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A Farewell To The King - Reflections of Neil Peart


OFF RICCO GEICO. All right. Welcome talk is Jericho. It is the podcast thunder and rock and roll and it is about rock and roll today. One of the great Great performers in rock and roll history of the greatest drummer of all time Neil peer in last Friday the music world and rush fans and rock and roll fans worldwide. Were shocked when news broke about Neal's passing after a long battle with brain cancer. Very few knew he was fighting. It was such a shock. I'm surprised Everybody except for Neil's inner circle. Neil actually passed on January seventh put a testament to their private life. You always lead. And ultimately the news of his death didn't reach the world at large until Friday the tenth sober celebrating the life and legacy and music of one of the most greatest most influential most prolific drummers and lyricists in not just rock issue but music history out of the to perfect the fab three returns drummer. Mike Portnoy who was in Neal's inner circle and of course Drummer Charlie. Banana who's super influenced by abstract The fab three back together again under sad circumstances Cathartic to talk about abandoned drummer that huge impact on all of us in different ways Mike was actually friends with Neil like you said Charlie made him because of me and my dressing awesome which I was not allowed in here that story. Lots of Great Tales and memories Songs and the thoughts about the band. The music favorite souls favorite song search the job patterns favorite lyrics favourite. Neil memories overall. This is the talk is Jericho tribute to the true goat of rock and roll drumming rush. Drummer Neil Neil periods and we start now the worst days in rocket mortgage a a total shock to the world was the passing of the professor. Neil Pierre Perret is it. What's the Fisher appeared story? I'll tell you a story about that when we get to but we might toward Charlie Been Anti to obviously. Obviously we've done this show many times before great friends of mine but probably two guys that I know most influenced by Neil pert because you guys are obviously very successful missile drummers in your own right but both completely influenced by by Neil. I think it's pretty correct to say that right. Yeah so what First of all your story about nils last name. Well I want to say you summed it up really well by saying one of the worst days in rock and roll history. It really is that causal really is. I think it's you know for us. It's as big of a law says John Lennon or You know maybe John Bonham or for me personally Frank Zappa. I mean this is up there maybe as big if not even bigger. It's just a colossal loss for rock band music fans and drummers you know I think the general population if you know anything about rock and roll most people would say okay. Who is the greatest rock and roll drummer of all time and from my generation? Ozzy like you said you could say Bonham and there's a couple of others but from the generation I grew up in universally it would venial peer. Everybody would say that. I mean he's the greatest drummer of all time. Even people who don't know a lot about music would say that like who's the greatest guitar player. Eddie van Halen. WHO's the greatest frontman frontman Freddie Mercury? WHO's the greatest drummer the appearance? So this is a big deal all across the board just from that level alone and I mean the social media media is twenty four hours. It's what a what a tribute i. What a great tribute? Neil would've probably aided all this attention but but But like you said it goes beyond just drummers and musicians you're seeing like sorta like chuck depots about more or you know people able to actors you know what I'm saying. Actors and actresses and film directors and it goes way beyond just the music industry and boy beyond just rock or progressive rock bands. It's it's like you said. Everybody knows who. He is just from his reputation of being the greatest drummer of all time. When you go onto instagram right even now just go through your fee like everybody posting about Neil everybody? I don't care it literally every single post. It's it's incredible credit whether it's guys like us or whether it's Jack Black or Kevin Smith or other musicians Paul Stanley anybody. Everybody's got picking their favorite picture of Neil will and posting beat. Because of this. I guess we can kind of go go into. When was the first time you ever heard rush and heard Neil Charlie while how it goes back to Being a kid in the Bronx and some of the older kids that I hung out with the teenagers. That's how I found out about you. Know bans on music and again my friend. PD's basement years he had rush. And that's how I discovered rush and I remember putting my head between the speakers and just kind of close my eyes and just listening into it. This was a all the world stage I mean I. I think being a drummer as like as far back as I can remember being so small and playing drums I appreciated drumming buddy rich. All those guys jump on him. But Ah when Neil hit me. That's when I really started to focus on drum playing and how to approach drumming and I learned a lot from from him from his phrasing and his style. Well deal was the drummer that actually actually made drum hooks like he was so musical right on the drums that if you if you break down his performances on on songs it's as if he was he's lyricist but he's he's doing both at the same time the drum part should he would right. He wasn't just doing it on impulse. Those parts written and just the beginning of the spirit of radio him and getty commend. And it's just beautiful I I don't know what else to say about it. But as time goes on in this in this talk welcome sure more and more will come out and unemotional level. It hit me hard yesterday when I heard about it and Because you you just go back to your whole childhood and rushing home from school to play certain songs by rush you know feeling like I was accomplishing something and You know to this day. I sent it yesterday that he he's responsible for the drummer that I I am today. And the way I approach music. Just get us for rush and it made me want to take on a bigger role in a band. So that's why Writing Music for the band has always been I put that in front of the drumming. I'm you'd huge loss and people will. I'm sure Mike will say the same thing. Mike wh when did you I discovered Neil and rush like Charlie said. He came around at the time for me where I want it to be a better drummer. And like I'll admit like I remember hearing the name rush in the late seventies and to be honest I never spent time listening to them. I kind of wrote office. I I would here like closer to the heart on the radio and I kinda thought that they were just like like a supertramp or a stick. Maybe it was just getty's high voice voice just kind of wrote them off as something like that but then I remember distinctively hearing why Z.. When when moving pictures came out and that was suddenly I realized okay? We're talking about like abandoned like the most incredible musicians I've never heard. And at that point I got completely hooked and obsessed and work my way backwards and literally especially you know the late seventy stuff like hemispheres payroll kings permanent waves. I became completely obsessed and like Charlie that it was a point in my life I was in junior high school and I was getting better at drums so I've wanted drummer. That would really challenge me to like to learn his parts and I remember like trying to learn Y Y Z. Lafayette Strange Outta at our home. She take for granted. Like you hear Tom Sawyer. Spirit radio limelight on the radio every day and you kind of take for granted that the the death of the virtuosity. That's going on there. You know like like every drum pattern and Phil was just so meticulously crafted. Neal was never the type of drummer that would just play on the fly. You know those every single fill was thought out and craft it. And that's why that's why. He became the ultimate air drummer drummer. Because everybody learned those bills you could count on neil to play them each and every show you know consistently read