in you're eighty and getting out that would be different for Manafort and let's say I'm trying to think of who else is in that age range and manafort would be the one. Math is not known as well. He is actually Kinda as a playboy but not to the same extent as Roger Stone. Roger Stone is an as you said he'd never perfect word for it. I think ten years in jail is the exact exact opposite type of dance card for Roger Stone that he wants in. If I am to generalize the Hedonist I hope I'm not offending any a hedonist out there. But I'm GONNA generalize them. I'm GonNa say that hedonist are opportunists and there's not a lot of Interest in there certainly in in the moment not tomorrow not about falling on your sword it in in the name of some Noble Truth greater than you are with whether or not that noble truth is is is is Donald Trump or real noble truth It's just it not only is the position that he's he's in. Tell me that he's going to talk to get out of it but his personality tells me that he's talk to get out. Yeah that's right. He just loves to talk the other big thing he'd be getting in to the hedonist point in the immediate upon talking as you get headlines about himself and he'd get attention and potentially even freedom and set. The book has a hell of a deal and book. Oh he could get back on the microphone and talk about how did he could recast himself as a patriot. I N Roger. Stone would love nothing more than to work disingenuous Patriot Gimmick. Yeah especially especially when you know Even though he is a hedonist he is getting into his seventies. You know even hedonist after after rebrand from time to time you know. It's true elder statesman. Rogers wrong ring. Realistic hedonist you know. That's true. Matured he on his business card. Let saw Stephen Miller so. I don't think it's a shocker. To you or I dat that Stephen Miller is a racist. He's been pretty open about that. There's strong documentation of his pass. But I think what is kind of shocking or at least was shocking to me was just how deep this guy's ties into the American white supremacist neo. Nazi Nazi movement. Go and then you can pull the camera back and go and this guy has been an architect of all of the border detention policy. All all of the child's separation policy all the programmatic orphan that was all being structured and designed by a guy who was a white white supremacist. Who used to post on forums like American renaissance NV dare and other places that are racist? Shit Yeah and I'm Ki No to juxtapose in with Roger Stone. Obviously Roger Stone doesn't have that much longer a professional career when we talk about him. Doing books I talk about him doing books by chance but Stephen Miller has the rest of his life. You know recipes wonderful life to to to to move on professionally with and I I wonder how. Gop sees him as an ally or or someone that they want to go away host from era for those of you who are interested more in this topic. I'm going to direct you all over to the southern Poverty Albany Law Centers. I mean this is. It's an article. It's far far far more than Oracle. It's a series agrees of articles. One of the more sort of interesting sections of this involves the camp of the saints. Even at the camp of the saints. Oh please tell me okay. So it's a book. It's like a really really horrible bulk and we've talked about it on this show before I didn't like reading excerpts have been or or anything like that but we talked about it because Steve Bannon's favorite book is the camp of the saints and the camp of the saints if I can kind of remember the arc of this thing. It's set in France if memory serves as a big refugee crisis from Africa and they're led by a guy who I believe his his title or like his nickname or like he is known in the book as the Shitter. This is a very very very racist book. Extraordinarily Racist Book. Steve Bannon loves it and apparently this is the shared cultural touchstone for Stephen Miller. He recommends recommends camp for the saints to Breitbart the same Breitbart where you might have seen Tulsi Gabbard office week. I'm sorry not the shooter. It's indian-born antagonist. He's known the third eater my bad my bad and he actually does literally eat human feces in the bulk. Well is this like did it inspire him in a way. That like Paul Ryan has a connection to the fountainhead. Is that like what the type of connection. Yeah Yeah I think that. That's actually probably the best way putting it not to put Paul Ryan in the same campus. Stephen Miller they I disagree with both of them but Paul Ryan I disagree grew on a policies will probably not like someone who will actively say racist things to people on an everyday level. Stephen Miller any scenario will punch hunch down Yeah no I think that. That's the right way of putting it and Jerry Taylor. Who is the leader of American renaissance? He is an insidious individual. Jared Taylor talks in a very slow cadence that is designed to inspire confidence and what it does does is it makes the stream views. The Jared Tiller exposes seem like articulate thoughts. This is not about race this is about people defending their own coach irs. Oh and you can almost a little bit transit transatlantic there too. I think I spice it up just a bit but but there's a credential thing that you're Taylor is definitely too. It's a Modern Day William F.. Buckley Routine Buckley's definitely working. I I if you've ever heard Buckley's brother like that cadences definitely not Buckley's no I. I mean it's an affect. It's it's absolutely it. It's not it's not doing the same thing Buckley did but it's it's doing it for the same reasons like and Buckley understood that there's merit in talking in a certain pace with a certain home. Yeah the he gets the influx in the same way. That's been Shapiro. Does what he does like. Ben Shapiro Ben Shapiro. He likes to talk really fast so he you're trying to make a point you're trying to make a point okay. Fine Fine I have a better point and you know that I have a better because right now I'm saying it very very fast. I prepared all these things. You've never even thought about the things that you're saying right now. Brian Okay. Great sentence that you just said I didn't entire paragraph and a half see who's smarter you look at these are people whose tactics when them battles and they they never win the substantive war because the tactics shut down the war to begin with And and good for you good for you But as I can definitely hear that that affect in a more in a in a I I haven't heard this guy that you speak of But you can definitely hear Stephen Miller doing this. You might have actually heard Jerry Taylor. Because Jared Taylor. And it's a testament to his cadences insist that his whole little. Gimmick that he works he is the white supremacists who can get a booking on. MPR to explain the white supremacist view. You it's not that. NPR's endorsing them but like you know NPR will screen out a bunch of people. They'll find the youtube guy with the American flag. Oh Yeah Yeah. We're selling Toro if they're really deep down the Obama conspiracy like wormhole. NPR's book that type of they're not going to be right. Actually Book Walk Jared Dot. They're not gonNA book the Guy Who's mimicking Ted nugent. They'RE GONNA book the Guy Who's mimicking or who is this guy. Yeah them he needs to resign. I'm actually amazed the Democrats have not made more. Hey on Stephen Miller thing. I know that they've got a lot of stuff on their