E14: Coronavirus travel: I now have to quarantine when visiting Chicago


Hey travelers welcome to the travel reviews that online podcast were we are sharing reviews of places to visit and other travel tips that can come in handy on your next vacation or leisure trip. Join me this episode, and if you have any questions to feed, reach out, see trap edgy. Mail, Dot Com story ideas and guest recommendations for the PODCASTS are also welcome. Hey travelers stuff to have thanks for joining for another episode of the travel reviews. That online podcast really appreciate you tune-in today. Let's talk about what are we going to do this summer? With travel twenty twenty has been a mess. Can It be twenty twenty one yet? To Corona violence pandemic still going on in the United States, no end in sight and I thought I. had our vacations under control? Don't know what to do anymore, so let me walk you through where we are what has been going on. And how do we move forward? If if at all with any TRIPS Maybe we should just stay home and. Call Twenty twenty a loss and You know. Go from there, so. Basically. We had actually let me back up a little bit. We we had a cruise booked in March. That we did cancel anyways, because it was supposed to you than the United. States restricted all travel to Cuba, so they rerouted the. the cruise to the Bahamas we've already been. There was a few years ago, but we didn't necessarily want to do that trip. So, we circle back with them and we canceled. Lost one hundred dollars. Everything else was refunded. Big Deal. There, but interestingly we can't. We wouldn't have been able to go anyways because. The Corona. Virus, pandemic! So, then after that, we had a trip to San Francisco as a family end of June over the July fourth weekend of course. Lots of problems currently with travel. Fill planes masks room masks to be worn on a flight No airline clubs are open. I guess now they're reopening, but but at that time it was all kind of touching. Go quite frankly. So we canceled that trip and it was completely refunded. Thank you to American Airlines for being. Helpful and You know really nice about that. Whole Situation everything was refunded. Some of it was on points to the points where we fund it as well. No charge there and you know really we haven't got anywhere in. We've been at the house I'm not complaining. We've got plenty of space here in Iowa were not in a four hundred square foot, Manhattan type apartment We've been as a family since March, and now we're into July, so we wanted to see. Could we go on a trip? What can we do? Flying was really out of the question, not interested in that at all, so that a driving trip and here's the driving trip that we have now planned that we're ready to go paid for completely with miles for the hotels, and then even used forty seven thousand American airline miles to random tahoe. Big, little bit bigger car than what I currently have just to make the trip more enjoyable, so the idea was to drive around Lake Michigan. and. That's about twenty hours of driving. When you think about don't know what the mileages. I'll tell you after if we ended up going and so the idea was drive Green Bay and. So, that's about four hours from here. spent the day there and then. The next day. Could be earlier could be later. I'm not exactly sure. Right the second. Head over to mackinac island and I think we had to leave early because. The earlier ferries go underneath the bridge in it's. It's a much much prettier ride. I suppose haven't been there. mackinaw island is in Michigan and it's really pretty close to the Canadian border. Of course, interestingly, the Canadian border with the United States is still closed at least. Just heard that today sometime in August, so. You can't go to Canada currently as a US citizen. That's out of the question and. that's where some of the hotels in the area were that I looked at so instead we found hotel in a little ways away In Michigan? Tessie ever leave Not sure that's how you pronounce it, but so we're staying there for one night and then we're going to do things there and then had to Muskegon on the next night so basically. you know we're? We're sightseeing. We're doing things. and. We keep making our way around. Lake Michigan so far so good Muskegon. Bow only two and a half hours roughly from Chicago maybe a little further. And the last night. We booked in the loop in Chicago. Of course, there is a lot of. Decent, hotels in that area I I bulked the Ritz Carlton. Thousand Mary points and was like three hundred fifty dollars a night value. I have since canceled. The Ritz because I wanted to use my married at points to. get a new Apple Watch not the best redemption ever frankly but I wanted it and so I, use my points for that, and and as you might, if do have a lot of points in your accounts right now. It's not a lot of the travel. Companies have shut down their marketplaces, so American only lets you redeem for travel, Mariot, same thing only for travel, so I transferred my points from Mary to Delta. which still has the Delta Marketplace Open? And ordered the Apple Watch through. They're not