some Stewart Copeland said that he said that. Neil Neil L.. Is the most air drummed drummer of all time. I know here's a story that you guys haven't probably have never heard somebody who got into rush from this aspect so growing up in Canada. Grow if you WANNA pay like you said Russia's always on the radio and you know they would come through town although they never never played in Winnipeg in the eighties when I never saw them live until until Neil came back in two thousand and two but So you knew rush but Gaspar Gaspar Bob and Doug McKenzie for how huge they were. They had their own album above and they had a song called. Take off to the great white white north which Getty Lee. Yeah remember that Szigeti sang on it and Neil played the drum solo. And that's when I really started getting into rush was because the drum solo so great I went out and bought. Well I want to hear something about rush so I went and bought signals was the first album I had and the member. I made a little poster that I stuck in my bedroom door because I knew Geddy Lee and Neil appeared from the great white North Song. But I didn't know who the other guy was so I just saw rush Alica rush. Neil Peer Geddy Lee's signals and. I tried to draw the album cover but poor. Alex license got left left out. Because he never played on the Bob Mackenzie Song but like you said when when you start going through that period because I'm a couple of years younger than you guys but once again you'll probably hate this but you know my affinity for my affection for the eighties years of seventies bands hands. Because that's when I got into rush was the first album that everybody was signals. And then grace under pressure so I kinda got into that stage the keyboard kind of electronic drumming wing but neal was even great at that as well talking about the electronic drumming and signals at Charlie. I don't know if you saw them at the end of the signal store. When they were writing gracing the pressure they did a five nightstand? Raiders getting musical and At those shows they premiered three the songs they were writing for grace under pressure and it was neal's first I'm using electronic drums but he didn't have the spinning riser yet. So at those shows at radio city he actually had to play those three songs with his back towards the audience. Really Yeah and I remember going to those shows and I brought in my own tape recorder and I like the shows myself and I just remembered listening three songs I think it was kid. Gloves rector a body electric and I just remember listening to them over and over and over and over in over a month before grace under pressure came out. What did you think of that Mike? I know I just watch beyond the latest stage last night. which is a great documentary that focuses on on alk areas of Russia especially Neil and his life and the tragedies that he suffered but you said that when the Electronic Eric Kane that you Kinda step out at that point in time well I mean I never stepped down? I followed rush. You know you know to this day. I follow everything I do. I've always seen them on every tour. I always loved and respected. Everything Neil did but like any band you have a spot for the the era when you fell in love with my era was you know twenty one twelve through signals. And you know I still love Grayson the pressure and Powell windows and you know I still follow them and love them but you know my the sauce for me is not only the period that I fell in love with it. Also that was there more progressive period. Whether we're doing longer songs which appealed to me because of the music I was doing in my life so that is the era. That really spoke to me but I I've always loved everything they've done and I've always followed them each and every album tour. What did you think Charlie era? Yeah well I didn't I okay so I didn't like grace under pressure as much as I like Power Windows our windows was awesome. Like I thought yeah you know. 'cause I felt power. Windows was a combination of grace and signals and in A little bit of moving pictures but this awesome songs on record and even even though I may have not like Some of the album's I still went to see them every time. I don't think I've ever ever missed a rush show. You know and it didn't really matter to me that the electronics were you know involved in it. I just thought you know that bannon always kind of took it up a notch and if this was something that they embraced I should give it a listen. That's the way I always approached that band which is a great point and like you said he even for me. You know kind of working my way backwards and you'll get a kick out of this. Mike how kind of got into older rush. Because I wasn't really hip to it even into the ninety s which might sound a little crazy but you know time moves on and time stands still and I got into older rush was with the workman key man rushed tribute album which you and Billy Sheehan basically played the rhythm section for the entire record. That's got an analog kid and anthem him and By tour and the snow dog and and all those tunes was from the tribute on the you guys did yeah. That was an honor to do that. I remember when we we did that. It was it was my first time working with billy which was great within itself but getting two eight nine nine not only played drums on all the songs that I was kind of like the musical director and picking the attracts and stuff and Got To oversee a lot of that so yeah. Doing that was an honor and so much fun you know and I put in a lot of Little Nuggets let's do listen to you know love. Es Strange Otto. I I'm quoting the drum part of body electric and you know sticking lots of different things you know kind of just just for the hardcore rush fans but yeah that was what what what an honor that was to do that album it was classic. Neil too because I was reading. I think we talked about this before for some magazine or something that they asked him his opinion. He's like yeah just the budget bar band musicians playing playing rush songs and I was like what can barred you hang out in math. I WANNA I wanna see those bar bar musicians. Do you remember reading that. Did you ever see that Mike I did. I remember at the time I was I. Does you know a little upset. Because I put so much heart and soul into that album but I think I think some some some stuff got kind of misinterpreted it'd or or a taken out of context and I you know I don't even know if Neil even back at that point. You know it's funny about Neil like you know as as anybody that knows anything about Out and knows he you know he's not the type that he doesn't want the adulation he doesn't want the attention. Whenever I you know? Spend time with him. I never talked talked about Roger Drumming although clemmie story The first time I actually did get to meet him you know after years and years and years of wanting to meet him the way I met him for the very first time is that I was asked to be the guest editor for an issue over the magazine in England. And in this issue I was able to interview interview for people that were like my heroes and I interviewed like Nick Mason and Bill Broussard. Neil period was one of them and so my first meeting with him. I kind of was allowed allowed to ask all the questions that normally would have completely turned them off. But because I was kind of playing the role of an interviewer that first time I was able to get it out of my system and ask them everything I always wanted to ask him. But under any other condition you probably would have immediately switched off and never talk to me again so I gave me that great opportunity Upon our first meeting. Yeah because that's something that's very very famous kind of a story an and and and it was a given that Neil didn't really meet fans and didn't really like talking to people because he was very shot by limelight. I can't pretend to strangers long-awaited friend I mean. That's a brilliant line. Is that from limelight. Or what yeah. Yeah Yeah. That's that's so many lyrics that he wrote is interesting. 