plate. They right now but this guy's been architect of policy he is an overt racist and he's been an Arctic policy. Just flip it around a little bit here. Remember the whole gay cake controversy that ended up being a Supreme Court ruling. The Supreme Court said in their decision that one one of the problems with the Lower Circuit Court judge was one of the judges said that they weren't religious. And that was an exhibition of some some degree of bias a disqualifying level of bias according to the Supreme Court. What is this Stephen Miller then? Well I I don't know what this is but I'm I'm really curious. You know we talk about how Roger Stone is willing to flip and and how prone invulnerable. He is just based on his circumstance in life and in his personality. It it just it adds up that. He's willing to flip I wonder with the impeachment hearings And they're they're obviously really manuafacturer in order to degenerate some sort of a either either trump is is Is publicly quickly dismantled to the degree that he doesn't get enough votes or that he resigns but when you look at all the people around him who were the people people around him who are the most vulnerable to flipping on him. and I wonder how Stephen Miller is on that spectrum where where to Stephen Miller lie on on this spectrum of he seems really bought in because he has been able to get his way. I think that Stephen Miller has largely been able bowl to sculpt all of the policy that he wanted to be able to sculpt. He's had a really really Nice Ride on the trump bandwagon. Can I remember when I first saw this guy doing the opening act for Donald Trump and it was it gave me Nazi rallye vibes. This dude with very very dead is yeah about getting our country back and everything like it is not shocking at all. This guy has a background in places like American renaissance in that sort of thing it just not shocking. The slightest. There's something to that quality already I I don't I know you. Can you can quote Stephen Miller. That's all you should need but a debt is like I I. I'd like to flatter myself at times in saying that. Those is the sorts of characteristics that I pick up on where other people need to hear the quotes and his is spooked. The Shit Outta me man. I I don't know how to say it like it it If it makes it feel more real where it where other people don't have those dead is like. Oh you're you're doing this. You're you're doing this because you're on this team in you're doing this like I. I can name a lot of people who don't have Stephen Miller dead. It is and I feel that. There's somehow redeemable but I feel like Stephen Miller was like waiting for this moment. Michelle Malkin's the same way right like you look into her eyes and you just see nothing there. She is willing to say anything bad about anyone. He is willing going to say anything bad about anyone. Now Miller's bad dude one last thing from this article that I want to bring up because I did not know this and I think it's something that should be in people's heads and maybe the next time you're talking to a Republican friend who cites Calvin Coolidge kind of glowing in thinks about Calvin coolidge much. Sort of benign ways. Like he just didn't do anything that's necessarily true. Stephen Miller refers to President Calvin coolidge multiple times in emails to Breitbart. Coolidge signed the Immigration Act of nineteen. Twenty four the legislation was based on eugenics and severely limited immigration immigration from certain parts of the world into the United States. White Nationalist lionize Coolidge in part for his remarks condemning race mixing here's one of the quotes quotes. There are racial considerations to grave to be brushed aside for any sentimental reason coolidge wrote in Nineteen Twenty one magazine Article as quoted on American renaissance quote biological laws. Tell us that certain divergent. People will not mix or blunt quality of mind and body suggested observance of ethnic ethnic law is as great a necessity to a nation as immigration law. So the next time you're conservative. FRIEND BRINGS UP Wilson being racist. Don't go what Abou- alko yes. And so is Calvin coolidge a lot of politicians racist back then to to flesh this out a little more historically quickly One of the things I dabbled in Over the summer was was trying to figure out some obscure quote or some obscure reference are related to John Quincy Adams and so I had I. I got got multiple biographies of John. Quincy Adams to find something related to the speaker of the House. I don't know if you remember this Chris I was trying to figure out Who who initiated the first No I I'm not really here. Roll call in the House of Representatives and I and I have a book that says John Quincy Adams was the first but I don't know the references to why John Quincy Adams did that and As I don't I don't know if you You might not know. But John Quincy Adams after he was the president went into the House of Representatives and he kind of flex his muscle with the with In order to the abolitionists obey And basically he in in my opinion and he laid down some framework that if not for John Quincy Adams what Abraham Lincoln did when he did it would not have been possible of based on on just dynamics in Congress and so we're getting at is that John Quincy Adams while being Known as someone who I was for the end of slavery and did not believe in slavery at all he also was quoted as knowing at as being being a against mixing of the races And and for a while that really bothered me But I also had to put that in context to do the age in which he lived And by the time you're in the Calvin Coolidge era The the only reason you're like that is because you're racist and in Calvin coolidge also doesn't have any bona feed as as far as like to the to the degree. That Quincy Adams does and so when when you pick those battles to like Like to use Calvin Coolidge In that way like okay well. Why don't you use John Quincy Adams but you won't because he also said things that you disagree with but yeah I wanted to bring up the Calvin coolidge thing because there is a decent chance that at your moderately conservative friend brings up Calvin coolidge and does not have any awareness of just how overtly racist assists Calvin coolidge right? So I think that you can go. Hey look I I just WanNa give you a more complete picture of Calvin coolidge. If they go well I don't believe that Iraq five with that. Well then you could just say okay and moved the hell on with your life. You're not going to change that person's bite. No no but I do like to to twist with that person's head. Anyone who is is is trying to misuse history in that way like how there's there's a college That recently really twisted with me I I've been watching this college series on Congress awesome. Why don't they work? And it's it's from one of the only like right wing colleges And I think it's what is it is it Harris College Michigan But they tried to characterize Arthur slush injure as The the only reason they he was against Nixon is because he was is biased towards against the GOP and That like they kind of reveal themselves in that way but before they revealed themselves in that way they were like reverse engineering. This historical analysis of Congress that just had these little inadequacies incongruency. And what's going on here. What's going on here? And when they got to slash your I was like. Oh that's what's going on here. I I recommend if you're interested in