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Bonus Podcast: Training Insight from Gunsite


All right we are out at gunsight. Where my favorite places so they talk about the happiest place on Earth for a lot of us? This is the place in. It's a chance to talk about what's been going on out here and really what has happened over. The last couple of decades joined by Kim Campbell. He's the new CEO congratulations. Thanks Tom. I guess I should be careful what I wish for. This is true. You know her. Despite your best efforts you have succeeded. Well it was a big surprise to me when buzz and Sonja Mills at the gun side alumni shoot came up on stage and said a We've got Some accolades pass out here. And not thought I was going to get an Atta boy right thing. And they're talking and said the board of directors at Matt a month ago and they wanted to Acknowledge that the work that my team and that's what it is. It's a great team of people have done and then I'm the CEO. And I looked over and I thought oh wait. That's me so I'm very honored and but again it's I've got a great team of people here at gunsight like Ronald Reagan said you surround yourself with good people that you trust and you empower them to act and it. It's a wonderful thing and you're now looking at twenty years basically saved it. You see how it's exactly what he did. I mean he it was originally was. Api Colonel Cooper. By Jeff Cooper needed. It became gunsight and then it was owned by. Somebody else didn't didn't treat it. Well how that they were. They were not a good steward against and We we were very challenged. Probably not gonNA continue was it was spiraling down. It was going down without fail. Buzz walked in here and bought it. And just poured gobs mountains of money into place and and I mean you look at today. You guys are booked all the time I mean you're adding classes. I mean you get your two fifty class and you go. We feel that. How got another December? The first week of December. We've got to fifty pistol class. Normally things are slowing down. Then people are thinking about the holidays. They're travelling and so on. Will the two fifty class filled and it kept going so we split it into two to fifty pistol classes. And that's a great problem to have well. The nice part is unlike a lot of places. You have enough real estate to do that. And you have access to enough really good instructors or you can call them and bring them in for something like that. Let me ask you a question when you meet somebody. They don't know what gun side is. How do you explain it to him? It Disneyland come to Disneyland for Firearms Training. And that's what it is We'll change your life. You get that epiphany as we call it here. This isn't a it is a basic firearm school. In the you can come with an item in a box and say can you help me break the seal on this new gun gun at all Exactly we'll provide that for you or with some experience and we're GonNa make both of you. F DEAL PF flyer commercial run faster and jump higher. And that's what we're GONNA do. It's hard even though with with great journalists like yourself or these great videography and so on they can say I you know I. I see what you guys have done. Not till you have been here you go to the grand. Let's go to the Grand Canyon and didn't describe it all you. I've been to the I. Max But until you walk up there and see all the gods granddaughter there and that Sorta like here you know. I've talked a lot of people. Said you gotta go to gun. Never goes yeah. Yeah Yeah and and I tell them I mean to be fair. Go to a good school because there are several channels around the country. I mean if you can get into Clint Smith because it's small. I mean much much smaller than gunsight. There are some really great trainers but afterwards they come here and then they were being the same thing. You're right. I had no idea. Holy cow at the recent like this whole gushing of wow. It's a whole experience. I it's not just coming to class. It's the family where you're also. Change Perspectives yes. We did you change the way people look at frankly everything everything their life and they walk away and I tell people I said at the end of the first five day class. The two fifty class. You will be a different person. If you're not I'll give you your money back. We do that boom there. It is at very very very seldom are the people. We can't reach once in a great while. We'll find one right but that is a point zero zero one percent and it is fair to say gunsight shooting school to gunfighting school. It is It's about fighting with a gun. Right we focus on gun handling marksmanship but the critical component there's the mindset that we also teach and then we get you into live fire shoot houses and live fire outdoor simulators. We're using your gun going through a house With doors windows furniture and judgmental targets. Cook yesterday going through the simulators there and that was like you didn't set it up tough but there are some tricky there you go man you know so you go home and then you think about that in your own. House. We've had people say you know I'm flying home from my experience at gunsight thinking. Gosh I'm going to do this in my house. Walk Through Your House and look at the corners. Look at the furniture and look where things position. How would I move because that gives you a leg up if you ever need to to go through your house because you know where everything is so part of those changes we've made in those people's lives is now they're planning in their thinking? I come from the Midwest. Tornado drills are a common thing right schools. Fire drills are a common thing we need to have a plan at home also and that's part of what we do when we change your life at gunsight is gets you thinking tactically because you the day will come when you will have to fight and that's where it goes back to the gun fighting school it really is. It's people are saying I want to come here after I take other classes. I WanNa take the dance class right. Yeah maybe not well written November of ninety. I came out here for my first class and I've been a cop eleven years. That was a SWAT team guy. I'd been some other schools three other schools major schools and I called and Jeff Cooper happened to pick up the phone and I said well this is who I am and these my Bona Fides and this is why I need to take an advanced class. And he said Nope. That's not the way we do things here. You'll take two fifty pistol and hung up. That was sort of compensation but as curmudgeonly is that sounded he was right. Because I didn't know what I didn't know I came out here and it changed everything now. We ought to at least touch. You teach pistol you several levels a pistol but you teach other things absolutely car being shotgun general rifle as in the two seventy rifle classes a general rifle it could go for the four legged critters as well as the two legged predators. We teach We've got the navy here again this week for long range rifle right there. Fifteen hundred we do vehicle defense. We do Critical Skills Pistol carbonates fighting with a pistol and the carbon. We do vehicle defense. We do school staff response to active shooter. We do tactical medicine based on a active shooter. Model that post to a wartime model. I did the close quarters class back in March this week to those close scores battle with a pistol and a lot of that and frankly a lot of these classes you take them. They're interesting they're fun. You're doing your Walter anything. Learn a lot of stuff and the takeaway. Oh Good Lord. I don't ever want to have to do that. Absolutely we do. A Lot with what? We call season two citizen classes now okay. We didn't dumb classes down but a sixty five year olds not gonNA fight the same way. A twenty five year old does the. You've used up those ups and downs in your knees. Your ankles wrapping around on on the ground so we changed. The format of the classes will We started with two fifty pistol season citizen than we did carbon than we did shotgun then. We did close quarters pistol with season citizens. These are so popular but they aren't a prerequisite parred band clouds so we had people coming back and taking these two and three times in twenty twenty season citizen three fifty pistol season citizen advanced carbon because these folks want to learn and we want to provide that platform. We've got to fifty red dot sight classes and three fifty rain user classes. Oh Yeah we'll crimson. Traces are our partners women taking classes. Now that's a huge part of our market and they are better students than men they do like you. Do people want to know more about its gunsight? Dot Com gunsight G. U. S. It gunsight DOT com. All I can do is tell people. Look you need to try it. If you've always wanted to find a way find the time find the money make the investment. No one's ever sorry. I've never heard anybody who's ever sorry that Game Tom. It's always great. Seeing you and gun talk back here well thank you so much. We appreciate Everything's you do for us and I love me. Is You know this is my happiest place on Earth. Take care they'll go far. We'll be right back with more gun talk.

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