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See how your life goes type thing I just I love that shit or time sense still old friends growing older man. Those lines like the I would get the tattooed on my body audie lyric tattoo. I always thought like certain lines from their songs like always Kinda resonated and it just would always hit me in certain situations that one line from Tom Sawyer which I posted yesterday. Where is it says you know? Changes permanent a minute but changes. It's just something that I I always. I always felt neal was the smartest drummer everyone everyone but intellectually speaking the way he Like I said before the way he approached it. He's a very well. Read human being and when you read an interview at Neil you almost have to bring the source with What's that but in a in a drumming world summit his fills and just as approach to it I also needed drumming source to decipher exactly? Exactly what was that that just passed by. Yeah you know I. It's it's like I'm not a drummer. Obviously I I look at it from a fan standpoint and but I am a eleusis to end you know I wrote yesterday when I was a kid. I remember Columbia. Remember the Columbia Columbia Music. Hauser Sir Columbia. Were you get thirteen albums for sent and then you gotta go by thirty more albums for fifteen bucks each. You don't have any money when your kids trying right figure out a way to get out of it get used to have that music. Yeah so I got a bunch of rush cassettes because you just go through and moving pictures was the one on that I got and obviously probably Russia's best record but when you see Red Bar Chetta and you don't have a Google machine and and you might have a a encyclopedias but for some reason I thought a bird shadow was a fish and when I found it was actually a car then I started looking picking up red bar. Chen is go to the library and try and find. What do you have any books on March? I became obsessed with the bar. Chetta because of Neil's song and that was a key when I grew up I'm going to buy a red Bar Chadha. I haven't thought of that really since until yesterday when he passed away. And I was like Holy Shit like I wanted to buy a red bar. Chet only only because of the song and didn't even realize the real lyrics were about the whole sci-fi thing and hiding the car because the motor the motor lodge is bad cars and it's just the whole St- The stories right. We're so much more than just the songs and that gave you an extra edge when you're a rush fan because you you got it was like being our maiden fan you learn something from reading rush lyrics and listening to those songs he would probably correct you to say it's it's not red bar. Chetta is Red Cata. was there certain songs that you guys got into because the lyrics fantasy behind them to spirit radio was one of those songs that was played in the summer. I heard it everywhere friend. My friend Nicholas used to have a big boombox so we used to walk around the neighborhood and that song when it would come on route. Just sit and just kind of be absorbed in it because it was doc was a hit you know. Could you ever hear that song on the radio today. Like top forty radio now but spirit the so many parts of of the the spirit of radio that was that is so to the stage resonates you know glittering prizes and endless compromises Being in this business you realize like wow that song I can relate to that song you know being in the business. You know it's It's one of in their best and it's one of his lyrically one one of his best. What you Mike? Well I guess there were a couple of different phases as lyric writing. I mean when he's when he's in the early down a lot of it was very fantasy and story driven. You know very influenced but you could have. He would write these stories like by during this dog. Or were you know the whole twenty one twelve or your four hemispheres. cygnus x one so You know that was that phase as Xanadu Xanadu which which which was actually written and based on the film citizen Kane but then around permanent waves he started to get more metaphorical had a four. I can more poetic and stuff like different strings or You know we will. If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice. I mean all you know things things like that or or hemisphere is like Charlie just quoted But change the design about change but he also had a circumstances he had the more things exchange the more they stay the same you know he was writing those kind of lines that just made you think and he was obviously such a brilliant intellect. You could tell that he. He read a lot of books. You could tell that he had this endless vocabulary and source of wisdom and that later went on to translate when he became a a great writer. You know His book ghostwriter that he wrote after his first daughter and wife passed away. That's one of the most inspiring books I've ever read. I mean it's it's a story of survival and and you know Losing somebody that you love and finding yourself Gulf and gone on to read all his other books he wrote after that but he was obviously such a not only an intellect and such as cerebral smart smart person filled with wisdom but he also was just so filled with life by the fact that he would go out there and write as motorcycle from eight in the morning. Till Oh three o'clock you know to go from one to the next while Russia's on tour to me that would have been through the most energy ever expended in a life. But he would do that every day. Hey and then go to soundcheck and then you know I I normally wake up her sound check on tour at that point he had already traveled. You know eight hundred miles underneath on a motorcycle then town and then have to play a three hour show. so He'd lived life to such a full appreciation of you know seeing nature and you know going on hikes and riding his motorcycle and seeing the world and I really admired that aspect of him as well. Yeah I was just watching out last night and that that whole Part of the of the documentary. Where you know he develops like The the water in his boot stat Affected him. I'm an we became a fungus. And all this other stuff and it really It was like two weeks where he was in constant pain but yet he got up there and still still delivered which is just you know? Just that's the type of human beings that we're talking about here and I don't know if I would have done. Yeah Yeah it's like you said to you get to a certain point as a position as a professional you can only we see it. I'm not going to name any names. But there's certain guys that you watch legendary. Let's say guitar players and you watch them play and you go. That guy doesn't practice anymore. You could totally tell it sucks. And here's here's Neil who completely goes and puts his ego in his pocket and goes and trains with Freddie Gruber Gruber Traded Gruber at whatever age. Neal was at the time fifty years old fifty five years old and goes back to becoming a student and relearn his whole old technique. I mean that's that's true pro because most guys are level. I wouldn't do that. Would you guys go and take lessons from somebody. I mean it. It just seems like he always wanted to discover new things and to get to gain more knowledge and to be better but it was incredibly Gli humble. Here's the guy is the guy that's you know. Pretty much. Worldly regarded as the greatest of all time. He was the most humble gracious person and and almost like almost embarrassed by the accolades. You know what I mean. He he never acted like he was the world's greatest drummer in the fact. That like you're saying at at that point in his career having won every single award and been on the cover of every magazine he still goes to take lessons and wants to get better and wants to learn more. You know he was always is the students. He was the professor but he was always a student as well. But isn't the isn't doesn't that show like So you you know. Hey all of us we are we we come from a certain place and at a certain point in our life where we are looking for our challenges and also the quest of okay. Where's this going to take me next? Maybe you know the type of person that I've read about that. He was was is like he would get fulfilled but then he needed that next thing to fulfill him so I think he was always on a quest. I whether it being the quest for knowledge the quest for being the top at his game but