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Accredited and financial aid is available for those who qualify including the GI. Bill classes. Start soon so make New Year new career your resolution and take the free career evaluation today at my computer career dot. Edu Good morning and welcome into. I take molly cameras back here in New York City Max and Steven A. R. in La. Good morning guys. Yesterday was a beautiful ceremony filled with laughter and tears from Staple Center the House that Koby Bill as thousands gathered to celebrate the life of Kobe. Bryant you just heard his wife Vanessa. Speaking through tears sharing memories of her late husband and thirteen year old daughter as you just heard her saying God knew. They couldn't be on this earth without each other. He had to bring them home to heaven together. Stephen Those comments her poise her grace. And how she said. We're still the best team you've got gee-gee I've got three other girls. That's what really stood out to me. Amongst all the powerful words we heard what stood out most to you from the memorial just period regardless of the loss that so many have suffered Whether it's Michael Jordan the shack its former teammates his contemporaries in the NBA. It's those of us who've covered the NBA knew him for so long Nothing compares to the loss that she has suffered along with her children Three little girls no longer have their father or their sister. She as his wonderful wife no longer has a husband nor her daughter and the loss that she has suffered it can't be measured it's just incredibly heart wrenching. And there is no other way to slice that. I don't know how on earth she gumption up the strength to step on that stage in front of twenty thousand people and speak eloquently as beautifully about Kobe Bryant and about their daughter. Gee The way she did. It was absolutely phenomenal. It really really highlighted for me. Why it was so easy for him to be a this girl dad per se because when you have a wife like that who has stood by him through thick and thin who has been his rock his foundation She was everything to him and he religiously said to anybody who he knew well enough to say to that She was far more than he deserved in his eyes because she was phenomenal and she was the closest thing to perfection that he had ever known until his daughters were born. And so when you know that about him and to know how he felt about her and the note it you know you don't hear her speaking you don't hear her talking very much. What have you so you didn't know what you were going to get when she said when she stepped up on that stage for her to express herself in the fashion as she did was absolutely phenomenal. And I think that you know it. It puts a bit touched. Everybody's heart but it also put a lot of people at ease to some degree because even though you find yourself morning for her as well you also found just self a bit worried about her because this so much to consider because of her devastating loss addition shows you and puts strength on display and even though anybody associated with the NBA Community and beyond is going to be there for her and her family in any way that any of us can in the end. You sort of get the sense that this woman is so incredibly strong That she's going to be okay. And then Jordan goes up there and he tells his story and he's funny even though the tears they're chat with the me is. There's no I in team. But there is an emmy and that was hilarious and Geno Auriemma talking about how he knew the that. Kobe was not coaching his daughter because she was openness. She passed the ball. There was a lot of brevity that was brought to the situation. And what have you and so it was incredibly incredibly touching to say the least and that's what you walked away from. Just feeling the whole. Just an amalgamation of emotions Max Vanessa boss. I mean she's a champ and especially there's no other way to say it. Father is gone then. She has more to do even more to do and she you could see her kind of growing. I don't presume to know what she's like before this. But you could see someone stepping up and and being very strong at a time where family obviously needs. It was very impressive and moving. Obviously Molly. I'm with you when she said we're still the best team. It was like a very gather since and I don't WanNa cut you off but they've been together since she was seventeen and a half. Her entire adult life is with Kobe. Yup I that was very powerful and the I think the the thing that got me was the describing of the bedtime routine and how he would help. Put the kids to bed. Because if you're a parent what you know is the days are long but the years fly by as my mother says and and those that bedtime routine is the way she described it. What Kobe did and I have three daughters. I know what that's about and getting those kind of details was it was very moving Jordan of course with the crying me and and and there was something about that. Kobe aimed for Jordan. He