like the process side of American government in the history of our weird twisting and turning process rules of the game why government sometimes times work and sometimes doesn't botched the name there it is a audio book series. It's like a series of lectures really more dumped by a more libertarian-leaning tyrian leading professor and a more progressive leaning professor who actually have cordiality and respect for one another but definitely divergent viewpoints And you get like a really really nice picture of government through both of them. I think they both have points where I grew with one more. I grew the other and that sort of thing. I just think that that book is really the shining example of how you can actually do bipartisan work. That does not sell either either side out right and I just remembered it a Hillsdale College. They were recently running a lot of youtube ads about this. This lecture a lot of ups. Yes they were and so this is. This is the series that up until around episode five of eight or four of eight up until then it seemed like wow. You were really painting the picture of how Congress works and you're really illuminating things that others don't and they got to the point Where you're at Nixon and like okay? Right around the sooner or later we get to the planet Colo version new. You know what I mean. Oh you had you had to get through the door and then eventually we get you to Z.. New but we had the warm you walk like if I just open open the show with Z. You're it probably out of he. They were up. They were willing to do as Shit you not. They were willing to do about five seven hours of of of of video footage and analysis. That really it it smelled and congruent but it did reek of incongruency and then they got to that moment like man you guys really invested in this. I mean I'm well that's the whole point. It's a sunk cost fallacy. You've really invested in this. Yeah you've you've now gone so far down this path Brian. You had the mental resolves ago yet but this is bullshit the type of person who is totally happy to waste my time watching five hours our crap like I say way but the idea is there are a lot of people who get five hours into something have been a green the whole way down here this thing. That sounds kind of crazy like but like everything I guess I'll just keep watching and they get to keep making the sale and they've now introduced the wacky concept but the the what I'm terrified of is the the twenty two year old. Me would have never disagreed. Disagreed with the moment the thirty something year old me. Did you know what I mean I. It's an IT's This is the college that Ben Sapiro is like. Oh this is the shining star in N.. And were going to you know this is the one place in academia that that it is really telling the truth and and they are manufacturing future just gop drones and and it's scaring the shit out of me. Can we pivot real quickly. I didn't have this on the slate but I want to bring it up because this does bother me. I saw the Katie Hill wh- to a Democratic fundraiser and got like a standing ovation really i. I'm just sitting here going guys. She's a bad boss. Bad boss who committed sexual harassment. I aw in the that that's exhibited and I can go through exhibit B. Through K.. If you'd like me to but uh-huh Katie please. No no please have because they've really have been doubling down on Katie Hill. Like she's a martyr I just I don't get and let me tell you how much much of a Martyr Katie Hill is and I may have got into the center in a previous episode. Sometimes I don't remember when the points I make on twitter in the points I make here Crossover but safe-space express your feelings. Thank you so Katie Hill ran as a progressive Katie Hill Admittedly she was running in a district that had been conservative for quite a while and she was trying to upset You know she She was trying to upset. The I think it was a three term incumbent but not the most liberal district in California an An so Katie Hill ran as a progressive joined the Progressive Caucus Katie Hill got elected Katie Hill in wanted a committee seat. Katie Hill joined the you know Jim. Coalition immediately Then Katie Hill became soldier for Nancy Pelosi and But before then Katie Hill and guess what that has benefits. Apparently because you could be shitty boss superbeets sexual harassment. If your soldier for Nancy Pelosi they will give you. The spin shrieked up. She's getting the love and so It bothers me The primary reason It bothers me is because is there were progressive. Voters donated to this person thinking that she was going to represent progressive values and soon as she got elected she joined the new dams and sold out She wasn't willing to sell out. She was campaigning. She wasn't willing to give a watered down version of A. She wasn't willing to promote herself. In a moderate way as she was compaign as she was campaigning a painting but As soon as she wanted a committee see she knew what to do. And this is just another person who has Used used the Progressive Caucus. And by the way I I don't necessarily blame her for using Progressive Caucus because the progressive caucus has set themselves up to be used used They have As I think Ryan Grim put it less than stringent ways of of of entering the Progressive Caucus They're they don't really They don't check you out. They don't right now. It's a t-shirt yes. Yeah for a T. shirt that you get to put on and the Progressive Caucus at large is just so happy for you to be there and what you do after you join you know now if you want to join the new dims as well and be quote unquote hybrid member. They're okay with that. And and that's the position where I'm like well good for you. Katie Hill for taking the advantage of a of a system But I'm still going to call you out whenever you along with. I think there's fourteen other people pool or thirteen other people along with Katie Hill that in twenty eighteen between twenty eighteen and now are are members of both and if your members of both so you might as well be a member of the Progressive Caucus It it's not as though you're you're hanging onto that That Progressive Caucus You know label in order to do anything further in the name of aggressive You you took that label because It it does well L. in in the campaign process And so I think of these individuals in California who donated to this to this To this person Who really thought they were going to represent her or she thought they were going to represent them and she flat out didn't and And to think Ghafur it should be a really simple line to procedurally like. I thought that there were rules and standards changes inside of the Party. And I don't I know if we're GONNA make me to era type of changes to the rules of conduct right acceptable conduct of House members and Senate members the type of behavior they Katie Hill engaged in whether it's done by a man to a woman by a man to another man by a woman to man on or by a woman to another woman it's not about the genders. It's about the power status of the two people in there and like what she did to me. He is not acceptable conduct from any member of the House period and the idea that there are parts of the Democratic Democratic Party that are struggling with this is frankly really really disheartening. And it makes it a lot harder to sit here. Her and talk about the unique corruption of the Republican Party because they are corrupt and they're more corrupt than Democrats. But