really didn't care people what people thought about that. It's just it was all about what he felt which is like something that is You know for us it's very inspiring From a human point. Have you as a musician. You know to nope absolutely you know we talk about him as a lyric writer and just pulled up spirit of the radio. Like imagine. If you're getty Lee I would say this like now. Our producer writes a lot of lyrics and Fauzi so I have to get into his head and like Judas. What does this mean to Johnny? And what does is it means to me. And then I have to embody these lyrics and seeing them because I have to get them across. What does getty thinking when he gets to begin the day? With a friendly voice a companion unobtrusive. Plays the song so allusive and the magic music makes your morning mood now for us. We know what we sing it. We know that song like the back of her head imagining as a singer. Getting this lyrics sheet and going with the can you talk about companion unobtrusive. How am I supposed to sing that? Still Play Bass at the how it have. You ever watched the The classic albums twenty-one Yes giddy actually talks. I don't know if it's in that. And he talks about uh when Neil would present him. We're ix and they would work really closely together because one thing that lyricists don't do is they don't allow for breathing in especially in our band Scott would write a ton of words Because he's trying to tell a story Lori but then he also forgets that. Oh wait. Singer has to sing this and sometimes we have to condense it and even if you listen to iron maiden there's so many words in songs that I don't know how does it just the the song revelation as a part where he sings all these words when you hear him take the rest you know and I guess for Getty He worked really close with Neil deal but still was able to make me happy and vice versa because they again work together. And if there's one thing I've learned about rush is like those three guys communicated very well which is something most bands don't do they don't communicate you know they were. They were best best friends till the end. I mean they you could see beyond. The light is day. I think it's like a bonus footage thing where they're sitting at digital having dinner together and you could tell they genuinely genuinely still love each other company after over forty years together and wine. They're actually they're actually pretty drunk. Just watched it and you can either. Alex is like I like wine because it tastes good makes you feel funny. You know and like like you said they actually get along as a band. which is all of us snow? I mean none of us have been banned for forty years but even you know twenty years thirty years as HR SUV. You've been almost forty years. Yes so to be in a band with pretty much all the original guys at this point. You're not always best friends but it seemed like those guys really got along and they really have each other's backs. Whenever there was problems was that came up in their lives for the fact? That getty and Alex Goodbye Neil. When he took those years after his wife and daughter died they split by him? They they said you know. Take as much time as you need or you know or we'll even pack it in if that's what you want. And they have the same respect for him when he announced that he wanted to retire. At the end of the you know the last store that they you know they stood by him and they respected him as a friend first foremost do do whatever he needed to do in his life right and had no problems with it whatsoever if the band is done it's done and I love that about those guys own along with one thing in this business that not a lot of uh a lot of people forget how to Uman right especially online Just people are just so hateful and just ready to rag on all of us. You know well no you guys both met Neil and and Mike. You're actually quite close to them in a way. I want to hear those stories. I never got a chance to meet him but use my dress soon to hang out and get that story as well at the Golden in God's a few years ago but before we get another great show on Youtube. It's all about music. It's called good. Company was Scott Bowling he interviews rock musicians and talks to them but their music careers creative process playing live and new stuff. They're working on. It's really indepth and always interesting Scott's the guy who won the chance to interview me for an episode of talks dogs Jericho heard that one. We talked about Fawzy. And that's really what is good company show is like as well. He gets great guests from the music world. Clint lowery from seven dust. alesia Lisa dove from Cherry Bombs Hell yeahs cal. Sanders Eddie. Trunk all of striper Michael Sweet included and Fuzzy Guitar Player. Rich Ward has been on a few times I I know how much you guys dig music especially rock and roll so give good company a try you can find it on Youtube just search good company with bowling. It's also available on facebook search search good company with bowling or go directly to the website at Scott Good company DOT COM. It's a great music show. You'll learn a lot and have some fun added to your list. Good company with bowling. Find it on Youtube Youtube right after you finish listening to this neil tribute by only met. Neil one one time and tell the story in a second. One was the first time you met him. I know Mike. You're quite close with them. which is really really cool is the first time you I met him when you did the interview with him for the magazine? Yeah that was the first met him and I've been wanting to meet him my whole life and my career. He was always take a drum hero but he was always touching private insulated guy that he was always impossible to get to. And that's why once I did meet him and then once launch we did become friends like such an honor to meet to know that he was leading me into his inner circle. Because I knew how exclusive that was. So Oh yeah. That was my first time meeting him. That was about fifteen years ago and from there we had a great relationship. I mean I would always come by and you invite me to soundcheck whenever rush game through and spend time with them and you know He would send me emails times a year. We'd have exchanges and his emails. Where like his book? He didn't an email like hey mike. What's up had a great year? Hope you'll well. No I would get these like five page emails from him. That went into metaphors. Ed Wars and telling stories about you know what he's doing with his daughter he would send me pictures of her growing up and the pictures of them dressed up in Halloween costumes so he really. I guess once you were able to kind of infiltrate that inner circle if if if he took to you then then you were like family family and and he was just always so gracious and I thought the story yesterday when he passage you know that the last time I saw him was when I took Max to go see rush because I wanted Max ax to see them before they retired and see neil play and neal was just so graciously you know. Let Max get up behind his kit and gave them you know autographs heads sticks and opened up his dressing room to us with the entire day and night and he was just so gracious in that respect and so humble and and and the opposite of what is reputation is reputation kind of would make you think he's standoffish and doesn't let anybody. But if you get in there there was not not a sweeter tweeter person than him a mutual respect there. That's why he enjoyed talking with you. I mean because you if you look at a guy like the because you mentioned you. He's a very humble shy but when he meets somebody that's a player that he can respect and a person that respect. I'm sure that a lot to do with. Why he he enjoyed talking with? You know no to be honest. I don't think he could care less about you. Know who I was or what I did. You know the the drum accolades that I've had I think he I think we connected on on another level. I think that's why you need to get right. That's how you needed to connect with them. You know you couldn't really talk drums. He wanted to talk about motorcycles. With meals or or wine or you know all the different things that he loved. I don't know but in any case it was just