aimed to be the greatest of all time and and when the guy who he aimed at is they're saying hey little you know he's my little brother it it it's not. Kobe does didn't need validation after twenty years in the NBA is one of the greatest players of all time but Jordan personal relationship. Aside I think and that was very strong understood what Kobe represented and he felt the same way. That was really nice to see and shack. Steven a. The line that shack had about about the M E. That was a good one. The one that's going to get lost that I loved was the end of that story when he's telling Rick and everyone he's like Just rebound the ball. He ain't he ain't gonNA pass passing. I mean all those those descriptions of Kobe by the people who knew him and loved him and worked with him fleshed out this kind of three dimensional portrait that you had a sense from Kobe already but getting those details from those from those around him was something and but like like both of you cannot come away from that not thinking about Vanessa. What a powerful moment. That was in woman she is. That was very impressive. You know it was very very difficult very difficult day of those who knew him. And what have you in? The tribute was sensational the Lakers Organization the NBA. The NBA Community showed up and showed out In full force There's no question about that But I also wanted to take a moment to say this because I think is very important. Nobody's brought this up For days if not weeks I brought it up once on I take. I'm going to bring it up again. Regardless of what scuff has been in the news? And all of this other stuff. We need to understand that Kobe. Bryant has gone and we're here for his wife has children the whole Mba community. No question about it but Kobe. Brian has a mother and father they were in attendance and nobody has mentioned them on the air off the air at the ceremony etc etc. I understand nobody knows the details. I don't particularly care at this particular moment Tom. It does not matter But it is important to remember a lot of times. You know what goes on people's houses their business and there's a mother and father that was in. Attendance is two siblings. That lost their brothers and it is to simply just two sisters. That lost their brother. And there's a mother and a father that lost their child and no matter what went on whatever you know tension existed whatever. The case may be Look Job Ryan's face when the cameras want him yesterday. Look at that. Look at the pain in. That man's eyes looking pain on his face. His son is gone and I think that a lot of times. You know listen we should mention Vanessa. We should mention those wonderful children that he's left behind is no question about that. But I do think it's important to remember. He had a mother and a father and two sisters that loss you know lost their son and lost their brother. I'm so glad you brought that up. Pam Brian if you saw during ceremonies. Kobe's the spitting image but Joe Brian his father. He's mentioned before an interview. That's how he fell in love with the game of basketball. You know his father was a professional basketball player. Obviously we know he played overseas. But that's really where that love came from and you're right. They haven't been mentioned in and they deserve to be just takes important. Because you're right we lean back in you know a lot of us not all of us but a lot of us and engage in Biblical versus whenever we choose to and it does say on their mother and father you know they brought you into this world and you know what law before there was tension. They raised a beautiful son. That was maniacal about winning and had a competitive spirit and was highly intelligent. And what have you? His parents had something to do with that and I just think it supported to remember that no question. He was such a special man. And obviously that's where it came from one last thing. I just WANNA share it. We'll go to break here. How about the story that he learned to play Moonlight Sonata. How unbelievable is that? Rob Pelinka was sensational as well. My the details the details and being text from the helicopter prior to the tragic accident. That's when rob Pelinka was receiving those in that particular message about about about planes. So but you know just in terms of Kobe reaching out to try and help wanted to kids get involved in baseball. Or what have you and It was a tremendous story. Rob People who Kobe Alicia keys. Rendition was absolutely beautiful but my goodness he learned to play Moonlight Sonata for his wife. So beautiful out of people a lot of people love him a lot and the closest to them the more they love them. Okay I believe in the power of prayer and we will continue to uplift the. Bryant's through this difficult time. Sometimes democracy is a birthright sometimes. It is a gift today. It's a fight and I'm asking you to stand and fight with me Michael Bloomberg Green our country back together. This election is a referendum on the meaning of