you gotta keep it honest to and go like any sort of let's save Katie Hill project is fruit of a poisonous tree. Yeah and you also need need to pay attention to who she Anointed as as the next DNC nominee. I believe it's Kristie Smith Do believe it or not shocker. But he is running for her seat so I think this is going through a really really interesting has. Let's just run down just a a few talking points about Christie Smith Christie Smith's Maine Healthcare. Talking in point is she wants to lower Prescription drug costs. Does that give you an indicator of where she is along the progressive spectrum. She's a moderate like the whole let's see l. let's Doolan dickering around the edges thing for the Nowlin Let's and let's move on to the other candidate Who is now running For for that district and While he may have a past that has been very open and also has had some twists and turns Let's also oh compare his absolutes With respect to health care and climate change and do you have any question and all who is the best progressive candidate. No I think Jank Uber is not just the best progressive candidate but in terms it just chops I think. JANK UBER is as ready for Primetime as Katie Hill. Wasn't I'm saying that you know flattering way because like let's let's go back to Katie Hill. Quickly one thing you gotta say about her and all the little moves and everything you detailed. I'm hearing all of that and I'm hearing a really fucking savvy. Politician politician someone who actually she understands the game but she's not on our team but yet I respected. That woman knows how to play the game. Absolutely I think Jiang Younger Yuga because he has been covering politics for so long because he comes from a Republican background because I don't think he is delusional about the opposition. I think he actually has a pretty clear. Your read of who the opposition is both inside of the Party and outside of the Party and also prioritizes in the right way. He's not a dumb dumb. You know what I mean like. He's a progressive WHO's dumdum progressive. I think that he has a really good shot. He is a much better political vehicle. Call and I would love to see him just mixing it up in the House. Because I could see him being like a much much much much much better version of the now on Russia today America Alan Grayson in that sense. I think that's where the the at least the twitter the sweater. Excuse me. That's where the twitter progressives really have a bone to pick with him because they always put everyone on the spot of who is the one who is the one who was the one and It's obvious that he's not willing to play those games And now that he's running. It makes it a little more obvious why he wasn't willing to take more of a hardline instance on Bernie Sanders or or taken earlier stance on Bernie Sanders of but I think he understands like you and I do that if he wasn't running. Do you think he'd see merit in this whole burn everyone down who isn't Bernie. Sanders Approach Of Twitter. I still I think is yeah. I think he is in the same camp that I'm in. which is that? There's no point in burning down. Red Rose does twitter nor is there any point in burning down war in twitter. Because if you do that then you just have fewer people to work with and it's not like we're sitting on top of this ironclad majority right now. Now Yeah in as far as burning down one of the points that I made recently on twitter that I wasn't trying to burn everyone down but The the point I was trying to make is that if Elizabeth Warren were to win and she was fighting. I'm for anything that led to Medicare for. All do you think that Bernie Sanders would not tell his his his following mm to mobilize on her behalf. Because they have opposing strategies to to achieve Medicare for all and in reality Elizabeth Warren as as a as a hypothetical president still has Bernie Sanders and his mobilized gang on his side on her side on her side. And Bernie's if Bernie is serious about all the talk guarantee you. I mean the only the only way that wouldn't be true is a Bernie was not telling knowing the truth about being about the policies not about himself but I I do think he's being honest about that. So I think that is probably the safest and so when you talk about Bernie Sanders is the only one who can mobilize us. That's Bullshit Bernie. Sanders is the only one who can mobilize you but he can mobilize you as a senator he can mobilize you as a president so if just be really careful. Whatever you say Bernie alone can fix it? Because I've heard that tune before four and I didn't like the original cover. Yeah that's it's dangerous to. You know I think you and I are in in a in agreement that you know when you make too much out of the individual and and enough what they stand for You're you're playing with fire as far as you know which are really standing for and and you get lost in the weeds? And it's understandable. But you still have to check yourself. I've said kind of as the joke kind of not as joke before that the thing I kind of like the most about Ward's candidacy is the lingering problem involving her false false claims of native American ancestry because it's this really useful reminder that she's good and maybe even great but nowhere near perfect and no politician ever is. And that's I it's It's it's too much for a lot of people on the left to just a distance himself from and and just move on and and I get it. I get that you know taking a definitive stances always going to get you more popularity than allowing ambiguity to take hold but even more than that. I think taking the really aggressive confrontational tation stance. The really polarizing stance on twitter. That's going to try to gauge man. That's either going to get people showing up in your applies and going like screw you buddy eighty or it's going to get you shower and likes and re tweets that people don't really tweet. People seldom re tweet a comment. That is nuance because ago. I appreciate appreciate the on one hand and on the other hand statement here like that's going to get you and king of Super Limited engagement. I'm not not Not Trying to be buttered on on the show here about of a certain limited engagement I have but I kind of predicted it. A run And it was a tweet regarding Obama's Obama's claim that we need to distance ourselves from from Trying to to gain too much ground on the progressive and urge trying to a allow the the radical left to speak for the party. I guess the point I was trying to make an reference to Obama's recent statement was well if Elizabeth Warren is actually actually a moderate. which is you know the? The Red rose twitter claim that the warns moderate right as she's definitely not a progressive right will will and establish knows that she's a modern fine with nurse. She's a moderate first of all is Obama. Part of the establishment Bushman. Yes I think we can all agree on that right Obama's apart of the establishment right. I guess a better way played this. Gabe is can you. You really argue. That Obama is progress right right. And and so I think most red rose twitter And is progressives at large in the post mortem of of Obama's tenure a capital P. progressive especially circle at say. Yeah I don't think anyone and the the majority is not claiming that Obama is a is a progressive okay and and based on his his history and based on what Current Policy is is synonymous with being progressive. Right now I. I can't argue with that but I don't have