a relationship that I am just so honored to have had. This is a great picture that you posted an instagram of of Max. Your son with with Neil and you can always tell the smile on. His face is legit aged. Just this giant smile. Max's face get a chance to hang out with with the appearance and beyond his drums. Charlie you posted a picture and your instagram. From when you you're probably fifteen years old or something like that when you when you met neil or your friend met and he'll tell that story I was after the show and my my my cousin was with me in the eighty or so was like eighty around there and he after the show. We went to the hotel which wasn't far from A place where they were playing We just followed a COUPLA people and sure enough they all came out and get he was awesome and I was this show nervous to see you But he signed my ticket and that was the story when I asked him what tells you is using at the moment because those are read an interview that he was changing and he changed everything and then he looked at me and he said that's a stupid question do crushed. But I'm telling you that the best way to turn him off is to let them know that you're fan and Atkins drumming question. You know okay. I was just knowing he was but but the thing is I was. I was a fan and it's like oh come question all right never mind I still eleven but then but then let's fast forward many many years later when we were at the Golden Gods thing and me and Mike were hanging out and someone said kneels here. It looks like Hey. Let's go see how to deal and that kid was just got so nervous. Like my stomach remember earned and and sure enough open the curtain. Mary was and Holy Shit. You know and talked. We just did that anthem. One thing and it's just such a great meeting and it kind of just made me so happy. Did He know that you've done anthem anthrax covered anthem. Yeah he's he said he said something about I remember. He's Mike introduced me and he said something like Oh. I know who you are and said something about anthem and did. I don't even remember what happened after that. I was just like I think I think he could probably see like heart emojis. Just coming out of my body just floating you know. Oh you did pretty good at those Golden Gods Mike. Introduce you to kneel pertinent introduce you to Tony. I owe me a great story. I mentioned you guys. Just we were texting. Xing was the host the Golden Gods that year and what happened was rush was getting an award and getty was supposed to come pick it up or Alex was and something happened where they couldn't and Ray Daniels called Bernstein Josh Bernstein and said Hey neal is GonNa come get the award and we're like what are you kidding. Me Like he's actually GonNa do because obviously we said infamous for not doing any of that sort of stuff and so I said said like if he's nervous or if he doesn't want to be around anybody given my dressing room and hang in there and he showed up he was super paranoid and he didn't want to be around anybody and Ray brought him in the dressing room and a dresser but I wasn't allowed in. He would let he hit the trust. He grew so that's that's where you guys met them. So I'm glad you guys met up because I never actually did ed but he did use the dressy ru. There's also here's another thing that a lot of people don't know that Neil us to do he would if any if anybody wrote him back in the days before the Internet if anybody wrote to him like through Modern Drummer magazine or whatever. He hands wrote postcards to each and every single person that ever wrote to him really and then what the Internet came around and word got out that he was doing and then he had to stop. He joked that it kinda ruined. The Internet. Ruins is fun little secret but it's such an amazing thing that he would do that and literally handwrite postcards to every single fan letter he received. That's he was famous for Like you said soon as the show is done last doubt a cymbal crash running out splitting I think a lot of the reasons they would have. Those movies at the end of the show is to keep people in their in their feats while he got on his Boston. And did the MED dash out of there. Yeah I the last time I saw rush was in on their last tour was in Houston and I I was there by myself and I knew the publicist because Andy. Current who works for them is a friend of mine and I went back stage right towards the end just to see what would happen. Then he told these zip right past me ran remember because he was wearing his drummers shoes. That were ballet shoes right. Yeah I think dance. You took the socks above the cops. Aren't they coppee zero. That's it shoes. And he doesn't get caught in the pedal. Yeah we used to wear those in the eighties. Eighties Manson Peste used to wear them for you. When you were drumming now? Don't go dancing Chris you we know that at the very famous for getting waving goodbye and running off the stage literally run us but the very very very lascaux they played in La okay. This is the only time he ever did this. He actually ran out to the front and talk about with Geddy and Alex and actually took a picture together. Three of them the first the only time he's ever stepped onto the stage really has all career was the very last show. No kidding. Yeah that's like the last show that. ACDC did with the cliff Williams he actually angus out of walked the catwalk catwalk. You'd never left the APPS and they made them walk the catwalk. What it Did you guys see that last tour of rush. I of course and Mike You saw two. Yeah that was. That was the show I was talking about where matched to see. Yeah we went to see him in Boston because it was so brilliant how they did that where they did a reverse chronological order and shave set for the stage. Setting for whatever era was is and went all the way back to like a little. You know three piece kit for the working man era I think super creative even on that aspect and the being taken away away and get you know getting less and less as time went on as we're going backwards brilliant is awesome. They end up in a school like auditorium. I was so happy with that with that show because I kind of heard rumblings at this is the last last one and then the song selection Shen they chose. I was so happy. The natural sciences sound Just you know I- Xanadu Xanadu. It was awesome and it was like I wish more bands would would would treat fans like that. Just you know here we go. We're we're GONNA lay all these all these things for you you know Jacob's ladder. I mean that was picture although I have one qualm with that set list it was picture perfect but when they were going backwards you knew the second to last song was going to be something to fly by night because they were gonNA chronological and every album. I only wish they did. They had chosen in the end. I would've been the second that would have been the second to last song of the show. which would have been so fitting? That was my only the only kwame but otherwise it was absolutely picture perfect settlers and I got to see them do Losing it they only did losing it. I think once or twice in Toronto when they filmed the DVD. Not but when I went to see them and I went to soundcheck I'm sitting in an empty arena. I was pretty much the only person fitting Ephron House and they were running running losing losing it down just practice for the DVD shoot. I got the year which was an amazing honors. Love that several Russia's retirement and some of the reasons behind them deciding that the tour anymore up before we do that. I got another important announcement from our friends at Steven Singer. Jewelers Stephen Singer's releasing a brand new color of his famous twenty four carat gold-dipped roses just in time for Valentine's Day. 