America. It is about what we will tell our children what we did at this time. This election is about whether we recognize that all groups who have been marginalized excluded scapegoated or far worse rise and fall together and that is our best hope standing together rejecting demagogues who tried to seduce us by dividing US and uniting behind the only shield that can protect us our common values as American citizens. And as God's children that is what this election is about and that is why. I'm running to repair the damage and to move our nation forward together. We will get it done. I'm Mike Bloomberg candidate for president. And I approve. This message paid for by Mike Bloomberg. Twenty twenty I have to go to the gym and untangle my headphones while up on the treadmill and I'll finally untangle them four miles later at which point motorcycles make everything exciting and when gyco makes it easy to switch and save on motorcycle insurance. It's even more exciting. Put My headphones and I realized my bird. Silence geico motorcycle. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more so. Yesterday we discuss concern over the clippers going through a three game losing streak in lingering injuries but last night they turned it around with the returns of Paul George dealing with a hamstring. And Patrick Beverley the groin in a win over the grizzlies. The clippers are fifteen and four this season when Kawai TV. In beverly all play an I have company Kendrick Perkins and the House. Good to see you. Thank you so much for being here. Max I want to start with you. It's twenty seven point win yesterday. Does this prove we have absolutely nothing to worry about with L. A.'s other team? No it's like we've never had anything to worry about. You WanNa call it proof fine. I mean the grizzlies have been on a little slide during the road trip. Okay LOSE TO SACRAMENTO. They lose to the Lakers by a little more. They get the breaks. Beat off from by the clippers. But the Clippers. GonNa win the chip this years. I've been trying to tell people all along and have never equivocated from the time I said look before the season started wherever coli goes that team will surely win the championship. He will be the finals. Mvp again and look at Toronto. Now imagine if they didn't add anything instead of imagine if you just added to why to Toronto. Right now they'd be favorites in the east. Whatever the bucks are doing. We saw what happened to the bucks last year. When they ran into a big he could funnel them too. So what would happen this year? Same thing meantime. He goes to the clippers and they get Paul George so look when Paul George is down. They had to move heaven and earth to get them. Garland Nari Shake Alexander. They had to move those guys in order to get Paul George so when Paul George isn't playing it's not like it's the same team from last year. Plus why modest Paul Georgia's minus two other almost all star caliber players? And they've been down. Patrick Beverley happens in the regular season particularly for an ice. Oh heavy team. We're there load managing and clearly they're built for the post-season so I I I never was stressing at all. There's no point in wedding. Oh the the clippers are having regular season struggles. I said all along if you WANNA point to a weakness. They don't have the rim defending bigs that can funnel guys to like if they meet the freak in the in the in the finals. Let's talk about stuff that could actually maybe slow them down not a couple of regular season nonsense losses short. Paul George and Patrick Beverley. The clippers are going to be fine well first of all. You're entitled to believe that and this legitimate belief because the clippers all elite they are legit. And nobody's dismissing that way I get their retaliated with you and specifically more importantly a lot of people out there that you know what you get to sit up there and look at evidence and judge accordingly moving forward based on championship expectations. You know a regular season game against the Memphis Grizzlies. Last night doesn't amount to much. Nor does it three game losing streak that they had incurred prior to last night's game? It's not about that. It's about what you're seeing while the Games are taking place. That's what you're looking at if I sat up then I saw example Max. Hypothetically if you saw Kuwa- ball right. And he dropped thirty but he was limping. Allot against the Sacramento Kings. Well can't you fantasize about what he's looks like if he will lip it a lot going up. Lebron James Anthony Davis on the Greek freak. So what I'm trying to say to you is that it's not about wins or losses is about what you witnessing and what people out there don't realize that gets my last damn nerves. Is that when people talk about? Oh just dismiss this. What did they watch the Games? Why not just wait till you bit? Why can't use it? It's all about sitting there and analyzing and dissecting what you're witnessing before your very eyes and then prognosticating