the best redemption as I said but I wanted so. That's how I got it. Without spending. Any money on it. All right and then I have the Hilton Beaufort Hilton Suites believe right. There are Michigan Avenue in. Downtown Chicago. And so now here's where the problem has happened. Now Chicago has a new rule in effect. The travelers from Iowa, which is where we live. Have to quarantine for two weeks. Now I don't know how they know I'm. From Iowa right I mean there's not. A I guess if you get pulled over I, guess if you you know, somebody asks you, but I mean we could walk through downtown and we look like anybody else, right? It's we're. We're in the Midwest and You know we dress like my Westerners or whatever that means, but you know what I mean like how? How do they know There's no passport. Check or anything like that when you walk in, but let's put that aside. Let's say we you know we should follow the laws of course. But basically. GETS RID OF THE POSSIBILITY CHICAGO. Because let's say we want to go to Chicago and we get there midday, and then you know we leave the next day. Who wants to spend two weeks in the hotel for a one day. trip. makes no sense right so The options now are that we're not going to go on the trip at all. And just you know really called a your loss when it comes to. Family vacations that are not in my basement. or We come straight home from Muskegon, or we stay somewhere else south of Chicago Joliet for example I know there's some decent trails. There I've stayed there a couple of years ago a few years ago, not sure how long ago. and. or maybe go a little further south I'm not sure what the second what's there? or You just come straight home of course coming straight home. That's six hours of driving roughly I, just kind of guessing here. Maybe maybe or eight from Muskegon Cedar rapids. But again it's really really hard. Right this second to even keep track of. Where should we go? Is it worth it What are the rules who has to be under quarantine and these rules change moment's notice I mean there was a. report the other day some flight. I think from Bangladesh was landing in Italy and the rules of entry had changed while they win the air I mean. This kind of stuff is like unheard of you know. The Chicago rule was announced Earlier, this week, and it's I think it's effective immediately so like. If you're already in your car, you now have to do it, so wh, what do you do you know so? It's kind of like. It's a fulltime job just to keep up on all these rules. I still have potential travel book to. Overseas later this year one is a conference in Spain and everytime I to around. There was all kinds of new rules for for for Europe and Spain I. Think Americans still can't actually enter the European Union also have A. To. Istanbul. Turkey and I do believe that you can travel there currently. so that's interesting it would be. That is a direct flight from Chicago O'hare on Turkish Airlines to Istanbul fourteen hour flight roughly. And I'm kind of looking forward to that, but again like what are the rules? How are they changing while I mean in Flight What's what's happening so really really tough to keep an eye on things and you know I am really truly to the point where I'm just like there's no travel this year whether it's by car or whether it's By playing I I've kind of given up on the plane travel quite a while ago. You're quite frankly probably really June I took a trip to Florida. And just not enjoyable. Just wasn't the same I like travelling like the perks I like going to the club I like having my gin and tonic etcetera etcetera, but it's just it's not the same so. you know from there? I don't know. Let me know what your thoughts are always happy to hear your comments see trap, underscore travel on twitter. See Trap a g mail DOT COM, but I'm thinking. Maybe it's time to. Call Twenty twenty loss when it comes to family vacations and enjoy your time at home in the backyard. And go to the pool our pool. The one we we belong to is still open. It's open. It's one of the few pools that are open in town of the public pools. All are closed The Cups I think open, not not sure that's what heard. So, there's places we can go, but. You know that is That is. How it is so something to think about right now. The trip is still on, but I'm thinking going to be canceled If one of those other cities or states. have some kind of rule. There's really no way to go right because you're going from Wisconsin to Michigan Illinois. Let's say. Michigan has a rule I. mean there's no way to get through from Wisconsin through Michigan. Really. There's no reason to drive that way other than driving around the lake and you can say you drill, but that's that's a tremendous amount of time because you know from Green Bay to Muskegon is probably six hours, and then back around nine nine ten hours. That's I wouldn't want to do that but. Hey hopefully you're staying healthy and sanitized and twenty twenty. Really Hope, we can all make it through this together and get back on the road at some point I'm Christoph trap. Reach out anytime.

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