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And on the sixteenth which his Thursday at two PM Pacific Time you can choose me as a character in the game and you can even go into Jericho crews as well so check that out online for IOS and android. You can get the APP download it. Now it's called trailer Park Boys Greasy money and Neil and olive rush are very familiar with the trailer park. It boys because they appeared on that show few times so back to the tribute to the professor knew appeared stop playing because neal is tendonitis Suffer did he actually already was already starting to get sick with the brain cancer at that point he was. I am from what I know. He wasn't diagnosed yet at that point. I think he legitimately was just you know feeling feeling that the the weight of the three hour a show and Alex to altruism also having arthritis problems but neil with having a problem with his foot at that point and he was just as a clip yesterday where he said you know he's just he can't picture being seventy one years old and playing Neil pure trump parts. He's like I could look it up there and play Charlie Watts drums one but I can't believe Neal pure trump parts of seventy one and I think he was legitimately just you know he. Has it a newborn daughter that he wants to spend time with because he he kind of lost that with his first order and I think he legitimately wanted to just retire and As far as I know the the cancer didn't come about after twelve is over. Yeah you do about that right Mike. You said you were Kinda sworn to secrecy. Did he tell you or did you just hear from from I don't I don't want to name the story but but yeah I was. I was made aware within the inner circle and new progress in how it was going and what was going on and Neil and and I even emailed a bit about it and so you know but yeah I mean it was a it was a you know what a what a secret that they held for all all these years the fact that he even passed away this week on Tuesday and didn't get out till Friday. was you know. Obviously it was a very very delicate thing. Not only his passing but but you know the fact that he was struggling with this for the last few years was really really kept very very private because he was such a private person. It's unbelievable to like you said it was such a surprised no-one do a thing about it. Even when when I saw it yesterday somebody just one of those ones like when dio died. He didn't really die like it was. It was kind kind of a hoax for. I can't imagine to be honest like like I known about this for a couple years now so I knew it was incoming and still when it happened. It was still shocking. But I can't imagine for all the millions of fans didn't see it coming. I can't imagine the shock that it must have been yesterday for for everybody. I'm one of them I I can't I can't imagine Charlie. Did you have any idea. Because you're you're the scene to I I heard yeah. I heard some things about six months ago Never said a word I mean we keep we keep hearing stories about other people. We talked about that we love and cherish and we keep your store. We hear stories about them. Not doing well and you know it was tally. Yesterday was the same day that David Bowie past. Which is oh wow easy to remember when that happened yet? Another huge secret you know it. It's interesting because yesterday also my kids get up for school. My son drives now so. Don't drive them. But I get up to make sure they get on their way so just mess around online and yesterday was the thirtieth anniversary of a show of hands. The rush live record so I was just listened to a couple of tunes just remembering like it was kind of a mid era era eighties era live album with time stands still enforced ten and those type of tunes and I was listening to it yesterday. Had No idea and then today I went to pick up my daughter's and guess what the gate code was to get into their house twenty one twelve and I'm like all of these little signs is just like wow you know. He's very very poignant. For this point in time as we start to wind down we mentioned kind of the ghost US rider book and how Neil lost is his daughter in a car crash and then lost his wife a year later to cancer and his dog dieted. i-it'd is Fred best friend went to jail just the fact he was able to come back from that even though it took four or five years like what a what a very strong individual neal was to be able to do that. Oh yeah I mean just like like I said earlier different type of human human than a lot of humans are but I guess that was how he was brought up as well. You know. Yeah I I still find it difficult Michael to believe that knowing the personalities of getting an Alex how they even Kinda worked at so well with damn it just seems like a very str- strange configuration. You know you mean as far as the chemistry with the band Kinda goofy. See those two right Neil goofy too. Though he really is just a more reserved manner like the movies they would make for the four videos. They went through. All these SCANCEN. Neil would be hemming hamming it up just like the wearing. You know wearing makeup different costumes and things like that you know. He was just as goofy just in a more reserved deserve way. I think I think it was a Canadian thing personalities as well they really had a real similar. I don't know maybe you can relate because you're Canadian but it seems like they were part of like this little club you know. Maybe it's a cultural thing you know I don't know that's the thing they they would always take take the piss out of themselves. I mean what other ban would come onto the three stooges rush one of the greatest lines that he ever wrote to in a in an email was about the these These videos that they would make and he said they used to be accused of taking themselves too seriously and now how they get so carried away with these videos that they even now take the comedy so seriously. But that's the thing you'd see like oh you neil was dressed up as the as the Irish drunken policemen or he would be dressed. They'd put them in a in a lady's costume and it is very much a Canadian. navien thing that kind of British sense of humor and you could see that in it because I think once again you're talking about a guy and you would know this more than the other the rest of us. Mike is quiet reserved humble but when he gets around his body. He's he's just a dude. Because I even saw that you just sent to us today were you. Guys were all judging the symbol. And when he's with you and Terry Abbasi. Oh and a couple of other guys. I'm assuming there are other drummers or whatever he's telling jokes folks he's right into it you're talking about the stadium similar arena symbol. It's on a club symbol. It's not a it's not a bar symbol and you could tell he's around guys that he feels comfortable with and he's he's pretty funny good sense of humor type of type of guy. Yeah very outgoing. Others Lee well-spoken and he would he would you know he would Hold Court you know telling stories that philosophies and just you know talking about books he was reading or his travels Even at night you know we went out for dinner. We have to his All of us and you know He. He was just a very very very relaxed and outgoing when he was around friends like that. That's that's awesome as as time moves forward in the music industry changes and you know Arena bands are getting harder and harder order to to to find because just the way the world is I really appreciate and a proud and happy for the fact that rush when they did ED packet in. We're probably bigger in two thousand fifteen than they ever were it's like all of us quote unquote nerds. Were rush fans our whole lives. It became the cool thing and suddenly rush. was the band that everybody loved. And you can be proud of it in those last ten fifteen years of their existence. I think yeah I it became. They were so cool that they became cool and I think they came around. The beyond the lighted stage. Movie came out. That was also when they've who made the cover of rolling stone for the first time and that's when they got inducted into the Rock Kamal Fame. I guess after a certain amount of time you know you become cool and you become in your so out of fashion that you become impassioned and I think that eventually happened with them. As far as I was concerned with rush I always felt that they were my band and even though they would be playing arenas but I always felt that those guys a never compromised they just did it their away and that's one thing I always appreciate about them. It's like I remember going back to win all of us. Would you know the having the floor you know and the common denominator would a lot