an argument with that. Would I do have an argument with is that if Elizabeth Warren is a secret a grip. Moderate and Obama knows that she's a seek that she's a secret moderate. Why is Obama characterizing her as is one of the progressives that's reaching too far wooden the the real the real play if Obama was trying to Separate the re the real. Progressives from the phony progresses wouldn't the real play on Obama's NB to say that. Elizabeth Warren has has it right and Bernie Sanders says it wrong. Wouldn't that be the way to truly divide up things. In ways that make the moderates happy particularly Lee as Biden's candidacy and there's so many different indicators out here that are pointing that it's not just the poll numbers in the poll numbers or maybe even a little bit deceptive. Although we're seeing some movement in the polls there are a lot of indicators that suggest the Biden's candidacy is not going well so to your point. I'm super glad that you brought up Obama Obama because I didn't have them on the slate here. My biggest frustration with the guy is not when he chooses to Papas head out to punch left. Although that is annoying I find it a thousand the Times more frustrating that he chooses to stay silent as Donald trump commits article after article of. I mean we've got to on on this episode alone. This guy I mean. Of course he was the president of the United States. And he's supposed to care about the country so like you would hope that that would be baked into him at this point but in the closing days as of the two thousand sixteen campaign he referred to Donald Trump as a unique threat. He actually put that out in the author that was was what he was saying on the campaign trail. This guy is a unique existential threat. I believe him. I think he's right. This guy is dangerous and what what he is doing to. The country is having a long lasting impact. And I think when we get into the impeachment hearings stuff the most interesting stuff out of there is all the stuff about about the State Department all the hauling out of the State Department and the way that like trump is completely toxic fighter international relations structure and taken away. A big stroke broke advantage. Obama chooses to stay silent about all that stuff and only chooses to pop his head out when it comes time to yell about Elizabeth. Warren and I do think that Obama and the billionaires who are crying Leon Cooperman who says oh warrant as new Folk Art Yoshi tweeting and Michael Bloomberg who is apologizing about stop and Frisk now that he is running for president he is deeply sorry about that and duval patrick the Bain capital guy running running. I mean. It's all about Warren. It's all about submarine Warm Duval Patrick from Massachusetts. I think you know to your point. You brought this up do the day. It is GonNa hurt her a little bit in the state of Massachusetts which would be like a little home based stronghold for her divall. Patrick might actually be able to get some votes in Massachusetts in a way that Elizabeth Warren might have been able to count on Massachusetts as clear win. Divall could actually serve as a spoiler for her. All this is about Warren a WHO apparently is such a fake progressive. That all these real neo liberals are going out of their way to make sure that we all believe that. She's a progressive. Yeah and I guess there's two different camps that want me to believe that they're telling the truth. There's the the red rose camp who's trying to get me to believe that she's not a real progressive and there's all the people with money that are fighting her I'm GONNA believe the people with money And it because they're spending a lot of their way to fight her. Sorry I'm not sorry no I it. It doesn't add. Add Up In I promise I am still willing to add this up differently when the variables change change but right now the variables tell me that. She's progressive enough for the people with money to not want her to be elected elected and honestly When I'm hearing spin in one direction and spin in another direction I'm going to let the money kind of help me decide of the money's action. You know what I'm saying. It's it's easy to get on twitter and say whatever you want to say and you can make a new account and CEO completely different thing a little later on to if you want. That's free baby paying for a whole bunch of advertisements. I mean it's all of the energy that is be put into this launching divall Patrick's like quixotic presidential campaign Michael Bloomberg he said on October fourteenth to CNBC that he'd only considered running. If Joe Biden was floundering so one you can start with the idea that Joe Biden's definitely floundering bring in. His candidacy is not going well despite the conservative media effort to make this thing fucking fly. It's not flying. The other thing you could take away from. That is Bloomberg. DOC IS TERRIFIED ABOUT WARREN. I think he's worried about sanders too. I think that I think that the other thing about this is Obama and the billionaires. I think they're all ignoring Bernie Sanders at their own fucking peril right now. I have not I have not one of the people who is counting. Bernie I think that Bernie Sanders Bernie stories dinners could very easily sneak in here and take advantage of the fact that lives worn is taking so much fire. Right now. Burgess stand Dan the left and not getting hit with any Eros warns get hit with a thousand. Yeah I wouldn't count him out either and a At this point in the in the in the primary I I really don't see a need to to take size of one or the other like I'm of the opinion opinion where what is the point. I mean that's the last thing what was the whole fucking deal with the endorsements and it wasn't just the young Turks but like a bunch of people felt like it. It was really important to come out and endorse Bernie Sanders right now and why. Well I think what's also Of recent is causing people to find it necessary to distinguish them is based on their now too you obviously different trajectories. In order to achieve Medicare for all in I have to say I respect I can. Did I tell you my quickly about this. It's not even mine. It's from Ari Cohen Wade but the difference between Ward and Sanders is that Bernie won't get Medicare for all past in the first year and warn will take three years to not get it right right. Yeah see this is this is where wear the the the the Dumdum Progressives really kind of earned that earned that label because strategy means nothing to them a strategy and and the numbers in Congress and the midterm elections me nothing to them what matters is one of them. Says I'M GONNA fight for Medicare for all day one in one of them says it's GonNa take three years to achieve all of it but in the meantime in the first year ear. I'M GONNA I. My goal is to cover everyone down to fifty and everyone up to eighteen And based on the strength of and you gotta get something done the first year right like if we learn nothing from twenty seventeen with trump in office that first year of him dithering and having an just an agonizing uniting time getting a fucking tax cut bill passed that sets. Chris Imagine you're a would be progressive candidate who is currently the Represented by a moderate and this moderate is in in twenty twenty one this moderate votes no to Elizabeth Warren's legislation to take Medicare down to age fifty. Okay let's say that you're running against that person and you're in the midterms and you