about what may take place. Based on the level of competition you inevitably are scheduled to go up against. We liked the Memphis Grizzlies. We're pleased with them. What did I say about the Memphis Grizzlies? When it came to Williamson and the Pellets. I said Zaire could potentially rookie of the year. Despite the Paucity of games he has played if indeed the PELICANS ASCEND WALL. He's bowling but the grizzlies struggling and John mirant fate. I don't believe that would happen. But it's possible. What has memphis done there on. A cost of a three game losing streak. They are now a game undefeated five hundred and they're loosening their grip on a playoff berth. If the PELICANS ascend all of a sudden we're having a different conversation. The same thing applies to the clippers. You look at the clippers is not about the Memphis Grizzlies. It's about the fact that you got you want L. A. Right BUT TO DENVER. Nuggets are no joke. The Utah Jazz. The Houston Rockets with with Jane's Autumn and Russell Westbrook and Russell Westbrook get some time off like he did last night etc CETERA. These brothers are going to be fresh for the past season in all likelihood. What do you expect to see a clippers team? That doesn't seem to be together. It's GonNa be a problem. I WanNa get another former player. Here talk to me. We go chase stephen a name the Stephen. Aj Because He's speaking a Gospel right now. Listen met TJ MAXX. So you series right now. The clippers are looking funny and the light. And if you don't notice a you're watching the clippers and you end the now you right now. They're struggling although you could say health or whatever and we don't take we don't look at regular season. Games and this don't count disregard that no. They're looking funny and the light and let me tell you something. Paul George is having won his worst careers. Right now for a scorn. Wise with the clippers right now shooting. He's shooting forty two percent from the field he's averaging twenty points he's not the PG that we've seen last year and right now. The clippers are having problems and to me. If they don't lock in sick and see is going to be a problem. Like Stephen Ages. Said you don't want to start off in a second round or maybe in the first round on the road having to play a Denver Nugget team or Utah Jazz team or Houston Rockets team. So the clippers have some soul-searching to do in my opinion and for you to sit up here and say you're not working come on Komo Mex- commercial next so what you're talking about. Let's be real about this. What you're talking about is just injury. You just saying if Paul George Healthy Paul. George has not been healthy. That's why the season hasn't been going great for him period. If Paul Georgia's healthy and this is why they load manage coli and this is why load managed himself last year. As long as you're healthy for the playoffs you know this as well as anyone better than most. Because you've actually been there. Playoffs are a whole other season. You know more or less how it's going to go quarter third way through the NBA season. Who's going to be seated? Where more or less. The playoffs can last two months. If you win the chip so as Paul George is healthy for that. Is the clippers are to win? And IF THEY'RE GONNA lose but it's not like they gotta do soul-searching. Pg thirteen just gotta be healthy but makes like pg thirteen no have name call playoff PG may like he has a history of disappear so let's not sit up here. Just make like Paul George. You Know He. He steps up there in the big moments in the playoffs. So I mean what are you talking about? Oh collide quiet there for that. Quite got him. Don't you talking about the Saint Leonard? Lashing the finals. That people don't even talk about that shot fourteen for forty and two of those games that same the. What about the other games? Though I'm saying like who I didn't have a solid team around him. There was big in those playoff series. Larry now Tom Hurry the point. No but makes just bid denial about it though. I WANNA go. Kp Let me get on you about something here. Let's not say that Paul George has a history of disappearing in the playoffs. The average twenty eight in the postseason last year two years ago. Two years before the average twenty eight in the postseason. I'M NOT SAYING THAT. His numbers always prestige because sometimes shooting percentage has been questionable. A couple of years ago. I think he got like thirty eight percent from the field in the post season. Although it was better to in the last three years he's been in a postseason but this do doesn't exactly wet the bed in the postseason. Paul George has shown up in the postseason. Paul George is a star in this league went healthy and I don't think that we can summarily just real quick quick for both for both of you for perk and for Steven A. And for everyone else's down the clippers you know how sometimes shacking Kobe on the same team. You go whatever else happens. Those two are going to win. That's what I'm