of us in those other dance whereas we all loved rush really it was. It was always so cool to me because I remember talking to cliff about this and Kirk like we always felt that rush was that band. They did it their way. Hey you know they never worried about how long the song was if the song is seven minutes so be it. We had a lot to say seven minutes and that's one thing that always stayed. It's me like I always tell Frank Scott all know. Why do we have to cut the song down? Just let the song beat you know. Burden was the rush fan. Like you just mentioned career. Is that correct Charlie. Yeah Yeah Yeah I mean I is is interesting is not to drop a name that I was talking yesterday about about Neil. And he said that his favourite era yeah I was was the subdivisions signals and moving pictures. which is I wouldn't expect lars to be in that into that era? You'd think it'd be more of the well. I remember back in the eighties. You'd read those. Thank you lists on albums when they came out and I remember seeing getting ill and Alex. Thanks John Master puppets and. I'm surprised. That Nick Metallica Russia's but yeah I was I was always I always remember that they were thanked on on that thank you. Don't don't forget that cliff who managing Metallica also had a big hand in Russia. He signed him yet. Cliff Bernstein. Yeah and there was always that connection or queue. You know So I mean you know if you're a musician and you grew up at the same time as all of us you couldn't in helping loving rush especially if you're a dude you know what I mean because if you went to see rush back in the day the word many girls there as you know we all know and I always loved meeting a girl who who loved rational. It's like wow that is rare. You know what I mean that you love rush rush all but like you mentioned lars is favourite period of rush. My favorite period for rush. I'd have to say would be seventy eight to eighty two. You know that is when man. It's like shit that was created during that time while that. That's if you go see see them those the songs you'll hear you know it's funny. You mentioned we went and saw moving pictures when they did it in its entirety. We went as a band Fauzi in Atlanta and I saw a girl there that I had known probably fifteen years prior she used to be a Hawaiian tropic model and she was there and I was like. Oh what do you do. She goes Russian. My favorite shit a rush tattoo. I too and I'm like that's a you know. The world has changed when a bikini model has a rush. Tatty last. Couple things As as drummers when you mentioned you know learning rush parts as as a kid or or learning them to play. What are some of the hardest songs for you guys that Neil did or some of the stuff that he did that you would feel as his best work? Well I mentioned it in one one of the things in beyond the lighted stage. You know mentioned avenue. It really was the truth to me via strange Otto with the benchmark. I mean all the drummers were trying to learn why but it's like no you really WanNa you really WanNa show Oh you know show your stuff you you had to learn how to play Levy a strange Addo so for me that was the benchmark but also take vitamin. I mean I've covered so much rush rush through the years. So I've I've had to really dig into that catalog parts. But Jacob's ladder is a One of the hardest part is the last half of the song Brilliant the whole seven seven and six thing back and forth back and forth and that that was one of the biggest challenges I've ever hat trying to learn a drum part so that was a hard one for me. I would agree with that. Want to especially. There's a live the live one of I remember what Kamini kinds of my counting. This part out So Jacob's ladder was always one of them. My other favorite was free will got breakdown. Sexual go uh-huh that one was just like he's a monster in that Song Dude. He's just awesome. He wins hands down. Three will is probably in my favorite rush song But then you have other things that he's done like we can't ignore why because come on that data's got his drumming like come on. It's it's beautiful. Everything about it is just beautiful Tom Sawyer when you go see them live in that part comes up. Oh Oh yeah every everybody in the arena is just doing it. You know what I mean. It's it's brilliant. It's fucking awesome. Why was it two wins to me you for the greatest instrumental title because when you're when once again as a kid? Y Y Z listened to the cassette. No idea what it meant. Didn't really care care. And then you hear. That's the code the airport code for the Toronto Airport. And it's like what can great idea and then you find out that at the rhythm is the Morse code pattern is more STOIC. Really Yeah I do why. Why is the code? I never renewed. Yeah see I love Shit like that like what some of the Beatles would do what of smart smart thing that they did because there are so damn good. They're just doing these little things just for fun just to amuse themselves you know. I mean everything about them was is always perfect to Terry Brown producing their records to you. Know Art you're the Sil- were to just everything about it was was just done so right now. which which you guys did US used in dream theater too? It's funny because when I saw beyond the latest stage and Terry Brown starts speaking. I'm like that's the psychiatrist from the beginning of scenes from a memory. Yeah we we worked at Terry Brown. We worked to call Northfield. I've worked with Peter Collins so I've gotten a chance to work with all the the rush alumni guys you know from from those days and those albums but yeah the Houston covers for you guys to right. Yeah I worked. I did at least three or four or five different covers when I was still dream theater working with you. And he's you know he's such a big part of their looked Houston would work Anthony McNeill so it was always neil that was working on those artworks in the album covers and and doing doing that which you saw him. So Neil actually had a big part of that and another thing Another aspect of rush that I always loved you and they're the only thing I can think of that did this. I was also into torture. Program or programs was always so well done and I remember each and every tour buying them and reading them and they would be listing their gear and their equipment and and And that that sort of stuff was always neil overseeing all of the artwork and layouts and even did all the artwork his books and everything I loved. Take the tour programs true because I remember going there and just by couldn't wait to get just sitting there before the show and just reading about Yeah and that was another aspect of drumming For me it's like you know Neal was probably the first real drum hero while other friends had sports. Heroes in this hero you know we never really had a drum hero And then he was the Guy Hi that I had posted on my wall of him. I remember like the the Tama poster. That was a big one on and then he went to Ludwig. That was a you know man. I was just like Eddie van Halen to Qatar players. This was our euro. Yeah absolutely I still have. Ah that become a banner. I'm looking at it right now. It's hanging in my drum right right behind my neil kit. I have a neil replica kit. That he actually even signs to me but that post you're still hanging. You're just as it was the forty years ago when I was a kid and I have mine in our in our rehearsal to that. That's the greatest thing it's never come now. Yeah Yep that's your inspiration because Mike you also did a rush tribute when you were doing those remember. You did a Zeppelin one and you did a Beatles one. What was the rush on called again ignace in the sea monsters that was I was there? Yeah Yeah Charleena's at that show exactly. Yeah and I had a replica kit. A Tama. I am a replica kit. 