can say this. Moderate is so moderate that they won't even vote. Oh Yes on Elizabeth Warren's legislation to lower the age down to fifty. Okay now now then you have to consider all the people approaching the age of fifty or above the between the age of fifty and sixty five were voting. Who is I don't know Sixty five percent of voters And then you have to consider the quality of that statement as opposed to Ernie Sanders is still screaming about Medicare for. Aw and so am I hear it to me the recurring question with the Bernie Sanders strategy of Gopher broke on day. One year on I get the whole. He's got the most political capital. Let's capitalize on the political capital right now but if you go oh all in you've gotta get it passed because I don't know what the second round is. The second round would be negotiating down with that. Bill is but the narrative will look like you showed up something ridiculous or something way too big. It got struck down by the moderates moderates and conservatives so you moderated which means that they won yes you got something passed but they were able to moderate you and they were ultimately able to get the harness in the saddle in on you. I think that to these swing voter. That scans oddly as a loss. Even though I'm sure sanders like from policy would that would probably be a win. I don't actually think that that place particularly well. I don't think it does either and it really gives would be progressives cives trying to upset incumbent. Less of a play than Warren does when Warren can offer something that if moderates were really trying to concede they would concede with the first round of of of Warren's Halfway to Medicare for all and right right right yeah. They would concede on that and hope that it wouldn't be further. I think actually teasing this out a little bit further to move away from the joke to kind of a more thorough going analysis rather than failing in year one versus feeling in your three I think both strategies gets you at a very very similar bler policy position where neither one will ultimately end up with the full basket. 'em For a the way they conceive it they will end ended up with a more moderate version coming at it from different directions. Because I think Warren we'll be able to wrap this thing up and take early wins in capitalism awesome into future wins and her whole strategies. Hinging around let's make sure. The midterms have some Connecticut Energy for the incumbent party in the way you do that as have a progressive ballot when progressive legislative win. You're one in a ballot. went in your to motivate the legislative run in your three like I think her strategy at least based based on our two year driven system her strategy to me seems much more grounded in the clock that is established in the constitution. Let's get into impeachment impeachment here so impeachment proceedings began this week. I'm not full on impeachment proceedings but the proceedings involving the impeachment inquiry. I mean let's keep it real. It's a little bit. It's complicated there on a longer arc. I don't need them to have pizzazz. As was the media talking talking point here this week. I think that's the wrong way of looking at this. But you know one can be forgiven for not knowing how the rounds work in the impeachment thing. It's like watching coaching around Robin Tournament for the first time. You're kind of confused why there's points being awarded in that sort of thing but I thought there is a lot of really good stuff in in the hearings here this week Kent George Kent was very good witness for them out. People liked his bow ties. Well he drinks a lot of water though so I mean you might have to just ignore everything he says. Fox News Reference Fox News. Things are going so bad over there. There's a lot of attack on George Kent included. How much water is this guy? Drink drink like a fish. Mich- exact line pretty nuts. So Kent in his opening. There's this closing paragraph where he talks about and this is really short core with me. It's not necessarily about about the facts of the case here involving trumpet in Hundred Biden. Joe Biden but Kent talked about the importance of immigrants coming coming over to the United States and then finding a place inside of our national diplomatic corps and how that helps to forge our national national identity and I was thinking about this even more. What can saying is actually pretty profound? It's not something that you can impeach trump over but it really gets to to the State Department as our best weapon of Defense in the twenty first century not to be this all of branch guy but we have a unique advantage as America being a nation of immigrants. We're so many different people from all over. The world came over to America have real ties to their home country whether it's Japan or China Ireland or Italy Mexico. Oh wherever they're from they have real ties back home speak the language perhaps maybe still have family that over there. But they're now here and that makes him the perfect type of people to actually be diplomats. So when you're looking at Maria vantage this week what you're seeing the daughter of Ukrainian lean immigrants. I think she came over here when she was three years. Seeing the fruits of give us your tired your poor your huddled masses yearning debris free the open door the fucking shit that sits in antithesis of. What Woodrow Wilson Calvin coolidge talking about? All these restrictions Russian talking about that open door thing where we bring in people and they end up paying dividends and we don't even know what they're going to look like you can't can't you can't sit there and do econ tables for and have a discussion about it. He can't plan for Marie advantage. But where you can see. The fruits of of immigration and of our culture and the bolstering of our culture is in the State Department where our diplomats and our our ambassadors actually have meaningful foots in both countries. Obviously their hearts lay in America but they have roots that go back back to the countries that they serve in and there's so many diplomatic cores around the world that simply can't claim that right smaller countries they're diplomats diplomats are people who probably have spent their entire lives in whatever country they're from and you know obviously there are going to be like in Europe. You will probably have if you know of French ex pat in Germany and that sort of thing. It's not like as though they're all completely desolate. But we've got the best in the world and I think one one of the great tragedies and one of the great weakenings adult trump has brought to the country is at the State Department level because he just just hates it so so deeply and you have to think that those who would like to see a less strong America really enjoy the fact that our State Department and is weaker they could care about the military like at the end of the day. America's still has nuclear weapons. You can't really step to America too much. We'll just nuclear ass but weakening us on a diplomatic thematic level that folks up day to day existence. Yeah there's value there that I don't think Is is calculated by most voters in. I appreciate it until Donald Trump really started taking a hatchet to be honest. And and I think the metric that we both agree on as far as what most Front trump voters are are. Gauging is yes he's he's done a ABCD G in order to undermine the country but we got those Supreme Court justices