saying about KUWATA. He's got a real code real team and a second. He's GonNa win. We hear you unequivocal for change congratulate. You said it's paramount. They get that second seed. Currently the delegates are there. And we'll all have all eyes on that game Friday on. Espn because the clippers will be hosting the nuggets. He'll be back with us in a bit. Thank you kindly time might be waning BUT DALLAS COWBOYS EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT. Steven Jones remains confident. A long term deal can be worked out with Dak Prescott before the organization will need to use the Franchise Tag Jones adding. There's no scenario in which the cowboys would move on from Prescott in twenty twenty quote. I mean to x. Our quarterback. He's our quarterback for the future and we have nothing but the respect for him. He is a competitor. He won a lot of football games for us. Obviously he likes us. We all want to take that next step and get into a championship game and get to the big game and ultimately win a championship. So there's no sauce like back and look who's here now two time superbowl Champs Torrey Smith. Thank you so much for being here. I want to start with you here. Max. Do you have a problem with Steven. Jones comments on deck. Because I thought they were going to franchise tag him but now it seems to be a different story. Though I sure do let me start by saying. I actually have a lot of respect for Stephen Jones. Because this has been shown over time nepotism when the fit when you when the family gets. Family member gets favorites as favourite especially in business. If it's just inherited by a family member. There's not an insignificant decrease in the success of the business because the kid you know didn't have to work to get there the same way someone else might have Steven Jones especially with that in mind has done an excellent job in his capacity with the cowboys you know when they started moving away from Jerry. Jones impulse picks like Johnny Manziel and started drafting offensive lineman. Instead you could see. Stephen Jones is influence. So my hat's off to many respects but that doesn't mean he's perfect and here. I got a real beef. What the hell are they doing? What is Stephen Jones talking about? Look I wouldn't give back the money everyone else who apparently I wouldn't have given it to. Carson West Jared Goff either because when teams pay not quite elite quarterbacks as though they are elite as other mahomes or Rogers in his prime they don't win super bowls and and really in a hard cap league. That means you're not paying someone else. Always got a set the mark set in the market. You sit in the market for quarterbacks really just taking money away from another position so I get why they wanNA keep the salary down. Maybe even franchise him. I understand that I think that makes sense but this is what they were doing with Ezekiel Elliott. Who had less leverage them back and they wound up making him. The highest paid guy highest guaranteed highest average annual the whole thing. So if in the end you're gonNA cave any way and give him what he wanted. What was all this about? Just given just just making a bad feeling in the franchise and if you do give them the money you also look soft like you posture posture posture. Then cave to the player eventually put. And if that's the case what did you put everyone through this for. And in the end if you're gonNA franchise than what does all this mean really because it does not seem like that is going to take a discount. According to the market it seems like. Since he's at least jared. Goff he's GonNa want at least Jared Goff Money Right. How the? How the rams like in that contract right now how? The Eagles Liking the West contract wants needs more. I mean like the date but they paid too much for me. He hasn't been Donovan. Mcnabb has he dak. Prescott may wind up being a great quarterback. I think he will. Actually I think eventually you'll get there. I don't think he's there today. And if you pay them like that you're going to pay the price and yet it looks like that's what they're going to do anyway. So what was this whole dog and pony show about? Was the cost of doing business. You think about what happened with Joe Flacco now is in Baltimore. We win the Super Bowl. The Ravens kind of lost the bet by not signing to an extension early like back has done he. They missed wave. He's going to have to be paid and I'M NOT SAYING. Dak is the best quarterback in the NFL. What I'm saying is in this market. He's going to be paid like one of the top guys and it's not his fault. I mean they've won this. I mean excuse me they losses bit and Dak is offering to be paid. He's done everything right. He represented his organisation. The Right Way He's a model citizen. Yes can improve. But he's also wanted to top young guys in franchise quarterbacks don't just grow on trees and you had the opportunity to keep one and. I believe that you go into super with him it's on MTV decide that they're