'cause I mean the only reason I clicked Tama drums to this day is because Neil when I was in my deepest Russia fanaticism. That point neal was Tama. I'm a drummer so saved up all my money and bought my first kit. which which was Tama Imperial Starch? It only because neal was atomic drummer. What who sang on that one on the cygnus on on my tribute thing? Yeah it was Jason McMaster from watch tower dangerous toys of no. Oh so strange choice. Probably but you know I. My whole set list was based on early stop. It was like cygnus x one hemispheres in Twenty one twelve and is obviously not many singers. That can sing that. Stratosphere at high I- range that getty was doing in those early days so yeah it was myself Paul Gilbert Jason McMaster and Sean Malone from cynic on days I remember on that rush tribute that I was talking about the It was anthem with mark slaughter on vocals. I think marks lottery saying it even higher. And you're not supposed to sing at higher than getting. It just doesn't work. Yeah I was GONNA say one last thing about neal's drumming. You mentioned that I love the fact that when he finally finally did come back on the vapour trails record the the first song was one little victory and it starts with a drum solo. And I think that's pretty cool and it's a really cool part to where you're like. Go right he's back Neil heels back. The first time I saw rush was Eight nine hundred eighty two and the encore in core. If I remember correctly is drum solo within the encore the entire show ended with yields drum Solo. I mean have you ever talk show where the drum solo was placed at the very end of the night but that was such a respectable things are saying like you know what what what can you do after that. I remember like like when the drum solo came up at that point in the show it was like you know everything like time stood still and you just were captivated like here. He comes this You O.`Neil as God Neal is God you know just an aura that he had In the world and and Charlie said He. Was You know the way that guitar players players had Eddie Manila Jimi Hendrix. Neil was that guy for the drum world and not to mention to you on the last two thousand fifteen. He's still doing a drum solo. How many bands could get away with that in this day and age whereas with rush you expected it? But there's no other I wouldn't put up with a drum solo it in this day and age age wise deal. You're going to sit there and watch the whole damn thing. You're not going to get a beer or take a piss. No no you definitely waited for that moment and I remember when Y Z would be the song Here comes and like Mike said you just kind of waited and you just tell everybody around your sh shut up you know and just that was in and you. That was your Youtube for ten minutes. You know. Do you think that I mean I. It's interesting because just a couple of weeks ago Mike. You're in the middle of rumors that the Russia was going to do a farewell to kings fortieth anniversary. And they were gonNA tell you. Remember Way and they're going to have you played drums. I mean a rumor obviously but do you think Alex and getty will ever do anything again. No no way for personal even before it nail past. I don't think they ever would do anything without it. Being the three of them and now now now more so than ever. I can't ever picture the only thing I could picture. is maybe a tribute show. Perhaps or something like that but To actually go out and tore you're as Russia even as Russia with another drummer. I don't think in a million years or whatever happens even as the Leeann. Life's and project or something along those lines. No no no way I. I don't think Alex is having problems with his hands as well right. Yeah he has been for a while. It's well documented. I don't think it's a secret. He's been having arthritis issues for years years now. I think that's a great idea to do a tribute show. 'cause you know everybody would show up for that one absolutely. Well I know Charlie I would. I'll be I'll be there. I'll play tambourine in the corner last question for you. What your favorite Favorite rush album. I guess I'll go It's so hard to pick one but for me it's always been permanent waves to me. That's like just a perfect album. Six songs of perfection. And and I know you could say the same thing about moving pictures To meet permanent always was the perfect medium between the complexity of hemispheres and the the Polish more accessible songs are moving pictures. Permanent ways is kind of the bridge between those albums so as much as I love. You know all of those early albums I think permanent waves would be the topic for me Charlie. I'd you have to go with permanent waves as well. It's just something about that album. That just excites me. From start to finish there's moments on that record like I said in earlier about free will probably my favorite rush song. It's jam packed with the the the greatest he'll performances by all three three Alex is Solo. That song To this day I still cannot understand how he's doing what he's doing it the way it just kinda uses uses the whammy bar to just bend the strings up and It's just brilliant. And some of the best lyrics on that record to bibs ladder is also also a permanent way is an interesting note that it was the very first album to be released in the eighties and it was it came out. I think the first or second week of January nineteen Haiti so it really was the start of a new decade. And it's just kind of ironic or or sad that here. We are the very very starting this decade the first weekend. I'll never be able to think of how you know. Twenty twenty began in this whole decade began. Then I won't be able to ever think of it as anything other than Neil passing within the first week. Yeah Yeah and I think one thing about moving pictures is. That's my favorite and Taylor the reason why because when they played it in its entirety. That's what I really re fell in love with side to because obviously everyone knows the Ford juggernauts inside one with Sawyer Birch an what an Y Y Z and limelight but camera vital signs witch hunt. I mean seeing those songs live. It's like those are great songs and they're not overplayed And I just really really kind of like I said had a new appreciation for those tunes when I saw them play. Live when you mentioned you mentioned witch-hunt which was always one of my favorites often moving pictures because I just thought it was so heavy And when I saw them do it lives too. I noticed the way neal was doing it and he was playing the Cowbell with his left left left foot and I was like WHOA I. He made my head spin because I was like. Wow there he goes you know. Just Kinda Egede educated me on that song and Yeah I mean pitchers an awesome record. But if it wasn't for permanent waves it'd be Elsa Elsa loved the cover to they're actually moving pictures moving pieces of art. I just always thought that was pretty cool. It's funny because when we were in Toronto this is going back a couple of years ago and we're driving and out of the corner. My I see the building and all these years of Tory. I've never seen this and and then I made the drive a stop and I got out took a picture in front of it I posted. I posted that picture today. Is She such a highlight. Oh you know this old building. Moving pictures isn't it like a government building. It's just looking right now. It's the Ontario legislature in Queens Park. Toronto Ah Mike. Let's finish off with your Neil last name story if we don't get to people were wondering what it is. It's not a great story away but it just there was always that question. How do you say his last name? Is it purchased appeared. You'd always have the the smart outlets school thing not purchase. Beer is fear and and Anyway that first time when I did get to meet him I was up in his hotel suite with him and he picked up the phone to dial down to the the front desk for whatever reason. And he said Yeah this is Mister Pearson in room twelve or two or whatever as like okay. I just heard it from the horse's mouth. Ah That's great well. Here's to kneel peered greatest of all time great player great guy great lyricist then A huge loss. And I'm glad we got a chance to talk about today guys. It's a little bit Cathartic to be able to do that. Yeah totally thanks guys. See you guys next week right at Namm Jericho Crew Sobe Ellen see but on this guy so Have a mcallen for me. I didn't get an invite channing. One one of these days. I'll be able to afford both. Yeah put you on the cruise. Thanks guys thanks guys like you said the Westwood One podcast network.

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