so I also I don't believe in all branch French. Diplomacy I believe in blowing up North Korea if they get too uppity. I believe in blowing up Iran if they get too uppity like. That's there's sort of approach coach. I mean I still get crash jokes about a glass desert over in the Middle East. Twenty twenty I mean. Yeah no they don't they don't care about. Diplomacy diplomacy is a bunch of idiots talking in their book. Yeah that mentality is still alive and well and that's too bad on a number of levels and I wonder I wonder how that mentality changes in oppose trump era Yeah I mean this is what you had to hope for. Is You hope that Bernie Sanders alludes warrior. Even you know blue no matter who over here even a Joe Biden you have to imagine. Imagine is going to rebuild the State Department in a meaningful way that will actually better off as a country for which will in and of itself be a tangible double good but only created because of the unique off on this donald trump. Like you're trying to catch back up to zero the evidence it's not also it's also not one of those the things that wins you brownie points voters whereas voters really have to to add it up in order to be miffed at at at the at the dynamic. In how it's not in our favor in how Yet there's that this is one of those things that could be lost very easily. And there's not too many advantages politically Uh for for getting back so the big takeaway for me in day. One was Taylor can't really stressing that this was all about Joe Biden. The William Taylor line that really sticks with me is the line he said. Sunlit said something to the effect of trump couldn't care less about Ukraine. He wants to know about the Biden's and I think the Republicans they did not do themselves any favors throughout this hearing on a congressional level one. The pick of castor to do cross awesome examination of the witnesses was it better than exposing Devon newness. Absolutely because it's very very clear devin nunes does not know what the fuck is going on like. He doesn't he doesn't have a full grasp of not only the real facts set but also the bullshit story that they're trying to tell the only person who actually has down down as Jim Jordan so he's a weasel. I don't like him I don't respect him but I do respect that this guy can keep a completely bullshit story straight because like that does take some energy and he's he's got the he's got the bullshit spin down pretty darn well but even then they ended up having to outsource to castor. I made the joke. I think this one we connect with a certain segment of the audience. And I'm still going to tell it anyway because I think it's an apt description casters like there's this television show called Colombo. Oh and at the end of every episode of Columbo. Detective Columbo guy talks like this. He'll have everyone assembled in in a room and he'll ask them questions you can't trust like Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders. Doing a Columbo episode but Colombo ask everyone. These is obvious questions. And the obvious questions ultimately get Colombo to the conclusion and everyone thinks he's being Kinda dopey or doesn't quite have his you know knows on the trail but he does have its nose on the trail. He's just kind of reverse engineered it in a way they didn't see coming and you also admit things to him and here are the kind of gets you nailed down amount. That Colombo's tricky caster. It felt like he was trying to do that but he wasn't. And in this episode of Columbia just ended with Castro going So you're saying there's corruption that Ukraine and Canton Taylor like. Oh yeah big time. It's often Russia. Cash was like Whoa and then the credits roll. Yeah Colombo was known as just saying oh well just one more question just one more question and then after that question that's when he that's when everyone knows that they've been they've been played and and Columbus. He's had his finger on the pulse of the problem the whole time but there was no more questions. No more noble question. It's cool you guys are good witnesses thank you for. Your service wasn't much better the next day with Yovich I I mean I. I have read twitter that he's apparently held in at least some decent level of respect among the legal community and he's obviously an unenviable task but his discomfort and his unease with the facts. What he was doing where he was who he was sitting next to? You don't have to be a body language expert to be able to read it on him he he was uncomfortable. I the what I got from his body language was. I wanted to do my job but I also want to do my job after today and if I do my job in a certain way I can still show my face ace around town but if I do my job in a different but still correct way from what they want me to do. No one is ever going to hire me again unless I move out of DC right. No this was an unmitigated disaster shift I think for his part some missteps Absa he shift. He's weird he like. He has a weird energy men. The Democrats were a little herky-jerky points. There was one point where Castro was on a line of inquiry. It was very meandering and it was the same way that castor had the problem Castro Castro. Both the problem of asking questions not necessarily surly knowing what the answer was going to be in seeming to be a bit surprised by the answer or like meeting to reassess what they're doing doing based on the response that they got in a way. That is not what I understand to be good interrogative questioning thing of a witness where you know the fact set in question like fat set witness I type of inquiry. I felt like they. They found the value in feigning surprise that it didn't quite translate. I feel like that was a show The other big problem was was with the Ivanovich where they tried to get all motion about the distress. It it's caused you vantage clearly uncomfortable. Having to talk about losing the job that really is the fruition of her life and I also don't think it actually has anything to do with trump like. Yeah he likes shattering people's dreams new legs publicly embarrassing and humiliating people. Who is displeased with the much? More interesting thing here is that he saw that Yovich. Vich was getting in his way of doing corrupt things and had been advised that you've antibeach was in his way. Yeah there's her I I still wonder how they were trying to characterize is were comments in a way that was Not mischaracterizing them but color. Coloring them maybe Promise trying to be Leone semantics. No goes back to the attorneys. That Rudy Giuliani. He has been doing business with so Rudy Giuliani as a turney client relationship and this is actually like kind of the crux of the whole all corruption story in the corruption. Defense that Rudy is going to try to put up here so this is kind of giving you some foreshadowing of what rudy eventual. Trial is probably going to look like. Rudy is going to claim that he has had a lure client relationship with left parties eager fruman that he was doing business with a Name is Victor Schulkin. who was the former attorney general or the equivalent of the Attorney General Prosecutor General over in Ukraine? And that's the corrupt one that Marie advantage was talking about the guy who was shokhin was the one who was supposed to be looking into hunter. Biden like this is where it all gets kind of convoluted colluded and actually Joe Biden. Wanted Shokhin fired so the person who ended up replacing Shokhin was actually a much