saying these things but their actions that showing differently is the reality of the situation. I don't have a problem with what Stephen Jones said. Because I think it's reality and I think that you want to send the message to him that you do believe in him and now you gotta prove about paying him but I think that ultimately. That's the before you even do that. Rather which are trying to do is say we believe in. You're not trying to franchise tag you to keep you here for another year. You're upset bitter you you know. You're not happy with us. But then we've got you locked in for you. Don't keep a quarterback prisoner. You could do that with other positions on. Nfl field can't do that with a quarterback because there's so much that goes in to be an NFL quarterback that not just in terms of throwing the football running the offense and galvanizing the troops to some degree. That the minute that you turn back off to the point of no return. You've really jeopardize your jeopardize your franchise you've given them a step back. And this is a guy that's completely sixty five percent of his passes through thirty touchdowns eleven interceptions through familiar. Five thousand yards. He's not a scrub. He's not somebody that's not doing. The job per say there are other elements that come into the fray had the number two ranked passing attack. The number one offense in yards accumulated number six overall in offense. What's the damn problem especially when it in his own Division Carson? Wentz has gotten paid and within his own conference. Jared Goff has gotten paid and again Max you keep bringing up these got paid. And where does that leave them? But you're missing the key point here. This is the national football league. You have a right to cut salary you have a right to restructure deals etc etc. I'm talking about Dak Prescott. Because of his character not just as game but his character representing that brand. That is the cowboys being dysfunctional. As they could be you can pay him Max and they come to him a year from now. We need you to restructure. We need to work it out but you give him that option. I got it reasonable. People can agree to disagree about whether you pay a quarterback. Quarterbacks are overpaid from mahomes. Give them a blank. Check everyone else. Let's negotiate but let me ask you this. It seems to me that you believe the cowboys will cave and give him the big deal correct. I don't think it'll be forty million a year but I'm talking cost went to money. Yes I agree if they would offer them Carson Wentz money in the beginning and you know they because they never released a guarantee they only ever talked about average annual. That's what leaked out. The we never read what's DAX guarantee of guaranteed Carson wentz money. You don't think they'd have gotten a deal done by now. So my point is this if they eventually gonNA cave anyway given the big deal what was all this about. Why would they drag him through this process because the cowboys inter it turmoil let me answer it? Let me answer it. Here's why because you wanted to for him to go out there and prove under duress he could still perform when we look at the Dallas cowboys last year and their struggles although he wasn't elite the reality of the situation. Is this a plethora of things you could point to that that led to the cowboys demise before you get to Dak Prescott? That defense wasn't a stout as it was supposed to be those linebacker. We lamented them. All year long vanished got lean vandross got injured jalen. Smith wasn't himself Sean Lee. You know he's injury prone and what have you. You had some question marks. You had some questions about other gods and their ability to get to the quarterback you have questions about their quarter. You question about who the hell is it. Offensive Coordinator for crying out left yet. All of those things going on. Then you on the offensive side of the ball well Jason Garrett Cole and place is it really killing more Kelly. Moore's calling the place. What role is Jason Garrett played? Why did they forget about? Ezekiel Elliott etc. There's a whole bunch of things that came into play that led to the cowboys demise. And so if you're Steven Jones or Jerry Jones knowing that you sent that Prescott into that into that lion's den making two point one million dollars and clearly upset but still nearly two for five thousand yards now. You saw something that you may have seen last year Max to answer the question. I want to give you the last word here because we'll have more on the cowboys later. The three of us. I mean the cowboys made the mistake you know. You can't say you want to be married to someone long long term and not talk to them. They haven't spoken six months. You GotTa Show Me Love Him. He earned it. He's represented organization. Well paid a man. Yeah he made two point one million this year forty fifth in the NFL. Thank you for being with us. Appreciate it was made a mistake agree.

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