more reputable prosecutor so in theory and this is part of the reason why the Joe Biden story doesn't necessarily fully wash either if joe blow was trying to bail out hundred biden firing the very corrupt prosecutor-general cuter general for a less corrupt prosecutor. General's a very weird way of helping your son out right. I mean I don't WanNa get like super lost in the weeds here but yeah the rudy. Giuliani defense is going to be. I have ties to shokhin professionally left part is professionally and Adolf trump professionally. So there's a lot of stuff that I did. That is completely one hundred percent definitely protected by attorney client privilege and therefore you can't Naby on the Logan Act. Not that's what I think. That's where I think this is going. Well Van I WANNA make it abundantly clear. I don't think he's going to get prosecuted on the Logan Act but I think that he's a really clear case of Logan Act violations if you wanted to get into that no one's ever prosecuted for that though. Yeah thinking that I yeah. I think Giuliani is the one who might His shitting grinner throughout all this well. He's also threatening trump now as well like there have been little floats out there evolved. They stab me in the back. I've got insurance or something like that and it's I got good insurance. I guess when you're dealing with trump you do spell out everything. But even when you're his friend or his ally but do you think that other than just for the sake of telling trump do you think he was saying saying that for the sake of optics or for the sake of like what was that other than like a signal to trump like. Hey remember don't forget. Get Mr Trump. Yeah I've been carrying all this water for you buddy. Why did he definitely blow? This rudy flipped on trump at this. It doesn't have that many close allies left but like the Democrats could somehow break rudy. And I it doesn't seem impossible. He's Rudy Giuliani in the case of maniac. Right the guy. He's not all there. He is a weird dude. I mean he changes his phone number all the time he bought tiles people people he's incriminating himself through the butt dialing crazy story. That broke here on Friday night after we taped the first attempt to this show was that at last. Here's White House. Hanukkah party led partisan you're from and had a private meeting with trump Andrew Yanni during which trump tasked fruman and Parnis to go on a secret mission to pressure the Ukrainian government to investigate Joe and one hundred by like this store is getting could continually worse and remember from it in partnerships are in custody. It's it's hard for me to when when I hear things like that I mean I know. We're talking about Giuliani. But we I constantly have in in the back of my mind. The understanding that trump is the unstoppable force who has yet to meet the movable object and I feel like he has to at least be adding up all of these scenarios that could potentially take it down and regardless of the strength of any one of them does does the sheer volume of the directions at the arrows are coming from intimidate him at all. He's got to be worried about Giuliani stone. I think he cares a lot more about those two guys talking. Then he cares about the impeachment print shop that is going on his Agree I only scans that. Yeah I think he scans the stuff that he watches on the TV every night as part of the extended weird emotionally detached thing that he does where he watches. TV about himself in yells at the TV because he loves the main character. Doctor Keep doing horrible. The care feels really awful about it. It wishes that they'd be more nice to the main character of the show also named Alvin. It's great I think. Think that stone and Giuliani does not track in that Matrix for him. I think Stone Giuliani tracks is this is not a TV show. This is my fucking life. No I have respect for him I just I don't I don't respect platforming some of these a not so great people real quickly. I I WANNA give a shout out and unabashed plug to another podcast. And here's why recently this person did new artwork for. Don't worry about the government really excited. What about that? There's new artwork. That's going to be out on the Patriot feet. So if you sign up you get like a totally different logo on your patriot. Freedom put that up here like with this new episodes of check. Check it out really cool looking and the new logo on the free side as well as also really cool looking. I'm very very excited about this very very happy. That remedy helped me out with all these show in exchange for the artwork. Here and I guess if you WANNA get a plug for your show and it's going to be a recurring plug. This is going to be going on for many here the same for you as well. The show is called slow drag with remedy. I've listened to a couple of episodes of this. This is why my wheelhouse. I would be plugging logging it regardless even if I'm not into it but it's about Elvis Costello I'm a huge fan of Elvis Costello told at times especially when I was younger younger than I sang a lot like Elvis Costello my singing style has changed a little bit but It can still hit that Elvis note. I ah this has been an impression Laden episode of. Don't worry about the government from Christie pundits earlier to hit you with a little bit Elvis Costello here show yen slow drag with remedy. It breaks down. All of Elvis Costello's really really awesome lyrics. So if you're someone who is into the into his music WanNa podcast and unlike don't worry about about the government a little bit on the shore or side too so it's digestible. Just pop it in your feet. It's the perfect length for a drive in the car to work. It's like twelve minutes about the time it takes to get to work so I can enlisted episode real easy cheesy. I recommend it. Check it out. Slow drive with remedy by Remedy Robinson on I tunes this show is called. Don't worry about the government you know where it is found because you're listening to it but you just stumbled on this because of the whole conspiracy theory should the beginning of the show don't worried read ITV's our homepage. 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In order to see comments the random person on the twitter and they just plus negatively. You don't need to continue Brian. Also when you go viral but I suggest turn off the mentioned because like it's it's it's just much more easy to get set. They'll get recruited with like you know six hundred likes like three comments but I don't WanNa fucking see the six hundred likes all that you know sat. It's like I got my phone other than get notified every time someone like to tweet so anyway. I recommend all that Brian working finds you politics. I am I going on but I'd rather the other goes okay You have to this is not a mandate to go walk. I mean I feel I feel as though I might have implicitly said that earlier and that's how we ended up the hour and fifty two minutes for the second part but you have more in the the coming months I will have something more professional read plug this is somewhat related needed to Medical Industry and something related to is it. Brian Care exactly exacly Bryant care for all but let's just call it No I'm not gonNA label right now. In fact I I I regret it and this is pretty much your fault. Okay that's honestly Manto Tall. I'm willing to wear all right. So yeah there was that big listening and until the next one Uh Bob

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